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  • Most of the 54% think the way they do because of lies they have been told, rather than the drugs’ effects themselves.

    Oddly, I was relieved when I found that the drugs don’t work. I had always felt I was to blame for feeling sick and tired all the time “in spite of” the wonder drugs I took. Now I know the reason I felt so rotten!

  • Hi Darius. What a tragic waste! Of course you’re not the only one. I guess that means things are even worse; but it also means you’re not alone. There are a lot of us out there who have experienced similar stuff to what you have.

    I’m a poet. If you ever want lyrics written for your compositions, my email is lulivingnichols at gmail dot com. I live in the middle of nowhere in rural Indiana, but I skype.

    At least you are still able to function well enough sometimes to write stuff like this article and compose music.

    I’m struggling with my own withdrawals after 25 years of “med compliance” or mindless drug abuse. Unfortunately I have to conceal them from those around me who still drink the psychiatric kool-aid.

  • They don’t like to hear about all the rotten stuff that happens when you are faithfully taking the drugs “exactly as prescribed” either. Take it from someone who played by the rules and bought into the MI system for over twenty years! (Used to be a member of NAMI too. Want my nine dollars back.)

    So you throw up three times a day? No biggie. Just keep taking your meds.

    So you gained 60 pounds in the last 3 months? Obviously you aren’t eating/exercising right. You need to learn better nutrition. Risperdol doesn’t cause weight gain. (Okay. It does.)

    So your breasts are lactating though you’re a virgin? Maybe you could find a part time job as a wet nurse–except the milk isn’t safe to drink.

    Hey, you’re a boy with breasts? A girl with a beard? Don’t worry about what people think. They all hate you cause you’re MI anyhow. Keep popping the pills!

    You’re having seizures every day? I’m off to Bermuda for vacation. I’ll be back in a month. Let me know if these continue–if you’re still alive.

    You have a heart arrhythmia? Quit bitching and take your meds!

    These magical meds save lives! If you die before 50 of a grand mal seizure, heart attack, or diabetes complication, isn’t that a small price to pay for having your life saved? Having you die is a small price for u$ to pay in order to lead our lives of wealth, power, and status!

  • Since Lieberman and other psychiatrists refuse to scan the brains of “treatment naive” people these scans deserve to be taken with a truckload of salt.

    Why shouldn’t drugs that override a person’s natural brain processes and alter the brain’s chemistry change the shape of the brain and cause damage? Heroin abuse can cause brains to degenerate. Does this mean the abuser’s brain was bad to begin with?

  • “Good insight” can be hazardous to your health.

    Before my psych diagnosis (psych as in psyching someone out or fooling them) I often thought of suicide due to daily bullying and sexual harassment at school. Once I was officially declared hopelessly crazy I decided I owed it to to my loved ones and society in general to kill myself. I felt that it was my duty–sometimes the thought that I had to do so would even make me cry, because I still wanted to live. Yet I felt living as a soulless monster was a crime against humanity. Killing myself was actually the only right and moral decision I could make considering that I had been told I had moral depravity and turpitude written into my genes.

    Even my Christian counselors let me down. Apparently Jesus couldn’t save a monster like me–at least not without plenty of numbing drugs for back up!

  • Another method to look into is Choice Theory/Reality Therapy. If this resonates with you, you might want to get certified in Choice Theory therapy at the William Glassner Institute.

    While I appreciate Robert Whitaker’s writings against psychiatric abuse, my first introduction to anti-psychiatry came from Dr. Glassner’s book Warning: Psychiatry Can be Hazardous for your Mental Health!

  • Sounds like Huxley’s dystopia to me. Nothing soma and orgies can’t cure!

    I also think of Erewhon by Samuel Butler. In Erewhon people are fined, imprisoned and even executed for things like sickness, financial loss, or losing a loved one. By suffering these things the unfortunate people cause distress and discomfort to the other Erewhonians. Hence they are punished for these “offenses.”

