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  • Kindred Spirit and Sam Mccrea, My comments about ending psychiatry deals with my belief that psychiatry is or represents the ultimate evil and thus, getting rid of it would mean that all “movements” as we seem to know in these last few centuries would be unnecessary. In my opinion, psychiatry, etc. with all its drugs, therapies, and blah, blah, blah, has penetrated society and culture so much, it has given rise to most of the problems we do face. Now, I am aware that many these problems did exist before the formalization of psychiatry, etc. I believe l. e. cox has suggested that psychiatry, etc. has been around in many shapes and forms since the beginning of time. That could be, if you consider, psychiatry, etc. to be an extension or manifestation of the devil (or satan.) That is why I hold such an opinion. Sometimes, we are unaware how pervasive psychiatry, etc. and how its evil has penetrated into the very essences of our world. That is why I say what I say. Thank you.

  • Kindred Spirit: Perhaps, although I am a strong believer in Jesus and that He died for my sins, etc. (I put the etc. in there, because there are whole creeds that express this in longer detail) I do my best to express that these are my beliefs and I do not expect everyone to have the same or similar beliefs or agree with me. In a way that would be against my beliefs, in that God has given us the free will to choose our belief system. As far as “pushback” no matter what one thinks or believes on religion or anything else, one should not base his or her comments or life on the “pushback” of others. If one does this, sadly, psychiatry, etc. has taken hold. I am sorry for those have been traumatized by any religious belief system. Unfortunately, all religions are made of humans, who still, in this time can say and do horrific, abusive things to each other and many times they hide this horrific abuse behind the tenets and rituals of the many religions of the Earth. Although, the comment about “bat**** crazy beliefs” was not referring to me and I appreciate that, I felt compelled to speak for all those who may feel hurt by comments such as that. I just want to say Christians or anyone who professes almost any religion have “bat**** crazy beliefs.” For me, I do believe that I have been saved by Jesus Christ and not just from my sins, but from psychiatry, etc. which I consider both evil and sinful. I do not expect anyone to think like I do. I welcome those who would disagree as much as those who would agree. I can not stop being who I am and thinking and believing, etc. as I do. That is what got me into the psych drug world mess in the first place. And, of course, that includes my belief in Jesus Christ as My Personal Savior. I don’t know what else to say. I mean to hurt no one, but I can not stop being whom I was created to be. Thank you.

  • Liam Kirk had a terrible time and I do hope things improve for him. One of the main problems with these psych drugs is that their makers sent them to the greedy, insecure psychiatrists and neither the psychiatrists or their makers (Big Pharma) either a) had the idea that withdrawing from them would be difficult and they wanted to hide this information or b) the FDA allowed these drugs without the proper testing to determine that they are “addictive” and thus would need safe ways for withdrawal. Most likely, it was both. As far as “addictive” I put this into quotation marks, because it is unclear if they are “addictive” in the way an opiate is. I say that because a somewhat enlightened psychiatrist told me that these drugs become a part of you. Yes, the body can get used to the opiates, but, as in the case of these psych drugs, the body thinks they are a part of them as much as blood and other natural fluids. I think this is what causes the problems in withdrawal and why it seems to the unenlightened that withdrawing from the drug only proves you are sick in the first place and thus need the drug. I went “cold turkey” on these drugs and though I went through “hell” it worked, probably because I honestly did not know how dangerous or life-threatening this can be. But, I am not sure about “tapering” as it usually must be done with medical assistance which is dubious and I am fearful, it might lead some open to recidivism with the psychiatrists etc. and their drugging. I tapered from lithium and an SSRI or two and sadly I did return the psych world evil. I am thinking there might be a third way—a combination of cold turkey and tapering. Of course, in a way, my experience may be different than many others. My brain and body after twenty or more years out and out rejected almost all these drugs, although they did keep me on lithium and kept trying unsuccessfully several other stupid drugs. Eventually, I got lithium toxicity and stopped that. But, the result, is that now, I am unable to take any drug without a horrible dangerous reaction or worse. Additionally, I have many food allergies or rather many unusual reactions to many foods, including poultry. But, my reaction to poultry (I get akathisia and extreme sleepiness) might make sense considering it has that tryptophan. Some say that it’s a myth tryptophan makes you sleepy. They claim it’s probably the big meal, etc. But, they usually says it’s a myth because it probably causes different reactions in different people and that drives these science brains crazy. And, there may be yet undiscovered ways to help people get off these drugs. The best thing to do is not start on these drugs, but, at the very least, we need to end psychiatry. But, what about traditional medicine who also prescribes these drugs. But, until then, we need to figure out a humane and healthy way to assist people in withdrawing from these drugs. Thank you.

  • We don’t need to spend any more money on research. We already know animals work when paired with people of all kinds of needs. There may be some legal issues with various industries, states, or jurisdictions as to what can be considered a “service animal.” I think, when we try to stay with cats and dogs as service animals we do much better in their approval. Most people are used to being around cats and dogs. However, some do have allergies or may have a strong dislike, particularly for cats. Horse are not usually “service animals” because they are completely outdoors and have definite size issues, although some dogs are as big as a small horse or pony. Horses, although, are great for bonding and all kinds of positive interactions. As far as “service animals” some dogs and/or cats may be better for some people or some conditions better than others. We already know they use certain dogs for blind or deaf people and other certain conditions. Thank you.

  • I agree with l.e. cox–to start off an article with the name of Benjamin Rush does cause doubtfulness on these “theories.” In my personal opinion, we can have all the therapy, theories, incarceration and even de-criminalizing we want; but, until we dissolve and end this “drug culture” we have in our society where we think “a little pill takes away all ill” we will lose. Every time, we even take an aspirin or tylenol for a headache, we are fueling this “drug culture.” However, the worst offenders are the psychiatrists, etc. and even the traditional medical doctors. We need to find other ways to cure or mitigate our ills than a million little pills. Until that time, until each one of us can say no to drugs, we will not be free. Those little pills are nothing but little satans. Thank you.

  • Someone else, Yes, even when my cat gets on my nerves, she’s a better listener than any therapist or psychiatrist ever was. Plus, there are no crazy, unjustified, abusive power issues. There is just love like it is meant to be. There are so many cats and dogs in the world now; it is a shame we can’t pair a dog or cat with someone who needs support for any reason. Of course, there are some who feel they can’t take care of a cat or dog. My mother is like that as she has mobility issues now. But, for me, as long, as I have a cat as my best friend, I know I am still alive. Plus, my cat, has been like an angel of mercy and healing from Jesus during my withdrawal period from the psych drugs, etc. and now in my adaptation period (as I call it) Even, in my darkest hour during the withdrawal period, my mother would tell me to hang in there because I had just got a cat and that cat needs me. Actually, we need each other. They say I rescued her, but she rescued me. Thanks be to Jesus. Thank you.

  • steve mcrea, You are right about the non-compliance in suggesting that in psychiatry, etc. the analogy of doctor/patient is like parent/child. However, that is as if the parent is tragically abusing the child. I grew up in a strict military home environment and although my father and I had our “moments” he would never have treated me in such an abusive way as many of these psychiatrists did. Now, that I think of it, I wish I had not been so drugged or I could have told him. He probably thought they were doing me good. But, then, it goes to show you why they drug their patients so much; so their patients can be so drugged that they are unaware of the abuse they are receiving. Thank you.

  • Steve McCrea, I wish I could agree with you, but, sadly I have found that many non-psychiatrist M.D.s these days do practice shared decision making. If fact, many times, if you question them they feel threatened. I am not sure if it is my gender or that I was a psychiatric patient. The other reason it could be and I am concerned this might be a reoccurring reason, although many M.D.s will, of course, deny it, is I am beginning to believe there is a strong bleed-over from psychiatry, etc. into traditional medicine. It seems more and more each day, traditional medicine is being tainted by the influence of psychiatrists, etc. I am afraid that this does not bode well for healthcare in America. Thank you.

  • Katel, I have had similar experiences until with the Abilify, I began unable to swallow and the psychiatrist had to take me off of it, but he returned me back to risperidal. Later, a different psychiatrist through her “medical team”–the ones who ask you the preliminary questions, took your weight and temperature, etc. relayed to me how I should take the full dosage of seroquel she prescribed me, even though the drug gave me unbearable headaches and basically, she told me it was my non-compliance that caused the problem and why didn’t I just take tylenol when I got the headache. How usual for these psychiatrists, if one drug causes problems, they will just add another drug to take care of the problems, not concerned of the problems that that drug can cause, i.e. tylenol in excessive amounts or taken as a maintenance type drug can cause liver damage. Psychiatrists’ answer to everything is drugs. That is their idea of shared decision making. Drugs and more drugs. Thank you.

  • sam plover, Please forgive me, but you are only partially right. First, yes, religion is alive and well. There is no way to destroy religion in all its many forms, although there may be some who desire to do that. It is not that psychiatry and religion are married; it is that psychiatry is its own religion, apart from any others, although like all religions, it has borrowed from them. In a way, psychiatry is a cult, but, there is no actual one person to lead them or keep them together like Jim Jones or Koresh in Waco, TX in the 1990s. I think what now holds psychiatry together is the allure of drugs as a ritual, along with psychotherapy to supplant and uphold the use of drugs. There are certain rituals involved; the intake interview, the diagnosis, the bi-weekly sessions, the med reviews and a whole host of other activities. Yes, psychiatry is a religion apart from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hindu. In many ways, it mixes new age, and both eastern and western religions along with dubious and fake science. And of course, add the drugs and psychotherapy and you have a powder keg. And, it is, I dare say, the perfect religion for the twenty-first century. That is why we must end it NOW. Thank you.

  • You’re right. Why should I share my decision making with anyone, unless I choose to… Psychiatrists, would like you to believe that because you have that certain diagnosis, you are unable to make a rational decision. However, there is some truth to this. But, it is not due to the diagnosis or alleged diagnosis, it is the drugs they give you to make that alleged diagnosis believable to them, not you. They don’t care about you. Still, they want you to think that an alleged mental illness can be a life or death matter, in which, the person is “comatose” and unable to make any decisions or acting erratically or whatever. I would say back to the the drugs again. I know from personal experience that the drugs can make you so “comatose” you just sleep. I say I know, because it happened to me. Thank you.

  • Only in countries which allegedly values education, experts, etc. do we need a “study” that tells us something so obvious and what we already know. My cat has helped me through withdrawal and through grief. My father had a cute little white poodle that helped through his PTSD and even “told” him when he was in some sort of diabetic trouble, because he had diabetes due to Agent Orange exposure. We know horses have helped prison inmates, juveniles with issues, the physically and developmentally disabled, etc. The connection between humans and animals is obvious and “just is.” When something is “just is” we do need to study it, question it, frame it into statistics, etc. We
    just need to accept it. Animals, especially some animals in particular, such as dogs, cats and horses (and some may consider a few others) are meant for each other. I rescued my cat; but my cat rescued me. This is a real live win-win situation. Why study it? Lets, just accept and help to ensure that if someone needs an animal companion for any reason, will have one available to him or her. Thank you.

  • I thank God for my naivety. I don’t think anyone would say I am cruel. I do have my moments of selfishness when I say ill-intentioned things. I appreciate your charity, but to those of us who know psychiatry is inherently evil and a tool of the devil know that ending psychiatry would make all these movement unnecessary and extinct. For although my lifetime, I have seen many movements and variations of movements; some more laden with goodness and truth than others. Unfortunately, also many movements start off with good intentions but fall into the trap of just error, greedy or hubris prone humans. And then there are movements that start off in the hands of these greedy, error, or hubris prone humans. They convince those who want to follow them they have their best interests at heart and that they are allegedly “agents for change.” But, it is all lies and deceptions and the poor souls who believed them are basically conned. Just like psychiatry. Just like psychiatry. That is why focusing on getting rid of psychiatry will get rid of all these movements that do nothing really for no-body and pit people against people for no good reason. Movements sound good, but, in the end they are divisive and destructive. We need to concentrate on ending psychiatry and not worry about what will replace it. That defeats the purpose. Worry just clouds our perception until we doubt if we can accomplish what we need to do. We do not need different cultural responses. We need each other. Psychiatry’s goal is to keep us apart. To think otherwise is to fall into their trap and they win. We can not let psychiatry win. We must work towards ending psychiatry now. This should be our only goal or we will fail. Thank you.

  • Someone Else: I agree. Psychotherapy is just as dangerous as the drugs. Both rearrange your mind, brain, body and spirit in different ways. Together they are extremely dangerous. I can not see how psychotherapy can help at all when someone goes through withdrawal. In fact, I think, it would probably only make it worse. I think we need places and people to go for assistance who are NOT caught up in this psych world. We need people who are NOT beholden to this dark world of evil. I am not sure who they are. But, someday, I am confident they will “come out of the woodwork.” Thank you.

  • I know that I discussed diet. I do think diet is very important in one’s health and well-being. Probably, many people would not need the harmful drugs that psychiatry, etc. forces upon us if we ate the right diet. However, the right diet must be individually tailored, like everything else. What is right for me may be harmful to you and vice various. I did look up the “lion diet” on the internet and saw that it was heavily protein based. Of course, there would be no way I could know nor should I know the “health history” of anyone other than myself. However, there are those who do need more protein and that protein does need to come from animal sources. Of course, there are some who need a more vegetarian diet. And, even amongst any of these diet there are millions of variations. I am no dietician or nutritionist. I barely got a BA degree in psychology; but, I do think each person is the authority of what is good and what is bad for their body and brain. Of course, most doctors, etc. usually refuse to listen to you. Perhaps, they feel threatened or not needed. But, I speak of diet, because I know from experience that I can eat food that will give me the same or similar effects as the drugs do and/or alcohol has done to me. I have learned and am learning to stay away from those foods. There are also those foods which calm me, strengthen me and give me energy—the foods that make me feel like myself. I don’t know why this is. I have found that the foods that gave me trouble before the psych drug years now give me greater trouble. I think one’s diet is as individual as skills, talents, even the clothes we wear or the music or colors we like. But, like I said the experts seem to care less and want us to become some collective blob. Learning the food that one can eat and that one can not eat is also a discovery process. It is paying attention to those very signals they tried to drum out of us with their drugs. I wish everyone well. Thank you.

  • I know I am simply naive with bat**** crazy beliefs. That’s what happens to you when you’re the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran and am educated in public schools with children of Veterans. That’s just the start of it. I could say being stupid, ignorant and dumb is a blessing and maybe it is if I can at least have just a little of Jesus’ kindness, love, and forgiveness, even forgiveness towards psychiatry, etc. who have abused me to near death. Because, when I begin to practice forgiveness, I can rightfully work towards ending psychiatry, etc. because, yes, it is evil and nothing more than a tool for the devil. There are days I thank God I am just a fool. One more point, there will be no freedom for anyone until we are free of psychiatry, etc. Psychiatry, etc. as a tool of the evil of the devil is the foundation of all the other evils of which “movements” in various causes of good come about. Thank you.

  • truth793810: Yes, you are right about alcohol. In the middle ages, the water was not clean; full of bacteria, etc. They knew they couldn’t drink the water, but were unsure why. So, they drank a lot of beer and wine which took the impurities, etc. out. In fact, at Wittenberg Seminary in Germany, when Martin Luther went to school; the students were told they could drink all the beer they wanted; but only take one shower a month. Ugh! I love my hot showers and am allergic to all alcohol, including beer. I wonder could this have affected history in any way. We will never know. But, today, our water is much cleaner, except in some “third world countries” although, beer is legal, we have laws that restrict the amount we are allowed to drink; that is when we drive or pilot an airplane or boat, operate machinery. However, those same laws may also apply to some legal prescribed medicine, like psych drugs and illegal drugs. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that America, especially, has an extremely large and dangerous appetite and they don’t care where it comes from. Thank you.

  • Someone else: When you said “psychiatrists are the dumbest doctors” you answered all the questions. They used to say those who can’t teach. Not always. However, it is definitely, those who can’t (do anything) practice psychiatry. I think even my cat is smarter than the psychiatrist. I know almost any fifth grader is. Thank you.

  • Again I speak and it’s probably nonsense. But, then again arguing over whether drugs are the backbone of any country’s economy is well nonsense. It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. And the quality is that drug trafficking across national boundaries from many different countries to the United States and from the United States is really what our concern should be—that is, that it happens at all. We need to more than reduce it; we need to eliminate it. And the only way to do that is to make the present-day drug culture in the US and other “developed” nations is not only rampant, but acceptable. Psych drugs, anti-pain drugs, even drugs for other conditions are the fuel. We desire a drug for every little thing. A little pill here, a little pill there… It is so easy to just pop a pill in your mouth for anything. It is so easy to believe this is the answer to our problems. The worst thing I did in my life was to believe a pill (or many pills) was an answer to all my problems. No! I almost died. But, messages like mine don’t get out. Why? It’s not only greed and corruption, but they contribute to this. It is hubris. A lot of folks have invested themselves in these little pills and they don’t want to be proved wrong. I don’t know the answer, but, perhaps, it begins with the one little step; where we contract with ourselves to avoid pills as much as possible; to choose to live pill-free as much as we can; to be an example to a drug crazy world; that living without those little pills is the key to freedom, health, and happiness. Thank you.

  • l.e. cox, What you write is very interesting. I am not sure about this “fringe” you speak of. I confess that I may not fee spiritually comfortable with what you call “fringe.” Of course, some may consider my beliefs as “fringe” because they do concentrate on Jesus Christ, as my Personal Savior. But, then, I do not expect other people to believe or think as I do. But, what is the most important here is that “psychiatry is nothing but pure evil; satan, the devil personified.” As someone who was raised in the Christian church, we were admonished to “renounce the devil in all his ways.” If I say yes in answer to that question, then that means that includes psychiatry, etc. Thus, in my opinion, there can be no such person as a “Christian psychiatrist.” This should be a “red flag” to any person, whether a Christian or not. I am so sorry that there are so many of us (some of my psychiatrists said they were Christian; some either were not or did not divulge their belief system) were conned and have suffered so very much. So many of us had to learn the hard way; psychiatry from any religious or spiritual viewpoint is just out and out pure evil. Thank you.

  • This is an interesting article. Some would probably agree that it is capitalism that is allegedly sedating the population. Now to borrow a 1960’s slang term, that’s a “COP-OUT.” This is not directed to any police or first responders. It just means that the author may not have utilized intelligent analysis or synthesis. I think the author might ne trying to compare the “mental health sector” as he calls it, but what he forgets is that the “mental health sector” as we know it today is a “cult” and bears all the qualities of a “cult” and not a religion. He quotes Karl Marx’s famous statement, “Religion is the opiate of the people.” But, let’s be harbingers of truth, religion has never been the opiate; it serves a useful purpose across all societies, etc. but, the “mental health sector” does fill the bill at the “opiate of the people.” not only with its drugs, but also it therapies, treatments, adult daycare centers, and all the etc. I believe that what we see in the “mental health sector” bears more of a resemblance to Huxley’s “Brave New World” and Orwell’s “1984” not capitalism. And all economic and political systems are vulnerable to both Huxley’s “Brave New World” and Orwell’s “1984.” Actually those two draconian novels describe psychiatry in a nutshell. I, only, wish when I began my “lived experience” in psychiatry, I had remembered what those two books had taught me. Thank you.

  • Perhaps, not the “government economy” but in all nations, there are “underbelly economies.” Some countries seem to have this problem more than others or perhaps, they are unable to successfully hide it. As far as US involvement in any South American country, yes there has been involvement. Unfortunately, we are probably not aware of how much or how little. I, however, if it is “pure hysteria/hyperbole” that there are not, at least, some people who are in various South American governments who are not involved in helping get drugs to Americans. Drugging Americans, in particular is a very lucrative business. However, South American countries are not the only countries that are involved in some way in the drugging of Americans. I rule out no country as having a finger in this pie of pure darkness. This is absolutely not “pure hysteria/hyperbole.” This is the sad truth of how the addictive need for drugs in America has been created and this includes psych drugs, in addition to opiates and a million other drugs, prescribed and not prescribed, legal and illegal. America has had a long love affair with drugs, too long. Thank you.

  • l.e. cox, You wrote “Psychiatry comes from a deep dark place in the universe.” You then mention something about “forms” and it being here as long as Earth has. Well, honestly, I am not quite sure what you mean about “forms” and such, but you are absolutely One Million percent that “psychiatry comes from a deep dark place in the universe.” Perhaps, when people really get tired of the deep darkness and this is not the dark of the night because even at night, the sun shines and the stars shine, psychiatry, will finally once and for all be abolished. In the meantime, all we can do is be that early warning signal, that awful sound that we hear on the tv and radio that “danger” may be near by, imminent, or someone is in danger; but the danger here is psychiatry, and that horrible sound never goes away, because as far as psychiatry is concerned, we can’t signal the “all clear” just yet. But, with us as early warning signals, “canaries in the coal mines,” maybe, soon we can. Thank you.

  • I, honestly, didn’t listen to the podcast. I have a difficult time with these kinds of things. I did read some of the comments. Perhaps, there are more people out there willing to speak up about how psychiatry and its drugs have harmed them. One thing, that did interest me in the summary above was how Mikaila Peterson used the “Lion Diet” to help her through her withdrawal. I do not know if she has continued on this diet. I looked up on the internet about this “Lion Diet” It is is very high in “animal protein.” I am not sure about the protein ratios as to whether one should eat more beef, chicken, pork or even seafood and fish or the amounts of each. However, I know from personal experience that there are those of us, for whatever reason, who must eat beef.
    I have tried vegetarian diets and almost always got sick. I have tried eating chicken and/or seafood diets and got run-down, irritable, grumpy, more sleepy than usual. When, I was in college, before my psych drug years, I went on a “chicken diet” that a friend told me was very good. It might have been good for her, but not for me. I was on this diet for awhile and then one day, I found that I could barely get of of bed and when I did to take a shower, the shower took me more than an hour and I was about 20 years old. But, just today, I was reminded how much I need to eat a mostly beef diet. I had been eating chicken for several days. But, this morning, when I awoke, I was sleepy, unable to concentrate, irritable, grumpy, “depressed”, and my body and brain felt “out of sorts.” I am at a loss for words as to how I truly felt. I called my mother and begged her to get me two hamburger’s from Wendy’s. Even if my car worked, I was definitely unable to drive. She also brought me an extra cube steak she had from her freezer. I gobbled those hamburgers as if I were a college student again. For dinner, I had basically another hamburger disguised as a “taco salad.” I now feel like my old self again. I am calmer, clearer, and that “depression, etc.” has disappeared. I do not think everyone is “wired” like I am, but there are those of us do need beef to live. I don’t know why. It would be curious to see how that is related to “symptoms” or whatever. Could there be those falling into the harmful “rabbit hole” of psychiatry who really only need a diet rich in beef? Of course, for someone else, who could be another foodstuff? For whatever reason, it seems that we are not meant to all eat the same thing—even within the same family. Personally, this may be more “trial and error” than genetics, however, we should not involve psych drugs in the “trial and error.” It is too dangerous. Our lives are meant to be discovered and that includes what we should and should not eat; just as much as our strengths and non-strengths (or weaknesses) and a million other things. Thank you.

  • William T.– They wouldn’t let you near other people who hear voices (“voice hearers.”) This is so odd, as in my time as a “patient” in the “mental illness system” they were more than happy to have me spend most of my days around those suffering with “alleged diagnoses” and “alleged symptoms” similar to mine and also taking “similar drugs.” In fact, many days we had little comparison pity parties to see who was the “alleged sickest.” Of course, whoever was the “alleged sickest” for the day won. I really think the “providers and therapists, etc.” got a kick out of all this. Thank you.

  • “psychiatrization”–What an interesting word! It seems that “spell-check” doesn’t even recognize it as a word.
    Could it be that this word, “psychiatrization” has been “made up” to absolve psychiatry, psychiatrists, Big Pharma, and all their “enablers, etc.” from any guilt or responsibility as to what they have done to society? “Psychiatrization”—I will have to think on this word, because it is an unreal word as is the world of psychiatry, etc. This is not the glorious unreal that makes us think or entertains us or uses the best of our imagination and intuition. No, it doesn’t sweep us away so we can encounter who we can be. It actually glorifies who we can’t be or should not be and uses that as a tool to demoralize us and worse; damage, injure, and nearly kill us. The “psychiatrization” of our society, tragically, only leads to one horrific conclusion: extinction. So, let’s stop studying it, glorifying it, etc. and end it now before its too late. Some scientists, politicians, etc. speak of climate change as that which will destroy the world and make us extinct. But, they better look into the rear view mirror, because, psychiatry, may very well be more the cause of this horror than any “climate change.” Thank you.

  • sam plover, Honestly, I am not sure we can teach people how to think. I had an English teacher in high school who attempted to teach us what he called “Critical Thinking” that he said was the most important thing he could teach us. Still, can you really teach anything? Yes, I know we go to school to learn as they used to say “reading, writing, and arithmetic” and a million other things. Still, they taught me math which I still struggle with… I think there may be two ingredients involved; the student has to want to learn and the student has to have the “ability” to learn. The latter is really just a matter of “aptitude” such as the aptitude to do math or write or anything. Thinking critically, well, some may just may not want to expend the effort. It is, for some to many, way to easy to go along with the crowd. But, then, what happens when that crowd really does jump off that cliff? Thank you.

  • The author forgot to mention Jamison’s books bipolar disorder and her experiences. She also wrote a book on madness and the arts. There are other such books available to read, also. However, with all due respect to the author of this article and this book. Although books like these can be considered “confessional” books and perhaps have a purpose in their publishing, like the confessional poetry of Sylvia Plath and others. But, all of these are “rabbit holes” and why are they “rabbit holes?” This is because they make “mental illness” alluring and seductive. Yes, that kind of “terror” can be, oh so, enticing. It is so easy to adopt this type of thinking to deal with the issues of life. And this kind of thinking can make one vulnerable to the “dark” side of life. It is as if one is walking the seedy streets of the mind and comes out not with wholesomeness, but its opposite. It is like living in a horror movie every day. The way to stay out of this circle of horror. Don’t go near this type of dark, murky water. Find the water that is brilliantly clear and blue, sunshiny and positive. This is the way to develop the artist within. This is the way to live life and be an example to others who possess some type of artistic, literary, or musical talent. Thank you.

  • Kindred Spirit: Information is helpful, but, it doesn’t replace the real antidote to fear, which is love. And for better or worse, that is where all true answers lie, even about getting a genetic test, or even what you should eat for dinner. I know it sounds simplistic, but sometimes we humans try to make life way too complicated. There was this ad with this theme song that I heard as a kid. It went : “Life’s simple pleasures are the best!” I would replace the word, “pleasures” with “decisions.” I guess that’s why I believe “love” is the answer to fear and not information. With Love, Thank you.

  • Interesting. You will probably get a lot on information on this site of how people who have been through psychotherapy feel about it. The opinions about how it affected them is as varied as those who were involved in it. I wish you well in all your learning endeavors. Perhaps, you might write a book or an article of your findings. What is good about what you’re doing is that it is actual “lived experience” or “true autobiographical data” as opposed to questionable statistical date. Good luck and Thank you.

  • First, I know they speak of “collaboration” between “patient” and “prescriber” however, taking these drugs cause someone to lose all ability to judge, to make rational decisions, to even sign their own name. Also, the person is usually operating out of some sleepy, loopy world. Sadly, the person usually becomes incapable of being to make the determination that the drug might even need some adjustment or the person should stop taking the drug altogether. Sometimes, even missing a dose of these drugs can throw the person into premature withdrawal and this further cements the idea that they are sick and need this drug, no matter how harmful it is. Second, I remember, years ago, before I found this site and when I read Whitakers book, “Anatomy of an Epidemic” which opened up my eyes, I was posting on a “pro-schizophrenia site.” It may have been connected to some of E. Fuller Torrey’s work. I told them that they should think first before taking one of these pills. I received horribly abusive comments; like “don’t you know how fragile we are” and worse. I thought to myself that these are sad people who are resigned to this “patient/drug/mental illness” type of life and don’t want anything else. I closed down my “account” there. It is very difficult to find those who will acknowledge the harm these drugs bring. If you think that Big Pharma owns much of Mass Media and you are more likely to see a news report on how to deal with the stigma of mental illness rather than a report on someone who has survived despite being damaged by these drugs, you can see what we are up against. And, yes, normal anger is incorrectly assumed to be aggression which is incorrectly assumed to be psychosis and then the person is incorrectly given a drug which even in the short-run will do them more harm than good. Perhaps, someday, if we keep fighting the good fight, as they say, things will change. We will really be mainstream. I am not sure about the mainstream in evidence now. Thank you.

  • Christine Burnett, I applaud the fact that you did not go to the Mental Health System for help. Some call it the Mental Illness System. Unfortunately, I made that mistake. I have a psych degree. What could go wrong? Actually, my time in that system began innocently when I just looking for the “right career” for me. I had a psych degree, as I said. I had had several types of jobs; prison guard, clerical jobs, 911 operator (super yuck!), etc. I was terribly mismatched for the jobs I had. And, I didn’t want any advanced degree, especially in a psych or social work type field. I actually went to the State VR agency in the state in which I live. But, instead of sending me to school for more education in a field more appropriate to me (it was against their policy because I already had a BA degree) they sent me to the Mental Illness Industry. I was drugged and therapized. Due to the drugs, I was convinced that any interviewer (VR did send me out on job interviews) I talked to had already determined that I was mentally unfit for the job and therefore would not get the job. Thus, I got on disability. (Perhaps, one of Whittaker’s statistics) Now, I can’t hold down a job due to the brain damage and injury I sustained from the drugs, therapy, and other treatments. I was, luckily, not subjected to ECT. In the mental illness industry, it is always here: take this little pill. But, few of us are Alice and few of us belong truly in Wonderland. Thank you.

  • 2C922C1932D64, Thank you for your interest. You do have a very unusual online name. If mine were all numbers, I’d forget who I am. My saying that about that psychotherapy is a drug is based on several things from my experience in the psych world. First, when they were so actively drugging me, it was like the psychotherapy was just redundant words. Over and over, we just went over the same things. I, personally, think, they were trying to help the drugs along to make me feel stupid, evil, helpless, sick, in need of what they were doing to me. I, also, say it is drug, because, you get to a point that you feel you must have that psychotherapy session. It is the only thing that will make you feel better, sort of like that next pill you take or next drink you must. Psychotherapy becomes an addiction just as much as the drugs do. When you can’t get to psychotherapy or when your psychotherapist cancels, you literally go through a withdrawal— you are sad, irritable and even feel sick. It is not the same as the actual psychiatric drugs, but, in concert with the drugs, they do a number on you. In fact, I think psychotherapy may cause some brain damage and injury, too. I am not sure how much or where in the brain. And, with the drugs, it can be devastating. The sad part is that many people think that psychotherapy is better than the drugs; but, it is intrusive to the body and brain in different ways and just as dangerous. When you put psychotherapy and drugs together as is usually done, especially in the United States, well, the danger, injury and damage can be tragic. I also think CBT, DBT, etc. can also do similar or worse damage especially when augmented by the drugs. Thank you.

  • Whatuser, Actually, I already have. Amongst other things, it was my Intuition and my Imagination that made me a prime candidate for these psychiatrists and their buddies. I spent way too many years being drugged, therapized, and enduring many of their other cock-eyed treatments. But, now, I am free of them, despite the residual brain damage and other adapting I must do after my many years in their horrible clutches. Strangely, it appears that the parts of my brain that were not damaged was my Intuition and my Imagination, the parts that kept me alive, etc. before the drugs, etc. But, I wonder, if I was more prone to logic, facts, evidence, etc. just maybe I would not have had to endure that terror. So many times, I have cried myself to sleep because I wasn’t more logical. But, I can not be whom I can not be. So, I’m trying anymore. And thus, I stand with the “anti-psychiatry movement” so others like me can have a fighting chance in this world? Thank you.

  • Although there may be valid science behind this, right now for anyone, particular if one has had a history of exposure and experience, at the hands of psychiatrists, etc. is beyond dangerous to get one of those genetic tests. Ancestry and 23andMe have been called out to selling or giving our their data on those who subscribe to those tests to “who knows who.” One’s genetic markers need not be out in techno space for the highest questionable bidder. That is my main complaint. I, honestly, don’t know enough about the genetics to comment. After all, I can’t actually be intelligent enough as I believe in God and Jesus. Huh? Thank you.

  • Richard Lewis, I actually think I sort of agree with you on this one. Additionally, any genetic testing in one office, say a psychiatrist’s office, could find its way, especially in this super techno time into other doctor’s office or it might even affect your ability to get a job, get credit, buy a car, house, go to school, etc. One more point, how can we advocate for genetic testing in a psychiatrist’s office, if we believe that psychiatry is not medically/scientifically based. All genetic testing will do is give legitimacy to psychiatry, which really needs to be abolished. The best thing to do is not to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist or a therapist and if one does occur, when drugs are mentioned, just leave. Psychotherapy isn’t too helpful, either as psychotherapy is just another drug masquerading as words and talk, etc. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, I agree with most of what you said. I am still not sure who won the 2000 election and that’s not the only election, to me, that remains in doubt. 2020, I guess, is just another in a long list of these election. As far as Republicans being dictatorship-like oriented. I would say, this seems to swing back and forth from both Democratic to Republican almost hourly. Still, I have my own opinion of which I will keep to myself.
    You are right about the covid thing. I think there is much to be hidden from us and much is wrapped up in describing it as conspiracy things to make us feel stupid, etc. for desiring just to know the truth and the facts. On this one, I have been relying on my intuition. In time, I believe, that the truth and the facts will vindicate and verify my intuition. Agreed on fauci. Thank you.

  • Kindred Spirit; Everyone has the right to believe as they see fit, get their news or whatever from what source they see fit, etc. As they say, this is still a “free country” although there are many days I am getting more concerned that that statement might be less true.
    I do consider my intuition as valid as logic in verification of facts and/or truths. I consider it this, because my intuition is a direct line to God, My Creator.
    Which gets me to another point, you make. To think that “education or knowledge” will wean oneself from believing in God, because they will learn He is not fact and they will no longer a “protector” very sadly, sounds like Marx, in which he falsely called, “religion, the opiate of the people.” In a way this seems like inverted self-righteousness. I say inverted because righteousness is usually associated with the religious. A person’s education, abilities, or knowledge status have little to do with one’s belief in God. I have no Ph.D. nor do I desire one, but, if even if I did I would still believe in God. In fact, I believe in God, because my life has depended on it and continues to depend on it. If I must be considered a weakling, an uneducated oaf, then so shall it be, for I shall not deny God and Jesus, especially, at this critical time in history. God and Jesus saved my life from the evils of psychiatry, its drugs, therapies, etc. and from so much more. One more point, although, legally, I am considered “disabled” I would not be comfortable thinking of myself as “differently abled” as that could bear the stigma or even give people the wrong idea about me. What I am saying is that I do not consider myself abled or disabled. Why, because both of those terms have been used against me. I am “differently abled” has similar problems. Therefore, I am just me and although, I have a questionable day here and there, that is all I really want to be-just me.
    Thank you.

  • About the author’s experience, I like the term, “injury” better, also. Sometimes, another term, “damage” or “damaged” works, too. “Disorder” is a deleterious term that is falsely used by psychiatry. “Disorder” is the mess after a hurricane or tornado blows through town. “Disorder” is the mess on my desk, etc. When we apply “disorder” to humans, we just cause “pain” to roll around and roll around until a natural reaction to any kind of abuse or stress becomes a life-threatening illness in actuality. I hold no criticism for the author for using the term, “disorder” as it is well-used term in America, but over-used. In fact, so over-used, it is becoming “trivial.” That could be helpful, for as we begin to bring out how psychiatry, etc. contributes to making people diseased, rather than being helping to end “disease,” we could wipe out the word “disorder” in these illegitimate situations. I should add two points. One is that not only does psychiatry bring about “disease” rather than healing “disease” it would be impossible for psychiatry to heal something which doesn’t exist. I am not saying we are never sad or angry or confused or grieving or etc. It is just psychiatry, etc. has made a fortune out of “diagnosing” normal reaction to various life events and calling them abnormal and in need of drugs, therapies, and treatments. The fact that the author did seek “therapy” for this distressing events has probably saved her life. Finally, back to the terms, “injury” and “damage” , I think that are the term usually with the word “brain” prefixing that most of use in one or another to describe the horrible effects these drugs and therapies, etc. had on our brains. I also think it is a way to describe our adaptation to our lives after these drugs, etc. that doesn’t lessen us any more as humans that psychiatry, etc. already has. Psychiatry, etc. is a dirty and smutty business. It is nothing less than the rape of the brain and mind. Thank you.

  • Just so you know, if you truly want a mental illness diagnosis, take any one of these psych drugs. You will have more diagnoses than you can handle or want to handle. But, tragically, these drugs damage the brain and even if you stop taking these drugs (which will prolong your life and despite it all make you healthier) you will very probably have to live with that brain damage and adapt your life and lifestyle to it forever. Thank you.

  • Steve McCrea, First as far as the election goes, all I say is perhaps we need to suspend judgement. I am afraid all the evidence may not be quite in and even it is ever in, it might not change anything except for the future generations’ understanding of history. The reason I say all the evidence is not quite in, is historically the government and other entities do have a tendency to hide important information. This, I learned as a child growing up in in the Vietnam and post Vietnam era. Of course, that is same with the virus; as information on this seems to trickle in. Tragically, there are those who really would intentionally release a virus or any deadly chemical to terrorize and get what they want; which is usually some sort of power, control, etc. I do hope that this is just an accidental release. I still reserve judgement until all the evidence is in. Unfortunately, this is a world nothing can be ruled out and even if it’s not ruled in, it still can’t be ruled out. Oh well, this is confusing. I have just learned over time to always maintain a healthy skepticism that anything can happen. Actually, two, maybe even more, contradictory thoughts or two, maybe even more contradictory pieces of evidence that are still true and fact can be held in the mind and in reality at the very same time. We have a tendency to forget that and that’s when we get into trouble. Thus, when this does happen, we get anxious and worry, etc. when we really need to learn to accept that as natural. We probably forgot this because of the influence of, of course, psychiatry and all its drugging, therapizing and what notism, etc. Thank you

  • i read your article with interest. You have packed so much into this article. I am sorry for what happened to your son. And unfortunately, he is not the only person who has to deal with this terror and it is terror. I know from personal experience. I am now in what I call the adaptation phase, as each day I am trying to learn how to deal with my life after these drugs. I think someone wrote that they are poison. I think I concur. Sadly, we are convinced to take these drugs, because we are told they will make our lives better. However, they begin with one or two and then start piling them on to deal with the effects these drugs cause. This is why there are those who are beginning to think if there is mental illness, it is drug-induced. Some of the same things your son has experienced, I have also. I do not read books like I used to years ago. My sleep rhythms can be very strange at times. We know these drugs do cause brain damage. The question is how is the brain damaged and what are the effects? A lot of this is hidden from us. Here are a few things I do. I avoid shopping, except online with delivery by post office, delivery person, or friend or family member. Shopping drives me to distraction. Honestly, it took a pandemic for me to realize how much horror it caused me. I don’t read like I used to. I selectively read and sometimes it’s even from a book made for children. Here is one thing that has helped me a lot. I don’t know if it will help your son. It may or may not. It is drawing. Drawing with just a No2 Pencil and sometimes “coloring” my drawings in with colored pencils helps immensely. I would suggest that if that is something he wants to do, that he start with “how to draw” books that are written for children to learn how to draw. For me, drawing allows to me to order and organize my tattered and sometimes cluttered brain. It also helps with what I call “telegraph brain.” That happens for me in that my brain will think an idea or sentence then stop (like the old telegraphs used to do) It will do this repeatedly and I need to stop it before it gets out of hand. Drawing is one way that Helps me to get control of it. I wish you, your son and your family the very best. Thank you.

  • Kindred Spirit and Steve McCrea, Sometimes it is not logic that we should turn to for answers, but what is known as “intuition.” In the case of the election, I, personally do not know what happened and so, I will wait for history to decide this one.
    As far as the Covid19 Virus thing, I, too, suspected that this probably originated in the lab, rather than nature. It made no sense for it for it to be caused by bats or any other creature. However, this question remains and will need to be answered. Was it accidental, on purpose, or as my father claimed about my sisters and my transgressions, “accidently on purpose.”
    Now also back to masks and vaccines, there are still questions out there about both their efficacy and “side effects” both short term and long term. We are still assessing the damage that may incurred due to the lockdowns, school closures, masks, plexiglass usage, social distancing, etc. We really do not know the long term effects of what has been done in the name of the controlling this virus and we are just assessing data and other information to determine if focusing on just the virus, as what was done, was worth it. Many actions were taken in the name of this virus that have never been undertaken before. It could be at a generation before we are able to assess if the right decisions were made. One thing I did notice at the beginning of this was that there seem to be a lack of asking questions Could that be out of fear? Could the environment that surrounds psychiatry, etc. be the environment that has surrounded this virus? There is so much going on here that I am very hesitant to call anything a “straw man argument” as I am also very hesitant to dismiss the possibility of something unusual in the past election; whether it affected the election remains to be seen and is likely a subject for history. If one chooses to wear a mask or not, to take the vaccine or not may or may not have anything to do with the actual origin of the virus. That is a decision only each person can make based not only on logic, but intuition, and self-knowledge. Thank you.

  • Richard, Unfortunately, “Wikipedia” has a strong tendency to be biased. “Conspiracy Theories” are only considered “Conspiracy Theories” until they are proven true. However, those who had considered that which was a “Conspiracy Theory” a “Conspiracy Theory” can be very reluctant to accept that as fact or truth and may still dismiss it or rationalize their way out of their “belief” it was a “Conspiracy Theory.” Additionally, I have rarely found or known a “Conspiracy Theory” to not have a degree of fact or truth in them (like the Office Rumor Mill); even those I even dismissed offhand because they did not fit my belief system on the matter at the time. It is probably not advisable to dismiss any “Conspiracy Theory” until the “facts and truth” may be actually available not hidden by frightened or greedy powers, etc. Of course, that could take generations or lifetimes. Thank you.

  • Richard Lewis, I appreciate what you have to say. I do not think you meant to be disrespectful, but, unfortunately I read your comments that way. For me to take a stand and disagree with anyone on anything is a big step for me and much of the time, I do it with trepidation. However, it is very important to me, especially my my psychiatric, etc. experiences that I do that. Perhaps, if I had stood up earlier to those psychiatrists, etc. I would not have experienced what I did experience. But, finally, I did, making a solemn promise to myself, that I would never darken the doors of any psychiatrist or mental illness office again.
    I appreciate what you have to say about contradiction, but I am under the impression that life is a contradiction, a paradox. Thus, at times, it as “a better part of valor” to let another’s person’s contradictions be. It is as always a judgement call. And, by the way, who can really really say if progress or human progress of any kind is good. So many times, that which is supposed to be progress sets humankind back so that it is an actual roadblock to human growth and a host of other things. I appreciate that you find participating in “political movements where the whole seems much greater than the parts.” This is very noble, however, in my line of thinking, each part must stand separate, alone, tall, or they will never interlock. Each part is the whole and the whole is the sum or greater than the parts, but the very parts themselves. If there is a weakness in one of the parts, the whole suffers. However, it is up to not only the whole, but the part to strengthen itself, but this can not be done in and of itself. For, how did either the whole or parts come into being. Neither can be created on their own and without the other. Only a Creator can do that. And to make stronger either the whole or the parts, the whole or the parts can only return the Creator. Of Course, the Creator is God and only He can restore that which is broken. It is called Resurrection. I do wish to thank you, because, although we disagree on many things, my disagreements with you cause me to be stronger in my beliefs and thus grow closer to both God and Jesus. And that includes other things I consider true. Thank you and respectfully, Rebel

  • Richard Lewis: I was wondering where that quote came from about the Declaration of Independence’s writers, etc. as you did not mention in your post.
    I have said many things, but I must say this:
    For years, I spent, as I said drugged and therapized by psychiatry, etc. As, I posted earlier, I almost died. In fact, I was nearly given up to be a vegetable for the rest of my life. I survived. I am not sure why. Perhaps, somewhere inside me is an iron will. But, what I do know, is that I could not survive on my own. The doctors, basically, did very little to nothing to really help me survive. In fact, they did things they should not have done—like endangering my life further by abruptly taking me off almost all the psych drugs I was on, except lithium, and that included a benzo, antipsychotics, and and antidepressants. Perhaps, it did take me a few years to put it all together and figure it out. But, it is clear to me that I only survived because of God and Jesus Christ. There is no other way I could have survived or better yet lived. My survival, to me, means only one thing to me: There is a God and yes, Jesus Christ died and rose again, so that we may live. I do not expect anyone to think or believe like I do, but I have fought too long and too hard for me to be truly me and it seems very clear to me now that the only way I can do is by believing in God, repenting of my sins and accepting Jesus Christ as My Personal Savior; My Forever and Perfect Friend. Like I said, I expect no one to think or believe like I do; but, in tornados and experiences of nearly being a vegetable or dying, there are no non-believers in either God (or Jesus Christ) or freedom (or free will.) Thank you very much.

  • Richard Lewis, You are sadly splitting hairs and even more tragically, you seem to not even want to attempt to understand my way of looking at the world. But, after spending drugged and therapized, etc. by psychiatrists and their illicit buddies, I am used to this kind of rhetoric. And, to me, personally, it is hurtful. Religious beliefs are highly personal and unique to each individual. Each person has a right to their beliefs. Each person has a right to not believe.
    As far as contradictions go, including your comments about the Declaration of Independence, learning to live with contradictions is a big component of maturity. Psychiatry, etc. has an humongous desire
    to drug and therapize all those delicious contradictions and paradoxes, so they are out of mind and out of sight. This might work in a dictatorship government. It does not nor should not work in the United States. Psychiatry, etc. is just experimenting with us to see if will work. As for me, I stand for freedom, including medical freedom. It is each person’s right to stand for what they see fit. Thank you.
    For Steve McCrea. The questions you ask are above “my pay grade” so I agree with you, it is getting far afield. Thank you.

  • Many times, we are unfortunately abusing ourselves in some manner and then extending that abuse to others. Now, does the abuse begin when we are abusing ourselves or because others abuse us. Sadly, this is very probably one of those chicken or the egg type things, except, that the effect of this is so much more far-reaching, profound, damaging, life-threatening, and thus, even deadly. They say there is a cycle of abuse and how can we stop that cycle. I think they are looking for an exact point in which to intervene in the cycle in which to stop it. I do not know if there is an exact point for each incident of abuse. But, I think, the best thing we can start to do is promoting and teaching the value of each individual life from conception onward. Each person needs to know who they are valued for who they uniquely are as they say, “warts and all.” Additionally, we need to have the courage to throw out all those wasteful “self-help” books that promise answers to both issues that don’t and answers to issues that do exist but are not answers at all. Yes, in this instance, we do need to as they say, “throw out the baby with the bathwater.” Each one of us needs to start all over (no matter our age) and re-originate ourselves without the use of these types of books and without abusing ourselves. It seems that these “self-help” books are channels of “self-abuse.” Of course, I know this will not cure all the pain from abuse and in its horrifying, terrifying forms. It is impossible to rebuild Rome in a day, so to speak. And the other greatest abuser of all remains; psychiatry, etc. This is because, it is so slithery, seductive, deceptive, and stalks in a quiet harmful approval from all kinds of allegedly accepted sources and authorities. When psychiatry, etc. and all it drugs, therapies, and treatments, etc. has finally left the world (some call it abolishing) then this abuse of self and others and cycles of abuse in self and others will stop. Guaranteed. Thank you.

  • As someone who I think brought up “free will” I would agree with Steve McCrea that its debate and discussion belongs not to science, but to philosophy, which includes religion. Strangely enough, when psychology began, which could be the mother of psychiatry, psychology was considered an offshoot of philosophy. Until recently, most psychology departments in universities were in the Liberal Arts College. With the onset of the medical model in psychiatry, psychology, is now in some sort of “soft science” college; depending on the university.
    I do think that many do feel the answer to psychiatry issue lies in what we call “liberal politics or philosophy”; the “left-wing” as opposed to “conservative politics or philosophy”; the “right-wing.” But, the problem with politics is that it is like the weather. Depending on where you are, if you wait a little while, that which is left becomes right and that which is right becomes left. The storm we though was to blow in from the west actually comes from the east or vice versa. The problem with politics is that it is man-made and thus error-prone. Thus, it begs our question, how much politics should we interject into any anti-psychiatry fight. Now, I realize that there are many contributors and posters to this site who actually only want to reform psychiatry. Either way, politics is nothing but Steve McCrea’s “rabbit hole.”
    It muddles the issue and whether you are in the “anti-psychiatry camp” or the “reform-psychiatry camp”, it does nothing but gets in the way of the achievement of either abolishing or reforming psychiatry.
    I would like to say, yes, I believe in both “free will and freedom.” What happened in the past might should stay in the past, unless we have enough courage to learn from it, but not live in it. I guess this include both our personal past and our “collective” past. Not one of us who walks the Earth is unblemished or not done something which is wrong, immoral, sinful, etc. Human beings are both simple and complex. It is very difficult to really judge someone who lived in a prior era, because we do not truly know the pressures and stresses of that era. Of course, that excuses no one. It only means as my father so intelligently taught me that if I point one finger (usually my index finger) three fingers point back to me. All these years later, I think, what a pictorial way to teach me, “judge not lest ye be judged.” Unfortunately, as a mere mortal human being I forget this from time to time. Unfortunately… Thank you.

