Thursday, April 25, 2019

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  • My son has ADHD and he does take medication for his symptoms, it was not something my husband and I did happily or without doing hours of research. In fact, we spent years researching other options, spending hours in therapy with him, hoping to teach him ways to handle his symptoms with out medication. Sometimes it’s a necessary evil. It was our absolute last option, if he needs it to be able to focus at school and to help with his impulse control as well as all of his other symptoms, then we’re going to do what we need to do. We didn’t take him to a shrink for his dx or his medication, we took him to a pediatric specialist,only after we had him see two other doctors, to get a third opinion.
    The medication we all decided on for him is working really well at the lowest dose, he eats just fine, sleeps just as well as he did before we started medication, and he doesn’t have to deal with any anxiety ridden crash. Before I even put his patch on him, I did try it first. There was only one way to know what he was going to have deal with so I did test it on myself first.
    By the way, his childhood is great. He is loved, he is happy, he is amazing. Even if he is medicated Monday through Friday.