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  • Actually, this is tragically multi-generational from great-grandparent to grandparent to parent to child, including the little ones still in diapers. I am not quite sure why. I have several ideas or theories. Could it be A, B, C, D, or All of the Above. Who knows? We just need to stand up and protect ourselves and our loved ones against the chemical evil threatening to be introduced into our body/brain; uniquely and individually created by God, not by Man (Human Beings). Thank you.

  • Sometimes, I think stigma or stigmatization has contributed to a lesser amount of people adversely affected by the “psych industry” We must be very careful to place a concept like stigma or stigmatization on some sort of continuum. We think we can get away with abusing ourselves and each other by categorizing into a “status continuum.” I would say “wrong answer.” Neurodiversity continuums, Bipolar continuums, etc. etc. etc. Continuums just label and segregate people further. Forget it please. We do not need something reduced that only seeks to promulgate the “myth of mental illness” further. We need to tell people they are whole and good just the way they are; without lying to them that they are inherently defective. Sin notwithstanding, how can some one be defective when they are uniquely by a Creator greater than any human being or creature or plant on this planet Earth. Thank you

  • Inquiring and thinking minds who are now psychiatric survivors should be skeptical of all this. The fact that it is on MSM during this particular time period is worrisome and confusing. The fact that it seems that Dr. Bruce Perry feels he needs such a big name prominent person as Oprah Winfrey to help get his message across should be considered and questioned. Perhaps, if an honest big name celebrity could speak of their psychiatric abuse on MSM that might be helpful to the cause; but right now we must retain a strong degree of skepticism or we will find that again we have fallen down into another rabbit hole and this rabbit hole might take a little more wiggling to get out and get our freedom back. Question everything. Your life and the lives of those you love depend on it. Thank you.

  • Although I would never rule out greed, you also have to add into the mix sloth (laziness) and stupidity. Psychiatry is really for what I admit are reasons unknown to me is the epitome of people self-actualized by the seven deadly sins.
    As far as the SSRIS go, I was under the impression that the SSRIS cause for some, “psychosis and/or mania” or at least that’s what the shrinks call it; thus justifying the even more dangerous “atypical anti-psychotics.”
    The reason for what I wrote to start out this comment is what happened to me towards the end of my being under the evil spell of the “psychiatrists, etc. club” I was prescribed “seroquel.” I had trouble taking it. It gave me terrific headaches amongst other things and I could no longer take tylenol, unless it was the hard to find liquid kind. So, I cut my “seroquel” in half– the prescribed amount– and my headaches did lessen somewhat. But the “psychiatrist” was furious! She wanted me to continue to take the “seroquel” at her prescribed amount even if I got debilitating headaches from that amount. She was so furious with me that she would not see me, but delivered her commandment through a snippy nurse’s aid. It wasn’t too long after that that I walked away from the psychiatrists, etc. I would consider that “walk-away” a real life-saving measure. Thank you.

  • First, this is an excellent article. Second, Our mistake is that we are relying on the same people who gave us this poison to relieve us of this poison. It would like Adam and Eve who gave Eve the poisoned apple to expect the snake to save them from leaving the garden. I am not sure who can truly help us from this prescribed harm. Many of us do struggle and slosh through it on our own. I am not sure if this is acceptable for everyone, because it is still unknown as to how actually dangerous it is. However, like all things and this is the most scariest of all, probably to the prescribers, is that it is a highly individual thing. What worked for me may not work for me and may actually be life-threatening for another person. In a way, this is “uncharted territory.” But, what did they (the psychiatric/big pharma community) expect to encounter when they began to prescribe these pills. Were they so naive knowing that these pills are meant to make changes in the brain that stopping them would be easy and effortless for the patient? Were they so “blind” to these pills that they did not even consider that if these drugs were to make changes in the brain that brain damage in some form could occur? We already had legal drugs (the earlier anti-psychotics) and the illegal street drugs that we knew caused either addiction or devious side effects and damage. We have all been conned, but this con is not quite like stealing our “life savings” it is like stealing our lives. Our lives are recoverable, but the damage has been done and no matter what happens further, we become like like the civilian casualties of war; the walking wounded. We are the collateral damage that no one wants to talk about. However, as tragic as this sounds, each day we live, is a day of courage and victory, for us and our cause. Thank you.

  • What you are saying sounds interesting, but, it seems beyond my thinking that a psychedelic type drug could help in the withdrawal from a highly addictive drug like an opiate or a benzo, as both in their withdrawal phases can for some cause “psychotic-like” symptoms. This seems a dangerous area. I think the only way to truly and successfully have a withdrawal from all these various addictive drugs is to stay away from all drugs especially until the most critical time has passed. It seems to me the only drugs that might be used would be that necessary in a “life-threatening” situation. Personally, it should, in my opinion, be the goal of all those who have suffered addiction or similar or other problems due to any drugs, it is stay away from drugs all together, if possible. Thank you.

  • You are right as regards taking supplements especially in pill form. As far as my body’s now rejection and adversity to medicine, especially, pills, this may even go back to my teenage days when I was taking tetracycline four times a day for “acne” and then tylenol four times a day for continuous headaches, some migraines during some of my earlier adult years. However, I have learned that if I seem to be short on a particular vitamin or mineral, I found what food has a good concentration of it and then, if I can, incorporate it into my diet until the problem seems to be alleviated. This practice seems to work for me; but each person is thankfully individually different and unique. Thank you.

  • Actually, we need to quit the fantasyland of trying to teach people of all ages how to cope. Oh, but isn’t the Harry Potter series classified in the genre of fantasy. Coping is a lie. We are not put on earth to just cope. We need to learn how to be free and live; even it hurts, because hurt is only temporary. It only goes beyond the temporary into the realm of permanent when we settle for coping, which is just a euphemism for safety or the new normal. We need to teach the children of today the power of Patrick Henry when he said “Give me Liberty or Give Me Death.” Then, they will be free to live and will not need to settle for the lie of coping which will eventually lead to death, maybe premature or untimely, but no liberty. I’d rather fly like a bird without an airplane than sink into oblivion like the Loch Ness Monster. Thank you.

  • No! I am just joking! However, it seems that they want to “therapize” everything. This has got to stop! Like I said in some comments I made on other articles various times. One moment of rare enlightenment, a big lightbulb blew up in my head! When it did, I realized the title or word, “therapist” can be written as “the-rapist.” I do not think this is a another word I can spell or can no longer spell. I think this is the real honest truth hidden in the word. Of course, “therapy” is just “the-rape” with the “y” taking the place of the “e” which can happen sometimes; although, it is usually “y” and “i” that inter-change themselves. Thank you.

  • That’s interesting. Would any nutritional supplements help after the withdrawal? However, I do see a few problems with any nutritional supplements. Depending on the individual, the body may reject taking any more pills or pill-like substances. A related issue is the anxiety caused into taking these pill or pill-like substances after the horrific experiences with the psych drugs. There are sometimes inert substances in these pills that can cause problems for the individual. As for me, I can no longer take any pill or pill-like substance into my body without some sort of rejection or side effect. I do not even take an aspirin, a tylenol, or OTC medicine at all. I can only use substances that I can safely rub onto my skin: iodine or OTC Pain Healing rubs. The former I use to avoid infection with a cut, because I am allergic to all types of alcohol and the latter I use for pain such as headache or muscle ache. Thank you.

  • What’s next? Little Women Therapy for sisters… Old Yeller Therapy for those who’ve lost a beloved pet…Godfather Therapy for family issues…well, when anything and everything becomes therapy it, then makes therapy useless—AAH! It already is!…But, please lets’ stop fostering this mindless uselessness upon our innocent children. I know that in the Bible, Jesus reprimands those who seek to cause the little ones to suffer- I think it’s something about a millstone, but due to the drugs and therapies, I even get the Bible Verses I learned in Sunday School mixed up. But God and Jesus forgive. The Neighborhood Psychiatrist doesn’t. His or her only way to deal with any situation of the human condition is through drugs and drugs mixed with the concept of scheduled therapies and that all of life should be one humongous utensil of therapy. Thank you.

