Saturday, October 16, 2021

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  • Of particular interest to me is that by labeling a set of behaviors ADHD, it appears we’ve stopped looking for underlying causes. I am a firm believer that the behaviors that are labeled ADHD exist and are not always responsive to parental or environmental modifications. I’m a believer because my daughter clearly met all the criteria for an ADHD diagnosis.

    By changing, the food we eat, and removing chemicals from our household (and school), all of my daughter’s symptoms disappeared. She did have a chemical imbalance., but it wasn’t caused by a shortage of Ritalin. It was likely caused by a a deficiency in metabolism. The research is still developing behind why food dyes, salicylates, gluten, casein and other things have a neuroliogical impact, but they do for many who are being diagnosed with ADHD. Our next steps are to see what is possible to heal the underlying metabolic issues. Until then, we won’t exposure her to food and chemicals that are neurotoxic for her. Medication is recommended as a first line strategy for ADHD. As long as that continues to be the recommendation for pediatricians, many, many children will never have their underlying issues identified.