  • “Helping” is what I do when I set the table or wash the dishes when I am asked to dinner at someone’s home. Despite the fact that professions in the “mental illness industry” are sometimes classified as “helping professions” there is what we call now a big disconnect. What the psychiatrists and their buddies do is not “help.” It is nothing but interference in another person’s life. True Helping is practical and kind. psychiatry is neither practical nor kind. Drugging and psychotherapy and their other hair-brained treatments are not practical and kind, but damaging, dangerous, and life threatening. We need the kind of help as I described at the beginning of this post. It is natural and humane. It shows consideration, respect, decency, kindness and understanding. I wish I could say the same for psychiatry, etc. Sometimes, they seem to try; but, it is phony and false. And, even more terror is added onto to this when you receive the bill or pay for those drugs. Psychiatry doesn’t help. It hurts. It hurts so bad, I would rather fall down and skin my knees. Thank you.

  • Perhaps, the standard could be that without drugs or other false treatments or therapies, the individual is not as afraid of the storms. The other standard is that without drugs or other false treatments or therapies, the person is more aware of the strengths and weakness in which he or she was gifted from God and can not utilize these in service to God and others. All this involves a special word that seems to be the definite enemy of psychiatry, etc.—-LOVE. Thank you.

  • I trust nothing from WHO. If you look at how they handled COVID and you desire to have psychiatry totally abolished, this could be in your favor. If you want reforms in psychiatry this might work. However, if you are in the camp to reform psychiatry, I think a more local approach is preferable even down to county/city/jurisdiction level whether in the United States or other countries. Since, there are so many who do contribute to this site that do question the validity of whether mental illnesses actually exist, perhaps, it would be preferable if WHO or any governmental entity from any nation get out of the mental illness business. Although, many programs that have had great success and that are not primarily drug-oriented from several countries are on this list, I am very skeptical. Personally, I would prefer if WHO would get out of the health business, particularly the mental health business and leave these things to the countries, etc. who, especially in some areas, might be more attuned to their citizenry. Thank you.

  • This is Rebel again. I am glad you are in good health. I had heard some very negative things in the past about the drug, “Metformin.” I think about the drugs for all the “psych drugs” I see every night when I watch my favorite shows from the past. They like to show how wonderful and happy it is when the “patients” (who are usually paid actors) are so happy and energetic when they take these drugs. Aah! – the fairy tale– They took the drugs and lived happily every after. When I and others know from experience that these drugs mess with you in so many ways, such for instance, I could not even sign my name to a check or document. And, at the very least, they make you lethargic and screw up your metabolism. So, you don’t want to go out and be wonderful with your friends. Just the think of the movie, “Harvey” when the cab driver tells Dowd’s sister how as they come up the asylum, the cab driver is laughing and joking with the “patient.” But, after the “miracle drug/tonic” the “patient” returns home sullen, not laughing or joking. The personality change is quite abrupt and alarming. This movie was done in the 1950’s. Was it a forewarning to now? Thank you.

  • Richard Lewis, I don’t think anyone should apologize for their belief systems and how it relates to the psychiatry/anti-psychiatry debate as it part of who they are and their life experiences, including psychiatry, etc. experiences. So, I shall not apologize. “Free Will” is really nothing but “Freedom.” As Thomas Jefferson said, freedom comes our Creator. This concept about it “completely abstracted from material realities” does not correlate with the truth. The truth is this “free will”, this “freedom” is guaranteed to us by our Creator no matter our alleged social class or economic class or any sort of class. Yes, psychiatry can be viewed as a means of social control. And, it, partly survives because of greed, but greed is not endemic to any system of economic, social, or political system. Even communist or socialist systems are not devoid of greed. In fact, psychiatry survives in those systems, also. All you need do is look at Russia, especially during the “Cold War” where they used psychiatry to punish their dissidents and they employed it as a weapon against the West, especially America. Please remember even the term, “learned helplessness” is a psychological term. So we return to an inherent problem here; psychiatry, psychology, etc. used to argue against psychiatry, psychology, etc. To win against psychiatry, etc. is not necessarily to change any governmental, economic system, but to void ourselves of all the evils of psychiatry, etc. including its false terminology and applauding “free will” and “freedom” as it is meant to be in America and the world and allowing each one of us the freedom to be who we are created to be by Our Creator and the “free will” to choose whether or not to follow the path Our Creator has set for us. Thank you.

  • Having survived withdrawal myself, this is an interesting and enlightening article. One thing of note that could pose a problem for the movement to “abolish psychiatry” is that the majority of psychiatric drugs are actually prescribed by general practitioners. I wonder if this includes ob-gyn doctors as they prescribe many of these psychiatric drugs for “women’s problems.” The other point is that many psychiatrists and others like to tell you that if you do not take the drugs and thus initiate withdrawal, this only proves that you are sick and need these drugs.
    I survived basically “cold turkey.” I have read, in particular, that “benzos” were exceptionally dangerous to go “cold turkey” and that death could result. I don’t think my doctors got that memo because they took me off my “benzos” in an abrupt manner. I do have some questions, since I do go through this “cold turkey.” At one time, I did the “tapering” method with Lithium. But, then, a few years later, I was back in the psychiatrists, etc. offices and was again prescribed Lithium, benzos, SSRIS, anti-psychotics like risperidal and abilify and a few other drugs, too, including a few other anti-psychotics. I think, before the withdrawal, I was probably taking, maybe about ten or so different drugs, until my body and brain said STOP. I became basically nearly comatose and could not be awaken. My mother had to dress me to get me to my psychiatrist’s appointment and then the hospital and then the abrupt withdrawal of all these drugs, except Lithium. I was given up pretty much for at least being a vegetable, if not dead; but, I survived. But, I wonder, and I am not sure the answer. Could the “tapering” actually have been a factor in my return to the psychiatric drug-taking world? I know many alcoholics do cease their drinking through “cold turkey” methods. I know that “cold turkey” is and can be very dangerous, but is there really a successful and healthy alternative in which the person will NOT be seduced back into the psychiatrist’s drug world? And then there is after the withdrawal. I call it the adaptation. Life is different after coming off the drugs. The brain is different. The body is different. A person may have to re-learn and adapt so much. And there is the question as to the similarities and differences between this drug-induced brain damage and the brain damage that occurs in sports injuries, accidents, etc. There is so much we don’t know. The tragedy is that with so little knowledge, the psychiatrists, etc. began to hand out these drugs like candy and they continue, along with those in other more mainstream specialties, like gp’s and ob-gyn doctors. Thank you.

  • First, I want to commend anyone who claims they discover their strengths in psychotherapy. I never discovered any such thing about myself. Of course, during much of my psychotherapy, I was too “drugged” to learn anything about myself. I am not even sure if psychotherapy is truly set up to discover anything about oneself, much less strengths or weaknesses.
    Second, when we will we ever learn the truth—that depression or being depressed is just a natural part of life and living as is being happy or happiness? Wouldn’t be odd if a person did not get depressed over losing a job or the loss of a loved one or a million other life’s happenings? I know there are those who achieve something they thought they wanted to achieve and instead of joy and happiness, they are depressed and can not understand why. But, this is usually something that is similar, in many cases, to what emotions we feel at Christmas time.
    Third, I realize that many times a fear that the person will resort to suicide in the throes of depression could be a main reason for what we call; “therapeutic intervention.” This is a valid fear, however, we know that many therapeutic interventions, such as psychiatric drugs can be a main cause of suicide.
    Fourth, many people, no matter depressed or not do need some assistance in discovering the direction or purpose for their lives. Therapy and other psychiatric and psychological interventions are the least successful ways to accomplish this. We have very few ways for someone their situation that can help people with this main issue in their lives. This can make a person very vulnerable and gullible to the evils of all this therapy.
    Fifth, whether it is societal cause or individual causes is actually a moot question. And, it is silly to discuss it. It only adds to the misery of psychotherapy and other interventions.
    Psychotherapy, etc. could be considered “strawman” approaches. The person puts all their faith in their next appointment or the perfect drug. It is all lies and the only result is terror and damage.
    Is there an answer? Yes, but few want to hear it. It is only when we admit that we are helpless without God that we can literally be “saved.” Thank you.

  • Actually, the drug induced bio-medical basis of mental illnesses began about the time of “prozac.” I think that was about 1987-1989 or so. We used to joke that whenever a school bus crashed, it was caused by the driver using “prozac.” (Of course, we had no verification and that is basically an item of privacy.) Yet, before that there were few accidents involving school buses. When I studied psychology in college, they listed some illnesses as “brain-based” and some as not. Very few actual mental illnesses were, at that time, included in the brain-based column. There was confusion and questions about schizophrenia. They did not start drugging kids until the 1990’s when they came up with the myth of the ADHD/ADD child. They have worked to bring this to adults through books and magazine articles, etc. to create another group of consumers—adults. At one time, a woman wanting to become pregnant who was allegedly diagnosed with say bipolar disorder had to choose between the drugs or the pregnancy. Now, many pregnant woman brazenly state ty. hey are taking an anti-depressant or other drug.
    Yes, before the super drug age, there was psychotherapy and related therapies used almost exclusivity. I think a combination of their lack of ability to work and the seduction and greed of the drugs and the bio-medical model, in addition to the possibility that psychiatry would no longer be the ugly step-sister of medical specialties fueled all this mess we are living through now.
    Is there an answer, a solution to this mess? In the end, it must be some sort of, what some call the abolishment of psychiatry. There have been “anti-psychiatry groups” almost from the beginning of psychiatry. Psychiatry, by its very purpose to enter the minds of others, a sacred, private place is inherently doomed and profane. Basically, psychiatry, is nothing but the action of raping the mind. It’s only goal is to let you give them the key so they can rummage around in your mind and since they have now discovered that this is basically impossible, all they have left is to drug the patient into a stupor. They are drugging their patients because their psychotherapy model has already failed. Our minds are our private, sacred space. Please remember that. Now, all good people need do is to wake up, because this sleep is not beautiful, but damaging, danger and deadly. Thank you.

  • Yes, I have been mocked over and over for the side effects I would have from these drugs. If I only I would take that drug right—just at that high level the psychiatrist prescribed. In fact, they not only mock you about this, they downright bully you into submission or near submission. They are none too happy when you don’t submit to their desires. They are none too happy when you decide to take control of your brain and body. Why? They want to be in control of you. So, now who really is the one with “psycho-pathology?” Thank you.

  • Whether or not the system is dysfunctional, each one of us will play roles. The question should be in the choice of the roles. Unfortunately, many in our society, do not necessarily get to choose the role they are meant to play. Much of the suffering in our society comes from those who play roles they do not belong to them. Many times, they are for whatever reason are trying to be someone who they are not or can not be. They, thus, are unable to fulfill that role successfully and, in turn, consider themselves failures. At this point, they become nothing but “fodder” for psychiatry, etc. When this occurs, they don’t need psychiatry, they need permission
    to fulfill the role they are meant to fulfill; i. e. just being themselves. They don’t need drugs, therapy, treatments, etc. They are not being scapegoated or scapegoating. We do not need to break up role fulfillment. We need to allow people the right and ability to fulfill their unique roles that they were meant to fulfill. It is a fallacy to state that we need to “break that up for good.” We really need to stop lying to ourselves who we are and that is a role unique to each one of us. Thank you.

  • Yes, we know that are better ways to deal with all these issues. We need to only look back a generation or two or more. But, the seductive allure of the psychiatrists and their buddies, like the snake in the Garden of Eden beckons and we listen. But, like all paths of seduction, the path is dangerous, damaging, and tainted. Deep down inside we know we are not “helpless”. Although we have our strengths and weaknesses, we know we are not helpless, but bullied and criticized for both our strengths and weaknesses, we begin to deride ourselves and believe that we are helpless. And, at that point, we become tempted by the seductive powers of psychiatry. But, we can experience redemption. We need to acknowledge that we were tempted; confess our sins and walk away—“renounce psychiatry and all its evil ways.” For although, there is much out there that seems embedded with the devil, psychiatry may be the most embedded, because it is the most alluring and the most seductive. It tells us that it can make everything better; but, that is a lie! Psychiatry, by its very nature, only makes everything worse. Sometimes, it is so worse, the “patients” die or nearly die. Please consider what you write, when you write in support of psychiatry. I write this not directed at anyone in particular. It is just a thought we all need to consider. Thank you.

  • First, at one-time before my GP at the time got greedy, he did try to spend time to really talk to me about me and what was really upsetting me in regards to my headaches at the time. I think at the time, he was concerned because I would spent the entire appointment talking about other family members and not me. But, that was now a long time ago in a place far away that no longer exists except in my damaged memory.
    I think that some who have a medical or psychiatric related education or employment seem to desire to “blame the patient.” They seem to make to want to make the patient “scapegoat” for their actions. They forget they can deny to prescribe a particular drug to a patient. Once during the grips of pneumonia, I asked for a refill for a type of cough syrup that was “opiate” based and the doctor said no, but take this OTC cough syrup instead. I think I was a little “miffed” but he was actually a responsible doctor at the time.
    As far as prescribing drugs, especially psychiatric drugs, please remember how much the patient is subjected to through advertisements on TV, the Internet, magazines (the glossiest ads in magazines are not expensive shoes or perfumes, but psychiatric drugs) Psychiatrists and Big Pharma create this “I need this drug” just as much as I feel if I purchased a new bottle of expensive perfume, I would feel so much better.
    Armadillo says “It takes to tango.” Yes, if this were an “equal” relationship. In our culture, no matter the age of the patient, the doctor stands in for the parent and is nothing but an authority figure. Even parents have to have great backbone and courage to stand up to the doctor to say no to whatever for the health of their child. In the old days, the joke was that if the patient wanted to change. That could have been. But the joke now is we are not going to change, we are just going to subdue you. Psychiatrists and other MD’s are not medical doctors of any sort any more, if at all (think psychiatrists) they are candy men and women—nothing but pill pushers. And, having been through the system of “hell” if you read the DSM Symptom Description of each alleged mental illness, you will see how closely these list match most of the “side effects” of these drugs. Funny thing, in my experience, I hardly ever received any sort of diagnosis or an alleged definitive diagnosis, which changed depending on what was favored by the psychiatrist or whomever, until after I was “drugged.”
    You see, yes, we have emotions and feelings and yes, we do project them in our actions. Yes, there are times we are without a clue or are traumatized or scared or frightened. These are normal responses, some times, they even save our lives. It is only psychiatry, etc. that has decided that our normal responses are abnormal and need ill-fitting, disabling diagnoses and drugs. I was never disabled until they plowed the drugs into me. And now, I live with the brain damage from the drugs. I do not know if psychiatry, etc. is “social control.” I do know that this is a cultic and hostage situation and “psychiatric patient” is the hostage. And, right now, there are very few people who can get free of this cultic and hostage situation, unless somehow they either obtain the strength or like me, they almost die and realize the only way they will live is to get out. Szasz was no dummy. Thank you.

  • When I see your friendly debate, I think, in a way, you are probably both right and both wrong. This debate is also a debate that could be better debated around philosophical and religious bases. However, Steve McCrea does speak to the “patient’s issue.” In our culture, it is almost expected for us to seek help from an expert or authority about whatever our problem is. (This can be good or bad.) It is highly unlikely that we are capable of knowing the answer to every problem that arises in our lives. Additionally, there is the issue that we could be too close to problem to make a rational decision. Depending on the issue, I do not believe that this is always the case. However, we are stuck in a way. In a lifespan, we are confronted with all kinds of problems and many times we do get stuck in a crisis mode. In crisis mode, we are even more vulnerable to faulty advice from an expert or authority. Psychiatry takes advantage of this to absolute nth degree. Perhaps, as what has happened to me, a person might be referred to a psychiatrist over distress and confusion over a career or life purpose decision or even over the death of a loved one. The latter is probably the most vulnerable any of us can ever be. In moments like these and there are a million others that can be included, we are probably at a point where (because we as a culture do value authority so much) that we will yes to almost anything to alleviate our suffering, even if that something might cause damage and disruption in the end. Many times, we are so confused that we don’t even know the right questions to ask. What I am saying is that psychiatry and its many enablers take advantage of people in their most vulnerable moments. In many states, there are laws that during a funeral, one of the family members should stay at home, because when the crooks read the obituary of the person who died, they will come to the house to steal what they can, especially the valuables. In this analogy, psychiatry are the crooks and unfortunately, there are no laws to guard the person from the theft that is to come when you deal with psychiatry. In fact, we think psychiatry is well and good and well-meaning. But, as they say, the devil is in the details. A vulnerable person, no matter how well they can make a decision rarely has a chance in this world of psychiatry. He or she is utterly defenseless. All abilities to think clearly are no longer in gear. Just sit on the opposite side of that big desk. Just sit there. And they start the drugs, probably one or two and then add
    and add drugs upon drugs, any defenses dwindle. This is worse than a con game. I have been in these psychiatrist’s offices. Just being there thwarts any thinking. The closest thing to this is on Star Trek when they introduced the Borg. Finally, I was awake enough to see what they had done to me and were doing to me. But, took, over two decades for me to get to this point. Psychiatry and its drugs and therapies kill until you are a zombie. You are no longer human. Yes, you could decide to say no, but, most people the only way to say no is to avoid them altogether. As far as decision making goes, I suggest that anyone who questions the point of view of the patient, to go nd sit in the patient’s chair and you will see how so utterly helpless it is to resist. Thank you.

  • Steve McCrea, You are right. It’s disgusting, but it’s a little game that play. They give you a drug or drugs that cause you, amongst other things, to gain weight. Then you can sit in their offices they talk to, perhaps another one of your “providers” and complain that you are being uncooperative because you will not lose the weight that would make you (the patient) feel better. And, from that time on, they are more interested in if you have lost 10 pounds since your last visit and ignore anything else about you, including any “improvements” in any area. It is one of the traps they set for you. Finally, do you do realize it’s not about you, but about them. Thank you.

  • Psychiatry is just “voodoo” wrapped in sensationalism disguised as a modern medical healing, helping science. All lies, All lies. The psychiatrist is just another “pill pusher” just like that seedy guy down the street who sits outside the schoolyard waiting for the kids to get out of school. Even those who think they have symptoms should stay away from psychiatry, but, it is difficult for there are so many well-meaning people who do not know the evils of psychiatry. I am sorry that I keep speaking about this in this way. I guess it is my way of being an early warning system. Psychiatry is like the Titanic. Please leave now before you find yourself sinking and drowning in something you did not deserve. I would say that many have experienced trauma in their lives and think they need psychiatry, but, psychiatry only compounds that trauma over and over and over again. Please try to find other ways to assist you in overcoming your pain. Thank you.

  • Let me see what does this really say? Intelligence and wisdom have been abandoned for sensationalism and seduction. Basically, that academia is some far out ivory tower, far removed from society is a fallacy. In fact, it shows that the “good old school of hard knocks” or whatever you desire to call it is far more attuned not only to real life, but to real intelligence, wisdom, philosophy, science and art, etc. Academia, as we have known, is in crisis because it has had a total and complete breakdown. Although, there are those who would disagree, all I can say is the only truth I know is God. Thank you.

  • Consider that in the preferable drugged state of the “patient” looking into oneself is essentially impossible unless you want to “wake the dead.” At first, they claimed if you take this drug (probably an SSRI) for about four weeks, you’ll feel better and then we can really talk. That four week time period was what they claimed would be the time it took for the drug to work. Actually, I think, now, that four week time period was just to get the body and brain ready for more drugs at the time they deemed “appropriate.” The real tragedy is like Kevin Smith; there is so much “garbage” out there about these lies and mental illnesses, etc. including celebrity and royal advocates, it is very difficult to get the real truth through. I still believe the time will come when the public will see psychiatry for what it really is: lies upon lies; hoaxes upon hoaxes; a world ruled by humbugs who desire nothing but unbridled and evil power. Absolutely nothing like the sweet, helper role they want to us to see. The question is: who in this defiled Halloween and April Fool’s Day World are really the sick ones? Who? Who? Who? Thank you.

  • I know I have posted comments to this article but there is just something about this idea that is “beyond the pale.” First, I remember reading in Torrey’s book about schizophrenia and cigarette smoking. Yes, he said cigarette smoking is almost epidemic among schizophrenics, but, please don’t stop them from smoking because schizophrenics get so little pleasure. (I don’t think Torrey wanted to admit how the drugs cause all this.) But, also, once, the psychiatrist put me on Zyprexa because I couldn’t sleep. That drug is one of the culprits causing some people to gain up to one hundred pounds in a month and then they are unable to take it off. First, he put me on the scales and then he told me that I could not eat after, I think 7pm; not even a celery or carrot stick. Years later, in honor of his stupid cruelty, I usually always have some sort of midnight snack. But, the question remains, if these drugs cause so much side effects like these, why decrease their pleasure in life with more drugs that are supposed to accomplish this? Eating pleasurable food is a sacred thing in life. Almost every religion has some type of eating ritual which gets the worshippers to together for both fellowship and service to their God. In the Christian religion of which I am the most familiar, a super major sacrament involves eating and drinking; i.e. communion, the Last Supper, etc. One whole day in the Christian Calendar is set aside to commemorate this: Maundy Thursday– the Thursday before Easter Sunday. And, of course, there are the Church Potlucks, a tradition in so many churches, that bring people together for food and fellowship. Eating is a form of fellowship; even if you must eat alone. Eating brings people together. One thing people on drugs need more than ever is to re-learn to eat, so they can re-learn to be with people. Oh, I get it! Let’s just take away all their pleasures so they will be nothing but robotic slaves to the drug cause—Again, these psychiatry, etc. seek to bring the world into their Land of the Borg. I wish I could quote the character “Maude” from that old 1070’s TV Series by the same name, “God will get you for this!” But, then, how do we know? He may very well do that —in His own way—in His own time. Thank you.

  • Actually, this is not only well-written, but tragically, insightfully true and like so many I fell for most of this, too. But, what they didn’t tell you was that it is the drugs that make you really sick, not the fake diseases itself. The other lie is that with all these fake diseases and fake reasons for these fake diseases, we can easily abort and/ or abuse responsibility to fulfill our unique potential or assist others in fulfillment of their unique potential. So, there is a whole population of people, whole generations who need take no responsibility for themselves or for anyone else, like those in their care. So, it makes easy as pie for me not to admit my strengths or weaknesses. I can just take a little pill and like Alice I’m in Wonderland, but this Wonderland is not really wondrous at all but filled with thorns, spiders and snakes, etc. in every corner. Thank you.

  • These drugs are so very dangerous. I am not sure if using one drug like a “benzo” can offset what happens during withdrawal from any antipsychotic. First, it is because of the highly addictive quality of the “benzo”; a few weeks and you are “hooked” and the highly “awfulness” of the “benzo” withdrawal experience and second, is that each person is so “individual” in response to anything added to their system. The other problem with “ant-psychotics” such as these as that they are prescribed much of the time for “non-psychotic” symptoms; such as insomnia, mania, depression, etc. or at least that is how the prescriber has decided to frame the complaints of the patient. I was taken off the anti-psychotics abruptly prescribed to me and I don’t remember any “florid” psychotic symptoms, but, it seems to tragically happen to many. One point, however, has arisen in my mind in the last several weeks is that even after a successful withdrawal from these drugs and what I personally call the “adaptation” could some of these drug’s remnants still be hiding in places in both the body and brain and still causing problems and issues for the person now trying to live free and clear of these dangerous drugs. I do not think these “remnants” could even be found in type of drug test. I will say that the idea of the article to stay away from these anti-psychotics for any alleged symptom is very healthy thinking, but who will really listen? Thank you.

  • D.W. If you are still signed on to read this, Please know I read what you wrote to Kindred Spirit and I am responding. I think what seems to upset many about your posts is that you appear by what you write to feel very positive about your diagnosis and all that seems to imply. Depending on the diagnosis, most people do not usually have that kind of response to their diagnosis. Many feel relief as to an explanation of their symptoms. Many feel dread and terror. Most are concerned if there is a treatment and what the outcome is to be. But, when we read your posts, it seems you are upholding your diagnosis as if it is something special. Maybe it is something so very special to you. Maybe you do have a right to be sick. Maybe you do have a right to define yourself by a label of a diagnosis. However, so many of us who actually undertook that route of defining ourselves by the labeling of our diagnosis or diagnoses have suffered so very much underneath those labels, that sadly we can not understand your unusual position. Also, it is a continual reminder of how we might have had to live while under these labels. Most people here on this site do not mean you any harm, but, so many are trying so very hard to leave their years behind when we suffered so greatly under these labels. Each one realizes our experiences are somewhat uniquely tailored to each one of us. And, I don’t think you mean anyone any harm; only that you are asserting your right to freedom of expression. But, so many are hurting. All I can sadly say is that seems to be a point where the freedom of expression seems to collide. Thus, all we gently ask is that you attempt to see our point of view just as we have tried so very hard to see yours. Thank you.

  • Unfortunately, no matter how better therapist training is nowadays and into the future even, it is doomed to fail and should fail; because, unlike education, which sometimes borders on this: THERAPY, ESPECIALLY TALK THERAPY IS THE FORCED SHARING OF MINDS. I wish I could underline or make bod the word; FORCED; as that is the key word. As long as we put people into a situation that is basically an artificial and contrived “friendship” it is not only doomed to fail; but, should not survive. And, I, say it should not survive, because its survival is antithetical to the survival of humans and thus humanity. It is babying human beings to prevent them from growing up or rather from allowing them to make rational decisions about how they wish to live their lives. Therapy is a lie and couple with the drug use, psychiatry, etc. supports, it is nothing less than dangerous. It is nothing less than brainwashing at the expense of a healthy population. That is why the word therapist breaks down into “the-rapist.” Therapy is nothing but “the rape of the mind.” Thank you.

  • What I see coming out of your statement is that the new secular religion to replace especially Christianity and Judaism, what have been the most popular religions in America is this psychiatric religion. Please note I am not here to discuss God and His place in our recovery from psychiatry, etc. as a psych survivor. This is only to point out psychiatry, etc. seeks to replace our commonly known religions and how it is dangerous. In this religion, acknowledgement, confession, atonement, even forgiveness for any sins; because now we have drugs and therapies to wash it all away. Instead of daily prayer, we take a daily drug or drugs (polypharmacy). Instead of weekly worship, we have weekly or bi-weekly therapy, sometimes even group therapy. Instead of a Bible (the Good Book) we now the DSM Bible and other training materials, etc. Instead of being defined as a carpenter, artist, mother, father, even tax collector, we are now defined as to whether we have depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc. We can worry less about being “sinners and saints” but more about being the “mentally ill and mental health providers.” And God? Well, who needs God, when we can skate through life with a diagnosis and accompany drugs, therapies, and treatments, etc. And like Rip Van Winkle, we can sleep through life. But, what happens when we wake up? Who fears that the most: the keepers (those designated mental health providers) or the kept (those designated mentally ill?) By, please don’t confuse “waking up” from this psychiatric Rip Van Winkle with the “woke” thing talked about in mass media and other places. It is something entirely different and yes, deserves, honest discussion, but not! in reference to what I have discussed here. There may be crossover, but, on this subject, we need to “stay in our lane” to avoid a devastating crash. Thank you.

  • I confess: I tried to read the whole article and could not. All I need to get to was this phrase: “evidence-based principled approach.” I stopped dead on with this particular, useless, meaningless, over-worked, and over-used phrase. I knew from that point on; anything said or written is purely humbug words, words of wizards in sheep’s clothing destined to lead the sheep to “nowhere land.” You can not have “evidence-based” and “principled” in the same sentence. It is what you call an “oxymoron.” If you make your decisions “evidence-based” then all your principles disappear. If you want to make so-called “principled decisions” you can not make them with “evidence.” Thus, your goal of unification must be summed up as “you can not unify what cannot be unified.” So, I say “quit!.” People do not false goals of “unification” or “evidence-based principled decisions.” All people need is the permission to be who they are meant to be; created to be. But, the question is since this comes from our Creator, why do they need permission. Well, because, it goes back to these “evidence-based principled decisions.” and, Yes, I know this is “circular reasoning” and, that’s the point. Psychotherapy. no matter, how hard you try to reform it still remains nothing but running around in circles until the client/patient submits and is no longer nothing but the shell of his or her former self and then in eternal evil, psychiatry, etc. triumphs in devilish glees. Thank you.

  • This is an interesting article. Your experience about God talking to you reminds of the old Lily Tomlin joke that it’s okay for you to talk to God, but, for God talk to you is considered a form of “craziness.” It, in my mind, be considered, the “Joan of Arc Syndrome,” the Patron Saint of Paris, France. If you do read the biographies of so many of the Saints, you will realize that if they had these experiences in the 20th/21st Century World, they would be considered “mentally ill” and “drugged” into silence. Actually, since my “walk-away” from the evils of psychiatry, etc. my faith in Jesus has become stronger, but, as I subject to human weakness, I have days my faith seems to vary. But, I know one thing and this keeps being affirmed almost daily, Jesus loves me always, while psychiatry, etc. never ever did; because the latter is nothing by true evil. I think my thinking that psychiatry, etc. is true evil is reflected in how they are fearful of talking any sort of religious or spiritual belief systems of the “patient” in any type of “therapeutic setting.” Additionally, how many times do they consider religious/spiritual experiences, a symptom, an hallucination, a delusion, that needs their intervention in order to squash it for good? And, of course all therapists, psychiatrists, etc. are well trained to not mention their personal religious belief systems with their clients. However, Buddhist thought has made some inroads in CBT, DBT, and the teaching of mindfulness and meditation. But, this dismisses almost all who came from either traditional or Charismatic Christian background or even Jewish backgrounds. It is almost a slight of hand message that growing up in the Western Judeo-Christian background is what’s causing you alleged mental illness. Thank you.

  • First, we so easily forget that our rights actually come not from government, other institutions or even other humans, but only from God Our Creator. God is the Only One who has given us our Free Will or Right to Be Free. Even, I, as abused as I have been by the psychiatric system, know it is my right not to walked through any of these psychiatric, etc. offices in the first place. I abused my right as a human being endowed by my Creator with the right to Freedom and Free Will. But, first, that does not nor ever will excuse the evils these psychiatrists, etc. did to me. Luckily, I was able to wake up in time and two years after my near-death experience from the years of psychiatric drugs, I finally had to courage to walk away, but, in a way I had no choice. Since, I already had one near-death experience, what could happen if I continue down this road. I don’t ever want to know.
    As far as contemplating things like if there was a vaccine for polio, how would that affect FDR’s presidency or maybe Candy Lightner’s daughter had not been killed by a drunk driver, would we now have stiffer DWI laws in every state and a 21 year old age limit for alcohol use in every state. These things and other such things are imponderables. We will never know.
    But, here a few things to consider. Are there really diseases that we could call mental illnesses? I would say probably not. In fact, I would consider this as part of the reason so many become subject to being diagnosed as something as really doesn’t exist? I have thought that many find themselves in the mentally ill quagmire because of something as simple as “strengths and weaknesses.” Depending on a million and one variables, people are shamed for both their strengths and weaknesses. People are shamed because their strengths may not seem to be the acceptable income producing strengths of the moment. People are shamed because they are those who are more “one or two strength” people whether than a person who has many strengths. At present, it is better to be that “jack or jean of all trades.” Those of us who do not fit that description can suffer and if that strength is not in seemingly economically approved area, the suffering is greatly compounded. Sometimes, people shy away or hide from these strengths for fear of criticism about those strengths or fear that having that strength will cause them to economically disadvantaged. Economics are not the only way we shun and shame. But, as being someone who has walked that road and despite my walk away from psychiatry, etc. I know how this can cause someone to be vulnerable and gullible to the psychiatry, etc. ‘s message. Tragically, that message is evil and further erodes the identity of the person even further and causes even greater damage and harm. Is this systemic or systematic? Some would say yes. I don’t know. What I do know is “rights for the mentally ill” is only “rights to continue evil for the sake of the most vulnerable.” Oldhead is correct. We need to abolish any system that takes advantage of those at their most vulnerable and gullible. We do not need all this mentally ill hogwash. We need places that people can go to that are DRUG AND THERAPY FREE where people can affirm their rights without shame or shunning or creating guilt to be who they have been created to be. Each person has a God-Given Right to feel good about both their strengths and weaknesses. And, as far as “weaknesses” each person should be given the okay that it’s alright to ask for help if needed and to negotiate the parameters of that help. And, it starts in elementary school or before, to those teachers who were so pleased in finding all my math, spelling, grammar and other errors, I forgive you, but, please don’t to it to me or anyone else again. Thank you.

  • This is still a very ghostly world and as if you only read Robert Whitaker’s books, you’ll notice an extreme uptick in psychiatric drug prescriptions has come after the late 80’s and the arrival of prozac and then the atypical anti-psychotics. Additionally, it was somewhere around this time, that giving children ritalin and adderall for adhd became “popular.” “Benzos” have been around for probably 60 to 70 years. My mother was given a prescription for one back in the early 1960s, but she didn’t remain on that drug. Many times, it is not the patient who clamors for the two “benzo” drugs I was prescribed; klonopin and zanax. In fact they were prescribed me not on any kind of short-term basis, but on a “when-ever” basis to combat the side effects of the atypical antipsychotics prescribed me; risperidal and abilify. Yes, it is true these drugs can be prescribed by other M.D.s and are and there may be less psychiatrists (I don’t know, but that might be aavery good thing.) but, in most cases it is the psychiatrists and Big Pharma who still promote these drugs and the more wk now of their horror, the more psychiatrists and Big Pharma promote them. Thank you.

  • varien, I am sorry to say but psychiatrists are the least “jaded” about prescriptions for all these psych drugs. They shamelessly promote them like candy at Christmas. In fact, it would seem that these drugs are like a great big candy store from which they can choose. And the psychiatrist (or the “candy-man”) tries to persuade his or her client that he or she “makes the world tastes good” just by using this drug. But, the candy (drug) is/are tainted and from that point onward the deception begins. I have heard of those who have been prescribed “drugs for anxiety” due to the “pandemic.” The doctors, some are not psychiatrist, try to deceptively make the point that these kinds of drugs are so much more different and therapeutic than street drugs or alcohol. The tragedy is there is very little difference and so few do not know that after the pain of living through this “pandemic” they will soon be forced to further pain they do not deserve when they attempt to stop taking the drug or drugs. Thank you.

  • I think that many times we forget that there could be other causes than the evil psych drugs to the many aggregate of symptoms addressed as different alleged illnesses by the DSM. One serious cause could be environmental toxins, from those that pollute the natural environment to those that pollute our indoor environments; radiation/electrical, etc. waves from all the electrical, technological equipment in our homes and other place that we use daily; the chemicals, (many synthetic), residue pesticides, other chemicals, etc. that cause sensitivity that are in our foodstuffs, our toiletries, our shampoos, our perfumes, etc., living near an odorous chemical plant that processes paper products and other products. Vitamin, mineral, protein shortages or overages in one’s bodies and brains can be problematic. Even living in the wrong place. Perhaps you live in a high desert, but, you are better suited for the coast or vice versa. I have spoken to people whose loved ones could never tolerate moving from one topographical region to another and they sadly never recovered. just a few. And, how all those toxins, and other “causes” are processed by the body and brain are definitely highly individual. I should also include those who are working in jobs not suited to their strengths (or trained for such) and even perhaps in jobs that utilize their weaknesses. There are so many. Perhaps, we should commend those who created the DSM to see how how all these evils create symptoms that they think needs their interventions. Or, perhaps, we should confess that we have been taken for a loop and life just doesn’t have to be the struggle that it is if each one of us would only live our lives true to who we are created and as naturally as we can despite it all. Oh, yes, and one last thing, we need to practice that old-time religion of FORGIVESS AND LOVE. Thank you.

  • Oppression: prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control or the state of the prolonged treatment or control. Many who post to this particular site would consider what I call psychiatry, etc. as a example of oppression. The treatment is definitely cruel and/or unjust and in way too many cases, it is prolonged. So, should we consider that those who have been “oppressed” by this type of system, we know as psychiatry, etc. be also subconsciously participating in oppressing others. Well, on the one hand the answer might be yes, but, that is only when you consider the key word, “subconsciously.” “Subconsciously” a definite psychological word with a history related to both Freud and Jung. But…when you think this through and accept the concept that the “oppressed” might be “subconsciously” oppressing, you basically accept all that psychiatry, etc. stands for… This is rather like when you make a new charge on your credit card, you basically accepting the new and higher interest rates. Now, I realize that the word “oppression” can be extended to so many other areas of human and social interaction. But, the gist is as soon as you believe that you are a victim of oppression and thus subconsciously oppressing, you unfortunately and automatically accept the “belief system” of those you claim are are causing your oppression. This is why the cycle of oppression appears to continue. I say “appears” because the appearance is usually a false appearance. People are not necessarily oppressed or even oppressing others. People can be abused, terrorized, threatened, tortured, tormented, tyrannized and a whole host of awful things, but when thinks of oneself as oppressed, they immediately give the power to those they believe has oppressed them and in turn, they just give away their power. No one wins with this kind of thinking and no good system is reformed or evil system abolished, including psychiatry, etc. amongst others. Thank you.

  • I am unable to comment on what is wrong with this “narrative” for arts and for all peoples. The same tired old garbage that keeps people apart rather than keeping people together. The same tired old stereotypes about “stigmatizing the mentally ill” except in this article couched in racial terms. Of course, one must ask, if “mental illness” truly exists does it discriminate on the basis of race? No, this will not bring understanding, but misunderstanding and there the results will not discriminate. It will damage all in some way, most likely unique to each individual, which will be too much for psychiatry, etc. the social scientists, etc. to bear? How sad that we can not cherish the uniqueness of each individual which transcends any racial differences and thus brings us the cooperative spirit of unity known as love. Thank you.

  • I appreciate the honesty and empathy you show in your article. I think many of us agree it is the last statement that is so true and powerful. I think we need to stop adults and people of all ages into thinking what ever has traumatized them is a cause for considering them “disordered” and “defective” and thus needing a “diagnosis” and “their” prescribed therapies ad treatments including their evil, damaging, dangerous drugs, etc. Unfortunately, much “traumatizing” occur from experiences and incidents that far less as emotionally drastic as the authors. I wonder how much “traumatizing” occurs from those belittled, bullied, and worse from both their gifts (strengths) and their weaknesses. How many of us must contend with those who belittle and bully us far into adulthood because our strengths are not our weaknesses and our weaknesses are not our strengths. This is an issue that I have learned from experience that the “psychotherapist” will usually “throw up their hands” and say that this is something they can do nothing about, but, of course, they remind you to take the drugs, etc. Of course, as if a drug can heal any wound, solve any problem, make it all better. What a horribly terrible lie that is causing so much pain and suffering on top of the other pain and suffering to this country and the world. In future generations, the toll of these drugs will both quantified and qualified and it will dwarf all the pain and suffering from both world wars and perhaps all wars that Americans engaged in, probably at least from the Revolutionary War forward. In fact, it might be so staggering, we do have available numerical symbols and values to describe it. Thank you.

  • What you are say is right. The damage drugs do, and especially, psychiatric drugs is hidden from the public, maybe even some of the prescribers. Perhaps, many of the prescribers are trained to believe that is not the drugs causing the problem, but something they just made up to hide the problem. I, seriously, think that it is not only psychiatric drugs that do damage to the body and brain; however of all the prescribed drugs, it is the psychiatric drugs that at more likely to do the damage to the most important organ, the brain. Non-psychiatric drugs, depending on the drug, could damage the brain also, but the psychiatric drugs definitely do it. It has been proven, but like the old saying goes, “My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts.” The psychiatrists and those who prescribe these drugs most obvious “mantra.” Thank you.

  • What we forget is that although the system broke for us, there are still those out there–those who remain “patients or consumers” of the system who would as they say “swear on a stack of Bibles” that it is not broken. It works fine for them. They see their therapists. They see their psychiatrists or prescription providers. The find both comfort and identity in their diagnoses. They find a community in those they feel are on the same road of life. It is its own little culture within a culture. They feed off the psychiatry, etc. world and the psychiatry, etc. world feeds off of them. But, all of it is false, a sham, a lie and a deception. It is an expose of the fake world we have created to avoid the naturally dirty world, the reality that is the imagination and the imagination that is reality. This is the world our parents warned us about and yet many times it is our parents who support us in this fake world. And, there is one other little niggling problem with this world. The other thing it creates is a monster and that monster is the damage done to each bran and body who indulges in this world. And this damage affects not only those who experience the damage, but, the whole world, too. It is like a snake who slithers around looking to be stepped on accidently so it can strike and kill with horrific pain and even immunity to prosecution. After all, it was we who stepped on that snake. We, who refuse to take the proper precautions to check and see what is under our feet as we walked because we wanted the easy way out of life, but, the easy way is really the hardest way. But, how can we know as we have so bitten by this snake. Thank you

  • Kindred Spirit, Yes, you are right. This is annoying. It doesn’t only happen to us as psych survivors, but, in other areas, too. However, as a psych survivor and firmly and staunchly anti-psych, it seems more poignant, more frustrating, and more likely to produce righteous anger. And, the even sadder thing is that those of us with way too many years of lived experience will not be heard, perhaps even silently cancelled and ignored. Thank you.

  • stillalive, Imams sorry that psychiatry, etc. stole 10 and 14 years of your life. Psychiatry, etc. stole approximately 17 years of my life and that does include the withdrawal. Of course, in a sad way, it is still stealing a part of our life, because we will never be who we were before their interference into our life and now after the withdrawal, we must deal with what I call the adaptation, in which we must learn to adapt the brain damage we received from the drugs, the therapies, including psychotherapy, and in your case, forced ETC. Luckily, they did not try ECT on me. The issue we must now encounter is that usually we must deal with the withdrawal and the adaptation alone, We have no guides, as perhaps, others who have experienced traumas to their brain and body. I say, we are the invisible ones who hide in the shadows. In a sad way, we are almost like the lepers of the 21st century, because there are many who would like not to think we even exist at all. But, despite it all, even on the bad days, I do thank God I am as your “id” says, Still Alive. But, I must confess the last 24 hours or so as I considered this: because of what I can do, I am defective in the eyes of some and because of what I cannot do, I am defective in the eyes of some. And, yet, this has honestly nothing to do with the brain damage I have sustained and must adapt. But, the boundaries and the “intensity” you might say between the two seem so much greater and pronounced. And, it was that very thought that sent me into psychiatry, etc. thinking it was the holy grail to my “questioning.” I could use the word “misery” but it doesn’t really apply. But, the thing the psychiatry, etc. people seem to refuse to tell me or not want to tell me or I guess they hid from me for their evil motives, is that this is how I was uniquely made by our Creator. This is how I am meant to be, so it must not be bad, but I went to psychiatry, etc. hoping beyond hope they would make me feel better about I am, how I was made — my natural gifts, talents, and skills– that is — and all I got was evil drugs, and therapies about how evil I am! But I am still alive, like you and now I can discover, explore and learn all I can about myself on my terms and God’s terms, not their terms—never their terms again because I WANT TO LIVE and I CHOOSE TO LIVE! Thank you.

  • Some of your experiences sound a lot like dealing with NAMI and the Mental Health Association of America, both groups who claim they have been created to assist “patients” but are really organized to do the dirty work of what I call psychiatry, etc. probably especially including the role of Big Pharma in all this. And that Big Pharma and psychiatry, etc. loses big time when people wake up and get off the drugs and realize they don’t need either the drugs or the psychiatry, etc. because it was that that was making them sick, not that they were sick beforehand. No, they were just human-unique individuals with unique strengths and weaknesses (non-strengths) who are trying to deal with life’s changes, some predictable, some not and just trying to get though the 24/7 life. Thank you.

  • I am a psychiatric survivor. I do not consider myself at the bottom of the pile. Although, I have my bad days, I do not consider myself oppressed. Yes, I am white woman, basically raised in the middle class milieu, I do not consider myself fragile or privileged. I do not consider myself a victim, as, I think I do share some responsibility for what did psychiatry, etc. did to me. However, that does not free psychiatry, etc. from the evil they did to me and they continue to do to others who do not deserve it. If I choose to consider myself, any of those terms, oppressed, bottom of the pile, or even fragile or privileged then I become those terms and I am no longer who I am or who I have been created to be. The main thing is that now, free of psychiatry, etc. I am able to discover whom I truly am. To consider myself any of the terms I have listed in this post, I will again not be responsible for discovering who I am, just like when I was under psychiatry, etc. very evil spell. To think of oneself in any one of those terms listed above, no matter who you are or your situation in life is a lie and a projection of someone else’s ideas upon you; a tell-tale tool of the very evil psychiatry, etc. a tell-tale tool that you will not be able to discover who you truly are; one of the greatest reasons for our life on Earth. Why would I want to relive that again? Thank you.

  • Let’s be honest. Ant-depressants are very popular prescriptions for general practitioners, internists, ob-gyns, etc. A woman going to the doctor for any number of complaints could probably receive anti-depressant as the prescription to help her deal with her issue. We already know that the psychiatric doctors and their prescribers do not tell all about these drugs. The non-psychiatric doctor tells even less. And, when some people experience stress or sadness, many times they do feel more comfortable speaking to their regular doctor. To avoid these dangerous prescriptions, I would say they would be better off to speak with their minister, but so many mainstream denominations now train their ministers to be “alert” for signs of “mental illness” the person still will end up in the anti-depressant prescription zone. The very worst part of all these ant-depressant prescriptions and usage is that anti-depressants are basically gateway drugs to the atypical anti-psychotics and others, probably leading to “poly-pharmacy”, a very dangerous cauldron of chemicals.. But, we also withdrawal from anti-depressants can be excruciating and they also affect the brain in extremely adverse ways. Actually, my uniquely personal gateway drug was “lithium.” However, they first started me on “tegretol” but my body rejected it due to a very low white blood count. At first, they also subjected me to “klonapin”, claiming due to a garden-variety pen and pencil paper test, I had “ocd.” That particular diagnosis haunted me for years and it was patently untrue, however, as they increased my drugs, including stronger and stronger anti-psychotics, amongst other horrific side effects was “ocd.” And, as my drugs increased, so the plethora of diagnoses they gave me. Let’s see, they see “clothes make the man.” I say “psych drugs make the patient—ill of a million and one things, including that which they say the person has been diagnosed.” Thank you.

  • When a person accepts a diagnosis (or label) and states that yes that does describe my “distress” then one essentially becomes part of the “psych system.” From that point on, all life decisions from the trivial to major are based on the that decision, whether the person is aware of it or not. I know as I did this when I began to accept these diagnosis and own them as me. I was no longer me, Rebel, I was the diagnosis, which did very from time to time and even included several different diagnoses at various times. My whole life revolved around who I was according to the diagnosis or diagnoses given to me at one time. In a way this ENRI system is trying to avoid this. All the correct talking points as to why these diagnoses are basically faked are illuminated in this article and in their ENRI system. Perhaps, one could think of ENRI as a “bridge” to the actual abolition of psychiatry, etc. I don’t know. Words and labels are still given to our many distresses and when, we do that, we give power to the pain. There is really in only one way out of this; we need to stop talking like my mother would tell me as child when I would tell her that I didn’t feel good, She would point to my head and say “it’s all in your head.” I love my mother and yes the brain is the primary organ. To really live, we must feed the brain, physically, spiritually, mentally, etc. and all this must be accomplished and considered individually. We may be our brothers keeper, but not one is our brother. There are no duplicate, “Xeroxed” copies of humans, unless humans do it and it always fails. However, by saying something is all in one’s head, which is the basis of psychiatry, etc. complicates things. The head (or skull) only houses the brain. The brain stands separate, but protected, specifically and specially created for a unique purpose. Any way we try to mess it up rather through drugs, therapies, or even the words of others rattles that unique wiring. ENRI sounds good at the outset, but it must be extremely careful not to further rattle that wiring until it gets to the point humans may not recover from the evil done to it, that we, at the present time in history, seem to resign ourselves to mindlessly. And, please, remember that I would be hazard to guess that very probably 95% to 99% “diagnoses of mental illness” are “psych drug induced or other drug or chemical induced, including environmental chemicals.” I do not think that we even know how far-reaching all these “chemicals” are causing “illnesses” that in reality probably do not exist. And I still believe that “psych drugs” cause most of the illnesses they allegedly treat. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, I know we sort of disagree on this. It may really be just a matter of semantics. As bad as the prison system may or not be. This is dependent on country, state, jurisdiction, etc. In my silly opinion, psychiatry, etc. is far, far worse than the prison system. First, in psychiatry you may or may spend time “locked up” in some hospital. And, yes, many times, the “in-patient” is stripped of his or her rights. However, most “psychiatric patients” are treated as “out-patients.” Thus, the “psychiatric patient” thinks he or she is “free” when he or she is not; as opposed to someone locked up in one of the millions of prison systems; where the person knows for at least time he or she is “locked up.” The person in the prison system, depending, on the crime, knows there is the time limit to the incarceration. The “psychiatric patient” is only briefly aware of any time limit and he or she gets further in to the morass and evil pf psychiatry, etc. the whole idea becomes fuzzy until it almost becomes mute. In the prison system, the legalities will usually release the prisoner at the appointed time. In psychiatry, etc. the only person who can release the person is him or herself. I know this gets almost nit-picky. I guess on one wavelength, it could be considered part of the prison system. There are definite overlaps at times, most usually to the detriment of the “patient.” The prison system and in fact the whole legal system do use psychiatry, etc. as a tool or even a weapon against the accused, which, in the end blurs all truth and if any actual justice was done. And, I think, there are those out there who are so dangerous and evil that all fails them or will fail them. But, maybe it is questionable if these people are truly redeemable. But, on the whole, I still believe, by its very nature, psychiatry, etc. itself is so evil that even the prison system, with many flaws, is almost seen as “good.” However, the more the prison and the legal system use psychiatry, etc., they will become part of the psychiatry, etc. rather than the other way around. So, I guess, as things go, I would say that the prison system is part of psychiatry, etc. Thank you.

