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  • Yes, I had ulcers in my mouth. too. I almost asked the prescriber about them; but, soon after that, I totally quit the drugs and they were mostly gone. However, when stressed, one or two may flair up for a while and then go away. Of course, like you, that’s not the only issues I dealt with while on the drugs and then there was the withdrawal. sadly, even after the withdrawal, there are still issues in which to contend. However, since none of the drug-makers or the psychiatrists, etc. want to admit all this; it is very difficult to know how long any of this will last. But, since the brain is definitely involved, it may be lifelong. Thank you.

  • Medicine does kill people. The third leading cause of death is usually attributed to “pharmaceuticals.” All drugs cause side effects and some are extremely dangerous. All you need to do is listen to the “drug ads” where despite the rosy, happy pictures, in the background the announcer is listing only some of the side effects. And, usually, they end the commercial, with something like, “please check with your prescriber or pharmacist, because, of course, there are more. And, wait until the next commercial, which will be from some eager lawyer, who will try to convince you that you have a case against the drug company for the harm done to you by a certain drug. Tragically, it is the person prescribed the drug who is victimized. This is across the board and does not just include “psychiatric drugs.” And, this is only the tip of the iceberg.
    I believe someone mentioned the ads regarding “patients” who found out they had “td” that arose from the drug and this is “normal.” Well, there is nothing “normal” about this. This really is nothing but science for profit and control and we suffer. Aldous Huxley warned us about this in “Brave New World.” Drugs do harm and kill. The topsy-turvy world is that which allegedly is supposed to be good for you will actually harm or kill you. As, in my case, I am lucky to have gotten out of this morass, Alive! Thank you.

  • With all due respect to your comment, there is something troubling about what you wrote. I, myself, have lived through hurricanes, tornados, superstorms, blizzards, even a few earthquakes. And, yes, there is disorder. There can be disorder in one’s home, in the town or city you live, and in nature. Actually, this is normal. In nature, that disorder actually prevents further disorder down the line and it does restore itself, sometimes with human help and sometimes, not. Even after the Mt. St. Helena’s eruption, May 18, 1980, nature began to restore herself. On a daily basis, each one of us confronts disorder everyday and each one of us, uniquely, orders that disorder. Therefore, in my manner of thinking, disorder is the natural order of the day and our ability to create order from that order is what we humans do. So, in my humble opinion, what we need to do is not label someone as disordered or even claim it helplessness or more horrific than it is. We just need to realize that disorder is a natural part of life and the goal should be across all areas should be to assist each person how to value their unique way to put order into that disorder. Nature deals with it. We are part of Nature. Let’s just learn to live in Harmony with Nature and with Ourselves. All this labeling, diagnoses, treatments, therapies and drugs, etc. just causes more forced disorder and harms more than helps. As usual, we, silly humans, try to fix what is not broken. Thank you.

  • Please remember almost everything today is considered a disorder. I heard a new one on tv recently; “election stress disorder.” According to whoever; it’s supposed to cause “relationship problems” amongst married couples. I don’t know. The point is this: yes, they can make a disorder out of anything; which means that people suffering real trauma will get the proverbial “short-stick” thus further increasing their trauma. What it also means that in reality, it is not the trauma survivor or any survivor that has a disorder; but it is the world itself or rather the “powers that be” that are “disordered.” Therefore, the only real conclusion to make is: “It’s them, not us!” Because, if you look at the world today, is the “disordered” who are the most “ordered” and the most “sane.” Thank you.

  • How unusual to find a psychiatrist who won’t prescribe these “drugs” and even understands how these awful “drugs” affect you. From my experience here in the US, even the psychiatrist who claim they are not for “drugs: in treatment, will finally admit, “Oh yes, I do sometimes prescribe them.” And these are psychiatrists who take no Medicare or Health Insurance. Almost all psychiatrists, in my experience, when the patient has a bad reaction or complains about some side effect, it is usually the patient’s fault for not taking the drug as prescribed, being sick without accepting it or we are just going to add more drugs to your drug regimen. “Let’s schedule another med review!” the psychiatrist says in happy glee like the Witch in Hansel and Gretl before she puts the vulnerable children in her boiling hot cauldron. Thank you.

  • This is an amazing article, considering how long these “psychiatric drugs” have been out and available to be prescribed to the public. I have read various articles on “ECT” and it seems that the only real difference may be that the “psychiatric drugs” chemically induce many of the same effects and side effects as “ECT”; maybe at a much slower and sustained rate. I wonder if that could explain the issues in withdrawal. But, as someone who as endured these “drugs” for many years at a time, there is life after “withdrawal” even as my case; it was intentionally abrupt and some of this was partially caused by inept doctors. Still, one must know that after “withdrawal” in some to many ways, one’s life is forever altered. First, I was “disabled” by this alleged diagnosis. Now, I am disabled by the effects of that diagnosis; i.e. the “drugs and therapies, etc.” Thank you.

  • I think that someone wrote that she was diagnosed as a “relapsing schizophrenic” in Ireland and then she stopped psychiatry and is now well . How tragically ironic, that the best way to return to health and wellness is to completely divorce oneself from the psychiatric industry. I don’t want to throw rain on anyone’s parade, but, even, more tragically may very well be how “modern medicine” seems to now be following a similar path as psychiatry and related disciplines. And, dare, I say, in my experience, the “Medical M.D.s” seem to close ranks with the “Psychiatric M.D.s”. All were denying everything and anything about my condition or conditions. So, I trust no one with an “M.D.” by their name. Anyone with an “M.D.” by their name would have to earn my fragile trust. Thank you.

  • I have no real answers, but the therapist’s in most “community type” settings are nothing but LCSW’s. Therefore, I am unsure if a degree in social work is the answer. There are those who might argue that this is more of a moral or theological problem. There could also be an issue of motivation. The main thing, I think, is there is “no one size fits all.” This is perhaps the biggest problem in America and probably the “Western World.” I could say, “all we need is love.” But, that may be too simplistic. But, then maybe the other issue is our natural human error to make everything too complicated. In my dealings with the “mental illness industry” they were always looking for some hidden, forgotten agenda or trauma I supposedly had that had impacted my now adulthood. They even tried to make me think that I had been “mentally ill” since almost before I could walk or talk and that almost all my childhood experiences were now misconstrued to show that, yes, I was “mentally ill” from childhood. This is dangerous nonsense; probably used as an excuse to ply me with evil, dangerous drugs and complimentary therapies, etc. Thank you.

  • Although, there were some interesting points in this article, I am skeptical of anything that can be construed as a “drug” and “psilocybin” I believe is a “drug” although, it comes from “mushrooms.” The other point is “psilocybin” causes psychedelic experiences. Although, I am not a “scientist”, this just seem good for the brain. Although, there may be some people who might be able to handle this better than others. But, then, I am very concerned about making marijuana legal for recreational and even some medical purposes. “Psychedelic” drugs, like the “psycho-active” drugs just seem like another bad deal that could cause both short and long term harm. Personally, I prefer my mushrooms, fresh, fried gently in butter, on top of a juicy steak or hamburger. Thank you.

  • “lessons for future pandemics” obviously suggest the horrific concept of “planned-demincs.” This is nothing, but yes, snake oil for the masses. Vipers hiding in wait for the young people of our nation and the world. I feel sorry for these young people. They do not deserve the evils of these mass snake oil salesmen and women. Wake up America and the World. You are not only being used, but abused, and dare I say “raped” of your natural humanity. And, where did they get this snake oil learning; only from psychiatry and psychology. And where can this be traced to: Marx, Lenin, Mao and his buddies, Pavlov, Freud, B.F. Skinner, etc. etc. etc. Thank you.

  • Oh by the way; this is “Mental Illness Awareness Week:– October 5- October 11. As my late sister would say, “Oh Joy! Oh Rapture!” I know there is sarcasm in those words. A week set up just to bring these charlatans business! But, I would slightly like like to disagree with the author of this fantastic piece. No, you don’t have to be crazy; just duped and gullible. When it comes to psychiatry, P.T. Barnum said it right, “There is a sucker born every minute.” And, tragically, for me, I must confess I was a duped, gullible sucker! However, now, with my eyes wide open, I really do see the light! Thank you.

  • One thing that stands out to me in both parts of Paula Caplan’s essay is how normal human reactions to life are “medicalized” and thus, needing treatment, i.e. drugs and therapy, etc. Two normal reactions to life put me into this terror zone; vocational planning and grief. I say vocational planning, but, it’s just asking that age-old question, “the what and why of my life.” The grief part was in the loss of my sister and best friend to cancer. In actuality it was the state’s vocational rehabilitation agency that sent me into this wild goose of “hell!” It is beyond tragedy, dare I say evil, that normal life occurrences and questions are considered “worthy” of being diagnosed. And, as far, as my grief, was concerned, it was delayed “years” because of the drugs and therapy. But, the question is, who is really is afraid of death and dying? Perhaps, it is not us, but those who propagate this terror. Now, I think, when it is my time, I’d rather go peacefully than be subject to the horror and terror of these drugs and therapy. Yet, while even , under the effects of these “drugs”, I realized an odd thing about the word, “therapist.” Take it apart and it becomes, “the-rapist.” This is tragic, for those who really go to school with good intentions to help others in their life changes and suffering. But, these drugs and therapy, do absolutely nothing to mitigate the suffering and as far as life changes, your life is only changed for the worse. This is why so many in this hellishly awful mess, begin to think that only in “death” will have they have relief. Thank you.

  • I am sorry about what happened to you, kindredspirit. Steve McCrea is probably right in that there is a story underneath your tragic situation.
    When I signed my “contract” it was when I was in college; long before the horrific usage of toxic drugs and toxic therapies that can not only harm you, perhaps for life or even kill you before your time. When this happened to me, no toxic drugs or false diagnoses that never existed were applied to me. It was handwritten on yellow notepaper by me. Probably in this day and time; the way psychiatry, et. al; works it would be dangerous and lead to negative more harmful consequences than the actual self-harm itself. Only if you saw a private counselor, of the grid, so to speak, might it work.
    Since then I have been critically harmed and damaged by these mental illness zealots who said I had a diseases/disorders I never had (I am no expert; but I am not under the thought that self-harm means you have an alleged diagnosable disease/disorder.) and drugged me so horribly that eventually I got to a point my body almost shut down through a sleep I almost did not wake up from. Now, I am in the slow and steady state of withdrawal and healing; relearning my whole self; including my brain and body. My body is not always as happy as it used to be before the drugs; but, each day I get a little better. My mind is mostly very good; but one thing I am learning and which was hidden from me; is there is a uniqueness to my brain that must be honored and that when I operate from that uniqueness; I do better and am happier. etc. But, of course this all hid from me for their own self-interest; not mine. What happened to me worked until the paper died and the toxic drugs and therapy got forced onto me. Now off all that toxic junk, I don’t need a contract or anything. I just need me and God. Thank you.

  • In my experience; as having done self-harm against myself several times in my life; the absolute best (for me, personally) is just a small written or perhaps “typed” contract between you and yourself that you will not harm yourself again. My college student therapist had me do this. I carried this small written contract that I signed and he may have signed in my billfold until it was tattered, torn and virtually unreadable for many years. Later with this contract no longer in my billfold and under the influence of the very toxic drugs, very toxic therapy, serious stress, and a very toxic, abusive work environment and supervisor; I did self-harm again (by cutting.) However, at the time, my sister, who has now passed away, just bandaged me up and listened to me although she had her own stress (she was dying of cancer.)
    But, I think the point is that usually the simplest and most obvious ways to change or alter a harmful behavior is so easily dismissed by alleged educated professionals. But then, like in all these supposed “abnormal psychology things” the people who perpetuate these useless, toxic therapies and drugs need to perpetuate them for their self-interest; not the individual truth and good of the person. There are so many forms, methods, and reasons for mind control; but, they all fail. God gave us (our minds, etc. ) Free Will for a purpose. Religiously and spiritually it might be His purposes; rather than immature, small minded human purposes.

  • I think someone posted that “spousal abuse” is “learned behavior.” It seems to remember “back in the day” in my psychology classes they taught us that a man named “Seligman” said that “depression” is also “learned behavior” as in “learned helplessness.” I realize that is only a “theory” yet it seems very easy for “psychiatry” which prides itself on being able to assist in changing “abnormal behavior” can so easily “change their tune” from possibly “learned helpless” to a “lifetime brain-biochemical imbalance” without real proof or scientific data and sell it to the “public.” “Depression” is a ridiculous label for “humans, etc.” anyway. It’s Hurricane season and the only “depression” that means anything to me is a “Tropical Depression” which is probably where they stole the word from; “meteorology.” It makes sense since psychiatry steals without any moral thought or artistic license. In my opinion, there most likely is no such thing as “depression” just varying forms of “grief” due to the changes, successes and failures of life we all must face if we are to learn anything from our time here on Earth.
    Somewhere, deep in my heart, is the unresolved appall that life, living and what not has become an “abnormality” a “disease” a “defect” and in need of drugs, treatment and therapy etc. What we need is a good-hearted person who will just tell us it is alright to feel as you feel; be as you are; etc. But, then where is the false control, the false authority; the false experts; the stigma we need to make a cause against?
    Psychiatry has become the worst possible of any religions made by humans; but I refuse to take the idols of psychiatry as my “god.”

  • Yes, It is either a character flaw and a moral failing or a terrible biochemical brain disease; stigmatized; and needing toxic drugs and therapy to maintain
    for life; (you never get better!.) But, of course, how can you already improve from who you are ; which is what both are basically trying in some way to extinguish. I believe it was the great poet; e. e. cummings and I can’t remember the exact quote who said the hardest “battle” we have is to be ourselves. The best thing I suggest and have learned the “hard way” is forget them and just be yourself. It is not a character flaw or defect to be as the Good Lord created you.

  • There are seemingly millions of posts here and I am not able to read all just yet.
    Still, I am beginning to consider a very strong possibility in regards to politics, religions, psychiatry; etc.
    First, I want to say thank you to Lauren Andersen for having the strength to share her story. I am so sorry for the horror she faced. In a manner of speaking; each one of us has endured our own unique horror in the face of psychiatry and mental health.
    What I do see is that on the “left” for lack of more adequate terminology; psychiatry has become their religion. This is obvious from the way the ACLU refused or just ignored your case and other cases. On the “right” the “judgmental brand of Christianity as opposed to the Christianity of mercy” has merged with their idea of “political rightness” to in essence become like the psychiatry of the left, a new religion. Both are dangerous and oppressive. Obviously, neither side is our friend; but it would be detrimental to call them “enemies.”
    Right now, we see both sides operating, believe it or not in tandem and also against each other to attempt to control our lives.
    It has been reported that we have a terrible “opioid” epidemic killing more people per day; than many wars, etc. This is just a “tip of the iceberg.” When we confront psychiatric abuse in its many forms; including the toxic drugs; history will record those who are psychiatric survivors and others similarly situated or fighting for these cause as the heroes of the age. We will not be forgotten. We will not crawl under the desk waiting for the bombs to drop. We will stand tall and regain our natural born freedom and liberty back.

  • I agree with the other posts. This is an idea beyond “wonderful.” Art heals naturally; unlike toxic drugs, therapies, and associated Garbage. Religion; at its best, when it’s done in Truth; does the same. Psychiatry attempts to be a religion and fails on all accounts. ( I have heard some say that current politics is also trying to become a religion.) Both are false religions and hurt.
    As for my personal story; I, now know that I was falsely and basically diagnosed for being who I am and for just going through the changes and challenges of life; including losing my best friend and sister to cancer and doing the what should I do as a career thing?
    I now realize that I operate from a natural born artistic, visual-oriented, “right-brained”, imaginative, intuitive, poetic perspective and that is just me. I tell my mother; who still doesn’t quite understand me; it’s too late to change me now!
    However, I would like to add :Please do a Book 2, maybe even a Book 3, 4, etc. There are so many of us could benefit from telling our stories through the various forms of art from painting, drawing, crafts, to music, literature, poetry, etc. I think this may be a fantastic way to get our story across without the terro of hostility; etc.

  • Please read how the ancestors of the Native Americans appreciated those who “heard voices.” The description is the “devotional book,” “Earth Medicine” by Jamie Sams. The notation referenced is on page 142; “Fifth Moon, # 24 Honoring Every Person.” This passage on this page is very uplifting. They were not suppressed by toxic drugs or ECT. They were honored and appreciated. The Ancient Ancestors knew deep within that those who “heard voices” had something special, spiritual, and necessary to say to the people. When I read this, I almost cried. We think because we are in a modern era; scientific, technological that we are far advanced than those who came before us and those who may be of different backgrounds; but, obviously, this is not true. Just because, we are in the twenty-first century does not mean we are by any means further advanced than those from the past.

  • Darby Penny; I Like the way you call NAMI and by extension Autism Speaks; Hate Groups. You can also add to that practices like Tough Love. It is a tragedy, in one way; because some of these parents think they are doing the best for their children and this is how to show their love. But, none of this real true love. It only shows and proves again; many feat what they cannot or refuse to understand; even if comes from their very own children. I am grateful for Sara for explaining the comparisons to us. It is helpful to be enlightened when we can. And, from experience, NAMI, ;like the alleged mental illness “industry, they support has only one goal to keep you “sick” by their false standards. Autism Speaks seems to have learned this well.

  • Ask Me! Ask Me! I will tell you exactly what to say so they will think you are depressed and then you get those little pills, and everyone is so happy; especially those people who prescribe those little pills. Honestly and tragically, most of those screenings are as they say easy to “psych” out and the screeners are so gullible. I really don’t like to divulge this; although I am a “fan” of the Enneagram and the MBTI and others (at least they don’t try to drug you) I can manipulate those answers to obtain any personality type I choose. However, as a deep-down ethical person of integrity, I really try to answer the questions to what I think, at the time, is may, most like me. Unfortunately, for me, I did “hooked” into the system and answered the questions in a way that I now realize helped them and hurt me. But, we have parted ways. I don’t mean to be religious; but, the only word I can think of is “ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA!”

  • Why do they do studies that really is common knowledge? I am not sure what they are attempting to justify. I am always in trouble with my mother because I refuse to join the twenty-first century on the “cell-phone/smart-phone obsession” and keep mine charged. Knowing the psychiatrists, they will probably find a disorder label for this; but, I really abhor those things.

  • I read that Torrey had tried to link “cat litter” to schizophrenia. I am still trying to figure that one out. Even, my cat is trying to figure that one out. Of course, I did have several therapists who had more cats than I ever did. (I have only had up to two at a time.) whose consideration of their clients appeared questionable. Linking cats to mental illness is like linking milk to criminal behavior; as almost all humans get some kind of milk product in infancy.

  • I could have told you the results of this “study” without hearing the “results.” From what I read, others can, also. Screening for depression is a sham. Depression is really just the mind/body/soul in a corrective mode as “it” confronts life. It is has become such a tragedy that every breath you take becomes some awful illness needing drugs, treatment and such. There is psychological concept these modern day psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health/illness people like to hide under the rug. It is called “self fulfilling prophecy.” They do not want to have anything to with any psychology that shows how powerful the mind really is and can be without their toxic drugs and toxic therapy. They keep acting delusional; yet “self-help” books from all arenas of thought keep getting published, people are buying them; showing our less and less need for their idiotic control and push into the land of the zombies.

  • Please always remember “diagnostic criteria” is voted upon by the members of the American Psychiatric Association. There is no real objective criteria. Of course, in “dealing” with humans can there ever be objective criteria? Psychiatrists and other medical and health care professionals have deluded themselves about this for years. There are excellent descriptions of “human personalities and expressed behaviors” although still “flawed” in the Enneagram, Myers Briggs, and other personality/temperament analysis.
    However, in the case of the current president, he is such a danger to the security, freedom and stability of not only this country, but the whole of Mother Earth, we really need to “bury the hatchet” and find a non-violent way to assist him to a new job/career.
    The 25th amendment could be utilized. Investigations through various governmental agencies and Congress are being attempted. I cannot predict the outcome.
    What is important is that we want to bring public our cause and that if we continue to continue our American lifestyle, though “flawed” but still in the capabilities of trying to make all the lives of Americans and all Earthlings better, if necessary, we may need to bury our “cause” let him be deemed “Mentally Ill” and then after the dust settles; bring our cause to the forefront like all good causes.
    We have a great deal of work and education to accomplish; but as it stands now with the current president, our very important cause will be lost; we will not be heard in the moment to moment crises of these days.
    Sometimes, it is more courageous to see something played out; because although our cause is probably one of the most important causes of this century; it will die if we continue as a nation under the present administration.

  • Thank you so very much. I will try to get that book from Amazon. I can probably bet my father somehow had seen that book as he was an undergraduate in 1954. As far as the “lie with statistics” in psychiatry studies. YES! YES! YES! However, this “lie with statistics” is rampant all over present day medical science and health studies of all specialties. Like so much in this strange world, a lot of that stuff is put out there just to generate fear and eventually greed based income and control and power, etc. It is imperative that we stay wide awake in these times; which is definite opposition to as another blog on this website states; “a sedated society.” I listen a lot and sometimes, I feel some may almost be there; but not quite, not yet, it seems.

  • That Course, “How to Lie with Statistics” sounds fascinating. You stated that it first came out in the 1950s. This has cued my interest even further. My father, who just passed away, at the age of 79, in 2013, graduated from College and received a graduate degree in the 1950s. One of all time favorite lines to me even after he did further graduate studies in the 1970s in Sociology was there are three kinds of lies; “Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.” I wish he were still alive as I would love to ask if that is where he got that phrase. It seems more true in 2017 than it might have back in the 1950s. So true and more. . .

  • Nomadic: You are right. We need not to force anyone to accept that they are mentally ill and I am say just such a radical rebel, I would we should not press anyone in to saying they have a physical illness. We have become a nation of diagnosed people who need to have their lives maintained by outside authorities (i.e. the medical/psychiatric industry.) One of the complications of any health care system in our nations, probably the whole “Western world” is this tendency to see us not as wholesome and healthy; but, as sick and needing of some sort of treatment. We are terribly entrenched; but we will get out. However, we must realize that to fight the psychiatrists, we must fight the entire health care industry as it stands. This is a fight we will win. But, unlike other fights, it will take more than protests, write-ins and call-ins to congressmen, and the usual methods. It starts with each one of us at a personal level. It is our choice. It is how we view ourselves. The most important thing for each one of us to do other than what we are doing is to say NO to absolutely anything that does not resonate with the truth of ourselves. Psychiatry tried to continue the process of schools, religion, and other institutions, they tried to steal our souls. What is the most insidious about this is how they did it with toxic drugs and toxic treatments that just compounded our pain and made us into real zombies; all the time lying to us and saying they were our friends. They saw an opening in our souls and swooped into fill it with their toxicity in so many forms. The most radical thing we can do each morning is look in the mirror and say it’s okay to be – no matter who you are. Psychiatrists tried to tell me I was defective; I had a diagnosis, a disease. HOGWASH! I am just a unique human being with unique gifts and talents, a unique personality and interests. In pure psychological terminology, they were trying to project their feelings of being defective on me. I woke up! I day not just no; but HELL NO! Take that psychiatry. I am me and damn proud of it!

  • Feelin Discouraged: You are absolutely right. They hide under the mask of authority, respectability, and degrees with letters beside their names. So, people think it’s alright to take these drugs. They were prescribed an M.D. But, increasingly, not only psychiatrists prescribe these drugs, but of course, pediatricians, general practitioners, internists, ob-gyn and those in other specialties prescribe these drugs. Also, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, and anyone approved by the M.D. or signing the M.D.’s name can prescribed these drugs (depending on state laws) Additionally, a woman would not take these drugs, if pregnant. Yet, today, they get away with prescribing drugs such as antidepressants to these women with the weak argument if we did not prescribe these drugs, they might commit “suicide.”
    This does make them far more dangerous than any drug lord or drug pusher. These people can kill you and get off “scot free.”

  • Feelin’Discouraged, Please never ever think you deserved what happened to you for any reason. You did not deserve it! I, too, got trapped into the abusiveness of the current “psych” system. In college, I first went to student counselors in the Counseling and Guidance Department through the College Counseling “System.” They were on the up and up. No toxic drugs were involved and we did serious work on dealing with my “issues” at the time.
    But, years later, when I first looking for a career that would give me joy and then when I moved and was out of work I ended up in the State Vocational Rehabilitation Office. From there, I ended up in the mental illness system. From there, it started with Tegretol, which I could not take and then Lithium. A few years later I moved and was able to disassociate myself from them and was drug-free for a few years; until my best friend and sister was diagnosed with cancer. A few years after that, you could say I “got off the wagon.” I saw several of these drug pushers and then one ditched me saying I couldn’t afford her because of my insurance policy. She had the kindness of heart to drop it to me when I was trying to make another appointment; but, she left me holding the bucket as I was still taking the drugs.
    Then my sister passed away. VR then guided me back into the mental illness peoples. This time, the toxic drugs got more and more. I was determined to be “seriously and pervasively mentally ill.” I have very scant memories of my life from about 2004 until about 2013. They decided I was “schizophrenic.” I spent eleven days in a mental hospital; came out and they couldn’t wake me up for days. I ended up in a real hospital with a “false” diagnosis. They abruptly took me all the drugs with no tapered withdrawal; except lithium. They lied to me and other stuff. I finally got tired of it and due to some family things, I moved. I started out in my new place seeing the psychs, etc. They messed with my drugs; “browbeat” me if I complained about them; threatened to test to see if I was taking them. In the meantime, I read “Anatomy of an Epidemic.” Also, I was so sick I couldn’t eat or sleep or anything. Then, one day, I tried to take the drugs and “threw then up.” I said; “NO MORE!.” I saw an idiotic psychiatrist one more time. I told her no more drugs. She insisted that I take a low dose of risperidal or I might have a relapse. I think I tried to take it once. I never saw her or the inside off that place again! The last time I was there was May 2013. No RELAPSES YET! I have dealt with much fatigue and other issues during the withdrawal. I have actual had more complaints of the body, than the mind. I tell you my story so you know you are not the only who got “suckered.”
    You may be sensitive; but for a very good reason. I think there may be some kind of “artist” hiding inside you. Experiment. You will realize that despite it all, you are here for a great purpose and reason. My heart goes out to you. You are stronger than you think. You have the strength of millions who never tried to walk your path.

  • I will admit that I am not familiar with the Natural News site. However, I question if the “self proclaimed ‘elite’ … freaking out after their candidate supposedly lost the Presidential election, and now that their appalling sins are being exposed for the world online.” It is true that no one is without sin and the other old line about “he throws the first stone.” I think as far as our cause goes; their has probably been an unsaid or unwritten complicity by some in the former administration. One of the problems with our government is that it can be so insular, the real truths are hidden from the main people. Sometimes, those in power are not really those in power. However, if you think the present “administration” is without sin or Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm; I beg you to read a book of poems Called “Desolate Country” an Art Uprising anthology or a “Blessed are the Weird” by Jacob Nordby. Both are available through Amazon.
    You will see that although our cause is great and needed, their is a cause greater than ours. I also believe about the “elite” that there is no “elite” but the “power” we give them. It is unfortunate that Google took down that site. In the end, I am not sure who to blame or if blaming would do any good. I think, that not only, “should” we speak up and be educated about as many things as we can and especially in this area; the most important thing to our “cause” and our “healing” is to accept who we are and be who each one of us; even in face of all opposition. I am not encouraged that the present “administration” appreciates those of us who are different; “artistic” “creative” “intelligent” etc. But, that should never stop us from being who each one of us is meant to be. .. . never.

  • The problem with psychiatry is that it tried to be a science; when it really is a combination of art and philosophy. The way modern Western medicine is practiced, it, too tries very hard to be a pure science; when it also has components of art and philosophy. Any good doctor, especially from the pre Big Pharma and insurance age, would have cautioned the patient that true diagnosis is a real “art” and somewhat “intuitive” in nature. A scientist who knows his or “her” stuff will also explain how much the one doing the “experiment” will subjectively affect the outcome; even in the “hard sciences.” Now, of course, when you hear the results of a study in the news; especially of a health or medical subject, that information is conveniently swept “under the rug.” I do not follow those delivering the message. I fault those who gave the message without the full truths to the messenger. Real science needs not only the ability to “replicate” its findings in successive experiments. (Which they rarely seem to do in health or medical studies) but also in the “laboratory” of real life and the real world.

  • However, there is one thing I would like to add. I do not think people’s personality change; as each person though out a lifetime learn, relearn, discover and rediscover themselves and more about themselves. But this can not be studied or measured. The only way to “study” is to gain enough trust from someone that they will open up and tell you their life story. There is no study ever that can describe the wonder of the human being or any creature, plant, etc upon this Earth. It is even more and more evident with humans. I am not trying to discount science and yes there is a lot to learn “scientifically” about the earth and sky and who lives here. Yet, we need to stop trivializing our lives and lives well lived. I could continue and I am no where near age 77; but, I do need to attend to a joy I have had since before age 14.

  • This is a great article; as true in America as it is in Britain. I think someone mentioned “street drugs.” I am no scientist; but I see no difference. In fact, I see the doctor or psychiatrist in the same manner as I see the “drug pusher” on the street. To convince you to take the drugs, they say similar things; like, “oh, this will make you feel better.” or “all your problems will go away.” The only difference is their casual mention of “side effects” but you have to pry it out of them and those little initials by their name. To “fight” this we will have to fight the whole medical, health care, drug (legal and illegal) and insurance industry; but, it is a fight worth fighting. However, like all good struggles for virtue and righteousness, the struggle begins at “home.” Get educated and stand up for yourself and when they try to force drugs on you “just say no!”
    Learn to be in charge of your own health. Don’t let someone else or the doctors be in charge. You are you and you know yourself the best!

  • I think someone mentioned how this threatens the notion of “personality disorders.” Until the late 80’s personality disorders were known as neurosis. They just changed the name to sound more “scientific.” Still, I think I will think that new course at the University of Washington to verify if science is again misleading the public. I do not see any explanation of the tests used, variables qualified for; or how they can truly account for the results. There is also no mention of how they adjusted for experimenter bias. “Personality disorders” are hogwash; as how can a personality be out of order. Is the personality like a washing machine at the laundromat? Which also leads me to believe that this whole “experiment” is hogwash. Most of the personality is set by school age; however there are a few parts still out there at age 14. Then there are many so astute in these experiments; they can adjust their answers. True studies of anything so “human” are intensely anecdotal only. Even studies of “non-human” personalities are anecdotal although we can only rely on second hand evidence. Money would be better spent in finding ways for helping people love who they are and not some useless study.

  • Sounds like a great course to me. However, the right will say it’s “liberal media bias” and the left will say it’s “right anti-scientific bias.” Each one will come up with their own version of “fake news.”
    Has not any one realized that real truth and real answers are neither liberal, conservative, or even moderate and no matter your political or even religious beliefs, you are being manipulated.
    I would like to take this course, but I live on the other side of America.

  • I, honestly, don’t know if trump should be diagnosed as “mentally ill” or not. I would first think it might be disadvantageous to our cause; yet, if American Democracy and the safety of America is at risk; all I can is I don’t know. I did hear on the television from one the psychologists that the basis of their petition was his behavior; as seen on the various speeches, etc. he has done. He said there were not using the old-fashioned way of the “psychiatric interview.” I did think this was interesting in that I, and perhaps many of you were totally “diagnosed” through “psychiatric interviews” and this included the prescribing of the “toxic drugs.”
    I do not agree with every political idea written here. I do not believe we are a “sick society”; we are being “punished by God” or that this is “Biblical Prophecy.” As for who voted for ‘trump” like “Hilary” there is no actual profile of the actual voter. Each voter is unique. However, I do think the Republican Party seems to be drifting towards the farther of the right positions. I am not sure how far left the Democratic party will counter. Also, if you notice the news, the town halls for the legislators during their break are full of protests and for some legislators; some are hiding from the voters.
    I do agree with Nomadic. I think if there is a group we should follow in our cause; it would be the Black Panthers. I know there was some negative press about their tactics; but, the main thing the gave the African American adults and children the all important concept of Black Pride. And that gave the courage to fight their way to the White House.
    Most of us have been hurt so much by the psychiatrists, their toxic drugs, their toxic buddies, and all the other accompanying toxic stuff, we seriously need our pride back. No matter what goes on this country or this world; we need to reclaim our selves, and fight for that right. Of all the rights granted to us by “whomever” (fill in the blank) the absolute right for each one of us to be who we are meant to be and no body else is the absolute most important. And, if anyone ever tries to take that away from me again; no matter who they are (or were) I fight; perhaps not with guns and swords; but with something better and more long-lasting; the sheer force of being me!

  • “High-functioning” is another garbage label; like any diagnosis or being labeled as “seriously and pervasively mentally ill” of which they tried to force all those labels on me; but, I am just fine now; only still trying to get through the sometimes evil withdrawal and de-tox symptoms. I still think everyone misses the point. One need not be diagnosed or labelled as mentally ill to be termed a danger. Sadly, this current man in the office is a danger to our once credible American democracy and therefore the democracy of the Earth. If he is labelled “mentally ill” this would be a ruse and the real issues at hand are going to basically get “thrown under the rug” so to speak.

