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  • Dr. Mengele was, I believe. He is famous for maiming and killing though. Not healing.

    Scientific knowledge is no guarantee of moral ethics.

    Because I know many psychiatrists choose to lie to their “consumers” regularly I no longer trust members of that profession.

    Shame on me! I must be delusional not to take the word of a sociopath and habitual liar. 🙂

  • There are some unique individuals who actually choose a homeless lifestyle. If they honestly prefer that and don’t hurt anyone, where’s the harm? For those forced into a homeless lifestyle, keeping it illegal will not help. Maybe if they made cancer illegal folks would quit dying from it…duh! Bureaucratic control freaks!

  • One reason the idea that “mental illness” is biological increases “stigma” is it makes weird/self-defeating/or nasty behaviors life long sentences. I have always struggled with self pity. On being told “You can’t help yourself; you have a screwed up brain!” I gave up on making my life better and thought drugs were the answer. They weren’t!

    Btw, if Pete Earley’s cholesterol went through the roof as a result of his statins he wouldn’t stay on them I bet! Psych drugs don’t work, dummy! The neuroleptics brought on psychotic episodes and seizures while the SSRI’s made me feel suicidal. That’s why I am coming off these poisons.

  • This is a well written post, Sera. For that reason, it is troubling–as it should be. I have a nephew with autism, and believe I fall on the spectrum myself.

    I liked your analogy about the “women’s rights” group run by men. Only, my guess is they wouldn’t want masculine women, but submissive Stepford wives who knew their place.

    As an ex-NAMI member, I often felt they not only believed we would never be normal–they really didn’t wish it. Normal people are allowed to be assertive, independent and have good self esteem. For the “mentally ill” these are no no’s. The drugs would never normalize us or grant us full human status. But they would keep us from harming others. So we believed.

  • If I broke a leg in more than one place, went to a hospital, had the bone set and took prescription morphine for a while the drug would make me feel better. It might even prevent my body from going into shock. Morphine is a pain killer.

    Did the morphine help me? Yes. It numbed the pain. However there was no morphine deficiency in my brain. Setting the bone properly is more apt to help me heal, than taking pain killers indefinitely and doing nothing to help my injured leg.

  • I hear you David. Right now I feel like I can’t trust anyone where I live. I may be able to educate Dad on the hoax of psychiatry.
    For some reason my Mom has lost her “edge” mentally. A bit worrisome. Not senile, just lazy–especially cognitively. Content to get all her “mental health” education from television programs and drug commercials. Being on Celexa doesn’t help her. 🙁

  • I want to thank you for Beyondmeds, Monica! While my withdrawal has been less horrific than yours–so far–I needed to prepare myself for what might lie ahead. If I hadn’t been forewarned about some of the suffering common to psych withdrawal I know I couldn’t have stuck it out. 🙂

  • Since reducing my Effexor by nearly 70% I’m no longer suicidal. I can think more abstractly now too (my IQ has gone up noticeably.) Unfortunately I feel like I have the flu 24/7, can’t quit coughing, and have nearly scratched myself bald from the overwhelming itch that won’t go away. 🙁

  • In addition to supplying us with the chemical means, Ghaemi and his ilk can also serve as role models. Splendid examples of how to be unfeeling, soulless supporters of the Bureaucratic System. Figures from a Kafkaesque nightmare. And far less human than poor Gregor the Roach!

  • Here’s a question. If the SSRI’s commonly cause suicidal thinking as a “side effect” what good are they? They’re supposed to prevent suicide.

    Every psychiatrist behind a mass shooting (most shooters are in psych treatment) is guilty of reckless disregard of human life and public safety. He is at least as morally responsible as the shooter and should be charged with manslaughter if not as an accessory to murder.

  • Shame on you, Phil! Wishing and hoping that biology does not exist. I couldn’t stop laughing at the lunacy of that sentence of Dr. Ghaemi’s.