  • Yes diet does play a role in one’s alleged “mental health.” When I have a bad day, there is nothing better than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread to bring me to a proper uplifting perspective. But, there is another point to be made here. It is well known that these psych drugs mess up one’s metabolism. Some cause serious weight gain and make it nearly impossible to take the weight off, even if following strict exercise and diet regimens. Another point to be made is that after the drugs, after the withdrawal, one’s eating habits may change somewhat. Of course, during withdrawal, eating can be very dicey and I have seem perhaps no articles that addresses that critical time and diet. But after the withdrawal, the brain is probably damaged and may not be able to process all that is necessary to make allegedly healthy recipes because the foods involved, the techniques, etc. involved could be quite difficult. The other issue is that after years on the drugs what one can eat might be critically diminished and there might be needs not previously known; such as even though the person is no longer on lithium, a salt-restrictive diet would be questionable and damaging. So, in my opinion, given the amount of people introduced to these drugs is probably increasing by an very high amount, especially in light of this virus and the restrictions imposed, and many may hopefully wish to no longer take these drugs at some time, I feel this must be addressed as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • It’s just trading one fantasy for another and it would be difficult to predict both short term and long range outcomes. However, children are innocent and vulnerable and like their adult counterparts, they should not be considered just objects for the whims of experimentation. CBT is dangerous for adults and couple this with the fantasy of Harry Potter or other like-minded books, and the experimenters may get more than the bargained for. I say, “Be Careful what you wish for, ” but please stop wishing on the children of the world. Thank you.

  • The reason I mention the high cost of these drugs is that when I was prescribed Abilify, it was about $400.00 to $500.00 per month. Some years later, I was prescribed the very controversial drug, Saffris. The price was very similiar, leading towards the higher amount. Neither my mother nor I could afford the cost. That probably helped to save my life. Thank you.

  • Beware: If you take these psych drugs long enough, you will probably lose your armpit hair and other hair that women in the States usually shave. As far as a diagnosis, all doctors, even the very extremely questionable, i.e. psychiatrists want to use the terminology surrounding “diagnosis.” It, I guess helps to simplify things for them. However, I, think, the concepts of “diagnosis” and “diagnostics” actually should only apply to robotics, computers, vehicles, airplanes, et. These two words, “diagnosis” and “diagnostics” should never apply to any living thing, i.e. breathing, etc. especially human beings, etc. All creatures, great and small, including plants, need not “diagnostics.” They need Love, which is the anthesis of “diagnosis and diagnostics.” Thank you.

  • Have you ever priced the cost of especially the newest psych drugs? Even if they are partly covered by insurance, they can put you into debt. So, I guess, it’s kind of like this: Your in debt; You’re distressed: You seek psych help: They prescribe you drugs plus the the therapy hour cost (which is usually just 45 minutes at best); then you’re more into debt; more distressed, blah, blah, blah, and etc. etc. etc. A vicious cycle has begun that only can be described as a “modern day debtor’s prison” without the bars. Unless, . . . And, then with psychiatric incarceration, forced one or the other. The story goes down hill further. . . Thank you.

  • All masks are masks of death. Psych drugs are just a chemical mask of death. Therapy is what we might call as an “enabler.” I am not sure if I could trust a therapist in any type of withdrawal from these drugs. Yes, there might be differences between street drugs and psych drugs, but, I am afraid there are more similarities than differences. I am not sure how this affects the withdrawal. Tapering may not work for everybody. “Cold Turkey” may be better for others. However, any medicalization of any part of the process only hurts the person and compounds the problem. At this time in history, the real cause of much of society’s problems rest in the drug issue, whether it is a prescribed legal drug or an illegal. We make other problems to hide the truth of the real danger hidden in these drugs. We can hide behind the masks of therapists who still cater to the psychiatric and greater medical community. We must come to terms with the fact that drugs and our increasing dependence on them is the problem. Dependence on anything is never good. Dependence causes us to invoke a false authority, an idol and these idols change the body and brain so drastically that if we do not stop them now, we humans will turn into something that we can not recognize anymore. Thank you.

  • I have had the Borderline Personality Diagnosis before, but, then I have had the Bipolar Diagnosis, the Schizo-affective Disorder Diagnosis, the OCD Diagnosis… I have happily lost track of all the various lies made up about me. The Borderline Personality Diagnosis, though, is usually reserved for when you do harm to yourself. Some call it “cutting” Much of the time this usually results from the effects of the drugs. In college, I confess I tried to do it to get my parents or the residence hall director to listen to me. No one listened to me. I got lectures instead. At the time, I signed a contract with a student counselor in the Counseling and Guidance program until I stopped. However, usually, it is a response to the drugs. Sometimes, I think, it might have to do with hormone fluctuations especially in young women. But, why not just give the person a useless diagnosis so they can justify prescribing dangerous drugs and therapies like CBT with “mindfulness” and further wreck the individual’s life. I am sorry for what happened to the author of this article, but, please forgive, me maybe “being shunned” is like a “nudge from heaven” that there might be better places for her to use her remarkable talents in a more legitimate field. Thank you.

  • I think that I have survived my withdrawal from all these psychiatric drugs (and I was on many drug cocktails for many years—pretty much from 1991-2013 minus about two or three years) because I did not know I was surviving. The drugs in their odd way stopped me, rather than I stopped them. My brain and body said in collaboration, it is either the drugs or us. I had no choice. Of course, there were a few psychiatrists who tried to keep me on a drug or two or three. Lithium was the last drug that became so toxic to me that I had to stop; however, the silly psychiatrist wouldn’t listen to me and continued to prescribe although I told her No. She wanted to protect me. I wanted to protect me, too, so I quit all these crazy drug-wielding psychiatrists for good. I mean not to be religious or evangelize, but, I chose Jesus over psychiatry. Perhaps, that is how I got saved, although the virus has severely curtailed any “church-going” or related activities. It may not be Jesus for someone else, and I don’t know about this “high anxiety” as described by the esteemed Robert Whitaker, I can say, if you are involved in psychiatry and related fields, especially as a “patient” but in all areas, get out now. It could save not only your life, but, someone else’s life, too. Thank you.

  • prescribedharm, Yes, you are right. However, tragically, the NYT on any given day, not even Sundays is large enough a newspaper to list all those “lost” in some way to these evil drugs and therapies, etc. It would, sadly, take several books, a “series” of books. In the end, if something is not done, it may be several generations. Thank you.

  • Although, I respect the author’s opinion and insight, the list of society’s ills and the suffering that each one of us must endure at times is only cured by “individualism.” A collective society is nothing but a communistic society. We are here on earth to be interdependent not dependent on each other. It is in the sovereignty of each person that can only be known as the sovereignty of God where our answers lie. Each person must come to his or her own conclusions about life on his or her own with the help of God, that is. No one can live another person’s life not should. Collectivism spawns interference in the life paths of others, which is similar to nations interfering in the activities of other nations. This is nothing but against Universal Law; which is against God’s Law. Although, we need each other and can be as one body; each one of us must realize the only way to be successful as one body is when each part of the body sees how valuable it individual effort and contribution is. To deny the individualism of each human being on earth and try to make a collective is just wrong, just plain wrong. Psychiatry enables this to the umpteenth degree. We are not robots. We are proud individuals. Please do not allow that dignity to be taken away or perhaps, we might all become extinct; living in “hell.” Thank you.

  • sam plover: absolutely 1000% correct–Love yourself and the world and avoid psychiatry and becoming your own psychiatrist. Think of psychiatry like this: “evil is as evil does.” Please don’t be a 21st Century Eve—Avoid Psychiatry and being your own psychiatrist at all costs! Thank you.

  • This is an interesting article; however, I need to say, like Officer Friday in the old Dragnet TV series, as far as psych drugs, don’t start, and if you have started, quit now. Honestly, although, I am no “expert”, I can see little to no difference between the “street drugs” many coming in to the country through “drug cartels” and the psych drugs prescribed by these psychiatrists, etc. Their offices may appear cleaner and the violence less violent and subdued, otherwise. . . That is why I suggest it is far better to get involved in a hobby, a sport, a nearby church, a class, etc. It is far better to feed the brain and mind with spirit or with ideas or with art, etc. Then you avoid what happened to the author of this article and what has happened to so many, many of those who have contributed to this site, other like-minded sites or still hide, probably in plain sight. The only way to save a nation, a world is to say no to drugs, because this is effectively one very effective way to renounce the devil and all his ways. And the devil is in the details of these drugs. I suspect that when the history of this time is written, much of the violence, unrest, suffering, etc., will likely be attributed to the usage of these drugs by vulnerable people who got conned by an army of humbugs. Thank you.

  • “Sluggish Thought Disorder” Who would have thought that up? Someone with sluggish thinking like a sloth up a tree in the rainforest. It hurts those so allegedly diagnosed in so many ways and it does shows how adults and others basically shirk their human responsibility in working with both children and adults. If we would just let children be children and adults be “children” we would be much better off. I put the quotes around “children” in regards to “adults” because, I personally believe that the true well-being of a person is when they do keep up their “adult responsibilities” to the best of their abilities while maintaining a child-like wonder of the world. Of course, this is uniquely tailored to each individual as to how each person is uniquely created as far as skills, abilities, interests, passions, etc. If someone allegedly has this “sluggish thought disorder” it’s probably because they are disrespected and discounted, etc. as to what makes them tremble with happiness in childlike joy. Thank you.

