Saturday, October 16, 2021

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  • Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my lengthy, if not somewhat whining post.

    What do I mean by moral repugnance? At the end of the day, you are either serving yourself or serving, for lack of a better word, God. The “New Age” community is vastly focused on self-glorification and receiving remuneration for spiritual work. They exalt themselves, and by selling the sacred, they desecrate the sacred. I have met many who are a case in point that there is no prerequisite for honor or integrity when one pursues acquiring spiritual power.

    I never would have asked for or sought out what I have received. I would not wish the devastating separation that occurs after merging with God on anyone. During the first few years after I was blind-sided by something I never knew existed, I could not have worked, and fortunately I didn’t have to. Among other things, I learned to work with possessions. A few years after I experienced it, I read about being energetically “rewired”, which was literally physically excruciating at times. I never sought psychiatric help because I knew better, so I was never medicated. I now live a very busy, engaged life that is void of anyone I can speak about my ongoing spiritual experiences, including calls to service to others via clairaudient communication.

    In all my reading, one of my favorites regarding spiritual emergencies such as a kundalini awakening is Marja S’s correspondence with Deepak Chopra at In particular, I found her closing quote from Gopi Krishna’s “The Awakening of Kundalini” (which I also read):

    The only safe way to cosmic consciousness is the unselfish way, or as it also is recommended in Bhagavad Gita, Nishkama Karma, selfless action as service to God. One can’t jump from childhood to adulthood on the physical plane, and one can’t become a “being of love and light” if one has selfishness, darkness, left in one’s thoughts.

    For those who require medication to function because they are unable to control or manage the altered states of conscious, I am curious about the triggers for onset of the spiritual emergence, if there is a typical range of duration from onset of the spiritual emergence to return to full, non-medicated functionality, and if any semblance of any sequence of stages in spiritual emergence has been identified. I am looking forward to hearing what the transpersonal psychology professionals have to say.

  • In 2004, just as I moved into a significantly stress-free phase in life, a spontaneous kundalini awakening began its course. I had no idea what was happening, and having studied nothing much outside of Judeo-Christian scripture, had no frame of reference for what was happening to me. I had enough of an education in psychiatry to know that I would have been diagnosed as schizophrenic with auditory hallucinations (no less tactile ones).

    I scoured the internet for months trying to figure out how I went from very high functioning to nearly incapacitated with empathic hypersensitivity, having conversations with voices, experiencing vivid visions, etc., and how to fix myself. I was directed to buy a book on Qi Gong, and mastered qi gathering, the microcosmic circulation, and macrocosmic circulation in weeks, along with astral projection. I was meditating three hours at a time, often more than twice a day (Mindfullness Meditation would not have helped). About six months into my quest, I stumbled on the term “kundalini” and said “check” on just about every item on the symptoms list. About two months after that, I shed myself of myself, merged with God, returned to “reality”, then a few weeks later experienced shamanic death.

    Since then, through a long journey, I have successfully returned to a high functioning life, however it’s one in which I never mention the voices I hear or shamanic work I do when asked by the voices I hear. I have yet to be successful in finding peers. Those in the metaphysical community are, so far without exception, repugnantly morally compromised. The kundalini “support” networks aren’t much better.

    The two others I have met in different stages of kundalini/spiritual awakenings had definitive traumas that caused the onset. Mine expressly did not. The intensity of their experience paled compared to mine, and neither had “merged with God” or experienced shamanic death.

    Today I intermittently abandon trying to figure out how consciousness is architected and engage my mind in life “busy work”. Being engaged in “busy work” doesn’t stop the clariaudience, nor does it stop the sporadic vivid visions and tactile experiences, or requests from the voices to help someone I could not have known needed help. At the end of the day, as best as I know now, enlightenment is overrated. It will be interesting to hear what the transpersonal psychology professionals have to say.