Monday, October 18, 2021

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  • People who are in power are all about consolidation of power, always to the detriment of the powerless. This is how they make further gains in power. Since power is intoxicating and addictive, many may not even understand that they are doing this, or if a glimmer of conscience pops into their heads, they quickly suppress it to stay along their linear objective that gains them more power. I have had it done to me and my children – the social service agencies discounting and discrediting me in favor of my abusive, pedophilic, alcoholic husband, to the detriment of myself and my children

  • I forgot to add that the goverment’s protection of the integrity of the medical profession is causing serious harm and even death to individuals by allowing the medical profession to do so without impunity. I really don’t see how our government has been allowed to put the protection of the integrity of the medical profession over the Constitutional rights of the individual. Something clearly has gone amiss here.

  • I have experienced this as a person diagnosed with mental illness. If I don’t agree with a provider they say that I “lack insight”, and that I don’t understand my illness, and therefore are in danger of future health deterioration if I follow my own (and this group’s) belief systems, making them by law allowed to force treatment upon me. This work-around of allowing me my civil and Constitutional rights has put psychiatrists, in particular, in the position of having sovereignty over their patient, which obviously shouldn’t be allowed, but is.

    Also, when I have different political views than providers they are able to label me as delusional or paranoid. When I have different thought processes or patterns they are able to label me as psychotic. When I express political views that are different than the providers they also say that this makes me a danger to others, even though my views are pacifist and do not include violence. They are then able to force psychoactive medication on me, that severely reduces my cognitive functioning, in effect making me nearly unable to protest the situation, articulate what is going on, and seek redress.

    This goes against international human rights declarations that say everyone has the right to freedom of thought, which by implication, also goes against the US Constitutional law that protects the freedom of speech. It also goes against US legal statutes that protect your right to refuse treatment based on ethical or moral grounds of the individual or group that the individual is a member of.

    The medicopharmaceutical establishment enforces their chemical restraints, seclusion, and punishments by using the parens patriae clause in the law that allows the government to override the rights of individuals in order to protect the individual and society, on the grounds of 1) protection from death or serious harm to the individual or others; 2) protection from suicide; 3) protection from further deterioration of health; 4) protection of the integrity of the medical profession.

    Even if you are not clearly a danger to yourself or others, you can be chemically restrained and silenced because you disagree with the validity of pharmaceutical research or the protocols of psychiatry, under the last two clauses stated above.