  • At the end of this article, it is asked why don’t the patients who were prescribed neuroleptics offered a prescription for a benzodiazepine. However, it is well known that “benzos” as they affectionately called are probably equally as dangerous and as addictive. Withdrawal from either types of drugs can usually only be described as “hell.” I have been prescribed “benzos” without a neuroleptic (briefly) and then neuroleptics with an accompanying “benzo” prescription. The “benzo” prescription, I was told by the psychiatrist, was to offset the side effects of neuroleptics, specifically the T.D. and the restlessness and anxiety associated with the neuroleptic. I was taken off the neuroleptic and the “benzo” abruptly due to a near comatose incident that put me in the hospital. I was reintroduced to several different neuroleptics, but, I was not prescribed any “benzos” again in my recollection. In psychiatric drugs, it does not depend on which type, the only answer that should be given is “NO!” Not even briefly can they be used. These drugs are THAT dangerous! Thank you.

  • This story is well-written, but, I have a concern. As someone who spent way too many years with several different therapists, my concern is that these type of meetings can be addictive. I remember how I used to think that my appointments with my therapist every one or two weeks could solve all my problems. I also remember thinking that when I was scheduled weekly that I must be very sick and need special attention. All are lies and anytime I was “very sick” it was due to the drugs padded with the sick redundancy of the therapist re-enforcing how terribly mentally ill I was. I know that the author of this article had some difficult times as a child. However, it behooves each one of us to realize that we are not sick; we are not victims. We need to know and remember that we are worthwhile human beings. Therapy seemed to only have the ability of telling me otherwise. The greatest thing we can tell ourselves is that we want our lives back. There is no way to have a real life while in therapy. God created us as humans with a contribution to make to the world. Therapy is a trap to take all that away. Thank you.

  • There is absolutely no psychiatric heaven. There is only psychiatric hell. But, of course, the psychiatrists and their LCSW buddies will tell you differently (a con!). Also, those little depression pills as the author of this article tells us to “say no to” are basically “gateway drugs.” Those “little depression pills” are like and some still consider this as such: “the marijuana of yore.” I have no patience for marijuana either. But, these “little depression pills” are much worse. They are dispensed by alleged authority figures who maliciously use that authority to convince you to take more and more drugs and there are all kinds of reasons: side effects for one. True freedom will come when America and the world wakes up to the fact that the worst drug pushers are the ones with the degrees who hide behind these degrees in their cute little offices all over America and the world. Thank you.

  • L.e. cox, You are right, but, it has probably been a mistake all along to expect our government to protect us. Governments may be necessary, but, when we put our faith in them instead of God (I prefer God) or some might call God, a Higher Power, we lose. Every time, some craziness from mass media or the government comes up, which is about every hour on the hour- like clockwork- I remember what an nun told a group of seeking individuals once, “Try God.” However, I will sadly say that there are those who think they have “Tried God,” but they are only pretending. Thank you.

  • What is interesting about this article is that it points out how America exports everything (knowingly and unknowingly) and of course, the good, the bad and the ugly to very ugly. Our “mental illness system” seems to be one of the ugliest. There are some ideas in this article that could be applied to the States, however, it is questionable if ever would. Unfortunately, there is still too much reliance on treatments, specifically drug treatments for people just acting normal. Taking these drugs out of the schools would be very fantastic, but in the US, you would have to confront the ever powerful Teachers’ Unions. But, perhaps, we will need to confront these Teachers’ Unions on many fronts as I see the schools, the educational system as the launching pad for necessary change. It begins with honoring each student as a unique individual with unique gifts and talents, etc. It also begins with an honest approach and a free approach. We need to stop lying to ourselves, our children, and each other. And, above all else, we need to educate all, including the parents, about the evils of these drugs and the accompanying droning, repetitive evil of therapists, etc. We need to let people be people and let each person do and be as he or she is meant to do and be; that which can not be done, etc. by anyone else. We need to stop forcing people into doing and being whom they are not and could not ever do and be. It’s just useless and humiliating to feel the need to only go to the clothing store to only try on the clothes that don’t fit and/or look just plain awful on you. A few are necessary to make a comparison against those clothes that are perfect and right. But, to spend the whole shopping trip trying on the wrong clothes for us is humiliating, debilitating, and worse. In the end, it can cause unneeded suffering and sadly, even premature death. Thank you.

  • Steve McCrea, You are right, psychiatry doesn’t allow mysteries, because it is their solemn goal to create them and make a terrible mess doing it. I am not sue if psychiatry mistakes the BRAIN for the MIND. Maybe, the entire general public is. Maybe, we are by definition, “splitting hairs.” I would like to think the BRAIN and the MIND are as one. We do sometimes, in the vernacular, use them interchangeably. It could be that the BRAIN describes what we might call the more scientific, while the MIND defines the more SPIRITUAL. I am not sure that matters. Perhaps, it needs to stay a MYSTERY. But, whether, it is BRAIN, or MIND, or BRAIN/MIND, it must be fed and attended to appropriately to the individual person living inside. Psychiatry, as fraudulent as it is, and like all other possibly less fraudulent medicines and more and more so other institutions, including government, education, etc. easily and dangerously forget the sovereignty the person and I could argue that the sovereignty of the person is the sovereignty of God and vice versa. Thank you.

  • madmom: But, is it our “job” to convince the already questionable psych professionals or is it our job to convince the public? Perhaps, it is our job to convince ourselves and take responsibility for our mistakes; that following the path of psychiatry, etc. is nothing less than a Faustian Bargain of which we essentially pay the price one way or another. But this is Easter Sunday and there always remains and is redemption. And, sadly, I have yet to see redemption in theories or theoretical frameworks as they like alleged scientific modeling only cloud the issues, when we really need to see clearly what is actually at hand. Thank you.

  • Psychiatry simply fails and this may be the tragic irony of it all because it implicitly and explicitly denies the brain and its preeminence over the entire functioning of the individual. They basically cause the brain to be turned into mush through drugs, therapies, and a multitude of trivial, idiotic treatments. If they considered the brain important, they wouldn’t drug it, electrify it, therapize it, etc. But, no, the psychiatrist’s main job is to trivialize the brain and thus the human being. This is why the most useful information about human behavior, potentials, and basically how the brain and body work in each individual comes from outside psychiatry/psychology circles, which really upsets those in this terribly misguided profession. Just maybe, as far as “madness” and “bizarre behavior” exists in human being perhaps we should take lessons from the pre-psychology times of the middle ages; these behaviors might be of “demonic” origins. Just maybe, an exorcist might be more useful than a psychiatrist and considering what happens with the drugs, etc. there seem to be less long term effects. Thank you.

  • Oh yes, there are benefits. They help to cause psychosis or more psychosis and thus the psychiatrists need to up their dosage to the patient or add other anti-psychotics or other drugs to create for the patient, an even more deadlier drug cocktail. Oh, I forgot to mention who received the benefits—the psychiatrists and big pharma, etc. And the benefits for the patient….Stammer, stutter, well they’ve got to be there somewhere like the check that never ever was in the mail. Thank you.

  • I will be honest. I am skeptical of Buddhism as an antidote to the evils of psychiatry, etc. since, much psychotherapy, etc. has almost become dependent on many of the Buddhist Teachings. “New Age” teachings, etc. also have this problem. I would suggest Christianity or Judaism, but, I realize that many do have issues with these religions, because they represent a more “parental” approach. I don’t know much about Islam, except along with Christianity and Judaism, it is considered an Abrahamic religion. Sometimes, the greatest fear of leaving the claustrophobia of the psychiatrists, etc. is the big open spaces out there with no cruise director. Still, for some, the answer may be as a friendly nun advised us once: “Try God.” But, it would seem useless to “Try God” unless one’s heart is in it. Thank you.

  • Yes, how to get off these dangerous drugs is very important. Honestly, I am not quite sure if tapering is for everyone who is taking these psych drugs. I think, which, many psychiatrists and other doctors, usually refuse to do, is assist the patient on an individual basis from stopping the drugs and into the withdrawal period. It might be nice to have non M.D. psychiatric doctors available during the process. But, it might be after the withdrawal, that it becomes of the most importance. They would probably like to dispense with the person after the withdrawal period. And, that is when the person will need the most help because the body and brain have changed and must adapt accordingly. Add to that, the person’s trepidation in trusting any “medical professional” and that is a bumpy road, for sure. Although, I am very interested in the withdrawal process from these dangerous drugs, I am now extremely interested in life after the drugs, after the withdrawal. We need to really pay attention to this, because if these various withdrawal techniques are successful, this must be addressed like “yesterday.” Thank you.

