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  • No doubt he thought Bob didn’t show enough gratitude to him since he’d deigned to sit through the lecture after all.
    How many heart surgeons, neurologists, and cancer specialists fuss and fume because their patients don’t show them sufficient gratitude and deference? But then all their patients want to be treated. Real doctors don’t need to force treatment on unwilling people. If psychiatry worked they wouldn’t need force; everyone wants to feel better, no matter how out of touch they are.

  • My problem with Psychiatry is not that all its practitioners are actively abusive. Most of the psychiatrists I have seen were sort of nice, but distant.

    The real problem for me (besides the drugs useful only as emotional pain killers and very addictive) has been that psychiatry’s labels have enabled abusers in my life. My ex-fiance kept reminding me I was crazy to get me to do things his way and insult me. My mother uses my “mentally ill” status as an excuse to treat me like a pet or rag doll. She has an overwhelming, unhealthy need to be needed. She needs to get a life.

    If I can only escape it will be good for both of us….

  • Psychiatry’s downfall will come from the hubris and greed of its professionals. When they were content with smaller DSM manuals that contained a handful of diagnostic labels and only a teeny percentage of the population to lock up and “treat” they had an easier time of it. But now that they keep adding “diseases” to their manuals, selling more and more useless drugs and have one out of every 6 people (more than 15% of us I believe) more or less in their clutches and more “severe” cases who require disability because they can’t work it’s becoming obvious this is out of control and unsustainable.

    They need to remember what led to the demise of Maximilian Robespierre, a major leader of the French Revolution. He kept accusing more and more people of treason to the Republic of France. After he’d guillotined a lot of people, everyone with their head still attached realized no one was safe with Robespierre running the show. So they set Robespierre up on a blind date–with Madame Guillotine. πŸ™‚

  • Yes, it’s pretty funny. Not only do psych drugs not help us and injure us. Once you have a mental illness label everyone assumes you have no real needs beyond your “meds,” the bare basic physiological needs on Maslow’s hierarchy and nothing else. Aside from your psych “meds” you might as well be a dog. Only then the Humane Society would get on their case. It’s okay if you’re lonely, tormented or leading a rotten life as long as you take your meds.

    I am worried. Why am I so angry all the time now? I used to be depressed and suicidal. Now I’m mad as Heck and have trouble hiding it. My family is worried and wants me back to normal–or mildly depressed.

    Mom’s continual nagging and patronizing way of talking to me–like I’m some childish imbecile has been exacerbating my recent problem of picking at my skin and hairs till I’m going bald. Then she nags about that, making the problem even worse! Sometimes I get so upset that when I dine with her and Dad my stomach churns and I can barely eat. She only notices when I eat “too much” though. I am paranoid about eating in front of her and smuggle food into my bedroom where she won’t watch me.

    She’ll repeat things 20 times on the grounds that I won’t remember or obey otherwise. Stuff like taking a shower. My hygiene has been poor (it has also been much worse in the past) but her continual nagging makes me resent doing things I would normally do!

    I blew up at Dad when he accused me of manipulation today. I told him he said that “all the time.” That’s not even true. I don’t know why I said it. But MI professionals have often called me that and I wound up labeled BPD for using the only survival techniques that worked. I guess Dad touched a raw nerve.

    I am going to pretend I have the flu so I can skip church tomorrow. I need to get away from Mommy Dearest. The praise band is way too loud and hurts my ears and make my frayed nerves stick out all over. My senses are way too keen since coming off so many of my drugs. I wish I could find a church that was more open to singles but my dad insists I go where they do.

  • Thanks for replying Steve. I probably wouldn’t qualify as an abuse victim. Dad quit slapping and cuffing my head 16 years ago when I told him it was unacceptable and threatened to go to a woman’s shelter if he did it again. With Mom it’s all verbal/emotional/manipulation.

    I have decided I can only deal with one thing at a time. I hate to do this, but I will have to put my Effexor taper on hold till I can earn extra income and move away from this negative situation. After 6-12 months I can continue the decrease. I cannot stand the horrible withdrawal symptoms and put up with Mom’s bologna sauce every day in such tight quarters. Even in my room I can hear her d___ television set blaring through the paper-thin walls of this single wide.