  • I read an article on XoJane. The anonymous writer was glad she had a label of “depressive disorder.” Why? She felt she needed an excuse for being terribly unhappy (!)

    By the end of the article I pitied the woman, but thought her line of reasoning bizarre. Does she honestly think she needs a note from her doctor to show to everyone saying, “Please excuse Janie for being unhappy much of the time. She can’t help it. She really has a sick, defective brain,” ?

  • The Mental Illness Makers will do everything they can–not counting drugs–to keep you helpless and dependent on hand-outs and THEIR SERVICES of course.

    I finally realized it was bologna sauce when after 2 decades of meds compliance, therapy and other nonsense my life still stunk!

    Lots of you on this site think wanting to work, have a family and a decent reputation in the community are silly goals. Nevertheless, many Americans have these goals and should be allowed to pursue them if they so desire.

    Psychiatry will do its best to make sure none of your dreams or goals ever come true. Because they see us as nonhuman they think we don’t want or need what “real people” do.

  • According to this interpretation of “stigma,” the only people who stigmatize are psychiatrists and others able and willing to brand people for life with “mental illness” labels. I’m surprised they don’t actually tattoo or brand our labels in our foreheads.

    It might come back to bite them in the butt, however, when the DSM6 comes out and all their favorite imaginary diseases are renamed and re-categorized by popular vote.

  • In my case, Nomadic, I voluntarily took the drugs because I was deceived. If I had known they were really no different than street drugs I never would have done so. I don’t even smoke or drink socially.

    Being told I had a “chemical imbalance” when I didn’t in order to make me “compliant” is disgusting. It’s almost like child molesting, because you exploit someone’s trust and vulnerable relationship to yourself in order to gain something through using him/her like chattel.

    The devil is the father of lies. According to Dr. Pies, any “well informed psychiatrist” is a son of Satan. I guess that would include him.

  • That’s why I’m deceiving my parents–for now.

    I know that when I get off my drugs and prove I never was bipolar they will both be happy. For now I keep my own council.

    My parents–and Mom especially–worry too much. Even if they didn’t have me locked up and drugged by force, they would worry themselves sick. And make things worse for me too.

  • Bcharris, if you were a shrink, you wouldn’t put her on benign and helpful supplements. Or if you were a psychiatrist, the APA would not like you and you would have to go rogue like Dr. Brogan and others.

  • Better mental health care? IMO, a drug-free pilot is better off cognitively and emotionally than one loopy on “antidepressant” uppers. I believe that German Airwings pilot was on three powerful SSRI’s at once.

    I think it would be great if no one saw shrinks anymore. Long live stigma directed where it belongs! At the mental illness makers in the psych industry. 😛

  • Let me play devil’s advocate here, Oldhead. I suffered long periods of sadness or depression and nervousness or anxiety before I ever saw a shrink. Unfortunately the treatments drove me into full-blown psychosis/madness/losing-touch-with-consensual-reality. You name it; it wasn’t good.

    In the old days people–usually women–simply suffered through these emotions. Charlotte Bronte had nervous problems. She would receive visits from a family friend; and only be able to answer the woman’s questions after turning her back to her by twisting in her own chair. Not exactly “normal.”

    Just think, if Charlotte had been lucky enough to receive “treatments” she might never have written Jane Eyre or Villette.

    By the way, I believe Bertha Rochester–the madwoman in the attic–in Jane Eyre was not “mentally ill.” She probably had late stage syphilus. Her husband tells Jane that she went mad from her debauched lifestyle. My guess would be syphilus or a wet brain from alcoholism. Biological psychiatry would not have helped her either.

  • A question I have that the writer didn’t address is: if they don’t know what mental health is how can they know what constitutes “mental illness”? If they don’t even know what the unbroken model looks like, how can they presume to fix what may or may not be broken?