  • I believe that someone commented that he did go to Russia and Siberia for “withdrawal treatment” as reported in the article. I think just the fact that he felt the need to go to Russia and Siberia for “withdrawal treatment” only reflects how the drugs damage your brain so that thinking rationally and reasonably becomes more and more impossible. Thank you.

  • This is a very interesting article. One thing that struck out to me was human beings evolved into the species it is because there is specialization between individuals. This, in my opinion, is of the utmost importance and is usually totally disregarded by so many Institutions, etc. The fact that each brain is uniquely wired, although there do seem to be, you might say groups of people within each culture or society that share similar wiring is of paramount importance. However, the tragic thing is that so many are basically “discounted” “underutilized” or worse re-directed from their natural wiring is inexcusable and it leaves open the false need for the pseudo-science of psychiatry and the dangerous drugs, treatments, and therapies used to force the brain and thus the body to a dull sleep where the person may not be able to awaken to how he or she is naturally wired. This is hideous in my opinion, because, although I am no expert or authority, I think that the brains’ unique and shared similar wiring of unique individuals determines everything about one’s life and heeding it’s “truth” is the best way to a life that can contribute to the goodness of one’s society or culture, etc. Not only that, this heeding to the “truth” of one’s unique brain, I think, would lead to well-being and greater resiliency in dealing with all of life’s challenges and changes and maybe even more joy and happiness. Thank you.

  • LUH3417, I agree with what you say, however, I am not sure if you can really have “synthetic well-being.” I would say instead, that, to “sell-out” as you state, one would be unable to achieve any kind of “well-being” if attempted, “synthetically.” All one needs to do is think of the difference between cotton and polyester. No matter, how much work they put into attempting to make polyester feel like cotton, it never will. Only cotton feels like cotton and even an wrinkled cotton shirt will always feel better than any polyester shirt. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, It was Me! But, If you do refer to psychiatry as the “baby” and the “bath water” as the bad parts, then you do need to throw out. However, there are no good parts to psychiatry. Perhaps, it is those, past and present who fell or are still failing under the spell of Psychiatry are the “babies” and that “bath water” which is stinky, moldy, full of lead, mercury and a million trillion other poisons is “psychiatry.” So, what we need to do is save all the “babies” and send all that stinky, etc. “bath water” to a “desert island” or maybe load it all into a space ship and send it to some far off, unknown planet a million trillion galaxies away. Thank you.

  • I believe that someone mentioned that Peterson did not respond intelligently, to these drugs, etc. That may be true, but as soon, as he started taking one of these drugs, the ability to respond intelligently is basically thrown out the window; like the baby with the bathwater analogy. As soon as one starts to take these drugs, any intelligent thought and feeling is gone. The ability to make a rational decision is gone. The ability to make a decision based on one’s feelings, intuition, or instincts is gone. The ability to have both daydreams and dreams while asleep or gone. When taking these drugs, one becomes a shell. The person inside is gone, you might say, died. When one stops taking the drugs, one is resurrected or restored. Still, the person inside has been so shattered within, it is unknown and variable depending when and if total restoration is completed. The most important thing to remember about these drugs is that upon taking them the capacity to intelligent or rational thought no longer exists. Thank you.

  • Unfortunately, what Peterson’s experience shows in his story is that the “psych professionals” who “preach from their secular pulpit” are just as gullible to their own lies and propaganda as their “clients/patients” are. In a manner of speaking, they are all like “little gurus.” The tragedy is how these “little gurus” take advantage of our fears; our fears of the future. This is because no matter our present status as it is “fleeting” we are fearful of what might be to come. It goes back to the admonition from the Scottish poet, Bobby Burns about the “best-laid plans that oft go astray.” (This may not be the actual correct quote, but it is the meaning of the quote, in my opinion that matters.) There are those who want to know and control the future and there are those who just want to let the future happen and unfold. And, when these two or more people in these two groups clash in some way, one, probably the latter becomes the vulnerable, the gullible to these “psych professionals.” I can not be sure if this is how Peterson got to where he was as far as his drug and their withdrawal experiences. I can in no way say what is in his mind. However, it does seem that the “trusting” are very vulnerable to those who don’t trust, but want to know what they can not know. It is as if inherent in many relationships or in many daily occurrences from the minor to the major, the “Garden of Eden” experience is relived over and over and over again. Could it be that God wants us to stop reliving that experience over and over and over again, but, we are not listening? Thank you.

  • The idea that “kids” or anyone are “canaries in the coal mine” when considering the extremely misguided and destructive effects of the “mental illness industry” I, honestly, don’t like to think of anyone being a “canary in the coal mine” because the canaries in the coal mines die, so the coal miners will know when to leave so they want suffer the same fate. I would not want to wish death upon innocent children or innocent people of any age, even to wish death on those not innocent might be dangerous and damaging. I know many mean well in this analogy. I don’t know if there is a good analogy, but, all I can say is that we need to stop traveling this road that is not helpful or kind, but damaging and hurtful. This is why I also say that Mister Rodgers had good intentions when he told his child audience to “follow the helpers” he probably had not idea that it was those very helpers who end up hurting the children in so many ways. Thank you.

  • Quote from article: “Intellectually and Conceptually, Psychiatry is Dead.” I would say that on all accounts psychiatry is dead. Here, I feel like quoting Jesus’ words from the Bible, “Let the Dead bury the Dead.” Although these words of Jesus are applicable in so many circumstances and I confess to many these words seem a little confusing and disorienting, it, now appears, that Jesus was almost foreseeing psychiatry in the 21st Century, if not prior centuries. The question and the problem is how do we get a population, a society, a culture, so put under the spell of psychiatry to see the light. That, to me, may be the goal of the “anti-psychiatry movement” to enlighten the world that in psychiatry, they are worshipping very, very dead idols… in fact, so dead that Marley in Dickens “the Christmas Carol” is vibrantly alive. Thank you.

  • First, I do not consider myself an outsider looking in. I have taken many of the same drugs that Mr. Peterson took, except Ketamine. Additionally, I was taking these drugs as a “psychiatric patient” during the time my sister and best friend was undergoing cancer treatment and then after she passed away. After she passed away, I became more and more prescribed a “drug cocktail” with increasing and changing dosages until my brain and body basically rebelled! I am lucky to be alive. I am not a “mental health professional” but I have a BA Degree in Psychology and have worked as a Corrections Officer and in other jobs. Please do not consider me an outsider. And, Please remember I am still HUMAN. I think what concerns most readers of this article is that Mr. Peterson with his ability to use his judgement and his capability to learn about the drugs he would and did take does not. He is not because of his education and experience, just a vulnerable, gullible, “distressed” person who walked off the street for help. He is a “helper” and as a “helper” he is obligated to learn what he is able to about these psychiatric medications he might take, no matter his situation. Because as it seems, his reckless behavior may have put his loved ones in danger. Thank you.

  • I have read and re-read this article. I personally did not see much that would lend itself to speaking ill or good of any particular religion. I did see an incredible mish-mash of ideas and a willingness to subject himself to dangerous drugs. But, not only was there a willingness to subject himself to dangerous, Mr. Peterson, also seems to reflect an unwillingness to learn of their dangers before allowing himself to take them. That seems highly understandable in the “general population” who have brainwashed to believe the pills any M.D. prescribes, even a psychiatrist, must be of benefit to you and make you feel better. Of course, this is usually not the case. Even antibiotics, although useful at times, can cause stomach issues that can be quite disconcerting. And these drugs affect the brain, the pre-eminent organ of the body. When I saw that he was willing to take “ketamine” a “date-rape drug” now being used in some psychiatric circles, I was aghast! What it shows you is that with all the education in the world. Mr. Peterson has a PH.D., without common-sense, one can do some dangerous things to one’s body and brain. (I, of course, should not point the finger too much; as I am no exception in my previous life.) But, something did come to mind as I was writing this? Many times, the psychiatrists, etc. are very concerned that you, the patient may do harm to yourself or others? Well, they should be, because, as soon as you take that drug they prescribed you, you have done yourself harm and maybe others, too. But, of course, they will not tell you that. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, Adderall is a stupid drug. It is highly addictive. As a meth type drug, it’s a stimulant and is related to those evil diet drugs sold in the back pages of the old cheap magazines they used to sell in gas stations, etc. And, why use one drug to stop the effects of another drug? Oh, that’s something that’s been tried and still is being tried and not only harms but fails. One of my psychiatrists tried me on Adderall for about a month or so. She said, oh, this will help you concentrate. Did I concentrate? No! I just almost got fired, but smartly quit my job. Thank you.

