Thursday, October 28, 2021

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  • We either have a spirit that ultimately transcends matter/nature or we don’t. I’m saying that we do. In fact I know it to be true. How so? Due to a whole myriad mystical experiences and synchronistic accounts.

    Also, the satyrs were indeed a part of the Dionysian entourage, however, for all intents and purposes they were completely ignored by Dionysus and the maenads. Why? Because the love of Dionysus and the women–or, that of the Divine Bridegroom and, much like Jesus–was that of a higher and nobler type. In fact this is what Otto says. While this is the very thing which draws forth the satyrs, whose naked lust–as a means of highlighting it–stands in direct contrast to what Dionysus and the women represent. At the same time it shouldn’t be frowned upon, for it’s something we all need to come to terms with.

  • You don’t believe the soul passes on after death? In fact I’ve written a book about it:

    That’s the main webpage. While you can download a free ePUB copy here if you like, although I do ask for a donation:

    I also agree that The Church or, formalized religion, with its inherent hypocrisy, has given the idea of the Resurrection and, life thereafter a bad name. People can’t believe such things when they look at those who claim to have control over them. What a farce! Whereby they use religion as a tool as a means to control the masses. And, so long as it’s effective on that account, why probe any deeper? And so it becomes a means by which to enslave everyone, to the ‘natural’ order of things if you will, where the spirit becomes trapped in the flesh, and no one is set free. It doesn’t belie the fact that the phenomenon actually exists, however.

    P.S. I didn’t reply specifically to your post above mine, only to the idea of the ‘unrestrained’ Dionysus in general, which I believe to be a perversion of what was originally intended.

  • How can you experience ecstasy when you are dead drunk? This is the dual nature of wine. It’s also the key to happiness–and ecstasy–when you learn to differentiate between the two. It still implies moderation, in accord with say, the Holy Eucharist, where you only receive a sampling or taste of God’s blood. It was never intended for folks to overindulge, and runoff into a drunken brawl or, wild orgy. This couldn’t be further removed from Dionysus, who had much loftier and nobler ideas, towards both the wine and women. Even Walter Otto says this is so.

    Yeah sure, there’s this demonic lustful evil being that resides in all of us but, we don’t blame Dionysus for simply exposing it to us. Where he says, ‘Hey, this is the part of your nature you need to overcome, before you can receive God’s blessings and, immortality.’ For which he’s also associated with the ‘soul’s transcendence.’ So no, you can’t expect to go to heaven until you dispense with this lustful evil side to yourself.