  • I respect your opinion; and yes, “homosexuality” was once considered a mental illness diagnosis; however, one’s sexuality or gender has absolutely nothing to bear on their ability to govern or lead a nation. One’s particular gifts, talents, or skills are given “amoral” and thus one can choose to use them for good or not which is not dependent on one’s sexuality or gender.

  • I think I would like to add my comment. As far as anything about the just past “Obama” administration, I cannot comment as I was so toxically drugged, I have very little memory of it and something unusual to me, I don’t even remembering voting in the elections. I will say for someone who was a President, he seems essentially “laid-back.”
    As far as labeling the current man in office ( I refuse to state his name) it would probably be useless and disadvantageous to those of us who are true “psychiatric survivors” and really might not hurt our cause. In thinking of our particular cause, it is not incumbent on any political party and we will need to be able to “rise up” against both. In fact, we will need to “rise up” not only against the psychiatrists, Big Pharma, and their supporters, but, also against the entire health care industry. It is a monumental “fight” but extremely worth it and will likely continue past our “generations.” I do applaud the protests, etc. that have arisen since the inauguration. It seems as if many are “waking up.” This may in the end help our cause.
    Finally, I would like to make an important point as least to me. This current person in office and his sycophants speak obsessively about “fake news” and point to many major media outlets. (I will agree with those who consider this a “threat” to American democracy, free speech, and way of life and has some insidious possibilities.) But, the speaking of “fake news” and the other good one, “alternative facts” when you think of those of us who have been given false diagnoses or diagnoses that never existed and caused so much damaging horror in our lives that we are seriously trying to heal and have our lives restored and resurrected is really and truly beyond any words in the English language. It is that “horrific” and is a form of “verbal terrorism.”
    I will admit after last week’s press conference, I remarked to my mother. “Now, you know and can be sure that I was NEVER, EVER mentally ill at any time.” She actually did agree.
    Still, I think labeling him “mentally ill” would be disadvantageous and might be “harmful” to psychiatric survivors. I honestly think there are perhaps other issues that will take him down. It will be extremely interesting to see his reaction and his sycophants’ reaction when these issues do become more prominent and “threaten” his alleged “power” and “control.” One must remember he is up against a “democratic” institution of over 240 years and he is been in his alleged position just about a mere month.

  • aa I appreciate and respect your comments. Like most of us you, too, have had unnecessary struggle and suffering. I think, in a way, Alex, Monica, and I speak so highly of “self-healing” is that in a way all healing is self-healing. Alex and Monica have written how they have sought various outside sources to help them in their healing journey. They also said they are still on their journey. I might be the only one to seemingly rely almost totally on myself. But, I do consult various books, the internet and other sources. I admit to relying on my intuition, prayer and meditation to guide in my healing journey. Like Alex, and Monica, I am “still not there, yet.” I have certain personal goals that I am trying to accomplish. Some days, the greatest goal I have accomplished to wake up and be glad I live and can take a breath; because I know as long as I can take a breath, I still have better than a fighting chance for success. When I say almost all healing is self-healing, it is because the good and ethical doctors realize that in the end their drugs, treatments, etc. can only do so much. I do not mean to be blunt; but, I don’t how many times my father would tell me when I even had so much as a cold, “Dear, you have got to want to get better.” Not one of us is trying to denigrate or deny another person’s healing journey. Each one of us does what we need to do to get better and each one of us has our good days and bad days along this journey. We are all still human beings. Yet, in my opinion, to “heal” you have to want it, you have to dig deep within you and say to yourself, “I want to live! I refuse to die!.” No matter who or who you do not consult for help, if you do not tell yourself something like this you might not heal as you would like. As Monica, we are not trying to “sugarcoat” here. This is reality; as real as it will ever get. I do wish you well on your journey and I wish you well in all the decisions you make in your healing journey. Only you know what is best for you. It is the same for each one of us. It is good when we remember and respect this.

  • oldhead you are absolutely right that we need to warn about the repercussions of this drugging; just, like we are constantly warned about the repercussions of “illegal drugging.” Our “success stories” are important, in that, we can give others who are suffering; hope; and that there is really “light at the end of the tunnel” so to speak.
    We need to tell our stories both of the horrible and the evil inflicted on us and on how we might have found our way to “healing, health” or whatever. In a way, both parts of the story are important. The part of the horror of the “drugs” warns others to stay away; like don’t go on that mountain full of rattlesnakes. The other side of the story tells how we have basically learned how to take care of ourselves, how to stay away from drugs, and self-healing and how we learned to reclaim our lives and true selves. The other part of the story is how we learned somehow to come down off the mountain of rattlesnakes. However, like all good things it starts with prevention. Please work to prevent those you love to stay away from the psychiatrists and their little friends and like Nancy Reagan; just say no to drugs; but it must be say no to psychiatric drugs. These drugs are really just the “illegal” drugs in disguise; the disguise that it is alright, even beneficial to take these drugs. When need to reinforce the idea that it is not okay to harm yourself in any way, including these drugs, psychiatrists, their ilk, and their little “toys.”

  • I think maybe a major issue here is that now we are being told due to the “toxic drugs” we took, we now have “permanent” physical damage; including brain damage. This could be for some; it should not be totally ruled out. Yet, being told that we now have permanent physical damage is akin to our being told we had some terrible “mental illness” that is permanent and life-long and can only be maintained by taking these “toxic drugs” everyday, participating in therapy, et. al. and basically turning our lives over to other people because they are the authorities and we are defective and damaged goods! As one can well see, from these posts, this is a terribly incorrect and false assumption that has hurt many lives in so many ways. It is not that we do not sustain some effects from taking these drugs. As for me, I can no longer take any drugs; so I do worry if I “come down” with an illness that needs an anti-biotic or anti-viral drug or if something is causing me very sever pain and I need some kind of “pain-killer”. Although, even before this, I would reject the “opioid-based painkillers.” Of course, this could change over time. Despite everything our bodies and brains are malleable. Look, we were convinced we were sick and needed drugs when we just being human beings. But, I am like Alex and Monica in that I truly believe in the power of “self-healing.” I also believe in the “power of intuition.” If you listen to yourself, your mind and body will guide you to what you need to be healed and also if some weird symptom arises, your intuition will gently remind you. “it’s just the withdrawal and de-tox and it will soon go away.” Shakespeare was right when he said, “to thine own self be true.” That is the key to all healing. You need to relearn who you really and truly are and this will guide you to total healing of mind, body, spirit, and soul. And, as far as “healing” goes, only you can define that for yourself; no one else can,

  • Yes, Fiarcha, yes, there are too many tragic stories of people like you who are damaged permanently in all kinds of ways by these horrific, evil, toxic drugs.
    No matter the “outcome” if we were in any “forced” or “coerced” to take these “drugs” and then get involved in the associated “therapy and other stuff” we are damaged irrevocably. That “forcing” comes when you go to the “therapist” to “work out something important to you” and he or she says you need a “med review” or “med evaluation.” At the very least, we feel duped or betrayed or guilty that we did not see the pain that would come. What happened to you is real. What happened to me and other people is real. What most of us are “arguing” against is the added use of further derogatory labeling that sees us as useless, defective human beings who no matter what can never contribute to the good of the world. We may hurt; we may know somethings come harder than should be; we may wish we had a past or maybe we feel blessed we don’t. But, to give us more “labels” to stop us from being who we are; after what we have gone through is wrong. These drugs are evil. The psychiatrists are drug pushers, just as sure as the kid down the street and what’s worse everyone thinks it is okay because he is some sort of respectable doctor. But, after all this horror inflicted on us; we do have every right to live as we choose without someone else telling us the falsehood of who they “think” we are. In the end, to “heal” we must realize we are out own authority on our own selves.

  • oldhead, As far as what you say that TD is permanent. Could it be possible that it may not be? I say this, because, when I was taking the “drugs” they also diagnosed me with TD. Now, that I am off the “drugs” it is GONE! Could it be that it is possible that just getting off the “drugs” reverses the damage of TD, at least for some? I would hesitate to suggest a “study” as there is much too much likelihood of abuse and falsehoods on many levels.
    Monica; I subscribe to your “blog” and find your story very enlightening and helpful; although at times I may chosen a different path than you; but it is so very important that we find something that works! Like other words, emanating from this article, “recovery” is actually a very contentious word. First, like other “word” and “label” thrown against us it can and is being abused. Second, I question, what are we recovering from; we were never sick in the first place. I think of it this way we have “damaged”; but, we are not “damaged goods.” We have been “victimized” but we are not “victims.” In a way, we are like a beautiful piece of clothing or a beautiful quilt; torn somewhat, maybe a little stained; but each one of us must find our way to sew ourselves back into one piece or get that stain out. None of this is impossible. I think of a prayer from the Navaho Nation about “walking in beauty.” I do not know it perfectly, so, I shall not quote it. But, it reminds me that we were beautiful before this; although we had forgotten it and now as the “drugs” leave our body and mind; we are re-reminded to “walk in beauty” This is NOT recovery; this is the life we deserve to live just because we live!

  • Dr Breggin,
    You have written an interesting article; however, I feel something might have been left out. The words, “irreversible brain damage” is contentious for many. If you see my earlier post, you will note that upon stopping the toxic drugs, I began to feel my brain returned to “normal” which would be considered “MY NORMAL” not exactly anyone else’s. I am really not sure if that can truly be measured. Quality of life is really immeasurable.
    However, I do have a question that boggles my mind. How truly related “chemically” are these various drugs? “Anti-psychotic” drugs seemed to also be known as “major tranquilizers.” I, myself, am highly allergic to “alcohol” and to “coffee.” However, I have no trouble with the caffeine in tea or cola drinks. I am also very sensitive to stimulants. Is there any relationship or is Big Pharma hiding something? Now after about twenty years on the toxic psych drugs, I can take no ingestible drugs. Even rubbing something in my mouth on a toothache can make me sick. Even Tylenol makes me sick. However, I would be interested to know if there is any chemical relationship between these drugs and alcohol and coffee. Thank you very much.

  • Alex, I think both Dr. Breggin and you are right. For some, there is irreversible brain damage of varying degrees from what I can tell from anecdotal evidence on the “internet” and other places. But, like you, Alex, I seem mostly alright, although I was on those horrible, toxic drugs for about twenty years or more. I believe that if I had not got off the drugs, I might have experience serious brain damage. When I was on the drugs, I lost much to most of what my considered my “gifts” and those “gifts” that remained were not as well-developed as they could be. Also, I was not trusted by my family to be considered “next of kin” or in charge of anyone’s affairs due to sickness or death. Since, I stopped the drugs, even my mother admits my mental reactions and such are more clear, trustworthy, and more like old times. She still doesn’t understand me and I, guess, I will never completely understand her. Sounds pretty “normal” to me; HUH?

  • Nomadic, You make some excellent points about families. I think it must be remembered the family we so cherish today and in some cases, base “family values” is a recent “institution.” I know we colloquially like to call it the “nuclear family.” The government statisticians determine as a mother, a father, and two children. We did not have families such as these until after WWII and the nuclear bombing we did to Japan; hence, the “nuclear.” But this really is not “normal’ (I honestly dislike the word, “normal” but I am at a loss for the correct word.) Before WWII, the “extended family” was the “norm” with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, all living nearby. Other cultures, like the Native American, still respect this type of family and much of the “child rearing” is not only done by the parents, but other family members. This is helpful as the child receives many different perspectives from those who have his or her best interests at heart. Nowadays, many children of the “millennial” generation are being raised by the grandparents, but most of the time, the parents and grandparents are estranged from each other. Drugs, both legal and illegal are part of the problem. They have brought to the forefront the “opiod” problem, but we wait for the full extent of the truth to be brought to the public considering the toxic psych drug problem. MIA is a very good start and our stories, also.

  • This is to Harper West with all the initials by her name. I have no initials at the end of my name and I feel just fine. How about you? Sometimes, it is when the system is “blown-up” things really do change for the better. Perhaps, the best example is in Religious History. All you need do is remember we are celebrating the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Posting of his Ninety-Five Thesis on the church doors at the Wittenberg Church in Germany. He basically blew up the system, so now, in Western Christianity, we have the Protestant Churches and the Catholic churches. This also in turn affected for better or worse, the settling of the Americas by the Europeans. And, again I go to Germany much more recently. This is the late 1980’s; when the young and older people caused Germany to no longer be an Eastern Communist and a Western Capitalist System; but a unified Germany, well suited to the modern age. And then in our own country, think of how a group of Baby Boomer young people, college students, high school students and a little older “rocked” the system with their protests and caused the end of the Vietnam War. Oh yes, there is the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the AIDS Movement, Gay Rights, Women’s Liberation, etc. All of these movements had their good and not so good points, but all “blew up the system” in some way and caused change. So, I say yes, Let us “blow up the system!” It works! And, it is way overdue, don’t you think?

  • aria, humanbeing—yes, for now MIA is our room. But, I would be honored to be in a “real room” somewhere and discuss what happened to us and how we were able despite all the odds, overcome the horror we had to go through. We are wiser now and we know now that we really are worthwhile people, who have something to contribute to this Earth, and above all else deserve to live and not be “thrown away into that metaphorical trash can.” Thank you for sharing your stories. Please do not stop! This is way too important. I shall not stop, either.

  • Stephen gilbert I know that you were responding to aria and are glad that she made it through all her difficulties. So I am; very much so.
    However, the tragic part is there are way too many “arias” out there who have been forced/coerced to suffer for absolutely no reason; except that these “doctors” are so full of thinking they are “god” or they are the closest thing to “god” they forgot the Hippocratic oath; “Do No Harm.” I do not consider myself, but, we do have certain “ethics” put in place throughout all human societies that are helpful, protective, etc. Like others of these “precepts” in our societies, the “doctors” have totally forgotten this.

  • amnesia: I am so very sorry about your friend. All of these toxic drugs will kill you unless you say no to them and stop taking them. These are toxins, just as much as we read about in the media, that pollute our water so we can not drink it or pollute the earth under our homes so we have to move. Why can’t they see that? Like the old saying, “it is as plain as the nose on my face.” These people lost their noses, it seems.
    aria: I think I would end up like you thought you might end up in a nursing home or dead. I know so many that have; been in a nursing home on the way to a premature death. The sad thing is they don’t know why. They are told all the lies and they believe them. So many generations lost to this evil science.
    And to anyone who thinks it is just being sedentary and drinking soft drinks with high fructose corn syrup is the cause for the increase in “obesity” (another made up disorder) Please think about this: In addition to these toxic drugs that cause unneeded and abnormal weight gain. ( I say abnormal because due to the toxins in the “drugs” the weight gain can be substantial in a short amount of time and very difficult to lose) How many people all across this country are subject to polluted water; polluted water that is filled with toxic substances like lead and other substances that we don’t even know. This causes the water to at the least be unbearable to drink, to being deadly to drink or even take a shower in. If, other than the toxic drugs anything is causing “problems of behavior or thinking” look to these toxins, also. They are everywhere and like the toxic drugs, the people are being lied to and many think all this “horror” is the result of some falsehood called “mental illness.” A falsehood to make an easy scapegoat, so the truth is never revealed, and the true accountability and responsibility never happens. But, like the sun that rises to bring light to the truth each day, we shall rise and bring back our true selves and our beloved Earth and all that lives here. So, it is written.

  • I hear you say “callous” is an understatement. I remember when I first complained that I was “losing my short-term memory” and complained to my “therapist” that I could not remember the questions I received in job interviews. This bothered me greatly as my memory had always been superior. She laughed it off and said “take a notepad” to the interview. I thought to myself that the person who interviewed me would already think I was deficient and not qualified for the job. Additionally, I would feel very embarrassed and shamed. I guess I should have paid attention to that. Eventually, I left this therapist and moved to another town. My mistake was that feeling stressed and dealing with a horrible job mismatch and my sister “dying” from cancer, I found my way back to this “abuse” in the false belief I was getting help. I got dropped from another psychiatrist while being on “drugs” and “allegedly needing to be monitored” because she was afraid she would not get paid for her “services.” I then stayed away from these alleged “helpers” although I was still on the “drugs” getting them through my PCP. Then, my sister sadly passed away and vocational rehab “kindly” thought I needed help and a diagnosis. I, went back, knowing no better and not quite thinking right in my grief. I guess grief is now a “mental illness diagnosis.” (that way, they do catch everybody, since you hardly get out of life without losing someone or even a “pet.”) My mistake, of which I have gravely paid. But, in my sister’s legacy, along with reclaiming and restoration of my gifts and my real self, I speak as the Lighthouse on the shore and at times I hope that I am the light that helps others not get lost and almost drowned at sea like I did or even prevent their drowning.

  • trm123 and JanCarol;
    All you said is on the money and I know there is way more physical symptoms and challenges that are caused by all these toxic “drugs” and last into the withdrawal and detox. To say they are not “addictive” and only those who are “allegedly sick” will use them is a BIG LIE. Because, 99% of us were not or never “sick” and got forced to use them; maybe a full 100% plus.
    But, you add into it the “therapy sessions” and the adjunct “crap therapy” like Psychosocial rehab, vocational rehab, group therapy, sheltered workshops, supportive employment, day hospitals, “inmate” hospitals, and etc. etc. etc. and your self-esteem, self-image, your thoughts and abilities to achieve, your motivation and goals, your dreams (day and night disappear) and you become not only a shell of a person; but a zombie; you are the real “walking dead.” And they ask you, “why are you not happy” and this is a really good one, “I hope you feel better.”
    Now, I learned to “feel better” is not only say no to their toxic drugs, but all of their “crap” which seeks to diminish and destroy, rather than uplift and elevate. All are guilty of violating the Hippocratic oath, “do no harm.” I am not angry. I am just eternally grateful to God for “waking me up just in time” before I was lost forever. And I thank Him for every morning I awake and every breath I take. You do not have to subscribe to any specific religion. You just have to embrace your true humanness which is completely denied by the present Mental Illness conglomerate.

  • royalperidot, Thank you for your kind words that you are moved by posts. I also appreciate your shout out to oldhead, Frank Blackenship, humanbeing and others. I am very sure they appreciate your vote of confidence.
    It seems one of my posts yesterday is “under moderation” and I have not received any “post” notifications since about 735pm yesterday. I do notice the posts are beginning to slow down. Whatever “side” we have taken, perhaps we are “all spent out” asleep or just busy. I would like to think I do not take sides; except that I am on the side of what good not only for me, but, all humans and all other creatures and such on live on this planet. To me, a long, happy, fulfilling, and “healthy” life means you MUST say no to drugs, especially psych drugs, but, maybe other so-called “medical” drugs, too, if possible. When I reviewed my life in the best way I could, I noticed that most of could be termed “questionable or possibly abnormal” behavior occurred while taking “drugs” and I would say “prescription drugs” primarily. Not even OTC drugs like “Tylenol” caused me so much trouble (which I did take a lot) for headaches I had when younger. However, at present, I can not even take so much as a “Tylenol” without experiencing serious effects. But, when I look back those “headaches” came from my being a “fish out of water” or a “bull in the china shop.” Somehow, I was not where I was supposed to be. It is said, “Bloom where you are planted.” I say you better make the place you are planted is where you are supposed to be. Most Cacti die in rainforests. Most tropical wildflowers will die in a dry desert. Dear People, Please find where you are meant to be and do what you are meant to do, and be who you are and not anyone else and you will not feel the addicting desire for any drugs and basically almost all drugs are “1-800-bad-drug.”

  • I am very allergic to penicillin, any and all alleged psychiatric drugs, almost any and all other drugs, alcohol, coffee, sunshine (not the Light), and heat/hot weather.
    I live by my wits, intuition, instinct, the Love of God/Jesus/Christ/Buddha, etc. Consciousness, Nature, Art, etc. and not and never again by illusory outside authority who knows and cares nothing about me; very especially psychiatry, modern medicine etc. You must understand much of the modern medical doctors are in “cahoots” with the psychiatrists and their sycophants.
    Also, I am dancing to the revolution in utter joy; as I know this is the real revolution the world has been awaiting. We also need to remind ourselves to laugh to our success and be totally creative, artistic, poetic, etc. This is truly because the “pro-psychiatry” definitely lacks all those things; which is why they will not win. We will. We do as they say have history on our side.

  • aurora Your world is cold and callous. Is that why you feel the need for drugs? Actually my heart does go out to your suffering.
    In truth, probably the majority of people who end up in the “mental health/illness places” do so because they are doing “drudge work”, are going against their natural talents, gifts, and strengths and probably performing duties and such that are not their strengths, but their “weakness” So, of course they get “moody” anxious, sad, frustrated, angry, etc. Therefore, they are not able to live out their life purpose and their is that “nagging feeling” they are not living as they are supposed. They are unhappy and don’t know why.
    it is a struggle in this culture to learn the truth about yourself, that you are worthwhile, gifted with special talents, personality, individuality and uniqueness; but it is worth it to truly invest in yourself and not be a cog in a machine. Someday, I hope you realize these truths about yourself before it is too late.

  • To Shaun f; As far as thinking unicorns as real. Did you ever think they might have been at one time, but are now very extinct. This could be possible, as they did seem to have survived into our collective and personal unconscious for many centuries and do show up in our mythology, literature, art and even as toys for children.
    To aurora: Yes, I admit I am appalled that “animals’ would be given these types of “drugs”; as they are perhaps the most vulnerable of us all. And, I know from being around these “four-legged kin” all my life, they will tell you what they need and want, if you just listen. They just don’t seem to articulate in English or some other language as humans do.

  • human being- GO FOR IT! stand up for yourself! We do not have to be abused and tortured anymore for someone’s else’s benefit that “could be evil” in its motivation.
    Also, I have found that society no longer respects and appreciates pure old-fashioned, righteous anger, especially if you’re female. They think you have a “disorder” and must be “drugged.” They act as if they are afraid of you and you have no right; but, it is really themselves they are fearful of and their right to their own feelings and emotions. You see, they are afraid of their own feelings because they are not logical, scientific, mathematical, or graphically designed; not artistically designed. This is because pure art is pure emotion. Science is art. These people, therefore are afraid of their very own science.
    Oh, by the way, shook I have thought this through and shaun f what is absurd is the reality of the truth. Absurdity is the way of God. Oh, how unfortunate of me, I mentioned God. I meant to mention your mother. Not even my mother would claim creation of me; only that she birthed me. How sad of me again! That I believe in the truth of God, not the falseness of modern science that has lost its way and that I know God protects me, even from people like you. It though is incredibly clumsy of me in that I almost meant to mention how close to God you really could be. Peace be with you. Vaya con Dios, I say, that is “go with God.

  • shook you are just rude “put a little thought into this.” I have thought about this and I have read books on this. Please read a new book on how to be a nurse. I am sorry but it seems you forgot that nurses are supposed to compassionate and tolerant. And the Books that tell me this Are not just “Christian” books. And my heart and brain tell me this, too. I am created by God in His image Uniquely with Unique Gifts, etc. For his Purposes and His will. There are millions and millions of people who know this with variations to culture, creed, etc. No one says you have to accept to Jesus Christ as your Savior. And I honestly don’t care how you think were created. If you want to believe all you are is bunch of genes cells, that is your business,. but it behooves you to treat me and the others with the courtesy and respect we deserve as fellow human beings. And that goes for you, also, shaun f and princess aurora. Thank you.

  • Shook, No Genes did not make us. God, the Creator made us in His image and in with great uniqueness for His Purposes which unless we forget agree to even before conception and birth. Sorry, Shook, yes we have “genes” but they are not who and what created us.
    Shaun f- To say one of my comments is “absurd” just shows if you really are a counselor working with people, you surely do not show it on this site. All I said is that CBT can be as dangerous as drugs, but it can not be measured. Think, Shaun f, think. If you are a counselor, is it not what people say to each other that seems to cause the most pain and that can not be measured or have you found a way?

  • Yes, we all free will. Yes, we all have a right to our own opinion. Yes, this is a free country. And I am the first to admit that I basically do as I choose and make my own decisions. However, and this is the “caveat” I although I make my own decisions, I must also realize the decisions I make and even the opinions I have do affect others and do affect future generations, even though I have no children.
    This is where it gets very important when considering any drugs and especially these drugs that we discussing. These drugs affect your brain and affect your frontal cortex. The frontal cortex is the seat of the mature decision making abilities. If your front cortex “goes” you basically return to helplessness. This is the effect of these drugs and this is why I consider the drugs, not the people evil. When I took these drugs, I was no longer trusted with even making almost any “adult” decisions. I could not write a check, drive a car, etc. It did not start out this way. The effect is cumulative. If Shaun f you have been working about ten years you may not see it as yet. And, you never ever know when this will effect you. There are specific timelines. It could happen tomorrow or who knows when. And then one day you can’t wake up. No one can wake you up. No loud noises. Not even when they call your name. and you sleep for days, nearly comatose or in a coma. Finally you wake up. Deep down you do want to live, but you have an uphill battle to undergo. And they put you in the hospital. This is dangerous. If as Aurora says, we are all a bunch of “neurons and cells” then why even risk taking something that could affect them negatively. The brain is deceptive. I think of that famous ad where the man scrambled the eggs and said “this is your brain on drugs.” If I did an ad against these drugs, I would have to bust the pan into a million pieces that hurt and add them to the scrambled eggs. I am sorry folks, disagree agree with me until the creek rises and it will rise. But, take these drugs and your brain gets scrambled and hurts in a million pieces. Is that really the way you want to live your life? Is this the price you want to pay? Each day I take a breath, I am so thankful, because I know I Live and have been spared for many reasons some unknown to me as yet, but one small reason is to act like the lighthouse in the storm. The storm brews and if you don’t heed the light in the lighthouse, you may be lost at sea forever. . .

  • Actually, Mr. Blankenship; that was just a typo. I did mean anti-psychiatry. I honestly don’t like to be “anti” anything as it is known that that which you are “anti” seems to find you in some way and it is part of my life purpose to stay as far away from psychiatry as I possibly can.
    Psychiatry is not and possibly might never have been a science or even a medical specialty. It is really “smoke and mirrors” It is “stage magic” attempting to be a religion and trying hard to bypass our inherent religious freedoms as guaranteed by the Constitution to be a “state religion.”
    The big difference in “stage magic” and psychiatry is that psychiatry kills. I am upset with anything that takes a life for no reason. No, I am not anti-psychiatry; I am just very determined to live.
    And as far as being angry or feeling wronged. No, I was not wronged. That is what happens to you when you go to the store and find out your catalog order that had you had sent to the store to avoid the shipping charge was given to another customer. No, I admit my complicity and that fact that I relegated my own personal authority to those I should not have. The upshot is I now rely on myself as my own authority; not on those who only think they know me. I am smarter, wiser, and the quality of my life has very much improved and is improving daily. And the areas of my life that are an “issue” I figure them out on my own through prayer, meditation, instinct, intuition and whatever works that is “ethical.” The difference in my new way and the psychiatrists. Unlike the psychiatrists who don’t follow the Hippocratic oath; which is “Harm none.” Amongst the many precepts I attempt to live by, I do my best to “harm none” especially me. Love begins at home.

  • All those letters, shaun f mentioned as “therapy” They are alphabet soup, but alphabet soup is better for you. It has a certain wholesomeness and attention to your well-being that can never be found in the coldness of a clinical office, no matter how personally and lavishly decorated. I tried CBT. What I can say? On the one hand, it does possess the danger that the “drugs” but with a different and unique set of side effects and long term effects, probably much less obtainable and measured. However, what I gained from CBT was this. I had been “used” but this time and for the final time; it was my “present” psychiatrist. So, the gift of CBT of giving me the truth.
    I do think for many people “animals” are great as friends and companions and can be helpful in lieu of what think is therapy. “Animals” listen without judgement, criticism, or unwanted advice, pressure, etc. And they would prefer you stay off the “drugs.” Trees and flowers and other plants are also great by this. In fact, all of Nature can return a person to their natural state of wholesome well-being. John Muir, President Theodore Roosevelt and the originators of our National Park System saw that. This was probably the best idea of any government and has been copied worldwide.
    Finally, let us not forget. Yes, these are “drugs”, not “medications. And, I have a question? For those of you who advocate the usage of these “drugs?” Would you advocate the use of marijuana, LSD, heroin meth and all the others? And there are very dangerous others killing people right and left. These operate on the brain and mind and some of these can make you feel better, change your outlook, calm you? No, probably not and you would rationalize (a good psychological defense mechanism) that no there is no relationship, at all. These are so different. These drugs we give help people, while those drugs hurt people.
    I have been wondering on this one. There was a study showing that “benzos” and “SSRIs” do lead to an increased probability for alzheimers. My mother’s generation were probably the first to use Valium and her little friends. Today, every time I turn around; she tells me so and so went to school with “has lost her mind.” Question?
    Finally, I would like to say I am not anti-psychiatry. There is no ant-psychiatry and pro-psychiatry. I am pro Earth, pro Humanity and pro all creatures great and small.

  • shaun f whether people benefit or not from modern treatment is no longer the issue. As for me, I almost died from modern treatment. The arrogance and hubris you are seeing from “anti-psychiatry advocates” is only that which is reflecting from you. From what I can tell, it is not pro or anti psychiatry, it is those who have been hurt by psychiatry and those who seem to say they have not. All these people who have been hurt are doing is telling their stories. That is all. It is telling our stories that we can heal ourselves and that we can communicate. It is telling our stories that we reflect the light that is our humanity to the world. How can that be arrogance and hubris? You are rather picking on Oldhead and me. Perhaps, it is because we say things that make you do something you might be afraid of; think and question?
    Princess Aurora; I respectfully differ with you. I am not just a “mass of cells” with “neurons speaking to each other.” I am soul, a spirit, a human being, a child of God, who just happens to have a body that I have been given to take care of and to use to give the gifts God gave me back to the world.
    Perhaps, this is where psychiatry and maybe much of modern medicine is failing or fails. They only see a brain or a body with “symptoms” that need to be stopped, maintained or cured. They only see a mechanistic, biological view of the human being, but each human being has and is both soul and spirit. And at present and there will be a drug to heal the soul and spirit, If the soul and spirit are not healed, the body will die. Drugs, if they work, will only work for a short while because of this very reason. These drugs even at the beginning of their existence were never meant to be taken for a long term basis, but that is what happened. The pain of the body while taking these drugs and in the withdrawal and detox is only reflecting that the soul and spirit have been completely lost and forgotten. I can hear your objections. “Oh, but, in my counseling sessions, we talk.” and “Oh, I ride horses. . .” Yes, that is true for both of you and the very few others. But, yet , if that were the case, why are the drugs being taken by your clients? Drugs will never heal the spirit/soul and that is what is hurting for many people. Also, oldhead is no extremist. It is impossible to be an extremist when speaking raw truth or was Jesus Christ an extremist, also. He, too questioned the “system.”

  • First to shaun f. I never considered or called myself a victim. It would be very wrong and unethical to put words in my mouth that do not belong there. I do not think I am a victim, so why do you?
    As to having sat in waiting rooms of “mental health clinics” in the last ten or so years; that I have done. It is a sad wasteland where once productive individuals now so heavily drugged can hardly stay awake to hear their name called for their appointment. You can also see how out of tune they now feel with their bodies as they have gained weight while on these drugs. If they talk, it is because they are worried their medical providers will complain to them about the weight they have gained. This is true also in day hospitals, psychosocial rehab places, anywhere, people undergoing these “treatments” must gather. Finally, I agree with oldhead, what is normal life is now considered a symptom. Probably, you do not realize that “normal” people actually do have delusions, hallucinations and think of suicide at times in their lives. In fact, it probably is a “normal” reaction to the strange, unavoidable events of life that can not really be understood. I know already that you will come out with some “clip” remark that shows disagreement. But, who cares. Just to reiterate about being a victim, I know myself better than anyone and I am no victim. I am just me who has had some life experiences that I would like to sound the caution warning on so others do not have to live through it as I did.

  • Princess Aurora, You patronize my family and my father, Vietnam War Veteran and Army Chaplain. I have read your posts, Shaun F’s posts, and Shook’s post and I am going to speak my peace. After this, I will metaphorically kiss your other cheek.
    Over and over, the three have not only been repetitious, but self-righteous, mean-spirited and close-minded. You have shown sarcasm and have acted as if your way is the only way and those of us who have been through “hell” because of these drugs do not and can not know what we are talking about. You refuse to consider that maybe the construct of mental illness is a falsehood and you may have been tragically duped. I do believe each person must make his or her own personal decisions and follow his or her own path in life without interference. Your very words show me that you are clearly not comfortable in the decisions you have made. And Shaun F. you made have visited the Southern United States, but have you ever lived here. My people settled here almost ten generations ago. I have lived out of the South. I lived, went to high school, college and worked in the Southwest. It seems that every word, many of us write, the three of you have to come in and put “garbage” in the game about it. Good for you, the drugs worked. After twenty or more years on them, I almost died. Good for you Shaun F and Shook, I am so very happy that you are helping your patients, but, some of us have suffered at hands of allegedly well-meaning therapists. Please think about this little word thing tonight before you sleep; if you disassemble the word, “therapist” you get the two words, “the rapist.” Just a little word play in the English Language word game. Also, please don’t patronize me with “you’re angry, you have every right to be angry.” No, I am not angry. I am standing up for myself, my family, and the South. I realize many in your profession would consider that “anger” But, standing up for one self is nothing but pure redemption.

