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  • I really never knew what madness was till Pharma-psychiatry got their claws on me. Started out with depression and anxiety, wound up a full blown psychotic thanks to anafranil/haldol/effexor and other crap.

    Found out decades later that tardive psychosis exists.

    Drug free for a month. Often I feel almost human again!

  • The GermanWings pilot was high on 3 or 4 Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. You don’t hear shrinks owning up to that. Too bad we can’t put all those shrinks behind the mass shootings on trial for the deaths they caused (sort of) indirectly. People who know the truth about these mind-altering drugs, foist them on unwilling or gullible victims, and lie all the time for $$$$$$ are the real menace to society. They should be locked up.

  • My cousin has no physical defect. The only rehabilitative cure you can force on someone like that is to execute them or lock them up forever. I believe there is a valid, spiritual cure for him, but whether he chooses to accept it is up to him. No shrink can help him; certainly not those neurotoxins they pass off as medicines.

  • I have a truly mad scheme of my own. I’m more moved by the sufferings of the rest of you than any memories of my own. These make me truly angry, in a righteous way.

    Here is my idea. I’m going back into the belly of the beast. I will yield myself fully to the power of the psychiatrist and social workers. I will gratefully accept the pills they hand me–grateful for their good intentions. Because of my obedient, submissive behavior they won’t be too careful when I don’t actually take them.

    I will be kind, take all reasonable suggestions from the therapist, work hard to clean my subsidized apartment, keep good hygiene, do volunteer work in the community as they often advise….This is not brown nosing. I will only do what I can in all sincerity do or say. I’ll be meek as a lamb.

    If this plan works my psychiatrist will himself remove my Bipolar diagnosis with no real coercion from me. He will be completely baffled. During his period of cognitive dissonance I will plant an idea in his head.

    If all goes well, this idea will snowball into a giant snowball then freeze into an icy boulder that will strike a death blow to Psychiatry as we know it.

    We will fight wisdom with foolishness and strength with weakness. Madness will triumph over sanity and poetry over science.

  • You have a good point, Julie. Criminals who have actually broken the law and hurt other people or their goods do not DESERVE a second chance. They NEED mercy. That was the real secret to Jean Val Jean’s reformation in Les Miserables. The cruel, slightly sadistic jailers and Jalvert could not accomplish any character reform by enforcing Law on the thief. All they did was harden him. Eventually the Love of the kindly bishop turned a thief into a saintly hero.

  • It might be a decent compromise that only the violent should be confined. We can’t have them running around hurting others.

    These make up a very small percentage, however. One of psychiatry’s biggest problems is they make no distinction between the dangerous to others, dangerous to self and harmless eccentrics. This is because they’re too busy swindling gullible patients and the ignorant public like the glorified dealers they’ve degenerated into.

    Unfortunately these behaviors would exist on a spectrum. Instead of the DSM, they would have some kind of line of gradation. Only a tiny % would require locking up, for other’s protection. Not just their own.

    For obvious reasons, I don’t see the APA adopting my suggestion soon. 🙂

  • Some women/men are so truly evil they actually would–on a certain level–lose their mad child to an Rx drug overdose than “lose their child” if they recovered to some extent and left Mommy with too much time on her hands. Boo hoo! Now she’ll have to take out the family poodle for hair styling and doggy manicures, “take care of” Fifi in ways he neither needs nor wants.
    Poor Fifi! At least, due to his limited canine brain he won’t suffer the way her grown son did.

  • They told me I would “need meds for life.” I believed them, plus I knew I would never be allowed to feel good again (drug free.) Finally I have gone off my downers (neuroleptics) and most of my upper (SSRI) without my shrink’s knowledge or consent. Now I’m no longer manic or suicidal. Just feel like I have the flu a lot from DT’s and iatrogenic damage from 25 years of doctor approved drug abuse!

    Sadly I still have that character assassinating “diagnosis” of Bipolar 2. Starting to figure out who I am after decades of learned helplessness.

    No identity apart from mental patient. No work history.

    Gonna give freelancing a try. The internet is wonderful! Helped me figure out I’m not crazy and how to go off psych drugs without freaking out myself and all around me. 😉 it should help me become gainfully employed too.

