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  • I agree. Just illuminate the lack of substance in the false. Masking as science is often the way hidden agendas are enacted or used to frame and direct the narrative. Hidden agenda can be apparently consciously intended or the result of a collective aversion to looking at what we don’t want to own. I say apparently conscious, because I see manipulative intent as itself manipulated, biased or distorted by fear.

  • While of course this charge can be easily supported, I believe its original demonstration was intended to point to the interjection within our own ‘Temple’ (consciousness) as a template of definition and control associated with ‘determining’ rather than uncovering truth, and associated with vengeance as the basis for a self-righteous justification of attack.

    So I am reading this in the events around Dr Peter Gøtzsche’s exclusion and his response. And I reflect this here now as a call to own our feelings rather than be driven by blind reaction or ‘blind-spots’ of a personal sense of grievance.

  • My firstborn and lovely one left in one sudden efficient moment when she was 16. Back in ’95.

    I have lived the territory of this as a shaped charge, and I live and walk a different world for being so undone.

    Pharma – to the best of my knowing – played no part in either her life or mine – though chain smoking was for some time my ‘handle’ of a sense of inability to handle.

    In my life, her death – her chosen suicide – activated me to live – yet in the stark sense of not knowing how.

    The answer being shown me, that of course I didn’t recognize in concept – was living me.
    In every cut through to the true of a great love I stayed with and felt and let flow.
    In every shift to me and my story mind – I chose not to feed it – and gave attention somewhere else.
    I could say this was a visceral embodiment of aligning in the Holy Spirit and letting the ego shout without demonising or reacting to it. Those terms are just terms I am accustomed to use. The voice for life is not clinging to survival, but abiding in the willingness of love. That’s my witness.

    I took what I needed because my need was fundamental – I was undone of my foundation – and therefore open to the movement of living from a true, rather than presuming truths were for me and my life to work better – in my terms.
    I did not welcome or appreciate sympathy – but I understood that most needed that DISTANCE. I did NOT accept or feel obliged to carry their upset and make it better for them – yet that was their action.
    Love’s honesty simply did not what to say and yet abided with me. True compassion is not a destructive distancing or dissociation under a sense of sympathy – but a genuine companioning. Being with.

    My then wife had the opposite movement to me. I needed to open all the windows and doors in terms of knowing I needed to let life in. She needed to shut all the windows and doors to keep death out – and let no more loss in…

    There are deeper Soul aspects to why we have the movements that we do. But I don’t think they are a problem needing solution excepting that whatever comes to me is for me to integrate or recognize the truth of and accept the true of it. I see that fear operates a self-fulfilling prophecy and that our hidden fears work us unawares – as a sense of trying to control or make sure ‘never again’. No one can look on what they are not ready to look on, and so they see what they can see or in ways that they can keep some sense of control.
    The whole notion of chaos and control, or a presumption of possession and control meeting lack of support, betrayal or rejection and abandonment is an ongoing recycling of a love of control, that borns and is born of a hatred of lack or chaos, to enact a ‘controlled love’. Whether with behavioural incentives or coercions or medical impositions.

    “It’s Life. Jim, but not as we know it” as the Star Trek line goes.
    That we are undone of what we thought to know and be – is a basis from which to ask, and feel and look, with new eyes.
    In this particular and unique life, are these key themes played out this way.
    My acceptance is that the life I have come to live, is more of a themed focus in ‘territories’ of the Soul – even under the sense of a world experience that cuts, sunders or suddenly leaves.
    I used to think I had a ‘waking up’ life – as if it was me that was going to awaken.
    There is a sense of a continuity of self – but so much that I thought was me is undone and what moves in the space that opens is of a different world – and so there is another ‘theme’.
    I see the ‘stranger in a strange world’ theme and seek to release it to a true belonging from which to live and give – even with the separate ones who know not what they do. So I don’t invest in self-pity or grievance, but let the cut of love become the connected loving.
    That’s the nearest I have to finding the gift within the madness of a self-destructive mind given power.
    Its a journey to begin, always from the now of a recognition I have slipped into self-negative habit patterns.
    Of course this awakening of self-responsibility meets every ‘pattern’ of resistance in time and over time.
    It’s the other way than running away – because it embraces and accepts running away – without paying it for a new game.
    Does that make any sense?
    It takes one to know one – and that means the true of us can and does communicate on some level even when the forms don’t seem to line up, or the signal is blocked, or the lines are cut.

    No one can change what they are not the willingness to own. Accepting what is – is not succumbing to a story about it. But it is the basis from which an old story can release to allow a fresh appreciation. Such as I find willingness, let me live it.

  • The USE to which something is put can shift a helpful FORM into a harmful and vice versa.
    Thus the active purpose – which may of course be different to the presumed purpose is the determiner of the focus of attention and selection or noticing.
    Mindfulness (a term I don’t personally adopt as I prefer an un-selfconscious awareness free of interjection of ‘mind’ – let alone being full of it’) is noticing or witnessing and in its being, is ours self-aware.
    The mind is like the self as a term that is used for different facets aspects and levels of something that in truth is NOT so divided but by definitions held in mind, accepted true by reacting as true and habituated and reinforced in thought and act and social interaction.
    My sense of the mind of fragmentation is as a result of separation trauma, that is intent on NOT knowing as a predicate to its own survival. The movement of segregation seems self-protective but manifests as a conflicted sense of self and life under some sense of narrative continuity in persona terms. In pursuing or opening ANY relationship, the segregative self will ‘meet’ conflicts as well as recognitions, and in the opening of an integrative recognition is the stirring and movement of a reintegrative sense of self. The conflict between these two voices or choices is not actual, but of the use of conflict to delay decision by the attempt to have both – even though they are mutually cancelling each other out.
    The idea of self-protection by the denial and projecting away of what we hate, fear and are not ready or willing to see, face, own or integrate is not wrong for the timing of that one, and coercion of self-will, peer pressure or any agencies of the masks of ‘power’, will only reinforce the basis FOR fear and the need FOR denial of a sense of being denied.
    “Sufficient be the evils of the day thereof” is not looking for trouble – or for what is ‘wrong with me’ or anyone else – as a presumption to fix it or put it to ‘order’ but is vigilant within an alignment in joy (integrative being) for the habit-obstructions or triggers of reaction that rob us of our natural being by framing us in forms of past associations that we no longer need.
    The issues that arise to us in the course of our relational being in this moment in this day are ‘coming to the surface’ of our attention – albeit initially as trouble – because they are ready to be revisited with NEW EYES.
    Where are new eyes but the releasing of our engagement in old thinking as the desire and curiosity to truly SEE?
    Many may say this is a step too far for those whose fear is overwhelming and yet the key is not in somehow being already able but in in some moment of conscious willingness that is noticed, acknowledged and honoured – regardless the interjections of mind that may follow. Willingness works in ways that willfulness is denied or blocked – because willingness allows a greater life to move as the reintegrative intent of our wholeness that we – in emotionally backed intensity of thought, feeling and sensation, have forgotten.

    No one else can substitute for your will or in fact gainsay it – for a mind that’s changed against its will, is of the same opinion still – but simply changes form within its environmental condition. Owning what is truly ours is denied us by fear of being damned by exposure of lack, invalidity and unworthiness, but all of such are what – in our Right Minds, we disown because they are not true in the light of an awareness of truth that we do not make, frame, set up, or determine. Releasing what does not truly belong is a result of calmly looking upon it – in act – or in place – from a new or fresh perspective for which we are in some part willing – even if seeming small amidst our fear.

    The true relational field is pervasive and our mapping of it can be persuasive. Feeling as we go in terms of checking in as a self-honesty of head to heart, is part of re-learning to align in our being as a whole – instead of demanding control.

