Saturday, November 27, 2021

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  • From what I understand, cold turkey withdrawal means two things will be radically different in terms of withdrawal. The first, as you mentioned, is the chance that health-wise you will be extremely vulnerable to severe symptoms, and potentially even death, if you come off a benzo cold-turkey. The specific potential-of-death is over relatively quickly, and since you’re 6 months out I don’t think you need to worry about it anymore. (Note: I’m not a doctor.)

    The second difference, however, is that your symptoms are going to be FAR more severe as your body is getting used to having no benzos in your system. It’s that reason, even more so than the immediate health risks, that I’ve chosen to taper as slowly as I possibly can. I realize that you didn’t have that choice.

    The end result is still the same, though. In 2 years, or maybe more (often it can be longer if you went c/t), your functionality will start to improve a LOT. In actuality, your brain function is improving every minute that you’re off benzos, but it won’t feel like that. Your brain is trying to sort out all its signals that got screwed up while on the benzo, which is what leads to all the nasty symptoms. But it IS HEALING.

    I think there’s one site you should consider becoming a member of (or anyone else reading this), and that’s There’s a huge community there supporting each other in withdrawal, linking to good sources of information (including the Ashton guidelines for withdrawal), info about the brain processes involved in recovery, etc. It’s an immense help to me already, both with the current, relatively mild, symptoms I have so far, and in terms of what I can expect and also the reassurance that I WILL GET THROUGH IT.

    We can ALL get through this, cold turkey or no cold turkey. And it’s going to feel like hell, and probably often. But we will overcome.