Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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  • Mr. Chabasinski,
    I agree with your comment. It’s not only dangerous, but it’s frightening. It extends to other institutions and institutionalized corruption and discrimination that causes even more harms and abuse. (Try any societal institution ‘reacting’ or ‘responding’ to what they perceive or have labelled as ‘mental illness,’) and I can’t even begin to describe the horrors. I recently had a horrifying and traumatic experience, based on the actual location/property where I live. It is a ‘low income/subsidized’ residence, albeit, there are many people here labelled/diagnosed with a ‘mental illness’ or disability of some kind or another. However, in being systematically or institutionally regarded as ‘mentally ill,’ and or having inappropriate labels or categorizations applied to myself or any other tenants at this building who qualified for income reasons, or physical OR medical or disability conditions- which does not make everyone here unilaterally the ‘same’ and or ‘criminally insane,’ – It has actually been extremely harmful and dangerous to not only ‘speak up against’ and or ‘complaint’ against any such abuses or improprieties taking place to residents here, but LAPD actually coming and inappropriately detaining anyone for a ‘5150’ psych hold, and doing so based on the ‘belief’ that anyone/everyone living here is in fact ‘mentally ill,’ and or with a diagnosis they don’t even have… (and cannot be experiencing just regular ’emotional distress,’ ) such as I or anyone else would, say, if victimized by an actual crime…. I have actually directly encountered the institutionalized corruption which this topic, mainly focuses on the drug/medication aspects of the industry to highlight… but which I find to be direct abuses against people’s civil rights, ADA/Disability rights let alone Fair Housing rights, because of the directly harmful ways in which those in authority, actually do continue to perpetuate any such discriminatory or corrupt practices. Innocent people are getting hurt, and worse, those who are in fact the most vulnerable, or marginalized, (and say, Disabled, or in need of further advocacy, protections and service,) are actually being discriminated against, horribly abused and mistreated, etc. Imagine if you weren’t diagnosed with schizophrenia for example, and yet, based on any such ignorance or actual institutionalized corruptions and discrimination that do actually run rampant in many of the social service fields, (outside of Psychiatry, even,) and present even within other institutions, such as government, law enforcement, etc.- you are deemed and treated as a ‘hallucinating, mentally ill, liar,’ even when you are actually completely sound and telling the truth! (And documented, irrefutable truth at that, ) to where finding yourself at the mercy of any such other branches of any institution and its corruptions and staffing, must certainly lend to horrific experiences and stories, which probably are more traumatizing and disturbing than what any ‘disabled’ or ‘mentally ill’ human being, should ever have to go through or be put through on top of it. The fact that this can happen to those who have not been appropriated the correct labels or terms either, simply for living in a population that does have some tenants/cases where this is true or applicable, has been personally, the most insane and crazy making experience I’ve ever had in my entire life.

  • Margie Altman, I love your reply and the coverage of it… as I am so keenly aware and disturbed and frustrated by this entire topic, and its actual prevalence into aspects far more reaching than just the ‘medication/drug’ formulation discussion… A lot of the issues and points you’ve enumerated in your reply, are just as in need of illumination, because it is actually appalling how institutionalized corruption actually is VIOLATING basic human rights for so many people, let alone completely disregarding of the very laws/protections in place to protect the Disabled, for example, from Disability discrimination. It is shocking how much actual discrimination exists within the actual internal systems, set up to service these ‘industries,’ let alone care for, serve and protect the vulnerable or marginalized. I’m glad to learn of your collaborations into further discussions and publications.. and that you’ve enclosed an email address… I’d have interest in learning and participating further. By the way, the responder after you, who mentions another topic of relevance is the ‘whistleblowers,’ and what actually happens to them… (Speaking from direct experience.) The level of heightened institutionalized corruption that one will undoubtedly, (or at least I have,) meet with, or actually be violated by, as a result of attempting in any way to speak up, complain or file formal grievances in any act of fair and accurate reporting, etc. – is another astounding discussion/topic, which also has behind it the push of even greater and more powerful harms… especially if anyone is speaking from within the categorization of ‘the voiceless!’ — S. G.