Thursday, June 4, 2020

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  • I don’t want to clog your log but need to add, the voices I heard which was on rare occasions were benevolent and gave me warnings (they also physically produced material phenomena so I would sit up and take notice) when where I was and the relationship I was involved in was causing me many psychological problems (I’ve learned much since and now understand that this relationship was karmic but had got to the stage of becoming psychically abusive, there is much denial around about “Psychic Attack” but it is a very real phenomena but one which needs to be understoood in order to be dealt with, denial helps no-one.) For me, like you, the more I grew spiritually and avoided the large amounts of La La Land by practicing discernment the faster and clearer my path became. My book was “driven out of me” over 14 years to write it and it’s only 158 pages, I resisted and burned thousands of pages during this process but it eventually emerged and hides nothing but it also offers suggestions for solutions. I self published and have 100 gathering dust in my bedroom. I checked the chipmunking publishing but when I read the CEO offering one hour one-to-one session for just under £5000 I decided they are not for me.

    This whole mental health and multidimensional realities area needs seriously addressing with large amounts of humour, but turning it into a commercial enterprise and using people’s “mental vulnerability and need to be heard” is not the way. We need altruism and working together there are very real forces that have much power who are hell bent on preventing the psychiatric/pharmaceutical empires from being overhauled.

    People like you and others are the pioneers of putting this in front of the public. The more we can collectively “come out” the more those suffering from mental health gain the strength to question their treatment but also take personal responsibility for researching all aspects of their “condition” the sooner this overhaul will happen. Fear has to be “gone through” not avoided.

    Luisa there is also many forces disguising themselves as “light” and misleading swathes of vulnerable people. I encountered them on my journey. But those 7 years taught me more than anything or anyone else including those charging thousands of dollars for their time and whilst my health suffered, that was necessary to slow me down and give me time to integrate all i had undergone. This path requires commitment, passion and urgently needs the altruistic approach. I am prepared to give my books away to anyone who demonstrates a genuine need. But they are not for the faint hearted or those who simply wish to be entertained or skirt around the issues.

    But this is actually not about me or my book but about us collectively lifting the carpet and discovering all the treasures within the dust, dirt and debris of psychological confusion.

  • I just feel I’ve met a “soul sister” reading this article. So much resonates with me and i was just about giving up on sharing my experiences of “forces both dark and light” within a mental health environment. It is time now for us all who have realised that not all diagnosis labelled a “mental health disorder” is anything other that a misunderstood disorder in or of realms ignored, unseen and unacknowledged. Subconscious forces ultimately want as much to be healed as we do and like you have discovered lead to a deeper understanding of who we are. My 7 years of OOBIES and other phenomena eventual produced my own book “A New Human” and what happened the first time I offered in to those who assume the role of caring and providing a safe place for thse suffering from Mental Health Problems, the organisation here in the UK called MIND, it was dismissed as being “quote2 “wacky. Reading you was like reading myself and is so so validating, and I’m not wacky, simply someone who has emerged from nightmares with all shades of dark light and brilliance. Thank you so so much!


  • I relate so much to this post and Sean’s website. My own experiences began through a crisis in 1984 and for the following few years I “time travelled” met and interacted with beings from many multidimensional levels of existence.

    But one thing Pumkin Pie has mentioned which is not apparent in many writings about this is the two huge events that occur at some stage and that is ” A Shamanic Death” and “A Merging with the All/God” the former felt like being dismemberd limb by limb and organ by organ and I was totally aware throughout this albeit minus the pain but aware of the energy. The latter incident of merging with the All/God was ecstatic and no words can describe it.

    Another important point this post stressed was the commercialisation of “spiritual awakenings/living in the present moment etc.” Eckhart Tolle, who I lived with as a close friend prior to his spectacular rise to New Age Guru and the current commericialisation that has built up around his teachings. Quite the reverse to his nature and humbleness he was living in when I was with him. I feel blessed to have experienced this friendship at a time immediately following the above described experiences, but also prior to his rise to fame. This has taught me to be aware that even being “realised” does not prevent corruption of the teachings. I do hope this information is not perceived as a personal attack, it is not and I honour all he has undergone, I am merely pointing out “commecialisation” of what needs to be freely available at all times in the name of evolution is something to be aware of.

    I am excited about Seans work and looking forward to the upcoming Shades of Awakening, but I do reserve a concern that as people/causes gain popularity maintaining the integrity of these events/people when “money” becomes a driving force requires heightened awareness and discipline.

    I have recently had personal experience of this. I wanted to attend the recent Spiritual Awakening Conferences at Mundlsey Norfolk in the UK that Emma Bragdon was involved in and as a pensioner living quite a distance from the conference centre I e-mailed the organisers and requested if a concessionary rate was available for me to attend this conference as it would have cost me $800 with travel and accommodation. I e-mailed twice and never received a response. So I question are these things only available for those easily able to afford them? Shamanic/Spiritual experience make no such division between rich or poor, but looking at the whole “commecialisation” of spiritual teachings I am holding my breath.

    I am involved on the peripheries of the Bi-Polar paradigm whereby those involved are refusing to look at or investigate any other perspective than the “illness/medical” model. They rely on funding to support their organisations, again a potential corrupting influence that can prevent evolution of understanding.

    I offer all my experiences free and two books I’ve written describing the above and more A New Human and A Multidimensonal Paradigm are the only things I charge for and have run many free readings of these and when requested am prepared to give talks, book readings etc on an expenses only agreement.

    Well done everyone for all the energy put into grounding wisdom that has been lost through the ages, we need to re-make and shake up this current reality into the vision that many of us hold of a world fit for

    A New Human.