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  • I too was told I was incurably insane. For 20 years I acted on that premise.

    Tapered off the drugs and have my mind back. Relocated to where no one knows the shame they pinned on me.

    Some people do get their labels removed; Dr. Crummey is wrong about that. Even if it is harder to obtain than a divorce.

    I will try my hardest to get my stigma removed. If I fail I’ll move to Mexico where they don’t have a massive psych system run amuck.

  • It’s the kind of statement no one can verify or disprove. Therefore it’s popular with those who support mainstream psychiatry.

    “X number of people have a severe mental illness but are undiagnosed.” How, the heck can anyone know that? How many times does the doorbell ring when no one can hear it? Maybe shrinks who make these statements are just announcing quotas of victims to “diagnose” and “treat.”

  • 11 years ago a friend of mine died from a grand mal seizure caused by a neuroleptic at age 29.

    She was accused of Schizophrenia. She spent a lot of time in psych wards–not because she was dangerous or uncooperative–but the neuroleptics caused horrible reactions. She was unusually sensitive to them.

    I hold NAMI responsible for her death and countless others like her. They don’t care how many of us die as long as we are “meds compliant” and die with our rights off!

    There’s blood on your hands, NAMI.

  • 90% of all suicides have psychiatric diagnoses. Yep. Being treated like vermin and put on electroshock and drugs that cause seizures encourages suicidal behavior. Fancy that.

    And, according to drug commercials, these wonderful cures for all that ails humanity can cause suicidal behaviors. One minor side effect.

    Most of us here have gone off these drugs and are no longer suicidal. Like me. My IQ has gone up 10 points and people find me more likeable. I act normally and refuse to self identify as an “Evil Crazy” like NAMI and SAMHSA want me to. Frankly I don’t care if they cut off SAMHSA’s funding entirely. From what I hear they hurt folks in our positions more than they help.

  • I’m glad some have benefited that way Steve. Unfortunately they injected me with a megadose of Haldol that made me truly psychotic and spastic with daily seizures. I was already feeling weird from 3 weeks without sleep on an anafranil trip. Haldol made it 10 times worse. Instead of saying, “Gee, the Haldol doesn’t seem to help. Let’s try something else,” they told me to get used to taking these horror-inducing pills till I died and gave me some cogentin.

  • This whole thing seems counterproductive. If psychiatrists forced us to chain smoke 5 packs of cigarettes daily to treat SMIs (Too bad Big Tobacco never thought of this and teamed up with Psychiatry and Big Pharma!) and encouraged us to take Vitamin C it would make as much sense.

    I had been reading how dangerous psych drugs were and how they did not target parts of the brain gone berzerk as I had been told they did. During this time I attended Day Treatment. A well-meaning but clueless case worker told us to take good care of our health, exercise, eat right, sleep enough, and keep taking our “meds.” I thought, So much for taking care of our health! Not out loud of course.

  • I am very sick now. Physically, not mentally. I recovered by disobeying my shrink and weaning myself off psych drugs.

    I daresay there are many like me who are truly sick and disabled from decades on drugs. I have a good friend who is still “compliant.” At least as sick and tired as me and her mind is going though she used to have an IQ close to 140. I guess I escaped just in time.

  • “Just as comfortable with poetry as pathology.” Why not? The whole discipline of psychiatry is based on a conceit or elaborate metaphor–more suitable for the arts than the sciences. Ask our friend Dr. Pies.

    Just don’t expect your shrink to quote sonnets from Shakespeare in the near future. 😉

    R.D. Laing was a poet. But the A.P.A. doesn’t like his writings for some reason.

  • As Peter Breggin has pointed out, even experts of the brain are pretty ignorant of it’s chemical makeup and what–if any–chemical makeup composes a healthy brain.

    Assume, for the sake of argument, that brain chemistry does cause extreme behaviors or “mental illness.” They still have no idea what parts of the brain are at fault or how to correct them. Perhaps they’re suppressing dopamine when it could be some brain chemical no one has even discovered. Maybe they are causing the brain to put out more of the very chemicals at fault to begin with?

  • If by “mental disorder” you mean bizarre, counter-productive thoughts and behaviors I heartily agree. I have been so tormented by my own mental processes I could barely leave my own room. That still does not mean my brain or genes were responsible. I now have a real brain disease (TBI) from decades of “safe and effective treatments.”

  • I like the idea of “mental illness” actually being what Glasser called creative symptoming. It makes sense that in addition to trauma and angst many of us are highly creative. Creativity is a positive trait, but overusing it as a coping mechanism (not consciously) can lead to an inability to function in the world as we know it.