    If a space alien arrived in a household or small hospital ward where everyone had pneumonia, he/she/it might think (due to communication problems) that it was normal and healthy for humans to wheeze and cough continually. Imagine if that alien decided the pneumonia virus had a symbiotic relationship with its human hosts, then went out to infect the “unhealthy” humans with pneumonia. All with the best intentions of course.

  • I would be a martyr for a cause great enough to demand such a sacrifice. I’m not suicidal. The true martyr doesn’t die for the joy of dying or because life is unbearable. They die for the greater good. Otherwise death would not be a sacrifice.

    Not all people who choose celibacy are asexuals or genophobic or sickly anemics. They offer one of life’s greatest pleasures and joys up to their God or a higher cause.

    People willing to sacrifice their ALL are quite dangerous to the status quo. They will usually become the chief of sinners–or saints.

  • Having gone back and reread the article, I found Emily doesn’t mention anything about her family members in relation to that “hospitalization.” It could just as easily have been fellow students, college faculty, or a stupid therapist responsible.

    As a psychiatric survivor I don’t know what I would have done without family support.

  • Emily hasn’t given a lot of details as to why she wound up in the psych ward on graduation night. The drugs may have caused severe psychosis. Her family, like most Americans, would have been terrified to watch her lose her grip on reality. In that case they did what they honestly thought was the only right thing to do.

    In that case they were deluded by the mental illness makers too. You might call them victims as well–though their suffering is much less than Emily’s, of course.

  • I’m in the midst of horrendous withdrawal. Not suicidal–partly from lack of energy. Sometimes I feel like going back on the drugs or at least quitting the taper; giving up in that respect. Often feel hopeless of being happy again in this life.

    Have to pretend I have CFIDS to family and friends. They think going off my “meds” would make me violent and incoherent like a rabid dog. Since I act exhausted and ill (physically) they attribute my behavior to something else that doesn’t fit their mental image of Meds Non-Compliant Bipolar.

  • Hi Emily. It is Purim; I hope you are having a good one.

    Queen Esther took some very big–but necessary–risks. She could have been executed for approaching the king without being asked. Thankfully he was glad to see her and held out his scepter.

    She also ran the risk that the king would turn from her in horror when he discovered she was Jewish. Or at least quit loving her.

    However, as Esther’s cousin and foster father Mordecai reminded her, we are where we are for such a time as this. If we don’t do what we were meant to do, it will still get done. But we will suffer for our failure to act.

  • I discovered that psychiatric drugs are really the same as street drugs and I can no longer continue taking them in good conscience. I’m sure no psychiatrist will respect my religious decision to remain drug-free if I fall into their talons again. (Telling them God wants me free from mind-altering drugs would make it even worse–if possible.)

  • Unlike some of the more radical commenters I’m in favor of certain forms of therapy and counseling between CONSENTING adults. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can work wonders on some people with prolonged bouts of sadness brought on by negative thinking. Choice Theory, Dialogue Therapy, physical exercise, and simple old TLC can work wonders for most.

    Oddly enough, I no longer feel horribly sad all the time. My suffering is 90% physical symptoms and overwhelming exhaustion from tapering off my Effexor. We need a website called Most shrinks (and others) say it’s fake.

  • I heard of something like that with t-shirts. It was Glenn Close’s brain child and it actually happened.

    Glenn Close kept saying stupid stuff. Like, “Schizophrenia, schizophrenia, schizophrenia. See, it has no meaning.”

    Yes it does. Try repeating the “N bomb” and try telling black people how meaningless that word is! Especially if you’re a whitey.

    If Close ever wound up with the psych label of “schizophrenia” she would find out that the word was very meaningful indeed.

  • OK. I have actually read the article. Actually most of what they recommend is simply common sense. Instead of standing in front of a platter of cookies using will power to refrain from eating too many, avoid the platter. Wow!
    Learn to make good habits like studying, exercising, and eating healthful foods fun. Duh!
    Instead of struggling to overcome an insatiable craving for sweets find a way to come off abilify and other psych drugs. OK. I added that last one–obviously. But it works. 😀

  • I agree with you, Frank. I have a religious problem with psychiatry. According to the Bible, we’re all sinners–not just a handful called the “mentally ill.” In order to be a sinner you must commit a sin–which is defined as a willful transgression against the moral law. If we have no choice–if the transgression isn’t truly willful–then how can sin be possible?

