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  • At least there aren’t a bunch of quacks posing as doctors forcing people to smoke 4 packs a day and then marveling at the high rates of cancer and heart disease in their patients. Must have been due to the preexisting condition they were treating with tobacco therapy.
    If you want even a small chance to lose weight you have to go off your psych drugs! That’s all.

  • Ugh! Reminds me of all the “nutrition” workshops I endured under the category of “Day Treatment.”

    Why are you all so fat? I’m not as fat as you are. You must be ignorant of nutrition, you’re lazy, or you just eat too much.

    News Flash! Psych drugs cause massive weight gains. For a long time the “experts” claimed Risperdol did not cause weight gain. It was supposedly all my fault when I gained 60 pounds in 3 months eating 500 calories a day and exercising like crazy. In my book, this form of gas lighting/lying is emotional abuse.

  • Pat, if you really honk me off I will simply ignore your posts. I strongly disagree with some of your statements, but the fact that I’m responding means I don’t consider you a troll or cyber bully.

    A lot of the comment makers here are critics of psychiatry or abolitionists.( I no longer believe psychiatry or therapy hold any legitimate answers to life’s problems.) Yet we come from a wide range of backgrounds. Oldhead and some others were forced into psychiatric “treatment” against their will because people thought their behavior was weird. Some of us actually sought out psychiatric “help” and despaired at what they offered.

    I started out depressed and anxious. Thanks to a bad reaction to Anafranil I wound up with the stigmatizing label of bipolar. Aside from that episode I never was psychotic. Yet the doctors were happy to sentence me to a life of segregation and disabling brain drugs. The reason the “Bipolar” diagnosis is so darn popular? My guess is it allows the shrinks more income streams. ($800 an hour just isn’t enough to live on anymore!) With “Bipolar” the worthless doctor with a cure rate of 0, is able to prescribe “cocktails” of 3-6 drugs of various classifications. Instead of just “antipsychotics” he can force feed you with at least an SSRI, a “mood stabilizer” and an “antipsychotic” to boot. No wonder schizophrenia has lost ground in popularity. Plain ole psychosis means less $$$$ from drug company kickbacks!

  • In defense of Steve, Lilu, he meant the placebo effect would work on Mom. Not me. I know better than to cold turkey–so please don’t worry. I am still taking 60 mgs of effexor every day. I tapered down from 150 mgs at the beginning of July, 2016. It’s a bear to come off! Lamictal gave me no trouble and after 7 years I came off 20 mgs of abilify in 10 weeks by dry cutting with only a few bad headaches.
    Effexor is truly nasty. From what I hear, it’s more addictive than heroine.

  • Regarding “the magic of placebos…”
    Thanks for the suggestion, Steve. I already confuse Mom by popping fish oil, magnesium, and zinc in front of her in addition to my 40% full effexor capsule and thyroxine. I use the latter to treat a chemical imbalance that actually exists and is checked with blood tests.

    The problem is horrible physical problems related to withdrawal. I keep coughing my head off and catch nose or throat infections very easily. Tired all the time and itch so badly everyone around me complains that I scratch too much.
    Mom keeps nagging me to see my doctor, but he’s an ignoramus who pushes pills of every sort (esp. psych drugs) for the tiniest aches. I doubt he’ll help me or even acknowledge the iatrogenic damage I’m suffering.
    I take a grim satisfaction in the fact that he’s dumb enough to believe I need “mood stabilizers” and “anti-psychotics” in order to prevent mania since he’s sure I must be bipolar or I wouldn’t have hallucinated on Anafranil 23 years ago. According to Doc Dummy I should be manic taking nothing but effexor–running around, gambling, drinking like a fish, and going through multiple sex partners.

    Ha ha! Right now I am very sick and feel like I have a bad case of the flu 24/7. Along with dry, itchy skin and a cough nothing can help. Definitely not a manic party animal.

  • As a Christian I am justified by faith not works. Psychiatry is a works based religion. Salvation is found in taking your “meds” exactly as prescribed.

    A bit mystified by all the churches eager to incorporate the “psychiatric science” into their very worship programs. If psychiatric drugs are needed to prevent suicide, mass murder and other bad behavior, you’re saying the cross is not sufficient to save us from sin.