  • I appreciate and honor what you say, Shook, but, I disagree in that it is not all we got. We do not have to resign ourselves to this present day treatment, drugs, therapy, etc.
    What I am going to say almost seems way too almost out of line and almost ironic, considering that we are talking about our very mind and what we do to it. But, that is what we have to defend ourselves against this psychiatry, etc. and we have ourselves, that inner being or core that we can rely on anytime. Most of us have allowed our mind and our being to be “hijacked.” This is not easy, but, we must take control of our minds and our being. If we do not, someone else will take control. This happened to me and to others. I know many will disagree, but, I sincerely believe no matter who you are, you have that power to say NO to the thoughts, NO to the horrible emotions, NO to whatever hurts. And, there are hours and days, that it will ne harder than usual. We have to realize that we must be able to stand being uncomfortable for awhile. I know for a fact; it is very difficult. If you have a religious or spiritual belief that can help. If you consider yourself, “atheistic” or “agnostic” you can do it, too. You will as the saying goes, take one step forward and anywhere from two to ten steps backward. And, there might be many days all you want to do is cry or just give it all up. But, all these emotions despite psychiatry’s claim are normal. And I am not perfect. I have not achieved this perfectly and most likely I never will. But, the truth is we must do our very best to control our minds, our beings or the government or psychiatry or who knows what will control us. To those of you, who disagree that is quite fine, but please think before posting your disagreement. Thank you.

  • Please, you, who are “sarcastic” Please stop. I think it is my American right to consider the word “subset” in relationship to the human community as highly objectionable. It all breaks down to reductionist science, social Darwinism (as mentioned earlier) and the fact that humans are considered human beings, but human doings and therefore machines and their brains, computers. Thus, it is easy to drug a computer; just like we take our computers in for repair to eliminate all “viruses.” I am sorry, but I am not a machine or a computer. I am SOUL who happens to be living in a body of whom I am trying to take the best care of it; body, mind, soul, and spirit; the very best I can for the moment. And yes, that list, shook listed has been attributed to those taking psych drugs and also that those taking psych drugs do die twenty-five years earlier than the general population. Please see Mr. Robert Whitaker’s extensive work on these matters.
    It should be noted the human body and mind are complex and also very malleable. It is extremely easy to convince yourself or be convinced that the “pill” you take for whatever reason will cure you or make you feel better. However, time could probably catch up with you and that “pill” like what you once thought was a good friend could turn on you. It is a chance you take.
    After having read these posts, all I see is people digging deeper and deeper into what they think is correct and not really being respectful or mindful of the “other side.” This seems especially true for those who are advocating the “pills for personality” approach. We should realize that in many cases especially involving medical and psychiatric “sciences” we do not know fully the consequences and ramifications of what choices we have made. Yes, it is a personal decision to decide to take a pill, a medication, a drug for any reason; but, we also must remember that we do not only affects us, but, others on this planet and as the Native Americans reminds “seven generations” into the future (at least.) Also, there really are cases where people have been cured of cancer and other terrible diseases from things other than chemotherapy and other drugs. And, that man or woman, you see talking to him or herself on the street corner may and probably is not “mentally ill.” at all The person in question might be creating a poem, a musical composition, a great breakthrough scientific formula, talking to God, or just sorting things out in his or her mind. We jump to conclusions to quickly. For instance, my late sister worked in a bank. The wealthiest contributors in the area acted and looked like they had no money and had not taken a bath in a week or more; but they not only had money, they were kind and compassionate. We all jump to conclusions to quickly. I am guilty, also. Perhaps, there is something “good” to be said for both sides. I mean to steal no one’s thunder. However, as for me and my both short term and long term health, I choose to say no to these and all drugs if humanely possible. I especially no to the psych drugs, because like alcohol they are poison to me. Please respect my right to take care of my self and be me and only me. As e.e. cummings, said it is the greatest and most courageous battle and to me the absolutely most important.

  • Shook
    “a subset of Mentally ill who do well with this procedure.” How absolutely so callous?
    I think you have explained all this treatment of people who just need a little more help with life than others or perhaps just need a friend in a “nutshell.” As long as you look at people or even animals as “subsets” of anything, you will not see real human beings with dreams, hopes, desires, and a life purpose to live out. I am appalled that you would even used the word, “subset” in relationship to any human being. If you lose the humanity of the person, you lose the desire to love, care, and have compassion. And over and over it is this lack of compassion that is fueling the “pills for personality” movement rather than spending time with someone and actually compassionately helping them with what is bothering them. Also that list you have is a direct “playlist” of the results the person must deal with when put on these “drugs.”

  • deeeo42 I follow along the same lines as you. I was on most of the same drugs as you and more you did not list at various times. I was more suicidal and more likely to harm myself under the use of the drugs. Before the drugs and usually, except for a several years in college, where I went to the student counseling center and met with graduate students receiving degrees in “counseling and guidance” not clinical psychology or social work, I was not in any therapy and was able to reason myself out of these thoughts. Then the drugs came and I could no longer think, write checks, and eventually do all the normal adult things like drive. Finally, my mind/body just shut down and I could not wake up; which was the beginning of my real wake up, as I continually went through lie after lie about my condition. At that time, they took me off all the drugs but lithium. I was suffering, but, according to the doctors nothing was really wrong with me, except was already diagnosed by them. The last drug I took was in the Spring of 2015; when I realized that stopping these drugs was like stopping alcohol. I knew instinctively that something was really wrong with me; as I felt “clean inside again.” just like after I stopped the alcohol. I told the psychiatrist how I felt and I wanted no more drugs. She preceded to write me a prescription for Risperidal, because “she was ‘afraid” I would ‘relapse.'” I took one or two pills and threw them up. That was it. It is January 2017. Well, I’ll be!—no Relapse. Sometimes, I do have my bad days and my tired days. I probably take more naps than I did years before the drugs and I have to pace myself. But, my mind is crystal clear and I can reason myself into a positive mood. I still have my challenges like trying to keep a “clean house.” And I lost anywhere from ten to twenty years of my life. But, most importantly I am alive and joyful and at peace. I relearn and rediscover myself daily. As opposed to being on the drugs, I am no longer a zombie and would rather live than die! Thanks to no longer being on the drugs, when an issue or problem comes up I can use my imagination, my intuition, or my reason and see a real live solution to any problem. If it works for Aurora, all well and good, but, for those of who almost died and lost part of our lives, our voices are very valid and we need to be heard also. Most magazines only tell stories like Auroras. To the Auroras of the world, I wish them luck, health, and happiness. However, those of us who suffered need to tell our stories, also. Otherwise, how else can anyone make a conscious, informed decision. Also, our suffering needs to be validated and “recorded.” All I know is that now I want to live. On the drugs, I did not; because I was not living any way. I was just barely surviving as a “walking corpse.”

  • I do not know about Carrie Fisher and her allegedly risky behaviors. I do know she has now passed away and at the very young age (by 21st century standards) of sixty years and additionally, we have lost her mother, the great talent of Debbie Reynolds. I can say that like John Donne any time a person “dies” each one of us is diminished. What I do know is me and I believe there are probably others out there like me. I was put on these “drugs” and Sort of forced into “therapy” mostly and only because I was really “looking for my real place in this world.” Every time, I went to Vocational Rehabilitation for help, I ended up in the mental illness center. The second time was due to the loss of my sister, of whom I guess, it’s now an abnormal behavior to grieve. I will admit my faults, though. Like others, I, too, looked up to psychiatry and psychology for the answers. After all, I had a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. I know that many suffer and many believe these drugs help them alleviate their suffering and improve their lives. I thought that, also. I am not here to tell anyone what to do or how to live their life. That is a decision that must be left up to each person. However, I will tell what I have learned. I looked to psychiatry and psychology for the answers, but the answers were never to be found in these “fields”. These answers could only be found in my heart, spirit, and soul. However, each person is here to find their own way and if there is any real “sin”, the “sin” would be to interfere.
    And, to Shaun f. Yes, I totally distrust statistics; because like so many “alleged tangibles” in life they can be manipulated to fit any conclusion desired. Only that which is truly “intangible” can not be manipulated. And my Father, who was brilliant enough to be a “Mensa” member and had two graduate degrees, one in Sociology, always told me that there were three kinds of lies; “Lies, ‘damn’ Lies, and Statistics.” My father is gone now, due to an illness resulting from Agent Orange, as he was A Vietnam Veteran. And, with that, I honor my father’s legacy. Thank you.

  • Yes, we do see the world differently. I would say to those who feel they are benefitting from the psych drugs to read everything they can about the drugs, to monitor the dosages, and to watch for adverse side effects, etc. I would also tell them that they are taking a risk and hope and pray they do not end up like I did; so asleep I could not be awaken and was almost taken for dead. I did end in the hospital. It was the beginning of a two or more years wake up call. I would also hope and pray that they do not end up like Patty Duke or Carrie Fisher. Finally, I would tell them it is their choice to take the drugs or not take the drugs and they have every right to say no and to be respected for it and have their wishes respected. If not, it is time for them to just leave. Each person really needs to make sure their diagnosis does fit them. Many are diagnosed that have no mental illness at all. If any of your clients do become aware of this or other websites or of Robert Whitaker’s great, life-saving work in this area, it would behoove you to listen and allow them to make their own choices. If they choose to stop taking the drugs, please find them the help they need, not ply them with further drugs that are alleged to help, but only hurt. Please be always usage of these drugs is as dangerous or more dangerous than most of the illegal drugs and alcohol. I do hope someday you awaken to this like so many of us on this site has and I also hope you learn to grant others their right to speak, even if you disagree which means admitting they may be right and their experiences count for something, most probably more than statistics. Except, for that one brief period with the SSRIS, you are only receiving second hand information from your clients.

  • shaun f
    I give up on you. If you would quit the garbage and apologize about Southerners eating more fried food than the rest of the country that would help. As my father would say, “That is a MYTH!” And that you love fried food, but eat it infrequently because of the cholesterol really makes me feel “patronized.” In fact your whole tone in all your replies to me and to others has been very patronizing. You write as if know of us know nothing and come back with a retort. You are even stereotypical in describing the state where you live in that you describe Colorado as “outdoorsy” and the people as “outdoorsy.” Like all states, you most likely have people that do prefer the outdoors and you have people that prefer the indoors and you have people that like both. Actually, there are many areas in the South with excellent state parks and greenway systems that people enjoy all year round. We have skiing, hiking, camping, spelunking, etc. So, please quit your stereotypes. Oh and by the way, although I would like everyone to not be racist or anti-LGBT-Q, I interact with everyone on a polite basis, because I have no idea what one is really thinking and I know what one appears is not one always is. I am also aware that none of us Earth at this time is without prejudice of one kind or another. It is you might say the “karma” each one of us just have to work through. And “Golly” I was born in the South and I know about “karma.” Would you…. Could you…. And what do I usually eat; Stir-Fry. Now, that my appetite has mostly returned from the toxic drug withdrawal and detox. Thank you and Bless your Soul this New Year’s Day!

  • No. I never did say that “psych drugs” and they are “drugs” not “meds” caused all the problems in society. You, as usual, misread what I said. I did say they were very much a contributing factor and should be looked as such. This is not being done and that it is ironic that as the obesity rate went up, so the rate of psych drug usage.

    As far as you going to the South and seeing “poor people” who can’t afford to eat anything but bad foods that cause obesity. This is a problem for society and yes it happens, but it is not endemic to the South alone.

    As far as Southern people, typically eating more fried foods than other people. THIS IS PURE PREJUDICE AND I RESENT THAT. That is like saying “African-American Men typically play more basketball or have more rhythm that white folks.” As far as the weather and we don’t exercise. I don’t see people where they have a lot of ice and snow going out to walk or run, either. Actually, we are like all people. We have those like to exercise and those who don’t. If you cast. for instance, a whole of people into a group, in this case Southerners and not see as Individuals just like anywhere else; how can you see your clients as individuals. Also, if you can not go to another area of this country or even of this Earth and you can not see the beauty of the people and the beauty of the land and cities, then please adjust your eyes. Even, in the most raggedy corners of this country and the world, there is beauty. Even those people, you feel have eaten too much fast food, there is beauty. I imagine to return to South someday. You will see we not only eat fried food, but all kinds of food. You will also see there is no typical Southerner. Like everywhere in this great and wonderful world, each one of us is unique; like they say a snowflake is. And I am sure you have some false statistic about snowflakes or scant evidence or what not.

  • You are right. The American Diabetes Association, like many other medical groups in our country, just wants to keep their clientele so they have money in their pockets. Have you ever wondered why we are no nearer a cure for Diabetes than we could be given all our alleged scientific and technological knowledge?
    As far as my comments on sugar, I am neither advocating or nor advocating its use in any situation or person, I do feel that it has probably given a worse rap than it should, partly as a cover-up for all the other faulty medical and psychiatric stuff.
    High fructose corn syrup is questionable. It is everywhere, it seems, even in some of the juices we drink. I think for some it could be very harmful, for others, maybe not. It would be wrong to blame the entire obesity epidemic on high fructose corn syrup or even a sedentary lifestyle. I think there are complex causes, but, I can not help to think that these toxic drugs are involved at least somewhat.

  • Please you are only partially right, Shaun F. Have you not recognized that as the usage rate of “psychiatric drugs” went up, so, also did the “obesity rates?” Also, like all statistics and body descriptions, the BMI was literally changed overnight and included more people in the statistics than would have been included. In addition to the fact that these “drugs” do have significant side effects that cause obesity and metabolic diseases like diabetes. (Zyprexa has risen patients’ weights by 100 pounds in a month!) These drugs are mostly so sedating and cause great fatigue that all one can do is sit and watch tv and may be eat and gain weight. I have also known patients on these drugs who do the right things, they exercise almost obsessively, eat healthily, and can not either maintain a “healthy weight” (whatever that is) or lose weight. Finally, please you live in Colorado. You know nothing about southern states. Like all states in the US, The diets and lifestyles are as varied as the people who live here! Southern states have all ethnicities, all religions, all creeds, all nationalities as any other portion of the country. We are not monolithic. I am not sure why some states do have higher rates of obesity than others and some are not “southern.” If anything in the South, it has been some who have moved to this region from outside the region who are “drugging” the vulnerable.

  • It is a tragedy about both Carrie Fisher and Her mother, Debbie Reynolds. Yet, I am way too inclined to believe that her “meds” or “toxic drugs” contributed to her massive heart attack and premature death than “Coca-Cola” or any soft drink or tea or even coffee. In My part of the nation, people drink massive amounts of sweet tea and coca cola, but it does not necessarily lead to such a massive heart attack and death. Usually, those who do suffer heart problems from perhaps, these drinks, encounter it slowly, have other health issues, and the heart attacks, although awful and debilitating, are not this massive. You also are forgetful in remembering all “psychiatric” drugs like many other drugs cause excessive thirst. After going off the drugs, you could not imagine how less I was drinking of anything non alcoholic. I think the problems with sugar are overrated and are used by the “medical/bigpharma” people to deny what is really causing these horrible sicknesses and premature death; these toxic drugs. Although, I believe do need to moderate our sugar intake like anything else we eat or drink, or anything at all; we must remember sugar is naturally rendered (for the most part) and these toxic drugs are toxically made of synthetics.

  • Oldhead, you as usual are very right. First, I checked what I said about “evil” I never said that anyone in particular was evil; only what happens to you when you are on the toxic drugs is “evil.” I never said the medical profession was “evil” although there are many in the medical profession these days who might be better “used car salespeople. ” My father had a sign on his desk that applies to this situation with the man from Colorado. Perhaps, you have heard it over the years. “My mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with the facts.” He also had a saying that he told us as kids when we didn’t want to clean our room or eat our vegetables that also applies here. “Methinks you doth protest too much.” Honestly, it is sad that the man from Colorado reacted so much to the word, “evil” when I was on describing the “hell” of the toxic drugs on the mind/body and of course this goes further into the withdrawal and detox. This seems to speak to something inherently sad in our country. I do come from a different part of the country that the man from the Colorado. I am from the South and the way we use “evil” and other common words at times may be different than in other parts of the country. It would behoove anyone, anywhere to really and truly listen to the context of the sentence from the speaker before being unduly critical and acting like a scared rabbit. I mean no harm, but, I do mean to tell the truth. Someday, this man from Colorado may really see what we see and stop reading the fake news that is rampant all over the web/internet.

  • Perhaps, “evil” is too harsh a word; but, I have been through “hell” because of these toxic drugs. I would say most of a good ten to twelve years of my life is missing, although, it took longer to get there as I was started on these toxins more than twenty years ago. Please don’t discredit me or my experiences or those of anyone posting. This is very serious and very dangerous business and you have yet to see it. I am sorry to say that.

  • As far as these drugs causing violence. This has been well documented even since the very popular Prozac came out. Please check out the blogs and news reports on this site. Now, perhaps, you might explain this to me. I am very allergic to alcohol to the point that I could die with almost less than an 8oz glass of it. Yet, you stated “that benzos are just powdered alcohol.” So, please explain this to me, with my allergy and previous heavy alcohol consumption as a college student and “young adult” why did these so ethical doctors keep prescribing these “benzos” to me. And then there are the atypical antipsychotics that I was prescribed, affectionately known as “major tranquilizers” I am positive that is no “misnomer.” As far as the SSRIS, mood stabilizers are known I believe much of their chemical composition is kept hidden from the public; so they are probably related to the good ol’ evil booze, also. We know that Ritalin and Adderall are related to “meth.” And we know how dangerous “meth labs” can be to an otherwise quiet neighborhood. In my opinion, it seems this attitude you and others take is really “playing with fire.” I also remember that in no time when I was seeing a psychiatrist for my “legal toxins” did I ever do a “medical history” asking me of my personal past of “diseases” or “drugs” or anything nor did they ask me a familial medical history. I know you might just bypass this and say it does not happen in Colorado. But, since, one of my psychiatrists ran off to California, which is usually considered one of the more progressive states in the nation, after what he had done to so many of us, I can only doubt what you say. It is very important that we do say no to these horrible toxic drugs and teach the children to say no, too. Who are the biggest drug pushers in this country? The doctors, especially the psychiatrists, but also the pediatricians and the school system for the young ones. Why doesn’t this stop? Because in our misguided mythology, we have considered the Medical profession, including the psychiatrists, a little bit less than “God.” In order to stop this, we do need to return the authority of the person to the person. If that person relies on God, that is his or her personal decision. As it stands now, even with all your “alleged informed consent” it is impossible. I know. I have had papers like that thrown in my face to sign before and there was no option not to sign. Please spare me. I have read your posts since last night and you have ignited a “firestorm”. However, you are so sadly brainwashed, no of us can reach you, not even to give us credit for the knowledge of our personal experiences which are just as good or even better than the faulty statistics thrown at us everyday from everywhere.

  • Mr Shaun F. To your genetic testing, I say NO!NO!NO!NO! What we need is to guide people in kindness, humility, and gentleness to find NON-DRUG WAYS to deal with their issues or problems from pain to “emotional distress” to “grief” to “whatever.” First, at present, the mental illness industry has made a big effort to say that our uniqueness is a debilitating, disabling disease and needs more drugs and therapy et. al to make the person more disabled and debilitated, so they do actually become “REAL LIVE (DEAD INSIDE) ZOMBIES” We now do this from “cradle to the real, actual grave.” Second, we must realize THAT THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS THAT ARE REALLY GOOD FOR PEOPLE OR ANIMALS. WE HAVE NOT EVEN INVESTIGATED THE COST OF THEIR DISPOSAL OR RUN-OFF WHILE MANUAFACTURING INTO THE ENVIRONMENT. Most of these drugs are synthetics and are very cheaply made. Have we studied the effects on those who must make these toxins to make a living? NO! What we really need is “intuitive common sense.?” Right, we are not losing one or two “generations” we are losing all the generations and working on the planet of all people and creatures. I hate to be blunt. Robert Frost said he did not know whether the world would end in fire or ice. It appears to me the world is ending in a abundance of toxins and especially toxic drugs. Oh, Mr Shaun F in Colorado, please listen to what you have written and please stop telling yourself lies. Read what my fellow “posters” and I have posted. We have most all “awaken just in time!”

  • This is true, way too true and if you mention a side effect you taking that drug, they “laugh”, say take it anyway for your own “good” and we have another drug we know absolutely nothing about to counteract that side effect. Other lies: “these are not addictive, but if you stop, your symptoms will return” and “long-term, why there are no long-term side effects” and the final lie, “I am sorry that you’re not happy or feeling well. We (ha!) wish you felt happier or better.”
    I believe M. Scott Peck has a book entitled, “The People of the Lie.” These are the “People of the Super-Duper, Mega-Lies that keep on coming and coming and coming. . .”

  • I am sorry that you can not see what I see. “Voluntary” is not really a word that seems to belong anymore, anywhere in the “alleged” treatment of “alleged” mental illness. (If you continue to read the posts and blogs on this site, you will learn that many consider the “concept” of “mental illness” and its “diagnoses” questionable, at best.) Perhaps, that is where the word, “voluntary” ends. How can it be “voluntary” anywhere when at the very least, the “consumer” is broadcast and presented ads daily concerning the “drugs”, “treatment” and “diagnostic behavior” of each alleged “disease.” Not one of us denies that there is suffering. We have questions as to its origin and effect on each person. I think most of us are very aware of the present insurance industry which does include Medicare and Medicaid and other government issued insurance in many states for both adults and children that absolutely beg and force a diagnosis and a “drug fix.” After having been involved in the system. and I really don’t like saying this, even if no drugs are prescribed, any “professional” or otherwise is unfortunately in the field of “coercion.” The “threats” are seemingly vague, almost lacking in danger, and almost innocuous; but, they are there. I really think you mean well and want to do right by your idealism. But, it is time to leave the “idealism” at the door and awaken to the hard reality of a business that in the end steals the most important part of the person; their very mind and soul and takes the body along for an evil side. I am sorry to tell you this, but it is the truth not as I see it, but, as I have lived it and am now free of it and none the less, healthier and wiser.

  • I think some of these comments are revolving around the word, “coercion.” The man from Colorado says they have no “coercion” there and it is all “voluntary” for the “patients” to utilize the facility or take the “drugs.” I looked up the word “coercion” on the “internet” just for my clarification and the “dictionary” said “coercion” involves the use of “danger” or “threats.” To me, I think the operative word is “threat” Now, “threat” also involves the concept that something appears “dangerous” to you or your person or your family, country, etc. On “face value” you say how can they “threaten” me to take my medication or “drugs?” I say, no matter what the laws are in Colorado, and I honestly do not know all the laws in the state I reside; but, I do know “threatening” someone with “danger” needs no law for or against. Parents “threaten” their children daily’ “if you don’t eat your broccoli, you won’t get the ice cream” or something like that. In our society, our “doctors”; psychiatrists and otherwise and their “helpers” such as “social workers” etc. are seen almost in the role of “parents” They really do become the authority their parents were or never were. This is most likely of an extension of the parental role of our supervisors and managers in the workplace, but this might be more insidious, as usually the “patient” is truly treated as “no nothing” about his or her body, mind, emotions, or soul/spirit. And many times, the patient is so confused and things are happening so fast, they are unable to say, “no.” You will never convince me that anywhere at this time in the United States there is no coercion. Even, just an “implied threat ” is a “threat” and it really takes someone “seriously critical thought.” In a “crisis” of any kind from “what should I do with my life” to a “death of a loved one” or anything, this may be impossible for many. Coercion is so common in our society in many areas of our lives, how can you tell us, Shaun F. from Colorado that it does not exist in your “mental health system.” Please, as they say, here in the South, “I did not just fall off the turnip truck.”

  • Please Mr. Shaun F. I don’t know how it is in Colorado, but, I can very much bet, there is coercion to take these drugs. First, you see an LCSW or maybe you are referred to such a place, and before you know it you are in for a “med review” and from probably one, but most likely two to probably six or seven or maybe more that you are supposed to take for the rest of your life; because you must be “maintained” “not have a relapse” “you’re seriously and pervasively mentally ill” etc. I have heard it all and it all lies. Yes, “wood” rots, not people. But, wood only “rots” when it is cut from a HEALTHY tree and not allowed to be and it should be. Good wood does not “rot” if it is taken care of with love and compassion. These drugs and other garbage your “clinics” across our country “rot” these people like the wood that used to be someone’s furniture or cabin or bed or even a Christmas tree. Christmas trees die because they dry out, not because they “rot” without love. Your “clinics” give no love which is what people really need. They don’t need to be “numbers” cast out to “rot and die.” That “homeless” person needs love, too. These so-called “mental illnesses” are only in the mind of the ones giving the toxic drugs, therapy, etc. And, it is not the “mental illnesses’ and their lack of treatment” that kills people and makes them sick. And, after you get that “homeless” person off the street, who you says is “rotting” and drug him and therapize him, where will he live? I doubt anyone in that agency will put him up. When, I was going to one of those “agencies” the staff and counselors did not even want to be bothered on weekends and after 6pm. It is the toxic therapy and drugs that steal the very souls, minds, and bodies of people who only want to fine their place in this world, and their way and their purpose.

  • Yes, I question why is a person able to say no to chemotherapy, but, is nearly locked up for saying to no to psychiatric drugs and the accompanying treatment. And this I don’t know I’m sick, so I must be sick is beyond idiot thinking. Who does not know their mind and body? I say most people really do, but are so afraid of all medical doctors and especially the psychiatric ones, they are afraid to say no; that will harm me, because I know my body and mind. We have been BRAINWASHED to believe the lie that we are not the ultimate authority on who we are. I am not trying to dispute anyone religious beliefs whatever they may be. Psychiatry as our “state religion” already is attempting that and for many sad souls, succeeding; thus what really did happen to “freedom of religion and freedom from religion.?” Our founding fathers are crying in their “graves.

  • One of the things I learned that assisted me in finally saying “no to the toxic drugs, toxic psychiatrists, and the whole entire toxic ‘mental illness system’ ” was when I realized there were no “drugs” and never will be “drugs” and even all the etc. that can stop “toxic” parenting at any age and also “drivers in the grips of ‘road rage.’ ” I really don’t have an answer yet or maybe never will. You can not necessarily take kids away from “toxic” parents and parenting without even more issues to arise. This is a complicated and complex issue and for a society and culture that wants answers and problems resolved in five to at most ninety minutes, it seems almost insurmountable. The greatest gift we can give our children, grandchildren, our family, friends, neighbors and ourselves is to allow them the freedom and the love so they can find their own unique self, talents, personality, path, and purpose in life. The “toxic mental illness system” steals that from the person searching by saying that are diseased and debilitated for life and must take these toxins, etc.

  • I really am sorry that you feel we, in some way, have been talking “theory” rather than really listening to your awful experience. I have never been taken to a “mental hospital” in a police car; but I have been a patient in one. However, I do know fear of that can inhabit you after being involved in this system. Since about 1991 until last year except for maybe two or three years, I have been a “patient” in the system. I have been wrongly diagnosed, told I was “severely and pervasively mentally ill” been forced in to special vocational “working conditions” been forced into day hospitals, psychosocial rehabilitation, therapy on weekly to bi-weekly basis, been dropped from a psychiatrist even though I was on the drugs because of my insurance, been forced into vocational rehabilitation, been harassed for not taking drugs, been told to take drugs or I would get a relapse (that’s been a year and half ago) and I get better every day. I can’t say as if I totally know your experience, but, please I have been there. I am A PSYCHIATRIC SURVIVOR JUST AS YOU ARE! And the only thing that saved my life was coming off the drugs, although the doctors actually forced me all of them at once, except lithium, because I allegedly had “sleep apnea” After being on these drugs for over twenty years, my body said no more and they could not wake me up. I ended up in the county hospital. My cat died while I was in there. Then they abruptly took me off everything, even the valium and tried to put me on stimulants. That was 2013. In spring of 2015, I realized I could not even take another pill again, ever. I had an allergy to alcohol. It has worsened and I can not take any pills without physical problems. I trust no doctors. I am on my own now. For my “health” I only trust “God.” I am sorry if you feel I was making light of your situation. I did not mean to. I, too, am a psychiatric survivor and thanks to waking up, I plan to live a very long and very “healthy” life without drugs or psychiatric intervention.

  • You are probably right about not being enough 40-70 year old to elect someone by themselves; although that is a confluence of the baby boomers and gen x.
    The actual article was a few months before the election. On actual person, a woman, of about age 50-53 was profiled. She was excited that she had found someone to vote for who thought as she did; (several conspiracy theories were discussed; including one that Obamas children were stolen from Africa; that Mrs. Obama was actually a man, and the others such as Obama was not an American citizen-as you can see most were about the Obamas and were sent out via the internet and other media) The woman had worked for the railroad, lost her job, was now on disability, and was taking several different psychiatric drugs. The story actually was very sad to read. I just felt as I read her story that there were others like her; hard luck stories of people on these toxic drugs who have become vulnerable and gullible they could believe anything. And now that ‘trump” had been “elected” I do feel that maybe others like her may have had an influence on the election; in that they were drugged such they were ready to believe anything. But, I really don’t exactly remember the date or title of the story. It was on MSN; but, I think it came from another new source. I am sorry I should I have remembered more details.

  • Whether or not a “psychiatric evaluation” is done to “trump” is a “moot point.” When “trump” became the republican presidential nominee” I thought this is really beyond ironic. This man says things and does things I would never think of and yet he is the republican presidential nominee and me, they say I had some terrible “mental illness” and was “severely and pervasively mentally ill.” I guess, I must have thought, God help us!
    But, come to think of it, our children’s children will only see his presidency as a blip on the historic radar and as the result of an increasingly drugged nation. I even read on MSN a typical description of one of his “followers” as being maybe between 40 and 70 and taking at the very least several psychiatric drugs.
    I thank the Good Lord for getting me off the toxic drugs before this election. I can not say I am totally happy with the way I voted in 2016; but, I will say I was truly awake enough not to vote for “trump” or be one of “trumpettes.”

  • Abolish psychiatry now! Abolish the republican party! Abolish the democratic party! Abolish the libertarian and green parties! Abolish all medical specialties, except those needed in absolute life or death situations! Abolish big pharma and all drugs except those needed in life or death situations! ( I don’t mean take away insulin from those suffering from diabetes or hope from those suffering from cancer, heart disease, etc. I just want those doctors to stop diagnosing for the sake of their pocketbooks or to drug us to a premature death!) Abolish public and private education from pre-school through graduate school! Abolish fake news stories! Return America to the people! We the people; not We the victimized. We are not victims. We are being victimized and it’s time we say “NO MORE! NO MORE!”

  • First, I think we must abolish the words and the concept, “mentally ill.” After all these years, we still have no cogent definition and many times we are really speaking of “emotions” being “out of whack.” This leads to abolishing what is “mental health and being mentally healthy.” In fact, I think the word, “healthy” is a misnomer of a word, although I am reading a book on being “spiritually healthy.” Yet, “healthy” is a totally political term and as such, it is easy to use to denigrate, discriminate, enslave, and imprison people who are just different or have unique strengths and “non-strengths” that go against the prevailing norms of present society. What is healthy, mentally, physically, or otherwise? Who knows? Are we to put someone like Stephen Hawking or even the late President Franklin Roosevelt into an illegitimate “box” because they did not fit our false ideas of “health?” No! All this is purely political. We need to stop using words like “mental and/or physical illness” or conversely “mental or physically healthy.” We need to stop classifying people by their size, their weight, their looks, their alleged sickness or non-conformities. It is so easy for someone to think another person is “sick” just because they choose a different lifestyle or way of looking at life. It seems we no longer accept the fact that many in our human family do not or ever will run by the same time clock as we might. We concentrate on what are our similarities as differences and what our differences are, our similarities. We will never be free as long as others seek to define us “morally” by their “moral values” and not the unique ones we each have. The battle is for the heart and soul of America and to allow true Art, Poetry, Music, Dance and Crafts. We will never be free unless we can just be as we are meant to be and “make” as we are meant to “make.”