    There is always the opportunity to delay in conflicts that simply frame us in an appearance of engaging while actually going AWOL. Noticing that we HAVE been ‘AWOL’ is the moment of a rising awareness, worthy of welcome and appreciation – instead of using it as fuel for self-judgement. We can only grow in capacity for choice by living such moments of choice/awareness as we have – naturally to our being.
    Without self-responsibility at the level of self-integrity that IS available, nothing but dis-integrity occurs – until the recognition of the poor choice waking the need and desire for a better choice. Such may be called ‘bottoming out’ – because the choices within dis-integrity are all ways of trying to keep it hidden and protected – because it is associated deeply with protecting you from a greater fear.
    Because every relational moment is unique, even guidelines can be misused under the idea of presuming relationship that has not been truly seen, heard, felt, honoured or shared. Our mind-blindness to life, self and each other is not hard to notice, and therefore open to being demoted as the basis from which to react.
    Listening in is a natural result of releasing the fixation of identity in thinking, in its persona, and its purpose.
    Willing to feel, is not the indulgence of emotional reactivity when ‘feeling’ is a discernment of the qualities of the movement of our being.
    Those who try to sell what they haven’t in fact accepted themself are ‘unhealed healers’ who attract those who also want the motions of seeking without the transformational challenges of finding or being found.
    They also seem to cover over a true movement and dilute it – but this is really simply a matter of our own tuning in. If we are ‘distracted’ is that ‘their doing’ or feedback to our own ‘diversionary tactic’ or pattern?

  • The breakdown of communication that results in the personification of conflicted thought and emotion, cannot be understood within the framework of a self-protective denial or withholding and withdrawal of communication.
    Communication is relation, but the development of coded separations of dominant and subjected roles of personified grievance and fantasy, uses the form of communication to subvert, coerce, and undermine communication, which is both within our mind as it is extending to other minds.
    Love’s awareness is denied by the self-convicted judgement of a self-protective grievance, and such a denial leaves us vulnerable to the deceits of others who are likewise associating separateness with power in the role of ‘helper’ or ‘protector’.
    The misuse of the terms of and forms of love is the masking of the attempt to mimic and manipulate but love itself is a transcendent recognition that lifts us out of the manipulative fear driven personality struggle – if only for a glimpse.
    The true extension of love is of a stark or unadorned and simple self-honesty – regardless the forms it takes. There is no defining of love in positive terms excepting as a recognition that shares of itself to the free willingness of a like recognition in others. There is nothing coercive or divisive in love’s reality but is seen from a freedom from it.
    I write this from my own tuning into a field of willing communication to the listening.
    In human terms we make a complex fragmentation of self and world in fear, hate and grievance, but to a truly Innocent appreciation, all is rendered in terms of sharing love because such is love’s nature and a call for love because there is no other nature even if we dedicate our mind to seeking some other form of completion, reinforcement or vindication. Evil arises from the protection of a lie, to which the true is lost in exchange for a reversal of consciousness under which love is both fearful and hateful, and hate seen as the power of protection, for a separateness believed to be salvation.
    A lie of a love can intend to heal in the validating of itself as identified against evil.
    When Jesus said “resist ye not evil” he was warning against deceit in which we are baited and phished by reaction to hate in others what we thereby hide and protect as hidden self. Align in the true of your peace, Truth and peace are together. Self conflict is a feedback that can invoke a willingness and curiosity to know – but this choice must grow a new habit against the momentum of the old.

    Tis general sketch is my appreciation into the theme of love’s loss to a fractured sense of self and world.
    It is not true that you don’t know what you got til it’s gone. That is a hindsight in lack. We know what we have and are in its presence – which is a shared and tangible quality that cannot be faked by presentation and still share or communicate such qualities of being as we call, love, joy, peace, truth – and are then apt to identify in special forms or special experience or person and seek to manipulate FROM a sense of lack running unnoticed.

    A Course in Miracles is a specialised form of support for identifying and undoing the blocks to love’s awareness now – that served and serves me. But the synchronicities that align for anyone who themselves give willingness to a desire to heal unto truth will be what works for you in your relational constellation. No one already convicted or convinced of the truth of their own (or anyone else’s) judgement, is open or listening or curious or willing for truth – but are engaged in struggle to determine it – including the fear of others imposing their will and the hatred of being coerced or undermined in what you take to be your own.

  • Hi madmother13
    Everyone in this as in most issues is en-tranced into the ‘picture’ and no one looks at the ‘framing’.
    This is how the mind in hiding ‘works’.
    The personality structure is a masking from and a masking in.
    Who WANTS the mask will not accept its undoing – regardless the cost of what they then must accept instead. (Untruth made real and demanding sacrifice).
    Everyone makes an image of themselves and another for each one they meet.
    And justifies their self in image by invalidating or using others.

    Dr Peter Gøtzsche chose to speak out against a power-establishment that runs under masks of ‘protection’ or ‘service’ or ‘help’ under the belief and conviction that a false foundation is a lack of substance and a fraudulent criminal conspiracy. But he also projected moral outrage and anger in open personal judgement of such behaviours as a ‘jaccusé’ or declaration of war. Others at Cochrane were not willing to associate with Peter for their own reasons and he was pushed out.

    The uncovering of the situation is different from the apportioning of guilt as a determination of personal judgement. One lets truth in. The other pre-empts of short-circuits by assertion of a personal sense of vindication.
    Framing in guilt is always a way to protect against the uncovering and undoing of an ignorance – but every and all willingness to uncover and give true witness serves the release from a falsely framed and tyrannous mind.

    Dr Peter Gøtzsche is not bound or imprisoned, or denied freedom to undertake further endeavour along the lines of his calling or passion in life. But will he let a personal grievance frame a willingness to uncover the true?

    Do we?

  • Self-hate delights in being ‘right’?
    Fear runs a self-fulfilling prophecy?
    Don’t let truth get in the way of a good story?

    A consciousness that models its own ‘reality’ is a curious thing, but curiosity given to explore insanity loses the capacity to account for its own parameters.

    Harmlessness remains our true safety. But how can that not sound insane to those in grievance of the experience of pain and loss at the hand of another?

    The intent to murder the assigned ’cause’ of grievance works to kill or deny itself in others in ever shifting shadow roles. And by displacement and redistribution of psychic energy seem to have saved or made itself more powerful or vindicated in power.

    Max Plank – I think – said something like ‘science progresses one death at a time’, because old dogs cant or wont learn new tricks. But we – individually – do not have to wait for ‘official reality’ to leave the dead behind us and attend the living. Te attempt to reframe human consciousness by coercion and deceit illuminates the ‘frame up’ to a freedom to identify coercion and deceit as lack of substance – and therefore neglect relating or engaging with it as if it HAD any by virtue of engaging wholly in what does and is – and this is a life that is free of the perceived or believed need for coercion and deceit.
    Any moment of a true recognition is a New Beginning – and the willingness to be truly moved rather than mask in a sense of false presentation is a different basis that trying to survive as a the ability to maintain such a self.

  • The framing is often missed when we enter the picture.

    The framing of the consciousness of the ‘ego’ of a sense of self control under or against threat works only to mask in the forms of true but never opens or yields to the acceptance of true because this framing IS the basis by which NOT to see, NOT know and NOT recognize anything that exposes a lack of substance or foundation – but moves immediately to deny or attack it, and does so automatically from beliefs and perceptions of a past learning overlaid or indeed pre-empting a truly present relation or communication.

    The ‘patient’ is engaged in a state of dissociation as a compulsive identity in masked fear operating as coercive and delusory control. This war upon the feared true inherently attacks and denies and disregards the true of others as of self, and results in hateful and coercive behaviours that operate under narrative assertions of justified ‘war’ – such as can elicit or attract sympathy for conformity and compliance while framing in terms that invalidate critical awareness and dictate by assertions backed up by plausible deniability, complex obfuscations and compartmentalised breakdowns of communication in terms of capacity to accept or embody responsibility for anything except its evasion.

    So an illusion of our society runs a wishful presentation and narrative of how we want or think life should be, overlaid upon a communication breakdown or denial, evasion and defence against awareness of what it is the embodying or enacting of.