    Therefore Rick Warren has forsaken Christianity. As have all pastors who try to fuse psychiatry/psychotherapy with church beliefs. They are incompatible. I wonder why few Christians realize this.

  • I’m thinking of starting an anonymous satirical blog. It would be set up like a professional blog written by a fictitious shrink. Dr. A.J. Quackenbush. He would defend psychiatry’s biggest blunders and villainies in a way that defied human logic, ethics and science. (Not sure enough folks would figure out it was a farce though!)

    We can fight “stigma” by pinning the stigma where it rightfully belongs. On the Mental Illness Makers themselves. By attacking their credibility and characters we can encourage the mainstream folks to question the validity of the DSM serial and whether those who have been stigmatized by the quacks are the moral monsters they accuse us of being.

  • Yes, but mass shootings by a “mentally ill psycho” make much sexier stories than boring accounts of domestic violence.

    And then everyone can give a sigh of relief. Because they know that they’re normal and therefore incapable of murder or evil. And Big Brother has promised to lock up/drug all the evil “untreated psychopaths.” So everything will be peachy keen for everyone who matters. πŸ™‚

  • Frankly, I think we should do away with the get out of jail card for criminals. People who murder, rape, etc. should be held accountable for their actions. Whether they hear voices or think they’re Buddha is irrelevant.

    On the other hand, we should not be locked up for crimes we never committed. A lot of psychiatrists think they’re Tom Cruize from The Minority Report with the power to see into the future and predict violent crimes ahead of time. Talk about delusional. What’s their new state-of-the-art scientific equipment? A crystal ball?

  • From what I can tell, women are less willing to reach out for help now. Largely because there’s none to be found.

    Misandry and male-bashing are certainly popular nowadays. I guess heterosexual men make a safe group to pick on.

    I’m speaking as a woman who can’t get a date because all the feminuts are running around intimidating and emasculating the manly men.

    Homer Simpson was funny for a while, but now that all the TV dudes are like him only sometimes dumber, I’m throwing away the idiot box.

  • Food for thought. All these “peer specialists” are supposed to be “meds compliant” right?

    In their drugged up, perpetually sleepy conditions most “consumers” will not be capable of passing these requirements.

    I foresee a severe peer shortage in the future. Not that that peers have a real function to begin with. They want to have a token “nut job” with the real professionals to prove MI voices matter. Then they can exhibit the “peer” to other consumers on special occasions.

    “See X was a good consumer who took her meds exactly as prescribed. X has good insight, believes whatever we tell her and is duly grateful to us. If you are good like X, you can have a job working for us part-time at 10$ an hour. Provided you willingly self identify and appear in public wearing ‘Kick me, I’m bipolar!’ t-shirts at our stigma reduction events.” πŸ˜€

  • Interesting idea. I’ve heard that a lot of eating disorders go along with imbalances in the intestines. It might also account for why gastrointestinal bypasses help permanently alter eating patterns.

    Ancient cultures frequently talked about the bowels or guts as the center of the soul. They would use expressions like “bowels of compassion.”

  • You are right Pat. It is bizarre and makes no sense. If the central nervous system is at fault but shows no evidence of failure how is anyone able to determine the role it plays? It’s like saying “An invisible cat is sitting in that chair over there. Because he’s invisible you can’t see him. Ergo, he must exist.”

    As far as a defective CNS being responsible for all spiritual phenomenon, I guess you subscribe to the materialist worldview. You may believe in your Dad, if he’s also a materialist, but you don’t take the Bible literally.

    I left the Church of Psychiatry when I realized its claims were not only unscientific, but clashed with my Christian beliefs.

  • If there is indeed an issue with a patient’s CNS then the doctor should be able to discern this through reliable tests. There are no physical tests for psychiatric diagnoses. Just check off lists of unquantifiable symptoms that may vary from day to day. And they must check off some arbitrary number of these symptoms for the diagnosis to “stick.” Say 6 out of 9.

  • I have always thought my problems were emotional rather than mental in nature. Therefore I disliked the term “Mental Illness” even when I drank their kool-aid.

    The term seemed to imply my cognitive processes were terribly flawed. From the way most of the MI staff treated us, they apparently believed this. Btw, I knew a lot more than most of the staff, even in my drugged up state!

  • “But if Mental Illness is not an illness then doctors and nurses are being paid professional salaries for disabling people.”