    The way neuroleptics “work” is by destroying creativity along with other cognitive functions that make us human.

  • I appreciate how you defend the defenseless when few else will, Dr. Breggin. Is it the Human Brain mainstream psychiatrists see as a cancer though or their patients–perceived by them to be subhuman? If your patient or consumer is a dangerous malignant tumor on society you do whatever is needed to shock them into inaction–like a malignant growth a surgeon cannot safely remove. If the growth goes into remission and dies on its own so much the better!

    They view their own brains as flawless, infallible instruments. As winners in the evolutionary race their DNA is perfect and they themselves are genetic supermen with godlike omniscience and super powers from unlocking all the mysteries of the universe.

  • Steve, I freely sought out a deliverance minister and he helped me. He treated me for free (2 four hour sessions.) He only treats people who are willing. He was much more respectful than any psychiatrist I’ve seen and didn’t damage my organs.

    Not saying this is for everyone. It must never be forced. More helpful than psychiatry in my experience though.

    To all you atheists/agnostics, you can say I benefited from a placebo effect. Still safer than drugs or electroshock.

  • From, “The devil made me buy this dress!” to “My bipolar mania made me buy this dress!”

    Btw, Ms. Bipolar Burble loves to talk about her fits of rage and hatred of people, then excuse it. “It’s just my Bipolar acting up.” Easier than saying, “Sorry. I was wrong.” Many people in the system use their diagnosis as an excuse. I plead guilty to it myself; chalk it up in part to my “good insight.”

  • Littleturtle, many here want to ban COERCIVE psychiatry. If you find psychiatry helpful and seek it out freely that would be voluntary, not coercive. There are enough like you that even if we outlawed psychiatry by force it still would not be the end of the profession.

  • My condolences Dr. Wood. It must be hard to enter a field to help suffering people and watch them get worse and die decades early with 0% recovery.

    Many of us here are not psychiatrists nor specialists in the “mental health” field. I am a disillusioned ex-consumer who finally realized my mood swings were drug induced all along. I also feel guilty for turning suicidal friends in to be locked up and making an 8-year-old take his “meds.”

    Even after reading many books that psych drugs did not work I was afraid to go off; I knew withdrawal could make me very sick and cause hallucinations. In order to avoid suspicion I continued group therapy and other nonsense, fearful of saying the wrong thing. Like a member of the former Soviet Union who could no longer believe communist propaganda and dreamed of defecting.

    Finally I relocated quietly. I promised to find new “mental health services” and didn’t. My head has yet to explode. 🙂

  • We also underestimate human stupidity and refusal to learn anything. Most people who believe psychiatry’s claims are functional illiterates and get all their education off the tube. (I exclude psychiatric professionals. For them it’s more vested interest and self deception than lack of knowledge.)

    “Evil will always defeat Good, because Good is stupid.” Dark Helmet from Spaceballs.

  • Congratulations Brynne! I managed to escape by lying to everyone. Makes me sick to think about it. 🙁 But none of my family would believe me. What else could I do?

    Aside from one melt down several months ago (forced to live in single wide with parents too long) I am acting perfectly normal. Nobody suspects, though the doctor told me I would have pronounced mood swings without my cocktail. He had no idea I was off my “mood stabilizer” and neuroleptic for over 6 months when he made that claim.

    I’m still physically sicker than a dog from withdrawing after 25+ years drug use. I can think more clearly, more rational AND creative. No longer moody or suicidal. But impossible to work right now.

  • Many psychologists are locked into “mental health” community centers where they work closely with shrinks, social workers, case workers, etc. as a “treatment team.” Do you think it would be good for a psycho-therapist’s career if they started telling folks they see that their drugs are their biggest problem? I don’t think so.

    Philip Hickey and others like him have to open private practices. A lot of work. Easier to go with the flow and live in denial, lying to yourself along with everyone else.

  • Riley C. can’t spell. Where did he buy his diploma? Lol.

    The damage sustained by “mentally ill” brains is in direct correlation to time spent in treatment. Until they agree to test treatment naive brains they can’t prove whether the illness or treatment is responsible. Will Hall and other ex-consumers are bright enough. The glazed, vacant eyes occur in the med compliant along with lower cognitive functioning.

    Mind altering drugs can damage the brain. Wow!

    The title itself proves it’s a “straw man argument” and not for clear minded, critical thinkers.