  • I know there has been talk about Critical Race theory in regards to this article. I have already spoken against and will continue to do so. One other point about Critical Race theory that concerns and makes the lights go off in my head is that it appears it is another EXPERIMENT from alleged so-called experts who are trying to implement this in our society only to see the results without regard to ethics or consent. It sounds a little like psychiatry, etc. that many of us are survivors of and have horribly abused by… I wish I did not see danger here, but, unfortunately, I do! When storms are in the forecast. the kindly TV meteorologist tells his audience to be “weather-aware.” As far as Critical Race theory goes, I suggest being “society and culture aware.” It is possible, maybe probably we are being gaslighted again. Thank you.

  • Psychiatry, etc. “A Rose by any other name smells the same.” Is that what the authors of this system are proposing, even though they may not quite know it. Psychiatry, etc. can be described as danger and damage at any age. Although, the authors are trying to dispel the notion of diagnoses (labels) as long as we are working in “alternatives” rather than “abolishment” the labels (diagnoses) will return. It will probably just sound a little different. Still, when one receives a diagnosis or label, could be construed as something like a “death sentence.?” Maybe not, if one chooses to redeem oneself through the free will of saying no to it; saying no this is not me. Children of God need not labels or diagnoses? Aren’t we all Children of God no matter what we think we believe? Thank you.

  • I think it is extremely telling that the APA states that we are living in a “racism pandemic.” To me, if one looks at neoliberalism and its reliance on control, especially using technology, but that is not the only way they attempt control. Although nationalism has traditionally been associated with more conservative or right wing ideologies, I can see “nationalism” also endemic to liberalism and neoliberalism. I think it is probably just differently expressed. Unfortunately, any ideology, whether towards the left or right has the capability to lead towards “fascism” in various forms. But, in the end, the main thing we must remember is that the “mental health/illness industry” in any form or structure basically doesn’t discriminate. They force their evil diagnosis, treatments, and drugs on all they “serve.” Perhaps, if the community really is “under-served” by psychiatry, etc., it might be a “blessing in disguise.” There are so many other ways to be lifted up out of distressing moments and times. Sometimes, we are just limited by a lack of imagination or creativity. Thank you.

  • It sounds good on the surface, but I am naturally skeptical. I like the idea that this group has recognized the concept that these diagnoses don constitute a a form of “identity theft” a very serious form, in my opinion. It seems the goal is to get away from the “medicalization” of “distress” but would it stop the drugs and the therapizing that augments the drugs and is also dangerous. Additionally, there are many associated activities the diagnosed might engage in: including forms of adult daycare, sheltered workshops, adult day-camps, etc. that fill up the diagnosed days. but leave the person further questioning their self-esteem and self-worth. I would like to think that this is a decent alternative, but, it is still an alternative, when we really need to dispose of this whole rubbish. What do most people need? A chance to be treated as an individual and to succeed on their terms not the terms of anyone else, no matter their expertise. Thank you.

  • Armadillo, Oh yes! There is a “hierarchy” amongst those in the “mentally ill community.” I don’t completely like using the phrase “mentally ill community” as probably all are not “mentally ill” but “psychiatrically drugged ill.”
    The one who takes the most drugs or has the most symptoms is usually at the top. Certain diagnosis give you status; schizo-affective disorder is higher on the totem pole than bipolar disorder and in bipolar disorder, it’s better to be bipolar I over bipolar II. Depression and anxiety give you few points as they seem to be so common-place. Having hallucinations and delusions gets you higher up on the ladder. It seems they are more likely to diagnose someone with schizo-affective disorder or bipolar disorder than schizophrenia. They prescribe the same drugs for any of those three disorders. Schizo-affective disorder is up there because in the DSM, it combines bipolar and schizophrenia symptoms and usually gets the patient the most heavy-duty psych drugs. Borderline Personality Disorder used to be well-respected, but, very few seem to want to receive that diagnosis anymore. Borderline Personality Disorder was popular because of that “Girl Interrupted” Movie. Also, for some, they did group CBT Training which made them feel as is they were doing something and pleasing their therapists. Of course, there may some regional differences or class differences. Anyway, I know this sounds odd, but this for the “psych drugged ill” is sort of like how a degree or job is reflected in the “regular world.” Thank you.

  • KindredSpirit, I am sorry but I am not grossly misinformed. I am very, very informed. Let’s put it this way. Critical Race Theory has absolutely no place in the Anti-Psychiatry Movement. At the very least, it can prove divisive which is what the Anti-Psychiatry Movement can least afford. I stand by what I know about Critical Race Theory. I shall not change it. I will continue my Anti-Psychiatry Stance. In my opinion, both Psychiatry and Critical Race Theory are nothing but evil. I will try to respect your opinion. Please try to respect mine. Thank you.

  • Critical Race Theory is related to Marxism and Communism, etc. Its goal is one of division to pit one race against another in a superficial hierarchy, based not on “the content of one’s character, but the color of one’s skin.” The Anti-Psychiatry Movement is based on the Freedoms as outlined in the Bill of Rights. It is the freedom to make decisions about one’s brain and body and to say no to abuse or torture. It is in line with the Nurenburg Decision created after WWII and the medical experiments Jews and others without their permission were subjected to during that time. It also honors any and all peoples such as those subject to what happened people of color in Tuxegegee, AL and the sterilization of disabled and people of color, etc. in various institutions in North Carolina. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CRITICAL RACE THEORY AND THE ANTI-PSYCHIATRY MOVEMENT. The latter stands for medical freedom, which is freedom which anti-Communist. Please don’t confuse the two. Many have suffered and died for the freedom of ALL AMERICANS. And thus, so, the Anti-Psychiatry Movement. Choose Wisely. Your life, well-being, livelihood, health, etc. may depend on it. Thank you.

  • I am not sure if I agree with you as to a comparison between the prison abolition movement– the guards and wardens– and the anti-psychiatry movement having been a prison guard myself. However, from news and reports, it seems that they are now convincing the inmate that the “crimes” that got them into prison were “mental illness-related” and now they must take this pill or engage this type of therapy, etc….Still, I do not see psychiatry as a branch of the prison system. If anything, the prison system may be a branch of psychiatry. Psychiatry at its very base is meant to be evil, although many will deny it. This also includes its child, the study of psychology. Psychology and sociology partially “evolved” from “social Darwinism”—Darwin taken to its worst. Psychology and sociology have been used to “enslave” people in various forms. Psychology and sociology claim they can solve either the the individual’s ills or society’s ills and both would like to cast out God from their midst. I would consider psychology and sociology as branches of Marxism. Prisons existed long before Marx. I think, in time, we may be able to reform prisons. Reforming psychology, psychiatry, sociology, etc. are nothing but a fantasy. Even the Harry Potter book series has more credence. Thank you.

  • Diaphanous Weeping, When I read your post and this includes this one you just posted in response to my post, I see these red lights going off in my head and a feeling of unease. I can not speak for others who post on this site. I only speak for myself. But, this feeling of uneasiness and the red lights going off in my head mean, that, in order to protect myself, I shall not respond to you anymore. Like others on this site, I wish you well, but I have come too far to go backwards. Thank you.

  • Aaron Freeman, Yes, You are right. It is “hell” getting off the psychiatric drugs, yet, I would go through that “hell” again if need be to get off those evil drugs. However, due to my experiences, I now know better. A lot has been written by many about their experiences during all the phases of these drugs, including my experiences. But, in my personal experience, these drugs also make you feel dirty inside…dirty…like maybe your brain and body are being “raped” in some manner. I also had this feeling when I was drinking alcohol, until my body stopped that, too. In both cases, when I stopped them, I felt clean inside; like I had had a wonderful cleansing shower of my insides (brain and body.) However, with the drugs, I still had to suffer through the withdrawal and now I must adapt to the consequences of their usage. I did not have such issues with the alcohol. I do not know if that is because I spent more, much more years on the drugs than on the alcohol or because the drugs are inherently “stronger” to the system. I am no scientist, but, I think the answer is probably “all of the above.” Thank you.

  • I think what I see being debated between Oldhead and D.W. is the age-old debate of defining oneself and labeling. Labeling usually occurs from the outside. Defining oneself usually occurs from within and is therefore more empowering to a person. Labeling is also usually negative; i.e. “You are slow, stupid, overemotional, etc.” Unfortunately, Labeling can become the way one defines oneself. It is sort of resignation to one’s fate, rather than doing the hard work of defining oneself. Of course, in our society, it can be very difficult for one to define oneself and for so many it is no rewarded. Only when accepts the label given to him or her is one rewarded, although the latter is very damaging and can cause all kinds of issues, including illnesses and premature death in some cases. At the very least accepting the label will usually result in a miserable life. Defining oneself is an active process. In defining oneself, an individual learns all he can about who he is in relationship to himself, his God, his world, others, etc. Psychiatry works because it allows for the easy way out by labeling the person, usually through the medical tool of diagnosis. It is bullying taken to being respectable. And, thus, in most cases, when one accepts that diagnosis given to them by the psychiatrist is the truth of who they are, they resign themselves to the abuse of being labeled. Life becomes easy. All that one thinks, does, feels, etc. can be explained away by this diagnosis and the responsibility to being part of the human race disappears. But this is all rationalization and the mental gymnastics to arrive at that point can be tormenting, especially if you include the drugs, therapies, etc. employed. I think, maybe Oldhead might see D.W. labeling herself, rather than defining herself. Whether this is true or not, only D.W. can answer. All I know is that in my life submitting to any particular diagnosis (the labeling) which changed over the years reduced me to less than human. My very lifeblood got choked out of me and I almost died. The biggest factor being the use of the psych drugs for way too many years, but it the acceptance of the diagnosis, the labeling by others (psychiatrists, etc.) rather than I taking the responsibility for defining myself. Now, I am in the process of defining myself despite the loss of years and the damage done especially to my brain by the drugs and therapies, etc. Although, at times, it is challenging and even painful, there is such great joy and relief in this, that this is a task of hard work, I would wish upon someone. And, finally, I can be whom I truly am and created to be in the image of our Heavenly Father, and not bullied into a label (a diagnosis) by someone who may have no other interest in me than if I take my drugs, show up for appointments and pay my bill incurred by their “treatment.” Thank you.

  • This is a very interesting article that describes a unique group of people. I have also read these comments with many statements to ponder. I am leery of “social justice” or even “civil rights” as they apply to the “anti-psychiatry” movement, although, at times they do apply. I think there are those who desire to “defund psychiatry” similar to movements across the country that desire to “defund the police.” And, of course, there is the necessity of de-legitimizing what many consider an already illegitimate science, psychiatry. I am really not sure if any of these are the answers to the problem of psychiatry, etc. There is a lot of money here and a lot of people and their families who depend on income from psychiatry, etc. but that doesn’t make psychiatry, etc. moral or legit. I am concerned about politicizing psychiatry, in that this has a tendency to be like the mud that harbors itself in a fan to plaster you against the wall. I do lean towards God as the answer, but, I am no fool, in that many may not, for may reasons, feel comfortable with this position. I did not come to anti-psychiatry through critical psychiatry. I came because I was victimized by the terror and horror of psychiatry, lost a decade or more of my life, and nearly died. I thought psychiatry was the answer as I thought other similar lines of thought were the answer. They were not. However, through the pain, I have learned a lot about who I am, etc. and continue to learn. However, those of us who are survivors of psychiatry’s evil remain hidden, unheard, almost like the lepers of Biblical Times. Yes, we do interact in society, something the Biblical Lepers were not able to do, but, we do so silently, sometimes hiding who we really are and what we really have experienced and know. I have no answers. Yes, we need each other. We need kindness and understanding. And, we also need to be able to tell the world, in this case, you must choose. If you accept your diagnosis; if you accept your treatments, pills, etc. then you have not yet crossed the threshold towards anti-psychiatry. Yes, it is difficult to get off the drugs and the treatment wheel, but you must make some sort of commitment to get off. You must make some sort of commitment for redemption and freedom. The more who do this, the stronger our voices will be. Thank you.

  • Death Certificates seem to rarely make any mention of the real cause of death. Sometimes, it is a family’s decision. However, more than we would like to admit it is a cover-up of some sort. But, consider that most diagnosis are either false, misleading, outright lies and deception for all kinds of reasons. So many suffer because of those who want to avoid the truth and live in a web of lies and deceit. Thank you.

  • Yes, you’re right, but, according to these psychiatrists, etc. is that withdrawal symptoms, effects, etc. only prove that you are SICK and in need of these evil drugs. I think they call this obfuscation, but this dangerous obfuscation because, it maims, damages, disables, disturbs, and sometimes even kills. The “cure” is worse than the “disease” because there is no “disease.” Thank you.

  • Psychiatric drugs-Whoever you are- Whatever you want to do-However you want to do it Etc. Psychiatric Drugs steal this from you. Psychiatric Drugs steal your mind, body, your soul, your spirit. They basically mess up your brain to the point that you may not even be able to legally sign your name onto a check or other document. They are cruel abuse and they disable, debilitate, maim, damage and kill. I am glad that the author of this article can see this at such a young age, before it really gets out of control. I wish the author well and all who wish to escape from this hellish evil of psychiatric drugs. If there is ever a hell on earth, it is being under the influence of psychiatric drugs. Thank you.

  • Once, I thought I was interested in some type of “art therapist” program out of a school in Canada. One of the the requirements I did see was that the student must engage in a year of psychotherapy. Of course, I saw this in their on-line description back before about 2000. I forgot the name of the school. Actually, I was not interested at all. The price was too high and it was in Canada, way to far away for me. And, in the end, I have learned “formal education” is far from being my “happy place”—as they say, “not even close.” And, I am not sure if other “like-minded” schools had a similar requirement. Thank

  • I am not writing this post to increase the ire of anyone, only to bring this, what I think is the real issue. I think, the real issue is that we have absolutely no idea what effect masks, social distancing, locking people out of jobs, school closures and remote learning etc. will due to generations of people, especially children, but people of all ages included. This has been an experiment in progress and those who were the “guinea pigs” were not able to sign consent forms. Actions by various governmental and other entities on the advice of public health officials and others never done before have been enacted. We have to ask ourselves what is it really worth it? We are beginning to see the earliest effects in that employers are having difficult times in finding any applicants for their now available jobs. It seems there may be many contributing factors; one mentioned is the increased unemployment payments. I think that may be only one factor that is being entertained at present. Whatever happens, any conclusions as to success and/or failure seem tenuous. Any intelligent, thinking person would realize that the jury is still out and questions remain, but, each day we learn a little more how these fairly extreme measures have affected people of all ages. The future may bring changes that many have not even considered. Thank you.

  • maedhdh, I do not necessarily think a “good person” is rare, although on some days it sure does seem to be the case. However, I do think it is extremely rare to find a psychiatrist and those in related fields who could be considered “good persons.” And for the most part those who could be considered “good persons” find ways to earn money that do not fit into the column of evil. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, Why are you “attacking” me about psychedelics? Other than the “prescribed psych drugs” I have only used marijuana twice as a college student and drank alcohol until my body and brain rejected that too. In my college marijuana experience, I was picking oranges off an imaginary tree, while my “friends” who shared the evening with me were just extremely relaxed waiting for the munchy stage. On one hand, I respect what you are saying about the use of psychedelics, but they are still drugs, that makes them inherently dangerous, especially since they do pinpoint the brain. Even meditation and other mind-numbing and mind-changing activities can be dangerous. Some people are more vulnerable than others and unfortunately, it is very difficult to tell what kind of harm might result from psychedelics and any of these activities. I have known people to think they could walk through walls from these drugs and thus nearly die. I can not advocate for any type of drug that would affect the brain. The brain is the most important organ of the body. So far, we really can’t transplant brains like we do hearts, kidney, and the like. Perhaps, this is because the brain house all an individual was, is or ever shall be. Not only that, of all the body organs, the brain has been created in an individual manner to assure the survival of the species. No brain is like another, as is, no person is really like another. I continue my fervent objection, to drugs, but especially to those drugs specifically meant for the brain. Thank you.

  • In the United States and this is from a “patients” view, the “psychotherapist” is usually someone with an LCSW degree. One of the jobs of this person is to make referrals to the psychiatrist for “med reviews” and the like. Now, this is usually the set-up in the more community based “mental health centers.” Exclusively private practices may be different, as I have seen a “psychiatrist” as a “therapist” before a more private setting. That rarely worked either. So much of this is determined by insurance, whether it’s Medicare, Medicaid, or private. Even the “uninsured” who may be seen on a sliding fee scale are affected. Usually, in my experience, I would see an LCSW Licensed Therapist every one or two weeks and have a Med Review with a Psychiatrist once a month. However, as the years went on, before I walked away from this, I was seeing less actual psychiatrists and more prescribers who received their authorization from the psychiatrist. In one case from a treatment facility of which I had been a patient for about eleven years, they dropped their psychiatrists and only had available the therapists. However, the patient was still obligated to be seen by a psychiatrist for the meds, but needed to go elsewhere. I found that after I left there, all my records from seeing either psychiatrists or therapists were a jumbled mess as I tried to retrieve them for my last stint as a “patient.” This is my experience. I would not know how this might affect the author’s decisions or anyone else’s decisions whether to be a patient or be a service provider. It has been speculated and could be that some of these facilities might be dropping their in-house psychiatrists because keeping them in-house opens them up to more liabilities. If one considers the dangers of these drugs, it seems understandable. Oddly enough, with the one treatment facility, this happened after my being in the hospital from being basically “comatose” from my years on these drugs. However, I do not know. I wonder to this day, if others may have had some sort of horrible reactions to these drugs and the psychiatrist get scared forcing the treatment facility to drop any in-house psychiatrist. This psychiatrist moved – well- to the other side of the country–last, I heard. Thank you.

  • I have had that happen to me. I, then, remind them how I could not even sign my name while under the influence of these drugs or how much per month we were paying for these awful drugs or how I was not even trusted to make a semi-adult decision, etc. And, yes, can you see how clearer my mind and words are, now. This shuts them up. However, I have a difficult time with getting them to understand how some things have changed due to the damage done to my brain and body from my long years on these drugs, but, especially the brain and what I am able to do and not do and my picky eating habits and a whole host of “quirky” and not so “quirky” things. Most people seem to judge how you should act and react based on they have and reacted to their medical and other experiences which are well not like yours at all—many times, not even close… Thank you.

  • We do not have everything need until we realize that we need God and then we really do have everything we need. If you are concerned about being needed, please rest assured that God does need us or why else would we be individually and uniquely created in His Image and in His Name. Thank you.

  • What I know and remember about taking these psych drugs and engaging in all these therapies is that I fought dirty inside and outside. I could never take enough showers to cleanse all that dirt from me. It wasn’t until I stopped the drugs, I felt clean again even as I endured withdrawal.
    I think it is a person’s choice whether to remain as either the psychiatrist or the patient. However, because of my experiences, I would argue that leaving is a better choice, but, it is not my place to interfere in another person’s life or decision. There are things I do not know. I can say even the therapy was excruciating I endured “labels:, (diagnoses) that were not only inappropriate but dangerous and useless. These labels or diagnoses are not like the labels such as “I am an artist, bricklayer, lawyer, mechanic, etc.” The labels or diagnoses are such that they reinforce the effects of the drugs and the effects that one is less than a person. When a person uses such a label to define oneself, all one gets is the dregs and the ability to fulfill potential, promise, and purpose is lost. One can not be who one is created or meant to be when one describes oneself as a label such as bipolar or depressive. After receiving such labels, it may be a struggle to retain that which is considered right for you. Choosing to leave this unnatural world as a patient or psychiatrist takes courage, but so many times, it is thrust upon you. It can happen when you seemed to have no choice. But, even in those times, you will look back and be thankful that in some way for some reason, you have been rescued from this “underworld.” Thank you.

  • I think, maybe, twenty to thirty years ago, “stigma” was an issue in mental health in receiving treatment. However, now, it is just overrated and is used more as a matter of societal pressure (or bullying, etc.) to get people to receive treatment or punish people in some way if they choose not to receive treatment. “Stigma” has been used by groups like “NAMI,” Mental Health of America, and other such groups to obtain money, membership and like I said, “bully” people into treatment. So, when it comes to withdrawal, a subject these “stigma advocates” do not want to discuss, again there is “bullying” to keep those who question their medications and treatments from taking steps to withdraw from them. However, what these groups may not understand is that, in many ways, no matter how much “bullying” they do, it is out of their hands. I cite myself as an example because for me the drugs, treatments, and therapies were finally rejected by both brain and body. I guess, it might be considered a “last ditch” effort by my brain and body to save my life or it could be considered “Divine Intervention.” Of course, now we have “stigma” against those who are “psych survivors.” It is almost a double stigma. And, few understand or for instance know of Robert Whittaker’s and others work in this area. I do not share how I got to where I am, whom I am, with anyone, except “anonymously” on-line. Few understand or care what happened to me while under the drugs, etc., the withdrawal process, or how it affects me now. Sometimes, not even one’s own family members. But, in my heart, someday, we will be able to let our issues be more known to the world. I just don’t know when that someday will be, so I would definitely like to express my gratitude to the author for this informative article. Thank you.

  • The author of this article states many points against psychiatry. It is very unfortunate how mainstream media and other sources have developed a culture where people expect a magic diagnosis and magic pills to save their lives. I remember once amongst way too many times I made that mistake. An article in a popular “women’s-type magazine” like the kind you pick up at the check-out counter at a grocery store told of a young women who found that taking one little pill (I believe it was either Ritalin or Adderall) allowed her to focus so she could obtain her dream career in graphic arts. Well, I have taken pill upon pill and therapy upon therapy and all I finally got was “brain damaged.” Well, actually, my brain and body told the drugs they could not take their toxicity anymore until one day I could not be awakened. I spent eleven days in the hospital; but, it wasn’t until two years later that I was totally freed from the drugs and the psychiatry, etc. Now, I can take no more drugs or pharmaceutical products. Actually, I see very little difference between that pill-pusher on the street who tells the vulnerable and gullible the little pill they sell will save them from whatever or the pill-pusher in the office who sells them a similar pitch. Whether or not there are actual mental illnesses seems to me extremely questionable, but the damage these drugs and the associated therapies does to the brain and body are not questionable as it truly and unfortunately happens. I would say the cure is worse than the disease; because the disease is doubtful and the cure causes damage. First, I was “disabled” due to these diagnoses, but, even then, it was the drugs that interfered with my daily functioning. Now, I must contend with the damage from the drugs. Basically, I must adapt my life and lifestyle to adjust successfully with this damage. It affects my sleep, my diet, how I spend my time, etc. And to some, I must seem incredibly picky and unorthodox. But, in many ways, I am very orthodox as I credit God and Jesus as my Saviors from this pain. But, each person must find his or her own way in or out of this terror and horror. I am not here to interfere or tell someone what to do. I only pray that each person will find the way that is best for them; no matter what. Thank you.

  • Like that old line, ” I am from the government and I am here to help,” when someone says, “I’m a professional (or expert, authority, etc.) and I am here to help,” this is the time to “run for the hills” and fast! This is because very few will be helped. Talk therapies, CBT, etc. and especially “pills” of all the types listed are in that well of “ill repute.” We will only be free and healthy as a nation and world when we stop relying on pills and therapies, etc. for our salvation. Yes, there is money, greed, corruption involved, but there is also a very hungry population for these “get better quick” schemes. Why do this when we have not only God, but His whole beautiful creation (nature, etc.) to heal, soothe, and make us be human. One of the cruelties of the pandemic is when many were forced to stay inside their homes because of restrictive edicts. First, I say, “Just Breathe.” Then, I say, “Just Play.” And you will be healed; for only when we return to ourselves as children will we be healed. Of course, there will most likely need to be some modifications, but realize the essence of truth is there. Just “go with the flow” and ditch the drugs and therapies, etc. Just be who you are created to be and who you are and life will take care of itself. Thank you.

  • Yes, I have a thought. Something doesn’t seem right here. I do not sense in Thomas Merton’s statement real love. In fact, although Thomas Merton was supposed to be an educated Catholic Monk, I sense something that is far removed from the famous lines in the Bible of 1 Corinthians 13— “Love is patient, Love is kind…” This doesn’t sound like love to me. Real Love is gritty, dirty, ugly sometimes. It’s dirty diapers and stinky litter boxes and smelly feet, too. I could go on and on and on. Real Love is not a false “awakening.” If there is one thing I have learned through being in some outer space world because of the psych drugs, therapies, etc., then withdrawal, and now learning to adapt my life due to the brain injury from the drugs, that sort of “awakening” that Thomas Merton speaks of is just lies and fake feelings to avoid life. The “awakening” is more like the falseness of being on the psych drugs where sometimes you may not even be able to sign your name or walk a straight line home. So, please, part of getting to Heaven is accepting the dirt on Earth. Thank you.

  • “A pill will not dry your tears.” This is is so true. And I ask why would you want to do that? I was “convinced” to do that. I think “convinced” is not quite the right word. There are more forceful and/or manipulative words. But, why? Tears are better without drugs. They are cleansing like a shower on a summer day. Why take away what God has given us naturally to heal ourselves? Because, these people prescribing these drugs not only want to play God, but be God. But, in the teachings I know from church, there is only one God. Some may see it differently for a myriad of reasons. However, the fact there is only one God may prevent those from either playing God or trying to be God. And then we can cry until we joyfully laugh ourselves to Heaven. Thank you.

  • There were days that I felt like a “dead corpse.” Oh, those were those days, I was taking those drugs as in the grips of Big Pharma and the psychiatrists, etc. (Co-Conspirators.) But, let me see…they messed with my “menstrual cycle.” Some women of child-bearing age have complained of this with the “vaccines.” Oh yes, I was only concerned with one result, the “maintenance of my symptoms.” Some have accused public health officials and some governmental officials of being concerned with one result- variations on the theme of “covid” despite other looming problems. Oh, yes and their was this constant haranguing of how bad I was; how sick I was, even since my birth and toddler days, etc. I guess, in their minds, I was born sick. Maybe it was cold and snowy on the night I was born and my mother ate a very large dinner prior to labor and birth. She also ate a dozen or more donuts the night before. But, then, some have accused the media, public health, some government officials of similar haranguing of how bad a person is; in that if one does not do this and that; they could kill “grandma!” Sounds like a good trade-off to me—the sordid world of psychiatry now fully exposed during “covid.” I feel saved from something but I am not sure what. How is “isolation station” for a six year old, a twelve year old, a sixty year old, a ninety year old? How is each day for someone who must feel like they are living through the dinosaur extinction after that asteroid collided with the earth millions of years ago? I was just wondering if all this is worth it? In my viewpoint, it really isn’t “political” in my viewpoint, but it sure does smack of the “psychological”. Thank you.

  • Waking up everyday and selling oneself for money is called “prostitution.”
    The “create you own reality with your thoughts” or “You attract your experiences with your thoughts” world is nothing but “New Age Mumbo-Jumbo.” Another variant is the idea that the world, the people, etc. reflect who you are. These are all dangerous and the last has great danger if you consider the world we see on the evening news each night. Of course, now much of it is 18 to 24 hours a day. Anyway, I consider this “New Age Stuff” very dangerous and I think it is a variation of psychiatry, etc. When one realizes they are lacking, somehow they end up making it to the psychiatrist’s office, etc. and a world of drugs and worse. I see the world of psychedelics, new age, psychiatry, etc. as all variations on a theme and this theme is not good, but, evil. It is a “feel good” world where all feelings, especially those of the “feel good” type are false and damaging. And, when I say damaging, I mean it; because any of these can lead to any and all kinds of forms of brain damage. These are all dangerous territories. Please stay away, if you can. Psychiatry, etc. includes basic old psychology, too. And, I know, I was ignorant enough to be a psychology major in college. There are a million other ways to help people than through psychology, new age and psychedelics. Thank you.

  • I don’t want someone to sit there and hold my hand while I go through “pain.” I don’t want mind-numbing or mind-altering drugs to help me though the pain. I would like at times someone to be more understanding of my fear of storms or the adaptations I have had to make because of the damage the drugs caused to my brain. I would like at times other people to realize I have strengths and non-strengths and to accept me for who I am in that just because I can or can’t do something doesn’t make me any more or less a human being. It just makes me me. I would say that probably most problems would be corrected if we just appreciated Individual Differences among people and how these Individual Differences are meant to help and contribute to a better world. Each Person is an Individual Light; but, drugs of any kind are liable to snuff it out and that could be forever. I am thankful that despite it all mine was not forever. Thank you.

  • Yes! I hated school! And, there was never so much joy in my heart except when I heard the words, “Snow Day” on the radio or tv news. However, since, the “lockdowns/school closure” now many school districts want to get rid of “snow days” and go to “remote learning.” Of course, many school districts were forcing “make-up days” on their students, in order to comply with “mandated days/hours” in the classroom. But, another point is to be made, even though you may not like something, when it is taken away and unavailable, we seem to want that more. This applies seemingly to all ages. I never wanted toilet paper as much until last year. Luckily, I had enough to get through until the shortage eased a little. And now, in the southeast, it is the gas shortage due to Colonial Pipelines shutting down. And, the more they tell the public not to “hoard” it, the more they do. This is “human nature.” The noise of these “officials” is partially the result of “psychology.” “Psychology/Psychiatry” as it “practiced today” is about as far apart from “human nature” as the end of the universe is to Earth; but, so is education, medicine, etc. etc. etc. Thank you.

  • If they want to dispose of the biochemical lies as a cause of the fake mental illnesses, I say, “yeah!” However, I am just skeptical. But, “Human Connection and Mutuality: A New Response to Mental Illness,” when did connection with other human beings on a “mutual” basis become new? As far as “what happened to you” rather than “what is wrong with you”—that is usually my response–to say someone who has come in from a terrible rainstorm and looks like a matted dog. The alleged old response of “what is wrong with you” does beg an answer that something must be wrong whether it is or not. However, we are still at the horrible mercy dangerous concept of labeling others and ourselves with deleterious falsehoods that really only harm, damage, and disturb our natural harmony and freedom as given to us by our Creator. Yes, we do label and name that which we see in our environment; trees, buildings, cats, dogs, flowers, snakes, etc. But, that is only only mere shorthand, so we in essence do not bump into that which we should not bump into. But “short-handing” human beings in to labels whether we do it to ourselves or others is not only a diagnosis, but harmful. Thank you.

  • oldhead, I think there are some “waking up” to what has been done to them. There is a slow-motion thing about it. Even in a nearby county to me, the parents are getting very angry over their children having to wear masks at school, especially for how long a school day is for a child. However, the school board says that they can’t do anything until the governor changes his orders. But, then, the pressure will be upon people. now get your vaccine, so the masks can come off for everyone, but especially the little children in the school. Still, there are those who may never wake up, but stay asleep and in denial forever. All of this seems so similar to how people process their dependence on drugs and alcohol and that includes the evil psych drugs. Rationalization, rationalization, rationalization with a little cognitive dissonance thrown in for good measure. Thank you.

  • Bananas, You are right as each person “metabolizes” a drug differently. That is what the doctors don’t really like; all doctors, especially the false doctors, psychiatrists, etc. That each one of us has been created uniquely; that each one of our brains has been created uniquely is something very few doctors, psychiatrist, want to confront or are willing to accept. But, of course, education, the government, etc. are also very unwilling to confront and accept this. This, too, is brought into the home and parenting, etc. by all these “do-gooders” who are doing absolutely no good by thinking each person is basically the same and to deny the uniqueness of each individual is somehow against the greater good; which, it may very well be. However, it is fact and truth and to disregard this causes so much unnecessary suffering and heartache. Thank you.

  • Mr. Unger spoke of someone needing help because they desired to go towards the Pacific Ocean; but, were actually headed eastbound towards the Atlantic Ocean, maybe. Once, I needed to see a different doctor than usual. (This has nothing to do with any Psych experiences I have discussed on this site and actually prior to most of them.) This particular doctor was on the east side of the town in which I lived. However, I “got turned around” and ended up headed westbound. Well, I finally figured out my error and telephoned them and got back on the right track. However, when I did finally arrive in this particular doctor’s office, I was badgered, criticized, and harangued beyond permitted limits. The doctor almost refused to see me. I never went back to this doctor. Perhaps, it was a harbinger of what would be in my encounters with so many doctors, beginning with the psychiatrists and extending into other medical fields. Perhaps, I should have just continued westbound, never seeing that particular doctor and then never having to have that added pain in my brain. The point is just because someone says they are headed towards the Pacific, when to us we see them headed towards the Atlantic does not necessarily mean they have taken the wrong turn and need to be corrected to head the other way. How do we, as mere humans, really know if the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean is best for that person. We don’t and we should not. Christianity has a way out for this problem. Other religions may also have a similar way out. This is to pray for the will of God to be played out in a person’s life, not for anything else, not even for healing, a job or whatever; just the will of God. This is because we do not know another person’s “life path.” This is because we honestly do not know what is right or wrong for another person. Only that person knows with the help of God, that is… I could give a million or more examples. But, I will say, in my opinion, this is the problem with the mental illness industry and in fact much of medicine, government, education, etc. We all want to play God, in some manner. We all want to think that we are the answer to God’s Prayer. But, it is usually hubris that probably causes the most unnecessary disease and premature death. Deciding what is right and wrong for another person is hubris (playing God) and is dangerous. If you find yourself in that position, take a step back and a deep breath, and let God do His thing. Thank you.

  • The tragic side of this story is that in most cases, a very high powered dangerous probably addictive drug will get prescribed for issues such as insomnia, anxiety about employment or career choice, being bullied or abused in school, at work, at home or a multitude of “problems” that are then made worse by the drugs. The drugs then cause either side effects (like T.D.) or other alleged diagnosis (like Bipolar Disorder) that, of course, need more drugs. And thus for the “patient” drugs are piled onto drugs. Anti-psychotics and SSRIS are notorious for all these horrors and are well-known to cause “brain damage.” Going off these drugs is life-saving, but, still the person must usually go though some sort of tortuous withdrawal and even after the withdrawal is complete, the person’s life may be changed in some way forever, as the person then saddled with the prospect of learning to adapt to the brain damage the drugs caused that do not go away even after the drug is stopped. More than likely, they must go through all this alone; on a risky trial and error basis because the psychiatric and the medical community lives in denial of this and refuses all efforts to attempt to understand and help. There seems to be very little desire to ameliorate the damage they have caused. I am not sure about this, but, when I hurt someone I usually want to make amends. I do not, if possible, let the sun go down on my anger. The psychiatric and medical professions have chosen the opposite and many suffer. It is not just the “patient” who must “come clean” from their drug-taking; is the prescriber who must “come clean” and “own up” as any “neighborhood pill pusher” should. Also, their suppliers, too. Until this is done, not only will each patient under their evil spell suffer, but society will suffer too. There is absolutely no way to “cure” the ills of society, including violence, and the economy, until this happens. The problems in our society are not because of racial or economic disparity or any other excuse “they” want to “accuse.” The problems of our society are due to one thing: “drugs” and although illegal drugs are a major cause; it is the legal, prescribed drugs that lead the forefront and it is the “psychiatric” drugs that at present are the instigators with the pain-killers not far behind. If the human race goes extinct, it will not be due to bombs, etc. but to drugs with “psychiatric drugs” leading the way. Thank you.

  • Actually, this is tragically multi-generational from great-grandparent to grandparent to parent to child, including the little ones still in diapers. I am not quite sure why. I have several ideas or theories. Could it be A, B, C, D, or All of the Above. Who knows? We just need to stand up and protect ourselves and our loved ones against the chemical evil threatening to be introduced into our body/brain; uniquely and individually created by God, not by Man (Human Beings). Thank you.

  • Sometimes, I think stigma or stigmatization has contributed to a lesser amount of people adversely affected by the “psych industry” We must be very careful to place a concept like stigma or stigmatization on some sort of continuum. We think we can get away with abusing ourselves and each other by categorizing into a “status continuum.” I would say “wrong answer.” Neurodiversity continuums, Bipolar continuums, etc. etc. etc. Continuums just label and segregate people further. Forget it please. We do not need something reduced that only seeks to promulgate the “myth of mental illness” further. We need to tell people they are whole and good just the way they are; without lying to them that they are inherently defective. Sin notwithstanding, how can some one be defective when they are uniquely by a Creator greater than any human being or creature or plant on this planet Earth. Thank you

  • Inquiring and thinking minds who are now psychiatric survivors should be skeptical of all this. The fact that it is on MSM during this particular time period is worrisome and confusing. The fact that it seems that Dr. Bruce Perry feels he needs such a big name prominent person as Oprah Winfrey to help get his message across should be considered and questioned. Perhaps, if an honest big name celebrity could speak of their psychiatric abuse on MSM that might be helpful to the cause; but right now we must retain a strong degree of skepticism or we will find that again we have fallen down into another rabbit hole and this rabbit hole might take a little more wiggling to get out and get our freedom back. Question everything. Your life and the lives of those you love depend on it. Thank you.

  • Although I would never rule out greed, you also have to add into the mix sloth (laziness) and stupidity. Psychiatry is really for what I admit are reasons unknown to me is the epitome of people self-actualized by the seven deadly sins.
    As far as the SSRIS go, I was under the impression that the SSRIS cause for some, “psychosis and/or mania” or at least that’s what the shrinks call it; thus justifying the even more dangerous “atypical anti-psychotics.”
    The reason for what I wrote to start out this comment is what happened to me towards the end of my being under the evil spell of the “psychiatrists, etc. club” I was prescribed “seroquel.” I had trouble taking it. It gave me terrific headaches amongst other things and I could no longer take tylenol, unless it was the hard to find liquid kind. So, I cut my “seroquel” in half– the prescribed amount– and my headaches did lessen somewhat. But the “psychiatrist” was furious! She wanted me to continue to take the “seroquel” at her prescribed amount even if I got debilitating headaches from that amount. She was so furious with me that she would not see me, but delivered her commandment through a snippy nurse’s aid. It wasn’t too long after that that I walked away from the psychiatrists, etc. I would consider that “walk-away” a real life-saving measure. Thank you.

  • First, this is an excellent article. Second, Our mistake is that we are relying on the same people who gave us this poison to relieve us of this poison. It would like Adam and Eve who gave Eve the poisoned apple to expect the snake to save them from leaving the garden. I am not sure who can truly help us from this prescribed harm. Many of us do struggle and slosh through it on our own. I am not sure if this is acceptable for everyone, because it is still unknown as to how actually dangerous it is. However, like all things and this is the most scariest of all, probably to the prescribers, is that it is a highly individual thing. What worked for me may not work for me and may actually be life-threatening for another person. In a way, this is “uncharted territory.” But, what did they (the psychiatric/big pharma community) expect to encounter when they began to prescribe these pills. Were they so naive knowing that these pills are meant to make changes in the brain that stopping them would be easy and effortless for the patient? Were they so “blind” to these pills that they did not even consider that if these drugs were to make changes in the brain that brain damage in some form could occur? We already had legal drugs (the earlier anti-psychotics) and the illegal street drugs that we knew caused either addiction or devious side effects and damage. We have all been conned, but this con is not quite like stealing our “life savings” it is like stealing our lives. Our lives are recoverable, but the damage has been done and no matter what happens further, we become like like the civilian casualties of war; the walking wounded. We are the collateral damage that no one wants to talk about. However, as tragic as this sounds, each day we live, is a day of courage and victory, for us and our cause. Thank you.

  • What you are saying sounds interesting, but, it seems beyond my thinking that a psychedelic type drug could help in the withdrawal from a highly addictive drug like an opiate or a benzo, as both in their withdrawal phases can for some cause “psychotic-like” symptoms. This seems a dangerous area. I think the only way to truly and successfully have a withdrawal from all these various addictive drugs is to stay away from all drugs especially until the most critical time has passed. It seems to me the only drugs that might be used would be that necessary in a “life-threatening” situation. Personally, it should, in my opinion, be the goal of all those who have suffered addiction or similar or other problems due to any drugs, it is stay away from drugs all together, if possible. Thank you.

  • You are right as regards taking supplements especially in pill form. As far as my body’s now rejection and adversity to medicine, especially, pills, this may even go back to my teenage days when I was taking tetracycline four times a day for “acne” and then tylenol four times a day for continuous headaches, some migraines during some of my earlier adult years. However, I have learned that if I seem to be short on a particular vitamin or mineral, I found what food has a good concentration of it and then, if I can, incorporate it into my diet until the problem seems to be alleviated. This practice seems to work for me; but each person is thankfully individually different and unique. Thank you.

  • Actually, we need to quit the fantasyland of trying to teach people of all ages how to cope. Oh, but isn’t the Harry Potter series classified in the genre of fantasy. Coping is a lie. We are not put on earth to just cope. We need to learn how to be free and live; even it hurts, because hurt is only temporary. It only goes beyond the temporary into the realm of permanent when we settle for coping, which is just a euphemism for safety or the new normal. We need to teach the children of today the power of Patrick Henry when he said “Give me Liberty or Give Me Death.” Then, they will be free to live and will not need to settle for the lie of coping which will eventually lead to death, maybe premature or untimely, but no liberty. I’d rather fly like a bird without an airplane than sink into oblivion like the Loch Ness Monster. Thank you.

  • No! I am just joking! However, it seems that they want to “therapize” everything. This has got to stop! Like I said in some comments I made on other articles various times. One moment of rare enlightenment, a big lightbulb blew up in my head! When it did, I realized the title or word, “therapist” can be written as “the-rapist.” I do not think this is a another word I can spell or can no longer spell. I think this is the real honest truth hidden in the word. Of course, “therapy” is just “the-rape” with the “y” taking the place of the “e” which can happen sometimes; although, it is usually “y” and “i” that inter-change themselves. Thank you.

  • That’s interesting. Would any nutritional supplements help after the withdrawal? However, I do see a few problems with any nutritional supplements. Depending on the individual, the body may reject taking any more pills or pill-like substances. A related issue is the anxiety caused into taking these pill or pill-like substances after the horrific experiences with the psych drugs. There are sometimes inert substances in these pills that can cause problems for the individual. As for me, I can no longer take any pill or pill-like substance into my body without some sort of rejection or side effect. I do not even take an aspirin, a tylenol, or OTC medicine at all. I can only use substances that I can safely rub onto my skin: iodine or OTC Pain Healing rubs. The former I use to avoid infection with a cut, because I am allergic to all types of alcohol and the latter I use for pain such as headache or muscle ache. Thank you.

  • What’s next? Little Women Therapy for sisters… Old Yeller Therapy for those who’ve lost a beloved pet…Godfather Therapy for family issues…well, when anything and everything becomes therapy it, then makes therapy useless—AAH! It already is!…But, please lets’ stop fostering this mindless uselessness upon our innocent children. I know that in the Bible, Jesus reprimands those who seek to cause the little ones to suffer- I think it’s something about a millstone, but due to the drugs and therapies, I even get the Bible Verses I learned in Sunday School mixed up. But God and Jesus forgive. The Neighborhood Psychiatrist doesn’t. His or her only way to deal with any situation of the human condition is through drugs and drugs mixed with the concept of scheduled therapies and that all of life should be one humongous utensil of therapy. Thank you.

  • Yes diet does play a role in one’s alleged “mental health.” When I have a bad day, there is nothing better than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread to bring me to a proper uplifting perspective. But, there is another point to be made here. It is well known that these psych drugs mess up one’s metabolism. Some cause serious weight gain and make it nearly impossible to take the weight off, even if following strict exercise and diet regimens. Another point to be made is that after the drugs, after the withdrawal, one’s eating habits may change somewhat. Of course, during withdrawal, eating can be very dicey and I have seem perhaps no articles that addresses that critical time and diet. But after the withdrawal, the brain is probably damaged and may not be able to process all that is necessary to make allegedly healthy recipes because the foods involved, the techniques, etc. involved could be quite difficult. The other issue is that after years on the drugs what one can eat might be critically diminished and there might be needs not previously known; such as even though the person is no longer on lithium, a salt-restrictive diet would be questionable and damaging. So, in my opinion, given the amount of people introduced to these drugs is probably increasing by an very high amount, especially in light of this virus and the restrictions imposed, and many may hopefully wish to no longer take these drugs at some time, I feel this must be addressed as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • It’s just trading one fantasy for another and it would be difficult to predict both short term and long range outcomes. However, children are innocent and vulnerable and like their adult counterparts, they should not be considered just objects for the whims of experimentation. CBT is dangerous for adults and couple this with the fantasy of Harry Potter or other like-minded books, and the experimenters may get more than the bargained for. I say, “Be Careful what you wish for, ” but please stop wishing on the children of the world. Thank you.

  • The reason I mention the high cost of these drugs is that when I was prescribed Abilify, it was about $400.00 to $500.00 per month. Some years later, I was prescribed the very controversial drug, Saffris. The price was very similiar, leading towards the higher amount. Neither my mother nor I could afford the cost. That probably helped to save my life. Thank you.

  • Beware: If you take these psych drugs long enough, you will probably lose your armpit hair and other hair that women in the States usually shave. As far as a diagnosis, all doctors, even the very extremely questionable, i.e. psychiatrists want to use the terminology surrounding “diagnosis.” It, I guess helps to simplify things for them. However, I, think, the concepts of “diagnosis” and “diagnostics” actually should only apply to robotics, computers, vehicles, airplanes, et. These two words, “diagnosis” and “diagnostics” should never apply to any living thing, i.e. breathing, etc. especially human beings, etc. All creatures, great and small, including plants, need not “diagnostics.” They need Love, which is the anthesis of “diagnosis and diagnostics.” Thank you.

  • Have you ever priced the cost of especially the newest psych drugs? Even if they are partly covered by insurance, they can put you into debt. So, I guess, it’s kind of like this: Your in debt; You’re distressed: You seek psych help: They prescribe you drugs plus the the therapy hour cost (which is usually just 45 minutes at best); then you’re more into debt; more distressed, blah, blah, blah, and etc. etc. etc. A vicious cycle has begun that only can be described as a “modern day debtor’s prison” without the bars. Unless, . . . And, then with psychiatric incarceration, forced one or the other. The story goes down hill further. . . Thank you.

  • All masks are masks of death. Psych drugs are just a chemical mask of death. Therapy is what we might call as an “enabler.” I am not sure if I could trust a therapist in any type of withdrawal from these drugs. Yes, there might be differences between street drugs and psych drugs, but, I am afraid there are more similarities than differences. I am not sure how this affects the withdrawal. Tapering may not work for everybody. “Cold Turkey” may be better for others. However, any medicalization of any part of the process only hurts the person and compounds the problem. At this time in history, the real cause of much of society’s problems rest in the drug issue, whether it is a prescribed legal drug or an illegal. We make other problems to hide the truth of the real danger hidden in these drugs. We can hide behind the masks of therapists who still cater to the psychiatric and greater medical community. We must come to terms with the fact that drugs and our increasing dependence on them is the problem. Dependence on anything is never good. Dependence causes us to invoke a false authority, an idol and these idols change the body and brain so drastically that if we do not stop them now, we humans will turn into something that we can not recognize anymore. Thank you.

  • I have had the Borderline Personality Diagnosis before, but, then I have had the Bipolar Diagnosis, the Schizo-affective Disorder Diagnosis, the OCD Diagnosis… I have happily lost track of all the various lies made up about me. The Borderline Personality Diagnosis, though, is usually reserved for when you do harm to yourself. Some call it “cutting” Much of the time this usually results from the effects of the drugs. In college, I confess I tried to do it to get my parents or the residence hall director to listen to me. No one listened to me. I got lectures instead. At the time, I signed a contract with a student counselor in the Counseling and Guidance program until I stopped. However, usually, it is a response to the drugs. Sometimes, I think, it might have to do with hormone fluctuations especially in young women. But, why not just give the person a useless diagnosis so they can justify prescribing dangerous drugs and therapies like CBT with “mindfulness” and further wreck the individual’s life. I am sorry for what happened to the author of this article, but, please forgive, me maybe “being shunned” is like a “nudge from heaven” that there might be better places for her to use her remarkable talents in a more legitimate field. Thank you.

  • I think that I have survived my withdrawal from all these psychiatric drugs (and I was on many drug cocktails for many years—pretty much from 1991-2013 minus about two or three years) because I did not know I was surviving. The drugs in their odd way stopped me, rather than I stopped them. My brain and body said in collaboration, it is either the drugs or us. I had no choice. Of course, there were a few psychiatrists who tried to keep me on a drug or two or three. Lithium was the last drug that became so toxic to me that I had to stop; however, the silly psychiatrist wouldn’t listen to me and continued to prescribe although I told her No. She wanted to protect me. I wanted to protect me, too, so I quit all these crazy drug-wielding psychiatrists for good. I mean not to be religious or evangelize, but, I chose Jesus over psychiatry. Perhaps, that is how I got saved, although the virus has severely curtailed any “church-going” or related activities. It may not be Jesus for someone else, and I don’t know about this “high anxiety” as described by the esteemed Robert Whitaker, I can say, if you are involved in psychiatry and related fields, especially as a “patient” but in all areas, get out now. It could save not only your life, but, someone else’s life, too. Thank you.

  • prescribedharm, Yes, you are right. However, tragically, the NYT on any given day, not even Sundays is large enough a newspaper to list all those “lost” in some way to these evil drugs and therapies, etc. It would, sadly, take several books, a “series” of books. In the end, if something is not done, it may be several generations. Thank you.

  • Although, I respect the author’s opinion and insight, the list of society’s ills and the suffering that each one of us must endure at times is only cured by “individualism.” A collective society is nothing but a communistic society. We are here on earth to be interdependent not dependent on each other. It is in the sovereignty of each person that can only be known as the sovereignty of God where our answers lie. Each person must come to his or her own conclusions about life on his or her own with the help of God, that is. No one can live another person’s life not should. Collectivism spawns interference in the life paths of others, which is similar to nations interfering in the activities of other nations. This is nothing but against Universal Law; which is against God’s Law. Although, we need each other and can be as one body; each one of us must realize the only way to be successful as one body is when each part of the body sees how valuable it individual effort and contribution is. To deny the individualism of each human being on earth and try to make a collective is just wrong, just plain wrong. Psychiatry enables this to the umpteenth degree. We are not robots. We are proud individuals. Please do not allow that dignity to be taken away or perhaps, we might all become extinct; living in “hell.” Thank you.