  • A lot of us are Oldhead. I chose rural isolation with my aging parents to escape psychiatry. But I still have to assume my “bipolar” role occasionally. And feign “meds compliance” so my mom won’t worry and get me “help.” She insists on taking celexa for her nerves. After all, her doctor and the TV commercials say celexa corrects an imbalance in her brain–so it must be true! Ironically she distrusts much of television’s news, but swallows drug commercials unquestioningly. Maybe the news media should take lessons from Big Pharma. Lol.

  • I first saw a shrink because I was severely sad or “depressed” and afraid to go out in public. As a college freshman I still was suffering flashbacks to the bullying and sexual harassment from high school. The doctor gave me a tiny amount of stellazine (6 mg.) It took the edge off my anxiety. I was in a play and began to make friends.

    Unfortunately I still had issues. Two years later I had to move back in with my folks due to finances. Stressed out, I saw the doctor again. He had “saved” me before after all–I thought.

    He put me on anafranil. This made me higher than a kite. Dr. Quackenbush denied this was possible. Things only went downhill from there.

  • It certainly is, Borut! I’m forced to live with my (sometimes emotionally abusive) mother. The alternative is HUD segregated housing and entrapment in the MI ghetto. On $733 I can’t afford a regular studio and– for now–I’m too sick to work. Effexor withdrawal makes me feel like I have the flu 24/7.

    I’m puzzled as to why Sandra chooses to post here, since she basically supports the status quo for pharma-psychiatry. There are a lot of pro-psychiatry magazines and websites where psych professionals and the “grateful brain dead” would love her message.

  • There are some very low-cost alternatives that can be used to help the “mentally ill.” But they will never get government support money. On the positive side most are cheap and even free.

    1. Moral therapy. Something like peer respite homes at their best.
    2. Peer support groups.
    3. Talking to a clergy member or wise friend.
    4. Better nutrition and exercise.
    5. Volunteering to get out in the community.

  • I’m all for eliminating suicide. Or reducing it as much as possible. People usually kill themselves because they suffer and perhaps think they owe suicide to those around them.

    Go to the suicidal person. Tell him/her how important they are to you, how you would miss them if they died. Give them a hug. Ask if there is anything you can do to ease their pain.

    Get at least 2 or 3 friends to take turns watching the friend if they still give you cause for worry. Make sure they get good, nourishing food, water, rest, fresh air, sunshine or a spectrum lamp, and exercise. Let them vent or remain silent as they choose. If they vent, speak as little as possible yourself and don’t condemn them.

    When the person is able to reason, help them find a way out of the mess and make plans for a future. Something to hope for.

    Does that really require 12 years of college?

  • I suffered severe depression at age 7. Looking back, I think it stemmed from not fitting into the Special Behavioral School where I was shoved. The teacher and her aid kept shaming me for knowing too much. (Probably frustrated with not knowing how to handle a really smart kid with behavioral issues.) Then a bout with mono made it much, much worse.

    Thank God, we didn’t have as many drugs back then!

  • Uprising, I agree with you. I am not against giving money to the truly disabled but creating unnecessary disabilities as the psychiatric racket does. Nobody suffering iatrogenic damage or so drugged up they sleep 12 hours a day ever aspired to be permanently disabled.

    The p doctors told me my only hope for a normal life and getting off SSI lay in taking their drugs “exactly as prescribed.” As I got sicker and sicker they claimed it was “my illness” no matter whether the issues were cognitive, emotional, or purely physical!

    I am really angry at how they took me in! And myself for being gullible and too sensitive. (My being too sensitive led to me seeing that accursed shrink.)

    Unfortunately right now I feel sicker than ever. 🙁

  • 40% was a fictional percentage. With all the “treatments for mentally ill” children though it could happen.

    Their disability is certainly artificial–no disputing that. That’s what’s so disgusting about psychiatry. It maims and kills people who would otherwise be healthy.

    Psychiatry and Big Pharma are crony capitalism at its worst. But what they are doing–making shoddy products in the form of neuro-poisons and tricking gullible people into taking or forcing others to take them is not good for capitalism in the long run. It will lead to the system’s collapse which will lead first to anarchy then tyranny.

