Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Comments by AmandaGWilliamson

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  • Actually, in the UK anybody can call themselves a CBT counsellor or psychotherapist without any training, insurance or regulation. Counselling and psychotherapy are completely unregulated. We have a voluntary system, which the majority of service users do not realise exists. Many assume we’re regulated like the medical profession.
    Granted, the NHS have minimum standards of training for their practitioners but the private market is huge.

    As a professional in private practice (who elects to be accountable via BACP registration and accreditation) I sometimes wonder if I’m part of a profession at all.

    As for CBT, it certainly has its uses but I see many people for whom it simply has not worked and for whom a relational framework is more suitable. I appreciate the desire to measure personal process but we clearly haven’t got a measuring system sophisticated enough right now.