    Mom has no idea I almost developed an eating disorder at 19 because of her. Always telling me I was fat and ugly; I should get used to the fact that no decent guy would ever want me. After my bipolar diagnosis she would say I was too fat, ugly and CRAZY for any decent guy to ever want me.

    When I found guys who wanted me anyhow Mom would freak out. She just knew there was something wrong with the guy! After all, why else would he want someone like me?

    I almost eloped with an abusive lush a few years ago to escape. I’m glad I didn’t. Mom accused me of wanting to elope because I was “desperate.” I was indeed desperate, but it was to escape her and prove I was a woman not a monster after all.

  • Hey Steve, I’m having a REALLY ROUGH TIME. Part of it comes from Effexor withdrawal. Severe social isolation, loneliness and grieving over my lost life make things even worse. I can’t stop crying for long. My parents are upset. I spend as much time alone in my room as possible so they won’t see my pain. Mom gets emotionally abusive and manipulative. Dad’s more reasonable but he has a short fuse and it’s hard to keep him from blowing his top.

    I’m not suicidal. I just feel my life is worthless. Sometimes I wish I were dead.

    I’m worried my folks will try to “help” me. Since they buy into the medical model of suffering–easier to stuff pills down me than acknowledge my pain–you can guess what form this help will take.

    I wish I could leave! But I can’t find housing on $733 a month. Too sick most of the time from withdrawals to earn any $$$.

    Do you know anyone who could possibly advise or help me?

    I’m at my wit’s end. Hence my moniker.

  • I agree with you, RamonaAStone. For the most part. I have been unusually lucky with my shrinks–only one was truly evil. Two actually seemed to take pity on me, but the medical model they used didn’t work. (The doctors who bled George Washington to death meant well. But he still died.)

    It’s not just shrinks who feel that way, but the population in general–fueled by the top dogs like Torey who demonize and defame those they say they want to help. The shrinks would miss us. Fewer cash cows to milk!

  • According to Barliman the DSM is not used for finding causes. Good point! All it’s “diagnoses” are lists of symptoms grouped into clusters which are voted on by elite psychiatric professionals. Since they deal with various behaviors as symptoms, they really aren’t diseases at all but bad habits or even quirks some find annoying or odd but are harmless.
    My bad thyroid causes me to experience long term sadness (depression.) Since the thyroid is at the root of the problem the diagnosis that will help is one of hypothyroidism not clinical depression or bipolar 2.

    If ADHD is a bunch of symptoms with many causes, then ADHD really is not a diagnosis at all and has no business in any medical manual. You don’t find Itching in any diagnostic manual. Or Chronic Sniffles. If you have those problems seeing a doctor is a good idea, but a diagnosis should be based on the pathology responsible for the problem and not just a reiteration of the symptoms already described by the patient.

  • Yes. I was “schizoaffective” till a doctor changed me to “bipolar 2.” At the time I didn’t realize how weird this was. How can a doctor–however smart and educated with X years of experience–transform one disease to another at the stroke of a pen?

    “Dr. Smith diagnosed you with walking pneumonia, but I think I’ll change it to—oh, the mumps instead.”

    “An illness like any other” my foot!

    Judging from the behavior of Creepy Pete and the NAMI mommies, even they don’t buy into the bovine excrement they foist upon the gullible public.

  • My mother always had trouble understanding me. But her emotional and verbal abuse didn’t start until after my “severe mental illness” label at age 20. Part of it stemmed from shame that she had brought forth a defective child. Also “scientific experts” told her that my brain was broken, I was hopelessly out of touch with reality, and despite all the “safe and effective treatments” they could offer I would only get worse over time as my “disease” progressed. Somehow this led Mom to believe my thoughts and feelings were unimportant so it didn’t matter how I was treated as long as I got my “meds.” Dad believed brute force was necessary now in his dealings with me. So he took to slapping or cuffing me after my diagnosis.

    Thanks a lot Psychiatry! πŸ˜›

  • I thought I’d add a comment about my own autodidactic studies. Perpetual emotional trauma can indeed alter the brain’s structure and chemistry.

    When you consider the emotional trauma that occurs with mental illness labeling and various “treatments” even if the victim is willing, the effect of treatment-induced trauma needs to be considered in examining the brains of the “mentally ill.” This would be a factor too, even though not directly linked to the drugs.

  • Shrinks lie all the time. And then write self-congratulatory articles in the APA journal while laughing up their sleeves at the “metaphors” they use. They deliberately deceive not just those who come to them for help but the public in general.