    Amazing! Science has found that brain injuries impair cognitive abilities. This proves that depression MUST have an origin in brain chemistry. (Moreover what are Dr. Ghaemi and his colleagues to do with all the pretty pills the Rx drug cartels gave them? They can’t flush them down the toilet–it would endanger stuff that grows in the sewer.)

    You certainly won’t get common sense from a shrink. Their compassion and wisdom are about equal.

  • Here’s a question. Why are neuroleptics needed at all? Even short-term use to help a patient sleep or calm down to ease hallucinations seems unnecessary. All neuroleptics called antipsychotics are good for is tranquilizing someone. Aren’t there already tranquilizers that could be used? Many may even have been on the market for 60+ years–twice as long as most neuroleptics commonly used today. This would give a patient more information about the drawbacks to using the drug.

  • Unfortunately, Brett, in a situation like this it’s difficult for many people who have been hurt by the mental “health” establishment to look past your “paternal” title.

    I remember when my mother kept having incest survivors and rape victims over when I was ten. Most hated men, so my dad had to leave the house. Dr. King had problems with white folks who wanted to help and were rejected by the African-Americans. Is this right or just? No. But it is understandable and human.

    Many commenters hate authority figures. (I don’t; I hate being lied to or abused by authority figures but I’m not an anti-authoritarian or anarchist.)

    Like many others here, I realize you are not to blame for what all the abusive members of the “System” have done. I hope you realize that these attacks are not so much against you personally as the fear and distrust of abuse victims against someone they see as belonging to the “oppressor” group.

    Nevertheless I understand and sympathize with your choice to leave. I wish you well and the best also.

  • Not all women want the same thing, Pat. I’m unusual in what I prefer in a man.

    Humility is a good thing; but I want a man brave enough to stand up for what is right.
    Poverty is okay, but not laziness.

    The older I get, the pickier I am when I date. It’s just I’m picky about character more. Less so about looks, money, etc. Don’t want a wimp or an “alpha male.”

  • As for me, I felt awful before I went to a psychiatrist. I started out depressed and anxious. Wound up higher than a kite on anafranil after not sleeping for 3 weeks. Now I have a bipolar label.

    Personally I have no problem with “talk therapy” between consenting adults. Even psychiatry would hurt fewer folks if they had to tell them the truth about the drugs they prescribed and never drugged or imprisoned them without consent. Real doctors have those guidelines; the fact that shrinks don’t makes their whole branch of “medicine” suspect.

  • I’m pretty weird in that I tend to have prolonged bouts of sadness–sometimes for no big reason–in the spring when there’s more daylight. Like the reverse of SADDS. My dad has this problem. Our ancestors came from the extreme north of the world, which may account for this odd problem. This sadness lasts 2 or 3 weeks. Never more. Generally it’s accompanied by insomnia. In the autumn I feel perky!

  • Going without sleep can certainly make you whacky!

    If you go a whole night (24 hours) with no sleep or three days (72 hours) with only 3 or 4 hours of sleep, take a mild tranquilizer for a few nights. Melatonin is better, if it works. No shrink necessary!

    There are plenty of over-the-counter drugs to knock yourself out. Be careful though. Be sure to stop taking them as soon as the crisis is over and you are sleeping again.

    When I was going to an MI Center I had slept badly for a night or two. A friend told me to get my psychiatrist to prescribe me Lunesta. Not for a week or two. Like all psych drugs–forever and a day!

    I decided against such a stupid course of action. My friend continues to get worse and worse. She “deteriorates” as she takes more and more drugs and gets hospitalized 3 or 4 times a year for “maintenance.” And they call that a “full and productive life!”

  • From what I have seen, many clergy members, philosophers and novelists know much more about the human psyche than the bumblers we call “soul doctors.” They know nothing about human thoughts, feelings or motivations. All they do is drug, fry and cut apart healthy brain tissue under the pretext that they are doing something necessary for society–sometimes even their victims.