    I thought a succinct example of cognitive dissonance as social norm was reported by Bruce Lipton, a researcher into gene science who discovered the presumptions and beliefs about the gene were false and essentially opened the now recognized field of epigenetic – as the field of influences – including environmental and emotional expression – that turn any genes or sets of gene expression on or off.
    When he delivered his findings he was met with stony silence but for one who began to slowly clap but stopped when everyone looked at them. They turned their back. After re-checking his science and finding no fault, he sought a mentor friend who was higher in the scientific establishment and explained his science and the reaction and of course his perplexity and no doubt his own sense of dissonance and conflict.
    “Well it’s just not what we’re thinking” was the answer.

    Insider dealing applies also to any leading edge with regard to its marketisation but beneath that to its weaponisation in terms of positioning and investment in terms of gaining and maintaining ‘power’ or rather a private agenda of possession and control.

    The development of scientific perspective has from the first become an extension of ‘power’ as the means to define in terms that serve or sanction a private agenda of corporate and thus a government investment not only of financial leverage but of institutional identity as the official ‘narrative’ reality of the day.

    This pattern of private masked agenda running under the masking of a collective good or against a collectively believed and perceived evil, DOES the thing it accuses and hates in the other and persists the cyclic re-enactment of its own separation trauma. Because the true recognition of the Good is not possessed in secret and apart – but naturally or automatically shines or shares out. And the true recognition of the false AS false is no basis from which to think or act or engage with. But we all embody and meet in complex patterns of already invested identity in the false that at the same time generating fear of the true.
    Everyone protects their investment or self as they see it and so seeing truly is the basis on which to re-evaluate choice we do not at first even recognize AS choice because our learned defence is to assign our behavioural response to being caused by the acts of others or conditions outside our control.

    Life is beyond our notion of control but not beyond our acceptance. Regardless what ‘happens’ our experience will be the result of the word or definition we are giving. We are never truly ‘trapped’ in thought that defines us in division and pain of conflict and loss, but our experience of such is our freedom to make a new choice or give a new word. This is in a sense steering into the skid of sense of loss of connection – but only momentarily as a the re-alignment within a larger communication. The mind in reaction can operate identity theft just like the phishing ruse. Balance within wholeness undoes the sense of self-lack as an expression OF wholeness. For this is the gift of a life that moves through us to recognize itself in the living instead of fixating in imaged forms of a sense of separating self-possession and control.
    Power struggle is already framed in terms that rule out wholeness.
    So the way to SEE what is being ‘framed out’ is to look AT the frame an NOT be seduced or fixated in the picture. It is the basis of our thinking that is recognisably foundational to our shared experience, and the mind that made such thinking is not the guide for its undoing.

    If we recognize our true need, we will make way for a a point of awareness from which to recognize our own delusions – else we ‘see’ BY them – but through a broken mind see only a broken world.

  • Zach walks his talk, as one who has acted in alignment with a deeper sense of self-honesty to ‘re-wire’ his habits of thought, feeling and behaviour.
    The subconscious or learned habit or conditioned reaction has to be noticed or observed as the point of consciousness from which to awaken a choice – even if the choice is at first just to watch what happens rather than react to thinking that runs some kind of self-judgement as an automatic presumption.
    Aligning in health is different than ‘fighting sickness’.
    Wholeness of being also has thoughts and feeling and behaviours that find reinforcement.
    But it is a very ‘different’ calling than the ways we have collectively learned and taught ourselves and each other.
    Aligning in the joys that we do have awareness of and capacity to relate or engage with, is a choice made real to us by acting on it. Encountering the ‘RESISTANCE’ of mind, emotion and body, can and often does feel like a brick wall and this is where the willingness to notice invites true power from within, instead of re-enacting a struggle in a sense of isolation ‘without’.

    Diet is also our thought. Learning to give attention and appreciation to integrative or honesty of being – which opens the joy of freedom to be You, is also learning to disinvest from or not indulge in recognisably negative energy drains or conflicting imbalance. Negative ONLY in the sense of undermining your awareness of your underlying integrity, wholeness or ‘health’.

    Many pursue health as a goal in itself – but the body is a means through which to express and experience, create and communicate. Joy – in its simplest sense is a ‘spiritual’ condition or quality of freedom to feel and move with what is felt. Is the squelching of joy under depression a pattern of inhibited spirit – (or love of life), and anxiety arising from a sense of guilt associated with expressing (or the urge to express) Life in ways or behaviours that are believed or found to be inappropriate?

    Acquired and inherited definitions frame our sense of self and world.But no one can change what they are unwilling to own. To own that you meet depression and anxiety and recognize it ‘disorders’ your experience is your freedom to be curious from an awakened desire for help and health.

    The turtle of ‘small’ incremental persistent and consistent changes of behaviour will move through what the ‘heroic warrior’ sets up to fail. I don’t feel that there are really ‘small’ miracles. But that love is maximal to the willingness and readiness of the moment.

    Psychic energies are also like bowel movements in that ‘stuckness’ or a sense of being blocked generates toxic thinking and too fast a flow takes in no nutrients as a sense of losing focus or running out of control.

    When you wrote your post, you were talking aloud as an open statement – but you were also sharing in a sense of value or worthiness that is in a sense finding the helpful in the spirit or purpose of sharing help.

    Have you seen Zach’s 4 minute nitric oxide dump exercise? It on YT – and is something that can fit in all sorts of random moments. (I often do it barefoot on wet grass). Another approach to ‘dis-ease’ or imbalance and disorder is of energy deficit or indeed voltage deficit. Our Universe – as our biological expression – is ‘electric’ as a vehicle of expression and experience. True grounding is a stability in which balance is felt, known and recognised – rather than an instability in which attempts to rebalance lurch from one pole to another. Growing what we have, rather than from a sense of lack or loss.

  • Corporate engineering operates a different order of control – or rather, mind capture.
    So the goal posts of political thought are way behind the actual capture by open stealth through vectors of dependencies, real or substitute.
    The system that runs is the logical outcome of the accepted thinking of the day.
    The drive to GET and become ‘more than’ is indebting us under a tyrannous thinking – which is essentially blind to life.

  • The ‘front man’ might be the one making the decisions, or they may be walled in and handled by an inner circle or even be a knowing actor puppet to powers that confer protection and privilege.

    The political sideshow has always been a sideshow, and the methods of deceit have always been employed to capture and direct the mind of the demos by the hieros.

    The idea of ‘rule by consent’ is close to the idea of aligning in the law of love. The giving of consent to a deceit is the giving away of power to an illusion of power. This can also work in giving away power to the illusion of protection to a perceived and believed threat.

    Consenting choice is a result of an informed decision, and so the information relating to the outcomes of such a decision have to be clearly appreciated.

    The capacity to give consent is the capacity to listen or receive and hold information – that includes relational qualities as well as what we usually use information to refer to.

    Purpose aligns the forms of meaning that are accepted in the mind. When conflicting ‘identities’ fight for the mind, it splits into the conserving of the ‘little that remains’ and the escape from the pain and fear of such a conflicted state. Perhaps to a sense of a golden age that the sense of LOSS implies was once, but which was denied, or deprived by this or that facet of a larger pattern that is never allowed to be brought to light as a whole.