    I have no qualms about lying to them in return. When you consider what seasoned liars most of them are, it’s hard to understand why they’re also gullible and willing to buy into lies we tell them.

    They probably assume we’re so stupid and irrational that they underestimate us.

    Reminds me of the end of the film The Hunt for Red October. After Jack Ryan outwits the conniving Soviet official and saves the defecting captain (Sean Connory) the characters do a bit of a social charade at the end. Joss Ackland’s character and Jack Ryan (Alec Baldwin?) smile and shake hands and tell each other how they appreciate their candor. All the while they’re lying through their teeth and know it.

    That’s what psychiatry is. An elaborate charade and deception. A masked ball, but we pretend to think the other’s mask is their genuine face. πŸ˜›

  • Manslaughter is certainly common. But I was referring to people who die under mysterious circumstances while in psychiatric “care.” We may suspect the doctor of deliberately pumping the victim full of drugs they are known to be sensitive or even allergic to. Or subjecting them to dangerously high levels of electroshock (dangerous even from psychiatric standards) when the subject has a known heart condition.

    The doctor will simply claim that this was a “necessary risk” because the “patient” might perhaps have committed suicide or a violent act in the future. Ah, those psychiatric psychics!

  • Indeed I was Steve. The workshop leader was a “case” flunky. Can’t keep current on the titles they hand out to the underlings who barely make above minimum wage and do the psychs’ dirty work. Naturally the training was minimal. This worker was pretty nice and unusually respectful for one with her job. Aside from attending yoga she had no experience in meditation leading.

  • Sorry for what you’ve been through, HSN. My condolences.

    I found a way to deal with my inner demons–whom I believe in quite literally. I decided they were fallen angels sent to torment me. But their major goal is to draw me into evil.

    Whenever one tries to talk me into suicide or tells me how worthless I am or how God hates me, I quote Scripture to him or tell him to bug off.

    Of course I’d never tell a shrink about this. Or even most people at church; they believe in a devil, but only as an abstract theory. For all practical purposes, American Christians have embraced the philosophy of materialism. Thus great targets for pharmapsychiatric quackery.

  • Wish we could get Psychiatry legally declared a religion. Then we could get the ACLU and the ACLJ to take them on. And no more Zoloft commercials in church.

    I know. But we are all entitled to our little fantasies. I’ll take the above scenario over 50 Shades any day! πŸ˜€

  • Here’s an idea. They could get their pals in Big Pharma to come up with a new drug to create “insight” through blinding people so they can’t read anymore. And now that they claim they can diagnose bipolar in infants they can make it illegal to teach “bipolar” children basic reading skills. Woohoo! Problem solved! πŸ˜›

  • Did L. Ron Hubbard have some sort of personal vendetta against psychiatry that had nothing to do with their human rights abuses? I think I heard about Scientology’s lawsuits against Prozac when I first started it.

    My favorite psych drug. No noticeable effects at all! Sugar pills are the only thing better. For me, at least. πŸ™‚

  • According to Dante’s Inferno, the last 3 rings of Hell are where the treacherous get their just deserts. Since I can’t think of anything more treacherous than a branch of “medicine” devoted to disable (sometimes kill) people while pretending to help them, the shrinks should wind up in the last circle embedded in ice. I hope they get Haldol injections first.

  • Sometimes I worry there’s something “wrong with me” because I’m almost immune to television. I also dislike stupid pop art (romance novels, country western music, formulaic movies etc.) Actually I hate having TV on for more than an hour a day. A lot of us psych survivors seem to have this oddity. Why, do you suppose?

  • We also have the right to life. But in the name of pharmapsychiatric treatment it’s okay to kill us. Most psych related deaths are not homicide (deliberate.) But considering how no one supervises the industry but the industry’s professionals, how can we honestly know how often homicides do or don’t occur?

  • It’s not true stupidity (being cursed with a low I.Q.) A lot of it is simply cognitive sloth. My Mom has that problem. Never reads. Watches at least 10 hours of TV and gets noticeably restless if it’s off for more than ten minutes. She’s happy getting all her information off drug commercials.

    She realizes she may be in the early stages of dementia, but refuses to do anything proactive. Says “they have medicines for it.” I tell her most scientists agree now that these pills do not help cognitive decline. She responds “that’s not what the commercials say.”

