Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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  • Dear all,
    I’m in the UK. Here in our pain clinics we offer all the wrap around non med interventions and some people also take opiate meds. Pain is pain and needs to be treated compassionately allowing dignity.

    There is now lots of evidence to show that when pain medication is stopped people seek out illicit ways to manage their pain taking tables bought on the internet, heroin and drugs like Fentanyl. This has produced high overdose rates. People are dying. Its human nature to want to feel better and get rid of pain. Just because a Dr has stopped an opiate pain meds prescription does not mean the person will just suddenly stop needing that medication.

    Richard I did look at your questions, and you seem very passionate about this subject but it looked like you were trying to prove your own hypothesis. Im not sure what your driver is? It looked like you wanted to know the impact of people taking psychiatric meds and whether or not they also took pain meds in some kind of combo. Where you looking at consent and capacity? Im not sure.

    America has got a shocking human rights deficit on non treatment for people who are addicts. Twelve steps dominates the treatment culture and it is only now being looked at to introduce a medically managed route. This is due to the high number of deaths from people self medicating.

    Its got very messy and the two cultures are meeting. People who have had their pain meds stopped are now entering a criminal culture to get relief from pain.

    Forcing people to stop opiate medication for pain relief will not work. We need compassion, dignity and choice of treatment. We need support for people who do want to try a non opiate pain pathway. We need less people overdosing on illicit medication.

    Kind regards,