    I know you and most of the other MIA readers aren’t religious. But why has the American church bought into the psychiatric narrative so eagerly? Why is there so little consideration of the philosophical and theological conflicts with such a materialistically biased worldview? Don’t pro-psychiatry churches realize they are signing their own death warrants by embracing this “science” to appear humane and enlightened?

  • Sad. It reminds me of something I saw on the news. An American college student removed a small flag on display in North Korea. Poor dumb kid wound up sentenced to 8 years of hard labor.

    Of course you have to be careful in those totalitarian dictatorships. Apparently those of us who are neurally atypical have to be equally cautious at home in America. Land of the Free my foot!

  • Good question Kjetil!

    I’m not doing the cold turkey thing, because after over 22 years on “antidepressants” I have become so physically dependent on these unnatural chemicals, if I did anything but a painfully slow taper it would send my system into shock. I could become violent and incoherent like a rabid animal. It might even kill me. This occasionally happens to people with a dependency like mine.

  • Borderline Personality is a label they pin on you for punishment for behavior they call “manipulative.” All psychiatric prisoners have to resort to manipulation from time to time. When you are trapped in a coercive relationship (especially an abusive one) manipulative behavior is a necessary survival skill.

    If you escape the coercion, no manipulation is necessary. BPD melts away like magic! Too bad the label doesn’t.

  • For therapists who actually want to help the emotionally suffering these would be great. But psychiatrists would be obsolete, because all these non-drug remedies could be applied by folks with MSW’s and PhD’s in psychology. No doctors necessary!

    I have wanted to get my Master of Social Work and become a certified therapist. Then I could learn Finnish Dialogue therapy and one or two other methods that can actually help people instead of disabling them for life.

    That would only be with their consent of course! 🙂

  • Eventually I left that school permanently for a very small private school. I felt better once I escaped the bullies!

    Unfortunately 2 years of sexual harassment and bullying had left their mark. At age 18, as a college freshman, I went on Stellazine. It helped numb my overwhelming anxiety in most social situations. At age 20 I went on Anafranil. Got higher than a kite, was labeled schizophrenic/schizoaffective and massively doped up so I had daily seizures. Got kicked out of college because my dorm mom knew about my diagnosis. Been a prisoner of the Mental Illness Factory for the last 23 years.

    Coming off the drugs, but feeling worse than ever physically. Often sleep 12 hours a day. Emotionally though, I’m no longer depressed or suicidal. Better off than I have been in decades. Getting away from day treatment and an abusive therapist and shrink helped.

  • I admit I envy you, Pulpamoor. I really have no help or support network offline when it comes to tapering.

    Right now I’m living with parents for financial reasons. Because they keep drinking psychiatry’s koolaid I have to deceive them. This makes me sad, guilty and angry–at the propagandists who make this deception necessary!

  • I get in trouble with the Mental Illness Makers for a completely different reason. They said the symptoms of my “illness” were a belief in moral absolutes, an over-active conscience, and a decision to be celibate. Would they have thought I was healthy if I constantly defied authority, had no conscience, and was promiscuous? No. Why say I was well since that would mean one last cash cow in their herd? Moo moo.

  • RFTS, I have been there and done that. Weird how disputing your diagnosis is used as proof that you are crazy. Frankly, I think not wanting to be demonized, drugged, segregated, and permanently reduced to a state of childish dependency is a sign that you are normal.

    I wonder how a shrink would respond if they were trapped in this situation. Would they calmly comply and be good little mental patients? Or protest, earning the additional stigma of agnosognosia as punishment, thus signifying their double nutter status?

