Monday, October 25, 2021

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  • Millions of course suffer from the commonplace anxieties such as heavy traffic and money woes. But you don’t acknowledge that there are many of us with anxiety attacks that are totally debilitating, that come in the night causing sweating, pounding heart, horrible sickness and the absolute conviction that one is dying. I am one of those. Yes, I know the cause and am addressing it but don’t wish to discuss it here.

    My primary care physician prescribed Ativan, dosage of 1/2 milligram but no more than 2 doses per day. It stops that terrible anxiety. I have been using this wonder drug for 10 years with no side effects, and I mean no side effects, no dementia, no nightmares, dizziness, no adverse effects on my otherwise normal life. NO side effects. I deal successfully with life’s normal problems. No amount of preaching to me will convince me that stopping is a good idea in my case Thanks for listening.