  • sam plover: absolutely 1000% correct–Love yourself and the world and avoid psychiatry and becoming your own psychiatrist. Think of psychiatry like this: “evil is as evil does.” Please don’t be a 21st Century Eve—Avoid Psychiatry and being your own psychiatrist at all costs! Thank you.

  • This is an interesting article; however, I need to say, like Officer Friday in the old Dragnet TV series, as far as psych drugs, don’t start, and if you have started, quit now. Honestly, although, I am no “expert”, I can see little to no difference between the “street drugs” many coming in to the country through “drug cartels” and the psych drugs prescribed by these psychiatrists, etc. Their offices may appear cleaner and the violence less violent and subdued, otherwise. . . That is why I suggest it is far better to get involved in a hobby, a sport, a nearby church, a class, etc. It is far better to feed the brain and mind with spirit or with ideas or with art, etc. Then you avoid what happened to the author of this article and what has happened to so many, many of those who have contributed to this site, other like-minded sites or still hide, probably in plain sight. The only way to save a nation, a world is to say no to drugs, because this is effectively one very effective way to renounce the devil and all his ways. And the devil is in the details of these drugs. I suspect that when the history of this time is written, much of the violence, unrest, suffering, etc., will likely be attributed to the usage of these drugs by vulnerable people who got conned by an army of humbugs. Thank you.

  • “Sluggish Thought Disorder” Who would have thought that up? Someone with sluggish thinking like a sloth up a tree in the rainforest. It hurts those so allegedly diagnosed in so many ways and it does shows how adults and others basically shirk their human responsibility in working with both children and adults. If we would just let children be children and adults be “children” we would be much better off. I put the quotes around “children” in regards to “adults” because, I personally believe that the true well-being of a person is when they do keep up their “adult responsibilities” to the best of their abilities while maintaining a child-like wonder of the world. Of course, this is uniquely tailored to each individual as to how each person is uniquely created as far as skills, abilities, interests, passions, etc. If someone allegedly has this “sluggish thought disorder” it’s probably because they are disrespected and discounted, etc. as to what makes them tremble with happiness in childlike joy. Thank you.

  • At the end of this article, it is asked why don’t the patients who were prescribed neuroleptics offered a prescription for a benzodiazepine. However, it is well known that “benzos” as they affectionately called are probably equally as dangerous and as addictive. Withdrawal from either types of drugs can usually only be described as “hell.” I have been prescribed “benzos” without a neuroleptic (briefly) and then neuroleptics with an accompanying “benzo” prescription. The “benzo” prescription, I was told by the psychiatrist, was to offset the side effects of neuroleptics, specifically the T.D. and the restlessness and anxiety associated with the neuroleptic. I was taken off the neuroleptic and the “benzo” abruptly due to a near comatose incident that put me in the hospital. I was reintroduced to several different neuroleptics, but, I was not prescribed any “benzos” again in my recollection. In psychiatric drugs, it does not depend on which type, the only answer that should be given is “NO!” Not even briefly can they be used. These drugs are THAT dangerous! Thank you.

  • This story is well-written, but, I have a concern. As someone who spent way too many years with several different therapists, my concern is that these type of meetings can be addictive. I remember how I used to think that my appointments with my therapist every one or two weeks could solve all my problems. I also remember thinking that when I was scheduled weekly that I must be very sick and need special attention. All are lies and anytime I was “very sick” it was due to the drugs padded with the sick redundancy of the therapist re-enforcing how terribly mentally ill I was. I know that the author of this article had some difficult times as a child. However, it behooves each one of us to realize that we are not sick; we are not victims. We need to know and remember that we are worthwhile human beings. Therapy seemed to only have the ability of telling me otherwise. The greatest thing we can tell ourselves is that we want our lives back. There is no way to have a real life while in therapy. God created us as humans with a contribution to make to the world. Therapy is a trap to take all that away. Thank you.

  • There is absolutely no psychiatric heaven. There is only psychiatric hell. But, of course, the psychiatrists and their LCSW buddies will tell you differently (a con!). Also, those little depression pills as the author of this article tells us to “say no to” are basically “gateway drugs.” Those “little depression pills” are like and some still consider this as such: “the marijuana of yore.” I have no patience for marijuana either. But, these “little depression pills” are much worse. They are dispensed by alleged authority figures who maliciously use that authority to convince you to take more and more drugs and there are all kinds of reasons: side effects for one. True freedom will come when America and the world wakes up to the fact that the worst drug pushers are the ones with the degrees who hide behind these degrees in their cute little offices all over America and the world. Thank you.

  • L.e. cox, You are right, but, it has probably been a mistake all along to expect our government to protect us. Governments may be necessary, but, when we put our faith in them instead of God (I prefer God) or some might call God, a Higher Power, we lose. Every time, some craziness from mass media or the government comes up, which is about every hour on the hour- like clockwork- I remember what an nun told a group of seeking individuals once, “Try God.” However, I will sadly say that there are those who think they have “Tried God,” but they are only pretending. Thank you.

  • What is interesting about this article is that it points out how America exports everything (knowingly and unknowingly) and of course, the good, the bad and the ugly to very ugly. Our “mental illness system” seems to be one of the ugliest. There are some ideas in this article that could be applied to the States, however, it is questionable if ever would. Unfortunately, there is still too much reliance on treatments, specifically drug treatments for people just acting normal. Taking these drugs out of the schools would be very fantastic, but in the US, you would have to confront the ever powerful Teachers’ Unions. But, perhaps, we will need to confront these Teachers’ Unions on many fronts as I see the schools, the educational system as the launching pad for necessary change. It begins with honoring each student as a unique individual with unique gifts and talents, etc. It also begins with an honest approach and a free approach. We need to stop lying to ourselves, our children, and each other. And, above all else, we need to educate all, including the parents, about the evils of these drugs and the accompanying droning, repetitive evil of therapists, etc. We need to let people be people and let each person do and be as he or she is meant to do and be; that which can not be done, etc. by anyone else. We need to stop forcing people into doing and being whom they are not and could not ever do and be. It’s just useless and humiliating to feel the need to only go to the clothing store to only try on the clothes that don’t fit and/or look just plain awful on you. A few are necessary to make a comparison against those clothes that are perfect and right. But, to spend the whole shopping trip trying on the wrong clothes for us is humiliating, debilitating, and worse. In the end, it can cause unneeded suffering and sadly, even premature death. Thank you.

  • Steve McCrea, You are right, psychiatry doesn’t allow mysteries, because it is their solemn goal to create them and make a terrible mess doing it. I am not sue if psychiatry mistakes the BRAIN for the MIND. Maybe, the entire general public is. Maybe, we are by definition, “splitting hairs.” I would like to think the BRAIN and the MIND are as one. We do sometimes, in the vernacular, use them interchangeably. It could be that the BRAIN describes what we might call the more scientific, while the MIND defines the more SPIRITUAL. I am not sure that matters. Perhaps, it needs to stay a MYSTERY. But, whether, it is BRAIN, or MIND, or BRAIN/MIND, it must be fed and attended to appropriately to the individual person living inside. Psychiatry, as fraudulent as it is, and like all other possibly less fraudulent medicines and more and more so other institutions, including government, education, etc. easily and dangerously forget the sovereignty the person and I could argue that the sovereignty of the person is the sovereignty of God and vice versa. Thank you.

  • madmom: But, is it our “job” to convince the already questionable psych professionals or is it our job to convince the public? Perhaps, it is our job to convince ourselves and take responsibility for our mistakes; that following the path of psychiatry, etc. is nothing less than a Faustian Bargain of which we essentially pay the price one way or another. But this is Easter Sunday and there always remains and is redemption. And, sadly, I have yet to see redemption in theories or theoretical frameworks as they like alleged scientific modeling only cloud the issues, when we really need to see clearly what is actually at hand. Thank you.

  • Psychiatry simply fails and this may be the tragic irony of it all because it implicitly and explicitly denies the brain and its preeminence over the entire functioning of the individual. They basically cause the brain to be turned into mush through drugs, therapies, and a multitude of trivial, idiotic treatments. If they considered the brain important, they wouldn’t drug it, electrify it, therapize it, etc. But, no, the psychiatrist’s main job is to trivialize the brain and thus the human being. This is why the most useful information about human behavior, potentials, and basically how the brain and body work in each individual comes from outside psychiatry/psychology circles, which really upsets those in this terribly misguided profession. Just maybe, as far as “madness” and “bizarre behavior” exists in human being perhaps we should take lessons from the pre-psychology times of the middle ages; these behaviors might be of “demonic” origins. Just maybe, an exorcist might be more useful than a psychiatrist and considering what happens with the drugs, etc. there seem to be less long term effects. Thank you.

  • Oh yes, there are benefits. They help to cause psychosis or more psychosis and thus the psychiatrists need to up their dosage to the patient or add other anti-psychotics or other drugs to create for the patient, an even more deadlier drug cocktail. Oh, I forgot to mention who received the benefits—the psychiatrists and big pharma, etc. And the benefits for the patient….Stammer, stutter, well they’ve got to be there somewhere like the check that never ever was in the mail. Thank you.

  • I will be honest. I am skeptical of Buddhism as an antidote to the evils of psychiatry, etc. since, much psychotherapy, etc. has almost become dependent on many of the Buddhist Teachings. “New Age” teachings, etc. also have this problem. I would suggest Christianity or Judaism, but, I realize that many do have issues with these religions, because they represent a more “parental” approach. I don’t know much about Islam, except along with Christianity and Judaism, it is considered an Abrahamic religion. Sometimes, the greatest fear of leaving the claustrophobia of the psychiatrists, etc. is the big open spaces out there with no cruise director. Still, for some, the answer may be as a friendly nun advised us once: “Try God.” But, it would seem useless to “Try God” unless one’s heart is in it. Thank you.

  • Yes, how to get off these dangerous drugs is very important. Honestly, I am not quite sure if tapering is for everyone who is taking these psych drugs. I think, which, many psychiatrists and other doctors, usually refuse to do, is assist the patient on an individual basis from stopping the drugs and into the withdrawal period. It might be nice to have non M.D. psychiatric doctors available during the process. But, it might be after the withdrawal, that it becomes of the most importance. They would probably like to dispense with the person after the withdrawal period. And, that is when the person will need the most help because the body and brain have changed and must adapt accordingly. Add to that, the person’s trepidation in trusting any “medical professional” and that is a bumpy road, for sure. Although, I am very interested in the withdrawal process from these dangerous drugs, I am now extremely interested in life after the drugs, after the withdrawal. We need to really pay attention to this, because if these various withdrawal techniques are successful, this must be addressed like “yesterday.” Thank you.

  • I believe that someone commented that he did go to Russia and Siberia for “withdrawal treatment” as reported in the article. I think just the fact that he felt the need to go to Russia and Siberia for “withdrawal treatment” only reflects how the drugs damage your brain so that thinking rationally and reasonably becomes more and more impossible. Thank you.

  • This is a very interesting article. One thing that struck out to me was human beings evolved into the species it is because there is specialization between individuals. This, in my opinion, is of the utmost importance and is usually totally disregarded by so many Institutions, etc. The fact that each brain is uniquely wired, although there do seem to be, you might say groups of people within each culture or society that share similar wiring is of paramount importance. However, the tragic thing is that so many are basically “discounted” “underutilized” or worse re-directed from their natural wiring is inexcusable and it leaves open the false need for the pseudo-science of psychiatry and the dangerous drugs, treatments, and therapies used to force the brain and thus the body to a dull sleep where the person may not be able to awaken to how he or she is naturally wired. This is hideous in my opinion, because, although I am no expert or authority, I think that the brains’ unique and shared similar wiring of unique individuals determines everything about one’s life and heeding it’s “truth” is the best way to a life that can contribute to the goodness of one’s society or culture, etc. Not only that, this heeding to the “truth” of one’s unique brain, I think, would lead to well-being and greater resiliency in dealing with all of life’s challenges and changes and maybe even more joy and happiness. Thank you.

  • LUH3417, I agree with what you say, however, I am not sure if you can really have “synthetic well-being.” I would say instead, that, to “sell-out” as you state, one would be unable to achieve any kind of “well-being” if attempted, “synthetically.” All one needs to do is think of the difference between cotton and polyester. No matter, how much work they put into attempting to make polyester feel like cotton, it never will. Only cotton feels like cotton and even an wrinkled cotton shirt will always feel better than any polyester shirt. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, It was Me! But, If you do refer to psychiatry as the “baby” and the “bath water” as the bad parts, then you do need to throw out. However, there are no good parts to psychiatry. Perhaps, it is those, past and present who fell or are still failing under the spell of Psychiatry are the “babies” and that “bath water” which is stinky, moldy, full of lead, mercury and a million trillion other poisons is “psychiatry.” So, what we need to do is save all the “babies” and send all that stinky, etc. “bath water” to a “desert island” or maybe load it all into a space ship and send it to some far off, unknown planet a million trillion galaxies away. Thank you.

  • I believe that someone mentioned that Peterson did not respond intelligently, to these drugs, etc. That may be true, but as soon, as he started taking one of these drugs, the ability to respond intelligently is basically thrown out the window; like the baby with the bathwater analogy. As soon as one starts to take these drugs, any intelligent thought and feeling is gone. The ability to make a rational decision is gone. The ability to make a decision based on one’s feelings, intuition, or instincts is gone. The ability to have both daydreams and dreams while asleep or gone. When taking these drugs, one becomes a shell. The person inside is gone, you might say, died. When one stops taking the drugs, one is resurrected or restored. Still, the person inside has been so shattered within, it is unknown and variable depending when and if total restoration is completed. The most important thing to remember about these drugs is that upon taking them the capacity to intelligent or rational thought no longer exists. Thank you.

  • Unfortunately, what Peterson’s experience shows in his story is that the “psych professionals” who “preach from their secular pulpit” are just as gullible to their own lies and propaganda as their “clients/patients” are. In a manner of speaking, they are all like “little gurus.” The tragedy is how these “little gurus” take advantage of our fears; our fears of the future. This is because no matter our present status as it is “fleeting” we are fearful of what might be to come. It goes back to the admonition from the Scottish poet, Bobby Burns about the “best-laid plans that oft go astray.” (This may not be the actual correct quote, but it is the meaning of the quote, in my opinion that matters.) There are those who want to know and control the future and there are those who just want to let the future happen and unfold. And, when these two or more people in these two groups clash in some way, one, probably the latter becomes the vulnerable, the gullible to these “psych professionals.” I can not be sure if this is how Peterson got to where he was as far as his drug and their withdrawal experiences. I can in no way say what is in his mind. However, it does seem that the “trusting” are very vulnerable to those who don’t trust, but want to know what they can not know. It is as if inherent in many relationships or in many daily occurrences from the minor to the major, the “Garden of Eden” experience is relived over and over and over again. Could it be that God wants us to stop reliving that experience over and over and over again, but, we are not listening? Thank you.

  • The idea that “kids” or anyone are “canaries in the coal mine” when considering the extremely misguided and destructive effects of the “mental illness industry” I, honestly, don’t like to think of anyone being a “canary in the coal mine” because the canaries in the coal mines die, so the coal miners will know when to leave so they want suffer the same fate. I would not want to wish death upon innocent children or innocent people of any age, even to wish death on those not innocent might be dangerous and damaging. I know many mean well in this analogy. I don’t know if there is a good analogy, but, all I can say is that we need to stop traveling this road that is not helpful or kind, but damaging and hurtful. This is why I also say that Mister Rodgers had good intentions when he told his child audience to “follow the helpers” he probably had not idea that it was those very helpers who end up hurting the children in so many ways. Thank you.

  • Quote from article: “Intellectually and Conceptually, Psychiatry is Dead.” I would say that on all accounts psychiatry is dead. Here, I feel like quoting Jesus’ words from the Bible, “Let the Dead bury the Dead.” Although these words of Jesus are applicable in so many circumstances and I confess to many these words seem a little confusing and disorienting, it, now appears, that Jesus was almost foreseeing psychiatry in the 21st Century, if not prior centuries. The question and the problem is how do we get a population, a society, a culture, so put under the spell of psychiatry to see the light. That, to me, may be the goal of the “anti-psychiatry movement” to enlighten the world that in psychiatry, they are worshipping very, very dead idols… in fact, so dead that Marley in Dickens “the Christmas Carol” is vibrantly alive. Thank you.

  • First, I do not consider myself an outsider looking in. I have taken many of the same drugs that Mr. Peterson took, except Ketamine. Additionally, I was taking these drugs as a “psychiatric patient” during the time my sister and best friend was undergoing cancer treatment and then after she passed away. After she passed away, I became more and more prescribed a “drug cocktail” with increasing and changing dosages until my brain and body basically rebelled! I am lucky to be alive. I am not a “mental health professional” but I have a BA Degree in Psychology and have worked as a Corrections Officer and in other jobs. Please do not consider me an outsider. And, Please remember I am still HUMAN. I think what concerns most readers of this article is that Mr. Peterson with his ability to use his judgement and his capability to learn about the drugs he would and did take does not. He is not because of his education and experience, just a vulnerable, gullible, “distressed” person who walked off the street for help. He is a “helper” and as a “helper” he is obligated to learn what he is able to about these psychiatric medications he might take, no matter his situation. Because as it seems, his reckless behavior may have put his loved ones in danger. Thank you.

  • I have read and re-read this article. I personally did not see much that would lend itself to speaking ill or good of any particular religion. I did see an incredible mish-mash of ideas and a willingness to subject himself to dangerous drugs. But, not only was there a willingness to subject himself to dangerous, Mr. Peterson, also seems to reflect an unwillingness to learn of their dangers before allowing himself to take them. That seems highly understandable in the “general population” who have brainwashed to believe the pills any M.D. prescribes, even a psychiatrist, must be of benefit to you and make you feel better. Of course, this is usually not the case. Even antibiotics, although useful at times, can cause stomach issues that can be quite disconcerting. And these drugs affect the brain, the pre-eminent organ of the body. When I saw that he was willing to take “ketamine” a “date-rape drug” now being used in some psychiatric circles, I was aghast! What it shows you is that with all the education in the world. Mr. Peterson has a PH.D., without common-sense, one can do some dangerous things to one’s body and brain. (I, of course, should not point the finger too much; as I am no exception in my previous life.) But, something did come to mind as I was writing this? Many times, the psychiatrists, etc. are very concerned that you, the patient may do harm to yourself or others? Well, they should be, because, as soon as you take that drug they prescribed you, you have done yourself harm and maybe others, too. But, of course, they will not tell you that. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, Adderall is a stupid drug. It is highly addictive. As a meth type drug, it’s a stimulant and is related to those evil diet drugs sold in the back pages of the old cheap magazines they used to sell in gas stations, etc. And, why use one drug to stop the effects of another drug? Oh, that’s something that’s been tried and still is being tried and not only harms but fails. One of my psychiatrists tried me on Adderall for about a month or so. She said, oh, this will help you concentrate. Did I concentrate? No! I just almost got fired, but smartly quit my job. Thank you.

  • I know that I always seem to sound like I know everything and that I am smart and have insight. I have no idea if that’s true. But, I am going to now show I don’t know everything and I apologize for ever pretending to act like I do.
    In this article, they state that one of the side effects of “psychotic drugs” is “brain shrinkage.” I am aware of some of the other side effects, including the fact that they do quite a number on your brain, but, I am not quite sure what is meant by “brain shrinkage” and how it affects your thinking, etc. There may be a lot of etc. Also, does anyone know how it might affect someone even several years of no longer taking these psychiatric drugs. Is it related to the TD or akinithsia in any way? Thank you very much.

  • Well, some things in this article seem right and some I am not so sure. Of course, this is “across the pond” and not the US. Although, there may be some tapering in the States, I sincerely doubt it will last long unless they can taper you from one evil drug to another. I remember clozapine came out. Time Magazine had a long article about how it was a breakthrough drug for schizophrenic patients, but, they had to do weekly test for white blood counts and when they got out of whack, the patient had to stop the drug. This was in the early 90’s, I think. I thought well that’s similar to Tegretol which they had taken me off of because my white blood count had got so low, it was endangering my immunity. Willoweed is on spot about this drug thing. Psychiatrists are literally like the kid down the street who sells the drugs to school children on the playground; except the psychiatrist is an alleged accepted authority with a degree and a license and he peddles the drugs in a office and the school children are of all ages. Oh yes, the gateway drug—it could be anything the psychiatrist pulls out of sleight of magic bag. I mean no disrespect to legitimate magicians who entertain, not damage, destroy, and sometimes kill. Thank you.

  • Ekaterina, I was re-reading your article. I respect what you have to say. I was also re-reading some of your posts in response to other posts. I believe that each person has the right to make their own choices about their life and about what steps one must take to adapt to its challenges, etc. However, when I re-read all that you have written (and, perhaps, you did not necessarily mean to make such statements) I feel as if you are either rationalizing these psychiatric drugs you still take or you might be tempting those of us for whom these drugs have caused so much damage. What I am trying to say is that on a site that questions very much the benefits and validity of using (or being prescribed these drugs) you seem to “applaud” and like I said, rationalize their usage. I don’t necessarily feel quite comfortable stating this but I don’t feel quite comfortable reading what you have written. I respect your life experiences, but, I am sorry, and I may have miss-read much what you have said, yet, I read a far greater acceptance and even promotion of these psychiatric drugs that I personally feel comfortable with… I can not think of any drug, legal or illegal, prescribed or not prescribed that is not it is own way bears some danger. And, after my experiences, psychiatric drugs might very well be the most dangerous of all. Please forgive me for saying what I have said; but, unfortunately this article and the other things you have posted give me extremely uncomfortable feelings. Thank you.

  • Steve McCrea I think it is the fact that to make it in the modern world, we must disregard and “disrespect our own (natural) instincts and rhythms.” I think this is probably one of the main reasons that people are compelled to do everything from overeating to drinking (from coffee to alcohol, etc.) to worse, especially including the psych industry, its harmful, deadly drugs and therapies, etc. I remember from as early as my kindergarten, how upset I was that the whole world seemed to care less about when I wanted to eat, sleep, or even engage in beneficial behaviors. My kindergarten teacher was so upset that I only drank milk before naptime on Wednesdays. Well, that was chocolate milk day! Actually, from a very early age, we do try to impose society’s artificial rhythms. Eventually, the person revolts either subtly or not so subtly. At the time the person chooses to engage in behaviors that are not as beneficial. Of course, it depends on the person as to whether these not so beneficial behaviors are society approved or not. What is odd or maybe actually sad and tragic is that many who do behave in society approved behaviors end up as lab rats for the psych industry, etc. I think if there is one thing we can do to be anti-psychiatry it is to claim our natural instincts and rhythms and to no longer give them away. Thank you.

  • When I took Abilify, not only was it very expensive, but, it began to close my throat to such an extent that I had to be taken off if it. I was then put back on Risperadal, another evil drug. But, I did not understand at the time, that closing off my throat would be endangering my life. My father had to explain it to me. It is not that there was/is anything wrong with my intelligence. It is that the drugs dull your brain so very much that they erode all one’s natural intelligence, common sense and cut into any memory from one’s education. For several years while on some drugs that I can not remember, I could not even sign my name. It was totally and completely unreadable and probably could not be used legally. Thank you.

  • Ekaterina, Your story is very interesting. One of the girls in some group I was in came out of the state hospital and told us all of her clothing she had there was stolen. When, I was in the hospital, all I got stolen was my dignity; but, I think I just think it was reinforced as stolen. As far as face cream, etc. if I had any, I would just give it away and worry not about it being stolen, because my skin is so sensitive, especially that which is on face. Even water from the sink can make it itch, etc. unless I dry it off quickly. Still, I need the water to wash the other irritants off my face that can cause me problems. Did your nice perfume get stolen? I use to be a perfume addict, so that would have upset me dearly if that had happened. Maybe, I still am partially a perfume addict—just not too much or the wrong smells or the wrong price…. As far as what you deserve, whatever it is that gives you joy and happiness is what you deserve. And, please always deserve just a little more than the world can give you. It keeps you just hungry and thirsty enough to stay alive and fight for yourself and your dignity. The psych industry shames us enough by insinuating that we are too ill to deserve anything, sometimes, not even love… The psych industry would prefer if we were not hungry enough or thirsty enough to fight for our dignity. And as far as staying alive, they only keep us alive to get their drugs and their therapies, etc.
    Absolutely no one has the right to judge on what you feel you deserve or not deserve. The main point is that the theft of your face cream, etc. was actually like stealing who you are and being in a psych hospital you are very vulnerable to this type of theft. In fact, you really do not need to even be in psych hospital for this kind of theft to happen. Of course, not just the psych industry does this. Others can do this too; friends, family, employers, supervisors, teachers, professors, etc. can do this to you. All of these betray you by their thievery. But, in the psych industry, it seems more potent and mortifying as they were the ones we expected to “save” and “help” us from these other betrayals. And, when this happens, we learn a betrayal we wish we had not learned. Although, it may not be “sexual” it is nothing less than another form of rape. Ekaterina, Thank you for your honest article and commentary and opening your heart to us. Thank you.

  • I think that you are courageous to tell your story. We have gotten so far away from the idea that children are put on earth to play, learn and grow. We have returned to pre-industrial and early industrial times when children were treated as “little adults” except now it is much worse; because not only do we treat them like “little adults” we drug and therapize them like “big adults.” So, that leads to unneeded pain and suffering across all ages. I was not introduced to most of the drugs you mentioned being prescribed until I was an adult. I lost much of my life during those years and I am still experiencing the effects of those drugs, although I have not taken these drugs since 2013-2015. This is beyond comprehension that you were subject to abuse and trauma from those drugs and related experiences as a child, in addition to what you endured in the other areas of your life. What we do to our children in this country is very tragic! However, you are beacon of light and your courage will lead the way to assist children and adults, too a way out of this terror and abuse. Thank you.

  • Fiachra I respect what you say as I am not sure if I agree with you. I say that first because I do not consider there to be a distinction between a “normal” population that is independent of “psychiatry.” Psychiatry is pervasive in the medical world now, that much traditional medicine is now just another branch of psychiatry. Additionally, these psychiatric drugs, especially the SSRIs which can and do cause metabolic side effects and even the “neuroleptics” are prescribed by M.D.s who are not psychiatrists and given to patients who would never dream of seeing a psychiatrist. These drugs are also prescribed off-label for a host of conditions. Finally, it has been discovered, that the popularity of these drugs being prescribed has caused them to be found in the water supplies of many urban areas, thus affecting way many more people. Gently, I will say this: There are no abnormal or normal people or populations. There are always those who exhibit or engage in harmful behaviors to themselves or others; but classifying into distinctions of normality versus abnormality is at the root of so much of the problems we have as a society. It causes people to make a distinction and people become prideful in their “normality” or “abnormality” rather than discovering their inherent individuality and uniqueness as formed in the image of their Creator. Thank you.

  • I always wondered why I felt so good after a hamburger, fries, and a diet Coke at my favorite fast foods joint—much better than I ever felt on any psych drug. But, actually, I think, as bad as many say a fast food/junk food diet is, I would say it is healthier than almost any psychiatric drug for you. And, it tastes better, too! Plus, if you do experience weight gain, you have honestly earned it, as opposed to the psychiatric drugs, where it is a dishonest weight gain and therefore a more dangerous and unhealthy weight gain. But, in the end, that shows how beyond awful for anyone these drugs are. Thank you.

  • I am glad I read your post after I had my sandwich for my lunch. But, those drugs we speak of — at the very end of my being forced to take them— I threw them up! I could no longer swallow those little pills. It was if my brain, my stomach, my gag reflux were screaming—no more of those evil little pills– They’re killing us and you—stop now–which I did! Sometimes, the brain does throw up in revolt to your actions and the brain being so smart and persuasive gets the other organs–like the stomach, etc. to help. And, actually, two years before I got to that point, the drugs had put me into a nearly comatose state for days…And what pills were left they had prescribed me to take— well my brain and body worked together to say –no more! Why wouldn’t I listen earlier? I was still in the evil propaganda snares, etc. of the psych goons, etc. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, You are right. There are some who think that the profession we now as modern medicine has been populated by males in a concerted reaction to these very popular female healers. Therefore, these female healers were slandered with the label of “witches.” to discredit them in favor of the male doctors. “Witches” and other like-minded individuals are not perceived well, as there are many references to the evils of sorcery and thus sorcerers, including “witches.” So, this, may, I think, be the thinking behind labeling these female healers as “witches” in order to discredit them. When, I thought of the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale as a metaphor for psychiatry, etc. I was not considering the “witches/female healers” aspect. But, when I look at this analogy, there was so much in this little fairy tale that fit what really does happen to people when they get “seduced” into the realm of psychiatry, etc. and what happens to the person after this horrible “seduction.” Thank you.

  • Fiachra, I know you wrote to Dr. Philip. And what you say has merit. But, please remember that almost all psychiatric drugs have as side effects; metabolic disorders (i.e. diabetes, etc.) and weight gain. I would, although I would never consider myself and “expert” argue that the increase in both “obesity” rates and the increase in diseases like diabetes are related and correlated to the rise in the prescribing of these psychiatric drugs. I think many doctors want the patient to think it is because they are couch potatoes or eat junk food or foods and drinks filled with things like “high fructose corn syrup.” All of those can be considered contributors, but, it is ethical and criminal malpractice, denial, and negligence to not consider the effect of these psychiatric drugs on types of metabolic disturbances that are related to weight gain, even excessive weight gain and related disorders, etc. Thank you.

  • Willoweed, You are correct, except that in many cases some of the symptoms you mentioned may still be there even years after discontinuing the drugs. Additionally, other odd symptoms may develop during the acute withdrawal stage and then even after the acute withdrawal stage, other symptoms might develop. In any case, each person after discontinuing the drugs may also develop certain other sensitivities and all I can describe is misc. etc. that must be adapted to… Tragically, these drugs will probably change large parts of your life forever and those who concoct them, make them, promote them, prescribe them, etc. continually refuse to acknowledge their onerous responsibility and accountability. Thank you.

  • Psychiatry did not turn general difficulties in adaptation like “Diabetes.” into real illnesses. No, they made it up. They concocted it like a “witches brew.” And like Hansel and Gretel, we, who thought we were hungry and lost, nibbled and nibbled at the witch’s gingerbread house, until we were swept into the witch’s hot boiling cauldron for the witch’s dinner, of course. And, those us who were able to escape that hot cauldron alive are so lucky, so lucky. No one really wants to burned and eaten alive for a greedy witch’s dinner, do we? I didn’t think so. Thank you.

  • I have a lot of heartburn memory about VR, Sheltered workshops and related junk. It was basically two times that VR sent me to my near death in the world of psychiatry, etc. I was once involved in a Sheltered Workshop. It was very demeaning. We were even told to enter in one set of doors, while the staff had a more exclusive set of doors to enter. They could care less about matching assignments to skills and abilities, etc. VR had all kinds of crazy rules, such as if one had received a Bachelor’s Degree as I had, they could not pay for me to receive any other type of training or education in another field even by testing and other methods, it was determined more suitable for the client. I am not familiar with the books you mentioned. I probably would not ne inclined to read them, but, I will say VR and related entities are taking the taxpayers monies and do very little to help the client. In some jurisdictions, they might be more inclined to obtain items and assistance to help those with obvious physical disabilities, but otherwise, I would advise someone who needs help “vocationally” to get help elsewhere. It would definitely keep their self-esteem and self-worth in place which helps them vocationally and otherwise. Thank you.

  • BlueCassandra: What you write is very interesting and does cause much thought in many people. Personally, I would like completely get rid of all the drugs. But, I do not know if others who consider themselves “anti-psychiatry” agree with me, but, that honestly does not matter. They are extremely dangerous, debilitating, disabling, and life threatening. The issue might be that if these drugs are “outlawed” they may end up on the “black market” or there might be a resurgence of “prohibition parties, etc.” Prohibition had a big impact on the US and probably set the stage for the Great Depression. As far as what you said about comments made to others on the street because they seem to be “different.” In the US, due to the First Amendment, speech like this, although hurtful is still protected. Of course, right now, due to “cancel culture, etc.” much “free speech” is being challenged. However, I would be well, un-American to support the banning of such speech, unless violence is definitely intended. Sometimes, in such horrible situations like this, the best thing to do is say nothing and walk away. There are those people who think we should say something and maybe we should, but walking away can be just as effective, even more so. I believe freedom is the most important thing. And one thing, I know from my experience in the psychiatry, etc. world is they don’t care about freedom and only desire to take it away from you. This is done through both the drugs and therapies, etc. Yes, people are suffering and people suffer every day, but taking away someone’s freedom only adds suffering upon suffering. There is so much to say here. But, this freedom is all tied up in free will, individual determinism, etc. Yes, freedom is taken away when one commits a criminal act. But, it should never be taken away without “due process.” Psychiatry, etc. cares nothing about “due process” or anything close. That is what makes psychiatry, etc. so wrong, so evil. It is completely lacking in American values. Our forefathers and foremothers did not fight a revolution for psychiatry, etc. They fought a revolution to free us from things like psychiatry, etc. of course, in addition to the British crown, etc. This is why I am “anti-psychiatry.” Thank you.

  • oldhead: I actually think the MIA might be more middle of the road than either left or right. I, also, consider it almost as a “gateway site”— one of the first places people look for help when they realize they have been betrayed and damaged by psychiatry and don’t know where else to turn. There are many articles and comments posted on this site as to how this damage has occurred to them. Robert Whittaker has also, in addition, to his eye-opening books, has written an posted many articles that are essentially helpful to understand the world many of us now face after the drugs and therapizing.
    Blue Cassandra, As someone who has “flirted” around with many labels about me; some from outside me and someone I thought fit me, it is very easy to fall into the mish-mash of labeling. In college, I considered “labeling” so important, I tried to create a psych experiment on labeling. I was sadly a psych major. But, of course, something, I did not consider at that time and that has taken years for me to figure out: is that human beings are not fodder for experimentation. There is nothing wrong with being rebellious. Look at my online id on this site: rebel. However it is extremely important that one chooses to rebel, one must choose exactly what it is they rebel against… After my experiences in psychiatry, etc. rebelling against psychiatry, because I do know now it reflects only evil back into the world, is necessary and to borrow from the old Star Trek series, one of my “prime directives.” It would be remiss of me to speak up against the evils of psychiatry, even at the present moment, I speak on this site or other carefully selected site(s). Thank you.

  • Cassandra— For one thing, I would not presuppose to tell someone to take or not take these drugs or any drugs. I do voice my opposition to drugs, especially the psychiatric drugs and the associated therapies, etc. on this site. But, I have even left “friendships” because I, am of the opinion, I can tell someone how to live their life. They must make their own decision as to whether or not they should see a psychiatrist, take the drugs, etc. I can not make that decision for them. Each person has a right to live their own life as they see fit, even if in my opinion, they might, be harming themselves. But, I think, that is, oddly enough, the main goal of the “anti-psychiatry” movement—to restore to each person the right to make their own decisions and live their life as they see fit without undue and unneeded psychiatric intervention. This sounds like a paradox, but, it is not. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, You are very intelligent. Kindred Spirit is very intelligence. What I read in both of your posts is that there is a wide range of opinions as to how psychiatry should be abolished and what it should look like after it’s abolished. Another odd possibility is that, although we may work very hard with good intentions and wise ideas, psychiatry may just end up abolishing itself. Most of us consider psychiatry somewhat of a criminal enterprise. And, after having worked in corrections, one glaring attribute of a convict or criminal is they just can’t stop themselves from engaging in criminal behavior. Just wait a while, these people will show their face. This doesn’t mean we should stop doing what we are doing. Exposing their criminality is the best medicine against them. Thank you.

  • Lauren C. I am not familiar with the word, “autodidact.” If that means, I am basically a “self-taught” learner then I think that fits. It would also how I did not fit in so well in almost anything past fifth or sixth grade, made it through college, but not really, and could not bring myself to apply to grad school. But, then, in those first few grades, my dear mother spent, maybe, more time than usual in those dreaded parent/teacher conferences, while the teacher tried to explain to my mother that I was so “smart” and all my teachers and my parents kept telling me that I wasn’t living up to my potential. In short, I, well, hated school. Thank you.

  • This article is very interesting. However I take issue with several points. First, the author did not capitalize God, thus, discounting any religious beliefs that the person with the alleged psychosis might have. Second, the term “agents of the state.” Well, where do we start with this one? I don’t know, but, I see Red Lights Flashing rather like Communist China or Russia, etc. And, the question has always been what is this break from reality? Who determines if another person is actually experiencing a break from reality? Could the person who is experiencing the break from reality be the social worker or concerned family member? Who is to determine what reality is? Could it be the alleged patient’s imagination? How many times is an excellent imagination been misinterpreted as psychosis? Oh yes, I saw no mention of how the drugs, such as psychiatric drugs, are the probable real factors behind psychosis? Just my imagination saves lives. Being or pretending to be an agent of the state to allegedly save someone else’s life does not. So many think their imagination is some form of psychosis and seek help, but, it is the very wrong kind of help. If I can help at least one person to not traverse that real road of hell, then perhaps, I am not living in vain. Thank you.

  • I think homeschooling is great. I have no children in my care, but, if I did I would homeschool them, especially now after this virus craziness with the schools. However, instead, I am grown up woman homeschooling myself. I am learning that homeschooling oneself is a great way of the pain that the psych industry, etc. heaped upon me. Homeschooling myself also helps to fill in some of the gaps in my brain since it was harmed by the drugs and therapies, etc. Additionally, homeschooling myself allows me the chance to build up my self-worth and self-esteem that the psychiatrists, etc. tried to tear down. But, of course, I completely tailor it to me and my interests and use the materials that meet my unique needs, i.e. I usually deal with materials meant for teens, upward to college students and adults, etc. If it works for me, I do it. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, I know that abolishing of psychiatry may take more than a lifetime or even a few lifetimes. Perhaps, our first goal might be to discredit psychiatry to such a state that it is relegated to the dustbins of history books, like feeling lumps on the head to determine illness or bleeding out people to cure them of illness. I don’t know if these are even good examples. And I might have the wrong idea or I might be misunderstanding everything. As you well know, one of the effects of the brain being on these drugs for years and years is that thoughts and memories get all tied up. I know the ultimate goal is abolishment and I am willing to take the uphill battle, but, some days I have better ideas or answers than others. Thank you.

  • I remember one of my therapists had told me that my sense of humor was one of my strengths. It seems to be one of your strengths, also. But, it also seems and this is not uncommon, except yours ended in an horrific hospitalization of one of your strengths being used against you. In your case, it was extreme, but this happens so much in our society by all kinds of authority figures, in particular, it is a wonder that we as a society accomplish anything. However, lately, that accomplishment might be in doubt. Please don’t ever give any of your strengths or rather your natural talents and gifts, etc. away. And, that did seem to happen to you this time. I have, and with not just my sense of humor, way too many times. Thank you.

  • What you state is interesting? So, the question is: why do we have shots for the flu? But, then that question is why do we have drugs for these alleged psychiatric illnesses? In my plain, home-made intelligence, I suggest we are not supposed to feel fantastic 100% of the time. The paradox of being human may be that we need to feel bad to feel good and vice versa. That is our birthright. And it may be criminal how the disciplines of traditional medicine and the false psychiatry try to steal it from us. Only a small part of this is a life or death matter, but in actuality a life and death matter. Thank you.

  • Steve McCrea: On your comment about psychiatry, remember that the psychiatrists believe your brain cells are diseased and need to be excised or whatever. They believe this just as much as an oncologist does. Please never forget, psychiatry is a profession of rabid believers. In many ways, they make the concept of “extremists” seem utterly “middle of the road.”
    Oldhead: Your comment was very interesting. Once I read that the body may be fighting cancers every day and usually wins. Unfortunately, it is when one gets out of control intervention is needed. I think this is probably true with many other diseases, also, some even considered infectious. I think our bodies and our brains are stronger fighters against any diseases than the medical and the psychiatric community want us to believe. I also question as far as intervention goes with any disorder or disease, alleged or not, why must the medical establishment take the most painful way out for the person who is suffering. Actually, so many times the suffering doe not seem to start until the intervention to cure the disease begins. Thank you.

  • Someone questioned if all “psych wards” are locked? The “psych hospital” of which I was interned was “locked” and each ward was locked. I think your diagnosis and possible violent tendencies determined which particular ward you were assigned and all that etc. I have never known a “psych ward” or “hospital” to not be locked. Although, many do have lobbies that are more open. Sometimes, that is because, there are various parts to a “psych hospital” including many outpatient facilities from “day treatment ” stays to just plain outpatient visits with psychiatrists, etc. and places for support groups and group therapies, etc. I did the “day treatment” for several weeks some years ago. You would go for the day and go home at night; but you had to released like a you were a regular inpatient. However, there was one thing, when I was an actual inpatient; I was not allowed to speak with my mother nor did they tell the truth about my stay. Finally, though they released me. It probably had to do with my Medicare insurance. They probably stopped authorizing payments. Thank you.

  • You titled this article: patient or prisoner? I can not help but think the answer is prisoner. My first job out of college was as a corrections officer (prison guard.) We treated “stone cold killers” better than you were treated. Since that time, I have been a prisoner in two regular hospitals, and one psych hospital. However,
    as awful as they were, your experience was much tragically worse. And, sadly, now, in very few hospitals, especially psych hospitals, but more and more the “regular” hospitals, a patient is not treated as a patient but as a prisoner. Oldhead wants to “defund and abolish psychiatry.” I would like to agree, but, I wonder is it really possible or a pipedream. But, I do think psychiatry and their cronies are very probably becoming more and more the most dangerous segment of society. I do wish you well and thank you for your article. Your smile says it all. You have great promise, more than you might be able to envision at this instant. Thank you.

  • “Neoliberalism” may not be so good for “health” and Oldhead mentions the shortcomings of “neoconservatism.” Perhaps, there is the “neo” which does mean “new” that is the “big bugaboo.” I think it might be that old “silk purse/sow’s earth thing” or “there really is nothing new under the sun.” I believe both are Biblical references.
    In this essay, the author, although, does not discuss what is called the “New Age” and its impact on “mental health.” I should have included the etc. here. However, both “neoliberalism” and the “new age” share the common belief that the world reflects your problems or your successes. So, if a clerk in a store is irritable with you that day, it because, you are irritable inside, although, you may not show it. Conversely, if you are successful and you get that job you want, it is because you are thinking successful, positive thoughts. To me, this is just dancing down the yellow brick road and actually becoming the wizard or humbug’s assistant or even “stand-in.” It’s all a false way of living. The only difference, it seems between “neoliberalism” and “neoconservatism” is how you frame the “good cop/bad cop” idea in your mind and how you feel it relates to you. All of this is try to avoid the “stinky” and there are only four ways to do that: clean up; take the garbage out; do your laundry; and take a hot shower. The truth is you must spend a part of your day doing the mundane and then you can spend the rest of the day doing the “happy stuff” for you. We lie to people and claim they can spend the whole day doing the happy stuff.” And, of course, they begin to think they need the psychiatrist, their drugs and their therapizing. I should add there is also the flip side of the same coin embodied in all this “neo” world. I would call it “doom and gloom.” In a way, for some, “doom and gloom” is the “happy stuff.” Many today feel caught between those opposing realities which may really be one and the same. Being caught, like in a spider’s web, they can not see a way out. This too, leads to the psychiatrist, the drugs, and the therapizing. I have either been down or subject to all roads. No matter which road you are on; you are vulnerable. I believe there are several ways to decrease one’s vulnerability. Neoliberalism, neoconservatism, the new age or doom and gloom are not the ways as you become just fodder for the psych community and even other groups and communities that do nothing but exploit and damage you. Thank you.

  • I wy as thinking how throughout this thread we are arguing mostly against these psychiatrists, etc. not having access to psychedelics or prescribing them for all their concocted conditions, but, since, no one has been clear and forthcoming as to what is actually in all these psychiatric drugs they already prescribe, how do we know or can be sure that specific “active” or “inactive” ingredients (chemicals, etc.) are not already embodied in these various psychiatric drugs’ concocted damaging, etc. recipes? We don’t know, do we? A big part of this discussion may already be basically mute. Thank you.

  • Willoweed, You state that we are not born with knowledge. I think we are not entirely sure what we are born with… However, the infant does seem to be born with at least the knowledge of who his or her mother is. He or she knows the smell of her mother, the sound of her voice and other things to pertinent to survival. How he or she learns this I don’t know. There are probably some learned or not who might know or think they know. In fact, there is probably a lot that occurs in the womb, we can not ever know. However, it seems to me, we must be born with some knowledge. If we did not have at least some knowledge prior or at birth, we may not survive. This, to me, is an excellent reason for all pregnant women to avoid all psychiatric type drugs, which, I have read sadly that these drugs have been prescribed for some. Thank you.

  • Steve McCrea– Yes, I have, too, read that “receiving medical care” is the third leading cause of death in the US. This is definitely something they want to hide from Americans. I think psychiatry may be at the front of the line as far as these “iatrogenic” deaths, but, other specialties, are in strenuous competition. Unfortunately, in America, going to see a doctor is a very risky thing to do. It might be healthier and less life-risking to make a motorcycle jump across the Grand Canyon; which is an an extremely rare thing for anyone to attempt and you could fall off your motorcycle into the Canyon. Thank you.

  • Katel, I am glad I helped you. By the way that local hospital in my comment is not where I live now. It is also not a psych type hospital, but a general hospital that takes care of all kinds of health issues. When I was there, not only was the food awful, but the “nursing staff” were mostly rude. Before that I was in a psych hospital which was actually in the same neighborhood. The food was just as awful. They fed us yogurt every morning for breakfast. Now, I detest yogurt. In a way that was worse, no private tv, but, I had a private room because of a mix-up which also involved lies to my mother about my status. It’s all very hazy in my memory to me now. I do remember one thing about that place. They had a patio outside that had nothing but dead plants and dead grass and no furniture and this was springtime. I guess they felt that was good for the recovery of their patients. This particular psych hospital had a very bad reputation, also. Thank you.

  • Actually, modern doctors will hold your hand and tell you that if you want to live you must suffer pain and agony or you will die, but, then after suffering pain and agony, you could still die anyway. Oh yes, and you and your family will suffer even greater pain and agony will you get my bill; that no matter what happens must be paid. Modern day medicine versus the Hippocratic Oath— No relationship at all. Thank you.

  • On my comment about individual attacks of abuse, I still believe that; however, there are certain segments of our society that seem awash in the culture of abuse. I would namely note one of the most disgusting which is the psych/mental health/illness community. The author’s unfortunate experience as she was in psych drug withdrawal is a sad example. However, I have learned that very few in this world truly understand what is going on as someone is undergoing this type of drug withdrawal. And, they just don’t care. Many times, the attitude is why get off these drugs if getting off of them is causing you so much pain and anguish. I guess it might be that there are those who are terrified to leave their little “comfort zone” to even attempt to understand the pain of another. The other even more tragic prospect is “once mentally ill, always mentally ill” that some in our society have. It is a daily struggle to educate others the out and out lie of this one, considering that so, so many are diagnosed with some alleged form of “mentally illness” when they really are just “normal”—not even sick at all. But, of course there is the drugs and therapies that can really make you sick. Thank you.

  • This is an interesting article. First, I am not sure where Dr. Bruce Levine sees it as popular on the MSM to trash the DSM. Perhaps, an alternate reality exists for many psychiatrists that I am unaware of… Right now, it seems the MSM is still in a position to be on psychiatry’s side. And, as far as studying psychedelics, it just overflows with danger in the nth degree. I know there are many who are suffering, but, I question, why add to the suffering. Perhaps, it is because as a someone growing up in the 60s, 70s, and even into the 80s, I saw too much adverse effects from these psychedelics. The tragedy was these young people lost their dreams and ended up in psychiatric hospitals from “bad trips” or worse. Some, to my knowledge, never could reenter society again. It is horrible enough that the “psych industry” has infiltrated the world with their evil- psychiatric drugs— to overlay this with these psychedelics only shows the growing intense moral and ethical decline of psychiatry. Only Faust can truly see the bargain at this horrific and tragic prospect. Thank you.

  • Although the author of this article makes a great case that the culture is abusive, however, we must always remember that the culture is made up of many individuals and in my experience, it has been from individuals that I have experienced the most abuse. And, luckily, at times in my life, other individuals have pointed this abuse out to me. And sometimes, it has been a book, such as Robert Whittaker’ s book “Anatomy of an Epidemic” and other books, too that have pointed out this abuse. Thank you.

  • “To postulate that millions of people have wrong brains is as outrageous as it gets.” But, stick around stool pigeon, and we’ll give you that wrong brain you so desire whether you know that’s what you want or not. Couple that with “The sticking diagnosis problem is an awful good reason not to see a psychiatrist.” I would not even advise or suggest to my “worst enemy” to see a psychiatrist or one of their helpers. Mister Rodgers always told his tv audience to look for the “helpers.” He probably meant well, but, tragically that advice is no longer optimal or healthy. To stay healthy, avoid all doctors, if possible, and avoid all psychiatrists and their mental illness buddies without question. This is another excellent article by a doctor who knows and can sadly speak from experience about others who have M.D.s such as he does. Thank you.

  • Sadly, I can think of very hospitals for alleged mental conditions or any illness or condition that are actually meant or beneficial for healing and recovery. More and more, they resemble prisons. There was a hospital where I lived once. When I mentioned that hospital’s name, my neighbor told me, “Oh, you go there to die!.” I was housed there for eleven days and thank God, I left alive and it appears some years later, I am still living. By the way, Katel, I, too, avoid all doctors, etc. I am seriously afraid of being prescribed drugs I can no longer take. After my “psycho-drug and therapizing years” I can’t even take a tylenol or any otc drug. I am terrified of any prescribed drug for any alleged condition. Thank you.