  • What is this about Dr. Pies saying antipsychotics MAY save lives? I thought according to those shrinks that was a given. Along with how “mental illness” kills people.

    Apparently all those biochemical imbalances in the brain (metaphorically) cause the victim’s head to spontaneously combust. When was the last time you heard about someone’s head exploding?

    Oh yes. Dr. Quackenbush says that no longer happens because of all the safe and effective treatments on the market.

    Back to Planet Earth….

  • Mine was brought on–or greatly exacerbated–by psych drugs. Instead of being allowed to recover from 3 weeks without REM sleep while on Anafranil, I was told to go to the psych ward where they put me on mega-doses of Haldol till I seized. They told me it was my “illness” while it was the drugs all the time!

    After all the years of being lied to, I will never trust a psychiatric professional again. Pathological liars are unworthy of trust.

  • Sounds like the doctor doesn’t know what the heck he wants to say. Don’t be “anti-science” (aka anti-psychiatry) but feel free to get a second opinion.

    The medicines aren’t perfect or exact, but the new generation DEFINITELY WORK. (If I didn’t say this I’d be out of work!)

    ECT is great stuff. Now that the patient is immobilized we don’t feel guilty as we watch them seize uncontrollably.

    Trust your shrink implicitly. But buyer beware!

    Sounds like he is one mixed-up dude. He may have “mental issues” due to trauma from guilt brought on by doing what he knows is wrong.

  • Thank you, Maria. A lot of MIA commenters get their backs up at the mention of “mental illness” unless you have quotation marks around it. I think acute emotional distress is more accurate; but hallucinating, delusional thoughts, depression, and manic fits make it hard to function in today’s world. These are atypical and problematic.

    Where I disagree with the psychiatric system is that there is any benefit to labeling the patient as permanently “bipolar” or “schizophrenic.” I also disagree with the long-term altering of the patient’s normal brain chemistry with drugs or surgical procedures. Until they know what a normal brain chemical balance is supposed to be and can figure out what the brain chemistry of each particular patient consists of they really should leave well enough alone!

    Dr, Pies has published an article saying the chemical imbalance theory was “only a metaphor.” I call it a lie.

    Metaphors are the domain of poets, not practitioners of medicine who want to be taken seriously as real scientists.

  • Nah. Zippy was a perfect saint. He was “normal” with flawless genes and perfect biochemistry in his brain. Any marital problems were owing to his evil, crazy spouse who refused to get the “treatment” that only she required to make the marriage idyllic.

    Sounds like he didn’t even get a shrink to verify his opinion, before he set about gaslighting her.

    Lest I sound unduly harsh, Zippy is not the first bigot flaunting his hatred toward his “crazy” ex. It happens all the time on various websites.

    Oh, I’m sure someone being abused by the psych system is difficult to live with. Suffering people often are.

    Perhaps the spouse really is abusive, adulterous, controlling. In which case, why not refer to the spouse or ex as abusive or controlling? Nah. They have to blame EVERYONE with a psych label. Meds compliant consumers as well as psych survivors. Sickening!

    The fact that it’s always the “normals” badmouthing the “schizos” or “bipolars” they married speaks volumes. You never hear one of the “bipolars” talk about a controlling, emotionally abusive ex who is supposedly sane. Happens all the time though.

    A “mentally ill” spouse makes a great marital scapegoat!

  • Cheating on income taxes can be proven or disproven in an objective manner through examining records and other documents.

    Proving a “mental illness” is entirely subjective and any diagnosis can be altered at the whim of your current therapist. Nothing exact about it!

    Zippy321, you talk like a sanist!

  • Just like Jalvert told the hero of Les Miserables, “Once a thief, always a thief!” Because Jean Valjean stole a loaf of bread to feed his sister’s starving children he was branded a thief for life. Even after several years paying back his debt to society. Even after many years of living an exemplary life and helping countless others, he was nothing but a thief.