    What’s next? Wooden ball bats applied repeatedly to the skulls of “mentally ill” people? A great low-tech solution! And every bit as safe and effective as the cruel experiments these mad scientists are already using!

  • Curious about whether there are new brainwashing “educational” programs for psych professionals about the alleged benefits of ECT. I had the unpleasant experience of running into this perky idiot of a psych nurse in line on Election Day. (November in the USA for all you in the UK, Canada, Australia, etc.) She went on and on about how great ECT was now and how it made depressed people happy. I got away from her as soon as possible. Dumb as a box of rocks and–I believe–dangerous from her stupidity. Just a few months ago I had overheard an almost identical conversation amongst some other psych nurses and technicians in a psych ward. Scary how stupid and gullible such sheeple are. But if they weren’t naive simpletons they would suffer horrible guilt at their cruelty or get fired. So of course only naive simpletons continue working in such places. (With a few exceptions. If you’re one of these exceptions let me offer my condolences at all the crap you put up with in “the belly of the beast!”)

  • My guess is some people don’t care about their family members and are glad to have them die early since they find them a source of annoyance or embarrassment. When creeps like that post on this site I want to puke. They’re usually the ones who drove the family member insane to begin with. NAMI is a front for abusive mothers/family members and pharmaceutical companies.

    The poison they force into them is slower and subtler than the Nazi gas chambers. But every bit as effective. (And they can pretend to be humane while they poison them.) But in their hearts they have already murdered the unwanted relative they perceive as a burden. THEY–the murdering relatives–are what’s wrong with psychiatry and society.

  • I finally realized the MI System would never help me. They were determined not to let me recover and the brain drugs they fed me completed my helplessness. Finally, I chose to relocate. Going off my drugs, through with therapy, wellness groups, and all that other nonsense. I hope when my withdrawals are over I can write again. Maybe even go off the SSI my emotionally abusive shrink told me I would always need, like her pills! Wrong about one–probably wrong about both. 😛

  • “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

    Such as checking into the psych ward for more drugs every time you have trouble? And why did you deliberately stay awake for several days in the first place?

    There are milder treatments you could give yourself without imprisonment. Unless your brain was severely damaged in a certain spot you would have fallen asleep finally. Walk briskly for an hour, soak in a warm epsom salt bath (not hot), eat a turkey or tuna sandwich. Take a few benadril and maybe an advil if your muscles ache. Wash them down with warm milk and honey. Play some soft, soothing music and lie down. Even if you can’t sleep, the rest will help. It may take a few nights to sleep soundly again. But it will work! The psych ward will not give you the help you need.

  • You have the right to stay in a relationship with your local branch of psychiatry. But, having made the choice to stay in a coercive, abusive relationship for the drugs they offer you have no just reason to complain about the use of force or abuse they continue to inflict and that the drugs aren’t what you wanted.

    News flash! It’s not about what you, the Consumer want or think you need. It’s what your psychiatrist wants for you–what he thinks you need. That’s how the pharmapsychiatric system works.

    I hope some day you will realize how pointless this dance de macabre is and leave the MI System and their dangerous, addictive drugs behind. Then you can have a life!

  • The problem with psychiatry is that it does not–as a system–confine itself using its drugs as a short-term solution (6 weeks or less.) Far from it. The dosages and polypharma cocktails are far from minimalist. The exact opposite of how a homeopath prescribes. Though homeopaths stick to natural remedies–usually stuff they find in the wild or grow themselves. Not synthetic chemicals that smell like bathroom cleaning agents!

    I still take 52 mgs of effexor since I’m in the process of tapering. Amazing now, how that stuff smells like Comet or Bartender’s Friend!

    By the way, I’ve been diagnosed as Bipolar. No longer on neuroleptic or “mood stabilizer” and far from manic–though I keep coughing and my parents think I may have some physical sickness like FM. Effexor has proven very addictive and hard to come off for me. Any doctor who tells me differently doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is not to be trusted. Liar or fool.

