Wednesday, July 8, 2020

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  • that is an excellent implication you added in there, I spent my life on these meds for hyperactivity and impulsive behavior and they slow me down. As someone who grew up hating these drugs, the term passive fits quite well.

    As far as my current medication, it is a patch made with Ritalin. Oral meds have a rebound effect, long and short acting and I metabolize them too fast due to liver enzymes, something that if you weren’t high on your low dose Adderall XR or Concerta because everyone who is lazy has “Adult ADHD” and takes low doses and if that works for you that is great. If I wasn’t on my medication I would have in turn said a lot of nasty things back to you and just blew it because hyperactive ADHD is a very specific type and I am not that type.

    My language isn’t in clinical vernacular because at the basic level, the reason people are given medications for their behavior is due to the benefits. Chemical coping which is low end accepted dependence. I know you Adult ADD people talk like you are holocaust survivors and suddenly have that alleged genius to tap into but I am hyper and impulsive and when you are a kid who is a brat and hyper and they put you on those to target that behavior you are ALLOWED to have position.

    Medication helps people but it isn’t a cure all. I am hyperactive remember so your disorder is nothing like mine. I am disorganized, forget and lose things and when walking I can daydream intensely and have almost gotten hit but these are assistants. Tools. The insulin theory is a load of bull. I am glad your speed prescription helps you breeze through life effortlessly. My issue is impulsiveness and high energy. Different set of problems.

    Sorry I lost my other account somehow but I wasn’t too pleased with your judgmental attitude considering I have the classic type of ADHD and what some doctors only consider the “real” ADHD. I can’t sit through classes without opening my mouth and getting myself kicked out or shuffling things in tests and stuff. I appreciate you implying I am a drug addict though. I have issues with generic and insurance switching meds and the side effects are unbearable. Have a nice day.