Monday, July 26, 2021

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  • Juliemadblogger, in a few, short, focused paragraphs you encapsulated the authoritarian society issue. Thankfully, it seems we are moving away from the regimented, one size fits all vision of society, which, I agree, is a function of a range of maladies for insecurity to delusional insanity. The lucidity with which you illustrated your experiences.. likely the reason for your stance on homework is that, as in my case, it was dull, pointless and had little to do with anything more than ‘busy work’, only, in my case, at that point in my life, I was so dumbed down, speaking out like you did was not in the cards. Welcome back to the World; you are the kind of focused and thoughtful person we need.

  • Herb, you might try asking the 7 y/o what he/she is interested in and approaching the reading issue from that angle. It might be stars, or rockets, planes or bugs (gr8 books for kids on things like that).

    Personally, I struggled with grade school reading material; to me, it was so dull.. like, why are we reading this crap. And the test questions, like, “How does the author indicate that time passes.” To a bright (possibly genius level) kid, with an expansive, mind and a high Curiosity Quotient… likely the 7 y/o is one of those, needing to be ‘let lose’ to follow his/her passion. You’ll be surprised at how bright he/she really is.

    As for whether the writer is not assuming those with ODD are consciously choosing their behavior, perhaps young people are not; it is just that the structure of their educational, family or social environment feels wrong to them and they have no choice but to act out (I’m with you in that respect); mature persons likely have given thought to their situation and know the reason for their opposition, which is whom the writer is most likely referring to. On the other hand, there are surely some with a mental deficit under which compliance just does not compute and it would take analysis to determine if you are dealing with such a case.

    Warm regards