    Only in the case of your son, myself, and many other psych victims, we have done nothing wrong. Hallucinating, having unusual beliefs, prolonged sadness, etc. are not crimes. Yet people treat us worse than convicted felons. And they NEVER allow us to recover!

  • Not sure this belongs on MIA. Lyme disease is not what people call “mental illness.” It is caused by an actual pathogen carried through the bite of a deer tic. This attacks the brain and CNS. Awful neurological problems.

    Of course the psych “meds” don’t help. They alter normal brains; they don’t restore chemical balance in the cases of real brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or Lyme Disease.

    That said, I’m sorry for what your son and you have and are still enduring Dr. Lenhardt. He might benefit from certain types of therapy or symptoms control people suffering from immunity disorders use. I’m sure you’ve both done a lot of research already though and looked into a bunch of stuff.

    I believe Lyme Disease is a real neurological condition. I have a friend with it; very sweet woman, rather edgy from trauma to her CNS. A little eccentric and sickly. As someone with iatrogenic trauma, I can sympathize with folks who have nerve and brain damage.

  • There have been cases of psychiatrists successfully causing “schizophrenic” thoughts and behaviors in unwitting test subjects. Many started out as members of the “worried well.”

    Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman records an experiment like this in Shrinks. In his case he took people labeled “schizophrenic” who had made significant recoveries after one episode and recreated long-term psychosis with a powerful neuroleptic drug. I guess he got around the legal problem on the grounds that they were already “schizophrenics” despite recovering. He got around the ethical problem by not having a conscience.

  • Since reducing my Effexor dose by almost half, I have discovered some interesting stuff.

    I can allow myself to experience negative emotions without being overwhelmed by them. I used to be afraid of anger; now I know I can experience intense feelings of anger without doing anything wrong.

    Another good thing, I feel others’ pain much more. While not pleasant, I believe heightened empathy is a good thing.

  • Sigh. The only real long-term benefit I received from “antidepressants” is the obliteration of my sex drive. Thanks to the bigotry I have experienced from my “bipolar” label I’m still a virgin at 43. (My parents told me I would never marry after my diagnosis at age 20. I was too damaged for a decent man to want me.)

    If you can’t eat, it’s better not to feel hunger. Now if I could only be happy living in isolation so I wouldn’t have to deal with social rejection of any kind.

  • There’s a difference between short-term use of codeine after an invasive surgery and long-term use of the drug.

    No doctor would tell someone recovering from an appendectomy that he would always be dependent on codeine for his missing appendix because it was “like insulin for diabetes.” The only reason they do that kind of thing to folks they call mentally ill is because they, like most others despise us.

    Since they think we have nothing to contribute to society–to their way of thinking–we are only useful as guinea pigs to experiment on. And society is happy to let them, under the delusion that keeping us drugged will keep them “safe.”

  • At least Dr. Healy tells the truth. If 90% of mainstream psychiatrists (not counting dissidents like Dr. William Glassner and Dr. Breggner) were as open and honest as Healy is that would be a huge improvement.

    We would still have work to do, but it would be a step in the right direction!

  • Dr. Rodrigez, I respect members of your profession at least as much as any other medical practitioners. Instead of just covering symptoms, chiropractors treat the causes. You certainly do less harm than conventional doctors.

    I will never see a psychiatrist of my own free will again, but they aren’t true doctors or scientists. They regularly lie to their patients and the public, so they are unworthy of trust.

  • “Mental illness” might be applicable if used to mean an imaginary disease that originated and exists solely in the minds of psychiatrists and the sheeple they have duped.

    The fact that they refrain from calling it a brain illness or disorder speaks volumes. Most psychiatrists know it is not linked to a proven physiological condition. They’re in no hurry to enlighten the populace!

  • Frankly I think Trump’s in no real danger. He’s rich and powerful. If certain politically motivated shrinks tried to diagnose/drug him that would be a big mistake on their part. (Though we might actually benefit.)

