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  • “Precision Psychiatry” is inherently useless because human beings are not robots of just wires, chemicals, and algorithms. They can not be patented like a new-found device that can be sold on late night tv or over the internet. Human Beings are living breathing unique individuals with minds, souls, spirits and yes, bodies. To reduce a human being to nothing but the lies as applied in precision psychiatry is to deny the sovereignty of each person. Thank you.

  • Self-Study is something each one of should be doing to the best of our ability. It is that old adage “Know Thyself” made alive. However, from my experience, very few doctors, it seems, especially psychiatrists, are interested in what you know about yourself, as it undercuts their “authority.” This is also can be true for other professionals, too. This is a shame, I think, because who knows better about you, than you. Thank you.

  • “Psychologists/Psychiatrists that I have seen heave all been detached showing no real interest in me, often not knowing what I was talking about. Definitely not listening.” Well, I could write a book just on this one point alone. I would need to repeat so much of what I said. There was one psychiatrist near retirement who, no matter, what I said, would always respond with an annoying, “Oh dear!.” One psychiatrist was so muddled, his notes were less coherent than anything I said. This was told to me by a VR counselor when she asked for my records from this man. One psychologist was so combative that I backed myself into a corner until I could leave the appointment. On the point of which you mentioned about their obvious detachment, some have claimed to me that it was because they were protecting themselves. In my years of interacting with all kinds of authority type figures I never seen such a group bent on protection so much, that I have seen them actually ignoring your emergency calls in both their “off-duty” and “on-duty” time. You might think that in their mind they thought this “mental illness thing” was actually contagious. Thank you.

  • Sam plover: It’s downright stupid and actually immoral to create programs where adults get involved and interact with each other and one is a “therapist” interpreting the artwork, poetry, or actually every single thing said, every little movement made as some evidence of a “disturbed brain” in need of correction, etc. Thank you.

  • Exit: Please forgive me, but, I doubt if there are very few “sofa critics” here. Those who do criticize the “psychiatric industry” while “sitting on a sofa” have probably been gravely harmed by these psych drugs and associated therapizing. As many have already experienced intense upheaval in their lives due to their experiences with the “psych industry” and other experiences, I, sincerely, doubt they are “shying away from the blood.” Most have already had blood drawn on behalf of this psychiatric evil. There may be disagreements amongst survivors about specific labels, etc. or handle the immense, every growing danger. And, since each day, it becomes more and more “a clear and present danger” to America and all the free world, it definitely behooves us to hear each person out and respect each person for what they need to say. We need the voice of each and every person’s experience of horror within this evil psychiatric system that seems without remorse to upend lives daily. Thank you.

  • I think we have this fantasy idea that the mainstream press/media will suddenly open up and like a chasm in the earth from a meteor will deliver us the truth and all will be well. Perhaps, this goes back to the “Watergate Days.” But, as oldhead said, it’s time to give up this fantasy once and for all. Much of mainstream media/press is bought and paid for by “Big Pharma,” I think, including the BBC. The real truth almost always comes from those who have lived it. Of course, even so, others may not believe it. As for me, I never had anything near psychosis until being introduced to anti-psychotic drugs. How ironically and tragically both logical and illogical that very probably the main cause of “psychosis” may well be what they say is supposed to inhibit “psychosis” the “anti-psychotic” drugs. Could it be…? Thank you.

  • I also want to add about my statement “As for me, I just want to be [in Christ] and live my life as me [in Christ.] I make this because I have learned and I would “teach” this to any “young person” or actually anyone who is stuck in their life. Many of us struggle because a) we try to be someone we are not and/or b) we try to emulate someone in their work which is impossible. The hardest thing we have to learn in life and actually, the most rewarding thing we must learn in life is there is no one in the world exactly like each one of us and no one, past, present, or future can do something (anything) exactly as I do it. I think this striving to do/be either a or b can be a significantly tragic motivator that sends people :running to their local psychiatrist, etc. Thank you.

  • Alex, You are right when you state that healing begins when the drugs, etc. are stopped. However, this is entirely an individual thing. I do not think it is illogical or fear-causing when speaking that the brain damage caused by these drugs, etc. can be long-term. It is something that the psychiatrists, etc. seem to very easily leave out of the conversation when prescribing these drugs, etc. And, that doesn’t even include the associative therapizing that usually accompanies these drugs. From my own experience going off these drugs seems to stop a portion of the damage. There are so many factors to consider in how much damage has been stopped. There are anecdotal stories of those completely debilitated from these drugs long after they have been stopped. In my opinion, we need to treat these drugs and their associated therapizing with the same caution of warning that we would attribute to “street drugs.” In many ways, the only difference between these drugs and “street drugs” is their legality and who the “pushers” of these drugs are; the former being M.D.’s with “society-accepted authority” behind them. (“pill-pushers in white coats.”) Thank you.

  • Cabrogal, In reply to your admonition: “Careful Rebel, An attitude like that can get you labelled ‘jerk’ or ‘sociopath’ I’m told we’ve gotta to take measures and protect others from people like that.” This is your reply to my statement: “As for me, I just want to be me and live my life as me.” Perhaps, it is my fault in that I did not finish my complete statement. I did not as I did not want to appear to be offensive to others with different viewpoints. I do not want to appear as if I am in critical judgement of another person’s beliefs. However, let me complete the sentence as it is meant to apply to me personally; “As for me, I just want to be me in Christ and live my life as me in Christ.” Perhaps, someone could label me as a “jerk” or “sociopath” with my personal statement. Or perhaps, not. And, perhaps, my issue might be that I was too careful to not be clear about who I truly am. And, that may be how I was so easily led down the path of the evil and destruction of psychiatry, etc. Thank you.

  • oldhead, This is where I, either slightly or somewhat disagree with you in that, more and more, the biggest causes of any disease or illness are “drugs” and the “drugs in suspect” are usually the prescribed drugs not just prescribed for the very fake diseases of “mental illness” but even those for more legitimate illnesses, usually treated by various specialists and General Practitioners, etc. Drugs cause diseases that need more drugs causing more diseases, etc. Now, how do we get that first prescription of drugs. That varies with the illness someone seeks treatment for, who they go to for the treatments, etc. So, I guess, in my way of thinking, maybe, most who recover from a disease are actually recovering from a “drug-induced disease.” And, tragically, if there is no recovery, but death results, the death certificate will very probably not show that as the cause of death, although it probably is. Thank you.

  • Saying “their first instinct will be ‘how do I benefit” is tragically very condescending to any one who is trying to get off these psych drugs whether through regular tapering, tapering strips, or abrupt types of withdrawal. At one point, many will become aware that these drugs are both dangerous and addictive (not everyone), then they will not need to know “how do I benefit” but “how can I do this safely so I will not ever take these evil psych drugs again and lead a healthy, happy life?” Thank you.

  • I do not know Steve McCrea’s total relationship to psychiatric drugs. He must be allowed to speak for himself. But, please, don’t tell me that I don’t know what the effects are. Perhaps, you are trying to say that the lived experience of someone who has directly experienced what happens “under the influence” of these evil drugs is useless information unless may be it could be replicated by research or in some sterile lab. And I do know what the effects of having been on these psych drugs, as I was on them for about sixteen years. Therefore, since the brain is so complex, why prescribe them in the first place? Finally, if something is for instance, “psychological” it automatically affects the “physiological” and vice versa. To say these drugs only cause psychological damage just discounts and disregards the pain of so many on this site who have suffered so much in so many ways. Callousness is never a substitute for sensitivity. Thank you.

  • I am not sure if this was mentioned in this book, but to me, Prozac and the other SSRIS are like Gateway Drugs. Of Course, one could also list “Benzos”, “Lithium”, “Adderall and Ritalin, etc.” as Gateway Drugs. When I say “Gateway Drugs” I am looking at what some may consider the “old-school” definition of marijuana, as when I was growing up, the adults would tell us that if you started with marijuana you would graduate to the more addictive, dangerous drugs like LSD, etc. And, “prozac” and the other “SSRIS” are usually the first drugs given first to the “client/patient.” From there, the “patient/client” is then introduced to other drugs such as the “atypical antipsychotics” until the person is now on five, six, even eight or more very addictive drugs, etc. And, also remember, in that hodge-podge of drugs, they have to prescribe drugs to dull some of the side effects. However, from reading this review of this book, this book definitely needs to be one out there and available to the public. But, will those who need to pay heed to this book, heed it or will they be in denial about this book? We can only hope and pray. Thank you.

  • This is weird, actually, that the “researchers” claim a two year demarcation for those who respond better and those who do not. I lost count how many years that I was on one or more anti-psychotics and other related drugs, too. It was not until I was on these drugs for several years that I obtained the label of having a “severe and persistent mental illness.” Perhaps, one day, these psychiatrists, etc. will “come clean” and confess the truth: Drugs cause mental illness! Another point to be made is that continued use of these drugs, maybe two years or more (maybe even less for some) produce toxicity in the body and brain that could extend to other substances that the body may take in to it, including some food, other drugs, etc. This is all individual to the person. This two year idea for so many is way too little, way too late. But, then, what psychiatrist, etc. would try to adhere to this? Probably, so few, so few… They will just blindly continue doing what they have doing—damaging and destroying people’s brains, bodies, lives, etc. Thank you.