  • Yes, the “patient” in question is “stable” because due to the toxic drugs he or she is taking daily; he or she becomes a TRUE ZOMBIE, DEAD INSIDE. If you are familiar with the Bible passage, “the wages of sin are death.” this is where it truly applies. I can not help but agree with the few Christians who do believe taking these toxic drugs is “sinful” and I will admit “sin” is theological question mark in my thought and moral process.
    For years, no one would admit to seeking “counseling.” You mean, you or your son or daughter? It would be whispered wherever the good folks gathered. But, thanks to Big Pharma’s and the psychiatrists and other physician’s push, it is becoming way too acceptable. We must also thank talk Television, “Reality TV’s Parent” for the acceptable “airing of ‘dirty laundry’ in public” and then there are the movie, television, rock stars and athletes who have “decided to ‘come out of the closet’ on this one. Now, people are truly hurting, who only needed caring support and maybe just a few ideas and push to get them started or re-oriented in a “crazy” world. NOT DRUGS OR A FALSE DIAGNOSIS THAT DOES NOT EXIST!!
    And, what do we get as a country? A population of zombies destined for an “early grave” getting criticized repeatedly for something that is not their fault or that they did not create.
    I think “psychology” in its pure state can help people find their purpose, their way, their path in life, who they are and are meant to be; but psychiatry has poisoned it. And if you ever read of lost societies and cultures in the Bible, Ancient History, or Mythology, please meet one now. All you need look to is our beyond reasonable thought last presidential election, the present congress, and so many state legislatures. In legal terms, there is considered the “fruit of the poisonous tree.” Today, we harvest that fruit. But, today, each one us can plant the new and strong seed that will thrive!

  • I think the one in six figure might be low. I am no statistician, mathematician, or clinician, but, basically through anecdotal remarks and findings, I feel the statistic should be much higher. I say one in four at least; maybe one in three. I think there are some real statistics missing here or maybe “fudged.” When you think of the goal of Big Pharma and the ignorant doctors, psychiatrists, physicians of all specialties, pediatricians, etc. I think the goal is 100% compliance amongst 100% of the population. Just think they use Xanax or some other drug to relax the patient prior to anesthesia and surgery and to assist in chemotherapy. I, honestly, doubt in America that there is anybody left who has not been prescribed or had these drugs put into them. Now, the goal is that 100% compliance in 100% of the population 100% of all days.

  • I know the pain is horrible now and some days are so much worse than others, but, please hang in there; despite it all, it does get better and is so worth it. Although you think you are going to die, you will live!
    And your life will be so much better since you are no longer taking the toxins into your system. Your whole body and mind will thank you and so will your family and friends and everyone; although some may never know why. My heart is on your side. Yes, a better title could be “the Prescription that ruined my life.” but I think it could be’ “the prescription that woke me up to real life (after I stopped taking them!”)

  • Like most other bills in the various legislative bills, it is a bill created out of fear and basically bad science and fake news. Yes, there was Sandy Hook and all the rest; but Ms Hunter is right in that many of the perpetrators were in “treatment” and “taking their drugs” or “just gone off them, in withdrawal.” In my state, we had HB2, which has since lost the current governor his “job” and put a new governor in office. However, the “outgoing” party is now maliciously and with mean-spiritedness trying to strip the new governor of his inherent authority. The point is that we may be eventually be able to override this bill and put new officials in power who oppose it, yet those who were for it, may still elicit roadblocks.
    I do envision “psychiatric survivors” rights as being the “gay civil rights fight” of the next few decades and I envision that we will WIN, because so many have been affected. But, the “battle” will not be easy and there are many positions and parts to play, some quietly in the background; some loud and noisy. I choose quietly and in the background.
    This bill “sucks” but I think in the end it may be a “catalyst” for perhaps the greatest civil war fight of our lives; the fight to be ourselves and return ourselves to ourselves. As e. e. cummings said and I paraphrase, it is the biggest fight of our life. And it is even bigger now, in our times, as we have the drugs sanctioned by the government and those who prescribe them who want to strip this inalienable and natural right from us. Who are the biggest drug pushers in our society? Not the “hoodlum” down the street; but the psychiatrists, physicians, the government, Big Pharma, and their little sycophants. Thank you Dad for teaching me that word.

  • Please, can anyone enlighten me. I have read many of the terrors of the withdrawals from these evil drugs from others and I know what I have experienced. Although there are “differences” in what each of us experience, there seem to be a lot of similarities in withdrawal “symptoms” And these seems to be “across the board” whether it is a “benzo”, anti-psychotic, anti-depressant or even lithium or who knows what. This causes me to think, consider, and question, are there any real differences in the “chemical structure” or are all these just re-arranged molecules and chemicals like water is to ice or snow. Now, I am beginning to believe these evil drugs are similar to “snow”; that is if you consider how many different words the Eskimo People have for the word “snow” in their vocabulary. Could it be, no matter whether you take an anti-psychotic, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, etc. drug, you essentially taking the same thing and the moecules and chemicals have been re-arranged for the worst sales lie to the public, ever.

  • You are right. I was like you. I trusted authority. I trusted psychology. Heck! I went to school and got a BA in Psychology. I still trust Psychology; but, not that kind of psychology that, in my mind, is inherently evil. I trust astrology, palmistry, numerology and even the church more than I would trust a psychiatrist or their sycophants. If there is any good in psychology, it is to be found in the millions of books available with various variations on “personality typing.” These and other books speak to our uniqueness, our unique giftedness and personalities, intelligences, etc. There is hope there and these books have helped through the withdrawal and detox in to the restoration and resurrection of my “real self” almost lost and dead to modern psychiatry. Modern psychiatry with the help of big pharma and others seeks to make us into a one size fits all zombies and seeks to make us dependent on medicine/psychiatry/the medical/psychiatry criminal complex forever. But, I say NO! The “physical and sometimes ’emotional’ hell” I have been through these past few years is so very worth it; because slowly and surely, I have regaining my human dignity, and restoring and revitalizing my true self. To all those who tried, I say, “You can not kill which does not die! Although, you may try, you will fail! It is the law of the universe; “Good Always Overcomes Evil!”

  • You are right. Zyprexa is evil and should be banned. When the psychiatrist tried me on Zyprexa because I could not sleep and had a 24 hour pounding heartbeat; he nervously checked my weight every time I saw him; but, that drug could not even get me to sleep. Early last year in about February, they tried me on Seroquel. I got terrific headaches, became both a zombie and psychotically paranoid as I thought any minute someone would come through my door and take my dear cat away. I stopped the drug and received a “tongue-lashing” from the psychiatrist’s nurse. The psychiatrist was too “scared” to talk to me. I was told all that was happening because I did not give it enough time and then my dosage got “upped.” Finally, within about two weeks or so, I said “no more” and through, to me. what was an evil drug into the trash. If it’s working for you, I am glad; but, I don’t want to sound like a “spoiled sport” or a “mother” but please be very careful. This is an extremely dangerous drug. I really hate to tell you this; but, the best way to get through this “withdrawal/detox” and the sleep problems is without any drugs. Some days, some months all you will want to do is sleep. Some days, some months, you can only pray for the blessing of sleep. My sleep is still erratic. Some days, I awake at night and want to sleep in the day. Sometimes, I can never predict. Mornings are usually the worst for me. I, probably, take more rest times than before and it takes me longer to do a job that requires “physical activity” and I must really afterward. I have learned when the energy is there, go with it and sometimes, I must force the energy to get the job done. I think if you can through this without any drugs, you will be better off. However, that is my opinion from my experience. In the end, it is you who knows what is the very best for you; so trust your intuition/instincts above other people’s opinions, thoughts, etc. even a “medical provider.”

  • My heart goes out to you. You are brave, strong, and determined. I know that you have heard this before, but, you will get through this. You will not only survive, but, really thrive. After this is all over, your mind-brain and body will thank you. I know as I am in withdrawal and detox from about twenty years or so of these toxic “psychiatric/addictive drugs.” You are better off without this toxicity in your body, because, although it is very hard now, if you continued to take these toxins, they could kill you and probably would. I got my valium ripped right from under without the customary tapering off by the supposed knowledgeable caring doctors. They also took me off two SSRis, two antipsychotics, risperadal and one other and Cogentin. They kept me on lithium. I was in the hospital, because they could not wake me up after all those years on “drugs.” They lied and said I had “sleep apnea” when they knew it was the drugs. I moved. I not only had psychiatrists lying to me. I had others in other specialties lying to me. I moved to another town in this state. I tried again and this was for the last time. I stopped on my own taking all drugs after several months of “hell” I told the psychiatrist that I felt like I did when I stopped the alcohol after college. For the first time in years I felt clean inside, so I must be doing something right. I told the psychiatrist and she still prescribed me risperadal because she was “afraid” I would “relapse” That was in the Spring of last year. I am just find. I can no longer take any drugs and I can not even use alcohol in cooking anymore. If I have any pain, I can only use a “topical.” I go to no doctors. I do not trust them. My dad was right. They are “hacks.” I feel this way I am better off to live to be a hundred. I am studying more natural, old-fashioned ways to healing. When I have a bad day or strange symptom, I say it is the withdrawal and/or detox. I do not have my energy levels totally back up. I have to watch what I eat. Some days I have a better appetite than others. I do my thing in the community and the church. But, I tell no one about my experiences. I sometimes have problems with my skin. But, I trust my intuition/instinct and God. I live so others may live. It is not an easy journey. I have a necklace that says “what doesn’t kill me better run” On a good day, discover and learn what is important to you. On a bad day, treat yourself with gentle kindness as if you are the most important person in the universe, because you are. Love yourself for your courage. It is not easy, but, as they say, is anything really worthwhile easy. You will get better, because you mad the choice to better your life and stop putting the toxins in your body. I dream for your well-being. Having well-being is better than being healthy anytime. “Health” is something made up to keep us “medical and psychiatric prisoners.” I dream of your “well-being.” I dream of your joy, contentment, and happiness. Take care of yourself. You are definitely worth it, as you are a very worthwhile person. Just Be, that’s all you need. Just Be.

  • I agree with all your statements, except that we need something further to protect the teenagers and adult. If we distinguish between age 18 as younger than being a child and older than being an adult, then the teenagers are protected. If not, we will need to add them as a separate category. However, just outlawing forced treatment, I do not think will be strong enough to protect the millions of adults who get into taking these toxic drugs without real knowledge of what is being done to them. We also need a separate law for the elderly; as many, especially in the “nursing homes” are forced to take drugs against their will or lied to about the drugs they are given. Finally, just for protection, we need to prohibit all drug ads in all media, especially the psych drugs. Other countries have done this, already.

  • Mr. Fred Blankenship and all other good people,
    Absolutely any statistics coming from NAMI or NIMH are to be suspect. These groups only give out statistics to support their nefarious agendas.
    However, if one person is receiving treatment that is not or never was really sick, was given a dangerous diagnosis, or received psychiatric poisons for any reason; then the system failed.
    I am one person in that category. The system failed. I know there are others like me who suffer, also. The system failed so immensely that honestly, the current English Language lacks the adequate words to describe such a failure. Statistics are useless. My father always told me there are three kinds of lies, “lies, ‘damn’ lies, and statistics.” Statistics are usually used to promote an Orwellian, Huxley-like society or culture. Statistics are just another nefarious symptom as I described in the first few sentences of this post. I need to hear no more statistics of how the system failed. And, I do not need to hear NAMI and NIMH’S hogwash for their own evil agendas.

  • You are more than 1000% right, Stephen Gilbert. First, a person is traumatized by environment, circumstances, experiences, abuse, bullying etc. No one thinks how traumatizing it can be to live in a family or be involved in an educational system that belittles and undermines your gifts, talents, personality, and dreams. Then, the psychiatrist adds fuel to the fire and adds the traumatizing toxins to the person’s “system” All these “side-effects,” chronic diseases, etc. develop and in the end the person only sees a way out as “death.” The tragedy begins when we tell the person their gifts, talents, personality, dreams are at best defective, a diseases and then compound it with further toxins and other ways to remind them constantly they are sick and defective, not good and whole, as created. I think, my posting to these various articles, is one of the many ways, I am helping myself to truly heal.

  • I think you may be right. There seems to be a group of people who say they are being persecuted in our country for their religious beliefs. I think they are most probably “delusional.” I will not mention what they say are they, “religiously” I am curious, however, as to what you mean by the distinction between Religious Freedom and Freedom of Religion. Could you please clarify and how you believe it relates to our inherent freedoms as Americans?

  • I think that in addition to those being “treated” against their will; there is or may be a greater group of those who are a) being treated against their will, but are not aware of it and b) those who are being treated according to their will, but don’t realize it is killing them prematurely, because they have been “bamboozled”
    They are victims, because they think this must be the right thing for them to do. After all, these people are the “authorities” and must know something about them, they don’t. Our Culture/Society reeks with the constant lie that the individual knows nothing about himself or herself, because he or she does not have said alleged degree, papers, etc. or because the individual must be too young or too old or whatnot to know anything about him or herself. We forget the ultimate authority about the person is the person him or herself.
    The other problem that we must face is that the psychiatric drugging of America is just the “tip of the iceberg.” Have we considered the “drugging” of America for “physical complaints/illnesses, etc.” as fraught with danger and shortening of life, also. In our culture, we give out pills like candy, we sell them in all our store for everything we as humans think is not right with us and daily come out with more pills. We are killing ourselves with pills we think we need and don’t really need. I know this is an area that many disagree with me about and they can and do cite excellent examples. Deep down inside me, I think they are better ways to “cure our ills” or “make us feel better”. I just think we either need to discover them or re-discover them. I also think it will be better for our environment and the planet. I don’t know all the answers. I do know as humans we can get stuck on something and lose our way.

  • The use of “psych meds” or really “toxins” or “toxic drugs” is really a form of “euthanasia” It is just an horribly slow form where you die each day and lose all of who you are supposed to be or you must watch the one you love be involved in this evil. The tragedy may lie in the fact that so many in both groups believe they are helping the person or doing what’s right for the person. This is what they should expect and is a trade off for the maintaining the alleged “disease.” They, honestly, believe they feel better and are managing, until, perhaps like me, something happens to them. In my case, I got to the point that I could not wake up or be awakened. I ended up in the hospital, but, was lied to. from the beginning about the real reason for my condition and how it could be remedied. I survived. Somewhere, inside me, I began to feel something was not right. I moved in an effort to save my life, but still needed to go through some changes. I spent time trying this and that pill, all the way coming to the realization that the biggest drug pushers were probably the psychiatrists and friends. I read Whitakers book, “The Anatomy of an Epidemic” that literally fell of the library shelves into my feet. I also received a book that I did not order in the mail called “Waking Up Just in Time” that was “Peanuts” by noted Psychiatrist/Rabbi; Dr. Abraham Twerski. It is a cute book about alcoholism. But, since it was Peanuts, I think it was the title of the book that was important to me. It was almost as if God or the Universe cared enough about me to save my life. I listened. Since April 2015, I take no psychiatric drugs. I just say no and thus, I did break ties with an idiotic psychiatrist. I, thank God, woke up to the fact I was being slowly euthanized to death and losing my whole self. I hope others, do, but like the “proverb” is said, “you can bring a horse to water, but, you can not force him to drink.” I hope others get as thirsty as I was. It did save my life.

  • I think that you are right. “Alex”, the “reality of the truth” is about to be revealed to the American people. For some Americans, they will never be able to accept it. Sadly, they will actually die with the illusion of what they thought it was. “Stephen Gilbert” I had also heard in addition to the smoking and drinking together, they also liked to watch “dumb sitcoms” together. The fact that we have Republican and Democratic Parties is truly an illusion. The fact that most people believe they are different politically is a “myth” promulgated by the “media” to a naïve and vulnerable susceptible population. I admit my guilt on this one, but, I ascribe it partially to first being drugged and then the sickness from the withdrawal and detox from those toxins. Finally, I heard someone in the media say, even before the election results that whoever wins, one of their jobs would be to heal a nation in conflict. What they forget is that healing begins from within the individual. It is not foisted unto us by anyone, much less any president. This is one of the thought processes that allows entrance our lives from the likes of the evil psychiatrists and their evil drugs. In which “drug pushing” is actually seen as “normal as apple pie.”

  • You are right. It is the drugs, but they stay in the body, mind-brain longer than 24 hours a day. I don’t think anyone knows how long they really do stay in the body, per se. The closest thing I can think of is the half-life of some of these atoms. From what I have read, there are places in the South Seas of the South Pacific and even in the deserts of the American West and other places, where atomic bombs and other experiments were “launched” and these places are still uninhabitable. If you think of Mt St Helens which blew in May 1980, life is returning to places there. The places beset with “atomic radiation” were attacked long before Mt St Helens and still have not come back to life. The problem with the latter, was “man’s” unethical, unnatural, and illegitimate “messing” with the atoms. This the same with us and the psychiatric toxins. However, this is not to cast doubt on the “intelligence” of the earth, I feel that with self-determination and self-love, you can overcome this.

  • I really don’t have to read your article, but, I will. The answer is “psychiatry” the single greatest cause in the “free world” to chronic illnesses, etc. and other “problems” which cause the premature death. Once, I suggested that a “patient” who was also studying “psychology and such” to be a “counselor” and the man said, “No, No. It is the “schizophrenic’s lifestyle.” Now, please ask me how does such a person adopt such a lifestyle, if that is the case; through the psychiatrist’s administering of the toxins that only leads a person to longer care that he or she is a human being and he or she is basically “asleep” until the tragic premature death. So many good lives lost to the ignorance, uncaring, controlling, and very greedy psychiatry. A tragedy beyond any words in the English Language.

  • “Engineer” Thank you. I never did think we were a country divided; as they 50% for Trump, 50% for Clinton. Actually, if we are a country “divided” it is 50% who voted, and 50% who did not. But, mostly, except civics teachers and the like who like to say to tell if you don’t vote, don’t complain. It is forgotten that just as we have the freedom to vote, we also have the freedom to not vote. Voting is usually higher in “less-free” nations. It is similar to the fact that we have the freedom to attend “church” or not, etc. They say freedom is a responsibility. Yes, but some forget that responsibility to choose. To choose not to vote is just as much your political statement and right as to choose to vote. And, I am sorry, civics teachers, the one who chooses not to vote has ever right to complain, protest, etc. This is one of the great things of living in nation that hopefully cherishes freedom. Thank you.

  • As for my last offer about the Blue Ridge/Smoky Mountains hideout, my father told me about; it depends on whether these beautiful mountains don’t burn to a crisp due to the drought and the hot summer and autumn. I think this might be the result of “climate change” one of the few recent things, science may have got right. But, then climatology and meteorology are real sciences as opposed to the hoax of “psychiatry” and the growing hoax of “modern medical science.” Thank you.

  • “Better Life”, Thank you for the information about Lieberman, Kennedy, Murphy, et. al. I have seen Kennedy on television, speaking about his alleged Bipolar Disorder and how he wants to bring it to light to help others. I have seen the pop singer, Demi Levato, speak the same rhetoric. They have both been duped and now they are with the help of others, using their celebrity status or family/name connections to dupe a nation. I think Levato has been involved with NAMI. I guess, somewhere, in my heart the liberal/democratic side has “dirty hands” in this. But, then, Murphy is a Republican. I also am aware of the assertion on Bannon as anti-Semitic, pro-White, etc. Strangely and historically, anti-Semitism does seem to lead to the “locking up” etc of those the “state” would like to consider “insane” just because they are different. They, as usual, are not a “real threat”, but a “perceived threat.” Still, as a nation, I believe the very basis our founders sought to create might be our saving grace. However, as I see as a “cause”, “psychiatric enslavement” does have an uphill battle to convince the public. At the very earliest instance, we seek to speak the real truth, they will counter with lies, but make them seem as they are truth and we live in crazy, delusional world. But, just in case, the world seems to want to blow up in our faces, my father told me all about a place in the Blue Ridge/Smoky Mountains near where some of the Cherokee People hid out to avoid being forced onto the horrific “Trail of Tears.” Right now, the best thing for all of us to do is “hide in plain sight.” There is so much “delusional” thinking, words, and actions going on around on both the liberal and conservative sides, they are so busy, they will never find us critical thinking, intelligent thinking peoples. Thank you.

  • You are 100% plus exactly right, “Fiachra.” Perhaps, the ultimate tragedy is that many of the psychiatrists and their “little helpers” believe they are helping people and making them healthy and better. Of course, they are those that do know the truth, continue their nefarious ways, and damage and kill people without seeming regret. The, look, you in the eye, lie to you, say you have some disease or defect (Which you don’t, never did, and if you have symptoms, they come from the drugs) and tell you lies, lies, lies, while your entire life slips out from under you. Although, we may need “politics” per say to defeat this “terrorism” to our souls, bodies and selves, this is not a “political” act. This is a criminal, terroristic that continues to go unpunished, because the public, government, etc. have bought these horrific, without decent or known words, absolute, damaging, fatal lies! Thank you.

  • oldhead, I think you may have a definite angle to fighting the Murphy Bill. But, that is just one battle. If we could convince the “right” that psychiatry is a “hoax” and a “liberal big government operation” like they believe climate change is, then another bigger way into a bigger fight. The fact that psychiatry is liberal’s unconscious replacement for religion would definitely be a headway in to the Christian conservative wing of the Republican party. As for the “hoax” part. although, it is more so than climate change, we better work, because the quick changing nature of the weather and the increasingly hotter and hotter summers and years may change some minds. The fact that psychiatry is a replacement for religion for liberals might also help with the more right of the Christian segment. There are already websites circulating that bash psychiatry, calling it sinful and asking people to turn back now. What is interesting is that these websites not only use the Bible as reference, but they also quote Mr Whitaker, Thomas Szaz and other prominent authors in this area. I do not consider myself liberal or conservative and have actually been on one of the other sides at different times for different reasons. I will say as a someone raised in church-going family, and daughter of an Army chaplain, granddaughter of a minster; I think they know it is their replacement for genuine religion. And to mock Western religions, they bring things in from the Eastern religions into the culture, first using it in therapy and then it ends up everywhere including becoming its own magazine. This is not to “knock” or denigrate any Eastern religion or to make the false assertion that Western religions, i.e. Christianity are far superior. However, this is to make the assertion that the psychiatric sycophants find some idea from wherever in the world, then hitch onto it because of some false do-gooding, then spread it everywhere without considering the consequences. It is good to learn from other cultures and to even bring thoughts, ideas from other culture to your culture. Yet, it must be adapted to the culture and its consequences considered. We put more thought into whether we should add “Eastern” food to our culture, than to whether an idea is really adaptable. This has nothing to do with immigrants, etc. Thank you.

  • The “early intervention” targeting of pre-schoolers and even infants is so absurd, that I am without words, as the desire of all these people, including Clinton, Murphy, and others we don’t even know is to create a society drugged to the max from birth to death. This is Orwell and Huxley at their worst and a their scariest. So, perhaps, Clinton’s los is to our benefit in that her Orwellian/Huxley-like mental health policy is now defunct, at least until someone picks it up. Of course, from what I can tell Trump has no ideas. I have an idea, except the evil exists in that it might kill the sea creatures and the sea; dump all these evil pills and their little friends (When, I say, friends, I don’t mean people. I mean all those evil medical devices)
    into the sea; like the Boston Tea Party. But, unlike the tea, this would kill the ocean creatures and the ocean, thus creating an environmental cataclysm of Biblical proportions that makes climate change look like it was one seed in the forest while this would be many, many forests. Thank you.

  • Pre trump, post trump, everywhere a trump, trump, it matters not. It’s all the same; before, “Resistance is futile.” After, “Resistance is futile.” When, I think of the “Borg” from Star Trek; I think a perfect metaphor for our time was created and is definitely expressed in the psychiatric enslavement system. I think my terminology, “Psychiatric enslavement” might come from a Dr Szazc book I have called “Psychiatric Slavery.”
    Before, I continue, in the state of North Carolina, there were many cases brought up just before the millennium concerning, in particular, African-American individuals, most falsely designated as “mentally retarded” and then sterilized.
    It is said, “be careful what you wish for” it might come true. This may be true for those of us who are psychiatric survivors who may have thought a Hilary Clinton presidency would be better because she is liberal and Democratic. I admit part of my aversion to Trump is that he is a businessman and he does have a record of discrimination against certain minority groups and if you discriminate against one group, it is way too easy to begin to discriminate against other groups. Like, I said, earlier, I did hear Clinton speak of the expansion of mental health and the parity issue; which already know leads to further exploitation, drugging, telling people they are defective and sick when they are just being who they were meant to be; etc. This where I think I did register in my gut, what they call now a disconnect; on one hand, she spoke of developing everyone’s potential and then on the other hand the same old mental health likes which in reality, steals the whole body, soul, and spirit of the person until the person becomes a zombie and then totally and completely just dies. Although, I see the “resistance is futile” is incredibly and tragically applicable here, I continue to resist! And, thus, I am reminded of another popular saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you grow stronger.” and I also add, “What doesn’t kill you makes you become you,” And when you become you, you are almost like supergirl or superman; but please let’s keep that to ourselves or otherwise they will think you’re delusional and the evil process begins again. I have a question for this evening, “Who really is delusional?” The psychiatrists and their little buddies or the rest of us and the victim /”patient” who really do know the truth. Thank you

  • Mr Robert Whitaker, I agree with you 100%. Much excellent “stuff” has been aired and said in comments on this blog. However, sir, you are the almost ultimate voice of reason. I think it is not that MIA should stay out of politics, but, that MIA should remain ever vigilant towards what is going on in politics, society, the various institutions, education, churches, etc. The MIA, should not, in my opinion support or align itself with any particular elected official, candidate, or political whether local, state or national. That would, of course, include the current President, Obama or the President-elect, Trump. After Trump’s pre-election rhetoric, there is reason to be concerned. Yet, Clinton, in her rhetoric, was basically a response to Trump’s rhetoric. As for “mental illness” she was almost virtually silent, yet, I remember hearing her saying something about expanding programs and the old concept that receiving mental health care should be treated like receiving traditional physical health care. When, I heard that, a tiny alarm went off in me. Therefore, I do not think either party is truly on the side of good in this issue. And, that no matter who is in power, we need to remain forever vigilant. I am not sure how our cause actually does stand in public opinion. It seems, most magazines, say that cater to women spend time talking of how those little pills saved someone’s life from some type of depression, bipolar, or anxiety. I would like to tell them my story, but, I can not say they are ready for it. They would probably reject my story or letters to the editor as suspicious or something. Thus, although, I do say, we must remain eternally vigilant, speak up when necessary, and keep on each day with our work, I do have this inside feeling that there will be an appropriate time when we can really “act up” like the AIDS victims did and bring our cause to the forefront or maybe like the breast cancer survivors and their supporters who have days and all kinds of pink products, we will have a designated color that people will wear in support of us. But, I have no “crystal ball” I can not say when this dream will happen. But, I remain confident that if we keep doing what we are doing, authors like Mr Whitaker keep publishing, other organizations, websites, etc keep supporting us, giving air to our stories, and helping us in our fight, we will prevail, the truth will finally be believed, etc. But, it is not an easy task. It takes work and love. Thank you.

  • I think you are right in that we can be too obsessed with language. Yes, I think we really forget that words can hurt as much if not more than even the “sticks and stones.” This, too “depends” on the individual and is not a sign of weakness, if it does. We also forget that the left/right, etc distinction is really an illusion and might be considered to be both sides of the “same coin.” Of course, that might mean we would prefer “moderate” which is actually a bland way of approaching the world ” to not choose.” Of course, “to not choose” is to actually choose. So, what is the answer. To choose the left/right dichotomy is actually to choose what form of control over another or harmful forms of control over self. To be moderate is to not choose, thus to actually choose. Perhaps, and this is what scares all sides and probably propels and compels all sides, especially in regards to psychiatry, etc and how they “enslave” almost everybody. I think the most “adult” choice would be to choose a life without legalistic control; an unfettered life that allows one to be who they are meant to be, not someone they are not or never could be. A life without control is a life of true freedom. In true freedom, we would just treat each naturally “in love.” I am not saying we create a world with laws, rules, etc. But, if we taught our children that rules, etc must emanate from the inside whether than outside, I think we would really be a better world. But, it is too scary, There are way too many who lose their false positions in the world. What brought this home to me was a question from a “friend” asking me, “Well, did ‘we” win ?” about a local very highly contested election. There are definite times for the use of the pronoun, “we.” This is absolutely not one of them. If you have a “we versus them” mentally, yes, you could have one that not only divides when least needed, but also implies an “enemy.” As soon as you have an enemy, you can only be reminded of Pogo’s famous saying, “I have met the enemy and he is us.” Thus, if you have a false left/right dichotomy and a we/them philosophy. if you do any real thinking or feeling that the only enemy lies within, not out there somewhere. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, if fascism is a merger between government and business, then the psychiatrist/mental health system. First, in most cases and at least, I know, in my state, the majority of mental health clinics are served by monies from not only private sources, but also the local counties and are operated as “businesses” under the auspices of the county and the regulatory agency of the state. Second, BigPharma is in “cahoots” with the FDA or how else would all these toxic drugs get on the market without appropriate knowledge of alleged uses or only an inkling of the side effects and it is only through the work of Robert Whitaker and a few others that the horrific and long term toxicity and withdrawal effects are coming to light. I am sure there is liberal toliteranism here, but, it seems to me, that according to your definition, there is also fascism, also. Please forgive my spelling. That seems to be the one thing that is not entirely returning like it used to be after the toxic drugs I took. Thank you.

  • You can not put ethical money into mental health care, because there is no such thing. Basically, any money goes into the presently dominated psychiatrists/BigPharma co-conspirators with their surrogate/sycophant therapists and other some such people getting a paycheck off the suffering of others, including innocent children. I think there has been a debate about fascism. Is there liberal fascism versus just conservative fascism. Psychiatry and their little friends are prime evidence of liberal fascism. I do not like either types of fascism, but what is the most frightening part of liberal fascism is that it hides under the respectable falsehood of “do-gooding.” Most of these people go home at night and false believe they are actually helping people. We have seen how right wing fascism spreads. Many times the right wing fascists do not even hide themselves. They almost admit their awfulness. The left-wing fascists hide under this falseness of do-gooderism and even convince the various established powers that be that they are doing something so wonderful for a hurting country. It gets worse because they believe so deeply, it becomes entrenched in them. This is part of the battle we face. Please get real; there is absolutely no such thing as mental health care. If you care for yourself and love yourself as you do your neighbor and if you choose something more spiritual include God; you are not loving yourself, etc; but practicing Hate towards all. Unfortunately, you have been so horribly brainwashed, you are not aware of it. Additionally, they make you so drugged, how can you. No wonder, they want to keep so drugged; because when you do wake up to the truth, you WAKE UP! Thank you.

  • First, I do honor and appreciate Robert Whitaker’s comments regarding both the history of what Trump said during the elective phase. I realize there may also be questions about Mrs Clinton’s behavior and history. I do think that it is admirable that almost for the most part, we are addressing this issue in a civilized manner. Important questions about our society, culture and government are being aired. I have been other sites, sponsored by honest, educated, intelligent people that became a real “free for all” and had to be shut down! This is “oldhead”. Thank you for saying that you and I are on the same page. However, you left out a fourth group, those like me, who have completely chosen to eschew the whole current political system and strike out on their own. We seek no party platform. We only seek to be who we are meant to be without false political interference and we are strongly against those who take away that absolute right, no matter who they and that does and can occur across the entire political spectrum. As for the term, “psychiatric enslavement”, if someone can think of a better term to describe the horrific treatment at the hands of these so called doctors, then I welcome it. For now, that is all I can think of. Yes, it is true that good well-meaning Germans helped Hitler into power. However, at that time in history, there were not as heavily drugged from birth to death as we are now as a nation. Please add that to the absolute denigration in the way they treat you by the psychiatrically based therapies and other things like clubhouses, vocational rehabilitation, etc and what have you got on your hands, but a individuals and thus a group of people who come to believe they are nothing, zero, a real “nobody going nowhere” like the old Beatles song. I think some of this has contributed to what happened in this election. As for me, I admit to being so drugged, the last election, I really remember was the election of 2000. I do not necessarily believe that are on the path to fascism. Nor do I believe we are a people who are immoral and deserve God’s punishment or misplaced mercy. As for fascism. yes, it is not limited to the right nor is it limited to the left. True fascists do not determine if they are left or right. And as my father told me; to keep our liberty, we must be eternally vigilant. I do continue to believe that we must not adhere to any political party to free ourselves from what I call, for lack of better terminology, “psychiatric enslavement.” Finally, please do not think the curtain, so to speak, is closed on this show. Let’s see. Today, over the news, I have heard that it seems although Trump may have gotten the electoral vote, Clinton may have won the popular vote and a petition is circulating on-line in regards to participants in the electoral college changing his or her vote. Second, the professor who predicted Trump would win the election, now predicts his impeachment. Third, Trump, does at the very least have a trial ahead in regards to Trump University that he is trying to get out of. No one can nor should be able to tell the future; yet, I do feel all is not settled quite yet in our nation. Thank you.

  • I respect and understand everyone’s opinion. In one manner, I do agree with Marie in that MIA SHOULD NOT get involved in this election or actually in any election, past, present or future. Perhaps, the world is truly insane. Perhaps, what we really have before us is someone is the elect to be, someone who shows their insane side for the whole world to see, rather than hiding it, as maybe some of the previous throughout history may possibly have. I don’t know. I, only two things. Like, I said earlier the suffering from psychiatric enslavement basically does not discriminate and affects us all. Second, this problem is way much bigger than any political or psychological speculation about the electorate or even those elected from local to national. Psychiatric Enslavement is a completely and totally non-partisan cause. We need to strike out on our own to change this awfulness without any party or partisanship or religion or whatever. Personally, I am confident freedom will prevail, but, only, if we speak up to STOP THE PSYCHIATRIC ENSLAVEMENT!!! Please, let us turn back to our joint cause of fighting PSYCHIATRIC ENSLAVEMENT. Thank you.