  • I know that I always seem to sound like I know everything and that I am smart and have insight. I have no idea if that’s true. But, I am going to now show I don’t know everything and I apologize for ever pretending to act like I do.
    In this article, they state that one of the side effects of “psychotic drugs” is “brain shrinkage.” I am aware of some of the other side effects, including the fact that they do quite a number on your brain, but, I am not quite sure what is meant by “brain shrinkage” and how it affects your thinking, etc. There may be a lot of etc. Also, does anyone know how it might affect someone even several years of no longer taking these psychiatric drugs. Is it related to the TD or akinithsia in any way? Thank you very much.

  • Well, some things in this article seem right and some I am not so sure. Of course, this is “across the pond” and not the US. Although, there may be some tapering in the States, I sincerely doubt it will last long unless they can taper you from one evil drug to another. I remember clozapine came out. Time Magazine had a long article about how it was a breakthrough drug for schizophrenic patients, but, they had to do weekly test for white blood counts and when they got out of whack, the patient had to stop the drug. This was in the early 90’s, I think. I thought well that’s similar to Tegretol which they had taken me off of because my white blood count had got so low, it was endangering my immunity. Willoweed is on spot about this drug thing. Psychiatrists are literally like the kid down the street who sells the drugs to school children on the playground; except the psychiatrist is an alleged accepted authority with a degree and a license and he peddles the drugs in a office and the school children are of all ages. Oh yes, the gateway drug—it could be anything the psychiatrist pulls out of sleight of magic bag. I mean no disrespect to legitimate magicians who entertain, not damage, destroy, and sometimes kill. Thank you.

  • Ekaterina, I was re-reading your article. I respect what you have to say. I was also re-reading some of your posts in response to other posts. I believe that each person has the right to make their own choices about their life and about what steps one must take to adapt to its challenges, etc. However, when I re-read all that you have written (and, perhaps, you did not necessarily mean to make such statements) I feel as if you are either rationalizing these psychiatric drugs you still take or you might be tempting those of us for whom these drugs have caused so much damage. What I am trying to say is that on a site that questions very much the benefits and validity of using (or being prescribed these drugs) you seem to “applaud” and like I said, rationalize their usage. I don’t necessarily feel quite comfortable stating this but I don’t feel quite comfortable reading what you have written. I respect your life experiences, but, I am sorry, and I may have miss-read much what you have said, yet, I read a far greater acceptance and even promotion of these psychiatric drugs that I personally feel comfortable with… I can not think of any drug, legal or illegal, prescribed or not prescribed that is not it is own way bears some danger. And, after my experiences, psychiatric drugs might very well be the most dangerous of all. Please forgive me for saying what I have said; but, unfortunately this article and the other things you have posted give me extremely uncomfortable feelings. Thank you.

  • Steve McCrea I think it is the fact that to make it in the modern world, we must disregard and “disrespect our own (natural) instincts and rhythms.” I think this is probably one of the main reasons that people are compelled to do everything from overeating to drinking (from coffee to alcohol, etc.) to worse, especially including the psych industry, its harmful, deadly drugs and therapies, etc. I remember from as early as my kindergarten, how upset I was that the whole world seemed to care less about when I wanted to eat, sleep, or even engage in beneficial behaviors. My kindergarten teacher was so upset that I only drank milk before naptime on Wednesdays. Well, that was chocolate milk day! Actually, from a very early age, we do try to impose society’s artificial rhythms. Eventually, the person revolts either subtly or not so subtly. At the time the person chooses to engage in behaviors that are not as beneficial. Of course, it depends on the person as to whether these not so beneficial behaviors are society approved or not. What is odd or maybe actually sad and tragic is that many who do behave in society approved behaviors end up as lab rats for the psych industry, etc. I think if there is one thing we can do to be anti-psychiatry it is to claim our natural instincts and rhythms and to no longer give them away. Thank you.

  • When I took Abilify, not only was it very expensive, but, it began to close my throat to such an extent that I had to be taken off if it. I was then put back on Risperadal, another evil drug. But, I did not understand at the time, that closing off my throat would be endangering my life. My father had to explain it to me. It is not that there was/is anything wrong with my intelligence. It is that the drugs dull your brain so very much that they erode all one’s natural intelligence, common sense and cut into any memory from one’s education. For several years while on some drugs that I can not remember, I could not even sign my name. It was totally and completely unreadable and probably could not be used legally. Thank you.

  • Ekaterina, Your story is very interesting. One of the girls in some group I was in came out of the state hospital and told us all of her clothing she had there was stolen. When, I was in the hospital, all I got stolen was my dignity; but, I think I just think it was reinforced as stolen. As far as face cream, etc. if I had any, I would just give it away and worry not about it being stolen, because my skin is so sensitive, especially that which is on face. Even water from the sink can make it itch, etc. unless I dry it off quickly. Still, I need the water to wash the other irritants off my face that can cause me problems. Did your nice perfume get stolen? I use to be a perfume addict, so that would have upset me dearly if that had happened. Maybe, I still am partially a perfume addict—just not too much or the wrong smells or the wrong price…. As far as what you deserve, whatever it is that gives you joy and happiness is what you deserve. And, please always deserve just a little more than the world can give you. It keeps you just hungry and thirsty enough to stay alive and fight for yourself and your dignity. The psych industry shames us enough by insinuating that we are too ill to deserve anything, sometimes, not even love… The psych industry would prefer if we were not hungry enough or thirsty enough to fight for our dignity. And as far as staying alive, they only keep us alive to get their drugs and their therapies, etc.
    Absolutely no one has the right to judge on what you feel you deserve or not deserve. The main point is that the theft of your face cream, etc. was actually like stealing who you are and being in a psych hospital you are very vulnerable to this type of theft. In fact, you really do not need to even be in psych hospital for this kind of theft to happen. Of course, not just the psych industry does this. Others can do this too; friends, family, employers, supervisors, teachers, professors, etc. can do this to you. All of these betray you by their thievery. But, in the psych industry, it seems more potent and mortifying as they were the ones we expected to “save” and “help” us from these other betrayals. And, when this happens, we learn a betrayal we wish we had not learned. Although, it may not be “sexual” it is nothing less than another form of rape. Ekaterina, Thank you for your honest article and commentary and opening your heart to us. Thank you.

  • I think that you are courageous to tell your story. We have gotten so far away from the idea that children are put on earth to play, learn and grow. We have returned to pre-industrial and early industrial times when children were treated as “little adults” except now it is much worse; because not only do we treat them like “little adults” we drug and therapize them like “big adults.” So, that leads to unneeded pain and suffering across all ages. I was not introduced to most of the drugs you mentioned being prescribed until I was an adult. I lost much of my life during those years and I am still experiencing the effects of those drugs, although I have not taken these drugs since 2013-2015. This is beyond comprehension that you were subject to abuse and trauma from those drugs and related experiences as a child, in addition to what you endured in the other areas of your life. What we do to our children in this country is very tragic! However, you are beacon of light and your courage will lead the way to assist children and adults, too a way out of this terror and abuse. Thank you.

  • Fiachra I respect what you say as I am not sure if I agree with you. I say that first because I do not consider there to be a distinction between a “normal” population that is independent of “psychiatry.” Psychiatry is pervasive in the medical world now, that much traditional medicine is now just another branch of psychiatry. Additionally, these psychiatric drugs, especially the SSRIs which can and do cause metabolic side effects and even the “neuroleptics” are prescribed by M.D.s who are not psychiatrists and given to patients who would never dream of seeing a psychiatrist. These drugs are also prescribed off-label for a host of conditions. Finally, it has been discovered, that the popularity of these drugs being prescribed has caused them to be found in the water supplies of many urban areas, thus affecting way many more people. Gently, I will say this: There are no abnormal or normal people or populations. There are always those who exhibit or engage in harmful behaviors to themselves or others; but classifying into distinctions of normality versus abnormality is at the root of so much of the problems we have as a society. It causes people to make a distinction and people become prideful in their “normality” or “abnormality” rather than discovering their inherent individuality and uniqueness as formed in the image of their Creator. Thank you.

  • I always wondered why I felt so good after a hamburger, fries, and a diet Coke at my favorite fast foods joint—much better than I ever felt on any psych drug. But, actually, I think, as bad as many say a fast food/junk food diet is, I would say it is healthier than almost any psychiatric drug for you. And, it tastes better, too! Plus, if you do experience weight gain, you have honestly earned it, as opposed to the psychiatric drugs, where it is a dishonest weight gain and therefore a more dangerous and unhealthy weight gain. But, in the end, that shows how beyond awful for anyone these drugs are. Thank you.