  • Until I acknowledged that someone had done me a grave wrong forgiving him was impossible. How can I forgive someone who was never even at fault? Forgiveness is not repression/denial.

    Forgiveness was my personal choice. But people I have known told me that pretending it wasn’t that bad and playing the nice Christian girl would enable me to forgive quickly and easily with no real effort….They meant well. But what they taught me was B. S.

    If you don’t own up to the fact that you have been deeply wronged forgiveness is not even an option.

  • Something for consideration. We at MIA are an unusually heterogeneous group. Even if we discount the dissenters/trolls and other pro-psychiatry folks our dissimilar backgrounds and experiences make it hard to understand each other.

    Even the doors we entered the MI system through vary greatly. Some of us partied a little too hard and were accused of Bipolar Mania. Others had legal trouble and were persuaded to plead the “mental illness” excuse. (Big mistake!) Others had unusual experiences brought on by trauma or stress–hearing voices, very non-mainstream beliefs. Others were brought to shrinks by gaslighting relatives or SOs. Others like me, had a severe reaction to an SSRI and wound up with the nice little stigmatizing label of “Bipolar.”

    We need to realize that when John says he’s mad about being told he was bipolar because he was locked up after getting stoned Mary is not discounting his experience when she tells him she started hearing voices after she realized her uncle had raped her when she was 7. Mary may have sought professional help because people told her she needed it and her pain was real. Because their experiences differ John may be into social activism while Mary is still trying to process the trauma of being raped AND buffaloed by the psychiatric racket.

  • Mom’s therapist cured her depression by teaching her it was okay to be angry and she should pursue the career she wanted instead of trying to be the Perfect Housewife everyone at church wanted her to be. The guy who had molested Mom was dead at that time. Revenge/justice isn’t always possible. Some folks would rather be mean, bitter and pick fights with people who didn’t abuse them than quit feeling pain. Odd I know!

    If you want to drink your enemy’s blood you should hire a vigilante hit-man not a therapist.

  • “If I were you I’d worry about that zero tolerance thing of yours coming around to bite you in the a__.” No fear of that. In order for that to happen I would have to be able to implement it first.

    Frank, I’ll bet you never had to “run the gauntlet” in school. Walk down the hall amidst wolf whistles and cat calls, guys describing in graphic detail not only parts of your body but how they would love to drag you off and….

    It’s not just “human nature.” Victorian teens didn’t act that way. So, yes, guys CAN refrain from acting like monsters if they put their minds to it.

    Sexual harassment is not rape or assault. But all three are acts of hatred for women. In my case I didn’t recover for years and got sucked into the psychiatric system because of this. Not just eccentric behavior from partying too hard.

    Guys who laugh off this kind of thing as no big deal and something “those dumb broads” should shut up and take make me want to puke!

  • Yes, shame on them dang-nabbed Quakers who treated unloved folks with dignity and compassion! No doubt the Underground Railroad was also some nefarious scheme.

    For my part I was suffering in college. Instead of compassion I got psychiatry. For those of you who spit upon human kindness I guess you can embrace lives of misanthropy and go live in isolation somewhere like Christopher McKnight. Hope you don’t break a leg in your new hermit lifestyle.

    Then there’s good ole TF who imagines Tony Robbins, Dr. Pies, David Ramsey and the woman down the street who gives therapeutic massages at the chiropractor’s are all exactly alike and do EXACTLY THE SAME THING.


  • I mentioned Moral Therapy in a forum for survivors of spiritual abuse. A nurse practitioner sneered at this, implying it was impossible to help brain diseased people with compassion.

    She considered herself a humanitarian because she opposed “anti-psychiatry” churches. When I told her cruelty I had observed in pro-psychiatry churches she was truly baffled! She claimed they must not be educated enough about the scientific validity of psychiatry.

    I would have to say the opposite, Nurse Patsy.

  • If I walk briskly for 45 minutes every day certain muscle groups would be employed during the walks. Over time the muscles would also grow stronger and change in shape or size.

    Would you say, “Rachel’s leg muscles are causing her to walk every morning. She has no choice in the matter. The alterations we can observe over time prove her legs have a progressive muscular disease causing this odd behavior of morning exercise”?

    Confusion of cause and effect.

  • Amen to that!! My parents did not cause my breakdown. The guys who sexually harassed me in high school on a daily basis for two years caused that.

    My shrink caused my expulsion from college and encouraged my family to view me as a Disease rather than a human being.

    I went to him of my own free will. My suffering was real enough and I was desperate.