  • The Placebo Effect. It was big deal in my psych classes in college and high school. Of course, now they are all in denial. But, then they also use these placebo trials in non-psychiatric drug trials. That is, I think, part of how they determine if a drug works or the possible and probable side effects of the drug are. They do this all the time. They also test on particular animals. But, is all this really and truly ethical, and moral? Is this really in line with Universal Law or God’s Law? Could that apple or fruit (depending on the translation) that the serpent tempted Eve with and then tempted Adam and subsequently got them kicked out of the Garden of Eden forever be a “drug” at least by modern standards? This is just a goofy question. Thank you.

  • Oldhead -Well, I don’t like snakes nor scorpions. I did spend time in the Desert Southwest. When I moved there, I was in Junior High and my sister was a few grades behind me. His first and most important order to us as to our move was: “Don’t look under the rocks. There might be snakes or scorpions.” Huh. What alleged profession continuously hides under rocks? Aa-ah! And what is your final answer? Psychiatry, etc. and the Entire Associated Mental Health/Illness Industry. These are only metaphors, but snake bites and scorpion bites hurt and even kill! Has my case been made? Thank you.

  • The comment that the “placebo effect is quite troubling to the pharmaceutical industry” says it all. They intuitively know the placebo effect will “statistically” show that their drugs are useless and their profits “go up in smoke.” If I were in the pharmaceutical industry, I would be worried, too. I would worry a lot, because what does it reflect? That the pharmaceutical industry is doing wrong from the outset. They are just another group of “snake oil salesmen” with shiny pitches, shiny things, shiny money, etc. that mean nothing, but that nothing is more dangerous and damages more people daily than all the poisonous snakes on the planet Earth. Thank you.

  • To Katel’s story. You are brave and smart and may not be aware of it just yet. I, too, have moved, not necessarily, because of my neighbors, but, to escape from the psych industry that kept me captive for so many years. I don’t discuss how I got to where I am with my neighbors. They never ask. I don’t ask them. It could be where I live, as many of my neighbors have had to leave different kinds of untenable situations thrust upon them. Katel, you said the word “refugee” came to mind. Then at the end of your post, you mentioned “exile” or “outcast.” Steve McCrea echoed the “refugee” sentiment, but, I would like to describe our various situations with different words. Perhaps, we might be more like the American Pioneers or the Pilgrims. These brave people left adverse situations to create new lives. If you think about it, our moving and other ways we are dealing with this is very American. I can’t put it any other way. We, due to the terrible hand dealt us, are now living as true Americans. Never ever forget, it is truly American to leave a place where our freedom is stifled to move to a place where we can be free. Katel, You just want to be free. Who could ever blame you? Thank you.

  • Many times, I do not think the therapist knows that he or she is actually causing the patient/client to dredge uo what may be considered as “false memories.” They are patently unaware of what they are doing. The other tragic part about these therapists is when they take a real memory then warp it to make the patient/client’s memory is actually indicative of the diagnosis. Thus, “justifying” in the therapists and the attendant psychiatrist’s eyes, all the drugs, therapies, and other treatments heaped onto the patient/client ad infinitum. The mental health/illness industry is filled with those who consider themselves people persons and do-gooders. There are those in the industry who would rally be shocked at the lack of good they actually do. And, there are those who just don’t care. It just does not bother them that they are picking up a paycheck for their malicious actions. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the answer to correct this situation. The best thing I know to do is to avoid it altogether or if you are embroiled in it, please find a way to leave as soon as it is safe for you to do so. Thank you.

  • Here are my comments for today—so far—1) “resorting to authority” does not work in any field or discipline. In fact, if I remember my Logic Class from College- “resorting to authority” is nothing but a “logical fallacy”– Sorry, folks, if you think you are relying on “experts” or you consider yourself an “expert.” 2) I believe someone mentioned something about seeing a therapist who told her that she might have a “sexualized” incident in her past. When I was at an intake for a seriously stupid hospitalization, the young intern suggested that I might have some “sexual” incident in my past. This was not quite the first time this type of suggestion had been directed towards me. Several times in my “therapized” history, the therapist had accused me of being a victim of some type of sexual abuse, that, according to them occurred as a very young child, possibly under the age of three or four. They tried to associate this to some sort of “phobia” I allegedly had, like “snakes.” etc. 3.) Finally, an interesting observation about the alleged diagnosis of “bipolar disorder.” I question if this diagnosis is made to insinuate a a previous sexual abuse occurred, which probably did not while those who have been sexually abused have, well been “somehow swept under the rug.” The tragedy is that those so abused may never be helped, but completely lost and forgotten. And the rest of us . . . I can not help but consider the word, “therapist” as “the-rapist.” The real question might be, “who is really abusing the person sitting in that client’s chair?” Thank you.

  • Kindred Spirit, I apologize if you feel that I am insensitive to your distress. I am not, however, IPR, eCPR, and WRAP, unfortunately do cause me as some say, “cause the hair on the back on my head to erupt.” And, I write this I know why. I have been involved in WRAP. We were in a dark, dingy little room and met a couple times a week. As usual, I was quite dutiful in my attendance. But, it was another one of those things that appeared good on the outside, but caused great pain on the inside. I am not as familiar with the other two, but due to my involvement with WRAP, I am naturally skeptical of the other two. As far as being in distress in public, as I was first coming off the drugs (my first withdrawal) I was in a store and they almost called the police on me. I left and was not allowed to take home my basket of purchases which were things I really needed. At the time, I was hot, sick, and getting unnerved. I left because I did not want to be involved with the police. Some of the details of the incident are still somewhat lost in my brain. I, personally, am very much afraid of the other two, for fear they could easily suck me back into the evil world of psychiatry, which would nothing less than probably be my death. But, that is me personally. I come to this site because I learn from others and I can tell my story. I hope others learn from me, but that is my natural naivete. If I have hurt your feelings, by what I have written, I am sorry. I mean to hurt no one, but, one of the ways I survive is in some ways being naturally opinionated. I can’t stop being who I am. That is what psychiatry, etc. tried to do to me and I, honestly, don’t want that to happen to me again or to anyone else. Because of my psychiatry, etc. experience, I really do look twice “before crossing the street” and I guess I feel it is my duty to warn others to do the same. I will say this one thing and please forgive me for saying this, I can not be the change, I can only be me. I have only wanted the world to just accept me as I am, but, I know that is not always possible. Therefore, I will continue to discover and learn how to just accept me as I am. And, as, I learn to accept myself as I am, I will work to learn to accept others as they are. Thank you.

  • Kindred Spirit: I wish you luck on your eCPR class. I hope it works out for you. I am very skeptical and don’t trust this class like I also don’t trust WRAP or Intentional Peer Support. Sometimes, even those with “lived experience” can get re-brain-washed. Although, many of us did “say no” to the evil psychiatric despots, we can still be very vulnerable. Sometimes, it really is like being an alcoholic and each one of must always be vigilant not to “fall off the wagon.” We need each other, but we really need ourselves to need each other. Each one of us must always be strong and wear that sort of armor that really does protect us from these evil psychiatric despots, etc. Thank you.

  • oldhead, I agree with you in that Robert Whittaker is sincerely interested in exposing psychiatry. This is definitely evidenced by the books he has written, “Mad in America” and “Anatomy of an Epidemic.” He has also written and posted some excellent articles that I have found quite helpful, most recently, an article on T.D. Brain Damage. His Book, “Anatomy of an Epidemic” that I discovered in a local library, along with another book, made me reconsider why I was taking all these little pills. Of course, this was two years after my actual breakdown from taking all these little pills for, maybe twenty years or more. By the time, I did read his book, my body and brain was on its last rejection of all these little pills and at the time, I deliberately walked away from these evil psych world. To me, Robert Whittaker and his books and another book, too are almost like messengers from Heaven that saved my life. Thank you.

  • Dr. Peter C. Gotzsche: Your list — 1.) through 6.) is One Million Percent Spot-On. This list nails the truth of what many “psych survivors” have experienced or know through experience. You are right about the use of the term psychiatry survivors. In other cases, the term “survivors” is either tied to a specific disease, such as cancer, or an event, such as Cat 5 Hurricane or Tornado. Sometimes, “survivor” is also tied to someone who survived a violent criminal act against them. But, psychiatry, etc. is the only “medical field” that the former patient/client will describe a “wholesale” survival from… And, tragically, after surviving such an onslaught onto their whole being, many have nowhere to turn for help and support. The “psych survivor”, in my opinion, becomes distrustful of traditional medicine and for good reason. They are also distrustful of other avenues for help. The “psychiatric survivor” has been betrayed in a way very few will, could, or even want to understand. Thank you.

  • Exit: I apologize if I misunderstood your reference. I guess to me it just seemed to appear as another haughty know it all comment; but now, I see the comment is actually about alleged professionals in the field. When, I reread your first comment, I picture someone who might be a psychiatrist or etc. sitting on a couch, complaining how bad psychiatry, the system, the drugs, etc. are but calling in a prescription to the local drug store for his or her client/patient—knowing full well how the drug is damaging the person more than the alleged false illness ever could. Did I get it right this time? The psychiatrists, etc. never valued my imagination except as fodder for diagnosis and drug, etc. treatments. Thank you.

  • The tragedy of psychiatry, etc. is that almost all those things, etc. you list the psychiatrists, etc. see them as “symptoms” of something wrong (a DSM diagnosis) which of course needs treatment (drugs, therapy, which is nothing but a glorified, extended med review) and other malicious tools in their evil toolbox to make you feel less than human. This is done through constant reminders of your defects and faults. Oh yes, they may pretend to tell you your strengths, but only when these strengths are couched in their definition of your weaknesses. Of course, just like the patient is poly-drugged, the patient is more likely to be poly-diagnosed. Just those very malevolent attributes of psychiatry, etc. disallow it to ever be described as precise as in “precision psychiatry.” Thank you.

  • Making something into a “political problem” is just as idiotic a making something a “psychological” or “chemical imbalance problem.” As long as we try to make something into a “problem” we lose our natural ability to find an answer to make any situation better for all and anyone involved. Thank you.

  • I agree with you, sam plover and Daniel Fischer concerning the “pronouncements.” But, please remember why many make these “pronouncements” — to keep the “patient” drugged, therapized, in treatment and otherwise “under their thumb” for as long a time as possible. I feel the “hair on the back of my neck” rise at your mention of “WRAP”, “Intentional Peer Support” and “emotional CPR.” My Instincts tell me, that, although, these types of “treatments” are not “drug-based” or even “traditional therapy-based”, they still have a tendency to needlessly place the “patient” as not part of society, as not a “real person,” as someone with “nothing to contribute to society.” Actually, what do most people really need, to be valued as unique human beings with skills, talents, values, likes and dislikes, etc. so they can contribute these to make the world a better place. The things listed in this post, although done with good intentions, do have a tendency to keep mislabeled people “in their place.” Thank you.

  • “Precision Psychiatry” is inherently useless because human beings are not robots of just wires, chemicals, and algorithms. They can not be patented like a new-found device that can be sold on late night tv or over the internet. Human Beings are living breathing unique individuals with minds, souls, spirits and yes, bodies. To reduce a human being to nothing but the lies as applied in precision psychiatry is to deny the sovereignty of each person. Thank you.

  • Self-Study is something each one of should be doing to the best of our ability. It is that old adage “Know Thyself” made alive. However, from my experience, very few doctors, it seems, especially psychiatrists, are interested in what you know about yourself, as it undercuts their “authority.” This is also can be true for other professionals, too. This is a shame, I think, because who knows better about you, than you. Thank you.

  • “Psychologists/Psychiatrists that I have seen heave all been detached showing no real interest in me, often not knowing what I was talking about. Definitely not listening.” Well, I could write a book just on this one point alone. I would need to repeat so much of what I said. There was one psychiatrist near retirement who, no matter, what I said, would always respond with an annoying, “Oh dear!.” One psychiatrist was so muddled, his notes were less coherent than anything I said. This was told to me by a VR counselor when she asked for my records from this man. One psychologist was so combative that I backed myself into a corner until I could leave the appointment. On the point of which you mentioned about their obvious detachment, some have claimed to me that it was because they were protecting themselves. In my years of interacting with all kinds of authority type figures I never seen such a group bent on protection so much, that I have seen them actually ignoring your emergency calls in both their “off-duty” and “on-duty” time. You might think that in their mind they thought this “mental illness thing” was actually contagious. Thank you.

  • Sam plover: It’s downright stupid and actually immoral to create programs where adults get involved and interact with each other and one is a “therapist” interpreting the artwork, poetry, or actually every single thing said, every little movement made as some evidence of a “disturbed brain” in need of correction, etc. Thank you.

  • Exit: Please forgive me, but, I doubt if there are very few “sofa critics” here. Those who do criticize the “psychiatric industry” while “sitting on a sofa” have probably been gravely harmed by these psych drugs and associated therapizing. As many have already experienced intense upheaval in their lives due to their experiences with the “psych industry” and other experiences, I, sincerely, doubt they are “shying away from the blood.” Most have already had blood drawn on behalf of this psychiatric evil. There may be disagreements amongst survivors about specific labels, etc. or handle the immense, every growing danger. And, since each day, it becomes more and more “a clear and present danger” to America and all the free world, it definitely behooves us to hear each person out and respect each person for what they need to say. We need the voice of each and every person’s experience of horror within this evil psychiatric system that seems without remorse to upend lives daily. Thank you.

  • I think we have this fantasy idea that the mainstream press/media will suddenly open up and like a chasm in the earth from a meteor will deliver us the truth and all will be well. Perhaps, this goes back to the “Watergate Days.” But, as oldhead said, it’s time to give up this fantasy once and for all. Much of mainstream media/press is bought and paid for by “Big Pharma,” I think, including the BBC. The real truth almost always comes from those who have lived it. Of course, even so, others may not believe it. As for me, I never had anything near psychosis until being introduced to anti-psychotic drugs. How ironically and tragically both logical and illogical that very probably the main cause of “psychosis” may well be what they say is supposed to inhibit “psychosis” the “anti-psychotic” drugs. Could it be…? Thank you.

  • I also want to add about my statement “As for me, I just want to be [in Christ] and live my life as me [in Christ.] I make this because I have learned and I would “teach” this to any “young person” or actually anyone who is stuck in their life. Many of us struggle because a) we try to be someone we are not and/or b) we try to emulate someone in their work which is impossible. The hardest thing we have to learn in life and actually, the most rewarding thing we must learn in life is there is no one in the world exactly like each one of us and no one, past, present, or future can do something (anything) exactly as I do it. I think this striving to do/be either a or b can be a significantly tragic motivator that sends people :running to their local psychiatrist, etc. Thank you.

  • Alex, You are right when you state that healing begins when the drugs, etc. are stopped. However, this is entirely an individual thing. I do not think it is illogical or fear-causing when speaking that the brain damage caused by these drugs, etc. can be long-term. It is something that the psychiatrists, etc. seem to very easily leave out of the conversation when prescribing these drugs, etc. And, that doesn’t even include the associative therapizing that usually accompanies these drugs. From my own experience going off these drugs seems to stop a portion of the damage. There are so many factors to consider in how much damage has been stopped. There are anecdotal stories of those completely debilitated from these drugs long after they have been stopped. In my opinion, we need to treat these drugs and their associated therapizing with the same caution of warning that we would attribute to “street drugs.” In many ways, the only difference between these drugs and “street drugs” is their legality and who the “pushers” of these drugs are; the former being M.D.’s with “society-accepted authority” behind them. (“pill-pushers in white coats.”) Thank you.

  • Cabrogal, In reply to your admonition: “Careful Rebel, An attitude like that can get you labelled ‘jerk’ or ‘sociopath’ I’m told we’ve gotta to take measures and protect others from people like that.” This is your reply to my statement: “As for me, I just want to be me and live my life as me.” Perhaps, it is my fault in that I did not finish my complete statement. I did not as I did not want to appear to be offensive to others with different viewpoints. I do not want to appear as if I am in critical judgement of another person’s beliefs. However, let me complete the sentence as it is meant to apply to me personally; “As for me, I just want to be me in Christ and live my life as me in Christ.” Perhaps, someone could label me as a “jerk” or “sociopath” with my personal statement. Or perhaps, not. And, perhaps, my issue might be that I was too careful to not be clear about who I truly am. And, that may be how I was so easily led down the path of the evil and destruction of psychiatry, etc. Thank you.

  • oldhead, This is where I, either slightly or somewhat disagree with you in that, more and more, the biggest causes of any disease or illness are “drugs” and the “drugs in suspect” are usually the prescribed drugs not just prescribed for the very fake diseases of “mental illness” but even those for more legitimate illnesses, usually treated by various specialists and General Practitioners, etc. Drugs cause diseases that need more drugs causing more diseases, etc. Now, how do we get that first prescription of drugs. That varies with the illness someone seeks treatment for, who they go to for the treatments, etc. So, I guess, in my way of thinking, maybe, most who recover from a disease are actually recovering from a “drug-induced disease.” And, tragically, if there is no recovery, but death results, the death certificate will very probably not show that as the cause of death, although it probably is. Thank you.

  • Saying “their first instinct will be ‘how do I benefit” is tragically very condescending to any one who is trying to get off these psych drugs whether through regular tapering, tapering strips, or abrupt types of withdrawal. At one point, many will become aware that these drugs are both dangerous and addictive (not everyone), then they will not need to know “how do I benefit” but “how can I do this safely so I will not ever take these evil psych drugs again and lead a healthy, happy life?” Thank you.

  • I do not know Steve McCrea’s total relationship to psychiatric drugs. He must be allowed to speak for himself. But, please, don’t tell me that I don’t know what the effects are. Perhaps, you are trying to say that the lived experience of someone who has directly experienced what happens “under the influence” of these evil drugs is useless information unless may be it could be replicated by research or in some sterile lab. And I do know what the effects of having been on these psych drugs, as I was on them for about sixteen years. Therefore, since the brain is so complex, why prescribe them in the first place? Finally, if something is for instance, “psychological” it automatically affects the “physiological” and vice versa. To say these drugs only cause psychological damage just discounts and disregards the pain of so many on this site who have suffered so much in so many ways. Callousness is never a substitute for sensitivity. Thank you.

  • I am not sure if this was mentioned in this book, but to me, Prozac and the other SSRIS are like Gateway Drugs. Of Course, one could also list “Benzos”, “Lithium”, “Adderall and Ritalin, etc.” as Gateway Drugs. When I say “Gateway Drugs” I am looking at what some may consider the “old-school” definition of marijuana, as when I was growing up, the adults would tell us that if you started with marijuana you would graduate to the more addictive, dangerous drugs like LSD, etc. And, “prozac” and the other “SSRIS” are usually the first drugs given first to the “client/patient.” From there, the “patient/client” is then introduced to other drugs such as the “atypical antipsychotics” until the person is now on five, six, even eight or more very addictive drugs, etc. And, also remember, in that hodge-podge of drugs, they have to prescribe drugs to dull some of the side effects. However, from reading this review of this book, this book definitely needs to be one out there and available to the public. But, will those who need to pay heed to this book, heed it or will they be in denial about this book? We can only hope and pray. Thank you.

  • This is weird, actually, that the “researchers” claim a two year demarcation for those who respond better and those who do not. I lost count how many years that I was on one or more anti-psychotics and other related drugs, too. It was not until I was on these drugs for several years that I obtained the label of having a “severe and persistent mental illness.” Perhaps, one day, these psychiatrists, etc. will “come clean” and confess the truth: Drugs cause mental illness! Another point to be made is that continued use of these drugs, maybe two years or more (maybe even less for some) produce toxicity in the body and brain that could extend to other substances that the body may take in to it, including some food, other drugs, etc. This is all individual to the person. This two year idea for so many is way too little, way too late. But, then, what psychiatrist, etc. would try to adhere to this? Probably, so few, so few… They will just blindly continue doing what they have doing—damaging and destroying people’s brains, bodies, lives, etc. Thank you.

  • KindredSpirit: I think I was just bemoaning how “meanings” seem to change with words, in particular, which, in my opinion, used to be a mostly benign word. Although, I remember writing a paper once about the very thin line between “madness and genius” for a high school class. The words, “neuro diverse” and “neurodiversity” bring chills in my spine as these are labels that have the capability of being used against people, although there are those who seem to embrace it ; i.e. like “mental illness and mentally ill.” The idea of “Mad Pride” is totally repulsive to me. Again, it seeks to take people apart from the natural “mainstream” of society and places them into places they may or may not want to be. It makes it seem as there is joy in taking these psychiatric drugs and being therapized, etc. I make the distinction here because we are intrinsically unique, but we are not so different as to lose our natural and real human-ness. As for me, I just want to be me and live my life as me. Isn’t that what any one of us want? Thank you.

  • This is a very interesting article. I have in the past tapered myself off a particular drug (lithium) to find myself back on it as prescribed several years later. Unfortunately, many times the “patient” goes to the psychiatrist and asks to be taken off a drug only to either be harassed about this request or is prescribed another drug. Both of which are the psychiatrist’s way of controlling the “patient.” At times, I have had the psychiatrist switch a drug midstream on me; one SSRI for another or one “Benzo” for another with little to no explanation. And, I was abruptly taken off all drugs, except for lithium to later, differing psychiatrists tried to put me back on several drugs piecemeal. At the final point, I was basically only on lithium, but after about fifteen or so years on lithium with a few breaks, my body had built up such a resistance to it, that I quit on my own and walked away from the psychiatrist as I had developed lithium toxicity. One more point that must be taken into account because this happened to me. Eventually, the body/brain is just going to say to these drugs, “No More!.” The body/brain of the person is just going to eventually reject these drugs.
    If a person is lucky (I thank God I was!) he or she gets out alive. For some, tapering either delays the inevitable or makes the person at risks for returning to the drug or similar drug or drugs. Unfortunately, I do not know if we have any way of knowing what is really best for the individual. Quite honestly, I am not sure if “studies” would help, as they may only muddle the situation and disregard the individual nature of each person’s situation. It’s like this: It’s better not to start and if you have started, it’s better to find the safest way to get off the drugs without the risk of returning to any of these drugs. Frankly, it really boils down to our admitting that these legal psychiatric drugs are just as “seedy” as the illegal drugs sold on the street. In fact, some of these drugs are sold “illegally” on the street. Even and especially, the old public service ad rings true. “this is your brain on drugs.” But the truth is also and the psychiatrists, etc. will not tell you: “this is your brain after the drugs.” So, the best thing we can tell ourselves and those we love is: “don’t start” and if they do, just like the love them and help them during the pain of withdrawal and how they must adapt their lives after a safe and successful withdrawal. There is no magic here, just hard work. Thank you.

  • evanhaar: First, as far as banning fossil fuels is concerned, all one need look to is the disaster in Texas and the nearby states of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma due to extreme, unusual frigid air and snow, etc. Second, it would be a dangerous mistake to ever learn to live with evil and dysfunction. Learning to live with evil and dysfunction is akin to selling out and makes us all out to be “Neville Chamberlain clones.” The only way to deal with evil and dysfunction is to always choose the path of good over evil and renounce it wholeheartedly.
    Kindred Spirit: What you said is very good. I definitely agree with you about the word,, “neurodiversity.” There is something about this word that brings up a “kettle of worms” and has the potential of bring more harm than good. Sometimes, on-line, I read a phrase like this, “My husband, my children and I are all neuro-diverse.” I have this odd feeling that someone is not taking responsibility and excusing their choices, behavior, etc. onto this word. As as “madness” is concerned, I do miss it. It is now warped in mire of stupidity and has lost its true meaning and place in history. Still, it is preferable, in many cases to be “mad” rather than “mentally ill” or “neuro-diverse” such as “there is a method to my madness, etc.” At least, in the word, “madness” we had a genuine, natural way to describe behavior we didn’t understand. Now, with words like “mental illness” and “neuro-diverse” and other such words, the mere mortal has now become a mere robotic computer or in Star Trek terms, a “borg.” Thank you.

  • Evanhaar, Actually, all I was trying to express is that the “psychiatry, mafia, etc.” has unfortunately called grief, a thoroughly natural process in any loss, a “mental illness.”
    However, as a sidebar, sometimes each of one of us can get very hung up with words and labels, etc. It can’t be helped and many on this site have commented about that.
    There is a funny thing about the word, “ill.” For some in the South, a person who says he or she is “ill” is really only telling the world that she or he, for whatever reason, is “cranky” or “out of sorts” or as my mother would say “awoken on the wrong side of the bed that day.” Of course, the latter can be quite painful if your bed is against the wall. However, what is really happening is that the person by saying that he or she is “ill” is warning the world, “Stay out of my way! I am in a bad mood!” Is this something to be diagnosed by an alleged professional? No! But, they will try. Why? These psychiatric, etc. people seem to have absolutely no way to deal with common and natural human emotions that in scientifically technical terms is necessary to our survival and has kept so far from becoming like the dinosaurs—extinct. Thank you.

  • The author here seems to have mostly found her way through art. However there are several myths about art and artists, the predominate one being the “artistic temperament.” Although, I am no “expert” I wonder if that myth may have grown out of the toxic chemicals first used to produce paints and related art-making products in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Now, most of the paints are basically produced as “non-toxic” so they can even be used around children. The other related myths are that art results from traumatic experiences in life and that to be an artist, one must live an unconventional life, dressing and eating unconventionally, etc. These myths may actually be true for some individuals who like to “do art.” But, it is not true for everyone. Since, it is not true for everyone, it does make anyone who likes to “do art” vulnerable and suspect to the “psychiatric mafia.” These myths have personally caused me great consternation in my life. To do any kind of art, all one must be is to be true to oneself in one’s work, etc. That is all. It is good that “doing art” can help someone get through times of intense stress on a personal or greater level. However, stress can for some be adverse to any kinds of “doing art.” However, the main thing about art is that it can be very freeing, especially if done apart from therapy or not necessarily used as a therapeutic means. Personally, there are some kinds of “art doing” that truly help me organize, order and declutter my damaged brain from the psych drugs and therapizing I endured. But, I do not consider it therapy. I consider it my life. Thank you.

  • I think there is the mistaken idea that it’s “anarchy” and “rebellion” to works towards the disposing of a system such as psychiatry, etc. However, that can only be is psychiatry, etc. can be considered a system of tradition and authority such as most governments or say the Catholic Church, etc. I would counter with wrong answer. Psychiatry, etc. is an system of abomination. Psychiatry, etc. is an illegitimate system. It is against Universal Law. It is against God’s Law and even the Ten Commandments. Our goal to eventually abolish psychiatry, etc. is absolutely not rebellion or anarchy. It is actually our insistence and assistance in returning the world to its natural order. When something as evil as psychiatry, etc. exists, those who seek to resist it or abolish it can only be seen as “warriors” for good rather than rebellious anarchists. Thank you.

  • I wanted to point out that grief no matter the form it takes is not a “mental illness.” Grieving is natural after the passing of someone you love and it is individual in its expression. It is much better to experience sadness, crying, etc. after the passing of a loved one than no emotion at all. Once, I worked with those allegedly diagnosed with schizophrenia. This was a college volunteer assignment. One of the odd things that happened was when one of the clients reported that he had lost his beloved pet dog. This client expressed this without any emotion, whatsoever. His facial expressions were blank. His body, too. The ones who ran the place tried to attribute to his illness, although they would state to a volunteer like me that it was explicitly schizophrenia. Although this was before the years of SSRIS and the “modern” atypical anti-psychotics, when I look back on this, more and more I attribute this lack of emotion to the drugs he was being prescribed at the time. In fact, all the weird happenings at that place that Spring, I now believe can be more attributed to the drugs prescribed for these clients than their alleged diagnosis. Thank you.

  • Robben, Are you aware that SSRIs can cause the “symptoms” classified by the DSM as Bi-polar Disorder or Manic Depression? Are you aware that SSRIs can contribute to suicidal or homicidal ideation, etc. even violence while the person is taking them or in the intense withdrawal stage from the SSRI? One more point, if they were really were a drug or drugs that could take people off the street from the suffering of homelessness, that would be so nice, rather like Huxley’s “Brave New World”. I think, we as human being, can think of much more creative ways to get people off the street so they retain their dignity, freedom, and free will. It just takes work on our part. Giving someone a drug for anything is the easy way out. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, You are right; I could substitute “they” for “we.” but that could depend on the audience. You are also right when you speak of keeping the population in line by example. So much of how those in various forms of authority exercise their authority is “by example.” Psychiatrists, etc. use the “example” method to persuade you to take their drugs. Teachers, etc. use the “example” method to not only attempt to teach a subject, but to get their desired behavior objectives in the classroom, etc. I have had had supervisors use it against me to berate me to try to get their desired objective from me. That never worked. I usually left the room in tears. And, none of this usually works. Why? Because, each one of is an individual. Each one of us has been created as an individual, no matter how or where you believe this uniqueness of who each one of is comes from… It is why, at least, at this time in history, all governments, etc. are failing. The day we really acknowledge the individual spirit of each person will be a day of victory. However, it may be a while, as it is a big “cash cow” for so many to deny us this right in so many ways, etc. Thank you.

  • This is their story; “Despite the consensus, nearly everyone still believes the metaphor and parrots the message. The idea is 1) Your Brain is Damaged, 2) The Drugs Fix Something, and 3) You Need to Take Medications Indefinitely.” (“Indefinitely” is underlined.) This is what is really happening; 1) We made it up that your brain is damaged, 2) This is to justify prescribing these drugs, and 3) Now, Your Brain is Really and Truly Damaged INDEFINITELY. But, “Planet Psychiatry” will always deny their culpability in this. Thank you.

  • evanhaar, Please forgive me for getting between you and oldhead, however, I just wanted to note that those symptoms you mention in your post CAN be caused by brain damage and mental illness may not even figure into the equation. Even a brain tumor might cause the symptoms you list. What is tragically ironic about psychiatry, etc. is that many times the symptoms they say are caused by mental illness are actually caused by a physical illness. Yet, they will diagnose someone with a mental illness, then blame it on chemical irregularities in the brain, but… they have no proof. They just causally assume this. Then, they prescribe these psychiatric drugs which they claim will mediate the symptoms, but, instead, these drugs cause physical symptoms which, although the psychiatrist will probably deny it, can only be described as a form of brain damage. But, then the psychiatrist will claim the now real brain damage is nothing short of one of his or her mental illnesses. One could say in the psych world, a person can not win for losing. Thank you.

  • Years ago, my first job out of college was as a corrections officer. The main point of a prison system or even jail I was taught was that the jail or prison system has actually been instituted a form of protection and separation; protecting and separating society from the convicted criminal and protecting and separating the convicted criminal from society. That’s it. Education, rehabilitation, etc. is nice, but, “fluff” or considered as privileges and can be revoked if needed. Also, if necessary, the prisoner can be isolated from other prisoners. Prisons and jails never were meant to be joyrides or even the answer to society’s problems. In prisons, since the advent of prozac and other “modern” psychiatric drugs they also utilize these drugs as both a deterrent and a stabilizer, not unlike how they are used amongst those in the larger population. But, perhaps, the only real difference between prisons and general psychiatry is that the patient/client for the most part are kept drugged on the outside, while the inmate in a jail or prison is kept drugged on the inside. My main reason to present this information is help us realize why we incarcerate people in the first place. Thank you.

  • Yes! Steve McCrea, you have the correct answer! Even the psychiatrists, etc. will confess to this; as one the side effects of most psychiatric drugs is weight gain and/or metabolic changes possibly leading to diabetes and other related diseases. It would really help if the psych industry would admit their responsibility in the rising epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and that in many cases, it just not the food we eat. Like so many health and other epidemics in society, the growing problems can be traced back to these psychiatric drugs, etc. Thank you.

  • Unfortunately, I think the biggest problem with this paradigm is that people want to be fixed. TV Shows, Magazine articles, Internet articles all bear this out. I fell into this Rabbit Hole Myself. It is seductive and can be dangerous, even possibly deadly. We are so desperate to be “fixed” to do anything. Somehow, we just need accept the seeming impossible to our minds, that each we are alright just the way we are. Of course, there are lots of people so invested for so many reasons to convince us otherwise. And each one of us is vulnerable to this. One of the greatest things we can do to free ourselves from psychiatry, etc. is to acknowledge and accept our unique selves as uniquely created and individually meant to be. But, even, I know this harder than it seems and may take a lifetime—a lifetime away from psychiatry, etc. Thank you.

  • Kindred Spirit, What you write here about “contact tracing, mandated mask wearing, and severely restricted movement” can easily be countered with data that shows that these, as they say “non-drug” interventions do not work and only worsen the covid crisis, i.e. cases, etc. However, by the tone of your post, I can tell you probably not be interested. There are many unanswered questions about RNA Vaccines. And, in fact, I believe, prior to the covid crisis, they were considered a failure. But, what I really read underneath the lines of your post is what I call the “that’s that” conclusion. This is similar to the same conclusions, many of the psychiatrists, psychologists, and other doctors wrote down in their reports concerning my thinking, possible behavior, physical characteristics, etc. One psychologist went so far as to call me “shallow.” And, I, may very well be “shallow” for one thing I have learned in my unfortunate years “drugged and therapized” by psychiatry, etc. is to ask questions and to never fear where angels fear to tread or is you are lucky, you could get killed or worse. Each person has every right to refuse any medical intervention. Of all things to lose one’s freedom to make decisions relevant to oneself, and if necessary, one’s family, is probably the most unhealthy and dangerous thing to do. Thank you.

  • KindredSpirit, Anytime, anyone states that they support censorship on any subject, whether it be “broad antivax positions” or other types of positions, I am UTTERLY and ONE MILLION PERCENT APPALLED!! This is still America, Land of the Free (FREE SPEECH, NOT CENSORSHIP) and thus Home of the Brave. I can thinking of absolutely nothing so horribly UNAMERICAN as the word, “Censorship.” When “censorship ” prevails about any subject; terror, torture, torment, and TYRANNY exists. Even if a comment appears to come from any type of extermist position or consipracy theory position, it should be heard. It may not be the truth, but, it can lead us to the truth. One never knows how the winding road of investigation will get us where we need to go. That is one of amongst many reasons why “censorship” is not justified. As far as the stakes being high, the stakes may be much, much higher still, if we do not raise questions, so we can get answers. Do psychiatric patients and psychiatric survivors deserve any more suffering than they already have had? I would think it would be a highly reasonable question for any illness or disease, is the vaccine worse than the illness or is the illness worse than the vaccine? We do not even know if there are contraindications for people who are taking psychiatric drugs. I never thought that I would face the same type of censorship argument I received on a “pro-schizophrenic” site when I began to question taking all these “little pills” after I had read Whittaker’s book, “Anatomy of an Epidemic.” There is so much we don’t know here. It took years before Whittaker had the data to prove what he saw in the book, “Anatomy of an Epidemic.” This covid virus has only allegedly been around for maybe a year and a half. This covid vaccine has only been available since around Christmas. There is so much we don’t know. To “censor” at any stage, but at this early stage of it all, in my opinion, would be nothing but sheer madness! Thank you.

  • No.# 1 No one who comments here is promoting fear and doubt about the vaccine, they are just illuminating facts. No. #2 There is a point to be made concerning why are they now highlighting “psychiatric patients.” No.#3 Although there may be some studies that detail some of the efficacy and some of the possible side effects, it would be too soon for any such listing to be near exhaustive. No.#4 The pitfalls of trusting the FDA as to their approval of any drug or vaccine is and should be necessarily suspect. The evidence is endemic to this site as reflected by the many articles and comments about those articles on this site. No.#5 How many drugs, especially, but even some vaccines approved by the FDA have to be taken off the market because they found dangerous substances in them that could cause dangerous side effects and even terminal diseases not known at the time of approval? No#6 Please remember these vaccines have only received emergency approval for use, so they are still technically in the experimental stages. No#7 I think that even if there something dangerous or life threatening, the vaccine makers have technically been excused from liability. The latter may come into dispute in time. No#8 No matter the drug, the vaccine, the food, the cleaning agent, the chemical, either natural or synthetic, etc. each person is so unique and individual that one may be good for one person may kill or make sick another person. Therefore, it would seem to make sense to question everything about this vaccine. This does not mean it might not be beneficial to you or someone you love. It just means, do your homework and trust your instincts, not necessarily what you hear from the news, public health or any governmental entity. This is being a responsible adult. Thank you.

  • It is well known that these “medications”, actually “psychiatric drugs” are probably the biggest cause of violence in the modern world. Of course, the psychiatrists, big pharma, the mental illness industry and even much of government, education, etc. will deny it by placing the blame on the victim. And, the victim needs in all these situations to be identified as both the perpetuator and the perpetuated. Therefore, in my opinion, “Kendra’s Law” or its variations fails at the outset if it demands “mandatory drug compliance” and adjunct dangerous therapies for the person so identified to remain in compliance to the law. So, as usual, a law that appears to look good on the surface bears underneath it a terrible secret that few are willing to confess. Thank you.

  • Most of what is discussed here happened in the late 80’s, early 90’s. This was just as the “prozac nation” was beginning in psychiatry, etc. One thing we do know now about these psycho-drugs is that they do affect memory, amongst other brain functions. It has been in the last twenty to twenty-five years that these drugs have been given to not only children, teenagers (whose brains are still developing) but also pregnant women. We actually do not know what these drugs will do the memories of these, the most innocent and vulnerable. We do know that these drugs do mess up the memories of adults over the age of twenty-five. Twenty-five has been the traditional year of “brain maturity.” I am very concerned how these drugs will affect the memories of these young people. I am concerned that since these drugs do affect the memory in adverse ways, these young people could very well be extremely vulnerable to all kinds of false memories put into their brains that could be knowingly or unknowingly be used for damaging, dangerous or even nefarious purposes. Thank you.

  • Here are two statements that stand out to me : “poorer expectations for improvement” and “psychiatric clients are not credible unless the statements are by the psychiatrist.” The latter one was so important to the author of this article, it was printed in bold type. But, I will confront the first statement, first… I noticed in my way too many years as a “psychiatric client” how this statement became more and more true in the eyes of the mental illness providers. In fact those who, without a doubt, swore by this statement, were now migrating into what we call regular or traditional medicine. So, what is the only rational thought a patient/client might have, “Why go to the any medical professional? I am not going to get better anyway.” But, what is even more important here is how this type of statement fortifies the psychiatrist or any M.D.’s decision to keep the patient in the “drug diapers” forever. This also includes other types of therapies or treatments that keep one dependent on them. Now, the latter statement shows Hubris, to the nth degree and also fortifies the statement regarding “poorer expectations for improvement.” I am not sure what else to say, except that if you choose to go to a “mental illness provider” you lose and more and more each day; if you choose to go to a traditional medical provider, you are more likely to lose. Total reform is necessary, including the abolishment especially of psychiatry; but, how can that be accomplished when so many subscribe to the old adage, “My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts.” Thank you.

  • I believe that the article states that they no longer teach about repressed memories and false memories in college psychology classes now. However, from my experience, these therapists, in particular still either put “false memories” in to their client’s brains or perhaps even worse, is when they take a normal memory from childhood or any time in the client’s life and then disorient the individual so as to make that memory be construed as a symptom of the diagnosis. This may or may not include alleged “sexual memories.” The purpose of this is to make the client believe that he or she has been “mentally ill”—“a serious and pervasive mental illness”— since even as far back as birth or very early childhood. And, of course, that not only justifies the alleged diagnosis, but the drugs, therapies and other lame treatments. This goes even further, in that, to consider oneself as “severe and pervasive mentally ill” since nearly birth is basically “serious and pervasive abuse” by the therapists, psychiatrists, etc. Thank you.

  • Willoweed states some very true facts about Psychiatric drugs, lifespan, and even infectious disorders. While on these drugs, I had two horrible cases of pneumonia; one of which got me hospitalized. I am also concerned about if there are any contraindications between these vaccines and the psychiatric drugs. It seems very hard to find out that type of information on any drug versus the vaccines and especially on the psychiatric drugs. One other point is that these psychiatric drugs can interfere with reasoning, judgement, clarity of mind, etc. Therefore, I am really not sure if a patient on these kinds of drugs can make a rational decision to take the vaccine or not. Thank you.

  • Richard D Lewis: With all due respect, each one of use must question the whole Covid19 scenario. Everything must be questioned, including cases, deaths, mandates, restrictions, and of course, its origin. It is imperative for us to really know the whole truth about this. Additionally, as this Covid19 thing began to evolve, I saw many resemblances on a grander scale to what each individual psychiatric survivor, including myself has endured and reported. I think it is very important and does not impede our goal as psychiatric survivors in our goal for justice and truth to both question and to also have different opinions, etc. about this pandemic or anything that does happen in government, society, healthcare, etc. Although, we have one major goal, we are not a monolith. We need to welcome discussion, disagreement, etc. If we do not, we will never achieve or goal. I am truly sorry for all those who have died and all those who have suffered. Much of the suffering is due to the ramifications of these political decisions masquerading as “public health decisions.” This is a great tragedy no matter how it came about. But, there is one more point, I would like to bring up. What about the deaths from psychiatric abuse, especially “big pharma’s input?” But, “big pharma” important as it is in the psychiatric lie is not the only ones driving the suffering, destruction and death. How many good, decent people with names and families and lives and loves and dreams, etc. have we lost to psychiatry? I imagine no pandemic, no war, no environmental catastrophe could ever measure up as to the real amount of those lost? As we mourn the loss of those who succumbed to covid, let us also mourn the loss of those to psychiatry, its lies, and abuses? Thank you.

  • “Mental Illness” is something applied to you. It’s not like a broken arm or leg or even like a cold or strep throat. In many ways, “mental illness” is an illusion, illusory, almost like a “magic act” done to you for all the wrong reasons. Yes, you might not feel like yourself. You might be sad. You might be angry. You might be upset, confused, even disoriented about something. You may even hear conflicting voices; your parent, teachers, society, etc. Some even have mal intent and want to harm you. Some are just confused themselves and just want to share their misery of confusion. So, you go for help, the secular parish priest, aka the therapist/psychiatrist, etc. They give you a “diagnosis”, ply you with drugs, try to mold you with all kinds of alleged therapeutic interventions until you no recognize yourself. If you have been abused physically, sexually, emotionally, etc. or involved in some sort of traumatic situation, on one level, it all seems so right. Why? It’s a sanitized version of what you have previously endured and not only that it is approved by law, by society, by authorities you try to trust. But, somewhere inside you know something is just not quite right. The birds no longer sing to you. The sky is not it’s blue of longing anymore. When it rains, the raindrops hurt all over. And, when it snows, you just want to pretend it does not exist. And the sun, you already know about the hole in the ozone layer. You don’t have to be told now. There’s a hole in the sun. And the night sky is not full of the stars and the moon. It just looks like it has the measles or chicken pox. This is your brain on the drugs and the therapy. And, you realize this is not the way out of the confusion, the sadness, the anger, the trauma, the abuse you already experience. This is just more trauma, more abuse heaped upon you. But, you can not verbalize or articulate this. For although, you make be walking around, you can not really speak and if even you could speak, no one would or could hear you. This is the fate of those who seek help, either knowingly or unknowingly in the “mental illness system.” This is what happens when you seek out something that you thought would be good for you, but, is really bad for you. And, if though, you may not be consciously aware of it, you are trying to find a way out, because, if you don’t, you may die a premature death or maybe even worse, you are alive, but, such a shell of yourself, you might as well be dead. So, how do you get out of this? You see, it doesn’t matter what kind of hospitalization you might have endured, because, all of it is a form of hospitalization. How do you get out? Some sadly never do. And if you do get out, much of you, is forever changed. You are damaged, your brain, your body. It’s all individual. How it affects you may affect someone else differently. How you survive the withdrawal and what happens afterward is, in many ways, incredibly unique, tailored it seems just to you and you alone. But it is not all tragedy and pain. If you survive this you will be stronger, although your “stronger-ness” may look remarkably different than any other survivor. But, still no matter how strong, you might be overcoming this and being victorious over this, you will always live with this “niggling” thought at the back of your mind—why did I let the do this to me? why? But, even though that thought is almost always there, do not let it paralyze you. You have survived this for a purpose. You have survived to help others through this journey and lest we not forget, to help yourself through this journey. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Thank you.

  • Many have expressed concern with this article and the attitude expressed in it regarding domestic violence. I share their concern. I also have another concern. The author states that the services are available ONLY to those who desire it. But, if you say No to this type of arrangement, must the individual do time in a psychiatric hospital? I would say, in my experience, in America, that would very probably be the unfortunate case. Maybe, the individual might be allowed into a Day Program Alternative as I was some years ago. I am not sure what year. It’s the drugs, you know. I was locked into that, also, and had to be formally released as if I were in an in-patient program. Maybe, you could just save money amongst the taxpayers, stakeholders, etc. and just put one on those electronic bracelets on the individual. Because, no matter, how the treatment, etc. is done to the person (and it is always done to the person) the person is now an inmate, even if the person can appear to come and go as he or she pleases. It reminds me of the finale of the cult classic of the late 1960’s the British Based Television Show, “The Prisoner.” All of the “prisoners” thought they were now free of this “island” they were exiled. However, when they returned to London and went to go inside their apartments, they did not open their door on their own with a key. In fact, just like on that exile island, they would step on some sort of “strip” and their door would “magically” open—just like how they entered their apartments in their exile. So, please, tell me, who is free to live as they were meant to live, happily and healthily? Who? Who? Who? It’s just one imprisonment for another and this could be worse in some many ways. Thank you.

  • This is just another tragic story. We have way too many of these stories. I remember as a child and as a teenager how we were warned about diet drugs, i.e. speed (amphetamines) In those days, young women, especially, died from these drugs. They only wanted to be “thin.” And, yes, these drugs are related to those drugs manufactured in “meth-labs.” In those days, they sold these drugs at the back of magazines bought at gas stations and drug stores. You know, those magazines that gave you your horoscope or gave you the gossip on the latest celebrity. So, when later, some years later, I read in popular “women’s” magazines how these stimulant drugs made allegedly highly stimulant people less stimulated. Huh? I tried one of these drugs, once, “adderall” at the “suggestion” of my psychiatrist for a work-related issue. Luckily, for me, it was a worthless drug, because I told the psychiatrist it did nothing for me. These drugs are very dangerous? And, I question, why must a young boy, his family, and a very empathetic nurse and staff go through this so unnecessarily for just a “horrible and addictive diet drug” that should never ever be prescribed and given to a person of any age and especially to one so very young. Thank you.

  • Let’s be honest. This is still a form of psychiatric hospitalization. Even going to a psychiatrist and therapist on some sort of “out-patient” patient is still hospitalization. In the latter, most find it easier to walk away from the situation. First, remember, according to the article, the “therapist” was able to calm “Megan” down so she could begin her drugs. Second, having someone to come into your home, although she still lived with her parents, is more than intrusive. I think this could be construed, at least, in the United States, as a possible violation of the Fourth Amendment. Of course, I am no legal or constitutional scholar, but it seems like it could be construed as such. It allows the therapists, etc. to see inside the home of where someone lives, which is “none of their business” if you ask me and, could be even more detrimental to the well-being of the “patient.” This is just a way for the mental illness industry to get even more of a toehold into the very private life of their unassuming victim. To borrow one of my college friends comments, “This Sucks!” and I add “This Sucks Bigtime!” Thank you.

  • Nancy99: This is Rebel again! First, “open-minded” does not necessarily mean “one changes one’s opinion based on evidence.” It usually just means one is tolerant of other’s opinions and welcomes their opinions into the conversation whether in agreement or not. Second, using the “earth is flat” theory is well, useless, since only a few small group of people actually argue if the earth is flat anymore. It is so “Middle Ages!”
    Third, and I believe the most true; we do “pick and choose” what we think, believe, etc. regardless on the “science.” We do this based on life experiences, culture, education, etc. etc. etc. Fourth, science is not always well aware of their biases. How can it be? Science, like all fields, is made up of human beings. Human beings are naturally biased. It is both our curse and our blessing. All of this is meant to be a paradox. Our natural fallibility as humans shows up in science as in anywhere. By saying that “science is well aware of its biases and takes into account those variables” places science on a pedestal that makes it nothing less than God, All-Knowing, All-Seeing, All-Present. There is nothing we humans can say or do that can make us into Gods. And we do try it, we only become like Daedilus (forgive my spelling) who flew to the sun in his chariot and fell immediately and tragically back to the earth burnt and blinded by the Sun. This Greek Myth is a warning, but it is nor the only one in myth and in Spiritual/Religious Writings. I thank God for my unique biases because it has made me what I am today. Thank you.

  • sam plover, I think you make an interesting point. However, sometimes, maybe I just need a little clarification. How do you distinguish between “psych terms” and “psych language?” Also, in this distinguishing, will we be helping or hurting more those already damaged by psychiatry, etc. ? I think someone said something about “language policing.” Would this be considered “language policing?” Yes, “words do matter” but getting caught up too much in the words can sometimes do more harm than good. Thank you.

  • No 1: All I am questioning is if “brain damage” could be caused by “mindfulness” forced or not? Could similar negative incidents that sometimes happen to the brain in therapy also happen in “mindfulness”? If anytime, any feels forced or compelled to engage in something like mindfulness or therapy, then it seems likely some damage might occur? The concept of brain damage may be a far reach, but, perhaps it should be investigated and not ruled out in various cases.
    No 2: Nancy99, I am sorry that you seem unable to accept my way of thinking as a viable alternative. This does not mean you need agree with me, but only to accept it as a possibility. I am even more sorry that seem to; as you say “prefer academic articles” to the “views and opinions of people.” Academic articles like all articles do also bear the views and opinions of the author or authors. It would be impossible to do any research without the bias of the researcher interceding. If I conducted any research, my first hypothesis would come from my subjective bias. I only first like to bring up questions, such what can of damage can be done by mindfulness, forced or not. Second, “views and opinions or people” are valid. The “views and opinions” of each commentator to this site is very valid. Many of us have been damaged and hurt by psychiatry and psychology in not only “medical” circles, but, also “academic circles” and even in “mainstream circles” such as the various forms of media and “pop psychology.” Each person here has an important view and opinion that needs to seriously be heard and appreciated. As for me personally, I am a very worthwhile human being with very valid views and opinions on a wide variety of subjects. And I am not the only one. Please do not discount me, for my brain may have been damaged from the drugs and therapy, etc. but it is remains wonderfully made and is still beautiful and fantastic. This also pertains to other contributors to this site, whether or not their brains have been damaged by drugs and therapy, etc. Thank you.