  • KindredSpirit: I think I was just bemoaning how “meanings” seem to change with words, in particular, which, in my opinion, used to be a mostly benign word. Although, I remember writing a paper once about the very thin line between “madness and genius” for a high school class. The words, “neuro diverse” and “neurodiversity” bring chills in my spine as these are labels that have the capability of being used against people, although there are those who seem to embrace it ; i.e. like “mental illness and mentally ill.” The idea of “Mad Pride” is totally repulsive to me. Again, it seeks to take people apart from the natural “mainstream” of society and places them into places they may or may not want to be. It makes it seem as there is joy in taking these psychiatric drugs and being therapized, etc. I make the distinction here because we are intrinsically unique, but we are not so different as to lose our natural and real human-ness. As for me, I just want to be me and live my life as me. Isn’t that what any one of us want? Thank you.

  • This is a very interesting article. I have in the past tapered myself off a particular drug (lithium) to find myself back on it as prescribed several years later. Unfortunately, many times the “patient” goes to the psychiatrist and asks to be taken off a drug only to either be harassed about this request or is prescribed another drug. Both of which are the psychiatrist’s way of controlling the “patient.” At times, I have had the psychiatrist switch a drug midstream on me; one SSRI for another or one “Benzo” for another with little to no explanation. And, I was abruptly taken off all drugs, except for lithium to later, differing psychiatrists tried to put me back on several drugs piecemeal. At the final point, I was basically only on lithium, but after about fifteen or so years on lithium with a few breaks, my body had built up such a resistance to it, that I quit on my own and walked away from the psychiatrist as I had developed lithium toxicity. One more point that must be taken into account because this happened to me. Eventually, the body/brain is just going to say to these drugs, “No More!.” The body/brain of the person is just going to eventually reject these drugs.
    If a person is lucky (I thank God I was!) he or she gets out alive. For some, tapering either delays the inevitable or makes the person at risks for returning to the drug or similar drug or drugs. Unfortunately, I do not know if we have any way of knowing what is really best for the individual. Quite honestly, I am not sure if “studies” would help, as they may only muddle the situation and disregard the individual nature of each person’s situation. It’s like this: It’s better not to start and if you have started, it’s better to find the safest way to get off the drugs without the risk of returning to any of these drugs. Frankly, it really boils down to our admitting that these legal psychiatric drugs are just as “seedy” as the illegal drugs sold on the street. In fact, some of these drugs are sold “illegally” on the street. Even and especially, the old public service ad rings true. “this is your brain on drugs.” But the truth is also and the psychiatrists, etc. will not tell you: “this is your brain after the drugs.” So, the best thing we can tell ourselves and those we love is: “don’t start” and if they do, just like the love them and help them during the pain of withdrawal and how they must adapt their lives after a safe and successful withdrawal. There is no magic here, just hard work. Thank you.

  • evanhaar: First, as far as banning fossil fuels is concerned, all one need look to is the disaster in Texas and the nearby states of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma due to extreme, unusual frigid air and snow, etc. Second, it would be a dangerous mistake to ever learn to live with evil and dysfunction. Learning to live with evil and dysfunction is akin to selling out and makes us all out to be “Neville Chamberlain clones.” The only way to deal with evil and dysfunction is to always choose the path of good over evil and renounce it wholeheartedly.
    Kindred Spirit: What you said is very good. I definitely agree with you about the word,, “neurodiversity.” There is something about this word that brings up a “kettle of worms” and has the potential of bring more harm than good. Sometimes, on-line, I read a phrase like this, “My husband, my children and I are all neuro-diverse.” I have this odd feeling that someone is not taking responsibility and excusing their choices, behavior, etc. onto this word. As as “madness” is concerned, I do miss it. It is now warped in mire of stupidity and has lost its true meaning and place in history. Still, it is preferable, in many cases to be “mad” rather than “mentally ill” or “neuro-diverse” such as “there is a method to my madness, etc.” At least, in the word, “madness” we had a genuine, natural way to describe behavior we didn’t understand. Now, with words like “mental illness” and “neuro-diverse” and other such words, the mere mortal has now become a mere robotic computer or in Star Trek terms, a “borg.” Thank you.

  • Evanhaar, Actually, all I was trying to express is that the “psychiatry, mafia, etc.” has unfortunately called grief, a thoroughly natural process in any loss, a “mental illness.”
    However, as a sidebar, sometimes each of one of us can get very hung up with words and labels, etc. It can’t be helped and many on this site have commented about that.
    There is a funny thing about the word, “ill.” For some in the South, a person who says he or she is “ill” is really only telling the world that she or he, for whatever reason, is “cranky” or “out of sorts” or as my mother would say “awoken on the wrong side of the bed that day.” Of course, the latter can be quite painful if your bed is against the wall. However, what is really happening is that the person by saying that he or she is “ill” is warning the world, “Stay out of my way! I am in a bad mood!” Is this something to be diagnosed by an alleged professional? No! But, they will try. Why? These psychiatric, etc. people seem to have absolutely no way to deal with common and natural human emotions that in scientifically technical terms is necessary to our survival and has kept so far from becoming like the dinosaurs—extinct. Thank you.

  • The author here seems to have mostly found her way through art. However there are several myths about art and artists, the predominate one being the “artistic temperament.” Although, I am no “expert” I wonder if that myth may have grown out of the toxic chemicals first used to produce paints and related art-making products in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Now, most of the paints are basically produced as “non-toxic” so they can even be used around children. The other related myths are that art results from traumatic experiences in life and that to be an artist, one must live an unconventional life, dressing and eating unconventionally, etc. These myths may actually be true for some individuals who like to “do art.” But, it is not true for everyone. Since, it is not true for everyone, it does make anyone who likes to “do art” vulnerable and suspect to the “psychiatric mafia.” These myths have personally caused me great consternation in my life. To do any kind of art, all one must be is to be true to oneself in one’s work, etc. That is all. It is good that “doing art” can help someone get through times of intense stress on a personal or greater level. However, stress can for some be adverse to any kinds of “doing art.” However, the main thing about art is that it can be very freeing, especially if done apart from therapy or not necessarily used as a therapeutic means. Personally, there are some kinds of “art doing” that truly help me organize, order and declutter my damaged brain from the psych drugs and therapizing I endured. But, I do not consider it therapy. I consider it my life. Thank you.

  • I think there is the mistaken idea that it’s “anarchy” and “rebellion” to works towards the disposing of a system such as psychiatry, etc. However, that can only be is psychiatry, etc. can be considered a system of tradition and authority such as most governments or say the Catholic Church, etc. I would counter with wrong answer. Psychiatry, etc. is an system of abomination. Psychiatry, etc. is an illegitimate system. It is against Universal Law. It is against God’s Law and even the Ten Commandments. Our goal to eventually abolish psychiatry, etc. is absolutely not rebellion or anarchy. It is actually our insistence and assistance in returning the world to its natural order. When something as evil as psychiatry, etc. exists, those who seek to resist it or abolish it can only be seen as “warriors” for good rather than rebellious anarchists. Thank you.

  • I wanted to point out that grief no matter the form it takes is not a “mental illness.” Grieving is natural after the passing of someone you love and it is individual in its expression. It is much better to experience sadness, crying, etc. after the passing of a loved one than no emotion at all. Once, I worked with those allegedly diagnosed with schizophrenia. This was a college volunteer assignment. One of the odd things that happened was when one of the clients reported that he had lost his beloved pet dog. This client expressed this without any emotion, whatsoever. His facial expressions were blank. His body, too. The ones who ran the place tried to attribute to his illness, although they would state to a volunteer like me that it was explicitly schizophrenia. Although this was before the years of SSRIS and the “modern” atypical anti-psychotics, when I look back on this, more and more I attribute this lack of emotion to the drugs he was being prescribed at the time. In fact, all the weird happenings at that place that Spring, I now believe can be more attributed to the drugs prescribed for these clients than their alleged diagnosis. Thank you.

  • Robben, Are you aware that SSRIs can cause the “symptoms” classified by the DSM as Bi-polar Disorder or Manic Depression? Are you aware that SSRIs can contribute to suicidal or homicidal ideation, etc. even violence while the person is taking them or in the intense withdrawal stage from the SSRI? One more point, if they were really were a drug or drugs that could take people off the street from the suffering of homelessness, that would be so nice, rather like Huxley’s “Brave New World”. I think, we as human being, can think of much more creative ways to get people off the street so they retain their dignity, freedom, and free will. It just takes work on our part. Giving someone a drug for anything is the easy way out. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, You are right; I could substitute “they” for “we.” but that could depend on the audience. You are also right when you speak of keeping the population in line by example. So much of how those in various forms of authority exercise their authority is “by example.” Psychiatrists, etc. use the “example” method to persuade you to take their drugs. Teachers, etc. use the “example” method to not only attempt to teach a subject, but to get their desired behavior objectives in the classroom, etc. I have had had supervisors use it against me to berate me to try to get their desired objective from me. That never worked. I usually left the room in tears. And, none of this usually works. Why? Because, each one of is an individual. Each one of us has been created as an individual, no matter how or where you believe this uniqueness of who each one of is comes from… It is why, at least, at this time in history, all governments, etc. are failing. The day we really acknowledge the individual spirit of each person will be a day of victory. However, it may be a while, as it is a big “cash cow” for so many to deny us this right in so many ways, etc. Thank you.