    Pretty hopeless!

  • KindredSpirit, another solution would be to award psychiatric survivors benefits on the grounds that they were indeed disabled from iatrogenic damage. Unfortunately no one admits that these “safe and effective” poisons disable people during and after taking them.

    My hope is to earn enough as a freelance writer (it can be done if you avoid content mills) to get off the dole. Tough to do right now when I feel like I have the flu most days.

    There are some psych survivors who freelance as life coaches. This is good, but we could also use job coaches and small business consultants for our movement. Freelancing/solopreneurship seem like solutions to working with a spotty work history.

  • I always wonder at this intense hatred toward psych survivors by those who choose to stay in the system. One of my friends knows about my decision and supports it. But she still attributes every bad choice those in her circle make to “not taking his meds” or “her meds weren’t working.”

    I have a few theories to explain this behavior of psychiatric devotees and the payoffs they get from “having a mental illness.” Don’t have the space now.

    I would like to start an anti-psychiatry blog that would attack the false premise of psychiatry on metaphysical and religious grounds as well as scientific. Unfortunately I’m worried about preserving my anonymity. Not that mom ever reads my online posts anyhow.

  • Sam, KindredSpirit and I have feelings too. Even if we are not rich and powerful enough to curry favor with in the hope of making us “valuable allies.”

    When I pointed out how Lauren’s phrase would probably offend people, I was trying to help her be more diplomatic and avoid Ross Perot’s mistake. And yes, I was also concerned about the penniless nobodies on this blog. I believe they have feelings as well….

  • “…I refuse to take the idols of psychiatry as my ‘god.'” Another good argument against pro-psych churches. Might as well set up an image of the god Psychiatry and burn incense to it on the communion table. Apparently Jesus isn’t enough to save us “mentally ill” low lifes. We need Jesus AND “meds” for salvation.

    This was meant as hyperbole, but many psych promoters claim they found “salvation” in a bottle of Prozac/Effexor/Latuda or some other mind altering drug. Yes they use that word, even those who call themselves Christian. Antibiotics like penicillin can save lives, yet no one has ever glorified them in such a fashion.

    Getting high on crack can be a pleasurable, mystical experience and help you forget your troubles (so I hear.) I have experienced such a high on Anafranil. I wondered why this “medicine” wasn’t working. Now I believe it was working too well!

  • My dad tells this anecdote about a user of street drugs. She wrote a nasty letter to “Dear Abby.” At the end of the letter she told Abby she bet she wouldn’t have the nerve to publish it because her arguments were so brilliant–and she wrote the whole thing under the influence of said drug.

    Abby wound up publishing the letter in its unedited form. Not exactly the best argument for recreational drug use.

    The magic of spellbinding! πŸ˜€

  • The only truly rude and angry comment came from MadMother13. Lauren got pretty angry and defensive in response. Judging from the comment, I would say MM was in a rough place and perhaps forcibly drugged, recently electro-shocked, or otherwise traumatized.

    Always assume the best of people till they give good reason to believe otherwise.

  • Speaking from the right, I find the “anti-psychiatry” churches and the pro-psychiatry have one thing in common. It’s your fault, you crazy nutter! Quit bugging us.

    Anti-Psychiatry Church Person: Shut up and quit whining! You wouldn’t be crazy/depressed if you read your Bible/prayed enough/had faith/repented of the sin you obviously have committed.

    Pro-Psychiatry Church Person: Shut up and quit whining! You wouldn’t be crazy/depressed if you just admitted you were a mentally ill degenerate and took the pills that wonderful Dr. Quackenbush prescribed. You SAY you’re taking them, but we know you’re lying. Because Dr. Quackenbush says if you were taking them you wouldn’t hear voices/have seizures/feel hopeless/want to kill yourself. He’s a medical professional and you’re a mindless monster of depravity; so anything you feel, think, or say is crazy and irrelevant.

    See what an improvement the Pro-Psychiatry movement is! πŸ˜›

    Oh, yes, the folks who kicked me out of Indiana Wesleyan University were really into the benefits of psychiatric drugs. I was too, and felt it was my own fault when these “treatments” made me worse instead of better. Just knowing the truth about these so-called “meds” made me feel relieved and less guilty somehow.

