Saturday, October 16, 2021

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  • Alix, I could have written this post myself, almost word for word. Thank you so much for sharing this! I quote from you above:

    “Psychiatrists are spell-bound by what they are taught in medical school and don’t listen and don’t believe what you are telling them. I knew more about olanzapine, its side effects and withdrawal symptoms than they did.In total dispair, my son tried to kill himself. Luckily I found him in time.He was put on risperidone,came out of hospital paralysed physically and mentally by this drug,traumatised by what had happened to him certain that life was not worth living.I helped him off that drug behind doctors backs”

    As upsetting as this was to read, it validates to me that I was not alone with my son’s experience. I also saved my son from suicide while he was under the influence of risperdol. I also felt abused and disrespected at the hands of his psychiatrists, and we are both still recovering from the trauma. My son also now trusts NO ONE in the medical or helping professions. He is no longer on any psychotropic medications, nor will he ever be again. I have seen through their lies. I hope that more and more of those abused and traumatized by the Gestapo mindset of modern psychiatry will speak up! Yes, I did use That word, because I feel that it fits. They experiment with their drugs on innocent minds and bodies and are utterly callous about the results!

  • Thank you very much for this! I was touched and amazed to find other parents (well two) out there in the wilderness who feel as I do. My 17 year old son has already been traumatized by the psychiatric medical model, including horrifying hospitalizations, forced medications… and never again will I allow that to happen. After nine different medications, all with terrifying side effects, I’d rather die than willingly poison him again. He is now medication free, and will stay that way. I am a single parent, basically doing home care for an adolescent going through psychosis. He has been through exactly what Dr.Cornwald describes here, a spiritual, ecstatic experience that veers from ecstacy to almost demonic possession and terror. He has been tormented by abusive voices every waking moment, along with tactile experiences, feeling that he’s being touched and poked at, smelling vile odors… It is the most painful, heartbreaking experience to be with a loved one so tormented,and not to be able to stop his torment. The best I can do is stand by him, try and support him the best I can, and try and have faith in his process. While feeling like my heart is breaking. This video validates my instinct to protect him from the medical model, and to just try and support him through his experience. However, it also points out that it is impossible for one person to do this alone, and it made me recognize that what I have taken on is HUGE and no wonder I feel drained and exhausted from it all. I live in the Bay Area, supposedly the land of free spirits and free thinking, but in terms of mental health, psychiatric terrorism and oppression is alive and well. May love, light, humanity and truth prevail!