Sunday, November 29, 2020

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  • Hey, friends!

    I came across this forum by a mentioning on facebook.
    I am member of the German user / self-help movement since 1994.
    After both my (younger) brothers had died by suicide – the youngest 1987 and the other in 1992 – I started to look for reasons / origins as well as for ways of healing mental disorders. In 1992 I was still afraid that the suicide could happen to me, too.

    Today I think I can say that I am healed – although in 1997 i got the diagnosis “Depression” after something like “burn out”. It took abt. 8 years to realize, that I was a “workaholic” and to realize also some other disorders since my childhood.

    From 1994 to 2010 I visited at least one self-help-group per week, some periods I visited 2 different ones: One for psychiatry (ex-)users and the other for self-development / holistic health etc.

    I feel sure now that I know the most important origins of all mental disorders, consisting of individual AND – in the civilized society – of collective origins.

    About individual origins you can find lots of books writing about. But about the collective origins you will not find very much. The main reason for that is that the majority of the scientists / psychiatrists dont have a holistic view of the world, but a “reduced” – typical scientific – view of the world.

    Since 1991 I have knowledge about the Collective Neurosis of the civilized society and I named it the “Collective CIVILIZATION Neurosis” (CCN), of which abt. 99,9% of the people in the civilized society are affected.

    Let me try to explain what I see:

    A) The CCN exists for abt. 10.000 years now, appx. same time as the “civilization”.

    B) The CCN went through several peoples, cultures, nations and all of them did FALL. (see: Oswald Spengler).

    C) Finally, the Romans brought the civilization AND the Roman religion to the rest of Europe; and from Europe it was “exported” to overseas countries.

    a) There is much stress, fear and other negative factors and due to that is a severe lack of spiritual love / life force energy in the civilized society. Due to that, babies suffer – even before they are born. (See: Michael Balint).
    All through the years of childhood children cannot build up a really good potential of life force energy.

    b) People do not get really adult in the civilized society.
    They do not go through the spiritual part of the puberty, like it is still done in non-civilized societies.
    The young people do not learn to overcome fear;
    they do not get in contact with their subconsciousness, do not get to know their “higher / true self”, their higher dimension / level of consciousness, they do not identify with it, they will not be in a position to dispose of the spiritual love / life force energy and they will not clean their subconsciousnesses from the old suppressions from the childhood.
    Due to that, they will NOT get the basis for being really healthy and being unconditional happy.

    Having developped the rational thinking does NOT make a real adult.

    Sorry for my poor English. I hope you understand what I tried to explain.

    We have no choice to ignore the Collective Civilization Neurosis (CCN) or not. Because in distances of a couple of decades the CCN “explodes” in a Collective Psychosis. The things happened between 1933 to 1945 (from Germans’ view) has been called “Collective Psychosis”.

    And I think, we should do our very best to avoid another one – expecially because it could be the very last one…