  • Is the handle a psyop – ?
    The dropping of the ‘identity bomb’ works as if – or as much as if it were intended to divide.
    ‘Handles’ are identities and leverages upon or set over a sense of threat of lack.
    Words with original true meanings are masked in to pass off as real and thus devalued.
    Meanings that drift from a truly shared recognition become like fake money; a currency of exchange that floats as if apart and outside the world as truly lived. Derivatives of derivatives are like fragmenting identity fragmentation of split minded evasion from; What Is; Truly Current; Now or Always 😉

    Noticing the current active investment in being ‘This’ or ‘anti-That’ is the instant of opportunity for expansion to an embracing perspective – if that is what you want. If a habitual action or reaction is indeed your current choice, then re-evaluation it has only made more conscious your appreciation of freedom to accept or choose. But when the reaction is in a sense of persistent or repetitive negative outcomes, the re-evaluation of acquired beliefs and identifications, is within the desire for a better or more coherent outcome – and I feel that that is the difference between replicating ‘head stuff’ as a self-reinforcing habit, and identifying habits that call to be re-evaluated because there is something true being denied by something false being accepted in its place.
    The idea of changing the mind is actually part of the freedom that Mind Is. But the idea of forcing change on the mind is the origin of the belief that you have become something ELSE, different, and split off from – BY the investment and identification in WANTING to live such a ‘changed’ experience. The desire for a true peace of unconflicted self and world, is different from wishful thinking, because it is the stirring of a recognition that the current ‘reality’ is not true, valid or ultimately ‘real’ despite it being part of our current reality experience – as feedback to what we are thinking and desiring, now (perhaps as old habits that seem to run tyrannous to our sense of subjection).

  • A captured opposition does not have to know it is running as such. The way the mind-slavery works, is under the belief it is freedom.

    Mind-capture is a ‘system’ of usurpation of the true will, by a mind of conflict. Working from a mind conflicted is a kind of locked up entanglement with shadow self.

    We live in true being – even if we be-lieve in a false becoming and do not know we live in true being. Because we wanted to be different than we are – by whatever ‘ruse’.

    In the defending of what we think to have become under the conditions of such a sense of loss and the attempt to limit loss, is the control mentality that is innately blind to what we are.

    Fighting it, is feeding it, so I seek truth outside the frame of all such thinking. A truth I recognize I have not manufactured.
    Seeking freedom by standing in it – any way or in any way, may seem like a fight, but I believe that aligning with the true and free desire of our being is not strain at all. The ‘defences’ arrayed against such a clear seeing may be deeply laid, but no less undone by true recognition given allegiance.

    If an illusion operated instead of true. its undoing would be the witnessing to truth and not the focus in the false as the wish to eradicate or fix it. Both of which persist the reinforcement of the illusion as true.

    Obviously a continuity of self-recognition is the process of shifting perspectives over time as a result of experience. The mutually exclusive polarity is the split of a sense of self. We are familiar with the experience of a split sense of self.

    The experience of a reintegrative self appreciation is of a different order. Perhaps Big Brother et al, play an unwitting role in the eventual recognition of who we are NOT and what can never work in terms of a truly shared self appreciation?

    Would buying into self illusion be a ‘total’ experience of self-distortion even if it maintained itself as a shifting in and out of the various roles and facets of such a self and world?

  • Defining (new) disorder/disease can be a way of masking true causes when the facts would convict or disempower vested interests.
    Health is wholeness. Loss of alignment in health is imbalance, division, conflict. suppression, inflammation – all of which can be associated in terms of toxicity, malnutrition and the polarisation in sickness or conflict management as a subjection or dependency on external power.
    The ‘art’ of masking or manipulating reality also then becomes the business of gaining, maintaining or aligning (surviving) in the terms of external power.
    In direct experiential terms, health is an aligning in true presence or wholeness of being. The ‘mind’ of investment in external power is the mind of masking off feared truth in forms of division, conflict, suppression etc that operate a strategy for persisting in the untrue while minimising or hiding and redefining consequence. Truth lived is not truth conceptualised and fought over.
    The nature of a lie is to multiply, because to protect it, demands ever greater sacrifice of true.
    So in some sense I see the behaviours and the underlying ideas that result in such a world as a ‘patient’ or a state of imbalance and lack, seeking out inappropriately to resolve its sense of lack in external terms – such as possession, domination and private gratifications.
    The learning and teaching of a separate self sense of private and masked agenda is the psychic emotional structure of consciousness as we have conditioned or habituated to operate almost automatically as a second nature. But wholeness is not relating to a private body-bagged mind-defence in a world of manipulatable dead stuff, but to the true of relational being.
    So indeed zombies or golems are the necessary support for the playing out of ‘god-like’ power over a world unlike. Except this idea of god is a projection of what our thinking made of ‘power’ in the wish to have it for our self alone.
    What is thought-disorder but self-isolation under illusion of the power to interject judge?
    That humanity is under such a ‘spell’ is the mutually agreed focus in its effects rather than self-awareness of the ‘word’ or definitions and beliefs that go forth to create the perception and experience.

    So one thing that occurs to me is the a longstanding and deep rooted ‘conditioning’ is being brought to self-awareness in the nature of the ‘disintegration’ of a coherent world. The old way is for society to dump its fears and hates on scapegoats, or people without a voice, the disempowered, the weak and divided, the pharmakoi.

    ‘Survival of the fittest’ with no sense of what fitness is for, and what ‘fitting into’ means, except power hierarchy of a fear-based survivalism. If that which does not belong is interjected into wholeness, awareness of wholeness is lost to the ‘power struggle’ of a sense of division – as if it can be won, or makes sense to engage in.

    So although the common cultural changes directly associated with transnational corporate-technological dominance/suckling are indeed destructive to health and to consciousness that aligns in health, the core pattern of a manipulative deceit running in place of true relation goes back to our our beginnings, and in a sense can be seen as the driver of human culture as the embodiment of developing a subjective or virtual human consciousness. The idea of waking from the ‘Matrix’ of subjective delusion, is no different than Plato’s Cave, as the willingness and readiness to look at or notice our thought rather than run the habit-experience of reacting as if true. The relation of thought to experience is critical to wholeness of being. We are responsible for the thought we act from as accepted true and do stand in the consequence of our choices – however we may assign cause to externals – that at a deeper level are also interpreted and learned reaction.

    The idea of healing is an individual acceptance of a relational being. The idea of judgment is a private or withheld mind of a sense of lack arising from mutual agreement to see (interpret) life differently than it is.

    Magical solutions have to be sought to maintain magical beliefs – and invested with forceful intensity to pass off as true – while masking the cost of truth onto false flagged diversions.

  • Yes a socialist ‘face’ is used to front end a back-end system of control or ‘sickness management’ that is corporately implemented by a sort of corporate socialism – in the sense of combination as transnational cartel interest – aka fascism.

    I personally don’t care to identify in or against isms of any face. Systems of control arise from a breakdown of communication as if to limit loss, but actually operate the perpetuation of the communication breakdown.

    Ideas have logical outcomes to their premise and insane or self-defeating ideas lawfully unfold self-defeating outcomes.

    That the will has no say in outcome, is a result of running a false will.
    If I see a world of disempowerment and debt, is it reflective of my own ‘inner governance’?

    Possession of a private sense of self defends against threat of loss.
    The joining of separate privates as if to regain power of Life, is backwards. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men could not do it.
    First. notice, own and release the false and disempowering sense of ‘control’ enough or in the moment of some willingness to let the power of Life move you to join in all that is already true by embodying it in your own life.

    You cannot make another’s choices for them – unless you are the parent of carer for one unable to make certain levels of choice – but you can extend the power of choice to them instead of the role of victim – even in compassion for the suffering under a collective from which we have not yet integrated.

    What is the private claim or assertion to being? Is it a naked emperor? However, I am willing to extend a privacy in honouring the living of others like myself. I have no desire to interject in what is not my business, (or choice), and that empowers me to legitimately deny access to interjections to the choice that is given me to accept as true of me. But not to negatively empower the thought I do not accept as a basis to act or live from.

    Fixation in the possession of a world is itself a form of being ‘possessed’ by a loss of true feeling-awareness, or presence.

  • to Frank Blankenship below;

    Lawlessness of corrupted law calls for correction.
    Is the intent to abolish the root of thought disorder? No one CAN act alone, but the wish for and belief in self-autonomy IS the idea of ‘separateness’ as salvation, power and protection from feared Self.

    Separated fragments seek to join together for power, but integrated wholes are ALREADY joined. The motivation for reintegration to Self is not any attempt to get power or wield it to force change upon others or world. But the always changing world reflects an integrated or disintegrated meaning according to the purpose you accept and therefore share. But the ‘get’ of power is not truly shared, for getting is not receiving or giving but ‘self-special or self-apart’.