  • With all due respect, “Nancy99” you have discounted both “RosyLeaDNVT” heartfelt experience with the damaging effects of mindfulness and what I said about your use of articles in academic journals to make your point and back up your opinion. I am thankful to “RosyLeaDNVT” because it does answer my question that for some, damage even some brain damage might result from “mindfulness.” However, I will let “RosyLeaDNVT” post her reply to what you stated about her post; if she so chooses to reply. As for what I said about the articles in academic journals, I was not referencing MIA, the Website, I was referencing those who read and comment on the articles posted on the website. My point is that due to the harm many who go to this website have experienced from psychiatry, psychology, etc. the referencing of these articles may not only bring skepticism, but a concern that again they may been discounted in the pain and damage they have endured from psychiatry, etc. which also includes the writers of many articles in academic journals. In essence, yes, I do have a deep concern over the use of mindfulness in therapies and in daily life. There are way too many questions than answers and until we can safely answer those questions, we must consider the vulnerable and perhaps slow down and maybe even reconsider it as a tool for any type of behavior or thought control. Thank you.

  • With all due respect, I notice that you have felt the need to list a lot of references in various psychological/psychiatric journals to back up your opinion. I can say that many to most on this site who read the articles presented here and thus comment on them are highly skeptical of any referencing from academic journals. Many on this site are actually hurting from the damage done to them by psychiatry and psychology. Some of their hurt has originated from academic journals such as these. Perhaps mindfulness is more than locking doors and perhaps, it isn’t. There have been many excellent comments on mindfulness. The main point that some and I included are presenting is that mindfulness is just being presented as another therapy, another drug and thus if not, a tool for damage, it might very well even cause damage. And, I am really not sure if we know if mindfulness may or may not cause any sort of brain damage as already known to be caused by drugs. Thank you.

  • I can see this discussion will probably become heated before we just get tired of it. As far as the U.S., China and Russia are concerned, I consider them “capitalist” in the most perverted sense of the word. All three now reflect capitalism gone bad or in some instances, even evil. One commentator sees “Socialism” as the answer. Actually, one time, I had a “dream” about “socialism.” In reality it was a nightmare. It was dark and gloomy. It sounds nice to have a “classless society and world” but, perhaps too nice. It could end up being a utopia turned upside down into a dystopia. I would caution “beware” of things that look too good. By the way, oldhead, is speaking truth about “covid.”
    In my humble opinion, the real problem with our society and China, Russia and others is the lack of acknowledgement of the individual. Education, government, medicine, etc. and especially psychiatry all disregard the sovereignty of the person. In my way of thinking and I do not expect everyone to agree, the sovereignty of the person is the sovereignty of God. However, I do think that no matter how religious or even our political beliefs, we need to value each person as a unique composition of Nature. I am afraid that a socialist world can not deliver this and as far as our capitalist world, now perverted, it obviously can not, will not, or is unwilling todo this. Until, each one of us is a prisoner and “covid” is only a symptom. Thank you.

  • Actually, I was wondering if this discussion of memory may be a slightly moot point. Yes, each one of us is shaped by our culture, our society, our nationality, etc. etc. etc. But, in the end, the actual memory may be completely individual. The problem has always been that we have tried really hard to group people by this or that; i.e. “Fill in the Blank.” And, that might very well be our failure. Memory boils down to what is important to each person. This is not moral relativism. It just is. Thank you.

  • I guess you could say memory is shaped by culture, if you consider that the best I remembered my homework and what I needed to know for tests was to associate it with what we were watching on tv the day or evening before. From that, one could consider that memory is not so much culture, but association. But, that’s traditional old thought. Will I remember this? Maybe yes and maybe no. Sometimes, tv is just not as interesting as it used to be. Oh, there is another point about memory- emotion; one’s emotional state at the time can determine memory. That could be why so much of memory seems to be lost while under the “spell” of psycho-drugs and therapies, etc. They dull the emotions to nothing. Of course there are other things from the drugs and therapies that affect the memory. So, my unacademic, naive conclusion is that memory is not so much affected maybe by culture, as just by our everyday lives. Thank you.

  • Yes, I agree. “You have the right to remain silent…” However, if you remain silent, these shrinks will consider it a disorder or diagnosis and start the drugging and therapy process. And, actually, therapy is not therapy at all, but indoctrination, interrogation, and an attempt to force you to break down into their version of you; which is robotic non-humanness. Thank you.

  • Please forgive me when did living without mindfulness lead to harm; except maybe not being mindful to turn off the oven when you leave the house or not locking the door when you leave. I also did not know that ruminating caused harm as my grandparents and great-grandparents always ruminated especially in church. Actually, could you not consider that mindfulness might very well lead to obsessive tendencies. The drugs made me especially mindful of making sure doors were locked; such that I even concocted rituals to make sure I did that. In my opinion, we rely too much on buzzwords like mindfulness. We really need to focus on the individual ways each person thinks and relates and responds to the world. It’s a whole lot better to say that’s just the way whomever is and stop trying to force them either implicitly or explicitly into mindfulness; including physical activity, etc. Thank you.

  • With all due respect to your comments about what I said, your assumptions about my being of an entirely younger generation are not quite right. During much of the first part of this movement (and I am specifically refencing the dates the the Madness Network News was being published -1974-1985) I was a student aimlessly trying to obtain a BA in Psychology. During the latter part of the movement, I was at my first real job, aimlessly attempting to be a Correctional Services Officer in two different men’s prisons. I say what I say about the inability of “resurrecting such a movement again” because the tenor and the times of psychiatry have changed. This, I, as a non-academic, partly trace back to what we call “prozac nation.” We actually have a movement now, but it might still be in its infancy stage. Psychiatry has gained such a hold in our society that prominent people now like to discuss on tv through ads and commentaries, etc. how therapy and drugs have helped them. We are now being gaslighted about the “stigma issue.” Each day we are bombarded with tv ads about available drugs that will take away our misery or how teletherapy will make our day better. Big Pharma money and Big Insurance money flow into our Representatives on all levels. Psychiatry is a behemoth now and that’s what has changed since the early days of the Madness Network News. We must change our tactics. We must get our message out in ways that do not harm, but are successful. We must be strategic. In this respect, the world has tragically changed. I could go further, but, I’ll stop here. But, what always comes to my mind is the phrase, “while we were sleeping . . . ” Thank you.

  • It’s really time to stop saying anti-depressants or anti-psychotics or one of my perennial favorites, mood stableizers. (I can’t spell that word!) and all the rest medications. These are nothing less than drugs, drugs like any street drug pusher would try to sell you. The only difference is these are legal and it’s people with alleged authoritative degrees who sell them to you. Like they stop the madness, but the madness is not in us it’s in those who sell it to us and profit off of us and try to control us with it. “Just Say No” has never sounded so good and is a powerful tool in its own right. Thank you.

  • I think this is a very interesting article with important historical perspective, but, there is no way we could resurrect this type of movement again. We have to consider an anti-psychiatry movement in light of the current widespread psychiatric infiltration in all aspects of our culture and society. Since “prozac nation” psychiatry changed. Psychiatry found a way to make it very attractive to drug as many people as possible. And the drugs are not just prescribed by the psychiatrists. Other doctors prescribe these drugs for a million reasons. Additionally, our children are more vulnerable to this drugging. Our children are not only prescribed dangerous drugs like ritalin and adderall, but also the SSRIS and the anti-psychotics like risperidal and others. And, we are very well at the precipice of more intense technological and computerized invasions in to our brain and mind. Psychiatry is a major fraud perpetuated onto the world, but it is a fraud with massive implications and ramifications that are essentially dangerous and damaging to what makes us all truly human. Thank you.

  • How about avoid antidepressants altogether? There are reports that antidepressants might cause bipolar disorder or rather the manic part of the disorder. Therefore, this may be a circular logic discussion. Or even how about avoiding the alleged diagnosis of bipolar disorder, formerly manic depression altogether? What do you think? Less stress and damage to both brain and body. Thank you.

  • Oldhead, Thank you for your “We Believe” Statement about your “Anti-Psychiatry Movement.” In my opinion, in addition to “an end to state support for psychiatry, etc.” you should also include an “end to corporate support for psychiatry, etc.” I think this might help get the corporate money involved and not just “Big Pharma” money in the state and in employment and other practices, etc. Thank you.

  • Also, these drugs virtually take away the women’s menstrual cycle. I remember fellow participants in this drug processes in a party mood, when they would get a menstrual period. It was so rare, a woman of “child-bearing age” on these drugs might get one once every few years, if at all; but they never tell you that that’s a “side effect.” Huh? Thank you.

  • What you said made me consider, the “psychic hotlines” I see advertised on tv, mostly after midnight on various cable outlets. “A Dollar for the first ten minutes, etc.” and they’ll “make up” something that sounds allegedly plausible. Another example is those morning horoscopes that used to be in the newspapers, but are now found online. You can even subscribe to such a service! Once, this was even before the big drug surge after Prozac, I had a therapist who literally told me that she had a revelation I would be involved in some aspect of hydrology. Well, I have been known to drink my share of lemonade, soft drinks, iced tea and Gatorade. Of course, that increased incredibly when they put me on Lithium and then added all the other drugs. Thank you.

  • Politics inherently bring out emotions. In fact, we can get emotional about politics, which is why, in the past, in addition to religion and sex, we have mostly kept it out of polite conversation, including family gatherings, etc. Sometimes, especially, in the highly political election years, I have seem ministers plead with their congregations to keep political discussions away from the church grounds and away from the communion tables. But, that seems to be changing. But, when it is phrased as the politics of emotion, I am distressed. Why? This makes emotions, a natural human response to life itself, a political act. Politics may bring out our emotions, but, they should not be a political act and when it gets mixed in psychotherapy as this article purports it to be, well I can say “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble” to quote Shakespeare; A Veritable Witches Brew. To this analogy to a related story of witches, I also am reminded of Hansel and Gretel writhing in the witch’s cauldron at the Witch’s Gingerbread House—“My Dinner!”, exclaims the witch, as she sees the children about ready to be boiled in hot oil like scruffy little potatoes for her stew! Thank you.

  • Many of the analogies presented in these comments may or may not be debatable. Some are just beyond hilarious. However, in my opinion, the theory of chemical imbalance in the brain and the resulting desire to either attack or “keep it in check” with these drugs and other companion therapies, etc. is neither debatable or hilarious. These drugs and companion therapies cause damage to the brain and thus the body which is basically life-changing. They are not only damaging, but dangerous and usually debilitate, disable or tragically even kill. When you stop taking the drugs, even for a small amount of time, you must go through a nasty withdrawal period. And, after the withdrawal, you must learn to adjust your life in accordance with the damage done to you. And, you will probably do this alone. Even, many times, your family and friends don’t understand. Some may refuse to understand or may shun you. Some, because of the oddness of behaviors during the withdrawal and sometimes after the withdrawal think you should return to the horror and terror of the psychiatrists, etc. again. And, of course, the mass media and other such things may be against you, too. You are, in essence, double or even triple stigmatized. These are the downsides, but, if you are willing to basically walk away for this psychiatric tyranny, you will be rewarded. Your mind, although different from before the drugs and therapies, etc. is clearer. Your whole body feels and is cleaner inside and out. The stinking dirtiness of the drugs and therapies, etc. is gone. You will probably have to adapt your life and lifestyle in some unusual ways. There will be things you can’t do or may never be able to do again. And there are things, you may or may have thought you could not do that now give you a sense of peace and accomplishment. You will probably have to adapt your diet, your sleep habits and tons of other stuff. And, you are very understandably allergic to doctors, etc. You may probably find that there are now great limitations to any drugs you can take, even OTC Meds or even commonly prescribed meds. Yes, your life is different now, but, you have survived maybe a greater challenge than Daniel ever did in the Lion’s Den. Thank you.

  • Dr. Pies does seem to revel in creative non-fiction. In all my years with the shrinks, they always told me I had some sort of chemical imbalance and that’s why the drugs. They also told me that how I responded to the drugs could determine what diagnosis fit me. Since, there really is no way to determine if there is a chemical imbalance, they based their assumptions only going backwards. But, this is an illegitimate backwards. If the only real test for your diagnosis other than the flimsy DSM is the person’s response to the drugs, then it really reflects that psychiatry actually begins and ends in criminal malpractice. I say this because it is putting the patient at risk just to bring about a conclusion or a diagnosis which is faulty at best. This is why creative nonfiction is more evil than even an oxymoron. Thank you.

  • I do stand by the idea that psychiatry is not a conspiracy theory, but a false religion. I would say it began, in many respects, as a cult; however, I contend it to be a false religion because unlike either a cult or conspiracy theory, it is way too far-reaching. Psychiatry has too many followers and too many preachers and missionaries. In media and otherwise, it is seen as the answer to so many of the world’s problems. I consider it a false religion not because it seems to be without God, but, it attempts to make man into God. Psychiatry propagates the lie that if you take this drug or these drugs, engage in these therapies, get ECT or TMS or whatever new treatment they want to sell, everything will be alright; your life will be so much better. Now, the question is how can this be different from any traditional religions message. That is a valid question. I would say it is because you are achieving because the implicit and explicit message is that the psychiatrist, the drugs, the therapies, etc. are the Gods, i.e. the transformative agents. So and this can be disputed, I am sure, how does this make man into God? A decent psychiatrist or pharmacist will tell you that the drugs, especially, become a part of the body’s system. The body and the brain begin to expect them, rely on them for survival. When they are taken away, the brain and body go through a horrendous withdrawal. Many do go back, because the withdrawal can be so intense. So, in order to maintain oneself in this God-State, one must continue these drugs. But, it is all false. It is nothing less than a Faustian Bargain. And, thus, Psychiatry is a False Religion that propagates danger and harm to trillions and trillions of vulnerable people. Thank you.

  • I do not think I would designate psychiatry as a conspiracy theory as that brings it to a political point that it might not quite belong. Additionally, many conspiracy theories when we dare look backwards into history do have hints of truth in them. However, psychiatry is a cult, if not a religion. And you are right, the DSM is their Bible. Many psychiatrists do consider the DSM as the “Gospel Truth” about anything. So, in a way, this makes psychiatry far more dangerous than any alleged conspiracy theory on any subject. Conspiracy Theories rarely affect as many people as do religions. But, psychiatry is a false religion that will spread its fanatically false gospel to the ends of the earth, if it hasn’t already, unless we seriously put the brakes on it. Labeling it as a conspiracy theory only makes it laughable and trivial in the eyes of many. When we label it as the false religion it really is, then maybe we can really reach the vulnerable and stop the hurt and damage it does to people. For, when one person is hurt or damaged, all are. Thank you.

  • I appreciate what you say, however, I am pleased that I make “no sense.” This is because in “making no sense” we arrive at what is known as “common sense.” Psychology and even those we know as “traditional sciences” now seem to lack “common sense” which ignores the “common person”. Thus, it fails. Actually, in many cases “science” has become “scientism” which really is another religion. Until science and most importantly we mere humans acknowledge this, science will fail us mightily. We need to stop worshipping science as if it is the answers to all our problems. Thank you.

  • Marie, You are correct and I think this is a problem is all “sciences” but traditional medicine, in particular, now takes it cues from psychiatry, psychology, etc. I believe it Steve McCrea who said it’s not very profitable to cure people. If you consider all the non-profit organizations now created for almost every disease known to man; whether “real or made up” why would you want a cure for any of these diseases and put all these people out of work. Plus, there is a lot of corporate money involved with endorsements, ad campaigns, etc. Also, there is the insurance business. Also, you must consider Big Pharma’s role in the proliferation of “maintenance drugs” at the expense of even antibiotics, etc. There is just to much money involved to make us healthy, whole and having a decent sense of well-being anymore. The “medical industry” which maybe the biggest industry ever has a stake in keeping us sick on many levels. Thank you.

  • Someone Else, I really like your idea about calling it “Truth in Psychiatry” rather than “anti psychiatry”, although “anti psychiatry is far from harmful. “Truth in Psychiatry” might influence people to be more interested in what we have to say. I think some have mentioned “critical psychiatry” but being anti-psychiatry immediately makes our stance critical. Of course, we have every right to be critical as we have been abused and harmed. But “Truth” does imply “facts.” And, no matter what we say there will be those who will counter what we say or claim what we have experience can be disputed in some way. But, “truth” is always good because it means we are on the “right side of history” And, that is what this whole website is basically for and about… Thank you.

  • Psychology should not be viewed as a science. That sounds very reasonable. But, the question might actually be should anything be viewed as a science? We have tried very hard, especially since, WWII, to make everything a science, even art, religion and literature. In the end, science becomes trivialized. But, the fault may be in us who tried to depend on science, when living is more of an art. And, I believe this to be true no matter your particular religious beliefs. The lie of science has been that it is objective, while art is faulted for being too subjective. Either objectivity is an impossibility or art might be the only true objective source for our existence on Earth. Consider this, tomorrow, when the sun rises and you look out your window or take a walk outside, look at the clouds, the trees, the flowers to be (I know it’s winter in the northern hemisphere now.) But Just look around you it’s not Science, it’s art. Then think of what’s inside you, your brain, your bones, muscles, your heart and other organs. (Notice we call them organs, just like the organ in that old church down the street.) When you notice that, you will realize we have deceived ourselves about science all along. All of it is ART. Even the word HEART contains the word ART. And this is the Art of Goodness, a hearty laugh, a smile, a baby’s cry. Psychology can’t be science, because nothing is science. When we acknowledge our misstep, we will be on the road to pure freedom. Thank you.

  • This is very extensive article, which I doubt most psychiatrists would just pay no attention. You know that old line, “My Mind is made up, don’t confuse me the facts.” On TD, they tacitly admit as seen by Big Pharma produced ads; but they claim it is due to “important medication” for depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, but now they have a solution. My Father always told me that doctors diagnose through ruling out symptoms. This seems not to occur in psychiatry and it seems to be falling out favor in “non-psychiatric medicine” which leads to believe that “traditional medicine” is now falling under the spell of psychiatry. As far as side effects to the drugs, the psychiatrists in my experience seem to brush it off. They may entertain your questions about possible weight gain and that’s about it. Also, another telling piece of evidence that supports the claims of this article is that in no instance, when I went for initial psychiatric evaluation did they do any kind of complete medical assessment as you might get in a regular doctor’s office. They did spend a lot of time on “psychiatric history” or you past and present behavior and feelings. In one evaluation, I was told I was “shallow” as if I had a terminal illness. The reason I bring up the lack of a medical history being requested is in my memory, they never asked me about past or present alcohol use. Thus, they never knew that I am terribly allergic to alcohol even more so since the psych drugs. They were also very upset and kept refusing to acknowledge or indicate on my “records” that I was allergic to penicillin, but, I pressed them on that until they put it in the front cover of my file. Of course, the psych folks were not the only one upset over my penicillin allergy. Once, I went in to one of those clinics in a drug store for a complaint and I was basically “hollered at” for being allergic to penicillin. The “nurse” was upset because she had to prescribe me something else and needed to speak with the doctor on call for that day. So, that is why in my opinion, psychiatry’s spell now exceeds far into traditional medicine, if not other areas, also. Thank you.

  • I read your story with great interest. It is tragically ironic that there are so many similarities in the stories presented on the MIA Website. I, too, was abruptly discontinued from my drugs. I, now, strongly believe the reason was bogus. However, my complete withdrawal symptoms didn’t actually occur until two years later. i think that’s because first, it really took me two years after that until I was sufficiently awaken to what had happened to my brain and body and it was the drugs that caused all the problems. During that two year time, I still let them experiment on me until it actually became clear that I could never swallow even a Tylenol pill ever again. In fact, I can take any drugs now for any reason. I read a lot about tapering. Back in the nineties, I did taper myself off of Lithium. But, I had quit alcohol a couple of years after college cold turkey, so maybe for me not tapering may have worked. I should note that I had to abruptly stop drinking alcohol; because my body rejected it, as I had developed an intense severe allergic reaction. I was never put into a hospital. But, until, this day I am so allergic to alcohol, even a thimble full is dangerous for me, even in cooking, mouthwashes, etc. For anyone else, it could very well be extremely hazardous. Each of us, although sharing similarities, is still so individual. I also love the picture of your cat. Like you, my cat has been my constant companion through most all this. The last point I want to make, however, is that even after whatever withdrawal used, especially, if you have been subject to long-term psychiatric drug poly-pharmacy like I was, you must live with the brain injury that these drugs did to you. Please keep up your art and writing. If your art and writing brings you joy, it must be good for you. Thank you.

  • The truth is although people are motivated by different things, therapy, in and of itself, motivates no one. However, there is a significant problem with this study in that it is done amongst a very poor population in Kenya. Still, even in America, money would be a better motivator. And yes, it is vey true that a rotten job with good money is far worse than a good job or for some no job with less money. I was motivated once to receive a cash payment (well, actually ,this happened several times) for some useless study (they asked us some dumb questions) at a major university. I only did that for the money! Thank you.

  • Psychiatrists in general seem to get very upset if you have an issue with whatever treatment they are doling out to you; whether drugs, therapies, ECT, TMS, or whatever they dream up in the future. In fact, their attitude seems to be, “do this or take this even if it kills you.” But then, if your are dead, you can be “maintained” anymore. But, then, the majority of them probably don’t care, in my experience. They’ll just find and seduce another innocent guinea pig for their experiments. Thank you.

  • I am sorry that you have been abused by anyone, no matter their religious beliefs. Sadly, abusing others in not restricted to adherents of any one religion. In fact, there is much argument on this website that psychiatry has created its own cult religion and as well documented by many on this site, psychiatry seems way too adept at abuse. Respectfully, I disagree with much of what you say about Christianity, but I respect your opinion and experiences. You do bring up some interesting points and questions about Christianity, God and Jesus, etc. I think that points you bring up would receive a more educated rebuttal from someone more studied in these matters than I am. However, after my life experiences and particularly my “rabbit hole” trip into the morass of psychiatric drugging and therapy, I stand by my belief system more than ever. But, I am not so naive as to expect everyone to agree with me no should they. The twin word of Freedom and Free Will apply here. Thank you for courageously expressing your opinion. Thank you.

  • Thank you for your kind comment. I point this out not only because General Practitioners and others prescribe psychiatric drugs. Ob-Gyn’s are very notorious for prescribing psychiatric drugs for “women’s problems.” My point is this: As psychiatry and psychology went downhill in their collusion with Big Pharma; so they could be considered a “respectable medicine.” Respectable Medicine, such as Traditional Medicine followed suit. Maybe psychiatry’s excursion to become respectable also caused this inferiority type complex to now enter Traditional Medicine. I don’t know. In my mind this starts with the “Prozac Era” when they were talking about “pills for personality.” Of course, there are other reasons, also. There is much more money in maintenance drugs for any condition than there is say in antibiotics, etc. Thank you.

  • Thank you for complimenting me on my eloquence. My eloquence is all by accident; maybe even accidently on purpose. My passion against the evils of psychiatry is completely on purpose. Sadly, these evils of psychiatry seem to have infiltrated traditional medical practice and maybe even much of science in general. Thank you.

  • I am not sure how long you have been on lithium; as you did not state that information. I appreciate your being grateful for my taking the time to share my experience. I am glad that you keep up with your blood work for lithium; but, I believe that is a requirement as per the doctors. I am also glad that you have had any problems so far. However, I will not be convinced that lithium is a benign drug in any sense of the word. When they put me on lithium, the first time, they set me down and explained what I could and could not do while taking lithium. They also gave me a sheet of paper that I was to carry around with me while I was taking my lithium. In fact, back in the 1970’s lithium was still such a controlled drug, in hospital and other pharmacies, it was locked in a secure place. That has changed since then. However, you have to ask, if lithium were so benign, why must you take a blood test at regular intervals to determine lithium levels. Lithium toxicity still remains a problem and can be for some life-threatening. In the world of psychological type drugs, there are NO benign drugs! Thank you.

  • I really appreciated this article. I may disagree with the author at times, but this article presents an excellent chronicle and review of “anti-psychiatry” on the internet and otherwise. Although, the “anti-psychiatry movement” does not at seem organized as other movements seem to be, it is actually alive and vibrant. Sometimes, good, caring people try to force people to protest or speak out before they are ready. When you have been so damaged by psychiatry and its associates, it takes courage to even speak out on a mostly friendly site as this. The damage can be so overwhelming and the fear of how others may react can invoke a unique type of cautiousness. First, we were mistakenly diagnosed as “mentally ill” in some alleged form, then the drugs and treatments caused real harm. In a way, we have been at least doubly harmed and probably shunned by family, friends, and others. Many of us hide in the shadows of plain sight. We can not necessarily speak in large rallies in cities across the country. We can not necessarily speak or write in the presence of a mass media affiliate. It may take a while before our voice can be heard so broadly. But, in the meantime, we have sites like this and those sites, etc. listed above. Our time will come, but, we need to do our homework first in some many ways. Thank you.

  • Basically, this article emphasizes that more and more since the mid-twentieth century, “normality” has become “abnormality.” Why? One obvious reason is there is money in that type of insidious approach. I could go on and really would be blah, blah, blah, etc. However, one point to be made is when “normality” becomes “abnormality” no one really has to take responsibility for anything, do they? Thank you.

  • The idea of any treatment “sending depression into remission” seems to compare depression to a disease like cancer; which can and does have a history of being sent into remission. This would imply a biological/chemical basis for depression. I think that that is definitely being disputed and questioned by many intelligent people, particularly on this website. I think one of the things this website has proven is that the cure is actually far worse than the disease as many such as the writer of this article can testify. Tragically, in many instances, it is actually the drug or other treatments that even cause the various symptoms other classified as a mental illness. Thank you.

  • For someone to have authority over us, we must give it to that individual. Sometimes, we must give someone a “lip-service response” and pretend to that person they have authority over us. This is really to allow us to “hide in plain sight” and conduct our lives in peace, so that we can accomplish what we are meant to accomplish. After the experiences I have had in my life, for me to give the person authority, they need to earn it. This is as to my discernment and assessment. We forget that. A person may have all kinds of letters beside his or her name or all kinds of titles; but, if we do not give that person authority, that person has none. it is that simple. Thank you.

  • I respectfully disagree. Much of the violence and insanity in this world is at present caused by these psychiatric drugs and related drugs. This is accomplished directly or indirectly. These drugs do cause biochemical changes and even electrical changes in the brain that may make someone more prone to violence. To say it is our “collective reality” is to discount the terror these drugs cause and the terror they cause both on an individual basis and on a societal and cultural basis. It is these drugs that are stealing the very life out of all people of all ages. We did not create this reality. It was forced upon us. Now, it behooves us to awaken and resist this obvious sin of horrific evil. Thank you.

  • I can easily discuss Vocational Rehab. Twice, they sent me in to the “rabbit hole” of the “mental illness system.” They analyzed me with their psychologists, sent me to their medical doctors for evaluation. They referred me to the “mental illness industry” who prescribed me the drugs. They forced me into a day facility where I was paid pittance as allegedly compared to the “able-bodied.” They gave me some useless award and then the next day when I didn’t act like they wanted me to act; they kicked me out and could not care less if I had any income or what I would do with my time after they had stolen it for a few years. In my experience and opinion, Vocational Rehabilitation is just another “joke” in the “mental illness industry.” I should note that at that day facility there was those sent there with allegedly “physical ills and disabilities.” And, there was group of developmentally disabled at the same facility, also. Thank you.

  • Steve McCrea and beokay have made my day! Please tell those crazy shrinks I never had depression or any related disorders; as I have always had lots of hair. In fact, I was born with so much hair the nuns put a bow in my hair when they brought me a mere just-born infant to my mother. And, even, now. despite all the evil drugs, I still don’t need the Women’s Hair Clubs or other crazy hair making treatments. How many more people will this free from psychiatric tyranny! Thank you.

  • This is the problem many of us who subscribe to this website have. We were probably never legitimately “disabled.” For whatever reason, we were led to believe that what was inherently unique about us needed help in some way to be righted or maybe we were just going through one of life’s many naturally normal crises. And, there are those who have experienced trauma through war, abuse or other incidents. etc. Then, we received a diagnosis, however flimsy, were drugged and subjected to therapy and other nonsense activities that insulted not only intelligence, but our very humanity. And, finally, after all, that, the subsequent brain injuries and actual trauma of what happened to us has made us part of the disabled class. Thank you.

  • Oh, they’ll probably “reformulate” it and maybe like Sam Plover said, “remarket” as an “anti-depressant” or maybe even “anti-psychotic”. Then, they’ll have ads on tv showing how wonderful life could be for those who are prescribed this drug. Then, within a year or so, it will come out there are some harmful effects of this drug and the predatory lawyers will advertise on tv for their services due to the harm that may have been done to you or a loved one. But, we only collect, if you win and this is a “time-limited offer.” How cynical I can be, sometimes. Thank you.

  • Actually and unfortunately, what we so lovingly call “mainstream media” hides a lot. We all just need to get in line. Maybe they will hear us, maybe they won’t. I am sorry to say this; but, I say they probably won’t. And the main reason is that our “grievances” are not only against the “mental illness complex” but also against Big Pharma. Big Pharma is Big Advertising to “Mainstream Media”. Of course, Psychiatry and Big Pharma are intertwined almost as one. Perhaps, in time, we may get our voices heard on “Mainstream Media.” Maybe someone could research alternative sources of Media. In the meantime, we have this wonderful site. But, I am not giving up hope completely. The dust in the dust storm will clear and the sun will shine. At the time, I think our voices will be safely heard. Thank you.

  • Whenever I hear an “ism” attach to something I cringe. Whenever, I hear something is “systemic” I cringe. Whenever, I hear higher education should be free, I cringe; although I think the price people pay for education is way too high for what they receive in return. As far as religion goes, fearing God is not fearmongering. The latter is created as a malicious to keep people in line, whether it is one or many. What my studies in religion have taught me is that God doesn’t so much as punish, but usually discipline. But, there does seem to be evil lurking that does need impactful punishment. When a person knows what is good and what is evil and choose good over evil, it makes life easier. And some may disagree with me, but there is only one way to discern good from evil and that is by knowing God. Thank you.

  • If I remember my College Logic Class Correctly, the logical fallacy is appealing to authority. Either the only real authority is the person or God. If it is the latter, in Christianity to appeal to human being as an instead of God is a sin. You can not serve two masters. As far as the former, appealing to an authority outside of innate personal authority gained through life experience and self-education is just plain ludicrous and dilutes the inherent and irrefutable sovereign nature of both the individual and of God.
    Your note about the most common response being “listen to your doctor” meaning “reject the evidence it is our final and most essential command” can also be rephrased as “My Mind is Made Up. I don’t listen to the facts.”
    This is just the fallacy of fear or “False Evidence Appearing Real.” If the Question in a Multiple Choice Test is “What would be or is the Most Dangerous?” the only correct answer is: “All of the Above.” Thank you.

  • I feel rather odd commenting on this one. There are some things in this article in which I disagree with the author. I do have several relatives who have received doctorates in humanities type subjects and became college professors. They liked to be called “doctor” but always acknowledged they were not medical doctors. Personally, I think the entire education system, especially higher education creates a real caste system. It seems all important to some whether they have any type of degree beyond the Bachelor’s. They seem to rate themselves on their degree status and even how many degrees they have. I try not to judge someone on their alleged degree status. I have known intelligent people without any degrees and those not so intelligent who have degrees. And there is also that divide between those who consider their education as received through “the school of hard knocks” and those who received their education through “ivory tower book learning.” Personally, I only received a Bachelor’s degree and when I tried to go to graduate school, my stomach would hurt and I would then run as far as I could from that kind of environment. For years, due to the drugs and therapy, I was made to believe it was because something was innately wrong with me. Ha!
    Now, I know it’s really because all those “doctors” were “witch doctors” and it could be that more and more doctors of all types, especially medical doctors might be seduced by that kind of “dark magic.” Thank you.

  • No, these “so-called medical professionals” do not usually receive any legitimate admonishment or punishment for their actions of malpractice or worse. Unfortunately, many just pack up their bags and leave to do their awfulness somewhere else or on another vulnerable person. Or sometimes they close up shop and leave for India or some other country in which they can hide. Thank you.

  • I just want to add a comment to my above comment. Please forgive me for speaking basically from Christian Tradition. I believe other religious and philosophical traditions have similar battles with good and evil that could also be understood in view of our “fight” to bring these horrific injustices to light. However, because of my background, I relate more easily to Christian Traditions. Thank you.

  • I agree with Sam Plover, I am not “bitter” either. Was Jesus “bitter” when He turned the tables on the money traders in the temple over? No! That was righteous anger. No, none of us are Jesus, but, we stand in a long line of those who fight evil, etc. No, this is not “bitterness.” This is righteous anger. Our goal, albeit a seeming uphill battle, is to right these grievous wrongs and in time, perhaps, it’s the Good Lord’s Timing, these wrongs will be righted, these evils will defeated. We are just the front lines, the trumpets announcing our entry, the first battles of victory; because many of us; despite it all, have fought back and won. We are still alive and talking to tell our stories. Thank you.

  • One of the “interesting” points her is that Dr. Pies, like many in this so-called profession do not want to diagnose from afar; i.e. internet, television, books, magazine articles, etc. UNLESS, the so-called diagnosis fits their biased narrative. This is not confined to psychiatry, etc.; but since this website deals with the evils of psychiatry, etc., well, it is another abomination that only proves that psychiatry, etc. is not a profession, at all, but a group of well-heeled and disgusting snake oil salesmen. I would consider the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz, who finally confesses to Dorothy that he’s a Humbug; but, you’ll never ever receive that sort of truth-telling confession from types like these. Thank you.

  • We do run the risk of “therapizing” everything which cheapens it as we pay big bucks to do it. The other point of “therapizing” everything is that actually makes it “virtual” and “virtual” is what therapy is. So the conclusion, which I realize what is addressed in another article on this site is that “virtual therapy” is a “double redundancy.” We need to live life not “virtually” but in honest realness; which “psychiatry, etc.” wants to deny us. Thank you.

  • My problem is I honestly don’t like “fresh tomatoes.” I only et my tomatoes in ketchup, salsa, taco sauce, tomato sauce or sometimes canned well smashed tomatoes. My poor Dad could never understand it and I am not sure if he’s totally forgiven me for my penchant of putting tomato ketchup on a good grilled steak. But, he’s in heaven, now, so I forgive him, even he could never forgive me on this one small point. Thank you.

  • I forgot to add to my last comment that either before after the Lithium I did not have trouble with not only water retention or high blood pressure; except the once-in-a-while “white coat type of blood pressure.” After, I came off the “benzos” and the other drugs so abruptly and with some other bizarre treatments they used to hide what really happened; I would temporarily show a little high blood pressure; but there questions about the instruments being used. There was one odd thing during that time is that my heart beat so loudly and continuously, I felt like it would jump out of my chest and I had insomnia for about a year. Of course, when I went to the doctors and they put on some 24 hour monitor test, they said “Nothing to see here, sweet lady.” But, that’s was resolved by me without their assistance some time after that. Thank you.

  • I have taken all the drugs you have named, except, I am not sure if I have ever taken Lamictal. I took Seroquel very briefly and took Gabapentin very briefly and remember complaining to the psychiatrist it was useless drug that didn’t work. Seroquel was actually about the last “anti-psychotic” prescribed to me. It gave me terrible headaches and my last idiotic psychiatrist harassed me about taking it as she prescribed. Her words wee nothing but abusive. However, about Lithium; I was probably on that particular drug the longest, as I was on it from about 1991 until 1995 (I tapered off of my own that time) and then again from about 1998 or 1999 or so until 2015. I think there was brief break for depakote. Lithium can cause lithium toxicity and you may not even know it; especially, if you have been on it awhile. When I did come off Lithium, I did not ever experience manic episodes. I question manic episodes anyway and wonder if many aren’t drug induced or psychiatrist induced. Like I have noted earlier, I was abruptly taken off all my drugs, except Lithium, because I literally became nearly comatose as I could not be awaken. After that they tried this and that drug until two years later, I could take no more. There is one major point I can tell you about my experience after being off Lithium, it is about salt, heat, and electrolytes. When they first put me on Lithium, they warned me against a salt restricted diet, getting overheated (many drugs have heat issues) and making sure I had something like Gatorade readily available to drink. After all those years on Lithium, I can not do without salt. I must salt everything. If I don’t I have cramps, sometimes in my legs. I also must drink about 20oz of Gatorade daily and if stressed, I must drink at least another 20oz. Luckily, as for salt, I have no issues with water retention like some people do. I didn’t previous to my being prescribed Lithium. The issue with stress is that due to the Brain Injury from all the drugs, I can get stressed pretty easily and at times quickly. I think, it’s very important to realize, that getting off the drugs will save your life; but, you must adapt your life after getting off the drugs. In a way, you will forever be their prisoner. Yet, I would like to add this: Is it worth it? Despite everything, it is worth more than anything in the world. To survive this and live is a monumental victory for you and for everyone so abused. And each day, despite it all is a day of victory and of joy; even if I don’t always feel that way; because now I know I am human, I belong to God and no one can ever take that away! Thank you.

  • Yes, Steve McCrea, these are just “street drugs” under the “dark” cover of “white coat authority;” so they must be alright to take… Huh? I remember those old ads in the 1980s which the man in the commercial showed an egg in a frying pan and this is your brain on drugs. I think a more apt description would be to scramble the egg and then whirl it in the blender over and over again until it gets that rotten stinky egg smell. Thank you.

  • Actually, in my opinion, the only thing that makes sense here is the author’s third proposal about stopping “planned obsolescence” which costs people way too much money and does fill our landfills unnecessarily. I do concede that there are a lots of jobs that are known as “paper-pushing jobs” although now many are done virtually. But, we need to work. Work is good for the mind, the body, and the soul. We would literally go “stark craving mad” without something to do. In many ways, we need to return to parts of the pre-industrial and the pre-technological age in regards to work. We need more work that uses as the Shakers would say “our hands and our hearts.” The best thing to happen to the world is more people to really not be afraid to get their hands dirty and as my father would say give us “a good tired.” We also would do well to stop this 24 hour obsessive world we live in and to begin again with real one or two real days of rest. Perhaps, our grandparents and great-grandparents were “on to something” that we have forgotten. Thank you.

  • Addiction may be the wrong term, but, on psychiatrist told me that your brain/body get used to these and when they are no longer available to the brain/body they are confused. In a way, it is just like needing water to drink or air to breathe. The difference is these drugs are not natural and mostly synthetic chemicals. Therefore, there is this horrible withdrawal period, not just days or weeks, but months and years. Beyond that the person must contend with the damage these drugs have done to brain and body; but, since, it is the brain that is basically the chief of the body that is where the danger lies. But, still, how can any one thinking individual NOT consider that these synthetic chemicals that affect the brain could not do at least some harm. Of course, they do magnitudes and magnitudes of harm. And what do you have a population of people not disabled by some “mysterious alleged mental illness” but by the reality of these evil drugs. The worst pill-pushers of all do not inhabit the back street and alleys, but the doctor’s offices; psychiatrists and other alleged “health professionals.” But, how many times and how many ways can we say this before this sinks in or before anyone really, really hears us? “Hell” is beyond freezing and the creeks have risen way, way over their banks. Thank you.

  • You are right. I have heard good intelligent people with excellent ideas on almost everything else speak of taking the arts out of the schools. But, they forget without the arts there would be no cathedrals, no hymns or Christmas Carols; actually no buildings for homes, no tv shows or movies to watch, no Christmas, Birthday, Mothers Day Cards, etc. Life would be so bland and that which they take for granted would not be there. Oh yes, we would also be “naked as jaybirds” and completely shoeless. And hungry for good food for nutrition. No Joy anywhere. Not only that we might all go extinct. Maybe not even the Bible. Why isn’t God the Greatest Creator Ever?

  • The truth is the they disrupt the brain and the body by putting them to sleep in some way. So, I guess, in a way that makes them a narcotic or kin to the narcotic. For years on these drugs, I was in and out of “zombie” hood until one day in the spring of 2013, I could not be awaken, not even when someone called my name or a telephone ringing loudly in my ear. I think my brain and body was saying “enough is enough” with these drugs. I am awake now! Oh, by the way another problem (side effect) with abilify is that a person can have trouble swallowing. This happened to me and I had to be taken off abilify. Of course, they put me back on risperdral. From what evil to another evil. Six years next May, 2021, completely drug-free! Yeah for me! Thank you.

  • The tragic irony you state is when you tell people psych drugs cause only harm; they claim you are “fear-mongering” and yet, it is that very “fear-mongering” that gets innocent people “hooked” into these drugs and therapies; creating a dangerous, destructive, and unfortunately, sometimes deadly lifestyle. I say lifestyle, because, your life revolves around the drugs, the therapy appointments, and any other associative activities like “adult daycare” or “daycare therapies” or whatever they cook up, that of course, doesn’t work or perhaps not really meant to work. I learned there is a little “cult-group” that lives their lives based in this travesty and all they do is go from drug to drug, therapy to therapy, psychiatrist to psychiatrist, etc. A life of meaning that in reality makes you mean nothing and thus you become meaningless. Thank you.

  • Rarely, is “satire” truly funny. “Satire” is the dark side of humor with a tragic bit of truth. It should awaken us to the evils of the world. Laughing at satire is similar to the time I unfortunately laughed at a fellow traveler on the road who had a flat tire; then a few miles later I got a flat tire so bad that my tire was down to the rim and my car and I limped back to the only service station available in the area. Who had the last laugh? The men at the service station who repaired my tire as I dug deep into my pocket book tp pay the bill. I am not laughing at this. When is it funny to hear of people being forced to hide under paper bags and be bashed with hammers? Please do tell me. Thank you.

  • Yes, it is the drugs that make you sick. It is the drugs that alter your brain and body’s biochemistry and make you a hostage to the psychiatrists, etc. and yourself. In my cases, I started to receive diagnoses that I was either “bipolar” or had “schizo-affective disorder” and I was told I had “severe and persistent mental illness” after they had pumped these drugs in to my brain and body. It is also a lie. In my opinion, the DSM Manuals list of diagnoses are all basically descriptive of the person’s brain and body’s “reactions” to these evil drugs. I was never “sicker” than when I was on the drugs. But, unfortunately, now my “disability” is the damage that these drugs did to my brain. I say brain because, it is the brain that is the steering mechanism for the whole body and is the real target for these drugs and thus explains the tyranny, torture and terror these drugs cause. Thank you.

  • It seems that there are some who are concerned their “health freedom rights” might be taken away by this “BLACK BOX WARNING” regarding “Benzo” and that that if needed or requested, the prescriber may not prescribe them. Now, I know this was in the late 1990’s before the “opioid epidemic” but I was prescribed a specific high-powered cough syrup that had some “opiates” as ingredients for a bad case of pneumonia. I was prescribed about a week’s worth and then when I returned to the doctor for my follow-up a week later after being diagnosed pneumonia, I pleaded with the doctor for a refill. He denied me on the grounds of the opiate ingredients in the cough syrup and he was concerned at the time, I would become addicted. Although, my later dealings with this doctor were suspicious and even discounting to me; this was the wisest action he ever did for me. Unfortunately, as it became the twenty-first century, his bedside manner changed drastically and I dropped him as I did other doctors. Maybe, it takes courage to say no to a patient who is asking for a drug that might or is addictive. Sadly, doctors are less and less courageous. And the sadness is seen in the lives hurt, the lives lost, the pain and suffering that hides behind the curtain of “better living through chemistry.” Thank you.

  • Unfortunately, because this is something the medical establishment and not just the Psychiatrists, Big Pharma, and others want to hide this from us; partly due to their hiding this from themselves; each one of us is “flying blind” perhaps into a whirlwind or worse. Robert Whitaker and others have done excellent work and research. We also have each other’s stories as commented on this website; which is one of the few we can frankly speak about our experiences. Yet, do any of us know what to expect not just during the withdrawal, but, after the “drugs?” We really don’t even know if they ever even leave our bodies and brains; as the effect, which is in many ways unique to each person is still there. And, of course, our friends and family members, may sadly think we need to go back on the “drugs” because of some of the weird thing we either experience or show to others. And, there is no doubt, that returning to the “drugs” could very well be a more disabling sentence, if not a death sentence for some. Therefore, I wish, we had a good book or two that could at least act a some sort of guide. It would document some of the experiences people have had and some of the problems we may face. And, perhaps, we could share it with those who tragically doubt the validity of our experiences. But, I dream on. Thank you.

  • Whenever I hear of on-line therapy, I think of the most used word these days, “virtual.” But, in truth, “virtual” is not “real.” So, what actually is the real difference between “on-line therapy” and “in-person therapy” as neither are real? Thank you.

  • Yes, I do think “benzos” have their place, but it’s extremely limited, in my opinion. I have had family members be given “benzos” before certain tests like CT-Scans, etc. or before “being put to sleep” for surgery. However, these are basically medical uses, not “psychiatric” uses and are definitely not intended for anything but extremely short-term use.
    The other point you are stating is that each one of us is unique; for many that would be “uniquely made.” Not to belabor a point, this is why “drugging” people “en masse” which I think they have tried to do with “benzos” and other “psycho-drugs” never works. Thank you.

  • Actually and unfortunately, the prescription of these “benzos” as they are called by some, have been dictgated by politics and not always necessarily governmental politics. This “BLACK BOX” warning does not stop the doctor from prescribing them; it just further advises and warns both doctor and patient of both the grave potential for addiction and other side effects. The medical community has known about the issues with these drugs for years. In fact, there is a book called “Stopping Valium and Ativan, Centrax, Dalmine, Librium, Paxipam, Restoral, Serax, Traxene, Xanax” by Eve Bargmam that was published in 1982/1983. I had a copy at one time but lost it during a recent move. This book is available on Amazon; but, it’s rather expensive at present. I agree with those who say that this “BLACK BOX” warning is almost “too little, too late.” I am the biggest advocate for health freedom, especially after my years of basically being terrorized by the psychiatric industry, including the psychiatrists and other doctors doing all the things with these drugs they should not do, such as abruptly stopping them which according to the warnings, can cause seizures or death. There are extremely dangerous drugs. This “BLACK BOX” warning which is still inadequate and should have been done years ago, actually gives me and others hopefully the freedom to just say “NO” to these and other drugs. And, with all due respect, there is lots of help available for anxiety and it is found in about every religious tradition on Earth. It’s called Prayer. I do not mean to be so blunt; but, in almost all cases, and, almost all conditions, drugs should be the last resort, not the first choice. Thank you.

  • I was reading your story. There are some similarities to mine; as, I do ended up in the hospital because of what the drugs did to me. And, all the doctors lied and made up stuff about how I got there and my condition, etc. And, I, had my onw personal “Rip Van Winkle” years; years that are lost and memories that I don’t even have. And, now, I am awake and for the few who still know me, that can be quite disconcerting at times. Thank you.

  • Number 1: There is no money in covering nutritional supplements. Number 2:Very Rarely does the FDA “approve” of nutritional supplements like they do “drugs.
    And so, back to Number 1. Oh, did I forget, that if you see an advertisement for nutritional supplements, they will be a disclaimer that this supplement should not be used to treat any medical condition without a doctor’s approval. But, then, if you see the advertisements from “legal groups” who claim they will help you get compensated from some harm, you may have received a “drug” there is a tagline that you shouldn’t stop the “drug” without consulting a healthcare professional. Oh, and did, I say, if you read any book that gives you advice or suggestions about supplement or non-traditional medicine, etc. there is also a “medical disclaimer.” I don’t even see that when I read books on law that I must consult a doctor or about religion, I must consult a theologian or my local pastor. And there is a lot of other examples any one of us could name. Thank you.

  • I think for many people, especially me, distress usually comes when you speak for something you believe in or you try to live your life according to your beliefs, and a family member or a “professional” refuses to acknowledge what you say or how your live your life. This can be most disconcerting when you really are actually trying to uphold the values you were taught at a very young age. It is like people want to deny you your free will and your freedom to live and be as your Creator meant to live and be. This is the most frustrating as you must live your life without someone to back you in life’s battles. Sometimes, even those who should know better call you “crazy” or other dismissive things. They have unfortunately traded in safety for liberty. And, yes, this type of attitude is ripe and well-placed for psychiatric abuses on so many levels. Thank you.

  • samplover, You are right about the “doing.” Many of my happiest times were when I was “doing” something with someone or even several people; especially, if I liked the activity or I was treated with respect. I have even had times where the activity was well “boring, etc.” but the person or people I worked with made it easier. Why? We laughed, joked, told each stories, shared things. And, I am what many might consider an “introvert” because I am not usually afraid of my own company. That is, I actually, liked doing things alone, too. But, of course, each one of at times, must work or be around those we feel less comfortable with for a million and one individual reasons. Some would like you to think that there is a separation between being and doing; but, I think that is a highly incorrect assumption. You can not “be” unless you “do” and vice versa. The optimal is when you are “doing” what you love to do either with people you like to do it with or alone, if that’s what you like, also. Psychiatry, education, medicine, almost all institutions have sadly forgotten this. And, so many suffer because of this. Thank you.

  • Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world, because, if I ever got those “millions”, I put some of it into something that would help those so damaged by these drugs and therapies. Oh, by the way that incident I mentioned in my comment is only one of many. I could write a book; but, my memory of those years on those drugs; especially, about ten or so years of it is very vague and at times comes and goes. There is no way I could find out what drugs, dosages, and when. Also, many of the psychiatrists, and therapists retired or left the employer. One psychiatrist, in particular, moved to another state, basically across the country. I had one psychiatrist who literally dropped at the end of the session; although I was still on several drugs, because of the health insurance I was on at the time and the deductible associated with it. She said that you people with that kind of health insurance never pay because of the deductible. I remember this because this was actually prior to the about ten years I was so drugged that, well, now really, “lost years” to me. Thank you.

  • With all due respect, distress was not always the reason I ended up in the mental illness environment. Most of the time, I was just looking for something and the something was usually the right career or job. And from there, I would be led to believe I needed a “mental health professional” to assist me and from that point I entered the world of psychiatric drugs; which caused me more physiological and other distresses to the point I almost died. Now, each day, I must contend with the brain injury resulting from the years of being “forced” to take these drugs. I realize that some people are in various kinds of traumatic situations; however, I can only say that these drugs and the “talk therapies” they use to defend the use of these drugs will only make it worse. Thank you.

  • This is an excellent article. One thing that stood out to me is “chemically induced brain damage.” And there is something that Willoweed said about “drugs to cover up the effects of other drugs.” From my experience with the “psychiatric industry”, that seems to be one of their justifications for “poly-pharmacy.” However, this is a “hidden justification” in a way. They would start with one or two drugs, then, they would say, “here try this drug because of the effects of these other drugs.” I remember having to be taken off “abilify” because it closed my throat to the point I could not swallow. Of course, then they put me back on risperidal, which, they had taken me off earlier for the “abilify” because “abilify” was such a wonder drug!
    But, it is the “chemically induced brain damage” that is the most haunting. Even after years off these drugs, it will haunt you. It is also unseen, in many cases, as opposed to a war veteran who might have tragically lost their legs or worse. And, perhaps, even more tragic, is after this happens, you are basically on your own. Traditional medical doctors already think you’re “crazy”, are dismissive, and/or try to return you to the very people who, basically, did this to you. I am not trying to complain or be vindictive. I only wish more people could be aware of this, but, there are few websites or places we can go and with the present “virus” situation”, these places have become less and less. But, I still have hope that all of this too will change in our favor. And, then, not only will our lives improve, but we might be able to help others avoid the terror that we were forced to experience. Thank you.

  • Please remember that you can not lose what you don’t have, i.e. a soul. Well, maybe some had a soul before they started “practicing” or maybe when they were children. Or, they, those little bullies in the school playground who always stole the other children’s lunches or pushed the other children off the swings and monkey bars, so they could “comfort” them and make themselves look “good” to their teachers? Thank you.

  • KindredSpirit, You could be right and you could be wrong and this also goes for me. I think, that to solve this issue we really do need to go beyond both political and economic systems. Yes, they are related and each feeds from each other. Almost everyone of us who reads and comments on these various articles on this site have been affected adversely by both the psychiatric community and by extension the entire medical community. There is no perfect answer, but, we probably do need to make sure that we do have a political system that allows us to speak freely and live freely. Unfortunately, I am not sure we are at that goal. And, it does behoove each of us to assist in reaching that goal and maintaining that goal. Thank you.

  • Kindred, I agree with many of your points, but, I respectfully disagree with the point on capitalism. There really is no perfect economic or political system. However, in my way of thinking and many may disagree; it is only in those systems that allow for the greatest freedom that we even have a chance at respect and dignity. And, as problematic as capitalism seems at times, until we find something better, it is the best we have available. Actually, I think there are two main things inherent to psychology and psychiatry that bode us the most ill will and cause us the most suffering and damage. These are greed and a desire to control others; because the controller can not control him or herself. Yes, this can happen in capitalist, socialist, communist, etc. systems. Although American psychiatry is definitely not blameless, but plus remember it has had some help here: from Cold War Russian Communism. Much of the tactics these psych folks use against were actually perfected by the Soviet Regime, i.e. the KGB. Thank you.

  • Sam Plover and everyone: Here’s an historic reminder about all doctors and how they received the “quack” designation. It goes back to the great Bubonic Plague in the fourteenth century. Let me see, according to this sidebar I read in a book called “Perfumes, Splashes, and Colognes” by Nancy M. Booth on page 3; when doctors visited patients during the plague wore false noses mad of leather or papier-mache which had a sponge soaked in aromatic vinegar on the tip. These “masks” looked like bird-beaks; thus they became known as “quacks.” Let me see, it’s well known that it was actually the fleas on the sewer rats that caused the deadly bubonic plague. It was not truly contagious. When they finally got rid of these sewer rats, the plague was gone. Well, maybe, the vinegar-soaked sponge scared away the fleas; but, I think sewer rats are like the opossum; well known to eat absolutely anything. So you see, the “medical profession” has had its difficulties since at least the middle ages, and seems to have been going downhill from there despite it all. Actually, on the whole, almost any progress made in medicine has occurred in the most apparently unlikely place, the battlefield. Thank you.

  • I’m sorry, but “social justice” is nothing more than an oxymoron or at the very least a misnomer. it could be go so far as “doublespeak.” It is neither social or justice. I, honestly, do not like the connection this article is trying to make between veterans and guns and restriction of access to guns by veterans. Actually, suicide by gun is not just limited to veterans or even men. Once, my father, as a Vietnam Veteran, had a brief time considering suicide. My mother, just hid the guns briefly, that’s it. The notion of restricting access to anything, including guns, implies governmental or other intervention, which is highly unconstitutional. Actually, if you extrapolate from this article, that if you think giving someone free speech or freedom of worship or assembly could cause them to be suicidal, that could be considered, also, even though that is unconstitutional. This is not just government overreach, it is Anti-American. In my line of thinking, it would make the veteran, already in a “down state” to further doubt his or her ability to be a contributing member of society. That is where the danger lies, when people begin they can no longer contribute to society. That is where these psychiatric drugs come in; they through they effects and even just the implication of their use causes a person to easily think they can no longer contribute to society. I know. It happened to me. To me, the way to lower the suicide rate is to stop the drugs, the false therapies, etc. and let people live and be as our Creator intended us to live and be and stop denying our human nature, both commonly and uniquely. Please let me and everyone live and be as they are meant to live and be! Thank you.

  • Thank you for this important historical information. I may learned that along the line, but easily forgot. I did look up his biography on the internet. Strangely enough, he seemed to have had some controversy with a well-noted General, George Washington.
    One more point, in Williamsburg, VA near the Colonial Williamsburg area is an underground museum dedicated to the first mental hospital in America. It’s rather interesting, but makes the Colonial Gaol in Williamsburg seem rather pleasant. Thank you.

  • I remember telling my last psychiatrist that I was NOT going to take any more of these drugs. I finally realized after I stopped taking lithium at the time (my nearly last drug) that I felt like I did when I stopped drinking alcohol. That is, after a night from hell, I stopped the alcohol, and then I felt so clean inside and outside. That is how I felt when I stopped the alcohol; which I did “cold turkey.” She did not listen to me because she wrote me another prescription for the lithium as a “protection” for me. I did fill the prescription and tried to take it. Luckily, for me, to no avail, and it it ended in the dumpster. Previously, the doctors, had taken me all the drugs, including the highly addictive valium, completely cold turkey. This is because the drugs had had it with my brain and body and I fell into a nearly comatose type sleep and was hospitalized. And, still, they tried to ply me with these drugs. Eventually, I did go through some sort of withdrawal, but, all kinds of strange things happened to me in the interim. Personally, I think, no matter how you get off these drugs, your life will never be the same again. You will from that day forward, make adaptations in your life and you may have responses to things and events, etc. that others can not always understand or for some, even care to understand. And, yes, there is medical malpractice, but the problem is, that there are so many of these “medical personnel” involved not just the psychiatric and mental illness “professionals.” that your case goes naturally goes unheard. Additionally, these drugs render your brain in such a state that it would seem questionable to anyone, but you, what really happened. Is there an answer? And, I say, yes, as soon as you are able, don’t just walk away, but run away. Thank you.

  • It would be so great to make psychiatry and psychiatrists illegal; just as it would be great to make all these “psycho-drugs” that have harmed so many of us illegal. But, we tried that with prohibition over a hundred years ago and it failed, because, if we did, there would be little “psychiatric and psycho-drug parties and bars” hiding in people’s basements and attics. Those that desired this “stuff” would find a way to get it. There might even be those willing to re-create this horrible “mental hospitals” and “ECT” in their basements and attics. Since, this is Halloween Eve, it does sound pretty ghoulish.
    The main thing we all need to remember and many in these types of businesses would like us to forget. And, since, we’re looking at about seventy years since, this was signed after the Nazi Holocaust Horrors is the Nuremberg Code. According to the Nuremberg Code, no governmental or other entity can force “medical treatment” on a person without their informed and knowledgeable consent. But, of course, so many so conveniently forget this; “Ah, it’s for your own good” or even worse, “Ah, it’s for the greater good or the good of others or all.” When you hear those words, walk away very quickly, because if it’s not good even for you as an individual person; it’s good for no one. Thank you.

  • After reading this article, the only confidence I can put it into anyone with an M.D. beside his or her name and associated health care professionals is if I would happen to have a broken leg. It actually comes back to one of my father’s favorite jokes, “The operation was a success, but the patient died.” Actually, the psychiatric propaganda and even other medical related propaganda has been a success; but the patients, etc. are still suffering from the tragic after-effects, etc. Thank you.

  • Yes, the Medical Model in Mental Health is finished; because it defines each person by their “symptoms” and their “illnesses.” But, in my opinion, the Medical Model in all Forms of Health Care or Medicine should be finished; as it does the same thing. In the Medical Model, we are all sick, either physically or emotionally. They are are scared of the morally or spiritually “components” of each individual. Yes, traditional Christian Religion speaks of each person as having sinned whether they know it or not or acknowledge it or not. However, even traditional Christianity has a way towards grace and forgiveness. The Medical Model in its errant simplicity just keeps pounding away at you and shaming you for whatever “sins” they see. Their “sins” are known as symptoms of an illness. Thus, they continue to cause a situation where it is nearly impossible for an individual to achieve well-being again. Thank you.

  • In the United States, “pill shaming” and “forced drugging” are one and the same. The only way to true well-being is to just walk-away from the whole medical/psychiatry fraud. One more point. The listing of the four different models and their comparisons is quite illuminating. However, I think the “right-based” model might be named instead the “freedom to be true to oneself” model. In my opinion, this is the only decent model that really upholds the dignity of each person. It is also the most compassionate. Thank you.

  • Yes, I had ulcers in my mouth. too. I almost asked the prescriber about them; but, soon after that, I totally quit the drugs and they were mostly gone. However, when stressed, one or two may flair up for a while and then go away. Of course, like you, that’s not the only issues I dealt with while on the drugs and then there was the withdrawal. sadly, even after the withdrawal, there are still issues in which to contend. However, since none of the drug-makers or the psychiatrists, etc. want to admit all this; it is very difficult to know how long any of this will last. But, since the brain is definitely involved, it may be lifelong. Thank you.

  • Medicine does kill people. The third leading cause of death is usually attributed to “pharmaceuticals.” All drugs cause side effects and some are extremely dangerous. All you need to do is listen to the “drug ads” where despite the rosy, happy pictures, in the background the announcer is listing only some of the side effects. And, usually, they end the commercial, with something like, “please check with your prescriber or pharmacist, because, of course, there are more. And, wait until the next commercial, which will be from some eager lawyer, who will try to convince you that you have a case against the drug company for the harm done to you by a certain drug. Tragically, it is the person prescribed the drug who is victimized. This is across the board and does not just include “psychiatric drugs.” And, this is only the tip of the iceberg.
    I believe someone mentioned the ads regarding “patients” who found out they had “td” that arose from the drug and this is “normal.” Well, there is nothing “normal” about this. This really is nothing but science for profit and control and we suffer. Aldous Huxley warned us about this in “Brave New World.” Drugs do harm and kill. The topsy-turvy world is that which allegedly is supposed to be good for you will actually harm or kill you. As, in my case, I am lucky to have gotten out of this morass, Alive! Thank you.

  • With all due respect to your comment, there is something troubling about what you wrote. I, myself, have lived through hurricanes, tornados, superstorms, blizzards, even a few earthquakes. And, yes, there is disorder. There can be disorder in one’s home, in the town or city you live, and in nature. Actually, this is normal. In nature, that disorder actually prevents further disorder down the line and it does restore itself, sometimes with human help and sometimes, not. Even after the Mt. St. Helena’s eruption, May 18, 1980, nature began to restore herself. On a daily basis, each one of us confronts disorder everyday and each one of us, uniquely, orders that disorder. Therefore, in my manner of thinking, disorder is the natural order of the day and our ability to create order from that order is what we humans do. So, in my humble opinion, what we need to do is not label someone as disordered or even claim it helplessness or more horrific than it is. We just need to realize that disorder is a natural part of life and the goal should be across all areas should be to assist each person how to value their unique way to put order into that disorder. Nature deals with it. We are part of Nature. Let’s just learn to live in Harmony with Nature and with Ourselves. All this labeling, diagnoses, treatments, therapies and drugs, etc. just causes more forced disorder and harms more than helps. As usual, we, silly humans, try to fix what is not broken. Thank you.

  • Please remember almost everything today is considered a disorder. I heard a new one on tv recently; “election stress disorder.” According to whoever; it’s supposed to cause “relationship problems” amongst married couples. I don’t know. The point is this: yes, they can make a disorder out of anything; which means that people suffering real trauma will get the proverbial “short-stick” thus further increasing their trauma. What it also means that in reality, it is not the trauma survivor or any survivor that has a disorder; but it is the world itself or rather the “powers that be” that are “disordered.” Therefore, the only real conclusion to make is: “It’s them, not us!” Because, if you look at the world today, is the “disordered” who are the most “ordered” and the most “sane.” Thank you.

  • How unusual to find a psychiatrist who won’t prescribe these “drugs” and even understands how these awful “drugs” affect you. From my experience here in the US, even the psychiatrist who claim they are not for “drugs: in treatment, will finally admit, “Oh yes, I do sometimes prescribe them.” And these are psychiatrists who take no Medicare or Health Insurance. Almost all psychiatrists, in my experience, when the patient has a bad reaction or complains about some side effect, it is usually the patient’s fault for not taking the drug as prescribed, being sick without accepting it or we are just going to add more drugs to your drug regimen. “Let’s schedule another med review!” the psychiatrist says in happy glee like the Witch in Hansel and Gretl before she puts the vulnerable children in her boiling hot cauldron. Thank you.

  • This is an amazing article, considering how long these “psychiatric drugs” have been out and available to be prescribed to the public. I have read various articles on “ECT” and it seems that the only real difference may be that the “psychiatric drugs” chemically induce many of the same effects and side effects as “ECT”; maybe at a much slower and sustained rate. I wonder if that could explain the issues in withdrawal. But, as someone who as endured these “drugs” for many years at a time, there is life after “withdrawal” even as my case; it was intentionally abrupt and some of this was partially caused by inept doctors. Still, one must know that after “withdrawal” in some to many ways, one’s life is forever altered. First, I was “disabled” by this alleged diagnosis. Now, I am disabled by the effects of that diagnosis; i.e. the “drugs and therapies, etc.” Thank you.

  • I think that someone wrote that she was diagnosed as a “relapsing schizophrenic” in Ireland and then she stopped psychiatry and is now well . How tragically ironic, that the best way to return to health and wellness is to completely divorce oneself from the psychiatric industry. I don’t want to throw rain on anyone’s parade, but, even, more tragically may very well be how “modern medicine” seems to now be following a similar path as psychiatry and related disciplines. And, dare, I say, in my experience, the “Medical M.D.s” seem to close ranks with the “Psychiatric M.D.s”. All were denying everything and anything about my condition or conditions. So, I trust no one with an “M.D.” by their name. Anyone with an “M.D.” by their name would have to earn my fragile trust. Thank you.

  • I have no real answers, but the therapist’s in most “community type” settings are nothing but LCSW’s. Therefore, I am unsure if a degree in social work is the answer. There are those who might argue that this is more of a moral or theological problem. There could also be an issue of motivation. The main thing, I think, is there is “no one size fits all.” This is perhaps the biggest problem in America and probably the “Western World.” I could say, “all we need is love.” But, that may be too simplistic. But, then maybe the other issue is our natural human error to make everything too complicated. In my dealings with the “mental illness industry” they were always looking for some hidden, forgotten agenda or trauma I supposedly had that had impacted my now adulthood. They even tried to make me think that I had been “mentally ill” since almost before I could walk or talk and that almost all my childhood experiences were now misconstrued to show that, yes, I was “mentally ill” from childhood. This is dangerous nonsense; probably used as an excuse to ply me with evil, dangerous drugs and complimentary therapies, etc. Thank you.

  • Although, there were some interesting points in this article, I am skeptical of anything that can be construed as a “drug” and “psilocybin” I believe is a “drug” although, it comes from “mushrooms.” The other point is “psilocybin” causes psychedelic experiences. Although, I am not a “scientist”, this just seem good for the brain. Although, there may be some people who might be able to handle this better than others. But, then, I am very concerned about making marijuana legal for recreational and even some medical purposes. “Psychedelic” drugs, like the “psycho-active” drugs just seem like another bad deal that could cause both short and long term harm. Personally, I prefer my mushrooms, fresh, fried gently in butter, on top of a juicy steak or hamburger. Thank you.

  • “lessons for future pandemics” obviously suggest the horrific concept of “planned-demincs.” This is nothing, but yes, snake oil for the masses. Vipers hiding in wait for the young people of our nation and the world. I feel sorry for these young people. They do not deserve the evils of these mass snake oil salesmen and women. Wake up America and the World. You are not only being used, but abused, and dare I say “raped” of your natural humanity. And, where did they get this snake oil learning; only from psychiatry and psychology. And where can this be traced to: Marx, Lenin, Mao and his buddies, Pavlov, Freud, B.F. Skinner, etc. etc. etc. Thank you.

  • Oh by the way; this is “Mental Illness Awareness Week:– October 5- October 11. As my late sister would say, “Oh Joy! Oh Rapture!” I know there is sarcasm in those words. A week set up just to bring these charlatans business! But, I would slightly like like to disagree with the author of this fantastic piece. No, you don’t have to be crazy; just duped and gullible. When it comes to psychiatry, P.T. Barnum said it right, “There is a sucker born every minute.” And, tragically, for me, I must confess I was a duped, gullible sucker! However, now, with my eyes wide open, I really do see the light! Thank you.

  • One thing that stands out to me in both parts of Paula Caplan’s essay is how normal human reactions to life are “medicalized” and thus, needing treatment, i.e. drugs and therapy, etc. Two normal reactions to life put me into this terror zone; vocational planning and grief. I say vocational planning, but, it’s just asking that age-old question, “the what and why of my life.” The grief part was in the loss of my sister and best friend to cancer. In actuality it was the state’s vocational rehabilitation agency that sent me into this wild goose of “hell!” It is beyond tragedy, dare I say evil, that normal life occurrences and questions are considered “worthy” of being diagnosed. And, as far, as my grief, was concerned, it was delayed “years” because of the drugs and therapy. But, the question is, who is really is afraid of death and dying? Perhaps, it is not us, but those who propagate this terror. Now, I think, when it is my time, I’d rather go peacefully than be subject to the horror and terror of these drugs and therapy. Yet, while even , under the effects of these “drugs”, I realized an odd thing about the word, “therapist.” Take it apart and it becomes, “the-rapist.” This is tragic, for those who really go to school with good intentions to help others in their life changes and suffering. But, these drugs and therapy, do absolutely nothing to mitigate the suffering and as far as life changes, your life is only changed for the worse. This is why so many in this hellishly awful mess, begin to think that only in “death” will have they have relief. Thank you.

  • I am sorry about what happened to you, kindredspirit. Steve McCrea is probably right in that there is a story underneath your tragic situation.
    When I signed my “contract” it was when I was in college; long before the horrific usage of toxic drugs and toxic therapies that can not only harm you, perhaps for life or even kill you before your time. When this happened to me, no toxic drugs or false diagnoses that never existed were applied to me. It was handwritten on yellow notepaper by me. Probably in this day and time; the way psychiatry, et. al; works it would be dangerous and lead to negative more harmful consequences than the actual self-harm itself. Only if you saw a private counselor, of the grid, so to speak, might it work.
    Since then I have been critically harmed and damaged by these mental illness zealots who said I had a diseases/disorders I never had (I am no expert; but I am not under the thought that self-harm means you have an alleged diagnosable disease/disorder.) and drugged me so horribly that eventually I got to a point my body almost shut down through a sleep I almost did not wake up from. Now, I am in the slow and steady state of withdrawal and healing; relearning my whole self; including my brain and body. My body is not always as happy as it used to be before the drugs; but, each day I get a little better. My mind is mostly very good; but one thing I am learning and which was hidden from me; is there is a uniqueness to my brain that must be honored and that when I operate from that uniqueness; I do better and am happier. etc. But, of course this all hid from me for their own self-interest; not mine. What happened to me worked until the paper died and the toxic drugs and therapy got forced onto me. Now off all that toxic junk, I don’t need a contract or anything. I just need me and God. Thank you.

  • In my experience; as having done self-harm against myself several times in my life; the absolute best (for me, personally) is just a small written or perhaps “typed” contract between you and yourself that you will not harm yourself again. My college student therapist had me do this. I carried this small written contract that I signed and he may have signed in my billfold until it was tattered, torn and virtually unreadable for many years. Later with this contract no longer in my billfold and under the influence of the very toxic drugs, very toxic therapy, serious stress, and a very toxic, abusive work environment and supervisor; I did self-harm again (by cutting.) However, at the time, my sister, who has now passed away, just bandaged me up and listened to me although she had her own stress (she was dying of cancer.)
    But, I think the point is that usually the simplest and most obvious ways to change or alter a harmful behavior is so easily dismissed by alleged educated professionals. But then, like in all these supposed “abnormal psychology things” the people who perpetuate these useless, toxic therapies and drugs need to perpetuate them for their self-interest; not the individual truth and good of the person. There are so many forms, methods, and reasons for mind control; but, they all fail. God gave us (our minds, etc. ) Free Will for a purpose. Religiously and spiritually it might be His purposes; rather than immature, small minded human purposes.

  • I think someone posted that “spousal abuse” is “learned behavior.” It seems to remember “back in the day” in my psychology classes they taught us that a man named “Seligman” said that “depression” is also “learned behavior” as in “learned helplessness.” I realize that is only a “theory” yet it seems very easy for “psychiatry” which prides itself on being able to assist in changing “abnormal behavior” can so easily “change their tune” from possibly “learned helpless” to a “lifetime brain-biochemical imbalance” without real proof or scientific data and sell it to the “public.” “Depression” is a ridiculous label for “humans, etc.” anyway. It’s Hurricane season and the only “depression” that means anything to me is a “Tropical Depression” which is probably where they stole the word from; “meteorology.” It makes sense since psychiatry steals without any moral thought or artistic license. In my opinion, there most likely is no such thing as “depression” just varying forms of “grief” due to the changes, successes and failures of life we all must face if we are to learn anything from our time here on Earth.
    Somewhere, deep in my heart, is the unresolved appall that life, living and what not has become an “abnormality” a “disease” a “defect” and in need of drugs, treatment and therapy etc. What we need is a good-hearted person who will just tell us it is alright to feel as you feel; be as you are; etc. But, then where is the false control, the false authority; the false experts; the stigma we need to make a cause against?
    Psychiatry has become the worst possible of any religions made by humans; but I refuse to take the idols of psychiatry as my “god.”

  • Yes, It is either a character flaw and a moral failing or a terrible biochemical brain disease; stigmatized; and needing toxic drugs and therapy to maintain
    for life; (you never get better!.) But, of course, how can you already improve from who you are ; which is what both are basically trying in some way to extinguish. I believe it was the great poet; e. e. cummings and I can’t remember the exact quote who said the hardest “battle” we have is to be ourselves. The best thing I suggest and have learned the “hard way” is forget them and just be yourself. It is not a character flaw or defect to be as the Good Lord created you.

  • There are seemingly millions of posts here and I am not able to read all just yet.
    Still, I am beginning to consider a very strong possibility in regards to politics, religions, psychiatry; etc.
    First, I want to say thank you to Lauren Andersen for having the strength to share her story. I am so sorry for the horror she faced. In a manner of speaking; each one of us has endured our own unique horror in the face of psychiatry and mental health.
    What I do see is that on the “left” for lack of more adequate terminology; psychiatry has become their religion. This is obvious from the way the ACLU refused or just ignored your case and other cases. On the “right” the “judgmental brand of Christianity as opposed to the Christianity of mercy” has merged with their idea of “political rightness” to in essence become like the psychiatry of the left, a new religion. Both are dangerous and oppressive. Obviously, neither side is our friend; but it would be detrimental to call them “enemies.”
    Right now, we see both sides operating, believe it or not in tandem and also against each other to attempt to control our lives.
    It has been reported that we have a terrible “opioid” epidemic killing more people per day; than many wars, etc. This is just a “tip of the iceberg.” When we confront psychiatric abuse in its many forms; including the toxic drugs; history will record those who are psychiatric survivors and others similarly situated or fighting for these cause as the heroes of the age. We will not be forgotten. We will not crawl under the desk waiting for the bombs to drop. We will stand tall and regain our natural born freedom and liberty back.

  • I agree with the other posts. This is an idea beyond “wonderful.” Art heals naturally; unlike toxic drugs, therapies, and associated Garbage. Religion; at its best, when it’s done in Truth; does the same. Psychiatry attempts to be a religion and fails on all accounts. ( I have heard some say that current politics is also trying to become a religion.) Both are false religions and hurt.
    As for my personal story; I, now know that I was falsely and basically diagnosed for being who I am and for just going through the changes and challenges of life; including losing my best friend and sister to cancer and doing the what should I do as a career thing?
    I now realize that I operate from a natural born artistic, visual-oriented, “right-brained”, imaginative, intuitive, poetic perspective and that is just me. I tell my mother; who still doesn’t quite understand me; it’s too late to change me now!
    However, I would like to add :Please do a Book 2, maybe even a Book 3, 4, etc. There are so many of us could benefit from telling our stories through the various forms of art from painting, drawing, crafts, to music, literature, poetry, etc. I think this may be a fantastic way to get our story across without the terro of hostility; etc.

  • Please read how the ancestors of the Native Americans appreciated those who “heard voices.” The description is the “devotional book,” “Earth Medicine” by Jamie Sams. The notation referenced is on page 142; “Fifth Moon, # 24 Honoring Every Person.” This passage on this page is very uplifting. They were not suppressed by toxic drugs or ECT. They were honored and appreciated. The Ancient Ancestors knew deep within that those who “heard voices” had something special, spiritual, and necessary to say to the people. When I read this, I almost cried. We think because we are in a modern era; scientific, technological that we are far advanced than those who came before us and those who may be of different backgrounds; but, obviously, this is not true. Just because, we are in the twenty-first century does not mean we are by any means further advanced than those from the past.

  • Darby Penny; I Like the way you call NAMI and by extension Autism Speaks; Hate Groups. You can also add to that practices like Tough Love. It is a tragedy, in one way; because some of these parents think they are doing the best for their children and this is how to show their love. But, none of this real true love. It only shows and proves again; many feat what they cannot or refuse to understand; even if comes from their very own children. I am grateful for Sara for explaining the comparisons to us. It is helpful to be enlightened when we can. And, from experience, NAMI, ;like the alleged mental illness “industry, they support has only one goal to keep you “sick” by their false standards. Autism Speaks seems to have learned this well.

  • Ask Me! Ask Me! I will tell you exactly what to say so they will think you are depressed and then you get those little pills, and everyone is so happy; especially those people who prescribe those little pills. Honestly and tragically, most of those screenings are as they say easy to “psych” out and the screeners are so gullible. I really don’t like to divulge this; although I am a “fan” of the Enneagram and the MBTI and others (at least they don’t try to drug you) I can manipulate those answers to obtain any personality type I choose. However, as a deep-down ethical person of integrity, I really try to answer the questions to what I think, at the time, is may, most like me. Unfortunately, for me, I did “hooked” into the system and answered the questions in a way that I now realize helped them and hurt me. But, we have parted ways. I don’t mean to be religious; but, the only word I can think of is “ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA!”

  • Why do they do studies that really is common knowledge? I am not sure what they are attempting to justify. I am always in trouble with my mother because I refuse to join the twenty-first century on the “cell-phone/smart-phone obsession” and keep mine charged. Knowing the psychiatrists, they will probably find a disorder label for this; but, I really abhor those things.

  • I read that Torrey had tried to link “cat litter” to schizophrenia. I am still trying to figure that one out. Even, my cat is trying to figure that one out. Of course, I did have several therapists who had more cats than I ever did. (I have only had up to two at a time.) whose consideration of their clients appeared questionable. Linking cats to mental illness is like linking milk to criminal behavior; as almost all humans get some kind of milk product in infancy.

  • I could have told you the results of this “study” without hearing the “results.” From what I read, others can, also. Screening for depression is a sham. Depression is really just the mind/body/soul in a corrective mode as “it” confronts life. It is has become such a tragedy that every breath you take becomes some awful illness needing drugs, treatment and such. There is psychological concept these modern day psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health/illness people like to hide under the rug. It is called “self fulfilling prophecy.” They do not want to have anything to with any psychology that shows how powerful the mind really is and can be without their toxic drugs and toxic therapy. They keep acting delusional; yet “self-help” books from all arenas of thought keep getting published, people are buying them; showing our less and less need for their idiotic control and push into the land of the zombies.

  • Please always remember “diagnostic criteria” is voted upon by the members of the American Psychiatric Association. There is no real objective criteria. Of course, in “dealing” with humans can there ever be objective criteria? Psychiatrists and other medical and health care professionals have deluded themselves about this for years. There are excellent descriptions of “human personalities and expressed behaviors” although still “flawed” in the Enneagram, Myers Briggs, and other personality/temperament analysis.
    However, in the case of the current president, he is such a danger to the security, freedom and stability of not only this country, but the whole of Mother Earth, we really need to “bury the hatchet” and find a non-violent way to assist him to a new job/career.
    The 25th amendment could be utilized. Investigations through various governmental agencies and Congress are being attempted. I cannot predict the outcome.
    What is important is that we want to bring public our cause and that if we continue to continue our American lifestyle, though “flawed” but still in the capabilities of trying to make all the lives of Americans and all Earthlings better, if necessary, we may need to bury our “cause” let him be deemed “Mentally Ill” and then after the dust settles; bring our cause to the forefront like all good causes.
    We have a great deal of work and education to accomplish; but as it stands now with the current president, our very important cause will be lost; we will not be heard in the moment to moment crises of these days.
    Sometimes, it is more courageous to see something played out; because although our cause is probably one of the most important causes of this century; it will die if we continue as a nation under the present administration.

  • Thank you so very much. I will try to get that book from Amazon. I can probably bet my father somehow had seen that book as he was an undergraduate in 1954. As far as the “lie with statistics” in psychiatry studies. YES! YES! YES! However, this “lie with statistics” is rampant all over present day medical science and health studies of all specialties. Like so much in this strange world, a lot of that stuff is put out there just to generate fear and eventually greed based income and control and power, etc. It is imperative that we stay wide awake in these times; which is definite opposition to as another blog on this website states; “a sedated society.” I listen a lot and sometimes, I feel some may almost be there; but not quite, not yet, it seems.

  • That Course, “How to Lie with Statistics” sounds fascinating. You stated that it first came out in the 1950s. This has cued my interest even further. My father, who just passed away, at the age of 79, in 2013, graduated from College and received a graduate degree in the 1950s. One of all time favorite lines to me even after he did further graduate studies in the 1970s in Sociology was there are three kinds of lies; “Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.” I wish he were still alive as I would love to ask if that is where he got that phrase. It seems more true in 2017 than it might have back in the 1950s. So true and more. . .

  • Nomadic: You are right. We need not to force anyone to accept that they are mentally ill and I am say just such a radical rebel, I would we should not press anyone in to saying they have a physical illness. We have become a nation of diagnosed people who need to have their lives maintained by outside authorities (i.e. the medical/psychiatric industry.) One of the complications of any health care system in our nations, probably the whole “Western world” is this tendency to see us not as wholesome and healthy; but, as sick and needing of some sort of treatment. We are terribly entrenched; but we will get out. However, we must realize that to fight the psychiatrists, we must fight the entire health care industry as it stands. This is a fight we will win. But, unlike other fights, it will take more than protests, write-ins and call-ins to congressmen, and the usual methods. It starts with each one of us at a personal level. It is our choice. It is how we view ourselves. The most important thing for each one of us to do other than what we are doing is to say NO to absolutely anything that does not resonate with the truth of ourselves. Psychiatry tried to continue the process of schools, religion, and other institutions, they tried to steal our souls. What is the most insidious about this is how they did it with toxic drugs and toxic treatments that just compounded our pain and made us into real zombies; all the time lying to us and saying they were our friends. They saw an opening in our souls and swooped into fill it with their toxicity in so many forms. The most radical thing we can do each morning is look in the mirror and say it’s okay to be – no matter who you are. Psychiatrists tried to tell me I was defective; I had a diagnosis, a disease. HOGWASH! I am just a unique human being with unique gifts and talents, a unique personality and interests. In pure psychological terminology, they were trying to project their feelings of being defective on me. I woke up! I day not just no; but HELL NO! Take that psychiatry. I am me and damn proud of it!

  • Feelin Discouraged: You are absolutely right. They hide under the mask of authority, respectability, and degrees with letters beside their names. So, people think it’s alright to take these drugs. They were prescribed an M.D. But, increasingly, not only psychiatrists prescribe these drugs, but of course, pediatricians, general practitioners, internists, ob-gyn and those in other specialties prescribe these drugs. Also, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, and anyone approved by the M.D. or signing the M.D.’s name can prescribed these drugs (depending on state laws) Additionally, a woman would not take these drugs, if pregnant. Yet, today, they get away with prescribing drugs such as antidepressants to these women with the weak argument if we did not prescribe these drugs, they might commit “suicide.”
    This does make them far more dangerous than any drug lord or drug pusher. These people can kill you and get off “scot free.”

  • Feelin’Discouraged, Please never ever think you deserved what happened to you for any reason. You did not deserve it! I, too, got trapped into the abusiveness of the current “psych” system. In college, I first went to student counselors in the Counseling and Guidance Department through the College Counseling “System.” They were on the up and up. No toxic drugs were involved and we did serious work on dealing with my “issues” at the time.
    But, years later, when I first looking for a career that would give me joy and then when I moved and was out of work I ended up in the State Vocational Rehabilitation Office. From there, I ended up in the mental illness system. From there, it started with Tegretol, which I could not take and then Lithium. A few years later I moved and was able to disassociate myself from them and was drug-free for a few years; until my best friend and sister was diagnosed with cancer. A few years after that, you could say I “got off the wagon.” I saw several of these drug pushers and then one ditched me saying I couldn’t afford her because of my insurance policy. She had the kindness of heart to drop it to me when I was trying to make another appointment; but, she left me holding the bucket as I was still taking the drugs.
    Then my sister passed away. VR then guided me back into the mental illness peoples. This time, the toxic drugs got more and more. I was determined to be “seriously and pervasively mentally ill.” I have very scant memories of my life from about 2004 until about 2013. They decided I was “schizophrenic.” I spent eleven days in a mental hospital; came out and they couldn’t wake me up for days. I ended up in a real hospital with a “false” diagnosis. They abruptly took me all the drugs with no tapered withdrawal; except lithium. They lied to me and other stuff. I finally got tired of it and due to some family things, I moved. I started out in my new place seeing the psychs, etc. They messed with my drugs; “browbeat” me if I complained about them; threatened to test to see if I was taking them. In the meantime, I read “Anatomy of an Epidemic.” Also, I was so sick I couldn’t eat or sleep or anything. Then, one day, I tried to take the drugs and “threw then up.” I said; “NO MORE!.” I saw an idiotic psychiatrist one more time. I told her no more drugs. She insisted that I take a low dose of risperidal or I might have a relapse. I think I tried to take it once. I never saw her or the inside off that place again! The last time I was there was May 2013. No RELAPSES YET! I have dealt with much fatigue and other issues during the withdrawal. I have actual had more complaints of the body, than the mind. I tell you my story so you know you are not the only who got “suckered.”
    You may be sensitive; but for a very good reason. I think there may be some kind of “artist” hiding inside you. Experiment. You will realize that despite it all, you are here for a great purpose and reason. My heart goes out to you. You are stronger than you think. You have the strength of millions who never tried to walk your path.

  • I will admit that I am not familiar with the Natural News site. However, I question if the “self proclaimed ‘elite’ … freaking out after their candidate supposedly lost the Presidential election, and now that their appalling sins are being exposed for the world online.” It is true that no one is without sin and the other old line about “he throws the first stone.” I think as far as our cause goes; their has probably been an unsaid or unwritten complicity by some in the former administration. One of the problems with our government is that it can be so insular, the real truths are hidden from the main people. Sometimes, those in power are not really those in power. However, if you think the present “administration” is without sin or Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm; I beg you to read a book of poems Called “Desolate Country” an Art Uprising anthology or a “Blessed are the Weird” by Jacob Nordby. Both are available through Amazon.
    You will see that although our cause is great and needed, their is a cause greater than ours. I also believe about the “elite” that there is no “elite” but the “power” we give them. It is unfortunate that Google took down that site. In the end, I am not sure who to blame or if blaming would do any good. I think, that not only, “should” we speak up and be educated about as many things as we can and especially in this area; the most important thing to our “cause” and our “healing” is to accept who we are and be who each one of us; even in face of all opposition. I am not encouraged that the present “administration” appreciates those of us who are different; “artistic” “creative” “intelligent” etc. But, that should never stop us from being who each one of us is meant to be. .. . never.

  • The problem with psychiatry is that it tried to be a science; when it really is a combination of art and philosophy. The way modern Western medicine is practiced, it, too tries very hard to be a pure science; when it also has components of art and philosophy. Any good doctor, especially from the pre Big Pharma and insurance age, would have cautioned the patient that true diagnosis is a real “art” and somewhat “intuitive” in nature. A scientist who knows his or “her” stuff will also explain how much the one doing the “experiment” will subjectively affect the outcome; even in the “hard sciences.” Now, of course, when you hear the results of a study in the news; especially of a health or medical subject, that information is conveniently swept “under the rug.” I do not follow those delivering the message. I fault those who gave the message without the full truths to the messenger. Real science needs not only the ability to “replicate” its findings in successive experiments. (Which they rarely seem to do in health or medical studies) but also in the “laboratory” of real life and the real world.

  • However, there is one thing I would like to add. I do not think people’s personality change; as each person though out a lifetime learn, relearn, discover and rediscover themselves and more about themselves. But this can not be studied or measured. The only way to “study” is to gain enough trust from someone that they will open up and tell you their life story. There is no study ever that can describe the wonder of the human being or any creature, plant, etc upon this Earth. It is even more and more evident with humans. I am not trying to discount science and yes there is a lot to learn “scientifically” about the earth and sky and who lives here. Yet, we need to stop trivializing our lives and lives well lived. I could continue and I am no where near age 77; but, I do need to attend to a joy I have had since before age 14.

  • This is a great article; as true in America as it is in Britain. I think someone mentioned “street drugs.” I am no scientist; but I see no difference. In fact, I see the doctor or psychiatrist in the same manner as I see the “drug pusher” on the street. To convince you to take the drugs, they say similar things; like, “oh, this will make you feel better.” or “all your problems will go away.” The only difference is their casual mention of “side effects” but you have to pry it out of them and those little initials by their name. To “fight” this we will have to fight the whole medical, health care, drug (legal and illegal) and insurance industry; but, it is a fight worth fighting. However, like all good struggles for virtue and righteousness, the struggle begins at “home.” Get educated and stand up for yourself and when they try to force drugs on you “just say no!”
    Learn to be in charge of your own health. Don’t let someone else or the doctors be in charge. You are you and you know yourself the best!

  • I think someone mentioned how this threatens the notion of “personality disorders.” Until the late 80’s personality disorders were known as neurosis. They just changed the name to sound more “scientific.” Still, I think I will think that new course at the University of Washington to verify if science is again misleading the public. I do not see any explanation of the tests used, variables qualified for; or how they can truly account for the results. There is also no mention of how they adjusted for experimenter bias. “Personality disorders” are hogwash; as how can a personality be out of order. Is the personality like a washing machine at the laundromat? Which also leads me to believe that this whole “experiment” is hogwash. Most of the personality is set by school age; however there are a few parts still out there at age 14. Then there are many so astute in these experiments; they can adjust their answers. True studies of anything so “human” are intensely anecdotal only. Even studies of “non-human” personalities are anecdotal although we can only rely on second hand evidence. Money would be better spent in finding ways for helping people love who they are and not some useless study.

  • Sounds like a great course to me. However, the right will say it’s “liberal media bias” and the left will say it’s “right anti-scientific bias.” Each one will come up with their own version of “fake news.”
    Has not any one realized that real truth and real answers are neither liberal, conservative, or even moderate and no matter your political or even religious beliefs, you are being manipulated.
    I would like to take this course, but I live on the other side of America.

  • I, honestly, don’t know if trump should be diagnosed as “mentally ill” or not. I would first think it might be disadvantageous to our cause; yet, if American Democracy and the safety of America is at risk; all I can is I don’t know. I did hear on the television from one the psychologists that the basis of their petition was his behavior; as seen on the various speeches, etc. he has done. He said there were not using the old-fashioned way of the “psychiatric interview.” I did think this was interesting in that I, and perhaps many of you were totally “diagnosed” through “psychiatric interviews” and this included the prescribing of the “toxic drugs.”
    I do not agree with every political idea written here. I do not believe we are a “sick society”; we are being “punished by God” or that this is “Biblical Prophecy.” As for who voted for ‘trump” like “Hilary” there is no actual profile of the actual voter. Each voter is unique. However, I do think the Republican Party seems to be drifting towards the farther of the right positions. I am not sure how far left the Democratic party will counter. Also, if you notice the news, the town halls for the legislators during their break are full of protests and for some legislators; some are hiding from the voters.
    I do agree with Nomadic. I think if there is a group we should follow in our cause; it would be the Black Panthers. I know there was some negative press about their tactics; but, the main thing the gave the African American adults and children the all important concept of Black Pride. And that gave the courage to fight their way to the White House.
    Most of us have been hurt so much by the psychiatrists, their toxic drugs, their toxic buddies, and all the other accompanying toxic stuff, we seriously need our pride back. No matter what goes on this country or this world; we need to reclaim our selves, and fight for that right. Of all the rights granted to us by “whomever” (fill in the blank) the absolute right for each one of us to be who we are meant to be and no body else is the absolute most important. And, if anyone ever tries to take that away from me again; no matter who they are (or were) I fight; perhaps not with guns and swords; but with something better and more long-lasting; the sheer force of being me!

  • “High-functioning” is another garbage label; like any diagnosis or being labeled as “seriously and pervasively mentally ill” of which they tried to force all those labels on me; but, I am just fine now; only still trying to get through the sometimes evil withdrawal and de-tox symptoms. I still think everyone misses the point. One need not be diagnosed or labelled as mentally ill to be termed a danger. Sadly, this current man in the office is a danger to our once credible American democracy and therefore the democracy of the Earth. If he is labelled “mentally ill” this would be a ruse and the real issues at hand are going to basically get “thrown under the rug” so to speak.

  • I respect your opinion; and yes, “homosexuality” was once considered a mental illness diagnosis; however, one’s sexuality or gender has absolutely nothing to bear on their ability to govern or lead a nation. One’s particular gifts, talents, or skills are given “amoral” and thus one can choose to use them for good or not which is not dependent on one’s sexuality or gender.

  • I think I would like to add my comment. As far as anything about the just past “Obama” administration, I cannot comment as I was so toxically drugged, I have very little memory of it and something unusual to me, I don’t even remembering voting in the elections. I will say for someone who was a President, he seems essentially “laid-back.”
    As far as labeling the current man in office ( I refuse to state his name) it would probably be useless and disadvantageous to those of us who are true “psychiatric survivors” and really might not hurt our cause. In thinking of our particular cause, it is not incumbent on any political party and we will need to be able to “rise up” against both. In fact, we will need to “rise up” not only against the psychiatrists, Big Pharma, and their supporters, but, also against the entire health care industry. It is a monumental “fight” but extremely worth it and will likely continue past our “generations.” I do applaud the protests, etc. that have arisen since the inauguration. It seems as if many are “waking up.” This may in the end help our cause.
    Finally, I would like to make an important point as least to me. This current person in office and his sycophants speak obsessively about “fake news” and point to many major media outlets. (I will agree with those who consider this a “threat” to American democracy, free speech, and way of life and has some insidious possibilities.) But, the speaking of “fake news” and the other good one, “alternative facts” when you think of those of us who have been given false diagnoses or diagnoses that never existed and caused so much damaging horror in our lives that we are seriously trying to heal and have our lives restored and resurrected is really and truly beyond any words in the English language. It is that “horrific” and is a form of “verbal terrorism.”
    I will admit after last week’s press conference, I remarked to my mother. “Now, you know and can be sure that I was NEVER, EVER mentally ill at any time.” She actually did agree.
    Still, I think labeling him “mentally ill” would be disadvantageous and might be “harmful” to psychiatric survivors. I honestly think there are perhaps other issues that will take him down. It will be extremely interesting to see his reaction and his sycophants’ reaction when these issues do become more prominent and “threaten” his alleged “power” and “control.” One must remember he is up against a “democratic” institution of over 240 years and he is been in his alleged position just about a mere month.

  • aa I appreciate and respect your comments. Like most of us you, too, have had unnecessary struggle and suffering. I think, in a way, Alex, Monica, and I speak so highly of “self-healing” is that in a way all healing is self-healing. Alex and Monica have written how they have sought various outside sources to help them in their healing journey. They also said they are still on their journey. I might be the only one to seemingly rely almost totally on myself. But, I do consult various books, the internet and other sources. I admit to relying on my intuition, prayer and meditation to guide in my healing journey. Like Alex, and Monica, I am “still not there, yet.” I have certain personal goals that I am trying to accomplish. Some days, the greatest goal I have accomplished to wake up and be glad I live and can take a breath; because I know as long as I can take a breath, I still have better than a fighting chance for success. When I say almost all healing is self-healing, it is because the good and ethical doctors realize that in the end their drugs, treatments, etc. can only do so much. I do not mean to be blunt; but, I don’t how many times my father would tell me when I even had so much as a cold, “Dear, you have got to want to get better.” Not one of us is trying to denigrate or deny another person’s healing journey. Each one of us does what we need to do to get better and each one of us has our good days and bad days along this journey. We are all still human beings. Yet, in my opinion, to “heal” you have to want it, you have to dig deep within you and say to yourself, “I want to live! I refuse to die!.” No matter who or who you do not consult for help, if you do not tell yourself something like this you might not heal as you would like. As Monica, we are not trying to “sugarcoat” here. This is reality; as real as it will ever get. I do wish you well on your journey and I wish you well in all the decisions you make in your healing journey. Only you know what is best for you. It is the same for each one of us. It is good when we remember and respect this.

  • oldhead you are absolutely right that we need to warn about the repercussions of this drugging; just, like we are constantly warned about the repercussions of “illegal drugging.” Our “success stories” are important, in that, we can give others who are suffering; hope; and that there is really “light at the end of the tunnel” so to speak.
    We need to tell our stories both of the horrible and the evil inflicted on us and on how we might have found our way to “healing, health” or whatever. In a way, both parts of the story are important. The part of the horror of the “drugs” warns others to stay away; like don’t go on that mountain full of rattlesnakes. The other side of the story tells how we have basically learned how to take care of ourselves, how to stay away from drugs, and self-healing and how we learned to reclaim our lives and true selves. The other part of the story is how we learned somehow to come down off the mountain of rattlesnakes. However, like all good things it starts with prevention. Please work to prevent those you love to stay away from the psychiatrists and their little friends and like Nancy Reagan; just say no to drugs; but it must be say no to psychiatric drugs. These drugs are really just the “illegal” drugs in disguise; the disguise that it is alright, even beneficial to take these drugs. When need to reinforce the idea that it is not okay to harm yourself in any way, including these drugs, psychiatrists, their ilk, and their little “toys.”

  • I think maybe a major issue here is that now we are being told due to the “toxic drugs” we took, we now have “permanent” physical damage; including brain damage. This could be for some; it should not be totally ruled out. Yet, being told that we now have permanent physical damage is akin to our being told we had some terrible “mental illness” that is permanent and life-long and can only be maintained by taking these “toxic drugs” everyday, participating in therapy, et. al. and basically turning our lives over to other people because they are the authorities and we are defective and damaged goods! As one can well see, from these posts, this is a terribly incorrect and false assumption that has hurt many lives in so many ways. It is not that we do not sustain some effects from taking these drugs. As for me, I can no longer take any drugs; so I do worry if I “come down” with an illness that needs an anti-biotic or anti-viral drug or if something is causing me very sever pain and I need some kind of “pain-killer”. Although, even before this, I would reject the “opioid-based painkillers.” Of course, this could change over time. Despite everything our bodies and brains are malleable. Look, we were convinced we were sick and needed drugs when we just being human beings. But, I am like Alex and Monica in that I truly believe in the power of “self-healing.” I also believe in the “power of intuition.” If you listen to yourself, your mind and body will guide you to what you need to be healed and also if some weird symptom arises, your intuition will gently remind you. “it’s just the withdrawal and de-tox and it will soon go away.” Shakespeare was right when he said, “to thine own self be true.” That is the key to all healing. You need to relearn who you really and truly are and this will guide you to total healing of mind, body, spirit, and soul. And, as far as “healing” goes, only you can define that for yourself; no one else can,

  • Yes, Fiarcha, yes, there are too many tragic stories of people like you who are damaged permanently in all kinds of ways by these horrific, evil, toxic drugs.
    No matter the “outcome” if we were in any “forced” or “coerced” to take these “drugs” and then get involved in the associated “therapy and other stuff” we are damaged irrevocably. That “forcing” comes when you go to the “therapist” to “work out something important to you” and he or she says you need a “med review” or “med evaluation.” At the very least, we feel duped or betrayed or guilty that we did not see the pain that would come. What happened to you is real. What happened to me and other people is real. What most of us are “arguing” against is the added use of further derogatory labeling that sees us as useless, defective human beings who no matter what can never contribute to the good of the world. We may hurt; we may know somethings come harder than should be; we may wish we had a past or maybe we feel blessed we don’t. But, to give us more “labels” to stop us from being who we are; after what we have gone through is wrong. These drugs are evil. The psychiatrists are drug pushers, just as sure as the kid down the street and what’s worse everyone thinks it is okay because he is some sort of respectable doctor. But, after all this horror inflicted on us; we do have every right to live as we choose without someone else telling us the falsehood of who they “think” we are. In the end, to “heal” we must realize we are out own authority on our own selves.