  • This is their story; “Despite the consensus, nearly everyone still believes the metaphor and parrots the message. The idea is 1) Your Brain is Damaged, 2) The Drugs Fix Something, and 3) You Need to Take Medications Indefinitely.” (“Indefinitely” is underlined.) This is what is really happening; 1) We made it up that your brain is damaged, 2) This is to justify prescribing these drugs, and 3) Now, Your Brain is Really and Truly Damaged INDEFINITELY. But, “Planet Psychiatry” will always deny their culpability in this. Thank you.

  • evanhaar, Please forgive me for getting between you and oldhead, however, I just wanted to note that those symptoms you mention in your post CAN be caused by brain damage and mental illness may not even figure into the equation. Even a brain tumor might cause the symptoms you list. What is tragically ironic about psychiatry, etc. is that many times the symptoms they say are caused by mental illness are actually caused by a physical illness. Yet, they will diagnose someone with a mental illness, then blame it on chemical irregularities in the brain, but… they have no proof. They just causally assume this. Then, they prescribe these psychiatric drugs which they claim will mediate the symptoms, but, instead, these drugs cause physical symptoms which, although the psychiatrist will probably deny it, can only be described as a form of brain damage. But, then the psychiatrist will claim the now real brain damage is nothing short of one of his or her mental illnesses. One could say in the psych world, a person can not win for losing. Thank you.

  • Years ago, my first job out of college was as a corrections officer. The main point of a prison system or even jail I was taught was that the jail or prison system has actually been instituted a form of protection and separation; protecting and separating society from the convicted criminal and protecting and separating the convicted criminal from society. That’s it. Education, rehabilitation, etc. is nice, but, “fluff” or considered as privileges and can be revoked if needed. Also, if necessary, the prisoner can be isolated from other prisoners. Prisons and jails never were meant to be joyrides or even the answer to society’s problems. In prisons, since the advent of prozac and other “modern” psychiatric drugs they also utilize these drugs as both a deterrent and a stabilizer, not unlike how they are used amongst those in the larger population. But, perhaps, the only real difference between prisons and general psychiatry is that the patient/client for the most part are kept drugged on the outside, while the inmate in a jail or prison is kept drugged on the inside. My main reason to present this information is help us realize why we incarcerate people in the first place. Thank you.

  • Yes! Steve McCrea, you have the correct answer! Even the psychiatrists, etc. will confess to this; as one the side effects of most psychiatric drugs is weight gain and/or metabolic changes possibly leading to diabetes and other related diseases. It would really help if the psych industry would admit their responsibility in the rising epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and that in many cases, it just not the food we eat. Like so many health and other epidemics in society, the growing problems can be traced back to these psychiatric drugs, etc. Thank you.

  • Unfortunately, I think the biggest problem with this paradigm is that people want to be fixed. TV Shows, Magazine articles, Internet articles all bear this out. I fell into this Rabbit Hole Myself. It is seductive and can be dangerous, even possibly deadly. We are so desperate to be “fixed” to do anything. Somehow, we just need accept the seeming impossible to our minds, that each we are alright just the way we are. Of course, there are lots of people so invested for so many reasons to convince us otherwise. And each one of us is vulnerable to this. One of the greatest things we can do to free ourselves from psychiatry, etc. is to acknowledge and accept our unique selves as uniquely created and individually meant to be. But, even, I know this harder than it seems and may take a lifetime—a lifetime away from psychiatry, etc. Thank you.

  • Kindred Spirit, What you write here about “contact tracing, mandated mask wearing, and severely restricted movement” can easily be countered with data that shows that these, as they say “non-drug” interventions do not work and only worsen the covid crisis, i.e. cases, etc. However, by the tone of your post, I can tell you probably not be interested. There are many unanswered questions about RNA Vaccines. And, in fact, I believe, prior to the covid crisis, they were considered a failure. But, what I really read underneath the lines of your post is what I call the “that’s that” conclusion. This is similar to the same conclusions, many of the psychiatrists, psychologists, and other doctors wrote down in their reports concerning my thinking, possible behavior, physical characteristics, etc. One psychologist went so far as to call me “shallow.” And, I, may very well be “shallow” for one thing I have learned in my unfortunate years “drugged and therapized” by psychiatry, etc. is to ask questions and to never fear where angels fear to tread or is you are lucky, you could get killed or worse. Each person has every right to refuse any medical intervention. Of all things to lose one’s freedom to make decisions relevant to oneself, and if necessary, one’s family, is probably the most unhealthy and dangerous thing to do. Thank you.

  • KindredSpirit, Anytime, anyone states that they support censorship on any subject, whether it be “broad antivax positions” or other types of positions, I am UTTERLY and ONE MILLION PERCENT APPALLED!! This is still America, Land of the Free (FREE SPEECH, NOT CENSORSHIP) and thus Home of the Brave. I can thinking of absolutely nothing so horribly UNAMERICAN as the word, “Censorship.” When “censorship ” prevails about any subject; terror, torture, torment, and TYRANNY exists. Even if a comment appears to come from any type of extermist position or consipracy theory position, it should be heard. It may not be the truth, but, it can lead us to the truth. One never knows how the winding road of investigation will get us where we need to go. That is one of amongst many reasons why “censorship” is not justified. As far as the stakes being high, the stakes may be much, much higher still, if we do not raise questions, so we can get answers. Do psychiatric patients and psychiatric survivors deserve any more suffering than they already have had? I would think it would be a highly reasonable question for any illness or disease, is the vaccine worse than the illness or is the illness worse than the vaccine? We do not even know if there are contraindications for people who are taking psychiatric drugs. I never thought that I would face the same type of censorship argument I received on a “pro-schizophrenic” site when I began to question taking all these “little pills” after I had read Whittaker’s book, “Anatomy of an Epidemic.” There is so much we don’t know here. It took years before Whittaker had the data to prove what he saw in the book, “Anatomy of an Epidemic.” This covid virus has only allegedly been around for maybe a year and a half. This covid vaccine has only been available since around Christmas. There is so much we don’t know. To “censor” at any stage, but at this early stage of it all, in my opinion, would be nothing but sheer madness! Thank you.

  • No.# 1 No one who comments here is promoting fear and doubt about the vaccine, they are just illuminating facts. No. #2 There is a point to be made concerning why are they now highlighting “psychiatric patients.” No.#3 Although there may be some studies that detail some of the efficacy and some of the possible side effects, it would be too soon for any such listing to be near exhaustive. No.#4 The pitfalls of trusting the FDA as to their approval of any drug or vaccine is and should be necessarily suspect. The evidence is endemic to this site as reflected by the many articles and comments about those articles on this site. No.#5 How many drugs, especially, but even some vaccines approved by the FDA have to be taken off the market because they found dangerous substances in them that could cause dangerous side effects and even terminal diseases not known at the time of approval? No#6 Please remember these vaccines have only received emergency approval for use, so they are still technically in the experimental stages. No#7 I think that even if there something dangerous or life threatening, the vaccine makers have technically been excused from liability. The latter may come into dispute in time. No#8 No matter the drug, the vaccine, the food, the cleaning agent, the chemical, either natural or synthetic, etc. each person is so unique and individual that one may be good for one person may kill or make sick another person. Therefore, it would seem to make sense to question everything about this vaccine. This does not mean it might not be beneficial to you or someone you love. It just means, do your homework and trust your instincts, not necessarily what you hear from the news, public health or any governmental entity. This is being a responsible adult. Thank you.

  • It is well known that these “medications”, actually “psychiatric drugs” are probably the biggest cause of violence in the modern world. Of course, the psychiatrists, big pharma, the mental illness industry and even much of government, education, etc. will deny it by placing the blame on the victim. And, the victim needs in all these situations to be identified as both the perpetuator and the perpetuated. Therefore, in my opinion, “Kendra’s Law” or its variations fails at the outset if it demands “mandatory drug compliance” and adjunct dangerous therapies for the person so identified to remain in compliance to the law. So, as usual, a law that appears to look good on the surface bears underneath it a terrible secret that few are willing to confess. Thank you.

  • Most of what is discussed here happened in the late 80’s, early 90’s. This was just as the “prozac nation” was beginning in psychiatry, etc. One thing we do know now about these psycho-drugs is that they do affect memory, amongst other brain functions. It has been in the last twenty to twenty-five years that these drugs have been given to not only children, teenagers (whose brains are still developing) but also pregnant women. We actually do not know what these drugs will do the memories of these, the most innocent and vulnerable. We do know that these drugs do mess up the memories of adults over the age of twenty-five. Twenty-five has been the traditional year of “brain maturity.” I am very concerned how these drugs will affect the memories of these young people. I am concerned that since these drugs do affect the memory in adverse ways, these young people could very well be extremely vulnerable to all kinds of false memories put into their brains that could be knowingly or unknowingly be used for damaging, dangerous or even nefarious purposes. Thank you.