    So while I understand your desire to correct a system that is blind to its false foundations and destructive outcomes, I see the need for uncovering true foundation and giving witness to integrative or healing outcomes, rather than focussing upon error as the justification for outrage in hurt, hate and vengeance.

    Can the hateful extend the witness that ‘changes hearts and minds’ or rather, extends the love and worth that wakes them from the false allegiance?

    Acting as a combination of alone-nesses is still a dis-integrity to the quality of love as integrated and unified purpose and desire. But it can be a very persuasive illusion by which to successfully evade a true intimacy – or the self-honesty of recognizing intimacy as associated with the root of fear.

    I am in support of being the change, and this can share many of the forms of fighting for change – but the purpose is rooted in being and not in reaction to grievance. Shallow roots are easily uprooted, manipulated and conflicted. Opening to true is not apart from living this day well, in the moment of its being. The ‘mind’ can make model-mappings of reality and get lost in them as if to go out of true being.
    No one can leave the Mind that created them. True being is not rejecting of all that it is, and this is a wordless knowing of embrace that the rejecting mind ‘mapped out’.
    What if evil is an experience-outcome of a false identification and not an actual presence or power capable of acting alone?

  • I feel likewise but add that my sense of the error is in ‘looking UP’ from a sense of disempowerment to any ‘expertise’ as the wish for a magical solution.
    There may be helpful perspectives from anyone else to consider, before arriving at a conscious decision.

    So what comes up writing this is the lack of an education (in its true sense of ‘leading out’ the unfoldment of the being) in that quality of self-worth that is ‘equal’ to its situation – that is a capacity to meet what ‘is’ from a truly open presence.

    That may sound a tall order, but I hold we need not walk taller than we are but nor crouch or cower. The sense of being overwhelmed and then unsupported or disconnected is traumatic and leads to the seeking of allies, protectors and powers – and thus to the giving away of power in the very act of seeking it.

    Insofar as my (non drug) relationship with pain – on all levels and in different ways, I have sought and found willingness to be with, open to and notice within it. All of this is more of a letting than a getting – and is opposite to the thinking of the world.

    If we make a mistake – ie under blind doctoring, then fully owning our own part is the ability to release it. I am not here to live the doctor’s life, but my own – and this includes my relationship with everyone in my life – including those I associate with harm. However, I do not want to use them to hold onto what I no longer want or need to carry around. And so I release them from what I made of them – and not from the consequences of their actions.
    If we are not ready to ‘move on’ then we are still seeking meanings in what is past and holding them in place of our presence as if they have to be sorted out before we get our life back.
    I am reminded – and if its only a story let the story serve – that Jesus called now, not in a minute, not after sorting anything else out. The call to joy is before a thought – but if we are so invested in our thought, and its reinforcing emotional and physical experience – then we have no perspective upon it, and no opening to receive that perspective.
    I am not attempting to dismiss our experience but to invite opening perspective on the complex of thought, emotion and sensation that is ‘simplified’ under a narrative continuity.
    If we were to ‘treat with’ or relate to the health or wholeness of being that may not have yet found a true education in bringing forth and sharing in being, rather than overlook the being in ‘treating ‘ a diagnosed case’ or judged mechanism to manipulate, then even if there were symptoms and potential courses of action that may help, they would be offered as choices to the capacity to make choices. The therapist may have the liability of wanting to change the patient, and the patient may have the liability of wanting to get rid of their condition without having to change, but in any moment of genuine relationship, a perspective opens to undo both of being unconscious drives and so more comes onto the table instead of being hid or held non-negotiable – and here is the dance of willingness. As far as I am concerned a therapist could be any other moment of human relationship and not necessarily an ‘official’ helper. The desire to help can often be a desire to feel better about ourself and so the focus is away from that we do not face, accept and integrate within ourself while presuming to ‘help’ others. But in any moment of true communication, the gift goes both ways as one – but different in form.
    To wait until we are ‘perfect’ before engaging in relationship is no relationship at all, or to be someone who no one else can relate to.

    So I hold that we teach what we learn and of course learn from our own demonstration. Practicing the art of relationship is inherently transformative to anything we think we (or anyone else) should be.
    The idea of getting from another is the idea of ‘being had’.
    But receiving from another is the idea of being held, seen or known

    Pain can also be a way of shutting off what we fear more. Or of holding us in a purpose or discipline we would not otherwise hold. Whatever patterns of similarity in form may be found, each is unique and thus no one else can know you better than you do, but they may be able to reach to you with your own knowing as a result of holding, seeing and being with you. Just as a cat or dog may respond immediately and naturally to the psychic need of its ‘own’.

    There IS a field of relational being that we can align in, but not as a personal sense of authority. Our author is not our own thinking, but our thinking can assign and receive ‘authoritative’ meanings. Do we ‘treat thought’ or rather do we notice, thoughts from a perspective that embraces rather than rejects?

    Thought disorder – as I see it – is where thought conflicts with being, by being given power to substitute for being and generating incoherent experience or meaninglessness of conflicting and contradictory ‘meanings’.
    But in terms of a social or collective attempt to impose order upon thought-disorder, it is used as a collectively reinforced expression of social control.

    This has developed to the idea of a controlling identity that gains such control by inducing thought disorder as its own supply and subsistence.

    The fear of our being is the mind of belief we have to manually override it as a controlling identity. In this we hurt, burden and exhaust ourselves.

  • matt – yes I nearly mentioned Sheldrake etc.

    Science as dogma is something Sheldrake ver politely illuminates.

    Science as the desire and willingness to uncover the already true is very different from the narrative control or groupthink arising from institutional and corporate investment. Defending the model against the reality is a world in which; “Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality”. (Michael Ellner).

    Science as a human cultural development is unaware of its own psychic emotional denials – and yet denials always come home because we cannot get rid of who we are and nor need we attempt to do so.
    The mind of define, predict and control is a useful tool to specific purposes but as the basis for understanding or living – is a basis for the nightmare that is enacted under ‘scientific thinking’.

    The mind of science is never outside or apart from what it defines, and predictable or consistent within its own model, and thus seeming to gain power by separating from a living relationship and manipulating mechanism as part of the extension of the idea of life as mechanism. So of course all that is ‘uncovered’ is in terms of mechanism. The idea that cause is mechanism and we are merely an effect is the uncovering of the mind of the manipulator. For we find what we are looking for. Technologism is the replacement of science with owned and controlled utility – masked in terms of advancing the human good.

    The investment in the model is so pervasive to our reality construct that to truly address any part of the tares would be to rip up the crop they grow with. And so ‘too big to fail’ operates the persistence of unchecked evils that seem the lesser or the necessary price for survival in terms of the ‘model’ or current reality paradigm.

    So I disinvest my heart allegiance or any ‘captured’ attention to the god of ‘order’ at any price – including of course genocide and eco-cide, and align in a true appreciation.

  • For my part take psychiatry out of the state apparatus – excepting as the law protects us from abduction, human experimentation fraud, violence etc
    So if you wish to employ a therapist of any kind, you are free to do so.

    I say the same for ‘medicine’ because a regulatory protected Pharma cartel monopoly has usurped ‘medicine’ and as a glance at the global reach and influence of state ‘medicine’ is employed as a weapon or means of control.

    I cannot abolish anything out there – but I can and do ‘walk away’ from or leave unsupported or disregarded anything that I uncover false in myself as a willingness to align in true. In that sense I feel the ‘medicine’ more in the sense of the strengthening support for life and not the system of manual interventions that override and make dependent upon being managed.

    Living other choices creates new pathways and structures. Fighting old choices is a way of persisting in feeding them.

    Perhaps the last straw is not that which unleashes an eruption, but that which short circuits the persistence of thinking about what we don’t want as the active embrace of what we do. Perhaps we are so engaged in what we don’t want that we cannot find what we truly want – except in terms of what it is NOT?

