Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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  • I got Homosexual OCD

    and OCD about harming my body (not harming myself, but images of unpleasent accidents that involved a torture-like pain) from taking Seroquel. I never had any psychotic episodes before taking the medicine – my psychatrist failed to recognize the OCD and said I was now schizotypal instead. He didn’t take the cramps and psychosis I got in the hours after I took the medicine seriously. He thought I was only imagining it.

    The OCD got worse and worse over a long period of taking the medication. I believed what the psychiatrist had told me, so I thought the OCD was an unsolvable disease in my brain, while it was in fact the effect of the medicine.

    After finally being lucky and getting cognitive therapy with a psychologist, she instantly recognized my thoughts as being OCD. I quit Seroquel half a year ago and the OCD has gotten much better, and I think I will one day get rid of it fully.