  • oldhead, As far as what you say that TD is permanent. Could it be possible that it may not be? I say this, because, when I was taking the “drugs” they also diagnosed me with TD. Now, that I am off the “drugs” it is GONE! Could it be that it is possible that just getting off the “drugs” reverses the damage of TD, at least for some? I would hesitate to suggest a “study” as there is much too much likelihood of abuse and falsehoods on many levels.
    Monica; I subscribe to your “blog” and find your story very enlightening and helpful; although at times I may chosen a different path than you; but it is so very important that we find something that works! Like other words, emanating from this article, “recovery” is actually a very contentious word. First, like other “word” and “label” thrown against us it can and is being abused. Second, I question, what are we recovering from; we were never sick in the first place. I think of it this way we have “damaged”; but, we are not “damaged goods.” We have been “victimized” but we are not “victims.” In a way, we are like a beautiful piece of clothing or a beautiful quilt; torn somewhat, maybe a little stained; but each one of us must find our way to sew ourselves back into one piece or get that stain out. None of this is impossible. I think of a prayer from the Navaho Nation about “walking in beauty.” I do not know it perfectly, so, I shall not quote it. But, it reminds me that we were beautiful before this; although we had forgotten it and now as the “drugs” leave our body and mind; we are re-reminded to “walk in beauty” This is NOT recovery; this is the life we deserve to live just because we live!

  • Dr Breggin,
    You have written an interesting article; however, I feel something might have been left out. The words, “irreversible brain damage” is contentious for many. If you see my earlier post, you will note that upon stopping the toxic drugs, I began to feel my brain returned to “normal” which would be considered “MY NORMAL” not exactly anyone else’s. I am really not sure if that can truly be measured. Quality of life is really immeasurable.
    However, I do have a question that boggles my mind. How truly related “chemically” are these various drugs? “Anti-psychotic” drugs seemed to also be known as “major tranquilizers.” I, myself, am highly allergic to “alcohol” and to “coffee.” However, I have no trouble with the caffeine in tea or cola drinks. I am also very sensitive to stimulants. Is there any relationship or is Big Pharma hiding something? Now after about twenty years on the toxic psych drugs, I can take no ingestible drugs. Even rubbing something in my mouth on a toothache can make me sick. Even Tylenol makes me sick. However, I would be interested to know if there is any chemical relationship between these drugs and alcohol and coffee. Thank you very much.

  • Alex, I think both Dr. Breggin and you are right. For some, there is irreversible brain damage of varying degrees from what I can tell from anecdotal evidence on the “internet” and other places. But, like you, Alex, I seem mostly alright, although I was on those horrible, toxic drugs for about twenty years or more. I believe that if I had not got off the drugs, I might have experience serious brain damage. When I was on the drugs, I lost much to most of what my considered my “gifts” and those “gifts” that remained were not as well-developed as they could be. Also, I was not trusted by my family to be considered “next of kin” or in charge of anyone’s affairs due to sickness or death. Since, I stopped the drugs, even my mother admits my mental reactions and such are more clear, trustworthy, and more like old times. She still doesn’t understand me and I, guess, I will never completely understand her. Sounds pretty “normal” to me; HUH?

  • Nomadic, You make some excellent points about families. I think it must be remembered the family we so cherish today and in some cases, base “family values” is a recent “institution.” I know we colloquially like to call it the “nuclear family.” The government statisticians determine as a mother, a father, and two children. We did not have families such as these until after WWII and the nuclear bombing we did to Japan; hence, the “nuclear.” But this really is not “normal’ (I honestly dislike the word, “normal” but I am at a loss for the correct word.) Before WWII, the “extended family” was the “norm” with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, all living nearby. Other cultures, like the Native American, still respect this type of family and much of the “child rearing” is not only done by the parents, but other family members. This is helpful as the child receives many different perspectives from those who have his or her best interests at heart. Nowadays, many children of the “millennial” generation are being raised by the grandparents, but most of the time, the parents and grandparents are estranged from each other. Drugs, both legal and illegal are part of the problem. They have brought to the forefront the “opiod” problem, but we wait for the full extent of the truth to be brought to the public considering the toxic psych drug problem. MIA is a very good start and our stories, also.

  • This is to Harper West with all the initials by her name. I have no initials at the end of my name and I feel just fine. How about you? Sometimes, it is when the system is “blown-up” things really do change for the better. Perhaps, the best example is in Religious History. All you need do is remember we are celebrating the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Posting of his Ninety-Five Thesis on the church doors at the Wittenberg Church in Germany. He basically blew up the system, so now, in Western Christianity, we have the Protestant Churches and the Catholic churches. This also in turn affected for better or worse, the settling of the Americas by the Europeans. And, again I go to Germany much more recently. This is the late 1980’s; when the young and older people caused Germany to no longer be an Eastern Communist and a Western Capitalist System; but a unified Germany, well suited to the modern age. And then in our own country, think of how a group of Baby Boomer young people, college students, high school students and a little older “rocked” the system with their protests and caused the end of the Vietnam War. Oh yes, there is the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the AIDS Movement, Gay Rights, Women’s Liberation, etc. All of these movements had their good and not so good points, but all “blew up the system” in some way and caused change. So, I say yes, Let us “blow up the system!” It works! And, it is way overdue, don’t you think?

  • aria, humanbeing—yes, for now MIA is our room. But, I would be honored to be in a “real room” somewhere and discuss what happened to us and how we were able despite all the odds, overcome the horror we had to go through. We are wiser now and we know now that we really are worthwhile people, who have something to contribute to this Earth, and above all else deserve to live and not be “thrown away into that metaphorical trash can.” Thank you for sharing your stories. Please do not stop! This is way too important. I shall not stop, either.

  • Stephen gilbert I know that you were responding to aria and are glad that she made it through all her difficulties. So I am; very much so.
    However, the tragic part is there are way too many “arias” out there who have been forced/coerced to suffer for absolutely no reason; except that these “doctors” are so full of thinking they are “god” or they are the closest thing to “god” they forgot the Hippocratic oath; “Do No Harm.” I do not consider myself, but, we do have certain “ethics” put in place throughout all human societies that are helpful, protective, etc. Like others of these “precepts” in our societies, the “doctors” have totally forgotten this.

  • amnesia: I am so very sorry about your friend. All of these toxic drugs will kill you unless you say no to them and stop taking them. These are toxins, just as much as we read about in the media, that pollute our water so we can not drink it or pollute the earth under our homes so we have to move. Why can’t they see that? Like the old saying, “it is as plain as the nose on my face.” These people lost their noses, it seems.
    aria: I think I would end up like you thought you might end up in a nursing home or dead. I know so many that have; been in a nursing home on the way to a premature death. The sad thing is they don’t know why. They are told all the lies and they believe them. So many generations lost to this evil science.
    And to anyone who thinks it is just being sedentary and drinking soft drinks with high fructose corn syrup is the cause for the increase in “obesity” (another made up disorder) Please think about this: In addition to these toxic drugs that cause unneeded and abnormal weight gain. ( I say abnormal because due to the toxins in the “drugs” the weight gain can be substantial in a short amount of time and very difficult to lose) How many people all across this country are subject to polluted water; polluted water that is filled with toxic substances like lead and other substances that we don’t even know. This causes the water to at the least be unbearable to drink, to being deadly to drink or even take a shower in. If, other than the toxic drugs anything is causing “problems of behavior or thinking” look to these toxins, also. They are everywhere and like the toxic drugs, the people are being lied to and many think all this “horror” is the result of some falsehood called “mental illness.” A falsehood to make an easy scapegoat, so the truth is never revealed, and the true accountability and responsibility never happens. But, like the sun that rises to bring light to the truth each day, we shall rise and bring back our true selves and our beloved Earth and all that lives here. So, it is written.

  • I hear you say “callous” is an understatement. I remember when I first complained that I was “losing my short-term memory” and complained to my “therapist” that I could not remember the questions I received in job interviews. This bothered me greatly as my memory had always been superior. She laughed it off and said “take a notepad” to the interview. I thought to myself that the person who interviewed me would already think I was deficient and not qualified for the job. Additionally, I would feel very embarrassed and shamed. I guess I should have paid attention to that. Eventually, I left this therapist and moved to another town. My mistake was that feeling stressed and dealing with a horrible job mismatch and my sister “dying” from cancer, I found my way back to this “abuse” in the false belief I was getting help. I got dropped from another psychiatrist while being on “drugs” and “allegedly needing to be monitored” because she was afraid she would not get paid for her “services.” I then stayed away from these alleged “helpers” although I was still on the “drugs” getting them through my PCP. Then, my sister sadly passed away and vocational rehab “kindly” thought I needed help and a diagnosis. I, went back, knowing no better and not quite thinking right in my grief. I guess grief is now a “mental illness diagnosis.” (that way, they do catch everybody, since you hardly get out of life without losing someone or even a “pet.”) My mistake, of which I have gravely paid. But, in my sister’s legacy, along with reclaiming and restoration of my gifts and my real self, I speak as the Lighthouse on the shore and at times I hope that I am the light that helps others not get lost and almost drowned at sea like I did or even prevent their drowning.

  • trm123 and JanCarol;
    All you said is on the money and I know there is way more physical symptoms and challenges that are caused by all these toxic “drugs” and last into the withdrawal and detox. To say they are not “addictive” and only those who are “allegedly sick” will use them is a BIG LIE. Because, 99% of us were not or never “sick” and got forced to use them; maybe a full 100% plus.
    But, you add into it the “therapy sessions” and the adjunct “crap therapy” like Psychosocial rehab, vocational rehab, group therapy, sheltered workshops, supportive employment, day hospitals, “inmate” hospitals, and etc. etc. etc. and your self-esteem, self-image, your thoughts and abilities to achieve, your motivation and goals, your dreams (day and night disappear) and you become not only a shell of a person; but a zombie; you are the real “walking dead.” And they ask you, “why are you not happy” and this is a really good one, “I hope you feel better.”
    Now, I learned to “feel better” is not only say no to their toxic drugs, but all of their “crap” which seeks to diminish and destroy, rather than uplift and elevate. All are guilty of violating the Hippocratic oath, “do no harm.” I am not angry. I am just eternally grateful to God for “waking me up just in time” before I was lost forever. And I thank Him for every morning I awake and every breath I take. You do not have to subscribe to any specific religion. You just have to embrace your true humanness which is completely denied by the present Mental Illness conglomerate.

  • royalperidot, Thank you for your kind words that you are moved by posts. I also appreciate your shout out to oldhead, Frank Blackenship, humanbeing and others. I am very sure they appreciate your vote of confidence.
    It seems one of my posts yesterday is “under moderation” and I have not received any “post” notifications since about 735pm yesterday. I do notice the posts are beginning to slow down. Whatever “side” we have taken, perhaps we are “all spent out” asleep or just busy. I would like to think I do not take sides; except that I am on the side of what good not only for me, but, all humans and all other creatures and such on live on this planet. To me, a long, happy, fulfilling, and “healthy” life means you MUST say no to drugs, especially psych drugs, but, maybe other so-called “medical” drugs, too, if possible. When I reviewed my life in the best way I could, I noticed that most of could be termed “questionable or possibly abnormal” behavior occurred while taking “drugs” and I would say “prescription drugs” primarily. Not even OTC drugs like “Tylenol” caused me so much trouble (which I did take a lot) for headaches I had when younger. However, at present, I can not even take so much as a “Tylenol” without experiencing serious effects. But, when I look back those “headaches” came from my being a “fish out of water” or a “bull in the china shop.” Somehow, I was not where I was supposed to be. It is said, “Bloom where you are planted.” I say you better make the place you are planted is where you are supposed to be. Most Cacti die in rainforests. Most tropical wildflowers will die in a dry desert. Dear People, Please find where you are meant to be and do what you are meant to do, and be who you are and not anyone else and you will not feel the addicting desire for any drugs and basically almost all drugs are “1-800-bad-drug.”

  • I am very allergic to penicillin, any and all alleged psychiatric drugs, almost any and all other drugs, alcohol, coffee, sunshine (not the Light), and heat/hot weather.
    I live by my wits, intuition, instinct, the Love of God/Jesus/Christ/Buddha, etc. Consciousness, Nature, Art, etc. and not and never again by illusory outside authority who knows and cares nothing about me; very especially psychiatry, modern medicine etc. You must understand much of the modern medical doctors are in “cahoots” with the psychiatrists and their sycophants.
    Also, I am dancing to the revolution in utter joy; as I know this is the real revolution the world has been awaiting. We also need to remind ourselves to laugh to our success and be totally creative, artistic, poetic, etc. This is truly because the “pro-psychiatry” definitely lacks all those things; which is why they will not win. We will. We do as they say have history on our side.

  • aurora Your world is cold and callous. Is that why you feel the need for drugs? Actually my heart does go out to your suffering.
    In truth, probably the majority of people who end up in the “mental health/illness places” do so because they are doing “drudge work”, are going against their natural talents, gifts, and strengths and probably performing duties and such that are not their strengths, but their “weakness” So, of course they get “moody” anxious, sad, frustrated, angry, etc. Therefore, they are not able to live out their life purpose and their is that “nagging feeling” they are not living as they are supposed. They are unhappy and don’t know why.
    it is a struggle in this culture to learn the truth about yourself, that you are worthwhile, gifted with special talents, personality, individuality and uniqueness; but it is worth it to truly invest in yourself and not be a cog in a machine. Someday, I hope you realize these truths about yourself before it is too late.

  • To Shaun f; As far as thinking unicorns as real. Did you ever think they might have been at one time, but are now very extinct. This could be possible, as they did seem to have survived into our collective and personal unconscious for many centuries and do show up in our mythology, literature, art and even as toys for children.
    To aurora: Yes, I admit I am appalled that “animals’ would be given these types of “drugs”; as they are perhaps the most vulnerable of us all. And, I know from being around these “four-legged kin” all my life, they will tell you what they need and want, if you just listen. They just don’t seem to articulate in English or some other language as humans do.

  • human being- GO FOR IT! stand up for yourself! We do not have to be abused and tortured anymore for someone’s else’s benefit that “could be evil” in its motivation.
    Also, I have found that society no longer respects and appreciates pure old-fashioned, righteous anger, especially if you’re female. They think you have a “disorder” and must be “drugged.” They act as if they are afraid of you and you have no right; but, it is really themselves they are fearful of and their right to their own feelings and emotions. You see, they are afraid of their own feelings because they are not logical, scientific, mathematical, or graphically designed; not artistically designed. This is because pure art is pure emotion. Science is art. These people, therefore are afraid of their very own science.
    Oh, by the way, shook I have thought this through and shaun f what is absurd is the reality of the truth. Absurdity is the way of God. Oh, how unfortunate of me, I mentioned God. I meant to mention your mother. Not even my mother would claim creation of me; only that she birthed me. How sad of me again! That I believe in the truth of God, not the falseness of modern science that has lost its way and that I know God protects me, even from people like you. It though is incredibly clumsy of me in that I almost meant to mention how close to God you really could be. Peace be with you. Vaya con Dios, I say, that is “go with God.

  • shook you are just rude “put a little thought into this.” I have thought about this and I have read books on this. Please read a new book on how to be a nurse. I am sorry but it seems you forgot that nurses are supposed to compassionate and tolerant. And the Books that tell me this Are not just “Christian” books. And my heart and brain tell me this, too. I am created by God in His image Uniquely with Unique Gifts, etc. For his Purposes and His will. There are millions and millions of people who know this with variations to culture, creed, etc. No one says you have to accept to Jesus Christ as your Savior. And I honestly don’t care how you think were created. If you want to believe all you are is bunch of genes cells, that is your business,. but it behooves you to treat me and the others with the courtesy and respect we deserve as fellow human beings. And that goes for you, also, shaun f and princess aurora. Thank you.

  • Shook, No Genes did not make us. God, the Creator made us in His image and in with great uniqueness for His Purposes which unless we forget agree to even before conception and birth. Sorry, Shook, yes we have “genes” but they are not who and what created us.
    Shaun f- To say one of my comments is “absurd” just shows if you really are a counselor working with people, you surely do not show it on this site. All I said is that CBT can be as dangerous as drugs, but it can not be measured. Think, Shaun f, think. If you are a counselor, is it not what people say to each other that seems to cause the most pain and that can not be measured or have you found a way?

  • Yes, we all free will. Yes, we all have a right to our own opinion. Yes, this is a free country. And I am the first to admit that I basically do as I choose and make my own decisions. However, and this is the “caveat” I although I make my own decisions, I must also realize the decisions I make and even the opinions I have do affect others and do affect future generations, even though I have no children.
    This is where it gets very important when considering any drugs and especially these drugs that we discussing. These drugs affect your brain and affect your frontal cortex. The frontal cortex is the seat of the mature decision making abilities. If your front cortex “goes” you basically return to helplessness. This is the effect of these drugs and this is why I consider the drugs, not the people evil. When I took these drugs, I was no longer trusted with even making almost any “adult” decisions. I could not write a check, drive a car, etc. It did not start out this way. The effect is cumulative. If Shaun f you have been working about ten years you may not see it as yet. And, you never ever know when this will effect you. There are specific timelines. It could happen tomorrow or who knows when. And then one day you can’t wake up. No one can wake you up. No loud noises. Not even when they call your name. and you sleep for days, nearly comatose or in a coma. Finally you wake up. Deep down you do want to live, but you have an uphill battle to undergo. And they put you in the hospital. This is dangerous. If as Aurora says, we are all a bunch of “neurons and cells” then why even risk taking something that could affect them negatively. The brain is deceptive. I think of that famous ad where the man scrambled the eggs and said “this is your brain on drugs.” If I did an ad against these drugs, I would have to bust the pan into a million pieces that hurt and add them to the scrambled eggs. I am sorry folks, disagree agree with me until the creek rises and it will rise. But, take these drugs and your brain gets scrambled and hurts in a million pieces. Is that really the way you want to live your life? Is this the price you want to pay? Each day I take a breath, I am so thankful, because I know I Live and have been spared for many reasons some unknown to me as yet, but one small reason is to act like the lighthouse in the storm. The storm brews and if you don’t heed the light in the lighthouse, you may be lost at sea forever. . .

  • Actually, Mr. Blankenship; that was just a typo. I did mean anti-psychiatry. I honestly don’t like to be “anti” anything as it is known that that which you are “anti” seems to find you in some way and it is part of my life purpose to stay as far away from psychiatry as I possibly can.
    Psychiatry is not and possibly might never have been a science or even a medical specialty. It is really “smoke and mirrors” It is “stage magic” attempting to be a religion and trying hard to bypass our inherent religious freedoms as guaranteed by the Constitution to be a “state religion.”
    The big difference in “stage magic” and psychiatry is that psychiatry kills. I am upset with anything that takes a life for no reason. No, I am not anti-psychiatry; I am just very determined to live.
    And as far as being angry or feeling wronged. No, I was not wronged. That is what happens to you when you go to the store and find out your catalog order that had you had sent to the store to avoid the shipping charge was given to another customer. No, I admit my complicity and that fact that I relegated my own personal authority to those I should not have. The upshot is I now rely on myself as my own authority; not on those who only think they know me. I am smarter, wiser, and the quality of my life has very much improved and is improving daily. And the areas of my life that are an “issue” I figure them out on my own through prayer, meditation, instinct, intuition and whatever works that is “ethical.” The difference in my new way and the psychiatrists. Unlike the psychiatrists who don’t follow the Hippocratic oath; which is “Harm none.” Amongst the many precepts I attempt to live by, I do my best to “harm none” especially me. Love begins at home.

  • All those letters, shaun f mentioned as “therapy” They are alphabet soup, but alphabet soup is better for you. It has a certain wholesomeness and attention to your well-being that can never be found in the coldness of a clinical office, no matter how personally and lavishly decorated. I tried CBT. What I can say? On the one hand, it does possess the danger that the “drugs” but with a different and unique set of side effects and long term effects, probably much less obtainable and measured. However, what I gained from CBT was this. I had been “used” but this time and for the final time; it was my “present” psychiatrist. So, the gift of CBT of giving me the truth.
    I do think for many people “animals” are great as friends and companions and can be helpful in lieu of what think is therapy. “Animals” listen without judgement, criticism, or unwanted advice, pressure, etc. And they would prefer you stay off the “drugs.” Trees and flowers and other plants are also great by this. In fact, all of Nature can return a person to their natural state of wholesome well-being. John Muir, President Theodore Roosevelt and the originators of our National Park System saw that. This was probably the best idea of any government and has been copied worldwide.
    Finally, let us not forget. Yes, these are “drugs”, not “medications. And, I have a question? For those of you who advocate the usage of these “drugs?” Would you advocate the use of marijuana, LSD, heroin meth and all the others? And there are very dangerous others killing people right and left. These operate on the brain and mind and some of these can make you feel better, change your outlook, calm you? No, probably not and you would rationalize (a good psychological defense mechanism) that no there is no relationship, at all. These are so different. These drugs we give help people, while those drugs hurt people.
    I have been wondering on this one. There was a study showing that “benzos” and “SSRIs” do lead to an increased probability for alzheimers. My mother’s generation were probably the first to use Valium and her little friends. Today, every time I turn around; she tells me so and so went to school with “has lost her mind.” Question?
    Finally, I would like to say I am not anti-psychiatry. There is no ant-psychiatry and pro-psychiatry. I am pro Earth, pro Humanity and pro all creatures great and small.

  • shaun f whether people benefit or not from modern treatment is no longer the issue. As for me, I almost died from modern treatment. The arrogance and hubris you are seeing from “anti-psychiatry advocates” is only that which is reflecting from you. From what I can tell, it is not pro or anti psychiatry, it is those who have been hurt by psychiatry and those who seem to say they have not. All these people who have been hurt are doing is telling their stories. That is all. It is telling our stories that we can heal ourselves and that we can communicate. It is telling our stories that we reflect the light that is our humanity to the world. How can that be arrogance and hubris? You are rather picking on Oldhead and me. Perhaps, it is because we say things that make you do something you might be afraid of; think and question?
    Princess Aurora; I respectfully differ with you. I am not just a “mass of cells” with “neurons speaking to each other.” I am soul, a spirit, a human being, a child of God, who just happens to have a body that I have been given to take care of and to use to give the gifts God gave me back to the world.
    Perhaps, this is where psychiatry and maybe much of modern medicine is failing or fails. They only see a brain or a body with “symptoms” that need to be stopped, maintained or cured. They only see a mechanistic, biological view of the human being, but each human being has and is both soul and spirit. And at present and there will be a drug to heal the soul and spirit, If the soul and spirit are not healed, the body will die. Drugs, if they work, will only work for a short while because of this very reason. These drugs even at the beginning of their existence were never meant to be taken for a long term basis, but that is what happened. The pain of the body while taking these drugs and in the withdrawal and detox is only reflecting that the soul and spirit have been completely lost and forgotten. I can hear your objections. “Oh, but, in my counseling sessions, we talk.” and “Oh, I ride horses. . .” Yes, that is true for both of you and the very few others. But, yet , if that were the case, why are the drugs being taken by your clients? Drugs will never heal the spirit/soul and that is what is hurting for many people. Also, oldhead is no extremist. It is impossible to be an extremist when speaking raw truth or was Jesus Christ an extremist, also. He, too questioned the “system.”

  • First to shaun f. I never considered or called myself a victim. It would be very wrong and unethical to put words in my mouth that do not belong there. I do not think I am a victim, so why do you?
    As to having sat in waiting rooms of “mental health clinics” in the last ten or so years; that I have done. It is a sad wasteland where once productive individuals now so heavily drugged can hardly stay awake to hear their name called for their appointment. You can also see how out of tune they now feel with their bodies as they have gained weight while on these drugs. If they talk, it is because they are worried their medical providers will complain to them about the weight they have gained. This is true also in day hospitals, psychosocial rehab places, anywhere, people undergoing these “treatments” must gather. Finally, I agree with oldhead, what is normal life is now considered a symptom. Probably, you do not realize that “normal” people actually do have delusions, hallucinations and think of suicide at times in their lives. In fact, it probably is a “normal” reaction to the strange, unavoidable events of life that can not really be understood. I know already that you will come out with some “clip” remark that shows disagreement. But, who cares. Just to reiterate about being a victim, I know myself better than anyone and I am no victim. I am just me who has had some life experiences that I would like to sound the caution warning on so others do not have to live through it as I did.

  • Princess Aurora, You patronize my family and my father, Vietnam War Veteran and Army Chaplain. I have read your posts, Shaun F’s posts, and Shook’s post and I am going to speak my peace. After this, I will metaphorically kiss your other cheek.
    Over and over, the three have not only been repetitious, but self-righteous, mean-spirited and close-minded. You have shown sarcasm and have acted as if your way is the only way and those of us who have been through “hell” because of these drugs do not and can not know what we are talking about. You refuse to consider that maybe the construct of mental illness is a falsehood and you may have been tragically duped. I do believe each person must make his or her own personal decisions and follow his or her own path in life without interference. Your very words show me that you are clearly not comfortable in the decisions you have made. And Shaun F. you made have visited the Southern United States, but have you ever lived here. My people settled here almost ten generations ago. I have lived out of the South. I lived, went to high school, college and worked in the Southwest. It seems that every word, many of us write, the three of you have to come in and put “garbage” in the game about it. Good for you, the drugs worked. After twenty or more years on them, I almost died. Good for you Shaun F and Shook, I am so very happy that you are helping your patients, but, some of us have suffered at hands of allegedly well-meaning therapists. Please think about this little word thing tonight before you sleep; if you disassemble the word, “therapist” you get the two words, “the rapist.” Just a little word play in the English Language word game. Also, please don’t patronize me with “you’re angry, you have every right to be angry.” No, I am not angry. I am standing up for myself, my family, and the South. I realize many in your profession would consider that “anger” But, standing up for one self is nothing but pure redemption.

  • I appreciate and honor what you say, Shook, but, I disagree in that it is not all we got. We do not have to resign ourselves to this present day treatment, drugs, therapy, etc.
    What I am going to say almost seems way too almost out of line and almost ironic, considering that we are talking about our very mind and what we do to it. But, that is what we have to defend ourselves against this psychiatry, etc. and we have ourselves, that inner being or core that we can rely on anytime. Most of us have allowed our mind and our being to be “hijacked.” This is not easy, but, we must take control of our minds and our being. If we do not, someone else will take control. This happened to me and to others. I know many will disagree, but, I sincerely believe no matter who you are, you have that power to say NO to the thoughts, NO to the horrible emotions, NO to whatever hurts. And, there are hours and days, that it will ne harder than usual. We have to realize that we must be able to stand being uncomfortable for awhile. I know for a fact; it is very difficult. If you have a religious or spiritual belief that can help. If you consider yourself, “atheistic” or “agnostic” you can do it, too. You will as the saying goes, take one step forward and anywhere from two to ten steps backward. And, there might be many days all you want to do is cry or just give it all up. But, all these emotions despite psychiatry’s claim are normal. And I am not perfect. I have not achieved this perfectly and most likely I never will. But, the truth is we must do our very best to control our minds, our beings or the government or psychiatry or who knows what will control us. To those of you, who disagree that is quite fine, but please think before posting your disagreement. Thank you.

  • Please, you, who are “sarcastic” Please stop. I think it is my American right to consider the word “subset” in relationship to the human community as highly objectionable. It all breaks down to reductionist science, social Darwinism (as mentioned earlier) and the fact that humans are considered human beings, but human doings and therefore machines and their brains, computers. Thus, it is easy to drug a computer; just like we take our computers in for repair to eliminate all “viruses.” I am sorry, but I am not a machine or a computer. I am SOUL who happens to be living in a body of whom I am trying to take the best care of it; body, mind, soul, and spirit; the very best I can for the moment. And yes, that list, shook listed has been attributed to those taking psych drugs and also that those taking psych drugs do die twenty-five years earlier than the general population. Please see Mr. Robert Whitaker’s extensive work on these matters.
    It should be noted the human body and mind are complex and also very malleable. It is extremely easy to convince yourself or be convinced that the “pill” you take for whatever reason will cure you or make you feel better. However, time could probably catch up with you and that “pill” like what you once thought was a good friend could turn on you. It is a chance you take.
    After having read these posts, all I see is people digging deeper and deeper into what they think is correct and not really being respectful or mindful of the “other side.” This seems especially true for those who are advocating the “pills for personality” approach. We should realize that in many cases especially involving medical and psychiatric “sciences” we do not know fully the consequences and ramifications of what choices we have made. Yes, it is a personal decision to decide to take a pill, a medication, a drug for any reason; but, we also must remember that we do not only affects us, but, others on this planet and as the Native Americans reminds “seven generations” into the future (at least.) Also, there really are cases where people have been cured of cancer and other terrible diseases from things other than chemotherapy and other drugs. And, that man or woman, you see talking to him or herself on the street corner may and probably is not “mentally ill.” at all The person in question might be creating a poem, a musical composition, a great breakthrough scientific formula, talking to God, or just sorting things out in his or her mind. We jump to conclusions to quickly. For instance, my late sister worked in a bank. The wealthiest contributors in the area acted and looked like they had no money and had not taken a bath in a week or more; but they not only had money, they were kind and compassionate. We all jump to conclusions to quickly. I am guilty, also. Perhaps, there is something “good” to be said for both sides. I mean to steal no one’s thunder. However, as for me and my both short term and long term health, I choose to say no to these and all drugs if humanely possible. I especially no to the psych drugs, because like alcohol they are poison to me. Please respect my right to take care of my self and be me and only me. As e.e. cummings, said it is the greatest and most courageous battle and to me the absolutely most important.

  • Shook
    “a subset of Mentally ill who do well with this procedure.” How absolutely so callous?
    I think you have explained all this treatment of people who just need a little more help with life than others or perhaps just need a friend in a “nutshell.” As long as you look at people or even animals as “subsets” of anything, you will not see real human beings with dreams, hopes, desires, and a life purpose to live out. I am appalled that you would even used the word, “subset” in relationship to any human being. If you lose the humanity of the person, you lose the desire to love, care, and have compassion. And over and over it is this lack of compassion that is fueling the “pills for personality” movement rather than spending time with someone and actually compassionately helping them with what is bothering them. Also that list you have is a direct “playlist” of the results the person must deal with when put on these “drugs.”

  • deeeo42 I follow along the same lines as you. I was on most of the same drugs as you and more you did not list at various times. I was more suicidal and more likely to harm myself under the use of the drugs. Before the drugs and usually, except for a several years in college, where I went to the student counseling center and met with graduate students receiving degrees in “counseling and guidance” not clinical psychology or social work, I was not in any therapy and was able to reason myself out of these thoughts. Then the drugs came and I could no longer think, write checks, and eventually do all the normal adult things like drive. Finally, my mind/body just shut down and I could not wake up; which was the beginning of my real wake up, as I continually went through lie after lie about my condition. At that time, they took me off all the drugs but lithium. I was suffering, but, according to the doctors nothing was really wrong with me, except was already diagnosed by them. The last drug I took was in the Spring of 2015; when I realized that stopping these drugs was like stopping alcohol. I knew instinctively that something was really wrong with me; as I felt “clean inside again.” just like after I stopped the alcohol. I told the psychiatrist how I felt and I wanted no more drugs. She preceded to write me a prescription for Risperidal, because “she was ‘afraid” I would ‘relapse.'” I took one or two pills and threw them up. That was it. It is January 2017. Well, I’ll be!—no Relapse. Sometimes, I do have my bad days and my tired days. I probably take more naps than I did years before the drugs and I have to pace myself. But, my mind is crystal clear and I can reason myself into a positive mood. I still have my challenges like trying to keep a “clean house.” And I lost anywhere from ten to twenty years of my life. But, most importantly I am alive and joyful and at peace. I relearn and rediscover myself daily. As opposed to being on the drugs, I am no longer a zombie and would rather live than die! Thanks to no longer being on the drugs, when an issue or problem comes up I can use my imagination, my intuition, or my reason and see a real live solution to any problem. If it works for Aurora, all well and good, but, for those of who almost died and lost part of our lives, our voices are very valid and we need to be heard also. Most magazines only tell stories like Auroras. To the Auroras of the world, I wish them luck, health, and happiness. However, those of us who suffered need to tell our stories, also. Otherwise, how else can anyone make a conscious, informed decision. Also, our suffering needs to be validated and “recorded.” All I know is that now I want to live. On the drugs, I did not; because I was not living any way. I was just barely surviving as a “walking corpse.”

  • I do not know about Carrie Fisher and her allegedly risky behaviors. I do know she has now passed away and at the very young age (by 21st century standards) of sixty years and additionally, we have lost her mother, the great talent of Debbie Reynolds. I can say that like John Donne any time a person “dies” each one of us is diminished. What I do know is me and I believe there are probably others out there like me. I was put on these “drugs” and Sort of forced into “therapy” mostly and only because I was really “looking for my real place in this world.” Every time, I went to Vocational Rehabilitation for help, I ended up in the mental illness center. The second time was due to the loss of my sister, of whom I guess, it’s now an abnormal behavior to grieve. I will admit my faults, though. Like others, I, too, looked up to psychiatry and psychology for the answers. After all, I had a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. I know that many suffer and many believe these drugs help them alleviate their suffering and improve their lives. I thought that, also. I am not here to tell anyone what to do or how to live their life. That is a decision that must be left up to each person. However, I will tell what I have learned. I looked to psychiatry and psychology for the answers, but the answers were never to be found in these “fields”. These answers could only be found in my heart, spirit, and soul. However, each person is here to find their own way and if there is any real “sin”, the “sin” would be to interfere.
    And, to Shaun f. Yes, I totally distrust statistics; because like so many “alleged tangibles” in life they can be manipulated to fit any conclusion desired. Only that which is truly “intangible” can not be manipulated. And my Father, who was brilliant enough to be a “Mensa” member and had two graduate degrees, one in Sociology, always told me that there were three kinds of lies; “Lies, ‘damn’ Lies, and Statistics.” My father is gone now, due to an illness resulting from Agent Orange, as he was A Vietnam Veteran. And, with that, I honor my father’s legacy. Thank you.

  • Yes, we do see the world differently. I would say to those who feel they are benefitting from the psych drugs to read everything they can about the drugs, to monitor the dosages, and to watch for adverse side effects, etc. I would also tell them that they are taking a risk and hope and pray they do not end up like I did; so asleep I could not be awaken and was almost taken for dead. I did end in the hospital. It was the beginning of a two or more years wake up call. I would also hope and pray that they do not end up like Patty Duke or Carrie Fisher. Finally, I would tell them it is their choice to take the drugs or not take the drugs and they have every right to say no and to be respected for it and have their wishes respected. If not, it is time for them to just leave. Each person really needs to make sure their diagnosis does fit them. Many are diagnosed that have no mental illness at all. If any of your clients do become aware of this or other websites or of Robert Whitaker’s great, life-saving work in this area, it would behoove you to listen and allow them to make their own choices. If they choose to stop taking the drugs, please find them the help they need, not ply them with further drugs that are alleged to help, but only hurt. Please be always usage of these drugs is as dangerous or more dangerous than most of the illegal drugs and alcohol. I do hope someday you awaken to this like so many of us on this site has and I also hope you learn to grant others their right to speak, even if you disagree which means admitting they may be right and their experiences count for something, most probably more than statistics. Except, for that one brief period with the SSRIS, you are only receiving second hand information from your clients.

  • shaun f
    I give up on you. If you would quit the garbage and apologize about Southerners eating more fried food than the rest of the country that would help. As my father would say, “That is a MYTH!” And that you love fried food, but eat it infrequently because of the cholesterol really makes me feel “patronized.” In fact your whole tone in all your replies to me and to others has been very patronizing. You write as if know of us know nothing and come back with a retort. You are even stereotypical in describing the state where you live in that you describe Colorado as “outdoorsy” and the people as “outdoorsy.” Like all states, you most likely have people that do prefer the outdoors and you have people that prefer the indoors and you have people that like both. Actually, there are many areas in the South with excellent state parks and greenway systems that people enjoy all year round. We have skiing, hiking, camping, spelunking, etc. So, please quit your stereotypes. Oh and by the way, although I would like everyone to not be racist or anti-LGBT-Q, I interact with everyone on a polite basis, because I have no idea what one is really thinking and I know what one appears is not one always is. I am also aware that none of us Earth at this time is without prejudice of one kind or another. It is you might say the “karma” each one of us just have to work through. And “Golly” I was born in the South and I know about “karma.” Would you…. Could you…. And what do I usually eat; Stir-Fry. Now, that my appetite has mostly returned from the toxic drug withdrawal and detox. Thank you and Bless your Soul this New Year’s Day!

  • No. I never did say that “psych drugs” and they are “drugs” not “meds” caused all the problems in society. You, as usual, misread what I said. I did say they were very much a contributing factor and should be looked as such. This is not being done and that it is ironic that as the obesity rate went up, so the rate of psych drug usage.

    As far as you going to the South and seeing “poor people” who can’t afford to eat anything but bad foods that cause obesity. This is a problem for society and yes it happens, but it is not endemic to the South alone.

    As far as Southern people, typically eating more fried foods than other people. THIS IS PURE PREJUDICE AND I RESENT THAT. That is like saying “African-American Men typically play more basketball or have more rhythm that white folks.” As far as the weather and we don’t exercise. I don’t see people where they have a lot of ice and snow going out to walk or run, either. Actually, we are like all people. We have those like to exercise and those who don’t. If you cast. for instance, a whole of people into a group, in this case Southerners and not see as Individuals just like anywhere else; how can you see your clients as individuals. Also, if you can not go to another area of this country or even of this Earth and you can not see the beauty of the people and the beauty of the land and cities, then please adjust your eyes. Even, in the most raggedy corners of this country and the world, there is beauty. Even those people, you feel have eaten too much fast food, there is beauty. I imagine to return to South someday. You will see we not only eat fried food, but all kinds of food. You will also see there is no typical Southerner. Like everywhere in this great and wonderful world, each one of us is unique; like they say a snowflake is. And I am sure you have some false statistic about snowflakes or scant evidence or what not.

  • You are right. The American Diabetes Association, like many other medical groups in our country, just wants to keep their clientele so they have money in their pockets. Have you ever wondered why we are no nearer a cure for Diabetes than we could be given all our alleged scientific and technological knowledge?
    As far as my comments on sugar, I am neither advocating or nor advocating its use in any situation or person, I do feel that it has probably given a worse rap than it should, partly as a cover-up for all the other faulty medical and psychiatric stuff.
    High fructose corn syrup is questionable. It is everywhere, it seems, even in some of the juices we drink. I think for some it could be very harmful, for others, maybe not. It would be wrong to blame the entire obesity epidemic on high fructose corn syrup or even a sedentary lifestyle. I think there are complex causes, but, I can not help to think that these toxic drugs are involved at least somewhat.

  • Please you are only partially right, Shaun F. Have you not recognized that as the usage rate of “psychiatric drugs” went up, so, also did the “obesity rates?” Also, like all statistics and body descriptions, the BMI was literally changed overnight and included more people in the statistics than would have been included. In addition to the fact that these “drugs” do have significant side effects that cause obesity and metabolic diseases like diabetes. (Zyprexa has risen patients’ weights by 100 pounds in a month!) These drugs are mostly so sedating and cause great fatigue that all one can do is sit and watch tv and may be eat and gain weight. I have also known patients on these drugs who do the right things, they exercise almost obsessively, eat healthily, and can not either maintain a “healthy weight” (whatever that is) or lose weight. Finally, please you live in Colorado. You know nothing about southern states. Like all states in the US, The diets and lifestyles are as varied as the people who live here! Southern states have all ethnicities, all religions, all creeds, all nationalities as any other portion of the country. We are not monolithic. I am not sure why some states do have higher rates of obesity than others and some are not “southern.” If anything in the South, it has been some who have moved to this region from outside the region who are “drugging” the vulnerable.

  • It is a tragedy about both Carrie Fisher and Her mother, Debbie Reynolds. Yet, I am way too inclined to believe that her “meds” or “toxic drugs” contributed to her massive heart attack and premature death than “Coca-Cola” or any soft drink or tea or even coffee. In My part of the nation, people drink massive amounts of sweet tea and coca cola, but it does not necessarily lead to such a massive heart attack and death. Usually, those who do suffer heart problems from perhaps, these drinks, encounter it slowly, have other health issues, and the heart attacks, although awful and debilitating, are not this massive. You also are forgetful in remembering all “psychiatric” drugs like many other drugs cause excessive thirst. After going off the drugs, you could not imagine how less I was drinking of anything non alcoholic. I think the problems with sugar are overrated and are used by the “medical/bigpharma” people to deny what is really causing these horrible sicknesses and premature death; these toxic drugs. Although, I believe do need to moderate our sugar intake like anything else we eat or drink, or anything at all; we must remember sugar is naturally rendered (for the most part) and these toxic drugs are toxically made of synthetics.

  • Oldhead, you as usual are very right. First, I checked what I said about “evil” I never said that anyone in particular was evil; only what happens to you when you are on the toxic drugs is “evil.” I never said the medical profession was “evil” although there are many in the medical profession these days who might be better “used car salespeople. ” My father had a sign on his desk that applies to this situation with the man from Colorado. Perhaps, you have heard it over the years. “My mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with the facts.” He also had a saying that he told us as kids when we didn’t want to clean our room or eat our vegetables that also applies here. “Methinks you doth protest too much.” Honestly, it is sad that the man from Colorado reacted so much to the word, “evil” when I was on describing the “hell” of the toxic drugs on the mind/body and of course this goes further into the withdrawal and detox. This seems to speak to something inherently sad in our country. I do come from a different part of the country that the man from the Colorado. I am from the South and the way we use “evil” and other common words at times may be different than in other parts of the country. It would behoove anyone, anywhere to really and truly listen to the context of the sentence from the speaker before being unduly critical and acting like a scared rabbit. I mean no harm, but, I do mean to tell the truth. Someday, this man from Colorado may really see what we see and stop reading the fake news that is rampant all over the web/internet.

  • Perhaps, “evil” is too harsh a word; but, I have been through “hell” because of these toxic drugs. I would say most of a good ten to twelve years of my life is missing, although, it took longer to get there as I was started on these toxins more than twenty years ago. Please don’t discredit me or my experiences or those of anyone posting. This is very serious and very dangerous business and you have yet to see it. I am sorry to say that.

  • As far as these drugs causing violence. This has been well documented even since the very popular Prozac came out. Please check out the blogs and news reports on this site. Now, perhaps, you might explain this to me. I am very allergic to alcohol to the point that I could die with almost less than an 8oz glass of it. Yet, you stated “that benzos are just powdered alcohol.” So, please explain this to me, with my allergy and previous heavy alcohol consumption as a college student and “young adult” why did these so ethical doctors keep prescribing these “benzos” to me. And then there are the atypical antipsychotics that I was prescribed, affectionately known as “major tranquilizers” I am positive that is no “misnomer.” As far as the SSRIS, mood stabilizers are known I believe much of their chemical composition is kept hidden from the public; so they are probably related to the good ol’ evil booze, also. We know that Ritalin and Adderall are related to “meth.” And we know how dangerous “meth labs” can be to an otherwise quiet neighborhood. In my opinion, it seems this attitude you and others take is really “playing with fire.” I also remember that in no time when I was seeing a psychiatrist for my “legal toxins” did I ever do a “medical history” asking me of my personal past of “diseases” or “drugs” or anything nor did they ask me a familial medical history. I know you might just bypass this and say it does not happen in Colorado. But, since, one of my psychiatrists ran off to California, which is usually considered one of the more progressive states in the nation, after what he had done to so many of us, I can only doubt what you say. It is very important that we do say no to these horrible toxic drugs and teach the children to say no, too. Who are the biggest drug pushers in this country? The doctors, especially the psychiatrists, but also the pediatricians and the school system for the young ones. Why doesn’t this stop? Because in our misguided mythology, we have considered the Medical profession, including the psychiatrists, a little bit less than “God.” In order to stop this, we do need to return the authority of the person to the person. If that person relies on God, that is his or her personal decision. As it stands now, even with all your “alleged informed consent” it is impossible. I know. I have had papers like that thrown in my face to sign before and there was no option not to sign. Please spare me. I have read your posts since last night and you have ignited a “firestorm”. However, you are so sadly brainwashed, no of us can reach you, not even to give us credit for the knowledge of our personal experiences which are just as good or even better than the faulty statistics thrown at us everyday from everywhere.

  • Mr Shaun F. To your genetic testing, I say NO!NO!NO!NO! What we need is to guide people in kindness, humility, and gentleness to find NON-DRUG WAYS to deal with their issues or problems from pain to “emotional distress” to “grief” to “whatever.” First, at present, the mental illness industry has made a big effort to say that our uniqueness is a debilitating, disabling disease and needs more drugs and therapy et. al to make the person more disabled and debilitated, so they do actually become “REAL LIVE (DEAD INSIDE) ZOMBIES” We now do this from “cradle to the real, actual grave.” Second, we must realize THAT THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS THAT ARE REALLY GOOD FOR PEOPLE OR ANIMALS. WE HAVE NOT EVEN INVESTIGATED THE COST OF THEIR DISPOSAL OR RUN-OFF WHILE MANUAFACTURING INTO THE ENVIRONMENT. Most of these drugs are synthetics and are very cheaply made. Have we studied the effects on those who must make these toxins to make a living? NO! What we really need is “intuitive common sense.?” Right, we are not losing one or two “generations” we are losing all the generations and working on the planet of all people and creatures. I hate to be blunt. Robert Frost said he did not know whether the world would end in fire or ice. It appears to me the world is ending in a abundance of toxins and especially toxic drugs. Oh, Mr Shaun F in Colorado, please listen to what you have written and please stop telling yourself lies. Read what my fellow “posters” and I have posted. We have most all “awaken just in time!”

  • This is true, way too true and if you mention a side effect you taking that drug, they “laugh”, say take it anyway for your own “good” and we have another drug we know absolutely nothing about to counteract that side effect. Other lies: “these are not addictive, but if you stop, your symptoms will return” and “long-term, why there are no long-term side effects” and the final lie, “I am sorry that you’re not happy or feeling well. We (ha!) wish you felt happier or better.”
    I believe M. Scott Peck has a book entitled, “The People of the Lie.” These are the “People of the Super-Duper, Mega-Lies that keep on coming and coming and coming. . .”

  • I am sorry that you can not see what I see. “Voluntary” is not really a word that seems to belong anymore, anywhere in the “alleged” treatment of “alleged” mental illness. (If you continue to read the posts and blogs on this site, you will learn that many consider the “concept” of “mental illness” and its “diagnoses” questionable, at best.) Perhaps, that is where the word, “voluntary” ends. How can it be “voluntary” anywhere when at the very least, the “consumer” is broadcast and presented ads daily concerning the “drugs”, “treatment” and “diagnostic behavior” of each alleged “disease.” Not one of us denies that there is suffering. We have questions as to its origin and effect on each person. I think most of us are very aware of the present insurance industry which does include Medicare and Medicaid and other government issued insurance in many states for both adults and children that absolutely beg and force a diagnosis and a “drug fix.” After having been involved in the system. and I really don’t like saying this, even if no drugs are prescribed, any “professional” or otherwise is unfortunately in the field of “coercion.” The “threats” are seemingly vague, almost lacking in danger, and almost innocuous; but, they are there. I really think you mean well and want to do right by your idealism. But, it is time to leave the “idealism” at the door and awaken to the hard reality of a business that in the end steals the most important part of the person; their very mind and soul and takes the body along for an evil side. I am sorry to tell you this, but it is the truth not as I see it, but, as I have lived it and am now free of it and none the less, healthier and wiser.

  • I think some of these comments are revolving around the word, “coercion.” The man from Colorado says they have no “coercion” there and it is all “voluntary” for the “patients” to utilize the facility or take the “drugs.” I looked up the word “coercion” on the “internet” just for my clarification and the “dictionary” said “coercion” involves the use of “danger” or “threats.” To me, I think the operative word is “threat” Now, “threat” also involves the concept that something appears “dangerous” to you or your person or your family, country, etc. On “face value” you say how can they “threaten” me to take my medication or “drugs?” I say, no matter what the laws are in Colorado, and I honestly do not know all the laws in the state I reside; but, I do know “threatening” someone with “danger” needs no law for or against. Parents “threaten” their children daily’ “if you don’t eat your broccoli, you won’t get the ice cream” or something like that. In our society, our “doctors”; psychiatrists and otherwise and their “helpers” such as “social workers” etc. are seen almost in the role of “parents” They really do become the authority their parents were or never were. This is most likely of an extension of the parental role of our supervisors and managers i