    When some people say, “My ‘mental illness’ is real,” defensively, they imagine we are denying their emotional pain. Not so! Your pain is very real. Just not an incurable brain disease.

  • The successful therapies are only practiced on consenting people. The only way to truly alter someone AGAINST THEIR WILL is to perform various acts of emotional/physical cruelty to break them. Abusive partners, parents, and cults do this. So does mainstream psychiatry.

    In the case of the psych drugs I took, I was not truly consenting. They lied to me that they were “fixing” my brain. Like a friend of mine a creep tricked into a bigamous marriage because it was getting cold and she wouldn’t let him move in till they married. He beat her afterward, btw.

  • The Public largely believes psychiatric “experts” have the role of John Anderton in The Minority Report played by Tom Cruise (Oh the irony!)

    This would be more accurate if John Anderton’s police force had been based on a fraud. They staged a few crimes to predict first. Then they set up an agency to arrest innocent people for arbitrary reasons. Great way to control society!

  • My psychiatrists would attribute all improvement I made to med compliance and all set backs to missing doses or on rare occasions some admitted “maybe they aren’t working.” This was especially funny when a psychiatrist noted my “improved effect” or natural smiling and said the drugs she prescribed must be just right. I had been tapering off my abilify unbeknownst to her and getting better despite her course of treatment!

  • Part of it is coldness and lack of compassion in our society, JClaude. A while back there was less demand for therapists because people had more friends to talk to. And members of the clergy were more willing to talk to people in pain too.

    Sorry your career took a hit for obeying your conscience. Dietrich Bonhoeffer thought standing up against an unjust oppressor was worth dying for. I agree. At least you won a moral victory.

  • JClaude I’m not anti-therapy. What some are (understandably) protesting here no more deserves the title “therapy” than electroshock does brain surgery.

    Not all forms of therapy are alike. Forcing memory repression is abuse not THERAPY and goes against all hope of RECOVERY. TirelessFighter means well, but thinks all therapists coerce rape victims into denying it ever happened.

    My mom benefited from therapy years after being molested as a kid. Yes, child molesters should be locked up, but despite the closure these kids/adults still need to live with the after math. Just because the perp is dead or in prison doesn’t solve everything.

    I have benefited from CBT myself. I’m not against Mindfulness. Some swear by it, but the kind I had was a warped form I was forced to undergo for 2 hours at a time.

    I am interested in the therapy Peter Breggin practices and Choice Theory/Reality Therapy as taught by William Glasser.

    “Moral therapy” wouldn’t count as therapy by today’s standards. Basically they took otherwise homeless people and treated them with respect and TLC and loved them back to sanity. Nothing wrong with that!

  • Ironically on many support sites for abuse victims they always talk about “my abusive bipolar ex”. Often “my abusive ex with undiagnosed bipolar.” He was a jerk and cruel therefore he must be bipolar, right?

    I once knew a sweet little lady–a joy to know. She had a truly evil, abusive husband. “Gertrude” believed he was “mentally ill” with a brain disease called “bipolar” because MI professionals told her he couldn’t help his nastiness. If she could talk him into taking his “meds” everything would be fine and he could be the nice, charming guy she married. My guess is that charming guy Gertie married was the old bait and switch.

    Sadly, because Gertie was kind-hearted she felt she should stay with her sick husband. Others around her, including friends with SMI labels told her “Gertie, your husband is cruel and abusive because he enjoys it. It’s a choice he makes and no pill can fix that.”

    Gertie claimed his “meds” made him nice. My guess is they tranquilized him so he was too doped up to smash Gertie’s beloved art projects or hit her. They kept wearing off and he liked being vicious anyhow. (See Phil Hickey’s article for this month.) Poor Gertie wound up on SSRIs herself.

    That said, Gertie’s story was the only one I knew where the “bipolar” spouse was the actual abuser. I do know of several cases where the “SMI” spouse/partner was abused and no one took it seriously. The abuser was often a pro at gas-lighting as you can imagine.

  • My own two cents to Rossa’s comment. In addition to what SE says about churches profiting monetarily from the psychiatric racket (indirectly usually) there’s what I call the social phenomenon of “Shut up and take your Prozac!”

    People going through a crisis are stressful to be around. Those who get trapped in the MI System are even worse off. My drugs numbed me to social cues and actually made me more outspoken in saying things that bothered folks. They made me too tired to properly attend to hygiene.

