Sunday, May 22, 2022

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  • Doctor,
    With all due respect, please do not practice psychiatry. A discontented psychiatrist is not a good psychiatrist. Your disappointment is such it’s propelling you toward “oracular medicine,” a treatment modality for which there is far less evidence of its efficacy than acupuncture. It’s possible in decades hence we will come to understand that the brain is controlled by the digestive biome. Yes, yes, you can point to all sorts of flimsy studies, but the truth is there’s no more evidence today “oracular medicine” is superior to homeopathy.
    Please do not spend your life chasing a mirage.
    You are smart and insightful. But your emotional reaction to psychiatry is such you would be doing a disservice to patients continuing to practice. The chances of finding a psychiatric career rewarding are nil. One cannot practice a specialty when one is at war with it. That’s not to say one cannot be a critic. Or even a maverick. But your dissatisfaction — even acknowledging your enjoyment of psychotherapy — is sufficiently pervasive you are no longer a suitable practitioner.
    Please consider something else. Your contention legions of psychiatrists feel the same as you is meaningless. Maybe they should change specialties, too. In fact, if the disquiet is as a widespread as you contend (I would argue it isn’t), then the last thing the specialty needs is another disaffected practitioner.
    Do not mistake the affirmation you’re garnering will result in actual change. If you say the food tastes lousy at a restaurant and everyone agrees, that doesn’t make the food any better.
    Perhaps you would be the happiest — and make the best contribution to the world — by doing something outside conventional medicine. Maybe working for a a non-profit devoted to health care for the poor, for instance.
    I would not have spent the time composing this if I wasn’t impressed by your intelligence, incisiveness and dedication. It’s precisely because of my respect for those all-too-rare traits that the best use of your talents lies outside psychiatry and perhaps outside traditional medicine.