    Capitalism is not my religion and selfishness is wrong. Love people; use things. Not the reverse.

  • No known or proven organic disorders. My problem with throwing drugs at the problem is you have no idea what neurochemicals are too high or too low–if the imbalance exists. You may be elevating dopamine and lowering serotonin, when the patient has very high dopamine already and a barely existent supply of some essential chemical not yet classified by science. A lot of neurochemicals are not, despite what your friendly neighborhood shrink may say.

  • NAMI is very helpful if you run out of psych pills all the sudden. They’re not good for much else as far as we “consumers” go. They let a negligent psychiatrist kill my friend. Finally I wised up to their nonsense and left.

    A good friend of mine got me started in NAMI. She left too after 3 of her family members died young from psychiatric interventions. Now she is encouraging me to taper off my effexor.

  • Good for you, Frank. I was brought up to be passive and obedient to those in any position of authority. (Preacher’s daughter in a semi-patriarchal church.)

    Unfortunately our church is pro-psychiatry, accepting it as “real medicine to help sick people.” Anti-psychiatry churches are also demoralizing. “If you just had faith/prayed to Jesus/confessed the sin in your life–you wouldn’t have emotional problems.”

    It took 20 years for me to even question the legitimacy of psychiatric authority.

  • Self control as well. Some folks with SMI labels truly are jerks. They’re not above using these labels to get what they want.

    I admit I used my “bipolar” label to shirk some adult responsibilities and throw tantrums in public. Looking back I feel embarrassed. I no longer want to act this way. Was it all those drugs I took? Or did I just possess such “good insight” I believed I was mad and adopted the role assigned me of madwoman?

    I still have very rare meltdowns in front of my parents. The last one occurred when they brought up my MI label and accused me of manipulative behavior.

  • Frank, I’m not anti-capitalism. But if I were I’d be happy about this rapid expansion of Psychiatry and Big Pharma.

    40% of the population artificially disabled and addicted to overpriced drugs–all covered by the few paying taxes…This will be the downfall of our economy.

    Right now, it’s more like 5-10%. But thanks to Murphy’s Law I believe this number will more than quadruple in the next 20 years.

  • The bio-model made good sense to me for many years, because I knew of no alternatives.

    It was actually Bill Gothard (scandals emerged since) who turned me onto William Glassner’s work and the idea of creative symptoming to explain human suffering called mental illness.

    Till then I had only known 1. You’re crazy because you’re evil, demon possessed, or lack faith in Jesus. Or 2. You’re crazy because you’re genetically inferior and incurably sick.

  • I read a blog by a woman who stated that anti-depressants had not cured her and many people shamed her for saying this. She was a Christian blogger and other Christians had shamed her–claiming she would discourage others from getting the help they needed!

    Apparently they take blasphemy against Prozac more seriously than blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. Are they truly Christians or believers of Scientism?

    I told the blogger she was not alone in her experience, that she was not evil because she was unhappy. This seemed to make her feel better.

    Few people realize the shaming that occurs when your “meds” do not work. This can be like faith healings that don’t work. Only instead of lacking faith, it’s assumed you are “non-compliant.” Because if you took your “meds exactly as prescribed” everything would be peachy keen.

  • That could be a good thing for us Psych Survivors in the long run as you point out KS. Too many people accused of severe mental illness can also help us. Since these drugs cause or exacerbate emotional/cognitive problems that will happen too.

    Like the Salem witch hunters, the Pharma-psychiatry industry can’t seem to quit while they’re ahead.

  • Yes, you did misread him. Who would argue that people suffer emotionally or seek psychiatrists out in hopes that they will feel better? That’s how I got started. My problem is the psychiatrist was ignorant or deceitful. He put me on an SSRI that kept me from sleeping for 3 weeks…and my life went drastically downhill from there.

    Fruit certainly contains carbohydrates. My point about the doctor calling a grain-free diet a carb-free diet was to show how ignorant he was. I agree with the rest of what you say.

  • The high ranking, “well-informed” psychiatrists are certainly evil. Sinister, not stupid. But there are some well-meaning psych doctors who are part of the outer circle and don’t attend APA meetings are read many articles in psych journals. They may even believe what they say when they tell you you have a chemical imbalance in your brain.