    Anyhow the drugs and MI systems make it easier to dispose of annoying bothersome members. If they are discouraged lock them up for clinical depression.

    What Miss Brown? You’re miserable and feel no one would care if you died? Obviously you aren’t on your life saving meds. Quit bothering us. Go home, take your prescription and call your therapist. We’re not professionals and can’t deal with YOUR KIND here.

    The rest of humanity have souls, but YOU have a mental illness. In fact you ARE nothing but a mental illness. Shut up and take your “meds.”

    There. Thank God Miss Brown went home! We’ve done our Christian duty and can forget about rejects like her.

  • Good point Nancy99.

    As Bob Whitaker wrote in Anatomy of an Epidemic if we have actual brain problems we see neurologists or brain doctors. Not psychiatrists.

    If you went to see a psychiatrist because you suffered from a cancerous tumor he would ask you to describe your symptoms. Chronic headaches, lethargy (can’t sleep from pain), problems concentrating, extreme sadness….

    Aha! You must have depressive disorder. Take 150 mg of Effexor every day and see me 3 months from now for refills.

    So you go home, take the magical SNRI he prescribed and die of brain cancer.

  • Fiachra, I think leaving day treatment helped me tremendously. I have learned “normal” behaviors from mainstream society, not segregation in a heavily drugged and infantilizing subculture.

    Drugs, day treatment, and my reputation as a nut job were holding me back. No one I interact with now can tell what’s wrong with me. I tell them I’m on disability because of autoimmune problems–which is partially true. I shouldn’t be reevaluated for benefits for at least another 5 years. Before then I should feel well enough to earn my own living as a freelancer.

  • An SSRI created my “Bipolar” disorder. The doctors fed my mom some bovine excrement about how Anafranil had only “unmasked” my insanity lying there all along. They claimed I would need “mood stabilizers” and neuroleptics as well as SSRI’s. Cha-ching! $$$$

    What nobody thought to ask was: Since all these d__n drugs do is “mask” or hide symptoms anyhow wouldn’t quitting SSRI’s be a lot easier than taking other crap? That could “re-mask” the original problem. No more mania. Wow.

  • I’m coming out as a murderous psychopath. Gonna wear a T-shirt with this diagnosis at a Glen Close stigma reduction event. Want to join us? We have uniforms with “Kick me! I’m Bipolar! and “Can’t Help My Broken Brain!” embroidered tastefully in front. In the back–right in the seat of the trousers–are bull’s eye targets in attractive, eye-popping colors.
    Some normals will also attend. Their white shirts have “I’m With Crazy” emblazoned in black. Some may even condescend to pat your back or head when the cameras zone in.

  • In 19th century America some Quakers practiced moral therapy on people out of touch with reality.

    The place was unlocked and unguarded–a nice house in the country. The people in charge addressed the others respectfully and treated them with TLC.

    Probably cheaper to run than most halfway houses. And the recovery rate was high, so many “cases” were not long term. Only really out-of-touch people who couldn’t care for themselves were sent there. They would recover from the crisis and reintegrate themselves.

  • Psych drugs frequently cause diabetes. Somehow I escaped without it. I have lost 10% of my body weight effortlessly thanks to going off that crap so that should help too.

    Good luck going off the Celexa Littleturtle. “Slow and steady wins the race.” ~Aesop.

    If psychiatry is able to establish a provable bio-marker there would be justification for trying to fix it. Until then they should leave healthy brain tissue alone! Those mind altering drugs are not magic bullets and created psychotic symptoms in me when I took them. I believe Dr. Moncrieff wrote about this phenomenon called tardive psychosis.

  • I read an article by a shrink about how the internet is causing an “outbreak of agnosognosia.” He had to do quite a bit of rhetorical tap dancing, since the psychiatric premise is all “mental illnesses” are honest-to-gosh brain disorders that must be shocked and/or drugged out of existence. And that would include the A word.

    His premise was agnosognosia, like all Mi’s must be genetic. But the internet must be responsible for triggering this naughty gene with all its paranoid conspiracy theories.

    A more applicable term for agnosognosia is dissident. But that really sounds more political than medical so it won’t do.

    What a mistake it was for them to let us learn to read and write! Maybe they could invent a new “medicine” that would cause blindness. Not as an inconvenient side effect but the primary benefit to be achieved.

  • The grandma erroneously thought she was giving her grandson medicine to keep his brain from deteriorating. Ignorance is not good, but it is different from outright malice. This woman would NEVER knowingly put any kid on speed.