    I came to that conclusion, appalling as it is. I have a vested interest in getting well. Unfortunately, the psych profession has a vested interest in keeping us all sick. πŸ™

  • In the novel Jane Eyre I always thought Bertha Rochester, the “mad” wife in the attic, had neurosyphilus.

    Had a caseworker tell me if I went off my “meds” I would go mad and run around biting folks like Mrs. Rochester. That sealed the deal. A few days later I began my drug taper!

  • Steve, as a Christian I oppose these coercive techniques for “converting” people. Jesus never forced people to follow Him. Sometimes He would deliberately preach sermons to weed out the people who weren’t 100% sincere about following Him.

    I also despise prosperity hucksters who make absurd promises about leading “your best life now.”

    If people need housing they should have it offered to them. Whether they attend Bible studies or not should be up to them.

  • News to me! Still living on SSI.

    Robert Whitaker makes some money with speaking engagements and won the Booker Award (he didn’t expect that) but he still has to keep his day job.

    If earning big money is Bob Whitaker’s obsession, he’s going about it wrong. He needs lessons from T.D. Jaffe on how to earn 6 digits writing ad copy for pharmaceutical companies. Few of the folks published on MIA earn anything at all.

  • Pat, you say you believe in the Bible. According to it, we’re more than physical organisms. Why shouldn’t our psyches or souls cause us problems when we are stressed out? Since the problem is metaphysical in nature there is no pill or surgery that can help.

    If the brain is at fault, a tumor or other abnormality will show up on a CAT scan. Psychiatrists don’t use brain scans for their diagnoses.

  • “Falsified Research Results Damage Lives.” That’s my slogan.

    The defectiveness of the chemical imbalance theory and the fact that most shrinks don’t believe it must be psychiatry’s best kept secret.

    I don’t trust psychiatrists because they lie all the time. Whatever degrees they have are irrelevant if they won’t tell the truth.

  • Being homeless is unpleasant. Most people who live that way do so from necessity.

    To cure homelessness the obvious solution would be providing shelter for street people. How are they supposed to build houses out of pills?

    Amazing how stupid most of the “experts” are!

  • Regarding your comment on “sheep with guts” I think a more applicable term would be “Judas goats.” A Judas goat is a real term used for a goat placed among sheep to lead them into a slaughter house. Because they trust the goat as one of their own they follow him peacefully into the place of slaughter. Otherwise they might panic, run around, and cost the would-be butcher lots of time and trouble. The reward for the Judas goat is he will be kept alive to lead more sheep to the slaughter.

  • Why do you call them “certified, fully trained ex-slaves”? Who says they’re free? Basically they’re “good slaves” who are duly “grateful” to their masters and overseers. As a reward they are put in charge of watching over the bad slaves. When the naughty ones try to one away, they rat them out. In exchange they get all the table scraps they want, first pick at the cast-off rags of their owners and a warm place to sleep by the fire.

  • Yes. Assuming that they actually empathize with the failures of those they dehumanize. Some–perhaps many–do. I try to think as well of people as possible.

    Because of how psychiatry functions, our failures are their successes. Our stigmas are their awards and professional aggrandizement.

    Not all psychiatrists act like villains off the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. πŸ™‚ But the system of psychiatry is corrupt and based on human oppression.

    It degrades not just the oppressed but the oppressors. While they don’t suffer as we do they also experience a deterioration of the soul. No one “gets away” with evil–unless you count becoming a remorseless, soulless sociopath a good thing….

  • I agree with you there Frank. I’ve been encouraged to go for my MSW and become a therapist because I’m “high functional.” Interesting how many of us called high functioning are on smaller doses of “meds.” Whenever I was allowed any say I would opt for fewer drugs even when I thought I was hopelessly insane. I could never become a therapist at a mainstream MI center because I want to help people, not keep them suffering and drugged up.

    Some workers I have known would get frustrated at the way we got worse and made poor life choices. It’s hard to behave maturely or responsibly when drugged out of your gourd, taught that all your thoughts and feelings are crazy and wrong, and alternately shunned by mainstream society or patronized by Big Brother in the psychiatric ghetto.

  • For Dr. Shrinkenstein it is a personal defeat when his patients dare to take responsibility for their lives and recover. Not only is he cheated of the honor and worship he considers his due, but his wealthy, prestigious medical career is in danger of being questioned.