  • I am glad I read your post after I had my sandwich for my lunch. But, those drugs we speak of — at the very end of my being forced to take them— I threw them up! I could no longer swallow those little pills. It was if my brain, my stomach, my gag reflux were screaming—no more of those evil little pills– They’re killing us and you—stop now–which I did! Sometimes, the brain does throw up in revolt to your actions and the brain being so smart and persuasive gets the other organs–like the stomach, etc. to help. And, actually, two years before I got to that point, the drugs had put me into a nearly comatose state for days…And what pills were left they had prescribed me to take— well my brain and body worked together to say –no more! Why wouldn’t I listen earlier? I was still in the evil propaganda snares, etc. of the psych goons, etc. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, You are right. There are some who think that the profession we now as modern medicine has been populated by males in a concerted reaction to these very popular female healers. Therefore, these female healers were slandered with the label of “witches.” to discredit them in favor of the male doctors. “Witches” and other like-minded individuals are not perceived well, as there are many references to the evils of sorcery and thus sorcerers, including “witches.” So, this, may, I think, be the thinking behind labeling these female healers as “witches” in order to discredit them. When, I thought of the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale as a metaphor for psychiatry, etc. I was not considering the “witches/female healers” aspect. But, when I look at this analogy, there was so much in this little fairy tale that fit what really does happen to people when they get “seduced” into the realm of psychiatry, etc. and what happens to the person after this horrible “seduction.” Thank you.

  • Fiachra, I know you wrote to Dr. Philip. And what you say has merit. But, please remember that almost all psychiatric drugs have as side effects; metabolic disorders (i.e. diabetes, etc.) and weight gain. I would, although I would never consider myself and “expert” argue that the increase in both “obesity” rates and the increase in diseases like diabetes are related and correlated to the rise in the prescribing of these psychiatric drugs. I think many doctors want the patient to think it is because they are couch potatoes or eat junk food or foods and drinks filled with things like “high fructose corn syrup.” All of those can be considered contributors, but, it is ethical and criminal malpractice, denial, and negligence to not consider the effect of these psychiatric drugs on types of metabolic disturbances that are related to weight gain, even excessive weight gain and related disorders, etc. Thank you.

  • Willoweed, You are correct, except that in many cases some of the symptoms you mentioned may still be there even years after discontinuing the drugs. Additionally, other odd symptoms may develop during the acute withdrawal stage and then even after the acute withdrawal stage, other symptoms might develop. In any case, each person after discontinuing the drugs may also develop certain other sensitivities and all I can describe is misc. etc. that must be adapted to… Tragically, these drugs will probably change large parts of your life forever and those who concoct them, make them, promote them, prescribe them, etc. continually refuse to acknowledge their onerous responsibility and accountability. Thank you.

  • Psychiatry did not turn general difficulties in adaptation like “Diabetes.” into real illnesses. No, they made it up. They concocted it like a “witches brew.” And like Hansel and Gretel, we, who thought we were hungry and lost, nibbled and nibbled at the witch’s gingerbread house, until we were swept into the witch’s hot boiling cauldron for the witch’s dinner, of course. And, those us who were able to escape that hot cauldron alive are so lucky, so lucky. No one really wants to burned and eaten alive for a greedy witch’s dinner, do we? I didn’t think so. Thank you.

  • I have a lot of heartburn memory about VR, Sheltered workshops and related junk. It was basically two times that VR sent me to my near death in the world of psychiatry, etc. I was once involved in a Sheltered Workshop. It was very demeaning. We were even told to enter in one set of doors, while the staff had a more exclusive set of doors to enter. They could care less about matching assignments to skills and abilities, etc. VR had all kinds of crazy rules, such as if one had received a Bachelor’s Degree as I had, they could not pay for me to receive any other type of training or education in another field even by testing and other methods, it was determined more suitable for the client. I am not familiar with the books you mentioned. I probably would not ne inclined to read them, but, I will say VR and related entities are taking the taxpayers monies and do very little to help the client. In some jurisdictions, they might be more inclined to obtain items and assistance to help those with obvious physical disabilities, but otherwise, I would advise someone who needs help “vocationally” to get help elsewhere. It would definitely keep their self-esteem and self-worth in place which helps them vocationally and otherwise. Thank you.

  • BlueCassandra: What you write is very interesting and does cause much thought in many people. Personally, I would like completely get rid of all the drugs. But, I do not know if others who consider themselves “anti-psychiatry” agree with me, but, that honestly does not matter. They are extremely dangerous, debilitating, disabling, and life threatening. The issue might be that if these drugs are “outlawed” they may end up on the “black market” or there might be a resurgence of “prohibition parties, etc.” Prohibition had a big impact on the US and probably set the stage for the Great Depression. As far as what you said about comments made to others on the street because they seem to be “different.” In the US, due to the First Amendment, speech like this, although hurtful is still protected. Of course, right now, due to “cancel culture, etc.” much “free speech” is being challenged. However, I would be well, un-American to support the banning of such speech, unless violence is definitely intended. Sometimes, in such horrible situations like this, the best thing to do is say nothing and walk away. There are those people who think we should say something and maybe we should, but walking away can be just as effective, even more so. I believe freedom is the most important thing. And one thing, I know from my experience in the psychiatry, etc. world is they don’t care about freedom and only desire to take it away from you. This is done through both the drugs and therapies, etc. Yes, people are suffering and people suffer every day, but taking away someone’s freedom only adds suffering upon suffering. There is so much to say here. But, this freedom is all tied up in free will, individual determinism, etc. Yes, freedom is taken away when one commits a criminal act. But, it should never be taken away without “due process.” Psychiatry, etc. cares nothing about “due process” or anything close. That is what makes psychiatry, etc. so wrong, so evil. It is completely lacking in American values. Our forefathers and foremothers did not fight a revolution for psychiatry, etc. They fought a revolution to free us from things like psychiatry, etc. of course, in addition to the British crown, etc. This is why I am “anti-psychiatry.” Thank you.

  • oldhead: I actually think the MIA might be more middle of the road than either left or right. I, also, consider it almost as a “gateway site”— one of the first places people look for help when they realize they have been betrayed and damaged by psychiatry and don’t know where else to turn. There are many articles and comments posted on this site as to how this damage has occurred to them. Robert Whittaker has also, in addition, to his eye-opening books, has written an posted many articles that are essentially helpful to understand the world many of us now face after the drugs and therapizing.
    Blue Cassandra, As someone who has “flirted” around with many labels about me; some from outside me and someone I thought fit me, it is very easy to fall into the mish-mash of labeling. In college, I considered “labeling” so important, I tried to create a psych experiment on labeling. I was sadly a psych major. But, of course, something, I did not consider at that time and that has taken years for me to figure out: is that human beings are not fodder for experimentation. There is nothing wrong with being rebellious. Look at my online id on this site: rebel. However it is extremely important that one chooses to rebel, one must choose exactly what it is they rebel against… After my experiences in psychiatry, etc. rebelling against psychiatry, because I do know now it reflects only evil back into the world, is necessary and to borrow from the old Star Trek series, one of my “prime directives.” It would be remiss of me to speak up against the evils of psychiatry, even at the present moment, I speak on this site or other carefully selected site(s). Thank you.

  • Cassandra— For one thing, I would not presuppose to tell someone to take or not take these drugs or any drugs. I do voice my opposition to drugs, especially the psychiatric drugs and the associated therapies, etc. on this site. But, I have even left “friendships” because I, am of the opinion, I can tell someone how to live their life. They must make their own decision as to whether or not they should see a psychiatrist, take the drugs, etc. I can not make that decision for them. Each person has a right to live their own life as they see fit, even if in my opinion, they might, be harming themselves. But, I think, that is, oddly enough, the main goal of the “anti-psychiatry” movement—to restore to each person the right to make their own decisions and live their life as they see fit without undue and unneeded psychiatric intervention. This sounds like a paradox, but, it is not. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, You are very intelligent. Kindred Spirit is very intelligence. What I read in both of your posts is that there is a wide range of opinions as to how psychiatry should be abolished and what it should look like after it’s abolished. Another odd possibility is that, although we may work very hard with good intentions and wise ideas, psychiatry may just end up abolishing itself. Most of us consider psychiatry somewhat of a criminal enterprise. And, after having worked in corrections, one glaring attribute of a convict or criminal is they just can’t stop themselves from engaging in criminal behavior. Just wait a while, these people will show their face. This doesn’t mean we should stop doing what we are doing. Exposing their criminality is the best medicine against them. Thank you.

  • Lauren C. I am not familiar with the word, “autodidact.” If that means, I am basically a “self-taught” learner then I think that fits. It would also how I did not fit in so well in almost anything past fifth or sixth grade, made it through college, but not really, and could not bring myself to apply to grad school. But, then, in those first few grades, my dear mother spent, maybe, more time than usual in those dreaded parent/teacher conferences, while the teacher tried to explain to my mother that I was so “smart” and all my teachers and my parents kept telling me that I wasn’t living up to my potential. In short, I, well, hated school. Thank you.