    The nice psychiatrists we see, who don’t lie and want us to do well–they are either stupid or uninformed. Those are the good ones. 🙁

  • It’s quite likely that genes are responsible for my high score in neurotic tendencies. Neurosis should not be seen as a mental illness label. Like being an extrovert or openness, all a high neurosis score means is you are susceptible to negative emotions. And there are benefits to being neurotic too.

    Domestic felines are highly neurotic. Due to their position in the middle of the food chain, neurosis is an effective survival mechanism for a cat. In our highly competitive society, a similar case could be made for the neurotic individual.

  • Anafranil caused me to go from a Major Depressive Disorder label to a Bipolar 2 one.

    If SSRI’s “unmask” so-called mood disorders maybe taking folks off would mask the problem again. According to shrinks that’s all their drugs do anyhow. But this would mean fewer pills to sell. So they’re agin’ this idea!

  • Yep. My Mom has often used my “schizo-affective/bipolar” status to get what she wanted. Now she is addicted to Celexa and can’t even realize it. Sits around in a semi-vegetative state most of the day watching TV for hours on end. Can’t even remember what she watched later.

    She has the soft diagnosis of depression and could go off the drug at any time if she wanted. Yet she swears it helps her nerves. Why is she nervous? She is retired for Pete’s sake! The original excuse for taking Celexa was the nasty boss she worked under. She left him 5 years ago. *Sigh.*

  • Yep. Nefarious mischief. Broo-ha-ha! Conjures up an image of some mustache twirling villain in a top hat and cape.

    It’s hard not to come across as irrational if the public has already been duped into believing the irrational lies of your enemy.

    I try to “tone things down” myself, by revealing stuff bit by bit. Telling total strangers “mental does not exist” can make them think you are saying people never suffer extreme sadness for months at a time, or hallucinate, or have untrue ideas that cause suffering to them–and sometimes others.

    Educating the public is right and necessary. Psychiatrists and their minions are a lost cause. Does Ron imagine he can present a convincing argument to Simon Legree so he’ll set all the slaves on his plantation free? Give me a break!

  • Yes. The 30% figure they love to pull out of thin air.

    This is anecdotal but my great aunt was diagnosed with schizophrenia in the 40’s and died recently at the age of 87. Once Grandpa rescued her from the institute he took care to never let a shrink near her again. She took no neuroleptics or other drugs and experienced no cognitive decline either!
    Schizophrenics used to live about as long as most people. This thing about the 25 year life expectancy gap is pretty recent. I first read about it in a NAMI periodical that refused to connect the dots. Might cause meds noncompliance, dontcha know? People becoming drug free, recovering, leading happy productive lives and not needing “treatment”? Oh, the horror!

  • If Ron were a survivor himself he might feel differently. His life is not apt to end 25 years early. Plus he has to get along with all those nice, smiley psychiatrist coworkers. They treat him cordially because he’s a “normal” and not a lowly “consumer.” It’s much easier to be comfortable with the status quo in that situation. His brain is in no danger of being fried or damaged through massive druggings.

  • Uh, where does Phil claim “mental suffering does not exist”? If he said anything that ridiculous a lot of us would take issue.

    As far as nutritional deficiencies causing emotional and cognitive problems, we can all agree on that. But no psychiatrist I have ever seen takes those things into account. They often failed to test my thyroid levels, and I’m hypothyroid. This has brought on bouts of depression the shrinks treated with brain drugs–not simply raising my thyroid supplements.

    If you feel depressed or can’t function properly despite other things going great in your life, you might want to see a dietitian. Most GPs and other doctors are ignorant about nutrition. (My current doctor told me to go on a carb free diet. “No grains. Just lots of fruits and vegetables!” Oh boy. And I’m looking to him for preserving my health and life? Scary!)

    I have been anemic and deficient in many vitamins lately. Especially B3, B6 and D3. Since coming off my neuroleptic drug–Abilify–my red blood cell count is much better. Coincidence? Perhaps….

  • Psychiatrists often have rotten bedside manners and would fail miserably in a bona fide medical specialty where they had to treat people like human beings rather than diseases of society (the true role of the keeper of the mad is to protect society from the crazy folk. Not to cure or help the mad themselves.)