  • Reminds me of some friends of mine caught in abusive relationships. They’re miserable. They keep getting black eyes, broken noses and arms in slings. But just try to suggest that she leave the creep!

    Oh, Harry’s really not such a bad guy. He just needs to get his drinking under control….

    Yeah, he’s beaten me pretty bad while we’ve been living together. But now that we’re getting married….

    All Harry needs is counseling. He promises to get anger management therapy if I’ll come back.

    Denial of an abusive codependency. Sorry, but this article and the writer’s follow up comments make me think of abusive boyfriends. (There are abusive girlfriends too. As a woman I see more battered girlfriends though.)

    Oh, the psychiatry establishment is good and necessary. It saved my life! Dr. Quackenbush just needs to listen to my symptoms more/prescribe more or less “medicine”/realize my life is rough/treat me like a human being….

    Sometimes you just have to flee the abuser. I had to do that.

  • Did you know cocaine and ritalin are nearly identical in molecular structure? Ritalin is much faster acting though. One mother was a crack addict and got caught snorting her son’s ground up ritalin. Said it was better than the stuff they sell on the street.

  • There’s no physical reason for weird thoughts or feelings or the unusual behaviors they may cause.

    I’m trying to put some of these facts in plain everyday English so Joe and Jane Public can understand. One of these days I want to give lectures at religious organizations.

  • You were right to want to quit. Unfortunately Prozac can be highly addictive. You probably were suffering withdrawals and DTs.

    If you decide to quit again, you need to read up on how to do so. Quitting all the sudden is usually a BAD idea. 🙁

  • I’ve come to the point where I no longer believe most doctors when it comes to psych drugs. Not all internet “horror stories” are true. But I am more apt to find good info on psych drugs online than from a doctor.

    I remember my shrinks told me my neuroleptics weren’t behind my seizures. My zoloft wasn’t making me sleep all day. And risperdol didn’t cause weight gain.

    Recently I read an article in the American Psychiatric Association journal that the “chemical imbalance” story was all a lie. (But Dr. Pies excused lying to patients because they might not take those nasty drugs if they knew there was no reason to do so!)

    I will never trust a shrink again. Nor do I feel obliged to be honest with any of those glorified drug dealers again. Right now I don’t even trust my GP because he’s a naive fool, having swallowed the psychiatric bait hook, line and sinker.

  • Any doctor who tells you all your emotional pain is caused by a chemical imbalance is either an ignoramous or a liar. They also lie about how safe and nonaddictive it is.

    Not only do they keep away from their toxic brain drugs themselves but they warn you not to flush leftover pills down the toilet. Why not?

    These “safe and effective medications” are harmful to the sewer’s ecosystem. Remember, to your shrink, your brain is less important than stuff growing in the sewer!

  • Some idiots are proud of the fact that they refuse to read Anatomy of an Epidemic and swallow whatever their shrink produces. I read one psychiatrist who claimed that for every resistant consumer he saw there were dozens if not hundreds eager for drugs and diagnoses. If this is true I don’t know why they’re desperate to keep dissidents.
    However if Natasha Tracey and other dummies want to rot their brains and brand themselves with stigmatizing labels I guess they deserve to be allowed to do so.

  • The_cat and I are far from left-wing. We are anti-psychiatry though. I’m not against capitalism. Keeping 7,000,000 or 10,000,000 otherwise productive citizens disabled and addicted to costly drugs at the expense of tax-payers may be a product of crony-capitalism but it is anti-capitalism since it’s unsustainable and will cause our economy to collapse. I’m surprised Murphy and all those other GOP members are too stupid and short-sighted to see. But as long as they’re getting their $$$$, none of them really care about the peons that elected them. The peons are (mostly) a bunch of ignorant sheeple who might as well be illiterate for all the reading/thinking they do. Though they should be concerned as well, seeing their taxes pay for all this crap.

  • By the way, David Oaks, I respectfully disagree with the idea that most Americans are against forced druggings. If they were, the abominable Cures Act would never have been passed.