    I want freedom from coercion – but that is never going to come from needing to changing other people – though of course they are free to do so – and more so perhaps when not feeling unseen, attacked and demanded of?

    But that negatively expressed freedom is really the freedom to love. I want the freedom to know, share and be known in the being of life – and so I recognize I have to give what I would receive. And that means a deeper honesty to my receptive and perceptive capacity.

  • As I see it the theorist ‘sees’ a situation in terms of chemical imbalance and then the technician makes it true by the ‘treatment’ (that various parties profit from and also gain power by). The desensitised or oversensitized brain symptom is then assigned to further development of the ‘illness’, requiring further ‘treatment’. And the rebalancing and regenerating process of no longer manipulating such sensitivities is extremely challenging, though I sense for some – a few – it facilitates a crash course in self-knowledge.

    In regard to ‘abolishing psychiatry’ I recalled the very short story by Ursula Le Guin; “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” (4 pages) google or

  • Rachel777 – he did not choose to embrace a life in which he could no longer do what he loved in the way that he loved. Many lose what they love and perhaps live on in loss, bitterness and unwillingness to embrace what is – in its own terms – but see only a world that denies them or reflects back loss.
    It is said that one cant teach an old dog new tricks and this generally holds true. To ‘die’ in life to what was and ‘reincarnate’ in what is here to engage and embrace – is hardly comfortable and so we either wait to die or use death as the door out of pain and pain of loss.
    After losing my eldest the family was in great distress for some time. My second eldest is ‘handicapped’ in various ways that include her mind, but at one point she said very directly, “we didn’t want Ellie to die but she did”. This – if you can hear it – goes to the heart we invest in this life in the world.
    When what we deeply and truly want is cut, broken shattered – WE feel cut broken and shattered.
    ‘You cant always get what you want’ – in the way that you want it – but ‘his true love has flown into every flower grown’. This is to say that I see that we are in some sense being weaned of attachment to the forms or conditionality in which our love is set, as part of re-opening to a more embracing underlying truth. In my sense of life, no willingness is wasted and experience is in its time and timing, healed or released to an embrace. I believe it may also be that we can try to bite off more than we can chew. No one can judge the life or choices of another. Even if we are think that we can and believe it.

  • “I wonder if you also consider anti-war movements to be grounded in negativity.”

    Yes I do!

    Analysis and strategy are war-minded in terms of an already fragmented perception resulting from already warring thought systems battling for your mind. Except what you truly are does not ‘fight’ illusions so much as shine them away. And so in order to have an ‘enemy’ to fight against, the truth is substituted for by idol, symbol, image and concept. “Fight for peace, freedom, democracy, equality, God, and end to cancer, protection from farts and other sources of CO2, asteroid attacks, aliens, illegals or WHATEVER – but DON’T CUT MY BUDGET!

    The intuitive/intellectual is not an ‘EITHER/OR’ but a BOTH/AND. So in the engaging of the use of the mind they both work together unless artificially separated to maintain an artificially separate sense of self and world. If the problem you want to analyse and resolve is already a definition of the WAY YOU ARE SEEING , then you can use the problem to reveal the answer. But if you are called to war without even knowing you had another CHOICE – then you are already framed in the terms that the problem sets. Thus the defining of the true need has to be from a truly honest appreciation of what is – and not a phishing ruse by which you are switched to a stolen identity.

    The attempt to escape or overcome is the way we lose consciousness of what actually is for a mistaken or misidentified sense of self and reality.
    Living from the intent to escape and evade negative outcomes is a substitution for living the desire and appreciation of what you truly are. It carries the feared or hated past with it while believing it is becoming free or fighting for freedom from it and so it is a futile and impossible ‘problem’ that only changes form but never shall be ‘solved’ because it is not here unless you bring it with you. This of course goes beneath the surface mind because our ‘triggers’ are usually hidden or pushed from conscious minding (as if escaped).

    So I look at the framing definitions of everything that I might otherwise react to as if TRUE in the terms it presents. And if clarifying and helpful to my appreciation of sanity in myself and others, I reframe into positive or integrative terms.
    The integrative movement of being may be felt to be a guide and support to sane appreciation – even of insane set ups.

    The either/or is the jealous god of judgement over life. “Either you are with us against the terrorists or against us, and with them!”

    I do not care to ‘join in hate’ regardless of the terror symbols employed. And if I find by loss of peace that I have been so ‘triggered to react’ then I immediately desist from feeding the fire and seek an active willingness to ‘choose anew’ in alignment with a wholeness of being – rather than struggle under or within a misframed sense of self and life. There is no real joining in hate – no matter how ‘holy’ the cause seems in contrast to its opposition. Joining is in love, honouring, acknowledging and extending of true witness from a sense of honouring our self rather than ‘treating it’ as a sickness or a sin. This simply is not what the personality level allows – but it can be retrained to serve another purpose.

  • Ok but the choice to eat junk food and toxic drugs – perhaps as a choice to ‘trust’ experts and go with the flow of a herd being pharmed is a MENTAL condition that I see as a LACK of awareness of choice under a ‘mind-capture’ to all sorts of human conditioning.

    I share the use of quotes around ‘treating mental illness’.
    WHO decides who and what is ‘sick’?

    But I back up further in my belief that all sickness truly stems from psychic or ‘mental’ cause that takes many forms but is always the theme of divide and rule. I generally see it as ‘divide and rule OUT’ because division, conflict, struggle, war, all rule out the peace in which what is true is knowing and being known. Discernment is lost to judgement of others and world, and so we then coalesce or coagulate into ‘judgements of reality’ that are all forms of power struggle.
    The wish to assign psychic attributes to physical things is a world perceived and be-lived as such, and the demand that psychic conflicts be outsourced, or hidden by diversion and distraction to a physical world, others or body is an extension of the same idea of mind BECOMING physical – rather than mind as the communication of purpose THROUGH the vehicle of form.

    While there are those who share a definition of mental dis-ease as a physically caused condition – rather than a (physically and emotionally reinforced condition), they will ‘meet’ in treating and being treated in such a framework.

    The reintegration of the physical to the psychic-emotional is what I might call the Spiritual – but I don’t have to call it a name to call for a true alignment from a recognition I am ‘out of my peace’.

    I see a great fear of the psychic emotional and a blindness to the Spiritual – that is the integrated expression of unified purpose, in the determination to lock down into the physical and ‘manage the sickness’ so as to push it down and out of ‘mind’ – by ‘seeing it outside or in physical terms’.

    Voodoo of negative belief or indeed diagnosis can and does sicken and kill. It can also ‘capture’ those seeking protection from greater fears.
    Health at the cellular level is nothing to do with the framework of sickness management – and is a communication of wholeness to Itself in all its parts.
    So the remembering of what had seemed dismembered is a basis for better or more health aligned choices at all levels of our consciousness.

    It doesn’t have to be either/or and the restoring of awareness and appreciation for wholeness of being is a highly individualised or unique offering to a ‘universal journey’. All facets serve the restoring of wholeness to all parts of one purpose.

    Because the ‘physically framed mind’ has its own use of terms, the meanings I intend may not come through, but being Is, and awareness of being creates along the line of its knowing Itself in all that it is. In an exclusive identifiction of a physical mind (oxymoron/doublespeak alert!), the either/or mind divides and rules (out) as the god of judgement.
    IE If your believe to ‘know’ you are undeserving of love, by your own conviction, then nothing of love will be allowed where you are.
    But we do not ‘know’ ourself in division – except through a distorting mind-lens of opposition and reversal. To live as if the physical form is cause to (framing and defining) the mind that created it. Because we WANTED to assign power outside our self and be-live the experience.
    If the game is no longer worth the candle then is the answer to snuff the candle or to alight in something truly joyful, meaningful or resonant with who I know and feel to be – (regardless the craziness that may scream or shout and shake about) – but as a willingness in the moment of noticing – and not as a set-up to fail …and fail and fail again.