  • KindredSpirit, yes spouse abuse is learned behavior, though some people have been able to break the cycle (personal accountability.) Some genetic traits indirectly linked to cruelty and violence can also be used for good behaviors though. A passionate love for beauty for example. Or being able to take risks as a police officer or fire fighter. Genes are morally neutral.

    Psychiatry, from what I can tell, teaches some of us are born “mentally ill” or completely irrational to the point of murdering for the joy of it and lacking any moral compass. I object to this view strongly!

  • Depends on how you define “establishment.” Alienating the MI Establishment? I doubt any MIA regulars are scoring points with them or even care.

    As far as the societal establishment surrounding us, yes it may be necessary not to alienate them. But the only way we can end discrimination (aka stigma) is to thoroughly discredit the shrinks who caused it. Once the public quits believing the defamatory lies and fear-mongering tactics of those pseudo-scientists the battle against “stigma” will be more than half won.


  • Actually I wasn’t attacking her when I pointed out that many might find “people like you” alienating and even patronizing. Supporting psychiatry/expressing dissident views is one thing, but insults are another. I’m willing to swallow the insult and get on with things. Others may not be and I was merely stating a fact. Words have meaning. (Yes, I realize Lauren had herself been insulted by a commenter and her anger was understandable given that she was honestly trying to help us.)

  • “…when she was originally hospitalized there was no blood work done to test her thyroid levels.” This has actually happened to me on more than one occasion.

    It will never make a TV series. Whether Welton is serious or not, it would never make it past the panel of Big Pharma sponsors. Not only would they refuse to run Effexor commercials during the program (duh!) they would most likely threaten to take their business elsewhere.

    If there were hope for such a series it might consist of a bunch of comic sketches presented on YouTube or Vimeo. Sort of like The Onion.

    Nowadays such a production can be very low budget. If anyone else wanted to try this kind of thing, I can write the screenplays. Of course we also need actors, technicians, video editors, director, producer, etc.

  • Wife-beating runs in some families. Some personality types may be genetically related that can lead to wife abuse. Environment is also involved along with personal choices.

    I have always been high on the neurosis spectrum. This makes me susceptible to bouts of extreme prolonged sadness since I was seven.

    I have found out there are positive traits to extreme susceptibility to negative emotions. Thoughtfulness, depth, empathy with others’ pain….

    I tried to kill this part of me with SSRI’s. Unfortunately this did not normalize me. All it did was numb the positive side to my neurosis. And I was too tired and apathetic to do much of anything.

    I happen to have really light skin. Some ivory foundation is too dark for me. My BFFL has really dark skin because of her African heritage.

    My light skin helps me absorb more vitamins from less sunlight than my friend’s does. It also makes me susceptible to sunburns and skin cancer.

    My friend’s dark skin helps ward off excessive sunlight, though it keeps her from absorbing Vitamin D as efficiently.

    Who has the “right” complexion? Do I have some genetic skin disease that can only be corrected by excessive hours in tanning parlors or baking under the sun?

    Does my friend need to correct her “diseased” complexion with sand blasting or applying dangerous chemicals to her skin to make her “normal?”

    How about neither of the above?

  • Thank you for clarifying your statement, Lauren. Yes, we are hypersensitive. This is a common problem with existing at the nethermost rung of society.

    I am very good at catching slights and slurs. That good old three-fingered handshake! Sometimes I imagine these when none are intended. But I doubt I’d be imagining them if they did not frequently occur.

    I’ll sign your petition. Good luck on your legal case!

  • Great point about the genes, RFTS! They may exist, but they have not been found. And psychiatrists have been searching for a long time.

    “Severe depression.” Just like I thought.

    Personally I find the “people like you” to smack of condescension, though MadMother13’s comment was rude. I remember a certain politician alienated African-american voters when he referred to them as “you people.”

    A lot of the MIA crowd are angry at you, Lauren, because you have had it easier than the rest of us. This is unfair and envy is wrong. But if you really wish to advocate for a group of people you can’t come across as looking down your nose at them.

    Robert Whitaker and other people without psych labels are loved and accepted by this movement because they address us respectfully as equals. If we wanted to be patronized and told “you don’t know what’s good for you, but we ‘experts’ do!” we could always join NAMI, DBSA or one of those other “consumer” organizations that speak out so boldly in favor of the status quo.

    That said, thank you for the legal counsel you are offering. It is better than nothing.