  • Here are two statements that stand out to me : “poorer expectations for improvement” and “psychiatric clients are not credible unless the statements are by the psychiatrist.” The latter one was so important to the author of this article, it was printed in bold type. But, I will confront the first statement, first… I noticed in my way too many years as a “psychiatric client” how this statement became more and more true in the eyes of the mental illness providers. In fact those who, without a doubt, swore by this statement, were now migrating into what we call regular or traditional medicine. So, what is the only rational thought a patient/client might have, “Why go to the any medical professional? I am not going to get better anyway.” But, what is even more important here is how this type of statement fortifies the psychiatrist or any M.D.’s decision to keep the patient in the “drug diapers” forever. This also includes other types of therapies or treatments that keep one dependent on them. Now, the latter statement shows Hubris, to the nth degree and also fortifies the statement regarding “poorer expectations for improvement.” I am not sure what else to say, except that if you choose to go to a “mental illness provider” you lose and more and more each day; if you choose to go to a traditional medical provider, you are more likely to lose. Total reform is necessary, including the abolishment especially of psychiatry; but, how can that be accomplished when so many subscribe to the old adage, “My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts.” Thank you.

  • I believe that the article states that they no longer teach about repressed memories and false memories in college psychology classes now. However, from my experience, these therapists, in particular still either put “false memories” in to their client’s brains or perhaps even worse, is when they take a normal memory from childhood or any time in the client’s life and then disorient the individual so as to make that memory be construed as a symptom of the diagnosis. This may or may not include alleged “sexual memories.” The purpose of this is to make the client believe that he or she has been “mentally ill”—“a serious and pervasive mental illness”— since even as far back as birth or very early childhood. And, of course, that not only justifies the alleged diagnosis, but the drugs, therapies and other lame treatments. This goes even further, in that, to consider oneself as “severe and pervasive mentally ill” since nearly birth is basically “serious and pervasive abuse” by the therapists, psychiatrists, etc. Thank you.

  • Willoweed states some very true facts about Psychiatric drugs, lifespan, and even infectious disorders. While on these drugs, I had two horrible cases of pneumonia; one of which got me hospitalized. I am also concerned about if there are any contraindications between these vaccines and the psychiatric drugs. It seems very hard to find out that type of information on any drug versus the vaccines and especially on the psychiatric drugs. One other point is that these psychiatric drugs can interfere with reasoning, judgement, clarity of mind, etc. Therefore, I am really not sure if a patient on these kinds of drugs can make a rational decision to take the vaccine or not. Thank you.

  • Richard D Lewis: With all due respect, each one of use must question the whole Covid19 scenario. Everything must be questioned, including cases, deaths, mandates, restrictions, and of course, its origin. It is imperative for us to really know the whole truth about this. Additionally, as this Covid19 thing began to evolve, I saw many resemblances on a grander scale to what each individual psychiatric survivor, including myself has endured and reported. I think it is very important and does not impede our goal as psychiatric survivors in our goal for justice and truth to both question and to also have different opinions, etc. about this pandemic or anything that does happen in government, society, healthcare, etc. Although, we have one major goal, we are not a monolith. We need to welcome discussion, disagreement, etc. If we do not, we will never achieve or goal. I am truly sorry for all those who have died and all those who have suffered. Much of the suffering is due to the ramifications of these political decisions masquerading as “public health decisions.” This is a great tragedy no matter how it came about. But, there is one more point, I would like to bring up. What about the deaths from psychiatric abuse, especially “big pharma’s input?” But, “big pharma” important as it is in the psychiatric lie is not the only ones driving the suffering, destruction and death. How many good, decent people with names and families and lives and loves and dreams, etc. have we lost to psychiatry? I imagine no pandemic, no war, no environmental catastrophe could ever measure up as to the real amount of those lost? As we mourn the loss of those who succumbed to covid, let us also mourn the loss of those to psychiatry, its lies, and abuses? Thank you.

  • “Mental Illness” is something applied to you. It’s not like a broken arm or leg or even like a cold or strep throat. In many ways, “mental illness” is an illusion, illusory, almost like a “magic act” done to you for all the wrong reasons. Yes, you might not feel like yourself. You might be sad. You might be angry. You might be upset, confused, even disoriented about something. You may even hear conflicting voices; your parent, teachers, society, etc. Some even have mal intent and want to harm you. Some are just confused themselves and just want to share their misery of confusion. So, you go for help, the secular parish priest, aka the therapist/psychiatrist, etc. They give you a “diagnosis”, ply you with drugs, try to mold you with all kinds of alleged therapeutic interventions until you no recognize yourself. If you have been abused physically, sexually, emotionally, etc. or involved in some sort of traumatic situation, on one level, it all seems so right. Why? It’s a sanitized version of what you have previously endured and not only that it is approved by law, by society, by authorities you try to trust. But, somewhere inside you know something is just not quite right. The birds no longer sing to you. The sky is not it’s blue of longing anymore. When it rains, the raindrops hurt all over. And, when it snows, you just want to pretend it does not exist. And the sun, you already know about the hole in the ozone layer. You don’t have to be told now. There’s a hole in the sun. And the night sky is not full of the stars and the moon. It just looks like it has the measles or chicken pox. This is your brain on the drugs and the therapy. And, you realize this is not the way out of the confusion, the sadness, the anger, the trauma, the abuse you already experience. This is just more trauma, more abuse heaped upon you. But, you can not verbalize or articulate this. For although, you make be walking around, you can not really speak and if even you could speak, no one would or could hear you. This is the fate of those who seek help, either knowingly or unknowingly in the “mental illness system.” This is what happens when you seek out something that you thought would be good for you, but, is really bad for you. And, if though, you may not be consciously aware of it, you are trying to find a way out, because, if you don’t, you may die a premature death or maybe even worse, you are alive, but, such a shell of yourself, you might as well be dead. So, how do you get out of this? You see, it doesn’t matter what kind of hospitalization you might have endured, because, all of it is a form of hospitalization. How do you get out? Some sadly never do. And if you do get out, much of you, is forever changed. You are damaged, your brain, your body. It’s all individual. How it affects you may affect someone else differently. How you survive the withdrawal and what happens afterward is, in many ways, incredibly unique, tailored it seems just to you and you alone. But it is not all tragedy and pain. If you survive this you will be stronger, although your “stronger-ness” may look remarkably different than any other survivor. But, still no matter how strong, you might be overcoming this and being victorious over this, you will always live with this “niggling” thought at the back of your mind—why did I let the do this to me? why? But, even though that thought is almost always there, do not let it paralyze you. You have survived this for a purpose. You have survived to help others through this journey and lest we not forget, to help yourself through this journey. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Thank you.

  • Many have expressed concern with this article and the attitude expressed in it regarding domestic violence. I share their concern. I also have another concern. The author states that the services are available ONLY to those who desire it. But, if you say No to this type of arrangement, must the individual do time in a psychiatric hospital? I would say, in my experience, in America, that would very probably be the unfortunate case. Maybe, the individual might be allowed into a Day Program Alternative as I was some years ago. I am not sure what year. It’s the drugs, you know. I was locked into that, also, and had to be formally released as if I were in an in-patient program. Maybe, you could just save money amongst the taxpayers, stakeholders, etc. and just put one on those electronic bracelets on the individual. Because, no matter, how the treatment, etc. is done to the person (and it is always done to the person) the person is now an inmate, even if the person can appear to come and go as he or she pleases. It reminds me of the finale of the cult classic of the late 1960’s the British Based Television Show, “The Prisoner.” All of the “prisoners” thought they were now free of this “island” they were exiled. However, when they returned to London and went to go inside their apartments, they did not open their door on their own with a key. In fact, just like on that exile island, they would step on some sort of “strip” and their door would “magically” open—just like how they entered their apartments in their exile. So, please, tell me, who is free to live as they were meant to live, happily and healthily? Who? Who? Who? It’s just one imprisonment for another and this could be worse in some many ways. Thank you.

  • This is just another tragic story. We have way too many of these stories. I remember as a child and as a teenager how we were warned about diet drugs, i.e. speed (amphetamines) In those days, young women, especially, died from these drugs. They only wanted to be “thin.” And, yes, these drugs are related to those drugs manufactured in “meth-labs.” In those days, they sold these drugs at the back of magazines bought at gas stations and drug stores. You know, those magazines that gave you your horoscope or gave you the gossip on the latest celebrity. So, when later, some years later, I read in popular “women’s” magazines how these stimulant drugs made allegedly highly stimulant people less stimulated. Huh? I tried one of these drugs, once, “adderall” at the “suggestion” of my psychiatrist for a work-related issue. Luckily, for me, it was a worthless drug, because I told the psychiatrist it did nothing for me. These drugs are very dangerous? And, I question, why must a young boy, his family, and a very empathetic nurse and staff go through this so unnecessarily for just a “horrible and addictive diet drug” that should never ever be prescribed and given to a person of any age and especially to one so very young. Thank you.