  • Noticing the phrase – ‘go out of their minds’ – gave me a pause.
    Of course the shorthand is a meaning that is exchanged perhaps without ever considering what we mean.

    I see the ability to hold focus in the world – both the social constructs of mores and norms and the fundamental focus in the body or physical sense as a purposeful balancing act within a greater mind, similar in some sense to that my Mac CAN run software that emulates a different hardware chip- from which to then run programs – ie old Nintendo games, that cannot run directly on the hardware/software.

    In some sense projecting my awareness into this text box virtual conversation is also a specific focus through limitations that become invisible to me in the act OF sharing.

    So ‘what’ goes out of our (or their) minds?
    Or is it that minding goes out of focus and therefore balance relative to the sense of the specific ‘consciousness’ or construct through which we have this particular experience?

    The ‘mind in the body’ idea is like to identification with image or indeed facebook persona. If facebook were to manipulate its code of hidden rules it could distort the communication or of course block it from any meaningful outcome, while the ‘mind in the body’ tries to make meaning in terms of its ‘face in the game’.

    So without focusing on the specific case of insanity by toxic mercury accumulation, I wonder if ‘going out’ of our mind-in-its-body isn’t the NATURAL order of expansion – and the issue is an inability to ‘come back in’ or regain and hold the balance of the ‘ego’ consciousness or personality construct.

    Communication breakdown ‘within’ will reflect in experience ‘out there’. The body in and of itself is not invulnerable to being broken. But the idea of a broken or even split mind can use the body as the symbol of its existence AS a power that can split (judge) and be ‘judged’ (found or experienced or assigned ‘broken’).

    Letting Mind in to what seems a separate or segregated sense of self, is not really a going ‘out’ so much as an expanded perspective. Perhaps to other facets of being, that were ‘unconscious’ and remain untranslatable or out of synch with the life focus of self-in-the-world – and that can induce fear of dislocation that then finds self-reinforcement, or perhaps to an expansion of awareness in which it is obvious there can be no such ‘self’ as a thing in itself, and this can then seem like the threat of non-existence rather than recognition of inherent Self Existence as an ‘always’.

    Bio diversity is a signature of one holding many within itself and the many holding one as their unique part in the whole. Creation – as I see it, is out of a wholeness that gives itself to all that it is. In the freedom to experience going out of our Mind’, as if we could, is the expression and creation of a world ‘outside’ a split off mind. If we can then seem to get stuck or lost or taken over by such an ‘mad hat’ adventure, is the waking release from it a willingness to embrace it in a new way?

    If our life were a virtual hat experience, the last thing we would consider is taking the hat off while engaged in our experience. Releasing the insistence that everything must change for me to be who I truly am, is the willingness to re-member and re-cognize facets of myself that played out all kinds of roles to a sense of ‘get and threat’. Because this is at first often and in many ways very uncomfortable, I cannot do this without the grace of willingness which cannot be coerced and still be freely and truly willing. So living the willingness we have, appreciates the true for being lived and in some sense shared, because letting in, is opening to relationship, whatever forms that that takes.
    Relationship is perhaps the key, because true relation simply is, but being ‘out of true’ reacts to what isn’t – as if it is. Is coming back into our ‘right’ mind simply coming back ‘online’ as the presence of being, or even, release of the sense of ever having truly been ‘out’?

    The linear mind misses the moment at hand because it is intent on getting or being somewhere else. But enjoying the journey is the art of being. Is that insulting and offensive to the hate and rage that demands acceptance from a pain of denied being? Perhaps it must seem so, but at some point are we not each and all in a quandary of ‘self acceptance’ of ourselves as we are – which has to also embrace where we are currently ‘at’ – rather than embody the demands of a sense being locked into pain or locked out of joy?
    If we give magical power to things outside of us, we will be subject to what we have given power to. Humanity does this collectively – so it is more than our personal consciousness – but where else do we start?
    Extending appreciation is not seeking to ‘get’ something in return and those who seek to ‘get’ by masking in such terms do not justify sacrificing our joy to allay their fears.

  • +bcharris Thx – I also read that Napoleon took micro doses of mercury every day as an antidote to enable the body to be less vulnerable to being killed by poison – and that this was common practice in those who had reason to fear such attacks.

    And that mercury aka quicksilver – was a purge used by physicians of the ‘heroic intervention’ to drive out the disease condition, (ie fight fire with fire) and the ‘quicks’ was a nickname that morphed to ‘quacks’.

    Vaccinations have mostly switched to aluminium from thimerosal now but the injecting of heavy metals into infant and children’s bloodstream in formulations that go through the blood brain barrier is a similar magic – where we attempt to pre-empt a feared outcome by doing it to ourselves first, but hopefully in a more limited form. (Of course the ‘we’ is a collective generalisation’. People do it to other people – mostly before they are able to make an informed choice.

    All these are different relations with toxicity. An unwitting exposure, the attack and defence strategy of toxins as weapons, and our social organisation and identity under such thinking.

    Exposure to toxins AND the lack of conditions (nutrients etc) for the body to rebalance, clear or protect itself from them (ie by encapsulation), can and does have all the signs of disease. So much so that I tend to see this as the outer nature of disease – where even actually ‘infectious’ biota only find a host as a result of matching conditions and may serve a healing role if properly nursed.
    The inner nature of disease is our not knowing who we are or how to be – and so being out of timing and out of our right mind and nature such to go forth from an imbalance and multiply it. This is currently an area of human expertise.
    Nutrition and gut health, sunlight, nature and joy – all serve the undoing of the toxic mindset. Blasting or toxifying it as if to eradicate it, only feeds it – but in the dark. This is the terrible self-realisation that incoming light reveals, but it is the light in which to choose NO MORE to do so, but to yield ‘power’ for a true foundation, and that is an alignment IN health rather than presuming to be the bringer, provider or protector OF health for others ‘seen’ in sickness and so not really seen or met at all.

  • Human thinking tends to see the ‘thing’ and miss the context of which the ‘thing’ is a partial expression. And so deal with a world in pieces instead of beholding a world in peace.
    So the cell – rather than being a prison, is a whole within a communication of wholeness for all cells are in instant communication of a body as one.
    Doing what came naturally was replaced by unnatural thinking and so of course unnatural behaviours such that we deprive ourself and each other of all that we are at all levels of our being – in a gesture of self contraction because when not ‘at home’ in our true awareness of naturally being, a sense of disconnect armours and operatives as if a separate cell must think all by itself and do, manage and survive all by itself.

    The mind that acts out from such thinking has emotional results that then condition and teach the mind that it IS the body while body sensation and emotional state reflect a total reinforcement to the mind that thinks.
    Letting light into a darkness is letting the dark be undone by the light – and in this sense light is a true cell and self awareness that given willingness over time, rehabilitates and reintegrates that which seems to have the power to block, oppose, deny or refuse its own healing wholeness of being.

    My impulse on writing was to invite not separating the brain from the whole of you and putting the ‘problem’ there but opening a relationship to cell body and the felt quality of life that is inherent rather than added.
    It is the ‘unnatural thinking’ that was ‘added’ and the relax or release of such a gesture is the release of the condition that blocks the movement of being that wells up from within like a cup that runneth over. Well being. Happiness can be very quiet and yet pervasive – as if ‘inside everything that is’. And then the mind interjects and it seems like ‘I’ve lost it’ and that the cause for losing it is my problem and maybe ‘someone else’s fault’. But what if it is tuning into a lack fear and problem channel is simply tuning out from our peace?

    Desire is the most fundamental power for change. Putting all kinds of conditions on what form it must take can be a way of setting rules and filters that don’t actually allow the desire to grow its fulfilment.