    Remember what stopped the Salem witch trials? The witch hunters overreached themselves and accused the governor’s wife of witchcraft. BIG MISTAKE! The governor and a bunch of other big wigs got together. They claimed the evidence presented in the trials was invalid.

    The witch hunters went home in disgrace, now that the party was over. None of the girls/young women behind that fiasco came to a good end. Like there was a curse on them.

  • I fail to see why Sera and almost all the commenters here imagine HRC would have been an angel of mercy or champion of psychiatric survivors. From what I heard she had Big Plans to Help the “Mentally Ill.” Just thinking about what that would mean to us all should make us shudder.

    I’m more hopeful that Trump will leave us the Heck alone. Right now that’s more than we can hope from most politicians. If he successfully dismantles Obamacare, it probably will work to our advantage in some respects. He doesn’t care about folks like us–nobody in politics does, especially those who want to “help” us.

    If Obamacare is dismantled–or more likely modified–my guess is that hospitals will be less likely to lock us up indefinitely. The reason psych hospitals and wards in Canada do so is because they CAN. The government pays them endless streams of money, no questions asked.

    Last time I was in a psych ward, they released me after four days. Why? My Medicaid refused to pay for it. No profit from consumer/prisoner means no motive to imprison.

    As the old proverb goes: It’s an ill wind that blows no one any good. 😉

  • Poor Silvestri! They were punishing her for drunkenness (drunk driving is dangerous btw) but forcing her to live as an addict on those “good drugs.” Reminds me of how Bruce Levine condemns drug hypocrisy. A drug is a drug is a drug is a drug!

    Abilify is comparable to heroin rather than penicillin or insulin. Penicillin kills harmful germs and bacteria. Insulin occurs naturally in the human body. But abilify and heroin “work” by overriding the brain’s normal functions and altering the natural brain chemistry.

  • Psychotherapy seemed to help me for a time. Finally I realized I had “outgrown” my negative responses to bad situations. The Medicaid funded therapist refused to acknowledge this. She kept giving me bum advice, telling me to go against my conscience and putting down my religion. Finally I moved away. Now I no longer deal with a psychotherapist, shrink, or caseworker who cajoles me to attend endless rounds of day treatment. I get what pills I still take from a real doctor. Despite withdrawal problems from tapering my Effexor (I count beads to remove every morning and flush them down the toilet) I feel better. No more depression, either, despite some physical agony and chronic exhaustion. 🙂

  • I do not like Ayn Rand, by the way. After reading her writings, my Cousin Bob turned into a selfish jerk.

    I think the best economic society is probably the one outlined by Moses in the levitical law. But it would require a bit of modifying because we’re no longer an agrarian based society. Becoming more agrarian than we are would be a step in the right direction though….

  • Abusive families often do lead to emotional distress called “mental illness” in certain members.

    This is not always the case; it wasn’t what led to my mad episode or “MI” label. My parents have done their best to support me. Unfortunately they’re misinformed and lack necessary tools to help me now.

    My dad lost his job when I was 14. We lost our home and all monetary support for 2 months. Luckily we had my grandparents to stay with.

    At the new school I was subjected to sexual harassment and other forms of bullying. This led to intense anxiety, depression, and poor self image.

    In college, though I wasn’t bullied, my emotional problems continued. In an evil hour I ignorantly went to see a psychiatrist.

    Sometimes I feel I deserved what happened to me because I’m weak and too sensitive. By which I mean how the Psych System treated me. If I were emotionally strong and less sensitive–like my younger siblings–none of the horrible stuff would have happened to me with the druggings and stigmatizing labels.

  • From what I know about psychiatry reverse inference seems to be the norm. Evidence based psychiatry is rare indeed, despite all the posturing and posing about what an exact, hard science it’s supposed to be.

    Psychiatrists make assumptions and set out to prove them, despite evidence to the contrary already present. Worse yet, they model all their dangerous experiments (on those they call mentally ill) on these still unproven assumptions.