    The average American might as well have a head of cabbage between his shoulders for all the mental activity that goes on in his meat head. Furthermore, people are more selfish and apathetic than ever. I grow more misanthropic every day.

  • 🙂 Some of the reasons people taught to play the role of the Bipolar or Schizophrenic Madman/Woman can’t have decent relationships very easily is:

    1. They are drugged up all the time. Alcoholics and crack abusers aren’t good company. Neither are psych drug junkies.
    2. The person playing the Bipolar or Schizophrenic keeps using the “illness” as an excuse to behave badly whenever it suits their purposes. Instead of Flip Wilson’s line, it’s “My mental illness made me do it!” As long as they show “insight” and stay drugged people are taught to be nice and tiptoe around their personalities. But in the long run patience wears thin.
    3. Most people are (understandably) afraid to have relationships with junkies who self-identify as nut jobs. Those that do get involved often are looking for a partner to abuse. After the divorce/break-up they frequent forums and troll blogs to post rants. “My crazy ex and all bipolars are evil and mean as snakes! They should be cut apart with chainsaws and left for crows to eat!” Uh-huh. Like they’re the epitome of all that is cuddly and loveable. People that are good and nice don’t post that crap. 😉

  • I have a blog for you to check out Darius. http://Www.beyondmeds.wordpress.com. The blogger, Monica, was so sick she was bed fast for at least two years, though she had insomnia from her chronic pain. Today she is significantly better. I believe she is actually working now–from home of course. Monica says her mind has never been clearer though physically she still has problems.

    Just because you feel rotten now doesn’t mean you always will. Our bodies and brains are designed to be wonderfully resilient. It’s hard to be patient though. Especially through suffering. 🙁

  • Well I have done my tiny bit of online activism for the day! Everybody reading this, use the link AntiP provided. Go to the negative review of Tasha Tracey’s book. At the end, click on Yes when it asks if you found the review helpful. If 20-30 of us do so, the 1 star review will go closer to the top. In spite of the nasty comments below (probably scripted.) And no names necessary! One click is all it takes.

  • And yet Tasha Tracey is indeed a moron. Her arguments are inconsistent and often incoherent. She has earned the status of an a “adult baby” and no doubt finds it useful for her nasty behaviors. Often she will declare she is full of hatred but can’t help it–it’s just her “bipolar” making her do it.
    Likewise she is unduly suspicious and has weird thoughts about some massive underground conspiracy of the antipsychiatry movement. Don’t know what’s in that funky cocktail she’s on but it ain’t working! 😀

    No doubt there are other NAMI zombies who enjoy their status as fat adult babies. Some of them may have given the five star ratings, though it’s doubtful they read the whole book, drugged up messes that they are.

    My guess is that Big Pharma-Psych Industry have surrounded their prize pet with a phalanx of professional trolls. Maybe they’re grooming her to fill Patty Duke’s shoes as Poster Child–Shill at Pharmaceutical conventions disguised as “education.” Thanks to her chemical lobotomy she’s not good for much else!

  • Hmm. Peace Pilgrim, Francis of Assisi, and Gandhi weren’t normal. We all know what violent sociopaths they were!

    Too bad. Because they never received psychiatric “help” and all those “safe and effective” treatments in the form of mind disabling drugs, lobotomies, and electroshock they never were able to lead full and productive lives and integrate into society. If those had failed they could have benefited from long term impris–uh–care in an institution.

    Their lives were not normal. What a pity! 😛

  • At least there aren’t a bunch of quacks posing as doctors forcing people to smoke 4 packs a day and then marveling at the high rates of cancer and heart disease in their patients. Must have been due to the preexisting condition they were treating with tobacco therapy.
    If you want even a small chance to lose weight you have to go off your psych drugs! That’s all.

  • Ugh! Reminds me of all the “nutrition” workshops I endured under the category of “Day Treatment.”