    Some of these quacks honestly consider themselves to be benevolent humanitarians of the people they damage. They’re insulted, but also amazed–perhaps hurt–at the ingratitude of people whose brains have been ruined through electroshock and chemical lobotomies they ordered.

    Can they really consider themselves impervious to the $800 an hour they earn from imposing these treatments on unwilling people? Are they really above desiring prestigious awards and other ego-boosters that go with the psychiatric territory? I don’t see any of them opting for humble lifestyles of voluntary poverty like St. Theresa of Calcutta.

    Talk about lack of insight!

  • Good for him–he can keep her on nicotine and numerous other toxins in the drugs he forces on her! Amazing how monsters like him have no compassion on their nearest. I almost said dearest, but Torrey seems to only have empathy for himself. His legacy is one of falsehoods and human rights abuses that should earn him a place in historical texts alongside medical pioneers like Josef Mengele.

  • Yes. But the disability is caused by the damaging “treatments” they endure. There was no physical disability to begin with. The “madness” would most likely have gone away or gotten better without help. There’s also the social disability due to the MI label and spotty work history.

  • I agree with you WoundedSoul74. I don’t believe what you believe, but I agree you don’t deserve to be locked up or drugged for them when you have done no wrong.

    Psychopharmacy doesn’t exist solely to promote their own power. They also exist to serve the NAMI mommies and folks like creepy Pete by punishing their hapless relatives for embarrassing and irritating them by acting “weird.” They also “protect” the public from “dangerous” bag ladies who have the audacity to choose a homeless lifestyle and talk to themselves out loud in public. Obviously the old lady is hiding a pistol in her battered old handbag and wants to go on a shooting spree!

    Quick lock her up! Drug her up. Fry her brain.

    For her own good of course.

    Only no one cares about her good at all. As far as the old woman herself is concerned, no one would give a hoot if she killed herself or curled up and died alone in the snow.

    The hypocrisy of all these do-gooders pushing psychiatry everywhere is sickening. No one is actually fooled by their charade of compassion and crocodile tears. Especially not those they “help.”

  • They took a lot of Evangelical Christians in with this concept too. Many Protestants rejected Calvinism on the grounds that it excused humans of moral responsibility for bad behavior. (I can’t help myself. God made me rob that convenience store and kill the clerk!)
    Now we buy into the “science” of psychiatry and its creed of biological determinism. (I can’t help myself. My defective brain chemistry made me rob that convenience store and kill the clerk.) We reject biological Darwinism, yet buy into social Darwinism without even knowing what it’s called.

  • I agree with you. I do not consider my religious beliefs to be broad or inclusive.

    However I have nothing against people who practice other faiths or atheists.

    For all I know there may be extraterrestrials too. Nothing in the Bible rules out their existence. Some of my fellow believers get angry when I say this though.

  • Dr. Epperson, I appreciate your article. As a fundamentalist Christian I have always thought that Unitarians were naturalists rather than witches. From what little I know about your church the only behavior I consider irrational is your regular church attendance. If what you believe is true–God is non-existent or weak and irrelevant–why not worship him/her/it on the golf course on Sundays? Or simply play golf?

  • She was an intelligent woman. At least as smart as me; for I too bought into the system’s lies.

    One of the worst things about my MI diagnosis is that it made me regard all my thoughts and feelings with paranoia.

    I became a hypochondriac and feared my own psyche more than anything in the world around me. I would sit around analyzing all my symptoms and defects (thoughts and emotions.) I hated who I was and feared my identity. This often led to my desire for suicide because I felt I owed it to humanity–“normals” who were truly human.

    I took great pains to clinically detach myself from all my thoughts and feelings; this led to some staff praising me for “good insight.” I became the nearest thing you could find to a real-life Vulcan from the Star Trek series. The drugs helped numb my emotions to.

  • My sister has never been fat. As a child she was slightly underweight. She developed apnea at age 4 after surgery for her cleft pallet. She suddenly could talk normally and quit speech therapy because they had nothing to teach her. πŸ™‚

    She never used or needed a C-pap. Her apnea got better over the years too. She still snores a bit as an adult though–slender as she is.