  • You don’t have to be violent to be labeled “severely mentally ill.” Many of us here can attest to this. I doubt you were on a “cocktail” or you would have to sleep 12 hours a day; no CEO could get away with that.

    Let me guess. You were labeled with “severe depression” right? That’s a nice, soft MI label. See your therapist once a month and pop some SSRI’s. Most of us here have not faired so well. My SSRI kept me awake for 21 days in a row, made me loonier than Minnesota, and basically ruined my life (with some help from the liars in the pharma-psychiatric industry.) I started out with hopes of becoming a children’s librarian and wound up settling for a career as guinea pig for the psych establishment. πŸ™

  • I have been following Mike Adams’ Natural Health newsletter. Unfortunately conspiracy theories abound. And some of the commenters are too right wing even for me! (One denies the holocaust, another claims that circumcising babies is some evil movement to keep men from having happy marriages, and some claim germs/viruses/bacteria do not make you sick!) Mike Adams himself is not too “whacked out” in most of his articles. He’s not some anti-semite holocaust denier either. His own ancestry is mixed: causasian, afro-american, and native american. Natural News makes a great place for anti-psychiatry views as you can imagine. I may submit articles to them in the future. Adams doesn’t write them all.

  • As long as people are willing to engage in civil discourse there is hope. I’m fine with Lauren posting here. But she is a “missionary project” right now rather than an advocate of our movement against psychiatry. She also thinks that in order to qualify as “severely mentally ill” you must be violent. Not true at all!

  • I fired my last certified therapist when I realized she wasn’t even hearing what my actual troubles were. I was suffering severe social isolation, exacerbated by my single status.

    Her solution? “Hurry up and get it on! You ain’t gettin’ any younger.” (Paraphrase.)

  • KS, I will answer your legitimate question. Christianity is not a science and does not pose as a branch of medicine. If psychiatry claimed to be a faith-based religion I wouldn’t be as angry at them for lies and hypocrisy. Since psychiatry calls itself a legitimate science and branch of medicine it should be capable of passing rigorous tests to prove its accuracy. It cannot.

    I went through a period of questioning my faith as a teenager. Then I came across the discipline of apologetics. This is NOT a scientific branch of knowledge. Rather a hybrid of philosophy/theology with rhetoric thrown in. There are other fields of human knowledge than science and these can be applied to religion and other moral philosophy. Ultimately I decided that the Bible was true after all. It hasn’t made my life happier, exactly. But it has given me a sense of purpose, set necessary boundaries on my bad behaviors and kept me from suicide when psychiatry could not. I have also fallen madly in love with my one true Soul-Mate…but this isn’t the time or place for it.

  • Good point Stewart! The term psychiatrist means soul doctor. The term is oxymoronic. Many psychiatrists deny that souls exist–therefore this foregone conclusion PROVES all depression and psychosis must originate in the brain. As a Christian and supernaturalist I believe our souls often effect the brain as well as the reverse–along with other bodily organs.

    There are real brain diseases, like Alzheimer’s, meningitus, epilepsy, TBI and others. These can show up on brain scans and proven or disproven using scientific tests. Not just checking off arbitrary numbers of random lists of odd or bad behaviors and types of emotional pain grouped into “illnesses” that were voted into existence by rich pseudo-scientists with too much free time.

  • “Work” to help people maintain better relationships, work for a living, and quit wanting to kill themselves (and sometimes others.) Most people in the MI system are not needle-raped every month. That would be pretty expensive. For 20+ years I remained “meds compliant” because I had been misled to believe these neurotoxins worked. The vast majority of “consumers” believe these magical pills work. Try telling them otherwise and they become defensive, sometimes angry and even vitriolic. They see folks in the antipsychiatry movement as a bunch of old meanies who deny their experiences of emotional pain or psychosis. According to these misinformed people we just want them to suck it up, quit faking it, and deprive them of the “life-saving wonder medicines” their health and sanity depend upon. I have been there and used to think this way. Many of the folks who strongly support the MI System are themselves consumers. We need to remember this!

    Btw, more “normals” might become antipsychiatry if we could convince them that:

    1. SSRI’s have been linked to most mass shootings that were non-terrorist.
    2. By not drugging people long term they will probably be able to work for a living instead of living on disability at tax payer expense.

  • I sometimes recite the Lord’s Prayer. (As well as deeper, more thought forms of Christian prayer/meditation.)

