Saturday, April 4, 2020

Comments by Rob Levine

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  • Not sure what a “just so” story is. Drugs don’t “make” anyone do anything in particular. But it is, IMHO, extremely dangerous to mess with brain chemistry, especially when the effects and mechanisms are not well understood. No one is trying to blame SSRIs for anything – we’re trying to understand how people who otherwise seemed “normal” can experience sudden personality change and do such unimaginable harm.

  • Ok anonymous I’ll bite. I don’t see anything in conflict between what Healy wrote and the longer-term strategizing done by Holmes. Why should they be incompatible? Healy isn’t saying that he “snapped” suddenly and committed violence. He is just pointing out how psychiatric drugs can cloud a mind, induce an unsettled outlook and produce a proclivity for violence. It’s not that SSRIs have a one-to-one relationship to violent behavior. Indeed, as the drugs build up in a brain they could induce the kind of final action taken in Aurora. And I must ask, why do you feel the need to be anonymous? I’m sure your thoughts are very common in the general public and the psychiatric community.