  • I had a friend in the system. Despite her MI diagnosis and being drugged to the gills, she managed to get a master’s in library science and work as a librarian for over 20 years! Because of all those “safe and effective treatments” her condition kept deteriorating till she couldn’t work and kept winding up on the psych ward. (At least she was retirement age then.)

    Like any friend, I visited her. While I was there she said, “I get so sick of people who think mentally ill means mentally retarded.”

    Now I know the term “mentally ill” is a misnomer. But when you look at Carol’s situation you realize even being a “good consumer” who takes your pills exactly as told and believes in your innate inferiority to the rest of humanity (this belief is called insight) does not protect you from abuse. Some psych workers have it in for you if you’re smart or well-educated. They don’t use the word “uppity” but you wonder if they think it. Maybe they can use it as a new symptom to classify and reclassify dozens of times to invent numerous new imaginary diseases to pad the DSM6. That thing’ll be longer than the Harry Potter series!

  • It might help if they actually were reading what you wrote. I’m not insulting you or this article, Sera. It’s well written.

    It’s more than worthy of Boston Globe publication. But, alas, it would offend their Big Pharma sponsors who buy full page ad space in every issue.

    It’s not about helping the “mentally ill”; even they know that. It’s not even about preventing mass shootings since they ignore reports showing the link between SSRI’s and violent behavior.

    It’s all about $$$$. Nothing else matters to them.

  • Too much darn noise everywhere anyhow nowadays! Sensitive or not, I don’t think it’s good for anyone. For those who want noise all the time, they should determine if it’s an unhealthy desire–like drinking too much or gambling.
    Levels of noise pollution are sky-rocketing. But almost no one talks about that kind of pollution.

  • We have similar laws for children with cancer in America. I realize there are occasionally creepy parents out there who actually would deny their kids cancer treatments so they would die because they’re tired of being parents–horrible as that sounds. It’s a pity the law is so inflexible in these cases.

  • I’m not even sure Asperger’s and other mild forms of Autism should be considered disabilities. The only major difficulties people with these neuro-variations have are being accepted and respected by those around them. That makes it more of a societal problem than a pathological one.

    I have learned to overcompensate for my different thinking styles. My “thing” seems to be hyperfocus. I’m not truly an Aspie because I can understand human thoughts and motivations very well–better than most people. Still social cues like subtle changes of tone and body language confuse me.

    STEM subjects that would actually pay are not my forte. I am not Dr. Sheldon Cooper off The Big Bang Theory.

  • In the old days before they took to diagnosing thumb twiddling and nose picking as disorders, people who didn’t like loud noises would simply avoid noisy concerts and similar entertainments. They also would remember this when looking for jobs. Operating noisy equipment all day would make a poor career choice. No diagnosis or treatment needed!

  • People who have used psych drugs long term also have these issues. I had some for a while from withdrawal.

    Better now after going off nearly all that crappy cocktail. Still weak physically and tired more than healthy people.

    I have had a recurring problem with really deep cysts requiring surgery. Seems common with “bipolar” label. My guess is it’s related to Abilify or some other drug. Waiting to see if the cysts come back now.

  • You also pose a threat to the Psych System because you don’t fit their stereotypical trope that they love to trot out at NAMI meetings and similar cultish assembles.

    You know. The “Typical Consumer With Agnosognosia.” Who wakes up one bright sunny morning just a few months after hospital discharge and now feels like a kid on Christmas Day every morning because of all those wonderful “medicines” they’re taking. (Ha ha!!!)
    Despite how this consumer’s life is now magically coming together again, this wrong-headed fool says, “Gee. Because I now feel so wonderful ALL THE TIME and no longer have ANY PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER I guess I no longer need my medications!”

    Under the crazy delusion that the pills do not have magical properties and his kind, wise psychiatrist is not God Almighty the misguided consumer takes to hiding the safe and effective medicine in the silverware drawer. Gasp! Clutch pearls!! Swoon!!! Of course things can only go downhill from there….

    (They always hide it in a drawer for some reason. Stupid if you ask me. Flushing it down the toilet or burying it under several layers in your garbage makes it harder to find and prove how “naughty” you were.)

  • I consider myself law-abiding even when I choose to break human laws that are unjust and wrong.

    I firmly believe there are Higher Laws than those Washington issues. I obey those when Washington chooses to override decrees issued by my true Authority. Otherwise I obey the laws of the land.

