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  • I d add that in a scientific, cold world where religion is completely disapearing, the sheer cruelty of life depress more and more people sooner than ever, at young ages, especialy in dysfunctional families where kids learn very early that we are cold hearted individuals.

    This is the way of the world, as we understand we re just animals, we lose interest in playing the “game ” of life and are more interested in having as much fun as possible before dying without caring about the next genereations, also people want less and less to have kids as they become intelligent and richer, stronger. As a result the third world immigrants who are still believers are replacing us at a rapid rate but will eventually become cynical atheists too once they have replaced us in our own societies.

  • CBT is mostly based after darwin work; social darwinism: the stronger, faster, luckier, fitter, individuals dominate the weaker, less educated, poorer, unluckier individuals in society -and in all animal species-.

    PEople tend to realize life is brutal and cruel; only the strong survive. And that s just the way it is. Being able to dominate, makes one feel good and confident, being unable to do so frustrate and makes one miserable. Hope is envisioning yourself or your offsrping dominating in the future.

    We are animals , just like other animal species. That s the main conclusion all people who really think hard come to. And it quite a depressing conclusion, even if it s the only true one. It means we re just animals fighting for resources and partners of reproduction on a rock flying aimlessly in space, until there are no more resources or until a man made or natural cataclysm destroys us all for good. In the meanwhile we re destroying everything on the planet to satisfy our egos. But that s wht animals do; they re not designed to see long term; only short term, our own survival.

    Every adult will tell you, especially in bday and age of information where anyone can get a global understanding of life everywh ere on earth: we are indeed just animals killing other animals or enslaving them for our own interests. And we throw each others in the trashbin if needed.

    You can sugarcoat it all you want, we re just clothed, shaved monkeys fighting for jobs and partners of repdocution in “peace times”, and for resources and teritory in “war times”.
    We will do so indefinitely until we or something puts an end to it. Life is a constant struggle for survival and has no other purpose.

  • there are no mental illnesses, just weak people rebelling against their oppressors, often family members.

    Psychiatry creates a livestock of weak, poor, abandonned people by drugging them and destroying their brains and bodies. Then these people become their preys and they keep destroying them even more. They are creating victims who will be abandonned by everyone and left to their infrastructures that are actually prisons, not hospitals.

    The more one patient/customer/victim protests, the more he/she is drugged/destroyed by the drugs which are in fact designed to do so. Slowly destroy people from the inside when they ve already been destroyed psychologically by those who sent them there, in Hell.

    All statistics about drugs are fake, and neurolpetics dont help anyone, they destroy , disable weak people who are then emprisoned for life in jails known as hospitals. Most people would better go to jail than in psychiatric hell.

  • Psychiatry is the strong preying on the weak. All troubled people have been mistreated by loved ones, care givers, and are often sent into unvolontary commitment and force drugging by the same so called loved ones when they fight back about their abusers. The abusers are often as pernicious as the psychiatrists they abandon their loved ones to. Most psychiatrists and their staff are sadists.

    The goal of antipsychotics is to slowly destroy the brain of people aiming the most important systems of the body; nervous system, uro/genital systems, and dont solve anything they just hurt the poor patients even more. In fact the goal of psychiatrists and antipsychothics is clearely to “medically” and socially kill weak people that disturb the activities and survival of stronger people.

    There are obviously no mental ilnesses, just people who are weaker than others and when they threaten to fight back againt their oppressors are labeled as “crazy”. There are just people in pain.

  • BAsically being weak and fighting back is a “mental illness” and being deprived of your freedom by those who actually made your life miserable , refusing to take drugs that you instinctively know do nothing but harm you physically and dumb you down is an aggravation of your “mental illness”. LEts be honnest, we all know it s a war between weak people and strong minded people.

    just like in communist countries those who criticized communism were labeled as “mentally ill”, just like the nazis considere deverything that was non white as “mentally, genetically abnormal” in modern days weak, hurt, abandonned kids, teens and young adults, and OLD PEOPLE who fight back against their oppressors , wicked family members are labeled as “mentally ill”.

    Fact is, if you re weak and criticize those who made you weak -parents, family-, or benefit from your weakness -young people preying on old people weaknesses- they will label you as mentally ill and throw you like garbage to cold, heartless, sadistic so called “scientists” known as psychiatrists and their staff. It s pretty easy to understand, its quite binary.