  • Let’s be honest. This is still a form of psychiatric hospitalization. Even going to a psychiatrist and therapist on some sort of “out-patient” patient is still hospitalization. In the latter, most find it easier to walk away from the situation. First, remember, according to the article, the “therapist” was able to calm “Megan” down so she could begin her drugs. Second, having someone to come into your home, although she still lived with her parents, is more than intrusive. I think this could be construed, at least, in the United States, as a possible violation of the Fourth Amendment. Of course, I am no legal or constitutional scholar, but it seems like it could be construed as such. It allows the therapists, etc. to see inside the home of where someone lives, which is “none of their business” if you ask me and, could be even more detrimental to the well-being of the “patient.” This is just a way for the mental illness industry to get even more of a toehold into the very private life of their unassuming victim. To borrow one of my college friends comments, “This Sucks!” and I add “This Sucks Bigtime!” Thank you.

  • Nancy99: This is Rebel again! First, “open-minded” does not necessarily mean “one changes one’s opinion based on evidence.” It usually just means one is tolerant of other’s opinions and welcomes their opinions into the conversation whether in agreement or not. Second, using the “earth is flat” theory is well, useless, since only a few small group of people actually argue if the earth is flat anymore. It is so “Middle Ages!”
    Third, and I believe the most true; we do “pick and choose” what we think, believe, etc. regardless on the “science.” We do this based on life experiences, culture, education, etc. etc. etc. Fourth, science is not always well aware of their biases. How can it be? Science, like all fields, is made up of human beings. Human beings are naturally biased. It is both our curse and our blessing. All of this is meant to be a paradox. Our natural fallibility as humans shows up in science as in anywhere. By saying that “science is well aware of its biases and takes into account those variables” places science on a pedestal that makes it nothing less than God, All-Knowing, All-Seeing, All-Present. There is nothing we humans can say or do that can make us into Gods. And we do try it, we only become like Daedilus (forgive my spelling) who flew to the sun in his chariot and fell immediately and tragically back to the earth burnt and blinded by the Sun. This Greek Myth is a warning, but it is nor the only one in myth and in Spiritual/Religious Writings. I thank God for my unique biases because it has made me what I am today. Thank you.

  • sam plover, I think you make an interesting point. However, sometimes, maybe I just need a little clarification. How do you distinguish between “psych terms” and “psych language?” Also, in this distinguishing, will we be helping or hurting more those already damaged by psychiatry, etc. ? I think someone said something about “language policing.” Would this be considered “language policing?” Yes, “words do matter” but getting caught up too much in the words can sometimes do more harm than good. Thank you.

  • No 1: All I am questioning is if “brain damage” could be caused by “mindfulness” forced or not? Could similar negative incidents that sometimes happen to the brain in therapy also happen in “mindfulness”? If anytime, any feels forced or compelled to engage in something like mindfulness or therapy, then it seems likely some damage might occur? The concept of brain damage may be a far reach, but, perhaps it should be investigated and not ruled out in various cases.
    No 2: Nancy99, I am sorry that you seem unable to accept my way of thinking as a viable alternative. This does not mean you need agree with me, but only to accept it as a possibility. I am even more sorry that seem to; as you say “prefer academic articles” to the “views and opinions of people.” Academic articles like all articles do also bear the views and opinions of the author or authors. It would be impossible to do any research without the bias of the researcher interceding. If I conducted any research, my first hypothesis would come from my subjective bias. I only first like to bring up questions, such what can of damage can be done by mindfulness, forced or not. Second, “views and opinions or people” are valid. The “views and opinions” of each commentator to this site is very valid. Many of us have been damaged and hurt by psychiatry and psychology in not only “medical” circles, but, also “academic circles” and even in “mainstream circles” such as the various forms of media and “pop psychology.” Each person here has an important view and opinion that needs to seriously be heard and appreciated. As for me personally, I am a very worthwhile human being with very valid views and opinions on a wide variety of subjects. And I am not the only one. Please do not discount me, for my brain may have been damaged from the drugs and therapy, etc. but it is remains wonderfully made and is still beautiful and fantastic. This also pertains to other contributors to this site, whether or not their brains have been damaged by drugs and therapy, etc. Thank you.

  • With all due respect, “Nancy99” you have discounted both “RosyLeaDNVT” heartfelt experience with the damaging effects of mindfulness and what I said about your use of articles in academic journals to make your point and back up your opinion. I am thankful to “RosyLeaDNVT” because it does answer my question that for some, damage even some brain damage might result from “mindfulness.” However, I will let “RosyLeaDNVT” post her reply to what you stated about her post; if she so chooses to reply. As for what I said about the articles in academic journals, I was not referencing MIA, the Website, I was referencing those who read and comment on the articles posted on the website. My point is that due to the harm many who go to this website have experienced from psychiatry, psychology, etc. the referencing of these articles may not only bring skepticism, but a concern that again they may been discounted in the pain and damage they have endured from psychiatry, etc. which also includes the writers of many articles in academic journals. In essence, yes, I do have a deep concern over the use of mindfulness in therapies and in daily life. There are way too many questions than answers and until we can safely answer those questions, we must consider the vulnerable and perhaps slow down and maybe even reconsider it as a tool for any type of behavior or thought control. Thank you.

  • With all due respect, I notice that you have felt the need to list a lot of references in various psychological/psychiatric journals to back up your opinion. I can say that many to most on this site who read the articles presented here and thus comment on them are highly skeptical of any referencing from academic journals. Many on this site are actually hurting from the damage done to them by psychiatry and psychology. Some of their hurt has originated from academic journals such as these. Perhaps mindfulness is more than locking doors and perhaps, it isn’t. There have been many excellent comments on mindfulness. The main point that some and I included are presenting is that mindfulness is just being presented as another therapy, another drug and thus if not, a tool for damage, it might very well even cause damage. And, I am really not sure if we know if mindfulness may or may not cause any sort of brain damage as already known to be caused by drugs. Thank you.

  • I can see this discussion will probably become heated before we just get tired of it. As far as the U.S., China and Russia are concerned, I consider them “capitalist” in the most perverted sense of the word. All three now reflect capitalism gone bad or in some instances, even evil. One commentator sees “Socialism” as the answer. Actually, one time, I had a “dream” about “socialism.” In reality it was a nightmare. It was dark and gloomy. It sounds nice to have a “classless society and world” but, perhaps too nice. It could end up being a utopia turned upside down into a dystopia. I would caution “beware” of things that look too good. By the way, oldhead, is speaking truth about “covid.”
    In my humble opinion, the real problem with our society and China, Russia and others is the lack of acknowledgement of the individual. Education, government, medicine, etc. and especially psychiatry all disregard the sovereignty of the person. In my way of thinking and I do not expect everyone to agree, the sovereignty of the person is the sovereignty of God. However, I do think that no matter how religious or even our political beliefs, we need to value each person as a unique composition of Nature. I am afraid that a socialist world can not deliver this and as far as our capitalist world, now perverted, it obviously can not, will not, or is unwilling todo this. Until, each one of us is a prisoner and “covid” is only a symptom. Thank you.

  • Actually, I was wondering if this discussion of memory may be a slightly moot point. Yes, each one of us is shaped by our culture, our society, our nationality, etc. etc. etc. But, in the end, the actual memory may be completely individual. The problem has always been that we have tried really hard to group people by this or that; i.e. “Fill in the Blank.” And, that might very well be our failure. Memory boils down to what is important to each person. This is not moral relativism. It just is. Thank you.

  • I guess you could say memory is shaped by culture, if you consider that the best I remembered my homework and what I needed to know for tests was to associate it with what we were watching on tv the day or evening before. From that, one could consider that memory is not so much culture, but association. But, that’s traditional old thought. Will I remember this? Maybe yes and maybe no. Sometimes, tv is just not as interesting as it used to be. Oh, there is another point about memory- emotion; one’s emotional state at the time can determine memory. That could be why so much of memory seems to be lost while under the “spell” of psycho-drugs and therapies, etc. They dull the emotions to nothing. Of course there are other things from the drugs and therapies that affect the memory. So, my unacademic, naive conclusion is that memory is not so much affected maybe by culture, as just by our everyday lives. Thank you.

  • Yes, I agree. “You have the right to remain silent…” However, if you remain silent, these shrinks will consider it a disorder or diagnosis and start the drugging and therapy process. And, actually, therapy is not therapy at all, but indoctrination, interrogation, and an attempt to force you to break down into their version of you; which is robotic non-humanness. Thank you.

  • Please forgive me when did living without mindfulness lead to harm; except maybe not being mindful to turn off the oven when you leave the house or not locking the door when you leave. I also did not know that ruminating caused harm as my grandparents and great-grandparents always ruminated especially in church. Actually, could you not consider that mindfulness might very well lead to obsessive tendencies. The drugs made me especially mindful of making sure doors were locked; such that I even concocted rituals to make sure I did that. In my opinion, we rely too much on buzzwords like mindfulness. We really need to focus on the individual ways each person thinks and relates and responds to the world. It’s a whole lot better to say that’s just the way whomever is and stop trying to force them either implicitly or explicitly into mindfulness; including physical activity, etc. Thank you.