  • Almost everything said about human rights and the law are correct. Discrimination is rampant and basically as we have just seen, our presidential election process, has just become a television drama to distract from the real issues. On that one, I would you are more than correct and it has been downgraded to a poor and sick comedy. Laws do need to be changed; but, changing laws will not necessarily change “public opinion.” We already have many laws in place, but the opinion against them are so in place that some almost knowingly act against them. We do have some laws against discrimination, yet people discriminate against each other. First, I will respectfully and kindly disagree on one point, politics is not about laws, but since the nature of government is the making of laws, it gets lumped together. Although, people may disagree with me, politics has become a way of people “work” together in almost any kind of “organization.” I am sure all know the term and have been subject to “office politics.” My becoming “apolitical” has absolutely nothing to do with my desire to have the system changed, especially, in regards to how the alleged field of “psychiatry” treats its alleged “patients” and it has nothing to do with my feelings against racism, bigotry, and all that which diminishes and hurts people rather than uplifts them to be who they are meant to be. Also, I do not ever wish anyone to follow the same path as I have in confronting all these issues. Perhaps, my becoming “apolitical” might be termed my personal defense against a system that, to me, is defective, and again showing to myself, that I am not defective. Changing laws is necessary, but it will take more than changing laws. We must work to change attitudes, also. I just look and see that both political parties are probably way deeply involved in the very thing we are working against. And to correct the situation we must no align with any political party, but work outside the political party system. Hopefully, in time, we will gain real allies and supporters from within the system. We must be willing to forget this path apart from any institution. In a way, politics are an institution. We may find soon we do have allies in various institutions. Like I said, there are ingrained attitudes from all kinds of people we fight against. This is probably one of the biggest and most pervasive issues of our time. My becoming “apolitical” has nothing to do with laws, government. To me, it means the freeing up of my mind. body, spirit, etc. so that I may live my life as to what it’s important to me. For me, personally, becoming “apolitical” is the spiritual freedom, that is similar to the physical freedom, I am working to achieve after the toxic drugs most recently and the alcohol drugs during my college days. Thus, there will be challenges for me. But, it is my own personal way to make my statement against such things and not limited to such as things as the present state of presidential elections. Also, I do hope at least in my relationships, it can be a bridge in this alleged conflict of two alleged belief systems, etc. I mean no harm. It is still my “moral crusade” and my personal history that compels to fight against the present system of “psychiatric imprisonment.” This is just my own personal way to do it. Thank you.

  • I respect what you say and you are correct in that there are political elements involved. There would be no way of saying there is no politics involved when bills as odious as the Murphy Bill are authored by representatives associated with a political party. However, there are several points to make. The suffering does go across party lines. It would be difficult in this political climate to determine which party could be our ally as representatives from both parties are at least heavily influenced by Big Pharma, the psychiatrists and such. Finally, although, I respect that you say being apolitical is really honoring the status quo, I would say for me and others, maybe not heavily invested in the anti-psychiatry stance, believe that being apolitical, means you go past the obvious almost binary aspect of the present political system and choose your own path. Perhaps, it is in the terminology that might be the issue. My changing viewpoint, to me, means that although I realize there are two political parties at play in the country, I do not define myself by either one and choose to live on my own terms not the terms of any platform or candidate. Still, I must reiterate the suffering from these toxins is so intense, awful, painful, and life-threatening and is totally disrespecting of what political party you might be and in addition to the fact that legislators of both parties are possibly and probably involved with Big Pharma, psychiatry, etc (although political to an extent in nature) we must not align ourselves to any political party and actually fight outside the party system. Additionally, it would be detrimental to fight for one party or another, when I said previously, this thing respects no party or anything. Thank you very much.

  • I agree with Marie; 1000%. The suffering caused by these horrific toxins knows no political or religious creed, no racial or other group, no specific socioeconomic group. It is too pervasive for MIA to take a political or any other such like stance. Also, since it seems both major political parties are involved in one way or another, it would be futile and useless. Like, I said in an earlier post this evening, I am happily apolitical and for the most part, we should stick to the issues we all face and leave politics out of it, because it is most likely, all political parties have failed us in one way or another.

  • I am under the impression that this entire election season no matter your political belief system has been brought to you by the ever present more and more each day super drugged out society given to us by psychiatry, etc and Big Pharma.
    However, for those of us who are desperately trying free themselves from one of the worst enslavements of all human and what is even more insidious is that most people don’t know they are being enslaved;
    “It does seem to me no matter how you voted, if you voted at all, and no matter if your candidates won or lost; it may in the end, this election is to force each one of us to fully realize wherever our Heart is and what is truly important to each one of us. Perhaps, it is those who can not figure this out are the ones who may have truly lost something very important.” Of course, I know from experience, you must basically be off the drugs to realize this. Finally, I add I now consider myself happily apolitical. Thank you.

  • I am the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran and I saw the trauma and suffering that my father dealt with after serving in that war. I dare say it does affect the whole family. This is another something we would like to deny. However, it is my opinion that most veterans do not suffer from a “mental illness”. I would also include the family that suffers along side them. What they and their families suffer from is a lack of understanding, a lack of someone who would truly listen to their story and they do have a story to tell all of us. Veterans and especially Vietnam Veterans were highly misrepresented in dramatic media as being crazed maniacs walking around with guns who want to kill people out of rage. Yes, most veterans are very sensitive to loud noises, foods, all kinds of things those who never served in a war could understand. War does change people, no matter whether you were a soldier or a civilian. But, that does not make or cause mental illness amongst the survivors. As in the population who have not gone to war, if any mental illness exists, it is most probably the result of these psychiatric toxins we call “drugs.” In my opinion, veteran or not, most people just need their individual stores heard, validated, and appreciated. This also, in my opinion, includes assisting and affirming people for their unique gifts, intelligences, personalities, etc. We really need to let all people be and do as they were meant to be and do. I would hazard to say that after drugging the veteran, “a toxic, coercive form of ‘put up or shut up’ ” we then try to coerce them into a false job mill or more likely, just let them “go home, do nothing, and watch ‘reality tv’ ” all day. It is a lot easier for us just to drug them, ignore them and forget who they really are and what gifts they have to give back to our country. Of course, veterans are just only one wonderful group of people we do this to. We, now, start at age 0 an continue until they are past six feet under. There has been a lot of coverage of the “angry voter.” What they don’t realize, nor many of the voters, whether outwardly “angry” or not, is that it is this “fundamental disrespect of who they are ” as why they are upset. Thank you.

  • I really has no idea that Senator Burr was in so “cohoots” with Big Pharma and the medical device industry. I have seen political ideas that he was making big money off medicare, though. I did vote against, mostly, out of general principles. Now, that, I know this, I am very thankful that I did. This, to me, is another piece to the puzzle of my toxic drug/psychiatric experience. I am not saying the Senator is absolutely directly responsible for my experience personally, but, it explains a great deal. As within minutes of these Big Pharma headquarters are three major universities with major psychiatric departments. Of course, this involves more than toxic psychiatry’s relationship with Big Pharma and the medical device industry. However, I do know that the greatest drug pushing and drugging, etc of me happened within a half hours drive of the Big Pharma conspiracy’s headquarters. I know this is happening everywhere in the US, UK, and other parts of the world; but, I tell you if you are in Senator Burr’s state, BEWARE, just by walking into a doctor’s office for the sniffles, you may be on the way to severe toxic drug addiction and having your life bee “in the balance.” Or, like me, all you really wanted and might be a little sad about was that you were just searching for a job or career that would make you happy and pay your way in the world, etc. Of course, when I lost my sister to cancer, I really became fair game for their drug pushing and as the good little girl that I had been raised to “be”, I thought, it is quite alright I am a “living science experiment.” Thank you for this article.

  • Tragically, I am aware of NAMI and Big Pharma are in ‘Cahoots.’ And, to think, for awhile I tried to “cozy” up to them, and “tell them my story.” And, also, I tried to get my mother to go to one of their “fake classes” that “taught” the “family members” how to get along with the “allegedly afflicted.” Now, this is one of the few times, my mother actually did something very right, but, I was not aware of it at the time. She refused to attend those Saturday classes. Maybe, it was because, she felt she needed to not stray far from my father as he was pretty sick, although, I told her I would look after him; but, she did not go. Good thing! I was drugged then and could have affected my father even worse and GUESS WHAT! I was never defective or mentally ill at all! Thank you.

  • Please Never Forget that NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill) is the same kind of organization. They pretend they are there to help the “distressed” but they are actually there for what I call people suppression. I am sure in these political times, you have heard of voter suppression, which is very much against the virtues and tenets of American Democracy, this is even worse. This is people suppression; the real true selves of each individuals suppressed to zombieism and death through toxic drugs and various forms of false incarceration; they dare to call anything from “out-patient” to “in-patient” to “psychosocial recovery” to “vocational rehabilitation” to other such rubbish that in conclusion take away that they mistakenly say they are trying to “make better” This is the worst betrayal and terrorism of all and is much a form of a threat to national security as the others things they say are. Thank you.

  • I appreciate what Nomadic is saying. I think Nomadic is concerned about those who really do need help, if they will get help; that is, if the effects of the “psychiatric survivors” prevails in the national and state legislatures and in the field, generally. However, in the twenty-first century, seemingly since the about the late 1980s, when the drug “Prozac” was brought to use by the general public, all we have is “forced psychiatric ‘treatment.’ ” I put treatment within quotes within quotes, because this type of treatment is absolutely no treatment at all. It is coercion and even enslavement. Now, we had “psychiatric-type drugs” prior to the late 1980s, but a dangerous paradigm shift occurred at that time. Before, most “emotional/mental” distress was considered transitory, temporary, and recoverable. At the core of many “therapists” was the concept that most “patients” were whole, worthwhile individuals who had lost their way in life. Also, prevalent was a concept known as “self-fulfilling prophecy. If I think I am crazy, then I will be crazy. Most “therapists” worked to erase that and other negative thinking from the “patients’ ” brain. Of Course, this was not 100% everywhere, but, it was mostly the norm for most of the middle class, who were probably primarily younger and maybe some older women. But, then came “Prozac.” “Prozac” has proved to have major side effects, but from that point on, psychiatrists, therapists, Big Pharma, etc. were basically “hooked.” Since that time, “drugs” have been the mainstay of treatment for all ages, children through the “elderly.” I have heard them even used on “infants.” Of course through the same time period, grew the “ADD and ADHD diagnosis” and the use of addictive stimulants on our children and adults. Now, what do we have a highly drugged nation, a highly addictive nation, skyrocketing levels of “obesity” “diabetes” and other such diseases. We also have women even more hurting due to their feelings of self image hurt and dare, I say, as an election nears, a highly drugged electorate. When we do finally unravel this “drugged” mess and “dry” and “clean” ourselves; it will probably feel like a “Joyful” experience that we might have experienced had we lived at the end of World War II. I imagine, that wonderful historical experience, may even pale before this. Thank you.

  • I am lucky in a way that I have no teenagers about ready to embark on the journey of adulthood. I think many parents in previous generations were worried whether their children would go to college or not. They had hopes for a better life for their offspring. I would prefer to be the eternal optimist and in most cases I am. However, when I look at the choices of today’s young people, it seems that these might be their choices; “Do you want to be ‘drugged’, ‘locked up’ or worse?” Having been “drugged” and having worked as a “prison guard” in a “former life” I think it would sadden me that it seems these are choices for many of our young people. I have heard and I think “Time” magazine has written a “cover story” on this; that today’s young people might be the most “distressed” in generations. I have not read the article. I only heard a little bit on a tv news show. Thank you.

  • I read the comment from the person diagnosed with OCD and then referred to a psychiatrist for “drug therapy.” Yes, this is the first line approach for everything if you go to a “mental health clinic.” As far as OCD is concerned, there are even less “drugs”, if any, really regarded as a “first line treatment.” I say this, because, I had mistakenly “diagnosed” with OCD. It actually came first from “no other” than a “paper report, multiple choice test” the psychiatrist gave me that I look back had less scientific basis than many of the online personality tests available now; even those that want to tell you your personality from your favorite article of clothing or some such nonsense. All the mental health system is is a legal, societal and cultural approved place for drug pushers and those who tragically get duped they need those drugs. There really is no regard for the person at all. They are just seem as someone they can push their drugs into. I think this is more than just normal greed, in that, most of the drugs I received were the inexpensive generics and they still pushed. Of course, I was prescribed those newer, badder drugs that had no generic equivalent. But, it must be remembered, it is beyond normal greed, although greed is present. This is especially if you remember the majority of drugs prescribed are generic; but, considering that most people will take at least, maybe four or more drugs, at least one is a very big money non generic. By the way, if you even “objectively” looked at the personality profile for the OCD diagnosis and knew me, even at least superficially, you would know it was a joke. Yet, this “diagnosis” persisted for me almost until I totally stopped my contact with the psychiatrist. Thank you.

  • Yes, I am sure others would agree that in the US they are finally concentrating on opiate dependency and also the relationship to a greater Heroin epidemic. I know there is a lot of pain and even death involved with these problem and they need to be addressed; but, I feel, partly, that it is being addressed because it is hitting the white middle to upper middle class in suburban and small town New England very badly. The Southern US has a similar problem; but the “meth labs” I think predominate. No one has yet to really address the severe problems of the psychiatric dugs and how they actually relate to these problems. The main issue with the psychiatric drugs is the absolute denial of so many; this includes the prescribers, law enforcement, education, and even the families and individuals affected. Until, we make the jump to realize that taking these drugs is as “evil” as the others and realizing that the psychiatrists and others are really just “pill pushers” we will never get anywhere. It would be horrible if it just affected the ones who took these drugs; but, they are now getting into the water system, seeping into the ground, etc. So, they are also developing a grave environmental impact. But, somewhere, in side me, I know the truth will prevail. Despite everything, believe it or not it always does. This and other websites and organizations and those willing and able to speak are our first hope, our first line of defense in a horrible war. Thank you.

  • Of Course not! How could they when they see the word used in news reports, in television dramas, in movies, books, in magazines, and periodicals, on the internet, wherever people get their entertainment or their news. or any information from celebrity news to fashion to recipes even to travel, etc Sadly, unless actually confronted, most people never think to ask is schizophrenia or depression or bi-polar disorder real diseases? It is even more of a problem when a well-known celebrity comes out and says they have one of these or other fake diseases and are receiving treatment for it or if you see an elected official or someone wishing to get elected begin speaking of more money for mental health or more mental health services need to be available to the people. In the latter, because of lack of knowledge or otherwise, it just means more to be “drugged.” I think, in the former, celebrities are just like some of the rest of us were or have been; duped by lies from “alleged authorities.” Thank you.

  • Mr. Frank Blankenship states that “there is a great case for what in the mental health system is so seldom done, and that is not introducing patients to drugs in the first place.” I definitely agree. There are a million other ways to help a person in distress that the “mental health system’ seems to refuse to consider. Not only that, each “case” is “individual” and the “treatment” should be “individualized.” I would hazard to that most of the time, the person does not need “treatment” at all, just the permission to make his or her life better in what situation there are “in”. Sometimes, there is definite abuse involved and they need some kind of protective situation. However, 99.9% of the time, an individual will be seen in an “evaluation” where a “diagnosis” is made on one “flimsy” encounter (or interview), then carted off to an “LCSW Therapist” who will talk to you for five minutes, maybe, and then get you scheduled for a “med evaluation and review.” The person is then “hooked.” They usually know no better and if they do, they are actually afraid to offer an objection. This has been the state of the “mental health system” for more than twenty or so years. The very first time this happened to me, my sister, who did eventually pass away from cancer said to me, “I don’t want to lose you!” She is in “heaven” now, but her words still to this day haunt me and this was at least ten or more years before Robert Whittaker’s books. I guess she knew something we are all finally “coming to grips with”. Thank you very much.

  • Yes, these drugs are debilitating, more than debilitating. They are extremely toxic to body and mind, the whole human being. They are addictive, most probably more so than alcohol, nicotine, or caffeine. (Some of Americans and others in the world’s favorites) The can make you into a “zombie” and steal your real, true self from you, that which makes you, that which makes you love yourself, others, your God, or whatever. They steal your ability to earn a living, even when you are doing something you love or don’t love. They steal your memories. And, they can kill you. Yet, they prescribe like “penny candy” and say (all lies); “Oh, this will make you feel so much better.” I imagine if feeling like a zombie, having that which is you stolen from you, becoming addicted without your consent, shortening your lifespan and nearly killing you, if not killing you, then I guess, it makes you feel, “oh, so much better.” These drugs and perhaps now even the more “medically based” drugs are the absolute biggest lies pitched to the vulnerable population of many nations. This is terrorism, terrorism that makes the awful stuff of “ISIS” and others look almost like “kid’s stuff.” This is a danger to our national security, as much as “ISIS” and other things. I read a lot of stories similar to mine. I say what I say from personal experience. Perhaps, you have read my other posts here and other articles and blogs. If you remember in the early and mid 1980’s we were afraid of AIDS and sadly, good people were getting sick and dying. Then, those afflicted and those affected by those afflicted started to speak up! We need to speak up! I will admit that I am not the kind of person willing to engage in wild protests or get arrested for the cause. But, it is time, we speak up! I know we are beginning to do so on many web sites and the internet. I do think that at the right time in the right place, the right person will speak up and as my dad would say, “get the ball rolling.” I am under the belief that within a year or two or maybe less after this political election, we will be able to speak up. We need to talk to our congress people. We need congressional hearings. We need to make the world awake and aware of what is going on. I admit to wanting to maintain my anonymity, but, I will lend my voice when able. The AIDS protestors had a movement called “ACTUP.” Perhaps, we need something called something like “SPEAKUP” and “JUST SAY NO TO PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS.” Thank you for hearing me out.

  • I honestly think that one of the problems in our culture/society is that we rely on some sort of “outside authority” with the answers or the solution to our problems. It is not that we don’t learn from others, from books, the internet, nature, etc. It is just that we forget to ask ourselves the important question, “Is this true for me?” This is not a selfish, “me-generation” or a question of “narcissism.” This is a question of realizing that we are each of one of us unique beings, even “genetically” separate from our parents or other family members. I, personally, have a faith focus to my life, so I do not rely only on myself, but on my personal interpretation of God. In my Mind, God is the “Boss”, but yet we work together realizing there is no outside “human authority” that can decide for me what is best for me. I do not expect everyone to share my belief system. This would definitely cancel out my belief in the “authority” (for lack of a better word) of each unique being, each one of us. Even as much as our interpretation of God, our beliefs about Him, etc are totally contingent on my uniqueness. No one on Earth can share my unique belief system. This, I believe, is important and releases from the falsehood that “the Doctor always knows best.” He or she is most probably speaking a distinct language from you, that even if it is English, it is as foreign as any other foreign language. I also sincerely believe that when we can really learn to honor ourselves and who we are, then and only then will we truly make a headway into solving the many conflicts of the world from local to international. Thank you for letting me express my opinion.

  • I don’t have to see your video or read your statistics. What is personal to me is how what started out as a little Lithium and a little SSRI or rather I started with Tegretol, but could not take it because it lowered my white blood count enough to nearly endanger my life. What started out as a couple of “little drugs” ended up as taking big-time neuroleptics along with up to nine drugs at a time, almost led me to death through a serious sleep. You could say, Thank God, I woke up!! But, what sticks out in my mind is that it reminds me of our teachers, parents, law enforcement and others telling us that one little smoke on that marijuana cigarette will lead to harder, more horribly addictive drugs. Yes, perhaps, but that is the way it starts in the psychiatrist’s office. So, of course, the individual would recover better without the use of the neuroleptic drugs or any of those awful, harmful, toxic, addictive psychiatric drugs. Of Course! Thank you.

  • I am so happy that my reference to Little Women brought back “fond memories.” I am very impressed that a man would enjoy the first and greatest “chick” and sister book ever! Louisa May Alcott had so much to say about the relationship amongst sisters and women. She also had a lot to say about the potential of women and their unique identities. Almost every woman who has read the book identifies with at least one of the sisters or perhaps Marmee, the Mother. I am glad it not only speaks to women, but to men. Louisa May Alcott, I am sure, would be happy in that thought. Too many times, we divide the world into male and female. Perhaps, it is time we stop dividing the world and start uniting the world with the wonderful knowledge of the immense diversity of our “uniqueness.” I think this is why the book is a classic and stands the test of time. Each of the sisters is unique with her own personality and talents and come together in love for a better world for the whole family and their neighbors. Thank you.

  • Yes, anger is a valuable emotion when appropriately channeled. All emotions are valuable. I say that anger is an anger is an emotion that can usually lead to aggression and violence; because it does, at least in present day America. I say “usually can” because there are times anger can be channeled for good. The problem is that in our “society” we do not teach people how to channel their anger for any good. We look at anger as bad. You are not allowed to be angry at someone or something. Since, you are not allowed this emotion, it starts to spin out of control and sometime horrible things do happen. However, since neither party knows how to deal with the anger, one party may assert the angry person needs drugs or counseling or both or gets locked up. In our society, we are so afraid of our anger, we do suppress it with alcohol, drugs, food, tv, etc. Any models of anger, being used for good, are minimized or deleted from our “story.” What happens to anger? It turns into bullying, racism, bigotry, sexism, sexual violence, etc. The list goes on and on. What we need to do is relearn how to appropriately channel the anger and all emotions; because within the fear of anger is the fear of all emotions. And from this fear springs the extremely maladjusted and greedy industry of “psychiatry” and “their treatments” including drugs, electroshock, clubhouses, fake therapy, fake hospitals, psychosocial and vocational rehabilitation, etc. Thank you.

  • Yes, Self Control is a big problem in the twenty-first century, especially in America, but other places see it, too, especially the Western World. Usually, it is the emotion of anger in relation to Self Control that is the problem. Anger is the emotion that usually can lead to aggression and violence, which are endemic problems in our world. Anger is not the only emotion that can lead to aggression and violence; but, unlike other emotions, anger can beget anger. It is contagious, especially in group situations. There are many causes to anger. I do think these horrible psychiatric drugs can be a real and definite dangerous cause!

    Yet, in the area of Self Control and there are so many people and situations that lead us into anger; even the “best of us.” But, it is to our betterment, that we maintain Self-Control. Believe it or not, one of the very best ways to maintain self control, especially if not “drugged” is to think of Louisa May Alcott’s Book, Little Women, a childhood favorite of mine, hopefully others. I know this is “old fashioned” but very simple. Marmee, the mother character, told Jo, probably based on Miss Alcott, who at times had problems with teenage anger, Just wait, and count to ten before you speak. I think she wanted all her girls to remember that. Now, that I am no longer drugged, I try to remember that. Perhaps, it is something more of us should think about and maybe even teach our children. Wait, before speaking and/or acting and count to ten. Thank you.

  • Yes, You are right. Abilify and the others that seem to almost come out every month or so with such Madison Ave. promises. Cigarette ads came off the television because the Surgeon General of the United States was worried that such ads would promote cigarettes to children. And of course there were the cancer fears for all age groups.
    We have had further “studies” that show second-hand smoke also contributes to cancer; thus, even in many tobacco producing states, as in other states, you can not smoke hardly anywhere outside your home or car. Cigarette smoke causes an allergic reaction in me, so I do not complain. When I see the “drug ” ads on tv, I almost want to throw my sneakers at the tv; but neither the sneakers nor my tv need that kind of abuse. What we need very much is someone with the status of a Surgeon General to speak for us; to advocate for us; to be on our side. Who in the psychiatric/medical profession is so righteous and ethical they can give up greed and money to help save the world? Somewhere, sometime soon, I pray, there well be someone well respected who can be our spokesperson? Thank you.

  • I was actually trying to make the comment that through my own personal experience; “Jack Daniels” and the like, and the “psychiatric drugs” are in many ways alike. They are both horribly addictive, cause a person to act in dangerous and zombie-like ways, both take away your “personhood”, both metabolize through the liver, both are sanctioned by society and are very dangerous to society in that they cause both economic, social, physical, and personal damage. From my personal experience, I had the same physical, mental and emotional “feelings” when I finally stopped them. However, also from personal experience, the withdrawal and detox from the “psychiatric drugs” takes longer to accomplish and seems to have more horrific symptoms that one must encounter. As far as terminology, I do respect what you say. Yes, sometimes, we do use certain words to make something that is actually not good for a person to be good for you. This is a common practice in medicine and is used to the detriment of the person in “psychiatry.” Let’s be blunt, psychiatrists and their (and I borrow a term used a lot in politics these days) “surrogates” are just “drug pushers” sanctioned by society and its institutions. I see the same behavior in them that they use to advertise on television to keep the Kids off the drugs. Just like the “illegal drug pusher” they say, Come, take this. It will be all right…” Perhaps, it would be to the benefit of those of us who are psychiatric survivors to be truly blunt about the terminology and as my parents would say, “not mince any words.” If anything, our terminology, if we could agree upon it, should emphasize the danger not only to individuals, but to society and the country as a whole. Thank you.

  • I can definitely tell that this is something very important to all of us or otherwise there would not be all these comments with a great deal of “emotions” involved. To the person who stated that “jack daniels” is a drug. I think, if I remember correctly it was classified at one time as a drug; that is “alcohol as we drink it, cook with it, etc.” If it were not a drug, would we not have alcohol addiction, “AA”, and an age limit for legal purchase. In my personal experience, it can only be a “drug” as in the end, I had similar reactions to both the incredible amount of “psychiatric drugs” coerced into my system and “alcohol.” I almost died from both! I do think we can get really tied up in words used, how words are used, and other such terminology. As a psychiatric survivor, three things are important to me. 1) Yes, there is “bad science” but that is the history of all studies dealing with the brain, intelligence, etc of a person. This bad science is shifting into traditional medical science also. 2.) Each person has a unique and important story to tell. It is in listening to these stories that we achieve “good science.” 3.) Perhaps, it is not our terminology that is important, but our desire to eradicate this system that causes so much horrific, terrorist suffering. I believe that science, as we have known it, particularly in the modern age, as applied to humans and humanity can only be bad science and cause suffering. Sadly, all science forgets that each one of us is a unique being. We say, such and such, is useless because it can not be replicated. Only when we do become robots, “replicants” “borg’ or some such non-human humanoid could these experiments be replicated. It is time we give up looking to science to solve our ills and return to ourselves as the beautiful works of art we are. Please leave science to the climate and the rocks until it is time for them to speak up. Thank you.

  • One of the tragedies in this chemical imbalance myth is that it has become so pervasive in society. I have yet to read all posts so far (119 at my writing this and I look forward to reading these.) However, in reference to my introductory sentence, the pervasiveness is so great I can hardly pick up a magazine at the grocery store, especially those considered “women’s magazines” where sandwiched in the pages of what to wear, and how to feed your children, is some story of how a women or several women were “saved” by some sort of ant-depressant or even anti-anxiety medication. The woman allegedly was diagnosed with depression, bi-polar disorder or some sort of anxiety. And, after taking these medications, their “chemical imbalances: have been corrected and life is well, “jolly.” As a victim of such myths, I just get almost sick to my stomach. I would like to write to the magazine and tell them of my experiences, but, as of his date, I would probably not be believed and my letter would not be published, probably considered as “heresy” However, I am confident that soon my and other victims stories will come forward, just as stories that have remained hidden on other peoples’ issues had remained hidden. I will say one thing, as far as the myth of Santa Claus in contrast to the myth of chemical imbalance. I was never hurt by the myth of Santa Claus, as opposed to the myth of chemical imbalance which made me into a zombie without a self, personality, or soul, took my talents and gifts, and almost killed me. There is hope and joy in the myth of Santa Claus. There is only pain and death in the myth of chemical imbalance. But, now, I can say I have been saved from this myth and as the Late Nancy Reagan told us in the 1980s to say no to drugs. I say no to these drugs and basically all drugs, recovering my true whole self back, and I live quite happily despite it all!

  • I do not understand the chemical effects of withdrawal. I admit to being a Chemistry 101 dropout. However, I do understand the effects of the suffering from withdrawal. Several years after college and after several years of heavy drinking, I got horribly ill after a night of drinking at the local “bar” with friends. For one night, I was terribly ill. I had chills, insomnia, shook all over. I can not remember everything, but memory is that it was one of the sickest nights of my life. I now register an allergy of alcohol that if I drink 4oz, I would be hospitalized, 8oz would most likely kill me. I can even cook with it. Now to add to this story, I have also been years and years (way to many years) taking way to many psychiatric drugs including the above mentioned SSRIs. The withdrawal of all is more treacherous in that instead of awful night, I have had to suffer for about two to three years. I say two to three years, because, despite being hospitalized when to any ethical physician, it would have been obvious that my body was rejecting the drugs finally after about twenty years, they kept using me as a drug guinea pig. Finally, it got to the point, I could no longer swallow a pill without getting sick. At that time, I said “no more!.” I told the psychiatrist that was it and that I feel “clean inside” like I did after stopping the alcohol. She then wrote me a prescription for an atypical antipsychotic at she said a “lower dose” because she did not want me to have a “relapse.” That was a year and a half ago. I have suffered physically (the withdrawal) but isn’t so funny, absolutely no relapse! It seems that the “relapses” were “caused” by the drugs. It seems now I have more allergies to to other types of “drugs” and I wonder, perhaps the SSRIS and the atypical antipsychotics might be “chemically related.” Of course, I could never know, but ,it is a question. I question, if we might not be “lied” to as to the “chemical composition” of any and all of these drugs. There is a great deal of suffering going on that I am sure is related to these “drugs.” I now know I was never sick at all. I now know most all drugs and alcohol would probably at least make me very sick, if not kill me. Thank you.

  • This is very interesting, since the second line “drug” if diagnosed with “bi-polar disorder” or a maybe a personality disorder that seems similar is an anti-epileptic “drug” such as Tegretol or Depakote. Being in this alleged condition myself, I had been asked when telling the nurses of my “drugs” at the time if I were suffering from some from of epilepsy. In fact, I remember reading at one time there was speculation that something like “bi-polar disorder” may be related to or a some kind of form of epilepsy. Now, in retrospect, this was probably a reason to “legitamize” prescribing these “drugs” . However, I can tell you purely from my own experience that “psychotic” episodes can and do erupt from these “drugs.” As with other “side-effects”, such as memory loss, tremors and loss of
    Identity//self and then made worse in compounded terms by prescribing even stronger, even more addictive drugs such as “benzos” and anti-psychotics. I always remember growing up how we were told that if we started smoking marijuana, we would end up on the “hard” drugs like heroin, etc and life would be “unbearable.” This is what happens in psychiatry today. And, most of us at the time are/were “willing victims.” believing like that “proverbial character” in the Television drama of the day that one pill or one smoke will make it “all better.” But, it really does make it all worse. Thank you.

  • I think I must be very lucky- all those years on the toxic anti-psychotic drugs from about 1997 to 2013-2015 and I can still think, read, comprehend, remember, write poetry and other works, draw, create, imagine, intuit, even reason (I do not do numbers and math too well and never really did. My logic may be a little faulty; but it is an intuitive logic; rather than a linear logic.) Yet, despite all those terrible toxic years where I went from “loopy” (my late sister’s words) to being a downright zombie vegetable; I can still think!! Even under those toxic drugs; I wrote poetry as writing poetry is as strong to me as breathing or eating. But, I am separating those poems from my natural state of poetry writing; although they did sometimes help me deal with a toxic situation; but, I was inclined to detail lies about myself due to the treatments and the drugs. Despite all the toxicity from so many, many sources; I am still ME! I do thank the Good Lord for that! And my heart and prayers goes out to those who have become so terribly incapacitated by the toxic drugs; their lives are almost barely livable. I do pray they find help, healing and solace and are freed from their pain. All I can say in regards to the drug makers, prescribers, and most all those in the mental illness criminal conspiracy of these days is; “Vengence is mine; saith the Lord!” Thank you.

  • I have yet to read all of your posts on this article; but, I will. However, I would first like to say I challenged the MHA on their stand that “medication” was the foundation for treatment and recovery. I received an email back saying ;” oh we really didn’t mean that, totally, blah, blah, blah…” Second, I realize it is probably prudent to separate those who got to NAMI for help and the NAMI elite/management. What does happen is that the “sufferer” gets hooked into the falsehoods of NAMI; just like they did with the “mental illness tolitarian conspiracy.” Sadly, they, too become horribly brainwashed and now their health and well-being is at risk. Before, the “mental illness tolitarian conspiracy” people did “recover” from their suffering and go on to contribute to the well-being of the world. Perhaps, most of our greatest generals, writers, artists, leaders, scientists, etc. Well, probably, almost everyone. People may be sinful; but, they are not defective or even diseased as the “mental illness tolitarian conspiracy” would led us to believe. Before their “imposition” in our lives; we did just fine despite the “naturally occurring mind altering substances” available such as opiates and alcohol. You see, God built the human being to survive and even thrive– until the “mental illness tolitatianr conspiracy” came into their evil existence. Finally, I fully and completely believe and each day; the sun is shining forth slowly and surely on our cause. WE ARE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY!!!! WE WILL PREVAIL !!!! Never lose hope. Thank you.

