Thursday, October 21, 2021

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  • Even when taken as directed for as little as one month Benzos can and do cause withdrawal syndrome. Temazepam can cause physical addiction in as little as one week. These are an evil class of drugs. In the prescribing info it states that these drugs should only be used for short periods of time but many doctors have people on them long term. Eventually benzos will cause more anxiety and insomnia that you had before taking them.

  • Its very good for articles like this to be seen by as many people as possible.

    About 30 years ago I was addicted to valium. I think I was taking 12 to 16, 10 milligram valium a day.
    I stopped once for 2 days to see if I was addicted. No problem I felt ok without em. I found out later that valium has a very long half life and for me withdrawals didn’t start until day 3. I went through hell getting off them. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, had terrible painful stomach cramps, and a terrible feeling of living a nightmare. The worst part lasted for over 3 months and I didn’t start to feel like myself again for a year. My normal weight is about 185 but after I got out of treatment and going through withdrawal i weighed 130 pounds. In treatment they nick named me shaky because I never stopped shaking in my hands. Stay away from Benzos because they wind up in the end giving more anxiety and sleeplessness that you had before you took them and even when taken as directed for a short time like one or two weeks can cause withdrawal.

  • I was taking 80 milligrams of valium for over 2 years. I tried to stop to see if i was addicted and after 2 days felt fine, I didnt realize that sometimes it take 3 days for withdrawals to start. When i stopped I went through 3 months of living hell with muscle and stomach cramps , terrible anxiety, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t think, everything seemed like an unending nightmare. Finally I couldnt take it so i signed myself into a recovery center. I lost a lot of weight and had no appetite. The good news is that it gets better, I finally got free and have over 20 years sobriety. For most of those years I went to AA and NA meetings at least once a week.