  • With all due respect to your comments about what I said, your assumptions about my being of an entirely younger generation are not quite right. During much of the first part of this movement (and I am specifically refencing the dates the the Madness Network News was being published -1974-1985) I was a student aimlessly trying to obtain a BA in Psychology. During the latter part of the movement, I was at my first real job, aimlessly attempting to be a Correctional Services Officer in two different men’s prisons. I say what I say about the inability of “resurrecting such a movement again” because the tenor and the times of psychiatry have changed. This, I, as a non-academic, partly trace back to what we call “prozac nation.” We actually have a movement now, but it might still be in its infancy stage. Psychiatry has gained such a hold in our society that prominent people now like to discuss on tv through ads and commentaries, etc. how therapy and drugs have helped them. We are now being gaslighted about the “stigma issue.” Each day we are bombarded with tv ads about available drugs that will take away our misery or how teletherapy will make our day better. Big Pharma money and Big Insurance money flow into our Representatives on all levels. Psychiatry is a behemoth now and that’s what has changed since the early days of the Madness Network News. We must change our tactics. We must get our message out in ways that do not harm, but are successful. We must be strategic. In this respect, the world has tragically changed. I could go further, but, I’ll stop here. But, what always comes to my mind is the phrase, “while we were sleeping . . . ” Thank you.

  • It’s really time to stop saying anti-depressants or anti-psychotics or one of my perennial favorites, mood stableizers. (I can’t spell that word!) and all the rest medications. These are nothing less than drugs, drugs like any street drug pusher would try to sell you. The only difference is these are legal and it’s people with alleged authoritative degrees who sell them to you. Like they stop the madness, but the madness is not in us it’s in those who sell it to us and profit off of us and try to control us with it. “Just Say No” has never sounded so good and is a powerful tool in its own right. Thank you.

  • I think this is a very interesting article with important historical perspective, but, there is no way we could resurrect this type of movement again. We have to consider an anti-psychiatry movement in light of the current widespread psychiatric infiltration in all aspects of our culture and society. Since “prozac nation” psychiatry changed. Psychiatry found a way to make it very attractive to drug as many people as possible. And the drugs are not just prescribed by the psychiatrists. Other doctors prescribe these drugs for a million reasons. Additionally, our children are more vulnerable to this drugging. Our children are not only prescribed dangerous drugs like ritalin and adderall, but also the SSRIS and the anti-psychotics like risperidal and others. And, we are very well at the precipice of more intense technological and computerized invasions in to our brain and mind. Psychiatry is a major fraud perpetuated onto the world, but it is a fraud with massive implications and ramifications that are essentially dangerous and damaging to what makes us all truly human. Thank you.

  • How about avoid antidepressants altogether? There are reports that antidepressants might cause bipolar disorder or rather the manic part of the disorder. Therefore, this may be a circular logic discussion. Or even how about avoiding the alleged diagnosis of bipolar disorder, formerly manic depression altogether? What do you think? Less stress and damage to both brain and body. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, Thank you for your “We Believe” Statement about your “Anti-Psychiatry Movement.” In my opinion, in addition to “an end to state support for psychiatry, etc.” you should also include an “end to corporate support for psychiatry, etc.” I think this might help get the corporate money involved and not just “Big Pharma” money in the state and in employment and other practices, etc. Thank you.

  • Also, these drugs virtually take away the women’s menstrual cycle. I remember fellow participants in this drug processes in a party mood, when they would get a menstrual period. It was so rare, a woman of “child-bearing age” on these drugs might get one once every few years, if at all; but they never tell you that that’s a “side effect.” Huh? Thank you.

  • What you said made me consider, the “psychic hotlines” I see advertised on tv, mostly after midnight on various cable outlets. “A Dollar for the first ten minutes, etc.” and they’ll “make up” something that sounds allegedly plausible. Another example is those morning horoscopes that used to be in the newspapers, but are now found online. You can even subscribe to such a service! Once, this was even before the big drug surge after Prozac, I had a therapist who literally told me that she had a revelation I would be involved in some aspect of hydrology. Well, I have been known to drink my share of lemonade, soft drinks, iced tea and Gatorade. Of course, that increased incredibly when they put me on Lithium and then added all the other drugs. Thank you.

  • Politics inherently bring out emotions. In fact, we can get emotional about politics, which is why, in the past, in addition to religion and sex, we have mostly kept it out of polite conversation, including family gatherings, etc. Sometimes, especially, in the highly political election years, I have seem ministers plead with their congregations to keep political discussions away from the church grounds and away from the communion tables. But, that seems to be changing. But, when it is phrased as the politics of emotion, I am distressed. Why? This makes emotions, a natural human response to life itself, a political act. Politics may bring out our emotions, but, they should not be a political act and when it gets mixed in psychotherapy as this article purports it to be, well I can say “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble” to quote Shakespeare; A Veritable Witches Brew. To this analogy to a related story of witches, I also am reminded of Hansel and Gretel writhing in the witch’s cauldron at the Witch’s Gingerbread House—“My Dinner!”, exclaims the witch, as she sees the children about ready to be boiled in hot oil like scruffy little potatoes for her stew! Thank you.

  • Many of the analogies presented in these comments may or may not be debatable. Some are just beyond hilarious. However, in my opinion, the theory of chemical imbalance in the brain and the resulting desire to either attack or “keep it in check” with these drugs and other companion therapies, etc. is neither debatable or hilarious. These drugs and companion therapies cause damage to the brain and thus the body which is basically life-changing. They are not only damaging, but dangerous and usually debilitate, disable or tragically even kill. When you stop taking the drugs, even for a small amount of time, you must go through a nasty withdrawal period. And, after the withdrawal, you must learn to adjust your life in accordance with the damage done to you. And, you will probably do this alone. Even, many times, your family and friends don’t understand. Some may refuse to understand or may shun you. Some, because of the oddness of behaviors during the withdrawal and sometimes after the withdrawal think you should return to the horror and terror of the psychiatrists, etc. again. And, of course, the mass media and other such things may be against you, too. You are, in essence, double or even triple stigmatized. These are the downsides, but, if you are willing to basically walk away for this psychiatric tyranny, you will be rewarded. Your mind, although different from before the drugs and therapies, etc. is clearer. Your whole body feels and is cleaner inside and out. The stinking dirtiness of the drugs and therapies, etc. is gone. You will probably have to adapt your life and lifestyle in some unusual ways. There will be things you can’t do or may never be able to do again. And there are things, you may or may have thought you could not do that now give you a sense of peace and accomplishment. You will probably have to adapt your diet, your sleep habits and tons of other stuff. And, you are very understandably allergic to doctors, etc. You may probably find that there are now great limitations to any drugs you can take, even OTC Meds or even commonly prescribed meds. Yes, your life is different now, but, you have survived maybe a greater challenge than Daniel ever did in the Lion’s Den. Thank you.

  • Dr. Pies does seem to revel in creative non-fiction. In all my years with the shrinks, they always told me I had some sort of chemical imbalance and that’s why the drugs. They also told me that how I responded to the drugs could determine what diagnosis fit me. Since, there really is no way to determine if there is a chemical imbalance, they based their assumptions only going backwards. But, this is an illegitimate backwards. If the only real test for your diagnosis other than the flimsy DSM is the person’s response to the drugs, then it really reflects that psychiatry actually begins and ends in criminal malpractice. I say this because it is putting the patient at risk just to bring about a conclusion or a diagnosis which is faulty at best. This is why creative nonfiction is more evil than even an oxymoron. Thank you.

  • I do stand by the idea that psychiatry is not a conspiracy theory, but a false religion. I would say it began, in many respects, as a cult; however, I contend it to be a false religion because unlike either a cult or conspiracy theory, it is way too far-reaching. Psychiatry has too many followers and too many preachers and missionaries. In media and otherwise, it is seen as the answer to so many of the world’s problems. I consider it a false religion not because it seems to be without God, but, it attempts to make man into God. Psychiatry propagates the lie that if you take this drug or these drugs, engage in these therapies, get ECT or TMS or whatever new treatment they want to sell, everything will be alright; your life will be so much better. Now, the question is how can this be different from any traditional religions message. That is a valid question. I would say it is because you are achieving because the implicit and explicit message is that the psychiatrist, the drugs, the therapies, etc. are the Gods, i.e. the transformative agents. So and this can be disputed, I am sure, how does this make man into God? A decent psychiatrist or pharmacist will tell you that the drugs, especially, become a part of the body’s system. The body and the brain begin to expect them, rely on them for survival. When they are taken away, the brain and body go through a horrendous withdrawal. Many do go back, because the withdrawal can be so intense. So, in order to maintain oneself in this God-State, one must continue these drugs. But, it is all false. It is nothing less than a Faustian Bargain. And, thus, Psychiatry is a False Religion that propagates danger and harm to trillions and trillions of vulnerable people. Thank you.