  • I was a good patient. too. I took my meds and went to therapy and all that other “you know what.” What did it do? It stole the real me; the me that the Good Lord created even before I was conceived and born. What I know now is that it is okay to be sensitive, vulnerable, imaginative, intuitive, creative, poetic, and artistic. I can feel what other people feel not all the time; but, most of the time. When I was taking the drugs, I felt nothing except a pain within that developed into no feeling at all. Nothing. And, God made some of us to feel deeply. So, perhaps; what they allegedly and caustically call as “mental illness” might be “contagious” to those of truly alive in our feelings, imagination, sensitivity, and intuition. When I was a child; I would walk into a room filled with “adults” and register their feelings unto mine and automatically; say, “I’m sorry.” and get into trouble. God made me this way. I no longer say I’m sorry. God had His reasons. It is blasphemy for these psychiatrists, the mental illness criminal conspiracy and those brainwashed by thus to think otherwise. It is not defective, a disease, a disorder, or some pathology to be and act as God made you. Thank you.

  • What other scientific, implausible ridiculous stuff can they come with next? And, as usual the meaningless scientific “double-speak” to allegedly validate and act they like know something. In truth and this is what Steve McCrea is alluding to in his post; school makes you crazy. School as we know and remember it steals our childhood and thus our natural creativity and curiousity And now, after reading this published gibberish; that they actually paid these academics to perform a study about; it seems to have stolen their creativity, curoiusity and thus, their ability to think either rationally or irrationally. Irrational thought is just as valid and productive as rational thought. I see neither in this study or their conclusions. Thank you.

  • I have had pneumonia twice. The first time resulted from stress in dealing with the concurrent factors of a highly uncaring employer towards my sister’s cancer and in dealing with her illness. The second time was a response to the horrific, unnecessary, toxic, addictive psychiatric drugging they were doing to me. Who is it not to say that even pneumonia does not really come from the mind or the pain the mind unintentionally or intentionally inflicts on the body? People do suffer distress in their minds; but they are great creative, imaginative , sensitive, vulnerable creatures. Who is to say this is not a factor in causing what we mistakenly call “schizophrena” or some other alleged “mental illness?” Our bodies, brains, spirits, and souls are “hard-wired” even before birth and conception to be a specific unique being with a specific unique purpose and path in life. When any of this is compromised, diverted, denied, or criticized, etc.; then the usual result may be some type of disease or disorder. However, this does not mean we are “defective” or need drugging; not even in the case of many alleged “physical illnesses.” No, this means unconditional loving acceptance of who we really are as wonderfully created before conception and birth. I suspect there are those who disagree with me about this occurring before conception and birth. I respect your disagreements. But, today, in all of modern society; we have lost this particular truth and there is so much suffering because of it. Many of our “illnesses” are suffered by those who could not or ever be what their parents, teachers, government, society, etc thought they should be and even criticize, abuse, punish, judge, etc. for their inability to be as they have been made; instead of what these institutions want to be made. Being what you are not causes so much misery in this world. All you need do is look at the media, the internet, tv, magazines, etc. There is way too much suffering in this present world and much I have learned comes from a world that denies a person to be who they truly as created before conception and birth. Thank you

  • I appreciate your comments, Mr Yousef. However, I am not sure if the actual connection between vitamin deficiencies and “mood disturbances” have thoroughly been proved. In most people, the brain, body, and spirit are so malleable and impressionable that it may be the thought that the vitamins work that actually causes one to feel better. This may be true in many; if not all; diseases or disorders in the “human/animal spectrum.” That may be one reason that many times; people denote “mental illness” with quotes and maybe we should denote “physical illness” with quotes. also. Thank you.

  • I say; “zap!, zap! zap!” So Owellian, so Aldous Huxley; so full of Frankenstein and grade b and c horror and science fiction movies seen way deep into a sleepless night. I realize that Gene Roddenberry and the Star Trek series may have influenced the way we inhabit modern technology; but, relying on grade b and grade c horror and technology movies for inspiration and then production and eventually usage is “sicker” and ‘lazier” than any alleged disorder or disease we thought we might be “fixing.” Thank you.

  • It is just a bunch of manufactured words to make the “general public” who they consistently “look down upon” as less worthy than themselves; because of all their alleged intelligence and education think they are doing something important and thinking about it. This is not really a fact; but a gut opinion of mine: Statistics kills; even bad statistics that no one can really understand; because it is not made to be understood? Could it be that those who generated those numbers and statistics don’t understand them, either? It is just a thought on a Late August night. Thank you.

  • Another study with a lot of meaningless “gobbedly-gook” wording for something that only exists either as a side-effect of the terrifically toxic, addictive psychiatric drugs or in a movie starring Jack Nicholson that promoted “pills for personality.” I was once allegedly diagnosed with this OCD stuff; all mostly because I checked the locks on my doors after an apartment break-in, I was being obsessively accused by a supervisor and when I was working in the office alone; I became a little paranoid ( I was taking the evil drugs at that time) and I just took a little more time in the shower than other people. Can you imagine these “ruthless” therapists were questioning about my very private behavior in the shower? Is absolutely nothing sacred to these people? I always liked taking a shower as it was the closest thing to two of nature’s glories that I feel especially akin: rain and waterfalls. I know this really sounds cynical; but, I am waiting for these “medical hoodlums” to create a disorder, disease, or diagnosis out of wanting to be outdoors, in nature, in the wilderness, etc. I guess it would be some type of avoidant disorder so it would necessitate toxic drugs or some kind of toxic therapy or treatment to rid the person of this affinity for the natural. They will figure out a way to manipulate the wording and phrasing so as to affect the necessary result that can only be described as evil. Please forgive me for being so cynical and negative. I am not this way “normally” just when dealing with the “mental illness criminal conspiracy” and sometimes as that seeps into “traditional/regular” medicine. Thank you

  • I am so very happy for you and your wife’s family that you were able to get your father-in-law off such a dangerous drug as Risperadal which has a black box warning for those afflicted with Alzheimers Disease. I am ecstatic that your wife’s family was able to stand their ground against a dishonest and unethical neurologist. It is beyond decent morality that they give this toxic drug to these patients in nursing homes just for agitation; so these people will not be a bother to them. I, of course, am much younger; but have some time on the drug; Risperadal. I really forgot why I was prescribed it in the first place. I think the illegitimate psychiatrist thought I was “bi-polar” or some such nonsense My dosage was upped several times and in a few years; after I lost my sister to cancer; I begin to really have psychotic thoughts. I believed that before I even went to a job interview I was pre-selected for rejection; because the interviewer already knew I had a “mental illness” and would not hire me. Later, into taking the toxic drug; I developed hallucinations which I never really had before; except several times while on lithium as I walked down Main Street in the town I lived at the time. One of the other things it caused me was to affect me to write so small and tiny; that I had to have my mother sign my checks for me at the stores and any writing I did was so tiny as to be unintelligible. This is horrific for someone like me who has been writing poetry, journaling, and other writing since the first and second grades. I am such a natural writer that I even “pray to God” through writing. It is my most natural way of communicating and to me it is as natural and autonomic as breathing. Earlier this year; a very unethical psychiatrist tried to put me back on risperidal because she was scared of my getting a relapse. I had told her that I wanted to be totally off all psychiatric drugs for good and I mean for good! I got angry about it and told my therapist I would not see her again. Actually, I refuse to ever go back to that “mental illness clinic” again. I am afraid I might act very un-Christian if I saw her again and I really don’t want to do that. Risperadal is a tragedy and dangerous for everyone and in any age group; especially your father-in-law. As for me; how dare anyone take away from my natural way of communicating and viewing the world. I am involved in nature and am pursuing other artistic avenues; because I have a natural, gentle artistic spirit; but my home is in the realm of words and writing and all that I do and am emerges from that. How dare any evil psychiatrist or any alleged medical doctor to steal that from me. In my opinion; it is another form of rape and even more insidious; because we really have no recourse for it at this time. Thank you.

  • One more thing I need to add in my “description of me” and maybe this is the one word that may have gotten me into the most trouble; imaginative. One of my co-workers from my first job out of college told me that one of the things; he admired most about me was my “imagination.” Obviously, a major factor in my “career with mental illness criminal conspiracy” and yet the one thing that may have saved my life; in addition to God, of course. Thank you.

  • The “Stigma” thing has been created to keep people prisoners of the mental illness criminal conspiracy; to keep them “zombie-drugged” and involve in menial, demeaning, demoralizing, and dehumanizing activites that totally strip a person of what it means to be a human being. Only the death camps of the Holocaust supercede this in its horror. However, there is one thing about this. This is happening “under our noses” in our cities, our towns, our churches, in the country, in the suburbs and we have been brainwashed to think it is a good thing and for our good for the “sufferer” and for society; etc. We have made this as usual as eating at McDonalds. We think it as good for us taking a shower or eating a carrot. Something is so very wrong here. How can you have stigma for something that only exists in our collective warped mind? I think fairy tales have more basis in reality than the mental illness criminal conspiracy. Thank you.

  • One more thing I should add if you want to experience a true healing from these awful, toxic, addictive drugs; take a walk in the wilderness; in nature. As a friend of mine asked me one afternoon; “Where is your wilderness?” Where your wilderness is where you will find your true healing from these toxic, addictive, dangerous, possibility fatal drugs and that includes the benzos; but all the psychiatric “junk” drugs. Go find your wilderness and you will find your true self again. Thank you.

  • Someone else is right. We have actually no help at all in the United States to withdraw from these toxic, addictive “benzos” Actually, this is true for all the toxic addictive psychiatric drugs. Now, it is common in the United States for many “mental health clinics” to refuse to prescribe them at all even after they have gotten you addicted; except in rare instances where in their illicit determination they think you need them. As for me. they started me on Klonopin in the mid to late 1990s for the what the psychiatrist said was for anxiety and ocd. Now, Ocd was something that never come up before taking the psychiatric drugs in the first place. Then, psychiatrist after psychiatrist just kept prescribing klonopin without review of need. In October of 2002, The psychiatrist I saw at another clinic after my sister’s death switched my absolutely overnight from klonopin to valium. My usual dosage of klonopin was .5 mg in the morning and then .5 mg at bedtime. I stayed on that without change or review even after obtaining a new psychiatrist. The first psychiatrist had abruptly quit and went to work for the county. Then, abruptly after a hospital stay in the spring of 2013; I was taken off all my psychiatric drugs except the lithium. This includes the valium. I have since learned that an abrupt withdrawal from a benzo drug can cause death! My psychiatrist said that that was the very right thing for the hospital doctors to do. According to the hospital doctors and my psychiatrist; I had what they call “sleep apnea.” I now know that the excessive, intense sleeping I underwent in the spring of 2013 was due to an excessive amount of psychiatric drugs that had been entered into my delicate system since 1991/1992; although, I did a med break for about two or maybe three years. But, right before my admittance to the regular hospital; I was in a local “mental hospital” and my only contact with any kind of therapist or psychiatrist was to up me from six dangerous, toxic, highly addictive psychiatric drugs at high dosage levels to seven of these dangerous drugs. The psychiatrist added another anti-psychotic to the one I was already ingesting. I don’t know what happen to the hospital psychiatrist. I do know my main hospital doctor left the hospital system and went to hide in another hospital on the other side of town. The psychiatrist who applauded the hospital doctor’s decision to put my life in danger left the state and went to hide on the west coast. They stopped having a psychiatrist at the mental health clinic where I went; thus to get the drugs; you had to elsewhere. This all happened within less than six months after my release from the hospital. One other doctor involved in this mess went to a “concierge” service that charges patients $1000.00 a year for what you can get for nothing. I have moved from that town. I have no desire to seek any legal recourse. I don’t know how I could; as my proof seems somewhat vague in legal mumbo-jumbo. All I know is that I was like many who post on this site seriously wronged and my life put in danger. The combination of the “pap” machine and the benzo drug withdrawal caused me serious sleep deprivation which is as damaging to your health as to any of the diseases they thought they were preventing. Right? No matter what, you will die anyway. It is a fact of life. This whole awful dangerous mess only started because of a crazy world, crazy people like vocational rehabilitation, and sadly parents; who just would not let me be who I was meant to be; a gentle, sensitive; poetic, artistic, creative soul and spirit. I am now through the grace of God and the love of Jesus Christ having my true life restored to me. Right now, I am listening to the Simon and Garfunkel concert from Central Park in the ancient year of 1980 and a few lines come back to haunt me; “Sail on silver girl. Sail on by. Your time has come to shine. All your dreams are on their way.” After all this, my gorgeous hair has a “little silver” in it; but God has been looking out for me. So many of us all over the world have been so unnecessarily wronged; seriously damaged in body and mind all because of a world that would not allow us to be our true selves or to feel our true feelings; as if having feelings and thoughts and being who and what God made is wrong and a danger to sick society. I think of the question; the psychiatrist asked me in his despair; “Are you having racing thoughts?” What is a racing thought, I wonder? I think it must be a creative thought. Creativity is a gift from God. Thank you God for my “racing thoughts!” Thank you all for “listening.”

  • The MRI; another scientific and technological scam. If we need to know what’s going on in our brain/mind; we need to trust out gut instincts; not through vitamins and what not but by what is considering what is right and what is right for each of us as individuals. How can thing as noisy, confining, and claustrophobic be said to be of any benefit to anyone? Who thought of this thing; one of Hitler’s scientific minions? Science and medical science once had many breakthroughs that truly helped people, lessened suffering, gave us knowledge about life and the universe, and helped us to live a longer life. Now, they seem “hell-bent” on destroying what is sacred to us; our life, our morality, our integrity, our true selves. Each day; the clock ticks down to might war in which we are to truly reclaim our goodness from science and medical science gone “mad.” Thank you.

  • There really is too much murder and rape going on in the mental illness conspiracy and no one is willing to admit to their sins or any wrongdoing. Evil begats evil. Tragedy begats tragedy. Yet, we should never give up. We should keep fighting as if our life depended on it; because it does; all our lives; every single worthwhile person on this planet is affected by this. So, let’s keep fighting; because it is so worth the fight and for all those we have lost let us honor them with the integrity, goodness, and righteous of our fight. We are on the side of right. We shall win. For each step forward; we may go two or ten steps back; but we will win. It is our destiny. Good always defeats evil’ always!

  • Please no, do not think you have been lost to what may be considered a “normal” life. But, who wants “normal” anyway? There is a soul, a spirit, a unique person still inside you with specific intelligences, personality characteristics, way of thinking and learning. You are a very special person. You just need to “re-learn” yourself without the horror of the “mental illness label” and all the abuse and terror it included. It takes time, patience, hope, prayer, and willingness to trust yourself again. You must also be willing to take risks that only you might understand; not your friends, family, ill-informed and selfish professionals and others might not understand or might criticize you about. You will make mistakes; but you will learn more than you will ever know about yourself and the world. At times; you will go so lonely; you may not even be able to cry; but it is so worth it. I am on this journey now. And there are people who have got your back; as my pastor would say. You just got to find them. Don’t give up. Just because of what happened to you does not mean your life is over and done with. You are not six feet under yet. You are alive and you have a lot to give. Be strong. Be courageous. Take a risk. Get to know and relearn yourself again. It is God’s pleasure to restore and resurrect yourself to who you are truly meant to be. You have so much to give the world. Don’t give up now; Please! Thank you.

  • “Lifetime treatment” as “recovery”‘ yes, that would be the goal of an “industry” only motivated by “criminal intent” such as the entire mental illness complex. As far as “peer specialists” go, they are only a way to placate those they have brainwashed through their criminal intent; so they will not be so dismayed as to utter miserableness of their situation as to truly question what is really happening to them and to their fellow “inmates.” Thus, the tragedy is that contact with them is just as damaging as the other alleged treatment modalities from “drugs” to “therapy” to “hospitals” to “clubhouses” to “sheltered workshops” to “group homes” to “CBT” and “DBT”, etc. All have the goal of further dehumanizing and demoralizing the person until all they can do is just sit and watch the television and sleep. And, on the television all they can seem to understand are the commercials. Their brain, their selves, their identities, their dreams, their hopes, what was their lives has been totally raped and plundered from them. I don’t the Christian monks at the hands of the Vikings in ancient Ireland had it as bad. At least, they were able to create and save the fantastic Book of Kells. The problem with what is happening today in the mental illness criminal conspiracy and now speedily seeping over into the many venues of “traditional medicine” is that is insidious, and seemingly so innocuous and allegedly for the good of the person suffering is that we are unable to clearly see how utterly dangerous it is to not only the individual involved as a prisoner; but to the family, the community, and utmost is perhaps the most sincere threat to the security of the Western World only eclipsed by ISIS, other known and unknown terrorists groups or South Korea and perhaps those enemies we are yet to know. I can never emphasize that what is happening from the mental illness criminal conspiracy; now infecting all of our health care industry is a true internal threat to our security as nation and in the western world; we need to take very seriously. Perhaps, the tip of the iceberg has been the increase of these terrible shootings in our movie theaters and other places. It is time we wake up. Toxic drugs and all this other stuff does absolutely no good; only harms and does not cure because we have no need for a cure; as there are no illnesses to consider. Like the atomic time clock, each day the time ticks away. Thank you.

  • Rights? How can we have “rights” when the psychiatrists and even the medical doctors do not even know or realize the side effects, long term effects, allergic reactions or the adverse effects of the drugs, treatments, or therapies they prescribe us. I have a great imagination that I am grateful to have and gives me great joy. But, these doctors and psychiatrists live in a made up dream world that really only exists in their limited, fearful minds. It is not the “normal” imagination that produces great art, literature, music, etc. It as my late father would say; a big German word that I can neither, pronounce or spell; but clearly involves living in one’s own little created world and never seeing either the truth or the stars and sun in the sky. Even God’s little mushroom that grows in the cave can see the sunlight more clearly and is thus happier. The “average” psychiatrist is usually more miserable than his “patient” That is one of the reasons he or she chose this illegitimate, fake “profession” that is absolutely not a profession at all; but a masquerade of true human thought and intelligence; and thus a blasphemy to God. Thank you.

  • I don’t mean to minimize, discount, criticize or find your concerns unjustified. Have you ever considered one of two possibilities? The first could be your brain an body’s response to the drugs and therapy which may have dehumanized your precious, unique, sensitive self. The second is that this is a very “crazy” society with much to be angry about and this is just your “normal” way of reacting to a sick and have you noticed; an increasingly angry society.

    This is not really in reference to your situation; but, it has crossed my mind that if there were psychiatrists, bigpharma, and the DSM5 during the time of Jesus; He may have been probably diagnosed with this nebulous IED and “drugged” into submission rather than healing and speaking the truth and helping the poor and disenfranchised. You must remember the incident in the temple with the :money-changer” This is true righteous anger that would have received a “drugged” outcome in the late Twentieth/early Twenty-first century. We can only thank the Good Lord there were no Orwellian psychiatrists and BigPharma in His day. It truly saved our lives forever!

    Perhaps, dear person who is having so much trouble and may believe you might have this “mythical IED” you have righteous anger; an honest and healthy response to a sick and “Orwellian” world. Just quietly say to yourself; “Be still and know God” when angry. Thank you

  • Agreed on what you wrote. I have been through all that; sheltered workshops, psych0-social rehab, vocational rehabilitation, day hospital, even the regular mental hospital route include the drugging and the therapy sought to pry and invade into my mind; rather than assisting me in finding out my real uniqueness; my strengths and challenges which all would have helped me smile more each day. They are all demeaning and demoralizing and made me actually “sicker.” and of course in their eyes needing their illegitmate help even more. It was actually vocational rehabilitation that sent me down the road three times into the void of psychiatry. The first was when I went through a normal youthful career/identity crisis. It was the second two that really caused me the ongoing intentional pain. The second time was when I had just moved from one city to another and was looking for gainful employment. The second time was when I was again a client of Vocational rehabilitation and my sister passed away. I had been dismissed from a previous psychiatrist even though I was heavily medicated and needed to be monitored; because she was afraid she would not get paid since I had a high deductible insurance plan with my employer. I did leave that employer. I probably was on the way out of the system and eventually even off of the drugs for the second time; when the vocational rehabilitation figured I needed therapy because I had just lost my sister; who was also my best friend and roommate. You know, all I needed was someone understanding to talk to; not drugs and prying therapy. I got so messed up on the drugs that I became so paranoid in job interviews that I thought they already knew I was “mentally ill” and that’s why they were not hiring me or would ever hire me. I ended up on disability; which I still am on. I am no longer taking the toxic drugs and I won’t to get off disability and live the life I was meant to live. This probably started with the psychiatrists in about 1980 and has now grown into probably a billion dollar industry taking advantage of those when they are most vulnerable. I always remember when I was directed by my therapist in winter of 1991/1992 to see the psychiatrist for my first med review. She with great foresight said, “I don’t want to lose you.” She was exceptionally concerned at the prospect of a med review and being prescribed medications. I Lost her to cancer in 2002. And she did say; that may be the drugs worked a little in dampening some of my moods; but, she many times would not let me travel anywhere alone; because she would describe as “loopy” because of the drugs, I know. Still, I think in her little intuitive voice, she spoke for many loved ones who found those they cared about sentenced to a lifetime of unnecessary, toxic, addictive, fatal drugs. You do die twenty-five years earlier if you are on these drugs; yet others have to the death disagreed with me that it was not the drugs; but the effects of the “disease.” you see; the whole mental illness prison/conspiracy could be considered an urban myth like alligators in the sewer or blowing up a cat in the microwave; if it didn’t hut, maim, kill, destroy lives, dehumanize and demean people until all that is left of them is the rags and tags of being the walking dead. But, like the beautiful great American quilt is made from what made be considered rags and be reborn and resurrected into something worthwhile and esteemed; so can the person affected by the mental illness criminal conspiracy. As they say; what does not kill you makes you stronger. Thank you.

  • Yes, this seems to be true. My mother was prescribed Neurontin, an anti-convulsant used for alleged bi-polar disorder” for arthritis related back pains in addition to other drugs from a well respected local bone physician. It also seems that many other older people had been prescribed the same drug for essentially the same reason. Thank God, she refused to take it. She is eighty years old. This is a definite problem to watch out for and be concerned with and now that she is older, I will try to pay more attention to what she is prescribed and taking. However, she is an independent. controlling sort and sometimes wishes to control me’ so, it will be an adventure. And no matter the harm and emotional abuse; she has heaped on me; I will do my best to see she is not harmed by unscrupulous doctors taking advantage of a widowed eighty year old women. If they can’t get to the children or the parents, they try the elderly or grandparents.

  • I am so sorry for the loss of your son to Seroquel. Seroquel is one of the most toxic and potentially fatal and sadly in your son’s case fatal drugs ever created by the big pharma conspiracy. I am a grown woman with too many years of psychiatric drug experience was prescribed Seroquel earlier this year. Like other antipschotics; it caused me the very ant-psychotic thoughts it was supposed to stop. Additionally, it made me into only what could be called a “zombie.” I stopped taking it and asked for another drug. I was yet so enlightened as I am now. My unethical psychiatrist told me to start taking it again at a higher dose; because it takes at least a month to work and I had not given it enough time to work. Right? So, I tried it again and become a worse zombie. I then stopped it for good and later found out on this site how evil it for both mind and body and tragically in the case of your son; fatal.
    As for off-labeling, my mother was prescribed neurontin in addition to two other drugs for an arthritis related back pain. Many times, I do vehemently disagree with my mother; but this time she had enough sense not to take it. There are many other older individuals in her neighborhood who had also been prescribed this drug in addition to others for arthritis related pains. Off-labeling is occurring in prescribing for all ages of patients. It is most dangerous for our most vulnerable; our children and our elderly. Yet, we forget that just because we are between the ages of 18 or 23 and maybe 65, 70, or 75, we forget how vulnerable we are. It is beyond unethical for the children and elderly; but, it affects us all in very dangerous ways. Thank you for your article.

  • Oldhead; although with children, it is very alarming; since there minds and bodies are still growing and they are so vulnerable and innocent. It is like an abortion of the already born. But, this dehumanization and neurological impairment includes not only children and teenagers; but adults from young adults all the way to the elderly adult. And, who can we really verify that we actually do stop growing at age 18 or 25 or 30 years of age; as it seems the more we think we though about the body and mind of the human being, the less we know. And it is not only the neurological impairment; but impairment of the entire physical body, too. And, it has become so far reaching that it not only includes the fake science of psychiatry; but traditional medical science with all its specialties and sub-specialties that we have trusted and depended on all these many years and even centuries. Next to the threats from terrorism; such as ISIS and other groups; the “whole health care industry” is a definite and decided threat to our national security. This is a shame; because there really some good doctors and nurses, etc. but they are getting more and more lost or disaffected by the system. I wonder; could the “whole health care system” which not only includes the traditional delivery arenas; but of course, also, BigPharma, insurance, even Medicare and Medicaid, etc might be considered another form of domestic terrorism. It is nor coincendence that disability and death rates have risen from the iatragenic injury across all area. Please excuse my spelling. I was an excellent speller before the toxic, dehumanizing, addictive, drugs and other such stuff was coerced and forced on me like I was some sort of prisoner of war. Is that what we are dong to our most vulnerable; our children; making them prisoners of war? Thank you

  • Binge eating or overeating is a “sin” and not a medical issue. It is called “gluttony” and does not need or never did need medication or even behavior modification to change the behavior. Every one of us succumbs to gluttony at one time or another; think of the traditional Thanksgiving meal. I guess the Psychiatrists would like to prescribe a toxic drug to stop us from being thankful and enjoying family and friends at such a holiday. Many psychiatrists do seem to have a problem with happiness and with creative thinking or otherwise; they would not have created “mania” I think of one of my psychiatrist asking me, “Do you have racing thoughts?” I honestly said; ” I don’t know.” Actually, if I happen to chance upon one of those racing thoughts; I’ll be happy because it means my creativity is now returning from the zombie drugged state of the toxic meds. No one should be made guilty for eating too much. I only wish I could; as I have yet to get my full appetite back after years of toxic, zombie, addictive drugging. Thank you.

  • Your piece on anti-depressants is very enlightening and thought-provoking. There are also many points of truth. In light of this, I would like to mention an article I read today in this month’s AARP magazine. The author of the article speaks of her need for antidepressants. She tried several including Prozac and is now on Lexapro. According to her report; she states that she could not function without the anti-depressants. She had gone off of them and was alright for awhile working and raising her family. She then had trouble again and went back on the anti-depressants. She, according to the article, realizes what has been “drummed” into the general public during the past twenty or so years; many people need anti-depressants like many people are taking insulin. She does cite contact with personnel at NAMI. First, I have a question does AARP take money from BigPharma like many other non-profit organizations such as NAMI and others. Second, don’t you think it is rather spurious and slightly skewed from the point of AARP to print only one side of the story; especially when they report to a very vulnerable population medically; the over 50 and the over 65 and above age group. It is particularly suspect when reporting the medically vulnerable of the over 70 and age 75 age group. The author began her “journey” with anti-depressants at about age 26. Many of the readers would not begin their prescription, possibly until at least after age 50. The other thing that concerned about that the article was that the side effects were rather brushed under the rug and the side effects of an “aging” population is well documented and exceedingly harmful. I am very concerned. I am beginning to believe that AARP no longer has the best interests of the over 50 age group at heart and their concepts that there are “second chances” after age 50 are very very true; I don’t believe that one in the over 50 age group will find their second chance with AARP. It is all a sham to keep them in business. Sound familiar? Thank you.

  • About psychiatric drugs, I remember the times I would pick up my prescription from the pharmacy; the pharmacist would usually comment on how “strong” theses drugs were. Yet, I blindly and I thought obediently would take them each morning and night like candy until they caught up with me and I almost died or wish I would die. There is absolutely no reason to “drug” any one and I know some disagree even some psychiatrists, I do have a modicum of trust in, I do not think it is necessary or good to drug people for psychotic stress or thoughts or suicidal thoughts. How many times have we heard of someone being drugged to prevent suicide and then the tragic person actually and sadly takes his own life? I read of a story of an elderly lady who was drugged for depression; then attempted suicide, then the unethical psychiatrist put on another drug. I was very saddened and upset by this story; but, it was several months old; so I felt my comments would be useless. It was in a Christian-oriented magazine. I will not mention the magazine. But, it saddened me more when I realize that many of the main-line demonitations have been brainwashed too by psychiatry and bigpharma and have yet to see the real truth. But, I pray; just as many things have been brought to light in the last twenty years; this will also. Since, I do believe it is extremely relavent to our national security as much so as ISIS and Iran, etc. I pray; it comes very soon! Thank you.

  • Monica and Someone Else, I appreciate your comments and you are both right in your additions to what I wrote. Although, I definitely depend on God and my intuition that I believe comes from God in my healing process; I also know that I am a human being and thus a social “animal” or being. I do have a tendency to isolate myself even when “healthy.” Yet, I know I do need other people and I should say the company of the “animal kingdom” in this healing process and as I reach my “goal of optimal health.” However, after being hurt and traumatized so horribly; like many of us; I am a little circumspect on whom I need to develop a relationship with. For this, I rely on again God and my intuition. I have learned over the years that animals are a great source of healing power and someone with whom to have a great relationship. Perhaps, they are not quite a substitute for human contact; but, they love unconditionally and rarely threaten or try to control you except when hungry. Another unique place that can assist us in developing relationships is literature, poetry, the media (tv, radio, internet), music, or the arts and I did mention animals; so, I should also include nature. Each one of these has something to teach us in our healing and each one can give us a friend. How many times over the years, have we been sad to finish a book; because we have become such friends with the protagonist. There is so much God has given us to help us heal and we should avail ourselves of it. However, I believe very strongly; because we have been hurt and traumatized so much we must pay attention to God and our intuition for how we should proceed each day. Each day, we can learn so much from our intuition in the way it protects us. For instance, in my morning walk, I had this weird funny feeling that encompassed my whole body and it seemed at first for no reason. But, then, I looked down at the side of the street and there was a dead black snake. Thank the Lord; it was dead. In this part of the country and in my neighborhood; we have a problem with black snakes. So, you see in paying attention to those intuitive feelings; which I believe God gives us; we can find who and what which will help us heal and return to “optimal health.” This is not to say we were ever unhealthy. This is another subject for much later; but after my experiences with the toxic addictive mental illness corruptive system and seeing my beloved sister suffer and then pass away from cancer, I have developed a different meaning from health that sis different from society and advertisements tell us. Sometimes, the healthiest person on the block is that obese, middle-aged balding man who the doctors say has diabetes. Sometimes, but sometimes, that man can be quite mean to the animals and to you. So, you see there is so much, society ignores and refuses to see. Society has been blinded and brainwashed and so many suffer. Jesus Christ has helped me find a way out of the quagmire. I pray each of us finds our way out. And, some days are better than others. Thank you.

  • And you know, my father used to preach in his sermons as a young man how all those accused and convicted of crimes began their lives as infants by either drinking breastmilk or formula. Another hokey story to get us to believe that we are all pathologized creatures just be being human and thus need their toxic, addictive drugs- for life. Another idiotic article that is absolutely nothing,

  • Yes, there is brainwashing and I want to know; who paid this jury off to get this sort of verdict? It is an Orwellian and Huxley tragedy beyond words that the public now seems to believe these drugs are benign and helpful and that if the person does not ingest them; they will be out of control and dangerous to society. I took those horrible drugs. I have never been a danger to society. I just got sad; because the world wanted me to be something I could never be and the world did not want me to be sad over the death of someone as close to you as your very self. I know no longer what to think; but, I refuse to take any drug that steals me from being a unique child of God and as for the world; you will just have to get used to having someone like me in your world. I mean no one any harm. I just want to be the person God meant for me to be; to do His will; and fulfill His purpose in my life. That’s all. Amen. Thank you.

  • This is a good article and since most of the medical community refuse to see our uniqueness and differences; how do you expect them to see differences and uniqueness in our response to the poisoning from these toxic, addictive drugs during the withdrawal process. For now, those of us who choose to withdraw from these toxic, addictive drugs for our total health and “sanity.” are basically on our own. To truly be healed and healthy again; we must trust God and our intuition. That’s all we have. Most doctors have totally forgotten that it is God who does the healing not their expertise or drugs or whatever therapies they have come up with mostly for some kind of income or greed or authoritative control. It is the twenty-first century and now we must return to the ancient basics of all healing; God and the intuition He gave us to anticipate the snake in the grass before it bites us. It’s those “funny feelings” we get from God and our intuition that save us and save us during this withdrawal from the toxic, addictive drugs.

