Friday, June 18, 2021

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  • Dear Dr Urato, I am so grateful for this blog entry. After reading Andrew Solomon’s piece in The Times, I was so distressed that I have been reading all about his background, writings, and yes, his family fortune gleaned from Celexa and Lexapro. It is a family saga of Shakespearean scope, and truly I hope someday an investigative reporter takes on this darling of our newspaper of record. But in the meantime, I truly hope you are given equal real estate to print this essay. I have two adult daughters, and while pregnant, knew intuitively to avoid chemicals and any toxic substances. I became pregnant a third time while married, when my IUD failed, and because I had been on an MAOI at the time, discussed it with my OB and terminated the pregnancy. I knew, and know, that it was not safe. I tweeted the editor of the Times Magazine and asked why a Conflict of Interest disclaimer was not included in Mr. Solomon’s byline. He did not respond. Maybe he would be more inclined to answer you. Very grateful for your words. Thanks again.