Friday, May 14, 2021

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  • This is a great example of what MIA can report. We should be mad that well educated members of the medical profession got taken in by the pharmaceutical industry. We should also be mad at the pharmaceutical industry for its own brand of institutional corruption.
    What remains a problem is how to redefine the scientific method to prevent ir reduce the impact of these egregious mistakes.

    I know that many psychiatrists bought into a dug model and for lots of seemingly good reasons. For one they were happy that the drug approach allowed many institutional patients to be deinstitutionalized. After all institutional life as depicted in One flew over the cookie’s nest” wasn’t a good place to be.
    Likewise I am sure that many pharmaceutical researchers and salespeople came to believe in the efficacy of drugs.

    In general MIA has a boatload of potential beachhead to attack because of the power exercised by the Sales and Marketing arms of industry. I become more and more convinced that the power of digital marketing is so large it can almost sell anything to anyone no matter how much common sense says BS.

    As I have said the revision of the theory and practice of the scientific method is desperately needed.
    To get particular about just one of the meant shortcomings of the Scientifics Method is to concentrate on the pharmaceutical industry.

    The regulatory requirements for drug testing are essentially 50 years old. hat industry has fought the imposition of more advanced statistical controls under the banner of keeping the government out of their scientific affairs.

    MIA could do well to institute a research study to see how this industry could be better regulated to the end of improving the approach to the design, analysis, testing and marketing of drugs to our population.

    Expect enormous pushback!