Friday, January 21, 2022

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  • Pat and I worked together for a little over one year (2001-2002) at the Office of Consumer Technical Assistance (OCTA) in Oregon, an organization started by Kevin Fitts. I was Pat’s “supervisor.” I learned more from Pat than I have learned from anyone in any single year of my life. I learned of the underpinnings of corruption that is rife throughout the system – who the players are, who they play with, who gets rich and why we end up suffering needlessly. I learned how to make friends and allies when able, and to know who my enemies are without needing to let them know what I know. I learned how to laugh in the face of darkness. Unlike Pat, I hold my cards very close to my chest. He made it easier to do that; he showed his hand and knew what cards we held by our foe. More than anything, though, I learned how to work side-by-side with Pat, a lion and a lamb wrapped into one. And I learned how to admire and respect a man who helped so many of us find the way. We owe a great deal to Pat; his legacy will live on in the work we accomplish only if we, as a movement, learn the importance of systems advocacy as much as we have learned to appreciate the jobs our movement has created. Pat, I will miss you, my friend.

    Michael Hlebechuk
    “State Weasel” from Oregon

  • @rebel While I fully believe that we could benefit from a strong advocacy organization, the Center for Medical Progress is not the sort of organization I want any part of. Their reports of Planned Parenthood selling body parts from aborted fetuses is a made up hoax designed to influence the public and law makers into defunding Planned Parenthood. This is the same type of hoax that was perpetrated against ACORN. This type of tactic is something I want nothing to do with.