    Why are you all so fat? I’m not as fat as you are. You must be ignorant of nutrition, you’re lazy, or you just eat too much.

    News Flash! Psych drugs cause massive weight gains. For a long time the “experts” claimed Risperdol did not cause weight gain. It was supposedly all my fault when I gained 60 pounds in 3 months eating 500 calories a day and exercising like crazy. In my book, this form of gas lighting/lying is emotional abuse.

  • Pat, if you really honk me off I will simply ignore your posts. I strongly disagree with some of your statements, but the fact that I’m responding means I don’t consider you a troll or cyber bully.

    A lot of the comment makers here are critics of psychiatry or abolitionists.( I no longer believe psychiatry or therapy hold any legitimate answers to life’s problems.) Yet we come from a wide range of backgrounds. Oldhead and some others were forced into psychiatric “treatment” against their will because people thought their behavior was weird. Some of us actually sought out psychiatric “help” and despaired at what they offered.

    I started out depressed and anxious. Thanks to a bad reaction to Anafranil I wound up with the stigmatizing label of bipolar. Aside from that episode I never was psychotic. Yet the doctors were happy to sentence me to a life of segregation and disabling brain drugs. The reason the “Bipolar” diagnosis is so darn popular? My guess is it allows the shrinks more income streams. ($800 an hour just isn’t enough to live on anymore!) With “Bipolar” the worthless doctor with a cure rate of 0, is able to prescribe “cocktails” of 3-6 drugs of various classifications. Instead of just “antipsychotics” he can force feed you with at least an SSRI, a “mood stabilizer” and an “antipsychotic” to boot. No wonder schizophrenia has lost ground in popularity. Plain ole psychosis means less $$$$ from drug company kickbacks!

  • In defense of Steve, Lilu, he meant the placebo effect would work on Mom. Not me. I know better than to cold turkey–so please don’t worry. I am still taking 60 mgs of effexor every day. I tapered down from 150 mgs at the beginning of July, 2016. It’s a bear to come off! Lamictal gave me no trouble and after 7 years I came off 20 mgs of abilify in 10 weeks by dry cutting with only a few bad headaches.
    Effexor is truly nasty. From what I hear, it’s more addictive than heroine.

  • Regarding “the magic of placebos…”
    Thanks for the suggestion, Steve. I already confuse Mom by popping fish oil, magnesium, and zinc in front of her in addition to my 40% full effexor capsule and thyroxine. I use the latter to treat a chemical imbalance that actually exists and is checked with blood tests.

    The problem is horrible physical problems related to withdrawal. I keep coughing my head off and catch nose or throat infections very easily. Tired all the time and itch so badly everyone around me complains that I scratch too much.
    Mom keeps nagging me to see my doctor, but he’s an ignoramus who pushes pills of every sort (esp. psych drugs) for the tiniest aches. I doubt he’ll help me or even acknowledge the iatrogenic damage I’m suffering.
    I take a grim satisfaction in the fact that he’s dumb enough to believe I need “mood stabilizers” and “anti-psychotics” in order to prevent mania since he’s sure I must be bipolar or I wouldn’t have hallucinated on Anafranil 23 years ago. According to Doc Dummy I should be manic taking nothing but effexor–running around, gambling, drinking like a fish, and going through multiple sex partners.

    Ha ha! Right now I am very sick and feel like I have a bad case of the flu 24/7. Along with dry, itchy skin and a cough nothing can help. Definitely not a manic party animal.

  • As a Christian I am justified by faith not works. Psychiatry is a works based religion. Salvation is found in taking your “meds” exactly as prescribed.

    A bit mystified by all the churches eager to incorporate the “psychiatric science” into their very worship programs. If psychiatric drugs are needed to prevent suicide, mass murder and other bad behavior, you’re saying the cross is not sufficient to save us from sin.

    Therefore Rick Warren has forsaken Christianity. As have all pastors who try to fuse psychiatry/psychotherapy with church beliefs. They are incompatible. I wonder why few Christians realize this.