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  • Hi again,
    Glad others are watching it and that you will check it out. Even though all his stuff is great, my other favorites of his are All Watched over by Machines of Loving Grace (3hrs) , The Trap (3 hrs), and The Living Dead (3 hrs). These are all powerful films about how we got where we are today and can be somewhat upsetting, but he attempts to give people hope and the end of each of them.

    One I also wish everyone could see to give hope about climate change that many here probably have in the back of their mind, especially young people. Is this anything that your and your daughter have explored? I suspect it is from some clues I gathered in researching your book and background I gleaned from it and knowing about sustainable communities as I do.
    See if you can find a copy of Symphony of the Soil dvd. Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to watch it unless you have access to the dvd. It is well worth the time if you can find it. The 4 part Nova program Earth: A new Wild dovetails with Symphony very well. There is hope to turn this trainwreck around. Your work is vital to this process and I commend you for what you’ve already done. You and your family have already been though much. Keep the good work up and hold your head high. The world needs you and many more like you. Things are changing, the old guard status quo is squealing loudly and having a temper tantrum, so they know the gig is up!!!

    Take care and be well, the status quo hates it!!!

  • Hi Tabita,
    That’s a great post. Great that you are going about attempting to make positive changes. Please don’t get down that it may be a slow process to change all the things that need changing. It’s very easy to get frustrated when things don’t seem to be having enough effect. You’ve already done something great by writing your book. Can’t wait for my copy to get here, it’s on the way.
    In your research, did you come across anything by Adam Curtis, the documentary film maker? Much of his work shows how society got the way it is and was first shown on BBC. The one film he’s most known for is the 4 part (4hrs) The Century of the Self. You can do a search for Adam Curtis on and find most of his work. There should be about 7 films return when you search for him there. Anything he has done is worth the time if you can spare the time. Great stuff.

    So glad you’ve done what you’ve done and are doing. Good for you and your family.

    Take care of you and yours! And have a nice day.