Thursday, December 1, 2022

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  • Ok, now who is blowing smoke up who’s ass? I see that both the author and his responding critics are obviously at odds. So, where to begin…I would imagine that the author is a newer member to the psychiatric community-he seems to be under 50 at least, and his ideas are coming from a newer understanding of psychology; that is quite self-reflective it seems. The fact that the author states that he was also a problem child leads me to believe that maybe he knows from first hand experience what it is like to be on the prescribed end of the doctor patient relationship. Its seems ironic that I’m seeing this push back against the traditional psychiatric drug therapy routine, from new psychiatrists that grew up in the guinea pig generation, where these drug therapies were initially tested. Concerning MT’s response, it is obvious this person is one of the devote (concerning mainstream psychiatry), and is stubbornly going down with a sinking ship-and let me tell you it is taking on water fast. The fact that MT’s best defense is to attack the authors specific citations and resources (as being shoddy unworthy sources) says nothing to the validity of their assertions-there are in fact many respectable citable sources that back up the authors statements (I don’t have the time to list them),but the evidence is growing every day…or rather is being uncovered. MT’s argument only shows that these die hard old guard head shrinkers are running out of magic tricks, and people are starting to see them for what the are…charlatans.