Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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  • Great points Michael, I would have loved to see what it would have been like if people in “first breaks” had gone straight to Soteria… I think we could have helped alot more folks avoid institutionalized trauma and handfuls of drugs.

    I will add that I believe there are people going through “first breaks” here in Alaska that have not been medicated…. But those are a small percentage from what I saw, I’m not sure if its part of the culture here to medicate so quickly, or if it was just a lack of support for the idea that people can do great without resorting to psychotropic drugs.

  • Thanks for the article Jim, you were able to explain what happened to Soteria in a way that I couldn’t find the words to express. There were lots of lessons learned… Seeing how soteria Alaska started and the passion of everyone to do something different and helpful was amazing….watching it slowly become an organization were billing Medicare and playing nice with the system was the fundamental concern was heartbreaking. Peace – Foster Berg