Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Comments by Martin McNally

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  • Tuesday May 18th. I reviewed the entire 55 pg. article about forced drugs. Well written and researched and I agree with your conclusions. More work needs to be done to protect the interests of people being involuntarily committed and forced to take psychotropic drugs that destroy the brain; MRI have demonstrated that as fact. That you work pro bono is commendable. Thanks for helping Evan Durst. Watch his back; the Durst family want him dead, I think.

  • Boans, I believe you !!! You were tortured. Abused. Forced drugs. Awful stuff. Corrupt people in that. Those lawyers who refused to see the truth as you demonstrated with documentary proofs were incompetent and worthless bums. Many attorneys will not oppose the system for political or personal reasons. It’s a difficult process to learn the law and proceed pro se representing yourself but often that’s all many have. Several times in federal court the government filed “Motion for Competency Evaluation” that had me sent to the Federal Medical Center, Springfield, Missouri. While there guards brutally beat me on September 11, 1972 and, when I returned on another motion, brutally beat me again in May 1976. Guards wanted me drugged but doctors refused. I was always found competent to stand trial. I filed lawsuits to redress those attacks and, in every case, guards testified falsely denying what they did. During 37 years in federal prisons I redressed those brutal attacks; other guards paid a high price: RIP, maybe. 10 years in psychiatric institutions ??? I’m sure that was tough.

  • Dr. Caplan, your comment on people posting using their actual names is spot-on. I too think everybody should use their names. Why not ??? This is an important national issue involving not one person, Evan, but thousands of helpless individuals who mostly can’t speak for themselves. There are powerful interests that want the system to continue as it is; psychiatrists, pharmaceutical industry, people who market “legal” mind-destroying drugs. My position is that nobody should be forced to take mind-altering medications. Big money involved so the system that destroys brains with drugs will probably continue until revolution to bring companies to accountability. I’m in and that’s my name.

  • Monday May 17th. I noticed this today as I was looking at Robert Durst murder trial. I’m angry about what Durst family has done to Evan Durst. He’s a good dude and has been tortured by his family and doctors. I oppose forced drugs. In June 1975, I received word that Jack Henry Abbott, federal inmate, was being injected with psychotropic drugs at the Federal Medical Center, Springfield, Missouri. I immediately prepared an article to alert the public of his case: “My Time-Your Time, Forced Drugs in the U.S. Bureau of Prison”. At the time I was a federal inmate at Leavenworth penitentiary. Had 30 copies prepared and mailed those to news media and Congress. Guards CONFISCATED all of those after illegally opening sealed privileged mail. Guards attacked me and I was federally indicted in Kansas. Case never came to trial; The U.S. Attorney General approved a request to dismiss the indictment over my objections. Soon after the dismissal, Congressman Robert Kastenmeier, held hearings that required testimony of Norman Carlson, Director of the Bureau of Prisons. Carlson said the federal prison system would stop forcing drugs on federal inmates. How does that relate to what is happening today; people should have the right to refuse to take mind-destroying, mind-altering drugs. This is more important than states rights; action on this issue should come from the United States Congress. A law should be promulgated that prohibits any medical person, doctor or nurse, from forcing psychotropic drugs on any person. People need to step up to get such a law on the books so that these sad stories that I’m reading here no longer happen. People are being destroyed body and soul. The Durst family should do what is in Evan’s interest instead of taking actions to kill him !!!!! During 37 years in federal prisons staff tried to have me take psychotropic drugs often; I was considered violent. I refused because drugs destroy the brain.