    If shrinks were forced to look for real jobs no one would hire them as cashiers at Wal-Mart. Who would want an arrogant, surly jerk running up your groceries and refusing to admit when he got your change wrong?

  • My dad is a retired clergy and Bible scholar. He pokes fun at people who make assumptions then go through the Bible digging up proof texts to support what they already know because they want to believe it.

    It sounds like the John Hopkins Research Center has a similar mindset. They have already determined that “bipolar” is genetic. This is their belief–not just a hypothesis. Now they’re desperately looking for proof to support this foregone conclusion.

  • Wow Mary! Telling a shrink about these experiences. I’m sure you now realize what a huge mistake that was.

    Dr. Shrinkenstein, please lock me up and drug me!

    I tell any shrinks I deal with as little as possible. I even avoid small talk.

    I wish I could remember the quote, but Thoreau once said that if he knew a man was setting out for his home to “do him good” he would take off running. Because stupid, shallow thinking do-gooders are the most dangerous people of all.

  • Ron’s question was addressed to Michael, so I will put in my two cents down here where I won’t be butting in.

    Psychiatrists and their drugs/electroshock are not the only reason the “mentally ill” die young. Most medical professionals will (maybe unconsciously) provide poor quality care to those they regard as non-productive. My pro-psychiatry dad observed this before I did.

    Many folks taking psych drugs abuse coffee, cigarettes, and junk food because the pills make us suffer and these milder drugs alleviate some of it. Plus poverty makes it hard to eat right and make other healthy life choices. And loneliness/isolation is bad for the heart.

    These are all indirectly related to the psychiatrists’ “treatments.” Yet the pharma-psychiatric industry can only do what it does because of:

    1. the other medical professionals covering up for them
    2. corrupt government officials covering up for them in exchange for campaign contributions
    3. mainstream media saying whatever the “experts” say due to drug company sponsors
    4. ignorant sheeple unwilling or afraid to think and too lazy to read books (most “grateful consumers” fall into this category)
    5. and less ignorant folks who don’t care if the “crazies” live or die.

  • My argument would be, if psychosis can be fixed by better nutrition, then we’re dealing with a nutritional deficiency and not a “mental illness” at all. In that case seeing a nutritionist or homeopath is the sensible thing to do. No shrink needed!

  • I was seizing everywhere. This was disruptive. But their conclusion was terribly flawed.

    I left the college where I had formerly found love and acceptance. I had to move back in with Mommy Dearest and my dad who thought it was okay to hit “schizos” to keep them under control. I tried moving out into the HUD ghetto and Day Treatment crap the MI System provides. Till I got fed up…and moved back in with parents.

    Vicious game of ping pong the last 23 years. No resources apart from the Mental Illness System and abusive parents. Taken to pulling hair out literally. Going bald in patches.

  • “fail to ignore?” My guess is you meant either ignore or fail to recognize. If you run any google searches these forums for idiots/malingerers/abusers will come up in spades. Pretending they don’t exist is impossible.

    The argument that there are no tests is a legitimate, reasonable one. But our rational arguments are no match for the mindless propaganda sound-bites of Big Pharma and the Psych Industry. I grow more misanthropic by the day.

    People are stoopid!

  • I doubt that Frederick Douglass wasted a lot of time trying to curry favor with the slave industry. Because they viewed him as sub-human, nothing he had to say mattered to them anyhow.

    Even if scoring points with the psychiatric industry were preferable, due to the sub-human status they have assigned consumers and survivors alike this is not an option for us.

  • My “diagnosis” is pretty darn serious, Frank. Regardless of the lack of science behind it. Because I have a “bipolar 2” label, people feel its okay to treat me like a devious criminal mastermind, an MMR preschooler, or a hopeless invalid. Or any combination of the above, as THEY see fit. And they have “real science” behind them to enable their cruelty.

  • Depression is real. You don’t help a person feeling depressed by telling them their brain is broken, they’re defective and hopeless.

    I have been susceptible to rotten feelings since I was a small child. I figured out coping skills and learned to minimize the experiences without any “help” from pharma-psychiatry.

