Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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  • Good thing you disclosed the conflicts of interest relating to this article. There are so many conflicts it takes away all credibility of this article…over a decade of 100+ independent clinical trials of IV Ketamine infusion therapy have been conducted by leading medical institutions including Yale, Massachusetts General, National Institute of Mental Health, Black Dog Institute, and countless others, all consistently showing IV Ketamine’s efficacy of around 70%. Its ability to end suicidal thinking within hours is unmatched by anything else available today. Patients who want to kill themselves when they come into our clinic leave not wanting to hurt themselves anymore. We have an 80+% success rate and our patients are getting an average of 3 months of total relief from their symptoms, not weeks. Most of the early research was around a single infusion which did show about 7 days of relief. We provide a series of 6 and we’re seeing long-term benefits. Patients are able to exercise, eat more healthily, participate in talking therapy, and make other important lifestyle changes while they are symptom free, or at least have a substantial reduction of symptoms, that produce long-term benefits.

    We’ve administered well over 1,000 IV infusions and not a single patient has demonstrated any signs of addictive behavior. While the experience during an infusion can be pleasant at times, it’s a strange one people do not seek. It is very different from abusing Ketamine on the street. This is a medical procedure; people do not become “hooked” on their infusions.

    Ketamine is safe, effective, fast-acting, and has no long-term side effects. It is imperfect. It is not a cure. Still, It is the best option we currently have for those suffering from MDD, especially if treatment-resistant. Most of our patients have not only tried countless medications to no avail, but also ECT and/or TMS and they haven’t gotten the relief they deserve. Ketamine infusions really work for them. See for more information.

  • It is very exciting to see a whole special issue devoted to Ketamine. We have been treating depression and chronic pain with IV Ketamine Infusions in our clinic with great success (83%). We do wish to point out that the root, rate of administration, and interval between treatments is extremely important in achieving positive therapeutic effects. IV Ketamine Infusions are the only method of administration that have been consistently, clinically proven to work at around a 70%+ success rate in the treatment of depression. The question and the necessity for a psychedelic experience as a mediator for the therapeutic effect remains open. Although it may make a contribution in some instances, we have numerous patients who have achieved relief of their depression without having had such an experience. For more information on anesthesiologist and founder of Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles, Steven Mandel M.D. and our clinic, please see

  • I doesn’t F**k up your brain. Its a safe drug that has been FDA approved for 50 years. A great deal of research supports its efficacy.

    You know what really f**ks up your brain? Putting a bullet in it because you can’t stand the pain of living anymore and you have no hope. Or stepping off of a bridge. These things really f**k up your brain. Please, do some more reading about this matter before you post again.

  • Try to be more open to ways we can prevent the suffering and death of so many people. There have been over 30 independent clinical trials conducted in the US alone that consistently prove the efficacy of Ketamine for the treatment of depression.

    At Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles, we treat depression and other mood disorders with IV Ketamine Therapy with an 83% success rate. Almost everyone we see is and has been suffering for so long, many of them suicidal. They have treatment resistant depression, meaning they’ve tried at least 2 other conventional methods for a reasonable amount of time and they haven’t gotten relief. They come to us and we help them to truly turn their lives around.

    We are not enthusiastic about the pharmaceutical industry; we are enthusiastic about providing a treatment with no long-term side effects that can reverse suicidality in as fast as 2 hours. Where anti-depressant medications take 4-6 weeks to work if they work at all, Ketamine averages in 1-2 days. People are getting months of relief, long after any “high” wears off. And they aren’t becoming ketamine addicts, looking for their next fix to keep their depression away. We’ve done hundreds of infusions and not a single patient has exhibited any signs of addictive behavior. The stigma around ketamine is resulting in countless deaths. Many drugs that really help people are abused on the street and that will never change. Demonizing all uses of a drug because of this is a very small-minded way of thinking.

    Our treatment doesn’t stop after the infusions either. We work closely with our patients on making lifestyle changes, like diet and exercise, to maintain their good results. They get involved in talking therapy. We support them with anything they need to take their lives back, and most of them do.

    Please, don’t villainize IV Ketamine Therapy. Some of us, not all of us, but some truly do care and are doing everything we can to save lives. Not all of us have an evil agenda focused on making a profit. Feel free to learn more about our clinic and treatment at