Sunday, August 7, 2022

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  • I realize this is an old post but what is somebody in my own situation supposed to do now? I have been sick for nine months straight, suicidal through most of it, and I now have a whole slew of neurological problems from the drug zyprexa. I still am taking neuroleptics and would see a doctor if it would help.

    I learned of survivingantidepressants too late, as I had already destabilized my nervous system. Reinstating zyprexa doesn’t help me, no drugs can help me, a therapist is cute and support is great, but there is something physically wrong with me. Can anyone help me? I am quite sick and have been for a while, after almost a year I still don’t feel much better? Conjecture and theorizing is great but this is an urgent matter that most doctors are arrogantly ignorant of.

    How do I cope with this? Realize that people are killing themselves over this. Many people in my shoes would have been to the ward numerous times in my situation, but I know better than that. It is a solitary feeling when the doctors that drug you up in the first place are nowhere to be found when you decide it is time to move on with your life and get free of these so called ‘meds’. They turn there back on you, insist it is a return of your symptoms, and shun you because you don’t buy into their particular brand of pharmacology.

    I applaud you for your efforts but being chalked up as collateral damage is infuriating. We need help now or better yet, when these drugs came out in the first place!