  • The Rwandans were healing themselves, dare, I say “correctly” as noted by Mr Keyes in his post. I have sat in too many therapist’s office and “rehashed” “stuff” that when doing so only made the pain and anguish deep deeper within me. I have also sat in those offices in pain from the “abuse” I had taken from others and the “therapist unwilling to do anything about it; except basically to say “it was my fault” and “take your meds” Each day, I grow more and more into learning who I am and on most days, it does feel good to proclaim that it really is alright to be the true; God-given me that I am. But, there are those days when no matter what I say or do; people seem to cast their “self-righteous criticisms” on me because I am lacking in areas that are the epitome of a good decent responsible Adult citizen of modern times. I try to explain how I will overcome my “shortcomings and weaknesses” and still get rebuffed. It seems many times that if I do not think or act in their way; I am not a worthwhile citizen of this world. “I am sick’ because I am different. I need help so I can be changed into them.” I guess that had been a struggle and challenge since my birth; and the drugs only caused more trauma; mental, physical, and spiritual. I do not have a controversial “gender identity issue.” I am not a violent or even a petty repeat offender of the criminal system. I have no criminal record. I think I am good person. I go to church on Sundays; not always. (I stopped going for a while after I lost my sister.) I have B.A. in psychology, nonetheless. I was raised in a middle class military family. Some of my family even helped to start a town in the South; where I live now. What are my “crimes?’ I am mathematically challenged. I write poetry and artistic in other ways. I am gentle, unique, and at times, my intelligence has “upset” those close to me like my mother. When my mother calls me, I answer, “What did I do now?” I have been considered “right brain dominant.” I am naturally creative, imaginative, and “intuitive.” The more me I am; the more it upsets others. Yet, if I am not me; I become “sad” and then I am questioned as to why can’t I change my thinking. You have so much to give the world; and then when I start giving to the world who I am; the “criticism, etc” begins again. But, there is something is me that perseveres and this time no matter what; I am going to be who God meant for me to be.

    As for WHO, I thin they must getting “payment” from the BigPharma companies of the world. They are everywhere; US, Sweden; Germany. etc. No place in the so-called Western world is safe. No one is safe from Orwellian and Huxley tactics and control.

  • Eventually, I did, also. It seemed to start out innocently enough; but, years later; I realized how much of me was stolen from by the evil, toxic, addictive drugs the doctors said were supposed to do me good and, of course, be for my own good. The withdrawal continues; but, each day improves. My mind suffered; but, my body has suffered even more for some reason. The major mind thing I noticed was the spending of more money than might been necessary; but, yet that is a pure judgement call. Some of the money spent was to find that which was truly me and almost lost in the medication and begin to restore that self and soul to me. I realize there are many who will never understand and can only point their finger at me and declare me again something that needs to improve or be improved. Despite “original sin”, many of us are never alright just the way we are; even though we were uniquely created by God for His purposes; not man’s purposes. It does go back to the same thing of placing judgement on other people when we really do not know the plan, purpose, and destiny of the person as created in the will and obedience to God. I try to do my best; but, I have never understood why I keep having to improve and improve and yet no else seems to have to improve like I do. I have been called one-quarter to one-half a person; not a complete package; and then, of course, all those lies about my being defective, diseased, or disordered or whatever they made up that day to suit their purpose and justify their toxic, evil addictive drugs being forced on me. I can not be anyone else but me. I have tried all these years; too many years and I have suffered dearly. I am not an advice giver. There are too many such people in this world. However, I would like to give one piece of advice to all persons of all ages on all the earth; be your own unique God-given self, spirit, and soul without apology. I just can’t see how being “true to yourself” hurts anyone; although. there are many parents, teachers, government officials, psychiatrists, and others who cry; “You hurt me!” And not even a blow to bear or even a coarse word was said. I just don’t understand. I guess there are those who prefer some to be “lost in medication” rather than as Shakespeare would say “be true to yourself.” We have definitely lost one of the most important words in the English Language: INTEGRITY. Please don’t allow yourself to “get lost in medication.” It is not at all like a fun maze at the Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg, VA. Not at all. Thank you.

  • What you say is so terribly and horribly true! I was drugged from 1992- 1995 and then again from 1998-2013-2015. But, the real joke is on these criminal psychiatrists. I know deep down inside me that I am going to be just fine and that it really is okay to be who I am. I have chosen some other ways to define myself; not by “false drugged mental illness” but by honest, healthy “psychology” that acknowledges our differences as human beings; our uniquessnes, and our potentials. The psychiatrists need to be quaking in their fake boots. I proclaim; “I am not sick! I don’t need help!” And my next stop is to make me a tuna sandwich and thank God for my sandwich, my life, and my freedom from enslavement. Yes, it seems the psychiatrists are the modern day counter-parts of the Egyptians that enslaved the Jewish people.

  • This article is very good and thoughtful; yet we will never achieve success until we not only abolish psychiatric drugs, but also therapy and its children, CBT, DBT, ACT,psych0-social rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation, sheltered workshops, supportive employment and other demeaning and demoralizing “things such as this.” What has happened at least in America is that which was created to assist an “intellectually disadvantaged” population; such as the “Special Olympics” was such created as now been extended to include those who are falsely considered “mentally ill” their symptoms usually exacerbated and created by drugging, therapy including therapies such as CBT and DBT. I have yet to forget how and why they would subject “high-functioning” ‘highly intelligent” college graduates or “could-be” college graduates to such utter nonsense as to demoralize and demean them by involvement in “places” that treat them as “if they were blubbering idiots.” I guess they needed a reason to “pump up their drugs and make them further into zombies.” Thank you.

  • Number 1: Anti-psychotic drugs are evil and toxic for any condition and any age group and to prescribe them to growing, vulnerable children is the height of complete and total immorality and care and concern for the growing mind and body of a child; which is to also consider the body seems to stop its growing as an adult; but the mind continues its wonderful growth cycle. Thus, the evil of prescribing anti-psychotic drugs to all people, to all age groups, no matter the condition. I have read on this very site about the over-prescribing of ant-psychotics to those on the other end of the “age spectrum” those with dementia or Alzheimer’s. I know at times when I have picked my prescription at the pharmacy for a particular anti-psychotic drug, the pharmacist would comment to me how I was on such a very strong drug. Second, I do applaud this news station in Atlanta, GA for bringing this horrific problem to light and suggesting there may be other ways of intervention; other than anti-psychotic drugs; although I continually question the legimatacy of the ADHD diagnosis for any person. Third, it was noted that stimulant medication can bring on “aggressiveness” thus the prescription of the dangerous anti-psychotics. My times of taking stimulants either led to a lack of focus, concentration, memory (sort of like there was an empty hole or bubble in my brain that couldn’t get released. I get the same problem with coffee, no other caffeinated drinks) or it caused such an enormous anxiety, insomnia, etc that it felt like some evil monster had taken over my body and I could only move in jerky, needlessly un-coordinated movements. Everytime, the doctor prescribed me a stimulant for whatever unnecessary reason, I told him or her I would refuse to continue taking it! Lastly, WHY ARE WE PRESCRIBING ANY OF THESE EVIL, TOXIC ADDICTIVE DRUGS, STIMULANTS, ANTI-PSYCHOTICS, ANTI-DEPRESSANTS, ETC FOR JUST BEING A NORMAL KID WHO MIGHT BE A LITTLE DIFFERENT FROM WHAT WE THINK A KID SHOULD BE AND ARE UNWILLING TO FIND BETTER WAYS TO DEAL WITH OTHER THAN STULTIFYING THEIR GROWTH, MESSING WITH THEIR MINDS, ETC. THAN WHAT OCCURS WITH THESE DRUGS? You see, nowadays, if we can’t deal or approve of someone of any age because of their thoughts, behavior, actions, personality, intelligence that is unique or being smarter than you in some respect, even how they dress or whatever, even if benign; even if they are essentially moral beings, WE JUST WANT TO DRUG THEM OUT OF EXISTENCE SO THEIR BEING ON EARTH WILL NO LONGER DISTURB OUR SELFISH LITTLE LIVES. I SAY :SAY NOT TO DRUGS, ANY DRUGS; UNLESS IF YOU DON’T TAKE THEM YOU WILL DIE BEFORE YOUR TIME! Thank you. Shouting is so good for the soul; even if in writing only. My pastor shouts on Sundays and I listen!

  • I finally figured out there is nor should there ever be a drug that can stop me from ranting and raving when I drive anywhere in any town and in any state in the nation. And, since, it seems I see a lot of other people do it, then there must be an “explosion of mentally ill” people in the nation; more than enough to keep these greedy, Orwellian psychiatrists happy. But, you see; it might be abnormal to not get “mad” when someone cuts in front of you and slows down to a pace that you could walk; makes the light and you don’t and to top it off; you’re hot, starving; and really got to go to the bathroom. This is what I suggest when the other driver gets to you. You obviously don’t want to run into their vehicle. It would damage your precious one. Do what I do. Turn you music up as loud as you can! I listen to the inspirational station. Maybe, they can get inspired to move their car faster than a walking crawl. If not, you can enjoy the ride and who says this is not a “healthy” way to release the “steam” inside you.
    Personally, I am glad we are all mentally ill. There is a posting today on the “Beyond Meds” website that we are all “mentally ill.” Oh, thank God, it is such punishment to be different in this society.

  • Yes, Dr Healey is right on his assertion about the ADHD and Ritalin. For me, it was if the lithium seemed to work; I must be bi-polar and then if the benzos and SSRi’s seem to work I must have depression and ocd. Finally, if the risperadal or abilify seemed to work; I must have schizo-affective disorder. I will admit logic and mathematics are my very weakest of Gardner’s multiple intelligences. Yet, even “logic-challenged” this seems like there is a logical fallacy present. What I do see here and according to Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences; I have very strong Naturalistic intelligence; which says is indicative of a person who can see patterns in nature and in other areas. I see a flawed and dangerous pattern that is not only lacking in objectivity; but lacks even the most moral substance of causal subjectivity. I had thought this once myself. If these drugs worked; I must have that disease or disorder. But, I was not thinking. The drugs had dulled my mind until true critical thinking (that kind my high school English teacher taught me as the most important thing I could get from an education) had been totally disabled by these drugs. It is kind of like pulling the plug from the modem totally disconnects you from the internet. I had been disconnected from my brain by these drugs. Additionally, I was and still am (despite the fact I am no longer taking an of them) experiencing evil side effects to not only my brain, but my body and spirit. I do have a confident, optimistic attitude that these effects will soon disappear. It is dangerous to think that if the drug allegedly works; the patient must have that disease or disorder. Even I realize there are way too many variables to consider such a simplistic conclusion; especially now that I no longer take those drugs. And, the ultimate tragedy in these drugs is that they totally steal the self and spirit of the person taking them. It is beyond grief that many psychiatrists and other mental health “robot” think what Dr Healey wrote; if the drug works, the person must have the disorder or disease. It is true that like my father said about many of his fellow graduates from graduate school; they have not had an original thought at least sinc grad school; maybe before that, if ever. I am so glad Dr Healey thinks originally; because he is bringing to light the evil dangerous of this business that we need to know.

  • I live in small town Southern America and one of the joys of such living is a local cable station with delightful, non politically or allegedly objectively correct news. One thing they do each weeknight is report the local crime news of approximately four or five adjacent counties. When it comes to drug arrests, I have noticed in addition to the arrests for marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine; there are usually arrests for some having a type of controlled substance that is actually a prescription drug (I guess most probably stolen, gotten from false drug prescriptions and sometimes with an intent to sell) These arrests not only include the usual addictive opiate painkillers (oxycoton, etc. ) ; but, also psychiatric prescription drugs. Thus, if these drugs are supposed to be so good for you or a young person and help you with whatever is ailing you, then why are these people getting arrested for having them and why are they trying to sell them. Although, I do question diabetes drugs, ant-cholesterol drugs, etc, and others, I never hear of any arrests in regards to these drugs. I know there are a whole lot of bad drugs out there for all kind of diseases that can afflict the human body. Yet, on the whole no one is arrested for having those drugs in their possession with intent to sell or by having too many pills than allowed or whatever they arrest these people for. Now, that I think of this. I have read about this in the papers for over twenty years and even though, I took some of these drugs; a little voice inside me was quietly and then noisily nagging me. If these drugs are so safe and beneficial to you; why do people get arrested for having them? Just a question to ponder tonight. Thank you.

  • I don’t know about Torrey in the 60’s and 70’s; but in his current state; I should suspected Torrey when I read one of earlier editions of his infamous; Surviving Schizophrenia. In one of the editions; he stated that we should not stop the “schizophrenic” from smoking; because they don’t get much pleasure anyway. I guess not with all the toxic addictive drugs they throw down your gullet. So, the “schizophrenic” person suffers first from the drugs and then from their toxic side effects; t.d. weight gain, diabetes. Then, after all that he gets lung cancer or emphysema from the cigarettes no one wanted to help him quit; because they give him pleasure. In later editions, Torrey did change his tune a little in that he said the person experiencing “psychosis” should wait until he’s in “remission” to quit. When I read that earlier edition of Torrey’s Surviving Schizophrenia, a little inner light did go off in me; but it took a few years before it really took hold in my brain. Sadly, many people look on Torrey’s book on Surviving Schizophrenia to be almost like the Bible. He also wrote on Surviving Bipolar Disorder which is as equally as useless and demeaning. I threw all my Torrey books into the dumpster where I live. Although, I am fervently against book burnings and book censorship; I felt this book and several others were so damaging and gave such erroneous information as to truly hurt innocent people; especially young adults. I refused to donate to a library for a book sale or even to a used book store for exchange. Please forgive me those who believe in freedom of thought and publishing; like myself. I just don’t want anyone to get hurt like I did. Thank you.

  • This is the real tragic truth; the psychiatrist and the entire “mental illness industry/conspiracy” and of course, BigPharma think they are not only the law; but are above all laws; even God’s Laws and Commandments. Yes, Someone Else, we are living in a sick world and it is time we work and pray to make it well again in our own unique God-given ways. Thank you.

  • This is the case with adults over the age of twenty-five years, also. It is very terrible for these young people because their minds, bodies, and spirits are still growing and they are so vulnerable. But, it is dangerous for those who are older than twenty-five years old, also. Basically, these toxic, addictive, evil drugs (they are absolutely not any kind of medications; despite all the “med reviews” they subject you through) destroy people. There is much talk about the evil selling of baby parts by Planned Parenthood and it is horribly evil and it Hitler-ish and against God. Yet, the drugging of children and adults with the toxic, addictive, deadly drugs is also along the same horrific, Hitler-like lines also. Unfortunately; we have yet a real advocate organization like the Center for Medical Progress; an anti-abortion, right to life organization. We need an organization on our behalf to stop this wholesale onslaught upon the children and adults of this world and their illegally and horrifically stealing their minds, bodies, and souls and making them into living zombies and vegetables. You see, tragically, the spirit of Hitler is alive and is up to us to defeat him and get our lives and our children back. Thank you.

  • Psychiatric symptoms are NOT symptoms of problematic characters. Most the time, people go to the mental illness industry and thus psychiatrists because of their pain. This pain usually results from sort of trauma or abuse; some of it downright horrific or represensible. However, most of it usually results from the fact that many people have been “mistreated” by parents, schools, society, etc. that does not recognize their unique gifts and the way they might contribute to society. We are all not alive. Each of us is a unique blend of many characteristics, intelligences, temperaments, personalities, abilities, skills, talents, gifts. Some of us may be threatening to parents or schools in our uniqueness. Many times, the person seeks help to understand himself and is rebuffed to the “mental illness industry” including the associated governmental puppets, vocational rehabilitation. I have yet to figure out what they rehabilitate as how can you rehabilitate someone from their true God-given self.
    There are a lot of excellent books available that explain the fact that we are unique individuals and that is alright to be just who you. Sadly, many times in these times; being just who you are leads to a prescription of toxic, addictive psychiatric medication that just might kill you. The other related problem is the innate selfishness of some parents to their children which can also lead to dismay and feelings that are toxically treated with medication and useless therapy that continues to find fault with the individual and disregards the pain they have endangered from the parents or school. There is no easy solution.

    Yet, I fell DRUGS AND THERAPY ARE NOT THE ANSWER!! The answer lies in learning who you are, your gifts, your intelligences, your right or left brain preference, your natural temperament and personality type and anything else that can help you in realizing you are a worthwhile person and you have a God-given purpose on earth. When, I cam along we did not know as much about these things as we do now. However, when I was growing us, kids were not drugged as they are now. Yet, we know more about how we are unique individuals than we do now; and we somehow forget it and prefer the toxic, addictive drug and therapy excuse for all age groups; adult and child. I say this: It is never too late to find out who you really are; your strengths, intelligences, the way you learn, whether you prefer the right brain or left brain, etc. All I suggest is please stay away from the “new age whoo-whoo” and your local psychiatrist, mental health clinic and vocational rehabilitation. Vocational Rehabilitation will test you, say so and so about you, and then do absolutely nothing to help you realize any accomplishments (possible ways of employment) from who you are, and then wonder why you are dismayed. Thank you.

  • Personality traits are inheritable; yet they are not. Since “mental Illness” is a way to pathologize “the human condition” for monetary gain and Orwellian control; it is totally not possible. I would say illogical; but logic is not one of my strengths. However, I will say many times I have heard my mother or my father say to both my sister and me as to a behavior, talent, skill, ability, or personality trait; “Where did you get that from? It didn’t come from me or my parents!” I had heard that traits are heritable for five generations; but, now through genetic ancestral testing; they can determine your “racial” hereditary for up to about 1,000 years (I think.) You see, we really know very little about where we got came from. Although, interesting and at times beneficial to undertake either a personal or wider range study of this; it might be more beneficial to us if we concentrate on what make us unique and what good we can contribute to an ailing society. I have found Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, the Learning Styles of Visual, Kinesthetic, and Auditory, Right Brain/Left Brain Thinking, Myers-Briggs, Temperament Theory, and even style and color theory to be liberating and hopeful. All of these appreciate what is good about me; and not what is sick, disordered, diseased, or defective. Lets not worry about what we inherit. Let’s celebrate who we are; our special uniqueness that only God could give us and be more concerned about leaving the world a better place than when we found it no matter our religious or philosophical beliefs. One of the problems with this society is that we seek to have each person conform to a false image in all areas of life. This is not the will of God. This is not in the best interest of humanity and of the glorious creation of God. Thank you.

  • I am very pleased that a newspaper such as The New York Times is publishing a series of articles about someone going off psych meds and her experiences, feelings, and suggestions for others who wish to do the same. Perhaps, if more of this type of article or discussion gets into mainstream media; it will much more fashionable to go off the psych meds or hopefully never take the psych meds in the first place; then BigPharma, the psychiatrists, and the whole “mental illness conglomerate” including their buddy, NAMI, and some of the alleged “patient advocate” groups will have to find another way to make a living. The are ways to be prosperous and abundant and not hurt, harm, or maim people, maybe for life for some; and steal their selves; creating a real zombie nation. However, off the meds, as shown by the author of these pieces, the real self can be reclaimed and being a zombie – well, one can return to life and the living again. I am working on this process at present. Some days are better than others; but each day is one day farther from those evil, toxic, addictive meds and their effects upon me.

  • Why are they even concerned whether therapy can be either “helpful or harmful” in “first psychosis” since it is now mostly determined and, of course, denied by Big Pharma and the “mental illness industry” including psychiatrists, LCSW therapists, and NAMI that most psychoses are caused by the anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, benzos, mood stabilizers and all the other drugs and stuff they try to coerce and “force feed” into to us “for our own good.”

  • I read this article and it is very good. It could be extrapolated and extended to include the whole toxic and addictive range of prescribed psychiatric drugs; but the author was only familiar with Adderall and Ritalin. I read many, not all of the comments and was sadly amazed at how many were so effective in “rationalizing” their needs for these drugs. Two things were the most tragic; how one person kept denying their relationship to such drugs as cocaine and how they were actually more awful. Second, was the mother who rationalized giving it to her children. What parents and doctors can do to their innocent, vulnerable children. All I would like to say to her is that I am thankful that she is not my mother.

  • How about we come to the realization that most drugs are counterfeit in that they usually inflict toxic, addictive, long-term, and sometimes fatal damage to the individual. Many, if not most are manufactured as synthetic and it is a natural occurrence of the body and the mind to reject that which is foreign to it. This is so with our “very being.” Thus, why we must fight against psychiatry and the mental illness falsehood industry.

    I would like to suggest this; however. I admit that I am no scientist or physician. Yet, I have developed a “layman’s” theory. It appears to me that when the body or mind is first attacked with a traumatic substance and that includes bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells, etc. The body and mind then immediately mobilize to fight those insurgents. Sometimes, they are successful. It has been discovered that many small cancers invade bodies daily and are successfully defeated. However, we then add some kind of chemical or other type method to attack these infiltrators to the body and the mind.

    Then, the body and mind must fight off two invaders; the first trauma and then the second trauma; the chemical or other type method. Sometimes, the body and mind have successfully fought off the first trauma ( the virus, bacteria, cancer, or abuse) but then must still fight off the second trauma (the chemical or other type therapy.) So, the misery is prolonged and in many cases is dangerous, debilitating, or even fatal causing all kinds of horrible “side effects.” This is so dangerous in psychiatric medicine, which is not medicine at all as to cause to rebel and fight for our lives and “sanity.” However, this must also be considered in “traditional physical medicine.” Most health care providers are oblivious to this and many could care less. This is not to say we should abandon the chemical or other type method of attacking the problems. But, the health care providers need to be honest with us about these methods of attacking the problems and that they may be more dangerous than the actual disease or disorder. In psychiatry, where disorders have actually been made up for chemical therapy, it is paramount. But, please do not forget that even in “traditional physical medicine” there are “made up diseases” also for the virtue of use of chemical or other type therapies. I am not trying to minimize the suffering of cancer and other diseases and that there might have been inroads in their cure and treatments; but it is necessary for each patient diagnosed with whatever disease or disorder to give due consideration and thought before beginning any kind of treatment; if possible. Your short-term, long-term health, life and “sanity” and “well-being” depend on it. I welcome those who both may agree or have an alternative viewpoint who respect my opinion. Thank you.

  • This is a very interesting and thought-provoking article from High Times. I took Adderall for about two months in 2001. It was supposed to help me “focus” and “concentrate.” Actually, I am quite good at “focusing” and “concentrating.” I stopped taking Adderall. I told my uncaring psychiatrist that it did not work! It cause me not to focus, to not remember things, and to feel like my brain was devoid of all intelligent thought. Coffee cause me the same reaction. I don’t know why. I failed an Algebra test in college because I studied under the effects of coffee. Yesterday, I mistakenly drank coffee and couldn’t remember the name of the guest pastor at my church or the name of the small town where my Grandmother taught school near where I went fishing Saturday night. I had also mistakenly drank iced coffee on Saturday. Like everyone else, I have an addition to an individual personality; an individual body chemistry; all ignored by psychiatry and lately ignored by “regular medicine.”

  • subvet416, what you have reported about lithium and your experiences with lithium was interesting and alarming. I was lithium on and off since 1992 until this year. I became concerned about lithium; when I kept seeing ads on television and then the lithium batteries in the local drugstore. I don’t know hardly anything about chemistry; as I am chemistry drop-out from college; yet I thought to myself; why I am ingesting something each day that is similar to a chemical in batteries. Lately, I have heard the air companies have been various lithium batteries from airplanes as they can cause dangerous fires. I heard we use these batteries in our computers and smartphones. A lithium battery is most likely allowing me to type this post. When, I started to take lithium, they told me it was just a salt and not to be a salt-restrictive diet and drink sports drinks. On lithium or not; the only thing that leads me to thoughts that may be of a suicidal nature is when someone abuses me, threatens me, criticizes me unmercifully, causes me unneeded false shame and guilt just for being me and being my unique, free-spirited, creative, poetic, optimistic, etc. self. What frees me from these thoughts is my faith and belief in God and my acceptance as Jesus Christ as my personal savior. Jesus loves me for being my special, unique me; even if some in my world discount me and seek to make me feel bad for me; being me.
    My question; who would ever have thought that the same similar ingredient used in batteries and nuclear weapons could be good for you and be used against the false disease of “bi-polar ” disorder or whatever? Whose mind is more messed up? Please tell me.

  • I am concerned that they disrupted the sleep of the vulnerable infant cats; just little kittens that might live down my street. If you give them a chance or opening; they will disrupt the sleep of infant humans or even child humans, teen-age humans; or adult humans; all in the name of science. These drugs are toxic and there needs to be no study to tell us what we already know. This is not the only assault on our most precious intimate time; our sleep. It seems so highly Orwellian that in many ways we do seek to disrupt our sleep. It seems to me that by disrupting the sleep; they may gain control and authority of our minds, emotions, and eventually our spirits. It starts with the vulnerable soft, cuddly kittens and ends with the vulnerable humans. Guard your sleep.

  • Of course the treatments do not work. Since most “so-called mental illnesses” are actually the result of some type of trauma or abuse; emotional, sexual, verbal, physical or unknown or whatever.
    Toxic., addictive, ineffectual drugs can not work on such pain, misery, agony, and result feelings of worthlessness. Such a person needs love and ” affirmation” of his self- worth and someone to believe in him again as someone who has strengths, talents, skills, abilities, gifts, and special temperament to contribute to “society.” Such a person needs to know it is very wonderful to be who he is; his unique; God-given and blessed self. Until we take this approach; nothing will work. Additionally, the person needs to be believed that it was some type of abuse or trauma; not that it was that the “parent” or other authority figure actually loved the person or had his best interests at heart. Yes, in this system; we “reward” the abuser and “discount” the abused.

  • I’m sorry if you have trouble reading what I wrote. I mean no offense. My mind has always thought faster than either the pen or keyboard. I guess that is something else that I have been prescribed for (against) or should be by psychiatric thinking. What one of my evil psychiatrists say it was something about “mania” or “thinking too fast or too much.” I’ll work on doing better. Thank you for letting me know.

  • You mentioned “gum smacking.” I am definitely sensitive to that; amongst other things you listed. My late sister was very sensitive to “gum smacking. ” I inherited from her. Thank God, she never got a illicit psychiatric diagnosis because of it and put on dangerous, toxic, addictive drugs like I was. She did get put on toxic chemotherapy and radiation because she came down with Hodgkin’s disease, and then lung cancer and blood clots from the chemotherapy and radiation. She actually died from a blood clot to her brain one Sunday evening. She had a theory about the “gum smacking.” She said these were people so tragically disgusted with themselves and not willing to work for what they wanted out of life; including joy; they sought to tyrannize everyone with their “gum smacking.” So, perhaps, it is not ony sensitivity to the sound of the “gum smacking” which is EXTREMELY ANNOYING AND IRRITATING TO THE EARS!; but also to the fact those who “gum smack” are unexceptionally and tragically unhappy and they want to control others with their self-imposed misery, and self-righteous sanctimonious suffering and pain. Additionally, they do not want you to forget it!

  • Most of my real damaging diagnoses came after I had put on several different kinds of toxic, addictive psychiatric drugs which conventianly made it so I was kind of like the DSM descriptions they had made up in their minds without any kind of scientific “testing.” As they were starting me on the drugs in the early nineties and again in the late nineties; they just “made it up as they went along” so they would have a reason to give me a prescription. I probably assisted; as I even made up things to get their approval. But, the real worst of it came after I had been on several different toxic, addictive drugs, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, benzos, etc. It’s amazing how they think you need drugs for common life experiences as losing your very best friend, your sister and moving and leaving one town and one job for a new town and the unknown. It is tragic how they can pathologize being a “normal human being” reacting to the experiences of being a “normal human being.” I could go on and on. Thank you.

  • I am very glad to see an article such as this in a mainstream news magazine questioning the efficacy and prescribing of psychiatric drugs. It has been noted by the mainstream news media that the number of people on social security disability has “skyrocketed” and that next year, there may be “cuts” in payment. Of course, all of this must pass and be legislated by both houses of Congress and then signed by the president. Many times, this rise is attributed to the governmental policies of the Obama administration. This may be part of it. However, what has yet to be realized by the media and the politicians is that the rise in social security disability recepients correlates with the rise in the use of psychiatric prescription as noted by Robert Whitaker and others. Many want to reform the disability system/process, Where I live there is a backlog of applicants and many who should be getting disability turned down several times; when maybe they should be on disability. It may be that those desiring disability for “physical needs” may be turned down in favor of those with allegedly “mental needs.” I really don’t know. It’s just a guess in my mind. I think there may be many who really want to get off the disability and return to contributing to society and meaningful paid employment. The problem is there are very few satisfactory ways to make the transition and transformation. Most non profit agencies that say they help people back to work are just “puppets of the politically correct government” and have no idea how to help in this transition and most would rather keep the status quo of “the alleged mentally ill on psychiatric drugs” on disability even when they could be contributing to society and working in meaningful paid employment. The Social Security Disability system most likely does need reform. Many on disability need to come off of it. They do not wish to be fraudulent or take advantage of the system. It is just that the toxic addictive psychiatric drugs made many otherwise healthy individuals sicker than they ever thought they could be and they got “disorders and diseases right from the drugs.” It is like this ” THIS IS MY BRAIN ON TOXIC, ADDICTIVE PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS!”

  • On the 40+ plus aged grown up children; the one who posted about this is so right. Even to this day, my mother is terrified that something I might do might affect her in some way. Her manner of showing love is “criticism” and “threats” of something terrible that might happen to me. She is tragically unable to consider that even suggesting a positive outcome; that even suggesting there might be improvement although it is not seen at that time; that even suggesting that my way of dealing with the problem may actually be workable. In her mind, there is only one way and that is her way. Any other way is to “coddle” me and to not make me face up to ‘reality” (which is her defeatist reality, alone) There is only one outcome for me and that would mean the end of her world; unless I do it her way. Not even God’s way is as good as her way. In retrospect; the raising of children who are now 40+ adults was a manner of selfishness that was (is) more in favor of the parents and seeks to inform the child (even as an adult) that she is not a worthwhile individual and no matter what she says, thinks, does, acts; it will never be good enough; because she is still a child and knows absolutely nothing. My mother says, “I am eighty and I know everything; even more than anyone else in the world I could access for counsel; including my banker, my dermatologist, my pastor, etc.” Yes, there is a lot to be said for the pathologizing and medicating of “normal” behavior, feelings, and thoughts of all age groups. The damage it has caused is incomprehensible; but the generation that raised the 40+ adults of today caused a ready made “clientele” for this evil. Now, I believe that my sister probably became sick and died from cancer because of all this “lack of real love” for a generation. I know now that people like my mother to be understanding and uplifting to their children would be to them an act that they did not really love them. This is perverse; but is a tragic reality.

  • I, also, should add that all our distress, either physical, mental, or spiritual is now considered by the illicit “professionals” as “self-inflicted.” We should be responsible as adults; but considering all distress as “self-inflicted” is irresponsible on the part of the “professionals” and inherently damaging, and thus leads to an early death of the individual unless one fights back. Many in our society just give up.

  • Consider the “new Age” implosion into our daily, family, work, and economic life also. For instance; we can “create our own reality”; “if someone else is angry or upset with us, it is a reflection of that which must be corrected within us”; “the positive thinking mess which means if I only think, visualize, and meditate on what I wish for; job, money success, relationship success; we will have it.” Create what you desire and put it into a pretty pink bubble and send it off into the universe and voila; it will come true for you. This is not to disregard the mental illness industry, the psychiatrists, Big Pharma, politics, society, etc. As far as psychiatrists, Big Pharma, and the “mental illnesses industry” they are just in greed, corruption, and a desire to control our lives like Big Brother are taking advantage of our distress. This also includes the medical community also who now and repeatedly whether in the media, internet, or in the doctors’ offices blaime us for “physical ills” and say they are “self-inflicted.” These concepts and realities all add to the anxiety we feel as Americans; in addition to what is mentioned above and the mass drugging of America and the side effect of therapy only increases the pain, the distress, and the agony. Now we must all deal with the concept that we are “defective” or disordered or diseased. Yes, Christianity teaches we are sinful; but not until in the past twenty to thirty years did we actually become defective, diseased and disordered also.

  • I am an adult and was an adult when first prescribed the dangerous psychiatric medications. I am sure that if I were a teen-ager in the twenty-first century; I would be prescribed these terrible drugs because I am bright, creative, head-strong, strong-willed, and exuberant. Many times, my natural personality; especially now that I am not taking the drugs and reclaiming my true self can cause “problems” with others such as my mother; who doesn’t always understand me. I wish I had someone like you, a caring, knowledgeable person who wishes to keep a bright young person from harm; in my corner; even as an adult. But, I am strong and I can take care of myself. I do wish you much luck in what you do. You seem to be kind of an “earth angel.” So many bright, creative, strong-willed minds, of all ages have been damaged by illicit diagnosis of bi-polar disorder, schizo-affective disorder, even schizophrenia, and other false made up disorders. Additionally, the toxix, addictive drugs, and various “treatments” such as CBT, DBT, ACT, psycho-social clubhouses, sheltered workshops, and other such nonsense have sought to “dumb-down” and destroy the minds, self-worth, potential, and natural God-given temperments, personality, gifts, abilities and talents of so many in these times. I cry inside for all of us; but I am strong. I will not only survive. I will thrive. God bless your caring and knowledge.