  • This article is very interesting. However I take issue with several points. First, the author did not capitalize God, thus, discounting any religious beliefs that the person with the alleged psychosis might have. Second, the term “agents of the state.” Well, where do we start with this one? I don’t know, but, I see Red Lights Flashing rather like Communist China or Russia, etc. And, the question has always been what is this break from reality? Who determines if another person is actually experiencing a break from reality? Could the person who is experiencing the break from reality be the social worker or concerned family member? Who is to determine what reality is? Could it be the alleged patient’s imagination? How many times is an excellent imagination been misinterpreted as psychosis? Oh yes, I saw no mention of how the drugs, such as psychiatric drugs, are the probable real factors behind psychosis? Just my imagination saves lives. Being or pretending to be an agent of the state to allegedly save someone else’s life does not. So many think their imagination is some form of psychosis and seek help, but, it is the very wrong kind of help. If I can help at least one person to not traverse that real road of hell, then perhaps, I am not living in vain. Thank you.

  • I think homeschooling is great. I have no children in my care, but, if I did I would homeschool them, especially now after this virus craziness with the schools. However, instead, I am grown up woman homeschooling myself. I am learning that homeschooling oneself is a great way of the pain that the psych industry, etc. heaped upon me. Homeschooling myself also helps to fill in some of the gaps in my brain since it was harmed by the drugs and therapies, etc. Additionally, homeschooling myself allows me the chance to build up my self-worth and self-esteem that the psychiatrists, etc. tried to tear down. But, of course, I completely tailor it to me and my interests and use the materials that meet my unique needs, i.e. I usually deal with materials meant for teens, upward to college students and adults, etc. If it works for me, I do it. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, I know that abolishing of psychiatry may take more than a lifetime or even a few lifetimes. Perhaps, our first goal might be to discredit psychiatry to such a state that it is relegated to the dustbins of history books, like feeling lumps on the head to determine illness or bleeding out people to cure them of illness. I don’t know if these are even good examples. And I might have the wrong idea or I might be misunderstanding everything. As you well know, one of the effects of the brain being on these drugs for years and years is that thoughts and memories get all tied up. I know the ultimate goal is abolishment and I am willing to take the uphill battle, but, some days I have better ideas or answers than others. Thank you.

  • I remember one of my therapists had told me that my sense of humor was one of my strengths. It seems to be one of your strengths, also. But, it also seems and this is not uncommon, except yours ended in an horrific hospitalization of one of your strengths being used against you. In your case, it was extreme, but this happens so much in our society by all kinds of authority figures, in particular, it is a wonder that we as a society accomplish anything. However, lately, that accomplishment might be in doubt. Please don’t ever give any of your strengths or rather your natural talents and gifts, etc. away. And, that did seem to happen to you this time. I have, and with not just my sense of humor, way too many times. Thank you.

  • What you state is interesting? So, the question is: why do we have shots for the flu? But, then that question is why do we have drugs for these alleged psychiatric illnesses? In my plain, home-made intelligence, I suggest we are not supposed to feel fantastic 100% of the time. The paradox of being human may be that we need to feel bad to feel good and vice versa. That is our birthright. And it may be criminal how the disciplines of traditional medicine and the false psychiatry try to steal it from us. Only a small part of this is a life or death matter, but in actuality a life and death matter. Thank you.

  • Steve McCrea: On your comment about psychiatry, remember that the psychiatrists believe your brain cells are diseased and need to be excised or whatever. They believe this just as much as an oncologist does. Please never forget, psychiatry is a profession of rabid believers. In many ways, they make the concept of “extremists” seem utterly “middle of the road.”
    Oldhead: Your comment was very interesting. Once I read that the body may be fighting cancers every day and usually wins. Unfortunately, it is when one gets out of control intervention is needed. I think this is probably true with many other diseases, also, some even considered infectious. I think our bodies and our brains are stronger fighters against any diseases than the medical and the psychiatric community want us to believe. I also question as far as intervention goes with any disorder or disease, alleged or not, why must the medical establishment take the most painful way out for the person who is suffering. Actually, so many times the suffering doe not seem to start until the intervention to cure the disease begins. Thank you.

  • Someone questioned if all “psych wards” are locked? The “psych hospital” of which I was interned was “locked” and each ward was locked. I think your diagnosis and possible violent tendencies determined which particular ward you were assigned and all that etc. I have never known a “psych ward” or “hospital” to not be locked. Although, many do have lobbies that are more open. Sometimes, that is because, there are various parts to a “psych hospital” including many outpatient facilities from “day treatment ” stays to just plain outpatient visits with psychiatrists, etc. and places for support groups and group therapies, etc. I did the “day treatment” for several weeks some years ago. You would go for the day and go home at night; but you had to released like a you were a regular inpatient. However, there was one thing, when I was an actual inpatient; I was not allowed to speak with my mother nor did they tell the truth about my stay. Finally, though they released me. It probably had to do with my Medicare insurance. They probably stopped authorizing payments. Thank you.

  • You titled this article: patient or prisoner? I can not help but think the answer is prisoner. My first job out of college was as a corrections officer (prison guard.) We treated “stone cold killers” better than you were treated. Since that time, I have been a prisoner in two regular hospitals, and one psych hospital. However,
    as awful as they were, your experience was much tragically worse. And, sadly, now, in very few hospitals, especially psych hospitals, but more and more the “regular” hospitals, a patient is not treated as a patient but as a prisoner. Oldhead wants to “defund and abolish psychiatry.” I would like to agree, but, I wonder is it really possible or a pipedream. But, I do think psychiatry and their cronies are very probably becoming more and more the most dangerous segment of society. I do wish you well and thank you for your article. Your smile says it all. You have great promise, more than you might be able to envision at this instant. Thank you.

  • “Neoliberalism” may not be so good for “health” and Oldhead mentions the shortcomings of “neoconservatism.” Perhaps, there is the “neo” which does mean “new” that is the “big bugaboo.” I think it might be that old “silk purse/sow’s earth thing” or “there really is nothing new under the sun.” I believe both are Biblical references.
    In this essay, the author, although, does not discuss what is called the “New Age” and its impact on “mental health.” I should have included the etc. here. However, both “neoliberalism” and the “new age” share the common belief that the world reflects your problems or your successes. So, if a clerk in a store is irritable with you that day, it because, you are irritable inside, although, you may not show it. Conversely, if you are successful and you get that job you want, it is because you are thinking successful, positive thoughts. To me, this is just dancing down the yellow brick road and actually becoming the wizard or humbug’s assistant or even “stand-in.” It’s all a false way of living. The only difference, it seems between “neoliberalism” and “neoconservatism” is how you frame the “good cop/bad cop” idea in your mind and how you feel it relates to you. All of this is try to avoid the “stinky” and there are only four ways to do that: clean up; take the garbage out; do your laundry; and take a hot shower. The truth is you must spend a part of your day doing the mundane and then you can spend the rest of the day doing the “happy stuff” for you. We lie to people and claim they can spend the whole day doing the happy stuff.” And, of course, they begin to think they need the psychiatrist, their drugs and their therapizing. I should add there is also the flip side of the same coin embodied in all this “neo” world. I would call it “doom and gloom.” In a way, for some, “doom and gloom” is the “happy stuff.” Many today feel caught between those opposing realities which may really be one and the same. Being caught, like in a spider’s web, they can not see a way out. This too, leads to the psychiatrist, the drugs, and the therapizing. I have either been down or subject to all roads. No matter which road you are on; you are vulnerable. I believe there are several ways to decrease one’s vulnerability. Neoliberalism, neoconservatism, the new age or doom and gloom are not the ways as you become just fodder for the psych community and even other groups and communities that do nothing but exploit and damage you. Thank you.

  • I wy as thinking how throughout this thread we are arguing mostly against these psychiatrists, etc. not having access to psychedelics or prescribing them for all their concocted conditions, but, since, no one has been clear and forthcoming as to what is actually in all these psychiatric drugs they already prescribe, how do we know or can be sure that specific “active” or “inactive” ingredients (chemicals, etc.) are not already embodied in these various psychiatric drugs’ concocted damaging, etc. recipes? We don’t know, do we? A big part of this discussion may already be basically mute. Thank you.

  • Willoweed, You state that we are not born with knowledge. I think we are not entirely sure what we are born with… However, the infant does seem to be born with at least the knowledge of who his or her mother is. He or she knows the smell of her mother, the sound of her voice and other things to pertinent to survival. How he or she learns this I don’t know. There are probably some learned or not who might know or think they know. In fact, there is probably a lot that occurs in the womb, we can not ever know. However, it seems to me, we must be born with some knowledge. If we did not have at least some knowledge prior or at birth, we may not survive. This, to me, is an excellent reason for all pregnant women to avoid all psychiatric type drugs, which, I have read sadly that these drugs have been prescribed for some. Thank you.