  • I do not think I would designate psychiatry as a conspiracy theory as that brings it to a political point that it might not quite belong. Additionally, many conspiracy theories when we dare look backwards into history do have hints of truth in them. However, psychiatry is a cult, if not a religion. And you are right, the DSM is their Bible. Many psychiatrists do consider the DSM as the “Gospel Truth” about anything. So, in a way, this makes psychiatry far more dangerous than any alleged conspiracy theory on any subject. Conspiracy Theories rarely affect as many people as do religions. But, psychiatry is a false religion that will spread its fanatically false gospel to the ends of the earth, if it hasn’t already, unless we seriously put the brakes on it. Labeling it as a conspiracy theory only makes it laughable and trivial in the eyes of many. When we label it as the false religion it really is, then maybe we can really reach the vulnerable and stop the hurt and damage it does to people. For, when one person is hurt or damaged, all are. Thank you.

  • I appreciate what you say, however, I am pleased that I make “no sense.” This is because in “making no sense” we arrive at what is known as “common sense.” Psychology and even those we know as “traditional sciences” now seem to lack “common sense” which ignores the “common person”. Thus, it fails. Actually, in many cases “science” has become “scientism” which really is another religion. Until science and most importantly we mere humans acknowledge this, science will fail us mightily. We need to stop worshipping science as if it is the answers to all our problems. Thank you.

  • Marie, You are correct and I think this is a problem is all “sciences” but traditional medicine, in particular, now takes it cues from psychiatry, psychology, etc. I believe it Steve McCrea who said it’s not very profitable to cure people. If you consider all the non-profit organizations now created for almost every disease known to man; whether “real or made up” why would you want a cure for any of these diseases and put all these people out of work. Plus, there is a lot of corporate money involved with endorsements, ad campaigns, etc. Also, there is the insurance business. Also, you must consider Big Pharma’s role in the proliferation of “maintenance drugs” at the expense of even antibiotics, etc. There is just to much money involved to make us healthy, whole and having a decent sense of well-being anymore. The “medical industry” which maybe the biggest industry ever has a stake in keeping us sick on many levels. Thank you.

  • Someone Else, I really like your idea about calling it “Truth in Psychiatry” rather than “anti psychiatry”, although “anti psychiatry is far from harmful. “Truth in Psychiatry” might influence people to be more interested in what we have to say. I think some have mentioned “critical psychiatry” but being anti-psychiatry immediately makes our stance critical. Of course, we have every right to be critical as we have been abused and harmed. But “Truth” does imply “facts.” And, no matter what we say there will be those who will counter what we say or claim what we have experience can be disputed in some way. But, “truth” is always good because it means we are on the “right side of history” And, that is what this whole website is basically for and about… Thank you.

  • Psychology should not be viewed as a science. That sounds very reasonable. But, the question might actually be should anything be viewed as a science? We have tried very hard, especially since, WWII, to make everything a science, even art, religion and literature. In the end, science becomes trivialized. But, the fault may be in us who tried to depend on science, when living is more of an art. And, I believe this to be true no matter your particular religious beliefs. The lie of science has been that it is objective, while art is faulted for being too subjective. Either objectivity is an impossibility or art might be the only true objective source for our existence on Earth. Consider this, tomorrow, when the sun rises and you look out your window or take a walk outside, look at the clouds, the trees, the flowers to be (I know it’s winter in the northern hemisphere now.) But Just look around you it’s not Science, it’s art. Then think of what’s inside you, your brain, your bones, muscles, your heart and other organs. (Notice we call them organs, just like the organ in that old church down the street.) When you notice that, you will realize we have deceived ourselves about science all along. All of it is ART. Even the word HEART contains the word ART. And this is the Art of Goodness, a hearty laugh, a smile, a baby’s cry. Psychology can’t be science, because nothing is science. When we acknowledge our misstep, we will be on the road to pure freedom. Thank you.

  • This is very extensive article, which I doubt most psychiatrists would just pay no attention. You know that old line, “My Mind is made up, don’t confuse me the facts.” On TD, they tacitly admit as seen by Big Pharma produced ads; but they claim it is due to “important medication” for depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, but now they have a solution. My Father always told me that doctors diagnose through ruling out symptoms. This seems not to occur in psychiatry and it seems to be falling out favor in “non-psychiatric medicine” which leads to believe that “traditional medicine” is now falling under the spell of psychiatry. As far as side effects to the drugs, the psychiatrists in my experience seem to brush it off. They may entertain your questions about possible weight gain and that’s about it. Also, another telling piece of evidence that supports the claims of this article is that in no instance, when I went for initial psychiatric evaluation did they do any kind of complete medical assessment as you might get in a regular doctor’s office. They did spend a lot of time on “psychiatric history” or you past and present behavior and feelings. In one evaluation, I was told I was “shallow” as if I had a terminal illness. The reason I bring up the lack of a medical history being requested is in my memory, they never asked me about past or present alcohol use. Thus, they never knew that I am terribly allergic to alcohol even more so since the psych drugs. They were also very upset and kept refusing to acknowledge or indicate on my “records” that I was allergic to penicillin, but, I pressed them on that until they put it in the front cover of my file. Of course, the psych folks were not the only one upset over my penicillin allergy. Once, I went in to one of those clinics in a drug store for a complaint and I was basically “hollered at” for being allergic to penicillin. The “nurse” was upset because she had to prescribe me something else and needed to speak with the doctor on call for that day. So, that is why in my opinion, psychiatry’s spell now exceeds far into traditional medicine, if not other areas, also. Thank you.

  • I read your story with great interest. It is tragically ironic that there are so many similarities in the stories presented on the MIA Website. I, too, was abruptly discontinued from my drugs. I, now, strongly believe the reason was bogus. However, my complete withdrawal symptoms didn’t actually occur until two years later. i think that’s because first, it really took me two years after that until I was sufficiently awaken to what had happened to my brain and body and it was the drugs that caused all the problems. During that two year time, I still let them experiment on me until it actually became clear that I could never swallow even a Tylenol pill ever again. In fact, I can take any drugs now for any reason. I read a lot about tapering. Back in the nineties, I did taper myself off of Lithium. But, I had quit alcohol a couple of years after college cold turkey, so maybe for me not tapering may have worked. I should note that I had to abruptly stop drinking alcohol; because my body rejected it, as I had developed an intense severe allergic reaction. I was never put into a hospital. But, until, this day I am so allergic to alcohol, even a thimble full is dangerous for me, even in cooking, mouthwashes, etc. For anyone else, it could very well be extremely hazardous. Each of us, although sharing similarities, is still so individual. I also love the picture of your cat. Like you, my cat has been my constant companion through most all this. The last point I want to make, however, is that even after whatever withdrawal used, especially, if you have been subject to long-term psychiatric drug poly-pharmacy like I was, you must live with the brain injury that these drugs did to you. Please keep up your art and writing. If your art and writing brings you joy, it must be good for you. Thank you.

  • The truth is although people are motivated by different things, therapy, in and of itself, motivates no one. However, there is a significant problem with this study in that it is done amongst a very poor population in Kenya. Still, even in America, money would be a better motivator. And yes, it is vey true that a rotten job with good money is far worse than a good job or for some no job with less money. I was motivated once to receive a cash payment (well, actually ,this happened several times) for some useless study (they asked us some dumb questions) at a major university. I only did that for the money! Thank you.

  • Psychiatrists in general seem to get very upset if you have an issue with whatever treatment they are doling out to you; whether drugs, therapies, ECT, TMS, or whatever they dream up in the future. In fact, their attitude seems to be, “do this or take this even if it kills you.” But then, if your are dead, you can be “maintained” anymore. But, then, the majority of them probably don’t care, in my experience. They’ll just find and seduce another innocent guinea pig for their experiments. Thank you.

  • I am sorry that you have been abused by anyone, no matter their religious beliefs. Sadly, abusing others in not restricted to adherents of any one religion. In fact, there is much argument on this website that psychiatry has created its own cult religion and as well documented by many on this site, psychiatry seems way too adept at abuse. Respectfully, I disagree with much of what you say about Christianity, but I respect your opinion and experiences. You do bring up some interesting points and questions about Christianity, God and Jesus, etc. I think that points you bring up would receive a more educated rebuttal from someone more studied in these matters than I am. However, after my life experiences and particularly my “rabbit hole” trip into the morass of psychiatric drugging and therapy, I stand by my belief system more than ever. But, I am not so naive as to expect everyone to agree with me no should they. The twin word of Freedom and Free Will apply here. Thank you for courageously expressing your opinion. Thank you.

  • Thank you for your kind comment. I point this out not only because General Practitioners and others prescribe psychiatric drugs. Ob-Gyn’s are very notorious for prescribing psychiatric drugs for “women’s problems.” My point is this: As psychiatry and psychology went downhill in their collusion with Big Pharma; so they could be considered a “respectable medicine.” Respectable Medicine, such as Traditional Medicine followed suit. Maybe psychiatry’s excursion to become respectable also caused this inferiority type complex to now enter Traditional Medicine. I don’t know. In my mind this starts with the “Prozac Era” when they were talking about “pills for personality.” Of course, there are other reasons, also. There is much more money in maintenance drugs for any condition than there is say in antibiotics, etc. Thank you.

  • Thank you for complimenting me on my eloquence. My eloquence is all by accident; maybe even accidently on purpose. My passion against the evils of psychiatry is completely on purpose. Sadly, these evils of psychiatry seem to have infiltrated traditional medical practice and maybe even much of science in general. Thank you.

