Sunday, April 5, 2020

Comments by DenS

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  • I’ve been a school psych for over 16 years and educational reading specialist for about 18. Yes, ADHD truly does exist like the research shows, and yes, medication is very effective when used correctly.
    From my experience, this is what I observe:
    – There is a much larger resistence to medication for ADHD then there is support by all staff including other school psychs.
    – There is an increase in medication use for non-ADHD students but an UNDER prescribed rate of medication for children and adults who are TRULY ADHD, and these children and adults suffer the majority of their life from not achieving at their potential in anything: school, friends, familiy, driving, fincance, and employment.
    – The strong negative talk again the “pharmaceutical industry” has hurt the truly adhd individuals the most because they are the one’s more likely to play against the odds (e.g., gambling, risk taking, drug use, sex, etc.) due to their impulsivity and difficulty processing long-term consequences of their behaviors.
    – Children are more difficult in the school systems because in the past 50 years or so MORE children are attending and staying in school. Prior to that around a third or more children didn’t attend past the sixth grade, especially if they had any kind of disability or chronic problem. They were either kicked out or just stopped going.
    So I do not find it productive point the finger at the “pharmaceutical industries” or the parents. Teachers cannot go into the homes and change the parents, so they need to start working with what they have. They need far far more training and support. Pharmaceutical complanies can be an awesome addition to our society and they are already highly regulated. Stop whining about them and do your jobs.