Monday, December 5, 2022

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  • I am grateful and proud of you that you spoke about these incident. I am so sorry for what they have done to you. I had been physically restrained for more than 3 hours once. It was an extremely scary and painful experience and I experienced pain on my body after the incident. Basically I told the triage doctor I was feeling suicidal and depressed recently and I was expecting them to help me with a psychologist. But 30 minutes later few tall and big security guys pushed me on a bed, strapped my limbs with restraints without explaining anything. My fight or flight response kicked in and I screamed and shout and cried for rescue…I kept on begging them to release me, but the more I begged the more restraints they put on me. I cried, asking them when will they release me? They said only if I “obey”…

    From then on I am scared of going to the hospital. Few days ago I saw a psychiatric nurse in the hospital and she kept on asking me if “I had ever self harmed” and warned me I’d be locked up if I did…I was frightened and I lied to her I never did.

    This isn’t helping me, this is torture and oppression.