  • Steve McCrea– Yes, I have, too, read that “receiving medical care” is the third leading cause of death in the US. This is definitely something they want to hide from Americans. I think psychiatry may be at the front of the line as far as these “iatrogenic” deaths, but, other specialties, are in strenuous competition. Unfortunately, in America, going to see a doctor is a very risky thing to do. It might be healthier and less life-risking to make a motorcycle jump across the Grand Canyon; which is an an extremely rare thing for anyone to attempt and you could fall off your motorcycle into the Canyon. Thank you.

  • Katel, I am glad I helped you. By the way that local hospital in my comment is not where I live now. It is also not a psych type hospital, but a general hospital that takes care of all kinds of health issues. When I was there, not only was the food awful, but the “nursing staff” were mostly rude. Before that I was in a psych hospital which was actually in the same neighborhood. The food was just as awful. They fed us yogurt every morning for breakfast. Now, I detest yogurt. In a way that was worse, no private tv, but, I had a private room because of a mix-up which also involved lies to my mother about my status. It’s all very hazy in my memory to me now. I do remember one thing about that place. They had a patio outside that had nothing but dead plants and dead grass and no furniture and this was springtime. I guess they felt that was good for the recovery of their patients. This particular psych hospital had a very bad reputation, also. Thank you.

  • Actually, modern doctors will hold your hand and tell you that if you want to live you must suffer pain and agony or you will die, but, then after suffering pain and agony, you could still die anyway. Oh yes, and you and your family will suffer even greater pain and agony will you get my bill; that no matter what happens must be paid. Modern day medicine versus the Hippocratic Oath— No relationship at all. Thank you.

  • On my comment about individual attacks of abuse, I still believe that; however, there are certain segments of our society that seem awash in the culture of abuse. I would namely note one of the most disgusting which is the psych/mental health/illness community. The author’s unfortunate experience as she was in psych drug withdrawal is a sad example. However, I have learned that very few in this world truly understand what is going on as someone is undergoing this type of drug withdrawal. And, they just don’t care. Many times, the attitude is why get off these drugs if getting off of them is causing you so much pain and anguish. I guess it might be that there are those who are terrified to leave their little “comfort zone” to even attempt to understand the pain of another. The other even more tragic prospect is “once mentally ill, always mentally ill” that some in our society have. It is a daily struggle to educate others the out and out lie of this one, considering that so, so many are diagnosed with some alleged form of “mentally illness” when they really are just “normal”—not even sick at all. But, of course there is the drugs and therapies that can really make you sick. Thank you.

  • This is an interesting article. First, I am not sure where Dr. Bruce Levine sees it as popular on the MSM to trash the DSM. Perhaps, an alternate reality exists for many psychiatrists that I am unaware of… Right now, it seems the MSM is still in a position to be on psychiatry’s side. And, as far as studying psychedelics, it just overflows with danger in the nth degree. I know there are many who are suffering, but, I question, why add to the suffering. Perhaps, it is because as a someone growing up in the 60s, 70s, and even into the 80s, I saw too much adverse effects from these psychedelics. The tragedy was these young people lost their dreams and ended up in psychiatric hospitals from “bad trips” or worse. Some, to my knowledge, never could reenter society again. It is horrible enough that the “psych industry” has infiltrated the world with their evil- psychiatric drugs— to overlay this with these psychedelics only shows the growing intense moral and ethical decline of psychiatry. Only Faust can truly see the bargain at this horrific and tragic prospect. Thank you.

  • Although the author of this article makes a great case that the culture is abusive, however, we must always remember that the culture is made up of many individuals and in my experience, it has been from individuals that I have experienced the most abuse. And, luckily, at times in my life, other individuals have pointed this abuse out to me. And sometimes, it has been a book, such as Robert Whittaker’ s book “Anatomy of an Epidemic” and other books, too that have pointed out this abuse. Thank you.

  • “To postulate that millions of people have wrong brains is as outrageous as it gets.” But, stick around stool pigeon, and we’ll give you that wrong brain you so desire whether you know that’s what you want or not. Couple that with “The sticking diagnosis problem is an awful good reason not to see a psychiatrist.” I would not even advise or suggest to my “worst enemy” to see a psychiatrist or one of their helpers. Mister Rodgers always told his tv audience to look for the “helpers.” He probably meant well, but, tragically that advice is no longer optimal or healthy. To stay healthy, avoid all doctors, if possible, and avoid all psychiatrists and their mental illness buddies without question. This is another excellent article by a doctor who knows and can sadly speak from experience about others who have M.D.s such as he does. Thank you.

  • Sadly, I can think of very hospitals for alleged mental conditions or any illness or condition that are actually meant or beneficial for healing and recovery. More and more, they resemble prisons. There was a hospital where I lived once. When I mentioned that hospital’s name, my neighbor told me, “Oh, you go there to die!.” I was housed there for eleven days and thank God, I left alive and it appears some years later, I am still living. By the way, Katel, I, too, avoid all doctors, etc. I am seriously afraid of being prescribed drugs I can no longer take. After my “psycho-drug and therapizing years” I can’t even take a tylenol or any otc drug. I am terrified of any prescribed drug for any alleged condition. Thank you.

  • The Placebo Effect. It was big deal in my psych classes in college and high school. Of course, now they are all in denial. But, then they also use these placebo trials in non-psychiatric drug trials. That is, I think, part of how they determine if a drug works or the possible and probable side effects of the drug are. They do this all the time. They also test on particular animals. But, is all this really and truly ethical, and moral? Is this really in line with Universal Law or God’s Law? Could that apple or fruit (depending on the translation) that the serpent tempted Eve with and then tempted Adam and subsequently got them kicked out of the Garden of Eden forever be a “drug” at least by modern standards? This is just a goofy question. Thank you.

  • Oldhead -Well, I don’t like snakes nor scorpions. I did spend time in the Desert Southwest. When I moved there, I was in Junior High and my sister was a few grades behind me. His first and most important order to us as to our move was: “Don’t look under the rocks. There might be snakes or scorpions.” Huh. What alleged profession continuously hides under rocks? Aa-ah! And what is your final answer? Psychiatry, etc. and the Entire Associated Mental Health/Illness Industry. These are only metaphors, but snake bites and scorpion bites hurt and even kill! Has my case been made? Thank you.

  • The comment that the “placebo effect is quite troubling to the pharmaceutical industry” says it all. They intuitively know the placebo effect will “statistically” show that their drugs are useless and their profits “go up in smoke.” If I were in the pharmaceutical industry, I would be worried, too. I would worry a lot, because what does it reflect? That the pharmaceutical industry is doing wrong from the outset. They are just another group of “snake oil salesmen” with shiny pitches, shiny things, shiny money, etc. that mean nothing, but that nothing is more dangerous and damages more people daily than all the poisonous snakes on the planet Earth. Thank you.

  • To Katel’s story. You are brave and smart and may not be aware of it just yet. I, too, have moved, not necessarily, because of my neighbors, but, to escape from the psych industry that kept me captive for so many years. I don’t discuss how I got to where I am with my neighbors. They never ask. I don’t ask them. It could be where I live, as many of my neighbors have had to leave different kinds of untenable situations thrust upon them. Katel, you said the word “refugee” came to mind. Then at the end of your post, you mentioned “exile” or “outcast.” Steve McCrea echoed the “refugee” sentiment, but, I would like to describe our various situations with different words. Perhaps, we might be more like the American Pioneers or the Pilgrims. These brave people left adverse situations to create new lives. If you think about it, our moving and other ways we are dealing with this is very American. I can’t put it any other way. We, due to the terrible hand dealt us, are now living as true Americans. Never ever forget, it is truly American to leave a place where our freedom is stifled to move to a place where we can be free. Katel, You just want to be free. Who could ever blame you? Thank you.

  • Many times, I do not think the therapist knows that he or she is actually causing the patient/client to dredge uo what may be considered as “false memories.” They are patently unaware of what they are doing. The other tragic part about these therapists is when they take a real memory then warp it to make the patient/client’s memory is actually indicative of the diagnosis. Thus, “justifying” in the therapists and the attendant psychiatrist’s eyes, all the drugs, therapies, and other treatments heaped onto the patient/client ad infinitum. The mental health/illness industry is filled with those who consider themselves people persons and do-gooders. There are those in the industry who would rally be shocked at the lack of good they actually do. And, there are those who just don’t care. It just does not bother them that they are picking up a paycheck for their malicious actions. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the answer to correct this situation. The best thing I know to do is to avoid it altogether or if you are embroiled in it, please find a way to leave as soon as it is safe for you to do so. Thank you.