  • Oldhead, if we end forced treatment the only people in the system would have to be distressed. The rest of you could stay away. More power to you!

    My biggest complaint about the “treatment” I received? I was never needle raped or involuntarily locked up. But everything done to me was based on lies. No one ever told me the truth because they thought I was stupid and needed to be tricked into taking addictive brain drugs “for my own good.”

    I never would have agreed if I had known they were the same as street drugs, because of my moral values. I feel my religious rights were violated along with all the rest!

    I will never trust a shrink again. They’re a bunch of sociopaths and pathological liars. I never tell them how I feel if I have to talk with one. If I shake hands with some psych specialist at some social functions I can barely suppress a shudder. It’s like shaking hands with Ted Bundy–only you know this serial killer will never be punished for his crimes against humanity.

  • A lot of my childhood trauma stems from something called spiritual abuse that most psychotherapists know nothing about. At age 4, I had a Sunday school call me a wicked girl and tell me I would go to Hell. I was guilty of the cardinal sin of daydreaming in her class.

  • Loud noises have always triggered a fight or flight response in me. I grew up in the eighties. Lucky me!

    My earliest memories are of my dad throwing angry temper tantrums and making lots of noise while they lasted. This association of loud noise with parental wrath did not help my problem.

  • I’ll bear this stuff in mind in case I ever get the “C word” like many consumers/psych survivors do.

    I actually read a book or article by a reputable doctor that said 50% of cancers go into spontaneous remission even without any treatment. This statistic would not apply to the metastisized kind.

    Although I personally know a woman who had that kind; a fast-spreading variety. She totally recovered despite her terminally ill status. She had treatments but they were only supposed to buy her time. I think our prayers saved her.

  • Sounds like my pet cockatiel. He perceives his cage as his nest.

    Sometimes he’s had opportunities to escape, but never takes advantage of them. I’m glad, because I’d miss the little guy.

    After his avian vet told me he should spend at least 2 hours per day outside his cage I tried to follow her orders. Sometimes it’s a struggle convincing him to come out.

  • Here’s a great idea for stigma reduction. All these “sane” folks who patronize us could self identify as mentally ill.
    Let the psychiatric professionals fight stigma by wearing t-shirts with mental illness diagnoses.
    Sure you don’t actually have “bipolar 2” inscribed on your records as a life sentence. But even you, Nurse Rached, can help in stigma reduction by claiming you do. Just like in the movie Spartacus.

    Wait! Where are you going? Don’t you want to fight stigma?

  • Another stupidity of the mental illness system. All your symptoms and diagnoses are permanent even if you show marked improvement. They never remove the BPD label no matter how well-behaved you are or non-manipulative. After 50 years you’ll still bear the Stigmata of craziness inflicted by the high priests of Shrinkage.
    If I have a bad case of the flu I can have a fever of 104 one day and five days later it could easily be back to 98.6 degrees. Would a REAL doctor of a LEGITIMATE branch of medicine continue treating me for the highest fever I ever had long-term and put it in my medical records so others could do so? I don’t think so.

  • The Underground Railroad was run largely by a pacifistic religious group. The Quakers.

    Their services were all pro bono. Fugitive slaves don’t have deep pockets.

    Forget government certification. What they were doing was illegal. But very moral.

  • And you point out that those “miracle pills” are worse than useless. Thank you!

    If more people in the therapeutic profession were as honest and ethical as you, there would be no anti-psychiatry movement needed. Psychiatry would crumble from within as people realized it did not work. Then we could seek out real solutions to emotional distress.

  • A lot of people would side with us if we could convince them that the “treatments” are dangerous and ineffective. And that they reduce the odds of recovering from madness from 70% to say 15%.

    If you went to a doctor for cancer treatments and he said, “I could leave you alone or refer you to a chiropractor so your odds of recovery would be 70%. Because the pain you have isn’t caused by bone cancer after all.

    “But because your insurance will pay me more, I believe I’ll treat your ailments with interminable chemo sessions and some prolonged radiation therapy for good measure. You have a 15% chance of recovery this way, though you will be permanently disabled, disfigured, and die 25 years prematurely.”

  • A lot of you commentators–excluding Julie and others–are putting words in Elizabeth’s mouth. Respectful disagreements and constructive criticism of her article are okay. But please take the time to make sure that you are disagreeing with what she has actually said; not just some straw man effigy. Perhaps you should reread the article.

