Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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  • It got a ‘like’. I’m very familiar with coming up against the medical model in these institutions. (I actually worked at McLean too after I had healed from my cocktail/ had my eyes opened.) I try to disseminate info when and where I can, tactfully. Something was posted by the NAMI chapter and I responded with Sera’s articles- I was surprised to see a bit of openness to it and some likes: I think these few types of ppl are our ‘battlegrounds’, and a large portion of people are just lost causes. I know if I started a specific ‘Ant-psychiatry’ group (1st off it would have to have another name, like alternative something or other) and it really couldn’t be very school affiliated, just taking place at the school with student body. Maybe mindfreedom.. I don’t know. Anyways, cool work & thanks for the reply!

  • This is SO well done! I’m so excited about it, quite frankly. I’m a big- time, iatrogenic drug fall out psych survivor. My CNS has had relative health now for maybe only a year. I started social work grad school at Salem State University this fall in MA. I know they have a NAMI chapter, but I wasn’t sure about Active Minds/ never heard of them.. sure enough they are on the list. You better believe I’m posting this article on our social work program page.

    I’ve been thinking/would love to start a counter organization at the school that’s ‘Anti-psychiatry’/ like minded or what not. Do you have any input?

    Nice Job,

  • We have very similar stories. However, I am off my cocktail that included Klonopin now for going on 4 yrs. The healing will keep on coming. We are the lucky ones in this unlucky lot and we have our whole lives ahead of us. Congrats. Well done,

  • I applaud both this piece and your life. Typical ‘Identified Patient’ story; sane people surrounded by insane people and an insane system.

    I can relate.

    “Why was I voiceless? Why was I stuck in institutions that were supposed to help me but hurt me more? Why didn’t I have a say in my own treatment, and why don’t these institutions view a patient from a holistic perspective as opposed to mere symptoms”: Let’s change things. I’m a 30 yr old survivor myself beginning a MSW in Boston in the Fall.

    I look forward into checking out the Proxy Project,, never heard of it.

    Awesome work!