  • I am not sure how long you have been on lithium; as you did not state that information. I appreciate your being grateful for my taking the time to share my experience. I am glad that you keep up with your blood work for lithium; but, I believe that is a requirement as per the doctors. I am also glad that you have had any problems so far. However, I will not be convinced that lithium is a benign drug in any sense of the word. When they put me on lithium, the first time, they set me down and explained what I could and could not do while taking lithium. They also gave me a sheet of paper that I was to carry around with me while I was taking my lithium. In fact, back in the 1970’s lithium was still such a controlled drug, in hospital and other pharmacies, it was locked in a secure place. That has changed since then. However, you have to ask, if lithium were so benign, why must you take a blood test at regular intervals to determine lithium levels. Lithium toxicity still remains a problem and can be for some life-threatening. In the world of psychological type drugs, there are NO benign drugs! Thank you.

  • I really appreciated this article. I may disagree with the author at times, but this article presents an excellent chronicle and review of “anti-psychiatry” on the internet and otherwise. Although, the “anti-psychiatry movement” does not at seem organized as other movements seem to be, it is actually alive and vibrant. Sometimes, good, caring people try to force people to protest or speak out before they are ready. When you have been so damaged by psychiatry and its associates, it takes courage to even speak out on a mostly friendly site as this. The damage can be so overwhelming and the fear of how others may react can invoke a unique type of cautiousness. First, we were mistakenly diagnosed as “mentally ill” in some alleged form, then the drugs and treatments caused real harm. In a way, we have been at least doubly harmed and probably shunned by family, friends, and others. Many of us hide in the shadows of plain sight. We can not necessarily speak in large rallies in cities across the country. We can not necessarily speak or write in the presence of a mass media affiliate. It may take a while before our voice can be heard so broadly. But, in the meantime, we have sites like this and those sites, etc. listed above. Our time will come, but, we need to do our homework first in some many ways. Thank you.

  • Basically, this article emphasizes that more and more since the mid-twentieth century, “normality” has become “abnormality.” Why? One obvious reason is there is money in that type of insidious approach. I could go on and really would be blah, blah, blah, etc. However, one point to be made is when “normality” becomes “abnormality” no one really has to take responsibility for anything, do they? Thank you.

  • The idea of any treatment “sending depression into remission” seems to compare depression to a disease like cancer; which can and does have a history of being sent into remission. This would imply a biological/chemical basis for depression. I think that that is definitely being disputed and questioned by many intelligent people, particularly on this website. I think one of the things this website has proven is that the cure is actually far worse than the disease as many such as the writer of this article can testify. Tragically, in many instances, it is actually the drug or other treatments that even cause the various symptoms other classified as a mental illness. Thank you.

  • For someone to have authority over us, we must give it to that individual. Sometimes, we must give someone a “lip-service response” and pretend to that person they have authority over us. This is really to allow us to “hide in plain sight” and conduct our lives in peace, so that we can accomplish what we are meant to accomplish. After the experiences I have had in my life, for me to give the person authority, they need to earn it. This is as to my discernment and assessment. We forget that. A person may have all kinds of letters beside his or her name or all kinds of titles; but, if we do not give that person authority, that person has none. it is that simple. Thank you.

  • I respectfully disagree. Much of the violence and insanity in this world is at present caused by these psychiatric drugs and related drugs. This is accomplished directly or indirectly. These drugs do cause biochemical changes and even electrical changes in the brain that may make someone more prone to violence. To say it is our “collective reality” is to discount the terror these drugs cause and the terror they cause both on an individual basis and on a societal and cultural basis. It is these drugs that are stealing the very life out of all people of all ages. We did not create this reality. It was forced upon us. Now, it behooves us to awaken and resist this obvious sin of horrific evil. Thank you.

  • I can easily discuss Vocational Rehab. Twice, they sent me in to the “rabbit hole” of the “mental illness system.” They analyzed me with their psychologists, sent me to their medical doctors for evaluation. They referred me to the “mental illness industry” who prescribed me the drugs. They forced me into a day facility where I was paid pittance as allegedly compared to the “able-bodied.” They gave me some useless award and then the next day when I didn’t act like they wanted me to act; they kicked me out and could not care less if I had any income or what I would do with my time after they had stolen it for a few years. In my experience and opinion, Vocational Rehabilitation is just another “joke” in the “mental illness industry.” I should note that at that day facility there was those sent there with allegedly “physical ills and disabilities.” And, there was group of developmentally disabled at the same facility, also. Thank you.

  • Steve McCrea and beokay have made my day! Please tell those crazy shrinks I never had depression or any related disorders; as I have always had lots of hair. In fact, I was born with so much hair the nuns put a bow in my hair when they brought me a mere just-born infant to my mother. And, even, now. despite all the evil drugs, I still don’t need the Women’s Hair Clubs or other crazy hair making treatments. How many more people will this free from psychiatric tyranny! Thank you.

  • This is the problem many of us who subscribe to this website have. We were probably never legitimately “disabled.” For whatever reason, we were led to believe that what was inherently unique about us needed help in some way to be righted or maybe we were just going through one of life’s many naturally normal crises. And, there are those who have experienced trauma through war, abuse or other incidents. etc. Then, we received a diagnosis, however flimsy, were drugged and subjected to therapy and other nonsense activities that insulted not only intelligence, but our very humanity. And, finally, after all, that, the subsequent brain injuries and actual trauma of what happened to us has made us part of the disabled class. Thank you.

  • Oh, they’ll probably “reformulate” it and maybe like Sam Plover said, “remarket” as an “anti-depressant” or maybe even “anti-psychotic”. Then, they’ll have ads on tv showing how wonderful life could be for those who are prescribed this drug. Then, within a year or so, it will come out there are some harmful effects of this drug and the predatory lawyers will advertise on tv for their services due to the harm that may have been done to you or a loved one. But, we only collect, if you win and this is a “time-limited offer.” How cynical I can be, sometimes. Thank you.

  • Actually and unfortunately, what we so lovingly call “mainstream media” hides a lot. We all just need to get in line. Maybe they will hear us, maybe they won’t. I am sorry to say this; but, I say they probably won’t. And the main reason is that our “grievances” are not only against the “mental illness complex” but also against Big Pharma. Big Pharma is Big Advertising to “Mainstream Media”. Of course, Psychiatry and Big Pharma are intertwined almost as one. Perhaps, in time, we may get our voices heard on “Mainstream Media.” Maybe someone could research alternative sources of Media. In the meantime, we have this wonderful site. But, I am not giving up hope completely. The dust in the dust storm will clear and the sun will shine. At the time, I think our voices will be safely heard. Thank you.

  • Whenever I hear an “ism” attach to something I cringe. Whenever, I hear something is “systemic” I cringe. Whenever, I hear higher education should be free, I cringe; although I think the price people pay for education is way too high for what they receive in return. As far as religion goes, fearing God is not fearmongering. The latter is created as a malicious to keep people in line, whether it is one or many. What my studies in religion have taught me is that God doesn’t so much as punish, but usually discipline. But, there does seem to be evil lurking that does need impactful punishment. When a person knows what is good and what is evil and choose good over evil, it makes life easier. And some may disagree with me, but there is only one way to discern good from evil and that is by knowing God. Thank you.

  • If I remember my College Logic Class Correctly, the logical fallacy is appealing to authority. Either the only real authority is the person or God. If it is the latter, in Christianity to appeal to human being as an instead of God is a sin. You can not serve two masters. As far as the former, appealing to an authority outside of innate personal authority gained through life experience and self-education is just plain ludicrous and dilutes the inherent and irrefutable sovereign nature of both the individual and of God.
    Your note about the most common response being “listen to your doctor” meaning “reject the evidence it is our final and most essential command” can also be rephrased as “My Mind is Made Up. I don’t listen to the facts.”
    This is just the fallacy of fear or “False Evidence Appearing Real.” If the Question in a Multiple Choice Test is “What would be or is the Most Dangerous?” the only correct answer is: “All of the Above.” Thank you.

  • I feel rather odd commenting on this one. There are some things in this article in which I disagree with the author. I do have several relatives who have received doctorates in humanities type subjects and became college professors. They liked to be called “doctor” but always acknowledged they were not medical doctors. Personally, I think the entire education system, especially higher education creates a real caste system. It seems all important to some whether they have any type of degree beyond the Bachelor’s. They seem to rate themselves on their degree status and even how many degrees they have. I try not to judge someone on their alleged degree status. I have known intelligent people without any degrees and those not so intelligent who have degrees. And there is also that divide between those who consider their education as received through “the school of hard knocks” and those who received their education through “ivory tower book learning.” Personally, I only received a Bachelor’s degree and when I tried to go to graduate school, my stomach would hurt and I would then run as far as I could from that kind of environment. For years, due to the drugs and therapy, I was made to believe it was because something was innately wrong with me. Ha!
    Now, I know it’s really because all those “doctors” were “witch doctors” and it could be that more and more doctors of all types, especially medical doctors might be seduced by that kind of “dark magic.” Thank you.