    Elizabeth has raised a lot of eyebrows by using the term “mental illness.” Some of us consider that hate speech. I don’t, because it’s usually employed due to ignorance rather than hatred or conscious discrimination. The term is misleading though; therefore confusing.

    Sometimes I’m forced to use the term because there is no other term people will be able to recognize. If you use words that only a small splinter of a fringe minority understand you might as well speak a foreign language.

    When I comment on most websites I never say things like, “Mental illness does not exist.”

    This is true. But due to lack of common semantics people unfamiliar with the anti-psychiatry movement, Robert Whitaker’s books and Peter Breggin and other dissident psychiatrists imagine I’m saying something very different.

    They usually think when I’m denying the existence of “mental illness” I’m denying prolonged periods of sadness when a person lies in bed for several days or losing touch with reality so they hear voices, see nonexistent objects or believing they are a dead hero–like Abe Lincoln or Catherine the Great. Worse yet, they think I’m accusing these people of faking the emotional pain.

    It’s easier to explain there are no known biological markers for mental illness and that the symptoms stem from emotional pain rather than faulty brain chemicals or bad genes. That in itself is good at reducing discrimination according to research.

    Elizabeth’s article never did state that nutrition was the only cause of emotional suffering or eating spinach would solve all our problems. Good nutrition does help you think clearly and can therefore alleviate emotional pain in a way that psych drugs won’t–even short term.

    The solution to madness is multi-fauceted. Nutrition is only one faucet, but the writer never claimed it was the whole.

  • Yes, Vortex. There are limits to our Second Amendment rights. Talking about breaking certain laws (civil disobedience) is usually legal. Breaking them is not.

    Advocating a peaceful overthrow of the American Government is legal. The hippies often did this.

    Advocating a violent overthrow is a crime! It counts as treason. Please remember this. I don’t want you to get arrested and it won’t help our cause either.

  • In many antebellum states helping a slave escape made you a thief legally. The California law reminds me of that legislation. These laws further dehumanized the people who needed help escaping. A black person can’t choose freedom on his own and plan an escape because he lacks the intelligence or even desire to rise above his “natural condition.”
    A “crazy” person can’t know what’s good for them cause they’re insane. Confinement, poisons, and high volts of electricity destroying healthy brain cells are good for ’em! Only a crazy person would dislike that treatment after all.

  • Generally speaking I like spending time with people who have Aspergers. I dated a guy with it once. Handsome, brilliant, and rich. I broke up with him because he proved abusive and drank too much. That wasn’t related to his autism though. I would be willing to date an “Aspie” again if I weren’t sick of dating altogether. Too old for the silly mind games single men my age want to play.

  • Millions of people starved to death when the Red Army took over Russia. Socialism didn’t solve their nutritional problems.

    A similar thing happened in Red China. I read a book by a young woman who managed to leave for America after ten years under the communists. At the end she experienced hunger day and night. She and all her classmates became emaciated. Her hair fell out in clumps because almost all they could eat were “cakes” made from empty corn hulls.

    One day her friend told her how he had heard someone singing in the bathroom stall,

    “Socialism is good!
    Socialism is good, yes!
    But it cannot feed my stomach!”

    In hopes of getting a government reward the boy tried to find out who the dissident was. But the singer refused to identify himself. He hurried out of his stall before the boy could leave his and escaped.

  • Thank you Elizabeth. I often feel downhearted when people who mean well and want to help encourage people to end “stigma” because it’s “a brain disorder related to chemical imbalance and bad genes.” And all you “mentally ill” people keep taking your “meds.” I had to endure that in church one Sunday.

    I don’t need addictive mind-altering drugs like diabetics need insulin. (Insulin actually belongs in the human body, unlike abilify or effexor and other crap.)

    I don’t need enabling or patronizing from others either. If I act like a jerk, please tell me. It’s not “my illness.” It’s a choice and I’m in control of it. As long as I bought into the disease model, I refused to exercise self control on numerous occasions.

    Hey, the doctor says it’s a sickness. What’s a poor sick, crazy nutter to do? There are benefits to wearing the MI label, I found. That’s one reason why so many people defend their “insanity” labels and refuse to recover or leave the system.