Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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  • First of all the pharmaceutical industry convinced the world that psychiatric drugs are the best available solution today for every mental health problem. Then, psychiatrists started cooperating with therapists.

    This way they eliminated their potential competitors, and they took advantage of the benefits of therapy to cover the inefficiency of psychiatric drugs, since both are used at the same time.

  • “I could treat this problem by injecting a drug to numb the pain nerves of your hand. The upside to this solution is that it would take you out of pain and make you feel better. The downside is that you would keep your hand on the hot stove, feeling no pain. This solution would foster the pernicious situation and escalate the damage to your hand resulting in a bad burn. This is exactly how antidepressants operate.”

    This was a very good comparison – if we will suppose that the antidepressants will work for a while.

    However, they may be unable to help the patient find relief; not even for a second…

  • I believe that the psychiatrists who concluded that ADHD is a mental illness are the absurd ones in this case, and not the children.

    The fact that they believe that a drug can help an individual acquire consciousness and become a responsible human being instead of being impatient is another demonstration of absurdity.

    Dr. Lieberman was afraid to destroy his son’s life with a psychiatric drug because he knows that psychiatric medications are useless and harmful. The chemical substances that interfere in the functioning of the human brain cause numerous problems and have many dangerous side effects.

    Wish this doctor would also care about what happens to other people’s children when their parents trust a psychiatrist…

    Thank you for denouncing this crime.

  • The conclusions of the researchers of the University of Gothenburg are far from being objective.

    If depression could be cured thanks to the temporary elimination of a few symptoms, a bottle of wine would be one of the best antidepressants of the world.

    Depression must be cured based on psychotherapy. This is an obvious truth that everyone should know, but the pharmaceutical companies that are making a lot of money thanks to the production of useless and dangerous drugs (and the psychiatrists who prescribe these drugs to the ignorant patients who trust them) don’t let the public understand the truth.

  • Psychiatrists don’t know how to help those who are affected by a severe mental illness acquire consciousness. This is why they give them medications that transform them into vegetables without a personality. They care only about making the mentally ill stop having an inappropriate behavior that cannot be accepted by our society. The Murphy Bill is part of this system.