    As a teenager I was upset when a youth minister I respected and admired told me, “Real Christians, who have faith in Jesus, should never be depressed.” Man, did I feel awful after that.

    A lot of you folks here are atheists, but if you’re trying really hard to do anything and someone tells you you’re suffering because you’re a failure in your area of endeavor…well, it doesn’t get much worse.

    For that reason I don’t feel comfy at many “anti-psychiatry” churches. (Though the pro-psychiatry ones tell you it’s your fault cause you won’t shut up and take your Prozac.)

  • I agree Oldhead. Some psychiatric labels are moral problems–not illnesses. Others are feelings or moods. Right now I’m suffering depression, though now I usually call it intense prolonged sadness. It’s not a disease, but it’s horribly painful. I don’t need a new drug to numb me though. I need to keep my mind clear to change the crap in my life behind my sadness.

    If your leg is broken you set the bone. You don’t just consume massive quantities of morphine while walking around on your broken leg like nothing’s wrong!

  • Also the delusion that their diagnostic labels have any real benefit at all. Julie Greene has made the point on her personal blog that even if we could strip psychiatrists of their powers to “prescribe” harmful drugs and electroshock by brute force or deception, these defamatory labels would still cause a lot of us grief.

  • Boo hoo! That’s so unfair for those people to have gotten well and lead productive, happy lives! 🙁

    How will poor Dr. Pillshill finance his month in the Caribbeans? Simple. By inventing new diagnoses to cram into the DSM 6.

    Longer than the 7th Harry Potter novel, every bit as imaginative, but not quite as thrilling a read.

  • I didn’t know it was legal to kick someone out of a college for a diagnosis of “schizophrenia.” Did they invent some other reason, so it wouldn’t be so obviously discriminatory?

    At my college, they claimed I wasn’t taking my “meds.” Their proof? I experienced horrible seizures, Parkinson type tremors, and horrible episodes of tardive akathasia. The mega doses of Haldol were the causes of these symptoms. So actually they were proof that I was “meds compliant.”

    I think it was true ignorance and not deceit behind my totally voluntary decision to leave. (Cough. Cough.) Still, they needed an excuse to kick me out. They aren’t supposed to discriminate against the disabled.

  • Here’s the question no one is asking. How many people commit suicide who wouldn’t have if they hadn’t been subjected to disabling, horrifying drugs (my Haldol experience was Hell on earth! Lasted for over a year because my psychiatrist said Haldol shouldn’t do that) and defamatory psych labels? No one can say, because that’s dealing with stuff that never happened.

    Nevertheless, psych doctors can make unproveable because unknowable assertions like “30% of all suicides would have been prevented through ‘treatments.'” This was on a science report, no less! And everyone nods in amazement at this psychic’s expertise.

    That percentage is not cherry-picked but pulled out of thin air. Expert illusionists that psychiatrists are!

  • Cold turkeying is usually a bad idea. If Pat becomes drug free he gets my full support. But he needs to educate himself before hand.

    I don’t want Pat to wind up in the mad house, charged with “noncompliance,” “agnosognosia” and a host of other crimes against psychiatry. That could get him in some deep crap! I’ve been angry at Pat, but I don’t hate him or wish that mess on him.

    I’m glad I read up on coming off psych drugs in advance. My withdrawals are not a cakewalk as it is.

  • TMI, Pat. You and your girlfriend are “getting some.” “Nuff said! Glad you can work and your finances are okay too.

    Unfortunately for myself and people like me the opposite is true. Because of psychiatry I never have been gainfully employed and am still a virgin at 43. Plus my “bipolar” label has given my emotionally abusive mother an excuse to run my life and everyone sides with her, telling me how lucky I am to have her since I’m too sick and helpless to care for myself.

  • Socrates–perhaps the greatest philosopher who ever lived–went around asking questions. He prefaced these questions by freely admitting his ignorance.

    No wonder most psychiatrists make rotten philosophers. Plus a philosopher is a lover of wisdom, not a lover of ignorance and endorser of lies.

    If ever a psychiatric bigwig–such as Torrey, Ronald Pies, or Lieberman ever goes on television or some other public media source and admits that there is no chemical imbalance in the brain–we told people that so they would take the pills we prescribed…well, in that case I will have to apologize. 😉