    I have a real problem with forcing people to go through religious acts against their will. Meditation and prayer are both religious at their roots. Nobody should be forced to go through TM any more than therapists or case worker stooges should be allowed to force us to recite certain rote prayers in unison. Neither will do those so forced any good! Like those permanent smiley faces we had to make! πŸ˜€ Hated it!!! πŸ˜›

  • Very true! Very sickening!

    Churches have turned pro-psych for 3 reasons I think. One nice. The last two pretty nasty.

    1. People who suffer prolonged sadness or lose touch with reality need help. I agree. Unfortunately they will not find real help or long term solutions in the Psych Industry. If real help were offered it would not have to be forced on them; they would go out of their way to get it!

    2. A lot of the rich, prominent members of American churches are professionals. Especially medical ones (those belonging to the psych establishment.) Churches will go out of their way fawning on and currying favor with wealthy married people. They ignore poor singles. Who will they listen to? A wealthy medical professional in the mental “health” field with the required wife and 2.3 kids? Or some marginalized loser who can’t find work and never could marry thanks to the “help” she received at the hands of the psych industry? Take a guess.

    3. A lot of the folks in the mental illness system act in weird and annoying ways. Being extremely lonely, distressed and drugged out of your gourd will do this! Going off the drugs will cause problems if it’s done too quickly, as we know. Instead of putting 2 and 2 together–Dave is out of his mind because he’s experiencing DT’s, it’s easy to think Dave is crazy cause he went off his meds again! Just like his doctor said.

    Put Dave on double his original drugs. Cause Dave needs to be taught a lesson, darn him! He’s still not great company. Sits around gazing vacantly with his tongue poking out and rocks quite a bit. Hey, at least he’s not pacing now! He doesn’t bother the rest of us by talking about his stupid problems nobody wants to hear or his grandiose plans to become President. Woohoo! Problem solved. Let’s get on with our lives and let Dave rot in the corner.

    But first, let’s all pat ourselves on the back for the kind, benevolent humanitarians we have all proven ourselves to be. Cause we lied to Dave to get him locked up and “treated” so he’ll quit bothering us. Unselfish altruists that we are! πŸ˜›

  • I will no longer respond to Pat’s rants in the future. He obviously doesn’t read my responses–though he doesn’t seem to read much if any of the articles either. All white? What on earth?!

    If all he wants to do is lash out with mindless insults let’s “starve” him.

  • This is a very heterogeneous group at MIA. More so than the NAMI groups or other “consumer” forums. We have our share of secular progressives and atheists, but we aren’t all this way any more than we’re all caucasians. I am an evangelical Christian, a member of the GOP and believe capitalism is a feasible economic system when people are not consumed by selfishness and greed. (Socialism will also fail when people are selfish and greedy, plus it encourages laziness.) I find nothing incompatible with Christianity and opposing the maiming and killing of innocent people in the name of “science.” Nothing unchristian about fighting Josef Mengele. (Btw, he was a real doctor with medical papers to prove it. And a truly evil man.)

  • I wonder how many MIA articles you have read, Pat. White writers contribute, but also Native Americans, Asians, Hispanics, African Americans and people from other countries including those on the continents of Asia and Africa.

  • If I go up to someone to educate them on anti-psychiatry, I start out not by telling them that mental illness isn’t real. Instead I point out how none of the treatments actually seem to work. Then I ask them why there are no brain scans or spinal taps done (to check brain chemistry.) This gets them thinking for themselves and works a lot better than if I start shouting the Cliff Notes’ version of Anatomy of an Epidemic and the major works of Statz and Peter Breggin.

  • Yes. But astrology, fortune-telling and (to some extent) religion are all legal. People continue to visit astrologers, fortune-tellers and clergy.
    Psychiatry is an abusive, unhealthy relationship. But, just like I have girlfriends who refuse to leave their abusive boyfriends because it’s true luuuuuv! And I’ll die alone if I leave him! Wah! There are people convinced that their shrink is their LORD and Messiah who brings them salvation in the form of Prozac. Good luck convincing them that this belief is a delusion!

  • My experience differs from yours, Frank. From what you say I gather you were behaving in unusual, but legal ways, that upset some nit-pickers for some reason. You were then locked up and tortured or “treated” against your will. Indeed that must have stunk!