  • You are all so right. What are known as psychiatric drugs cause psychiatric illness and the individual enters into a vicious cycle of pain, misery, anguish that not involves aspects of the brain; but the body, also. I know that these evil drugs are not only toxic; but incredibly addictive; maybe more so than heroin, cocaine, or any of the rest of illegal drugs; because the withdrawal is such that when it is my time; I must go to heaven to be with Jesus; because I have already been to “hell” with the “devil.” I do hope and pray this vulnerable, innocent young woman is weaned decently and humanely from these drugs; her illicit diagnosis, and the pain that man caused her.

  • There is one other thing to consider about psychiatrists and their associated medication prescribers. Being jumped around from psychiatrist to psychiatrist, medication prescriber to medication prescriber; I have very rarely known to question me as to any side effects or adverse or allergic effects from any previously prescribed psychiatric medication from a previous presciber. They will prescribe a medication for you even over your protestions about the harm it caused you. Psychiatry is the most unethical branch of medicine; but, it really isn’t medicine at all. And, tragically, this type of behavior is seeping into otherwise formally legimatate types of medicine. The tragedy in our health care continues.

  • There is one more thing that has continually bothered me about psychiatry and psychiatrists and others who prescribe like medication in “so-called mental health clinics” I have know them to take my weight, my blood pressure, ask me if I am in any pain, ask me maybe a few other questions about how I might be feeling. But, nowhere, did these “alleged medical specialists” take a medical history or even inquire about a “family medical history” as I have know them to do even in the worst and most unethical of family practice doctors’s offices. They never did find out that there was diabetes and cancer in my family medical history and thus they prescribed heavy duty atypical anti-psychotics that could hasten these diseases in me. I do not believe that just because my father had cancer or diabetes that I would necessarily get these diseases on or off the medication; but it is terribly irresonsibily and unethical for them to consider this when prescribing or to not prescribe because of this. They also never inquired as to my own personal medical history which shows a great sensitivity and allergy to both the sun and heat which goes back to my early childhood; when as a child I was forbidden to go outside in the summer heat to safeguard my health. (This was difficult growing up in the Hot South.)
    They still prescribed me lithium and other psychiatric medications which compromised my body’s health with the pressures of the heat. All of this while living in the “Hot South!.” To consider psychiatry as a legitimate “medical profession” seems incomprensible to me now. I am saddened and at times enraged with myself for putting my “faith” into a “science” that has almost killed me. I have seen so much unethical, non Hippocratic behavior in this profession. For instance, there is the psychiatrist who just dropped me at the end of the session as I went to make a new appointment; because she was afraid I could not pay her fees; due to my insurance deductible. I was on medication, of course, and she did not see any way to get me to another psychiatrist who could monitor me. I told this to another therapist that I had later in my “mental illness career” and she said; “Oh that psychiatrist was so great. I worked with her at so and so.” Now a defunct, bankrupt health care company. I do not know what to say anymore. Those of us who have sought help have I guess been abused. Now, this behavior has seeped into traditional medical arenas. The health of our nation is at stake. In retrospect, I think for all my health needs, I would be better off seeing an old “granny” in the mountains; rather than modern health doctors. I think I would live longer, be healthier, happier, stronger; and more energetic. The whole health care industry and especially the mental illness part is a tragedy beyond comprehension and is a threat to our nations security just as much as ISIS or any other terrorist organization is. Frontline on PBS did an expose in 2013 on the fact that Big Pharma is no longer producing antibiotics in favor of the drugs for long tern use; statins, diabetic drugs, and of course drugs for things like ADHD and people are now again dying and becoming disabled from biological illnesses that are becoming more awful. But, they only scratched the surface. Frontline needs to do an expose on some of the works listed on this website and some of our pain. You see, the drug companies insistence on creating these toxic, addictive drugs and avoiding the other drugs; like the antibiotic drugs might be the death of us all. It is not just the psychiatric drugs. What a drug company executive said to the reporter on this show; “It is a management portfolio decision.” Some of these companies are known to produce the psychiatric drugs. And yet, we suffer and die daily.

  • This time, I respectfully disagree with you, B. Capitalism is a huge problem in that it can breed contempt corruption, and greed; however, I am afraid that socialism may breed dehumization and an even more Orwellian life than we are already inhabitating. I know that many will not agree with me or find me either not politically correct or trying to convert you to a belief system you find difficult to consider; but I am thoroughly convinced after all I have been through in this life, that JESUS IS THE ANSWER; to all questions. Thank you for letting me state my opinion.

  • B, You are so right. I have never known a psychiatrist to listen; to truly listen. I imagine that there are some somewhere; I just have not found them. Most of the “therapists” never really hear you either. I think all they hear is based on some irresponsible theory made up by some academic and the truth that is there; well is never heard. All the psychiatrist wants to do is prescribe medication. All the therapist wants to do is get you into some type of “therapy” or “program” that further dehumanizes you, demeans you, and reinforces to you the unmitigated LIE that you are defective. Please forgive my cynicism after years in the mental illness industry; I am just so very tired of being considered less a human being than I am, not having any intelligence, and being involved in meaningless activities that are alleged to be “therapeutic.” I do not want any more therapy. I just want to be considered the gifted human being that the Good Lord “so wonderfully made.” Is that too much to ask of this world?

  • This is my experience with the benzo drugs. These are drugs. They are addictive and usually the patient is uniformed of that. It is wrong to blame the patient that he needed the benzos for a few night’s sleep and then got addicted on his own. These drugs are prescribed by psychiatrists and physicians. Never forget that. In the late 1990s I was put on 5 mg klonopin at breakfast and again at bedtime. I guess for anxiety, ocd, whatever the psychiatrist made up with his disorganized pencil and paper. I remained on klonopin until October 2002 after my sister died of cancer. My then psychiatrist, who eventually left the clinic I went to and went to the county; abruptly changed my klonopin to 10mg valium in the morning and 10 mg at bedtime. I remained on that dosage even with another change in psychiatrists until April of 2013 when I was very abruptly taken off all the psychiatric drugs I was taking at the time; due to an alleged diagnosis of “sleep apnea.” I had been hospitalized. I could not awaken enough to even eat, go to the bathroom, or dress myself. There was absolutely no tapereing off of any of the meds; even the valium. My psychiatrist said that he hospital doctors did what was right.
    After that, I was subjected to some type of “pap machine” in the hospital that was very loud, noisy and the oxygen/wind in the mask moved one of my teeth until it touched another tooth. (I have had a gap in my teeth since early childhood) This movement was so severe that I can barely eat on that side of my mouth and it times of stress or bad food; it causes a sore on my tongue. Each day, I feel it in my mouth as if I had an impediment there. I was then put on one of those “pap machines” at my home after the hospital. At this time, I used a nasal mask; because my face was too small to accommodate any other mask. This nasal mask caused some strange noises in my nose that I believe would have caused damage and needed surgery; if I had not stopped the use of that machine. The respitory therapist thought it was caused by not having a special computer card in the machine. So, here, we see Big Brother inserting himself into our most intimate time of sleep and dreams; which I had none when using the machine. I still have trouble getting dreams at night. Throughout this time; I had insomnia which lasted over an hour, intense anxiety, and a never-ending heart palpitations that lasted both day and night. I brought this up with several doctors. they either did not want to help me or tried to give me more toxic unhelpful drugs like Zyprexz. I now believe that the results from the computerized sleep study could be manipulated to suit the health provider’s needs and that the reason I could not wake up was due to the excessive use of medications for nearly twenty years and particularly in the last eleven years; including the benzos. My poor drugged body had just had it and all it could was sleep. It was in its sadly ineffective way trying to heal itself. The psychiatrist who said the hospital did right by me by abruptly taking me off all the meds except lithium left within six months to the west coast; never to be seen again. The mental health clinic I was going to no longer had psychiatric/medication services available. I had to go elsewhere if I wanted that kind of service. The other doctors left their practices and went to other practices. One went to another part of town and affliated himself with another health care organization. The other went to a concierge service charging $1,000 a year for just regular doctor service you could get anywhere in town. I moved from that town. I had also been “abused” by other doctors; including a gyn doctor who refused to help with my problems. I now believe that most what I went through was a definite horrific combination of psych drug withdrawal; including the benzos and the nighttime use of the “pap machine” I no longer take any drugs except an occasional liquid Tylenol for a headache or a “charley horse.” I can not even take a vitamin. I am now so distrustful of the entire medical community; I have yet to set up a relationship with a general practitioner since moving to a new town in different part of the state. I have seen a dermatologist in town; as he is the only one who treats me with respect! I have come to the conclusion that if you desire to live to be 100 years old and I do; it is healthier to stay away from the entire medical community in this day and time. I should add one more thing; I was on so many different psych drugs over the years; that I can barely remember them all. These drugs can kill you and at the very least make your life a total mind , body, and spirit terror. Thank you very much.

  • This is the way the psychiatrist thinks: I state that I do not want to do any more “drugs” I feel like I do when I stopped drinking alcohol in my twenties; clean inside and out. I do convince her to take me off lithium, finally; but, she then, upon my objections and after what I told her, prescribes a low dose of risperidal; probably one of the toxic drugs that caused me all the horrific trouble in the first place. WHY? She was afraid that I would “relapse” so this was supposed to be a “prevention?” She did not listen to me. I refuse to see her. Earlier, this year she was admonishing me for not sticking with Seroquel long enough for it to work. Seroquel gave me zombieism and “psychotic thinking.” Before, any of these “drugs”, I was never psychotic; just normal depression, maybe some anxiety, a prolonged identity and career crisis, and then grief from my sister’s death. I did have a occasional suicidal thoughts and self-harming thoughts as a young person. My father served in Vietnam. I had some obstacles to overcome; but, would have been fine without the “drugs.” On the “drugs” I somehow got OCD, schizo-affective disorder and who knows what else. Before the “drugs” I had my bad days and maybe months, but, I was ME. After the “drugs”, I am trying to restore “ME” to “ME” Thank God, I have found salvation through Jesus Christ and He has guided me to a local church, books, scripture, and daily walks that help me. With the help of Jesus Christ, I am coming home to myself free from the “drugs” that are against His teachings and Love.

  • I would like to say this. You are a very courageous mother and woman. I applaud what you have you done. I don’t care what anyone may say. The medications-all medications- are very dangerous and especially to those still growing like your precious daughter. I am very glad for you that she is doing better. I have my doubts about DBT; but, am glad it worked for your daughter.
    I did not get into the medication racket until I was in my thirties; no longer a child. I have finally stopped taking the meds in the last two years. I can no longer take any pills. I do take “liquid Tylenol” occasionally for the “withdrawal aches, pains, and headaches.”
    I do remember what my late sister said when I first got prescribed the toxic, addictive psychiatric medications back in the winter of 1991. She said in despair, ” I DON’T WANT TO LOSE YOU!!!”
    Sadly, I lost her to cancer and a blood clot in her brain. The cancer is horrible and probably would have caused her death; but the blood clot that really killed her was a side effect from all the chemotherapy and treatments she received. I have no proof. My parents refused to do an autopsy.
    I don’t care what anyone says. DRUGS KILL-ALL DRUGS;JUST LISTEN TO THE ADDS AND THE SIDE EFFECTS THEY DESCRIBE!!! Please listen. I know the cancer was killing my sister; but, I believe the drugs and treatments assisted in her untimely death. We should think about this in terms of psychiatry, also and definitely and in all medicine likewise. Buyer beware, as they say; is so very important because the well-being and lives of ourselves and our loved ones and the population of the planet are at stake. Now, they even have drugs for our pet dogs that have “deadly side effects.” All we have now is God. Please help us! Thank you.

  • I bought four books on CBT. One of them wanted you to list the “pros and cons” of medication for you; as if there are any “pros” since, they damage your mind, body, and spirit so horribly. I worked on one CBT book’s little exercises. I found out that all it did was emphasize the “anger” I already had towards my psychiatrist who still considered me “defective” and “in need of medication to prevent a relapse.” I ended up staying awake all night trying to deal with this “anger” I already knew I had. In retrospect, I know I wasted my money. I had been told how great CBT was. Now, I know it is a sham. I know that some may disagree with me; but, for me I have found the only real help in God, Jesus Christ, and Biblical Scripture and the community I have been able to find in a new local church. I pray each person finds the way that works for you; so, you can see the truth and realize you are not “defective” after all; but a real live human being with a real live destiny and life purpose. Also, realize that is truly okay to be yourself and not deny who you really are. And someday, you can say to yourself like the old hymn; “it is well in my soul.”

  • If you are “poor” or a minority; you will end up in jail or prison. If you’re probably white or middle to upper class, you’ll end up in the “mental illness.” All are efforts to deny our true selves as given to us by the grace of God. All because somehow; we have lost our love and compassion in our culture that continues to treat people as less than human; even less than the “animals” we love so dearly.

  • Someone Else, I vowed I would not post online unless necessary; but, I will post to answer you. I did speak to a doctor yesterday who is a psychiatrist who works with people undergoing drug withdrawal. I told him my story. And he told me somethings to look out during this withdrawal process. He told me it was important to tell people my story. He also told me to be patient, gentle, and good with myself as I undergo this process. He told me about keeping a journal. But, I actually have done that forever. I write my poetry and I write in my notebooks anything on my mind. I walk probably several times a day if possible. I walk when I am angry or raging. I walk when I am sad or restless or upset. I walk to pray. When a bad thought enters my mind; I say it is either the medicine’s effects still working on me or Satan trying to get to me (which I know the psychiatrist would consider it a form od sickness!) I read my Bible and daily devotionals. I went to a church in town in Sunday. Tonight, I go to a Bible Study. On Saturday; I am hiking with an outdoor group from the church. On Sunday evening, I am going to a social at a church member’ s house. And, of course, there is Sunday morning services to attend. He was pleased that I was getting out again. I think he was also pleased that despite everything I was doing as well as I was. Of course, he did tell me some things to look out for. I read, do crafts, and talk to my cat. I also watch my tv. The only time I was ever hospitalized was when I was on those drugs. I can not apologize for my feistiness, my exuberance, my opinionatedness. I guess that is what was hidden and was actually keeping alive despite it all. I have no plans to get into the hospital and now know that by not taking the meds will keep me well and out of the hospital. I believe that part of what you are seeing is the real me emerging again after years of medication and “subjugation.” I am relearning who I am again. I now know God has a purpose and a passion for me. All I need to is just listen to Him; not modern medicine. God and Jesus are the real ones that do the healing. You have many good ideas and I thank you for sharing your experiences with me. I have learned much. Each day is an adventure for me now and I do love an adventure!

  • Mark, lest you forget killing oneself is just as horrible as killing other people. It is tragic that he killed other people. It would be just as tragic if he took his own life. Each person is of value to God. In the end; there were many victims here; the shootist and those he injured or killed and those that witnessed this terrible event and those that were left behind. siw2f3; please have more compassion. Yes, he is guilty and yes; he should be required to make “payment” for his crimes. He hurt many people and he hurt himself. Perhaps, in the end, the guilt and the responsibility rests with all of us who bought into the dangerous concept there are mental illnesses, they are caused by some brain malfunction; and can be relieved or maybe subdued by harmful drugs that in turn cause the same effects as we allegedly thought were supposed to stop. There is no easy answer; except to get these drugs off the streets and out of doctor’s hands; just as we would heroin, LSD, or cocaine. Also, we need to return love, compassion, and understanding. If this man had met with love when he first became troubled, perhaps all this resulting tragedy might never have occurred and thirteen lives would have been saved. There is a reason the spiritual truths of the world speak of love as so important. Love is the glue that heals everything. All I ask is that you who seek to judge; find love and leave the judgements to God.

  • Additionally, I do not believe that what we choose to do is who are. Sometimes we are forced beyond reason or circumstances to do things we would not otherwise choose to do. Abuse can cause this. Also can these horrific medications and even the beliefs of a world that locks people into unfounded beliefs about themselves such as the error belief of “mental illness and the broken brain.”

  • I think “imbecile” may be too strong a word to use for the shooter. He just tragically for him and his victims did not know any better and had lost all hope. This is something so horrific; it is beyond anything to say in the English language. I do not like to use word the blaim; but psychiatry and its medical model and the horrific psych medications must bear a good deal of responsibility. This shooter was not an imbecile; just a very tragic victim; as are those he killed and injured from this very sick, broken, and psychopathic model of “mental illness as brain disease and the horrific drugs we use to think we fix and enslave it.” This makes me to very sad; not accusatory.

  • SomeoneElse, thank you for listening to me and saying my voice does matter. I guess I was beginning to think maybe what I said was just something to be criticized and reject the validity of my experiences and that I may not know anything at all. I have been probably totally off the psych meds maybe a month or so. But, I have been on and off the psych meds for the last two years. When the doctors said I had sleep apnea; they abruptly took off valium and I had been on either valium or klonopin since the late 1990s. They actually took me off everything except lithium. Then, they tried to add back the useless, dangerous drugs. I, myself, after that experience would just go off the drugs; especially if the side effects were too awful to tolerate or I was afraid of weight gain. I got very very sick this winter and I had this gut effect that it was a long term side effects of the drugs; though I didn’t quite put it into the frame of drug withdrawal until I read websites like Mad in America, Beyond meds, and Recovering Psychiatry. I am not sure about what you mean about drug induced mania; since, I an not taking any of the meds now. But, I can sure bet that I have had drug induced mania from all the anti-depressants that I have been and drug- induced psychosis. I started on this drug mania about twenty years ago. I didn’t know any better. What really woke me up was how I felt when I totally stopped the drugs a couple of months ago. I drank a lot in college and just after. Why? I am not sure. When, I stopped drinking, I noticed how clean I felt from no longer drinking. I guess it was my body and mind telling me that I was free from their toxicity. That is the defining moment that I knew how harmful it had been for me. Some of the other pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place for me in my mind. I tried to explain this to my psychiatrist; but she ignored me as I meant nothing and prescribed me risperidal because she was afraid of a relapse. Doesn’t she realize it was most likely risperidal that started me down the wall of pain and shame in the first place? I am seeing a psychiatrist in Asheville, NC on Monday to answer my questions and make sure I am cognizant of everything I need to know about psych drug withdrawal and also to tell him my story and tell him the dreams that God has given me for after all this nightmare. My mother calls me extravagant for driving up to Asheville; but, she doesn’t know why I am going or that I am no longer taking my meds. When my meds did get pared down somewhat last year (officially) she said; “Aren’t they going to give you something for your temper? I need to talk to them.” This will cost me $200; so, I will need to make up something about that! I read something in this book by Michael W. Smith. The book is It’s Time to Be Bold. He said he would consult the Bible before a psychologist. I wish I had known that truth. I would have been saved so much pain and money. It’s my goal to get my life totally back and with the help of God and Jesus, I know I will achieve that. Each day, I do get stronger and stronger. I know I get a little feisty. It might be part of my nature that has kept me alive through all this. I just feel I do have a story to tell and like everyone else I get upset when people disregard my story and tell me my opinions don’t count for anything. Maybe, after all I have been through, I might be more sensitive than most. But, when things get to me; I walk, pray, write poetry, and read scripture. I do appreciate your praying for me. I will pray for you, too. I will also pray for those who don’t care to listen to me. I am trying in whatever way possible to get better. Thank you so very much. I couldn’t get the reply off your post; so, I actually replied off one of my previous posts.

  • Sadly, I am not concerned whether you agree with me or not. I do think it must be remembered that before Robert Whitaker and others started speak up about the psychiatric/big pharma industry; it was believed by all of us that what might be considered “mental illness” might not be biochemical at all; might not need or be dangerous harmed by medication; might have other long term and dangerous illnesses caused by them; such as diabetes; and may not actually be “mental illnesses” at all; but responses to a seemingly “sicker” and “sicker” society. Second; just as in psychiatric medication and treatment; any person has the right to refuse any kind of medical treatment! We are fighting for the right of persons to maintain control of their own body, mind, and spirit without threat or coercion. This, not only, includes the dehumization of psychiatric treatment; but, also all other medical treatments which are all also becoming more dehumanized and less concerned about the person and what is best for the person. I do have a right to my opinion and my life, health, and sanity. To your astonishment; it was my psychiatrist who did refer me for this sleep apnea stuff. It was just almost the end of a very long road of pain and agony that never should have happened. You see; you all speak before getting the facts or before being concerned about the innate rights of the person. I thought that psychiatric survivor rights meant gaining the humane rights of the human being back. It is not you to judge how I have suffered; as I do not wish to judge how you have suffered in your life. I am saddened that you have cared not for my story; but, only relied on data from the “experts’ As we well know from learning about the tragic effects of psychiatry and big pharma upon the world; we now well know just because you are “expert” does not make you right! I do not mean to speak as I do. Perhaps, I am controversial; but, I have had terrifying experiences in this area that are equal to what I have experienced under the enslavement of psychiatry. If you are unable to maintain an open mind and are unable to value the story and the opinion of others; perhaps, you might find another website to post. Please forgive me for what I have said; but, no one seeks to criticize someone for what they have undergone at the hands of psychiatry (And I have undergone much, there, also); so, you should not criticize what one has undergone at the enslavement of other medical specialities; perhaps; even related. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I am sorry to have to say this. Have a great day!

  • Nothing in this world can help you lose weight if you are on medications like most; if not all psych medications. I have talked to many others who have tried proper diet and exercise; in fact; exercising themselves almost excessively; but still can not lose weight. Perhaps, you should read more of Robert Whitaker and others. For some reason; psych medications do an awful number on the metabolism; which is of course, another reason that are so dangerous!

  • Sleep apnea may be a real physical condition. It is perhaps a very frightening to stop breathing while sleeping. I did not say it was a psychiatric disorder. I will say this in my experience I was treated with the same dehumanizing treatment from those who said they were treating me for “sleep apnea.” I will also say that there is a possibility in my mind that for some who are experiencing sleep apnea; it may well be a horrible side effect from these psychiatric medications. After my withdrawal from the psychiatric medications; there was definite improvement for me. It is also very unethical that many times after someone was supposed to be diagnosed with sleep apnea which they say may be partly caused by “excess weight”; the psychiatrist will still prescribe medications for which the side effect is weight gain. Additionally, I do not think we have yet to understand either the short term or long term effects of these machines upon the body or mind. They are usually glossed over and never discussed by the physician which is similar to what occurs with the psychiatrist. Additionally, if the machines do not work or cause horrible, debilitating side effects; there is never any discussion, consideration, or concern if there is a safer alternative for treatment. When I brought up the problems I was experiencing with my doctor; he just said so what; this what the sleep study says and it is gospel and I don’t care what you are experiencing. These sleep medicine clinics are cropping all across the country with their adjacent agencies with only money in mind. It is to my concern why there is never been any real further treatment provided except for maybe dental devises for sleep apnea. If there is a difficulty or side effect to be reported; it is slid under the rug. I realize what you are trying to say and I do not disagree that it a real, physical condition; but, right now I must report that I was treated with the same malevolence and disregard for me as a real person; just as I was in my dealings and treatments from psychiatrists. I respect what you have to say; but, you must honor what I have to say and what my experiences and gut feeling bear out. I was put on one of those machines and suffered as much as I did being put on psychiatric medications. I swear by the grace of the Loving God, I will never be treated like this or disregarded as a person again by either a psychiatrist or any type of physician or any type of alleged professional in any capacity. To sleep with that thing on was not only uncomfortable; but unbearable It was like having a hurricane blow through me each night. It caused me insomnia, loud heart palpitations both day and night; intense itching, no dreams which are said to be necessary for our health and additional undescribible problems. I am sorry to say what I have to say. I am sorry to have to report something that may be against what you may think. But, I must tell my story. To me, it was just an additional insult to the psychiatric mess; I already been enslaved to. I can never live like that again. I no longer use the machine. I haven’t used it in more than a year. I no longer take any psychiatric medication. I can’t even take Tylenol or vitamins. I gasp and throw up. My dreams are finally returning and slowly, but surely, I am getting both my life and sleep back. It is by the grace of God and the promise of the Lord Jesus Christ I live now. I realize others may not see as I see; but, others may not have had the horrific experiences I have had. I do appreciate what you have to say; but I have something to say and to be heard, also. Thank you.

  • There is some Gallup report on the other websites that states Americans are getting “fatter.” with Mississippi being touted as the state with the most “obese” persons. Comments on the articles seem to run from down-right mean-spirited to cruel, abusive, and bullying. No one or even the articles look at perhaps the most obvious question to me at least; why has the alleged rise in obesity seem to parallel the rise in the use of psychiatric medications which most have as a side effect; weight gain. The comments blame everything to laziness; welfare; left-wing politics, eating too many doritos and soda pop; etc. No one seems to see how the side effect of the psychiatric medications figure into it or how the side effect of the medication which causes apathy and lethargy figures into it. I think this correlation should be examined and needs to be owned up to by the psychiatrists/big pharma/mental illness industry. The blaime should not be just upon the “allegedly obese” but these psychiatric influences must be established. Until this is done, their mean-spirited numbers will rise. There are a lot of victims and it has nothing to do with Democrats and Republicans; liberals and conservatives. Both parties are in collusion with the psychiatric/bigpharma/mental illness conspiracy industry!

  • I was falsely diagnosed and made to endure a very dehumanizing machine while I was supposed to be sleeping. I could not sleep for almost an entire year until I stopped using the machine. It caused my heart to have these horrible palpitations that I endured both day and night. It caused to itch incessantly and other things that might be attributed to supposed anxiety. When, I went to discuss this with my doctor; all he could say was so!; come back when you lose more weight. I went to another doctor and dismissed everything; said my heart was normal; and seemed to be of admitting it was the machine. I do know they recorded some lower oxygen levels on me; but, now, I wonder if it was not something to do with the psych meds I was on at the time. I was on eight different psych meds at the time; two anti-depressants; two anti-psychotics; lithium, valium; and cogintin. They then said well if you lose weight, you can get off the machine. But, then they kept adding back meds that would cause weight gain. I know there may be some disagreement; but, I sincerely believe that like the psych meds; we don’t know the entire side effects or long term effects of these machines on both the body and mind. Additionally, AA, mistakenly sent to sites on google that reflect the viewpoint of sleep medicine; like they are sites they reflect the viewpoints of psychiatry and the various drug companies. You have to be suspicious when NAMI was advocating the use of these machines as treatment; like they advocate the use of the psych meds as treatments. They have since changed their site and discussion of sleep problems; though. I have read there might be as much as 50 or more % non-compliance which makes you think. If, I did have any sleep apnea; I believe it was most likely caused by these machines. There is also suspicion on the part of the NIH who say if you are obese or overweight, snore, and are sleepy or tired during the day; then you have sleep apnea without any regard for any other medical conditions or medicine side effects. When it really goes overboard is a website that I came in contact with earlier this year. This website wanted you to sign a pledge not to snore; just as you might sign a pledge not to text and drive or to wear your seatbelts. I am not totally disagreeing with you. Also, like the psych meds, the current thinking is that you will have it for life; unless you lose a lot of weight or if you don’t use the machine; the symptoms will return. Which is a whole lot what the psychiatrists say about the psych meds. Sleep apnea may exist and I really appreciate your thoughtful comments; but, to me right now, I see it as another form of coercion and forced treatment. I no longer take the meds and I no longer use the machine. I went through psych med withdrawal and possibly withdrawal from the machine. Please forgive me for what I have said. You and everyone else has every right to disagree and as AA said; “off-base.” But, like my psychiatric survivor story and the stories of the other psychiatric survivors; it is a story that must be told.

  • I think orthromolecular is much better and less harmful than the psych meds. But, I do believe with Monica Cassini, nothing works unless there is not unconditional love, compassion, and understanding. Personally, I am no longer able to take any pills anymore not Tylenol or vitamins. But, I stay away from pies and cakes, etc and try to eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. I live alone; so I eat a lot of Stouffers frozen dinners. But, in time, I may be able to return to cooking again.

  • Thank you very much for explaining to me how anosognosia got to be used. It makes sense in reference to people who have had brain or head injuries. But, now, it has been transferred to psychiatry and is used wrongly to accuse and harm people in the false defense they are trying to help. Thus, the enslavement, forced treatment, and loss of civil rights that the person incurs. It does not belong in psychiatry. Actually, psychiatry does not belong in psychiatry. Any pretense that is helping people is a harming, horrible, deadly lie. Thank you for explaining to me.

  • When Abilify first came out; it was touted as a wonder drug. I was on risperidal at the time and then got switched to Abilify. Abilify caused me to have trouble swallowing; which I guess would lead to having trouble breathing. So, I was transferred back to the risperidal. I am disheartened when I see the magazine ads to seduce people to add abilify as an adjunct to their anti-depressant that that “would help them”. I noticed that you wrote that Invega is basically just a reformulation of risperidal. I got prescribed Invega and for maybe even a month; everything seemed almost better; but, it caused me insomnia and heart palpitations. Then; one night, my throat started making these strange and scary noises. I become worried that my throat would close up and I would not be able to breathe. So, I stopped the Invega and the throat problems magically disappeared in about two nights of discontinuance. When, I went to the psychiatrist; I told her that I wanted no more meds; but, she was scared of a “relapse” and prescribed me risperidal. I think it was the risperidal and perhaps the lithium and ssris that precipated the psychotic thoughts in the first place. After what I read in your article; I think it was highly medically unethical of her and possibly borders on medical malpractice after the problems I had had with invega. I refuse to take any meds again and I refuse to see her again.
    I am seeing someone in another city who I think was referred by this website. Sometimes, I just rage and then I take a walk and then I remember the Bible; “Vengence is mine saith the Lord!” This may not work for everyone and I don’t think it should. Our paths in life are unique; but, it helps me.

  • I totally disagree and I am sorry that you consider it off base. I have done my research very thoroughly. The sleep medicine racket is just as coercive and dangerous as the psychiatric/bigpharma/mental illness racket. This is no outrageous comment. I will not discuss any further; but, I have seen it in action and needs just as protest and revolt as the psychiatrists and their co-conspirators do. I am sorry; that you got so upset. Sleep medicine and its treatments also create a very dangerous precedent in this country that seeks to dehumanize innocent beings, also. You have a right to your opinion; but, do not question that I have not done the research. I am not off base. Please reconsider what you have said.

  • Yes, even as sick and drugged as I was on the medication; I was still mostly able to write my poetry. I believe it was God’s and nature’s way to keep me alive through the pain and somehow remind me that there was life in there that could be resurrected again.

  • This is a beautiful bill. I am encouraged; but, I am not exactly hopeful just at present; but, I have a vision of the psychiatric survivors rising up like the civil rights and anti-war protests of the 50s and 60s. I believe it is inevitable; as the abused are now waking up their abuse and enslavement. The next twenty years or so may be a challenge and I am up to the challenge and since my happiness and well-being are no longer circumscribed by mean-spirited alleged professionals; I and the rest of us are going to be just fine. That will really irritate these greedy, power and control hungry psychopathic people to pieces.

  • What you said is damn true it is actually horrifying. I have been there and done that and I damn well refuse to do it again. You forgot the clubhouse model where you either sit all day and do absolutely nothing or you attend life skills classes (which I did after even receiving a college degree and working) where the teacher believes in tough love and hollers at you and makes you stand up in class when you fall asleep from the side effects of your meds. She felt you were attacking her competency. I was forced into a sheltered workshop in the 1990s by vr because they wouldn’t send me out on a job without knowing how I worked! Then, at the workshop, they put me in with developmentally disabled on meaningless tasks at so much less than the regular rate of pay demoralizing both me and the developmentally disabled involved. As far as peer counselors; I will never trust them. They, unknowingly, are involved and brainwashed by the evil system, also. I saw one once and she was old as my mother; about eighty. I have nothing against those who are “elderly” They, too, have been much tortured and disregarded in America. She told me to get on some blood type which in addition to the withdrawal I was undergoing almost killed me. I am so sorry sometimes I get so filled with rage at what has been done to me in the name of false mean-spirited goodness to really keep me in little place as an allegedly sick person. This is a tragedy that needs to be righted soon. What more can I say?

  • I am glad I grew up in a time before they stole childhoods of the innocents before the mass drugging of America. I am so sorry that I could not escape it in my adulthood. But, I am so very much stronger and smarter now. I thank my inner gut, God, the Great Spirit, Robert Whitaker and the other brave ones. I get so sick and disgusted with the mass addictive drugging of our innocent children; that even tears and rage are not sufficient anymore.

  • I also study the spiritual and living message of the Native Americans; another proud group of humans so deceitfully and horribly hurt, damaged, and nearly eradicated from their precious homes. They fought back with the strength and courage that can only inspire us in our fight. There is much to learn from the Native American, and also the Cowboy, Cowgirl, Mountain Man, and frontiersmen and women. They are our strength and heritage and give us hope in this theft of our souls, selves, spirits, and bodies!

  • I read in my mother’s AARP magazine that watching tv too much causes cardiovascular disease. This health iiotmania is sweeping the world; but right at present is disturbingly more dangerous in the “mental illness field” because it causes false diagnosis, labeling, and a definite dumbing and numbing of the masses; in addition to keeping them addicted and risking their health, livelihood, and happiness. Many have us have become enslaved; but don’t know or are afraid to know it. Robert Whitaker and others seek to wake us up to this deadliness and I have woken up, too.