    She should educate herself more. That is true. But the bulk of blame rests with those who fooled her and countless others into thinking dangerous amphetamines are life-saving medicines.

  • No psychiatrist I know would constitute a great moralist. Most wouldn’t know what morality was if it bit them in the butt.

    Some kids/YA are diagnosed with ODD because they act like hooligans and shop lift. I got in trouble for being “too good.” I kid you not! In the mental hospital I meekly submitted to at 15 the staff didn’t know what to do with me. My behavior actually scared some. More of a Lisa Simpson than a Bart. I was too moral and they considered that a mark of depression/OCD.

    At 22 some “experts” talked to Dad and me. “We have found two key problems with Rachel.” I believed in moral absolutes and I refused to sleep around. BUT if I had been the other way they would happily label me a “sociopath with nymphomania.” Or something equally ridiculous.

  • TF, the real problem with asking for pity or compassion is “normals” are usually too selfish and cold to give any. The only way to get any of them to take action on our behalf is to demonize us as a bunch of monsters who delight in killing for the heck of it. Of course the “help” they offer really isn’t. Getting everyone to leave us alone would be an improvement.

  • In order to become a nun I would have to be Catholic anyhow. I’m Church of Christ which is “family oriented.” In other words they worship the institution of marriage and sometimes make singles feel uncomfy. Two friends who encouraged me to go drug free are Assembly of God. Naturally they think extreme states aren’t all “brain diseases.” One of them is upset at how his sister is getting worse in psychiatric “treatment.”

    Right now–at 44–I don’t care if I die a virgin. But at age 20 that was a bitter pill to take!

  • Things are further confused by the DSM 5 categories. Some “diseases” listed–mostly as “personality disorders”–are actually forms of criminal behavior and have no business in a medical manual. The popular standbys like “Bipolar” and “Schizophrenia” are emotional in origin it seems. Dr. Glasser and others have successfully brought these people back to sanity by making them happier and showing them that they DO have control over their own actions. (When I was craziest I couldn’t believe this.)

    Other “mental illnesses” are social constructs. Homosexuality was a disease until–it suddenly wasn’t. Remember Drapetomania? It was a legitimate mental illness in the 1800’s; as real and legitimate as many today. Unhappy housewives had Hysterics. In the Soviet Union if you weren’t happy with the oppressive government you had Sluggish Schizophrenia.

    Just to keep things confusing the shrinks threw a very few real brain problems into the mixture of the DSM 5. Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimers for example. Both can be avoided by steering clear of psychiatry!

  • You could easily make the case that they are worse than Bernie Madoff. He robbed many individuals of their life savings. Corrupt psychiatrists rob people not just of their earning potential with disabling “treatments” and labels, but their reputations, health and life itself.

    A lot like that doctor called the Angel of Death who lied by telling many they had blood cancer to sell them many rounds of unneeded chemo. Psychiatry is a similar form of medical fraud.

  • Something really ironic, Noel. Nowadays if you have an SMI label no religious order in the Roman Catholic Church will accept you. Many of their most famous saints would be drugged and side-lined nowadays.

    One of my best friends is Catholic and wanted to be a nun till that dream was trashed by a “bipolar diagnosis.” A lot of people think wanting to be a nun is weird.

    I always wanted to get married and have 4 or 5 kids till my life was wrecked at age 20. Everyone told me to accept the fact I would die a virgin since my “bipolar” made me disgusting/unlovable.

  • People are more complex than television writers let on. Psychiatric nurses, MA’s, and case workers believe adhering to the psychiatric model because they honestly believe it will help people AND they need to practice “compliance” or lose their jobs.

    I remember pitying a case manager. Kindly, but very ignorant; he couldn’t figure out why no one got better “despite” taking fistfuls of drugs. He tried to pronounce SSRIs phonetically. During break I took him aside and politely explained the term was an acronym.

    He seemed amazed at how smart and well-informed I was.

    The case managers held me up as a role model for other “consumers” not knowing I had been struggling with the validity of psychiatry for years–like someone in the old Soviet Union questioning the Communist party. I was afraid of being found out before I could defect.

    I also secretly tapered off many of my drugs. Until I dropped below 75% of my original Effexor dose I did fine. No one was any the wiser. Going off Lamictal and Abilify did not cause me mania btw.

    My parents think I’m still taking my drugs. They can’t figure out what’s causing my physical sickness. They firmly believe going off my “meds” will cause weird, agitated, perhaps dangerous behavior. It never occurs to them it can cause extreme fatigue and (physical) sickness.