    My problems were real. I actually was suffering some kind of emotional backlash as a college freshman. (Sometimes I think God has punished me for not forgiving the kids who sexually harassed me in high school.) Something similar to what they call PTSD perhaps.

    I was worried sick to leave my dorm room. I became unduly suspicious of others watching me and laughing at me. I was profoundly sad, afraid to talk to anyone and wanted to kill myself but was afraid of Hell.

    Finally my therapist sent me to a psychiatrist. He put me on 6 mg of stelazine. That did take the edge off my anxiety–for a while. In the end it was no solution to my pain any more than whiskey would have been. πŸ™

  • HSN, you have a great point. Right now I find myself tempted to wallow in self pity and see myself as a victim. Yes, I have been lied to, but I was all too ready to believe psychiatry’s lies. Why? They absolved me of my own bad choices and habits. Unfortunately, they also encouraged me to not change behaviors that were hurting others and myself.

  • For people with problems legitimately located in the brain, neurology would be the logical choice. If they ever did find a structural abnormality or neuro-chemical imbalance causing extreme prolonged sadness or loss of touch with reality psychiatry would become superfluous, since the neurologists could take over from there. This makes me wonder if the psychiatrists are actually trying to find such things, or if they’re claiming to be always on the verge–always very close, but no cigar–to bolster credibility without actually discovering enough to make their cherished profession obsolete.

  • If I had known all the facts and not been deceived, I never would have gone to a psychiatrist.

    Lies are a subtle form of coercion. Not as obvious as being forced to the ground by 6 orderlies and needle-raped. But just as disgusting an abuse of authority.

    If we could abolish all involuntary psychiatry AND all psychiatric deception/false advertising, the system would cave in on its own. No one would want it.

  • I consider myself emotionally “injured.” However, since the majority of these emotional injuries occurred directly and sometimes indirectly from the MI System, it’s doubtful any “treatment” they offer will help me heal.

    It’s like going to a doctor for a sprained ankle and having him smash your kneecaps with a baseball bat!

  • It has been SCIENTIFICALLY proven that over 30% of suicides would never have occurred if PSYCHIATRY had intervened with its magical wonder pills and brain fries!

    How do I know this is so? My PSYCHIATRIST told me himself. Dr. Quackenbush is real smart and knows everything. He told me that too!

    Stella Stockholm from Bipolarblabber (The only consumer blog formally endorsed by the APA. Highly recommended by NAMI.)

  • Bruce Levine has a Ph.D. in psychology or psychological counseling. Ironically he seems to hold his graduate degrees in contempt and says his training has little application to how he helps people.

    The quality of therapy I have received has less to do with their advanced degrees and more whether they saw me as a human being to help or a disease to treat.

    Aside from an occasional counseling session with a non-certified psych survivor, I have no therapists and am doing fine.

  • Hmm. I remember that post. I commented about how I read a bunch of horror literature I normally wouldn’t have liked. Reading Steven King is admittedly different from watching snuff videos. The bad thing was my personality was altered and the real me was buried. (No offense to you horror fans–if horror lit is what you truly like and you aren’t reading it to relieve drug-induced numbness.)

  • “Crazy” is not my favorite word either, KindredSpirit. It certainly is an insult (unless you call a buddy a crazy party animal.) I just hate terms like bipolar and schizophrenia more because of their pseudo-scientific respectability.

    In the Dark Ages calling an older woman who lived alone ugly or scary was different from calling her a witch. She could be burned for that last one.

  • I shocked my parents when I referred to myself as “mad” once. I actually prefer terms like “nuts”, “crazy”, “not all there”, and “batty” to pseudo-scientific terms found in fake medical manuals. Words like bipolar, schizophrenic and borderline personality disorder. Why do I feel this way?

    We recognize a word like crazy is subjective and arbitrary. We all know it can be used by anyone at any time as a personal insult rather than a mental illness diagnosis like bipolar. Which is actually a moral judgment rather than a medical diagnosis. Society seems to realize this better than the quacks who write the “diagnoses” oddly enough.

  • One other cult-like behavior I experienced in “day treatment.” I would ask too many questions (innocently, because I still believed in psychiatric magic) or indulge in “negative” behaviors and the leader would sick the other “consumers” on me to tear me down emotionally.

    Later I found out this is common for cults. They call it “breaking point.” Did you ever observe or experience this technique in your history with the System Julie?