Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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  • I’ve read through this article and many of the comments. I’m left wondering what exactly the corruption involves. I’m assuming it has to do with the efficacy of drugs used to treat symptoms most in the field would describe as psychiatric disorders/illnesses. In other words, the argument is that the scientific studies do not support the use of such drugs. Related to that, the very notion that mental illness is chemical/biological in nature is unfounded. Is my understanding correct of what Mad in America is asserting in general?

    I realize this particular article strives to focus on systemic corruption in general and options to combat it. One person commented that perhaps the best ally are those diagnosed with mental illness and their loved ones. I would tend to agree.

    However, as one who has been given a mental illness diagnosis, has taken and continues to take medication for it, all this site does (for me) is frustrate me. If I’m not to trust my psychiatrist or the safety of using the drugs she prescribes, what am I to do? If I question her decision or ask questions I’m described as being unwilling to accept that I have an illness. If I consider stopping the use of such drugs I’m considered selfish and irresponsible for possibly putting myself or family in harms way – or at least creating emotional distress for either myself or them. In fact, stopping the use of meds is considered a symptom of my illness!

    But, when I read articles from this site, I wonder if I’m being brainwashed as a result of this “systemic corruption”. If there’s a better solution to alleviating or curing the symptoms that led to my diagnosis, then by all means, tell me what I should do and what the safest, most effective treatment /course of action is! I certainly don’t know how I would go about discovering it if it’s being communicated that psychiatrists are untrustworthy, although well-meanng.