  • Anti-psych forces are anti-life.
    You mean anti-psychiatry?
    Everyone who defines themselves as ‘anti-anything’ takes sides in a war that cant be won.
    But in shorthand to be against a criminal or hateful way of thinking and behaving is surely to be FOR a lawful and loving way of thinking and behaving?
    Or the ‘anti’ simply ups the ante, by providing the supporting role to the thing it says it hates by giving it negative attention. Then the psychiatrist is justified in clinging to their model by the lawless and hateful behaviours of those who seek to undermine them? No?
    I am not suggesting hurt and rage are not felt – but that they are not a legitimate basis from which to choose to act, but are of course the basis of revenge and self vindication upon the bringing down or affliction of the wrongdoer – or the symbolic scapegoat for the wrongdoer.

    The split mind between revenge or rehabilitation and healing is our inability to establish justice.

  • Mad Hatter
    It was a heavy metal – either lead or mercury – catnt recall which.

    But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
    “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
    “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
    “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.
    ~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

  • My first experience of freedom was a total paralysis.
    Freedom is For Something – but because I did not know what I was For or indeed Of, I had no purpose or direction and thus no sense of my ‘self’ as I had learned in captivity. (World).

    I agree that many ‘treatments’ are merely destructive to the capacity to function – but that in fear of chaotic and ‘out of control’ thoughts, behaviours and outcomes, an ‘overcontrol’ operates to shut down function. This is like suppressing the symptoms to drive the conflict issue deeper, as if to have got rid of it, but merely changing forms in more complex disguises.
    Some measure of inhibition of unwanted or feared behaviour may be helpful and needed – but the way in which this is met is the underlying communication of either being embraced and held, or being unseen, rejected and denied.

    For myself, I accept that what happens to me happens for me – but at a deeper level than the meanings I made. This is to say I hold to freedom to be in the purpose I choose and accept regardless what arises. If my purpose is a willingness to learn and find healing for myself and that extending this is the way to have it, then I am no longer in the purpose of looking for what is wrong with me, or anyone else. But rather in a sense of being open to seeing and being from a freedom from judgement.

    Reich was considered extremely dangerous in what he was bringing through to the establishment of his day, and not merely pseudoscience for the gullible – although one can be a gullible imitator of anything, true or false.

    There are many approaches to healing that are denied and destroyed because their acceptance would undermine the structure of reality as is believed, be-lived and maintained – regardless that to do so is a dedication to sickness, conflict and limitation.

    But the true context of any healing from fear is the restoring of the capacity to love – not as the manipulative mimicry the world uses in substitution, but as a real relationship re-cognized and restored. This is as true within our ‘self’ as between ourselves.

    If the fear is such as to shut the mind off from even the possibility of communication, then ways to allay fear have to be found that are still serving the goal of restoring health to the degree that can be accepted without fear – but via a period of retreat and reflection.

    When those who are supposed to have followed the call to heal are themselves too sick to recognize a call FOR help in others AS THEIR OWN, then they teach sickness by the attempts to ‘treat it’ instead of teaching health by the willingness to learn it.

    Finding a shared and common interest is not the recognized desire of those who seek power or are afraid to lose it or be exposed in a sense of lack. This is as true of ‘patient’ as it is of ‘therapist’.

    Freedom and responsibility are two facets of one being. To deny freedom to the growing in responsibility is the arrest of development and to give or take freedoms before there is a degree of responsibility to live them is to invite the consequences of not being able to embrace or balance in the experience thus opened – or perhaps, a crash course in chaos.

    The idea of freedom to get or become what you want only to find you did not really want it, is a disillusionment, but disillusionment is another form of illusion because to truly be dis-illusioned would be awake in truth. The attempt to become special or outdo others is a symptom of a lack of genuine self appreciation – as a result of a lack of love in our formative years.

    Many who ‘lose their handle on their world’ have been trying to become someone they are not or unable to find a way to be who they are.
    One response to such a learning failure is to cling on to the pain of denied or rejected, abandoned or failed self, and ‘kill’ or escape the pain-world by leaving it – and leaving their withdrawal to the lives of those in whom they live.
    A stitch in time saves nine is to the effect that prevention is more timely and powerful than ‘heroic attempts to treat the consequence of destructive habits of choice, allowed to run unchecked because they are socially normal, or rather, the sickness of a society unwilling to look within and learn or grow from its mistakes.

  • Life energy can also be un-lovingly expressed, in fantasy acted out upon a body. This is dehumanising of self and other as the corruption or usurping of power that is love’s extension, recognition and shared being.
    That applies to any relational situation, not just sexual communication.

    The fantasy of escaping guilt in scientifically sanctioned sex is itself a fantasy fulfilment. Guilt is the dissonant undercurrent to any state self-illusion, not as a punishment, but as a feedback to the fact of NOT being in one’s Right mind and therefore fully present.

    The wish to persist in self illusion can reinterpret dissonance as an intrusion or limiting sense of deprivation for what it wants and so make an enemy of its own FEEDBACK under captivity to its own self-illusion.

    That was in response to the equating of Life and Love with energy to be exploited – or indeed discharged and emptied rather than truly gifted in the spirit it is received.

    As for Reich, I have a great respect for his willingness to stand in and persist in what he be-lieved to be freedom and discovery.

    He could be said to have ‘come to soon’ but that is seemingly true of all who challenge the Establishment of their day.

    Our first attempts to walk may fail in the achievement while growing the potential. So Life as the energy of desire, passion and fulfilment does embrace sexual communication. But is not limited or bound to the physical sense. So I see that some take lives that are greatly supported from ‘within’ in shaping the human experience. Much that has been truly given has not yet found willing acceptance, but remains within us, to our capacity to recognize and receive it.

    The inhibition of the life force in self-destructive intent is not wrong.
    But anything done lovelessly in reaction will teach and learn a sense of ‘wrongness’, rather than learning from a mis-taken sense of self.

    I see that the ‘resist ye not evil’ is the key to right mindedness (not self-righteousness!) because in reaction to hate in like kind, we enact the very thing we thought to eradicate or ‘cure’.

    Feeling Life as an energetic communication of being (Being!) is our true and natural Inherence. Not getting in our own way, is the art of balance within all that is, rather than attempt to impose an ideal ‘balance’ upon anything perceived and believed to be getting in our own way.

    The feedback to ‘getting in our own way’ is an experience of block, division, struggle, adversity and threat. And so the idea of pausing from reaction, becoming still, and reconnecting to a wholeness of being, as a basis from which to align rather than react, is not coercive upon us, but is the willingness to find another way of seeing (and) being. The fulfilment of things aligning naturally is not driven to a climax – but a true appreciation for being – which is not centripetal or for getting, but expansive, radiant and automatically or unselfconsciously giving.
    When we ‘get out of our own way’, we know who we are by what lives through us and is reflected in a healed perception.
    The mind will attempt to come back in – and noticing that is the key.
    The alignment of energies and qualities to self-awareness is in some sense the shifting from a sense of self consciousness. I see this as an unfolding in willingness one step at a time from a sense of ‘control’, that is now recognized to be getting in the way rather than helping, and so the pause or stillness of a reconnection within being. Instead of running on old habit of thinking.

  • The story or pulling and pushing goes way back when but its industrialisation as a deceit could be introduced with Nujol and Rockefeller.

    BTW the rat kept in a cage apart and isolated will indeed likely kill itself in hitting the pleasure button.
    But in a community of rats with freedom enough to engage in relational being, very few do – or infrequently.

    The abnegation of our own consciousness is the invitation or ‘situation vacant’ into which a manipulative deceit creeps unnoticed. Our consciousness IS relational being. And the loss of our true being becomes the search to substitute for the loss of it, and of course to escape from or cover over the pain of the loss of it.

    Caged minds must release to know their own release.
    But while we give power to caged thinking we live in ‘Plato’s cave’ and feel safer in shadow play.
    The caging of life by the mind in judgement is looking out from a caged and rest-less or peace-less mind.

    Anyone ‘cornered’ in their cage can become dangerous. Cornering the market for drugs or other dependencies becomes the domestication and management of a caged humanity under caged thinking.
    After becoming conditioned to caged existence, stepping beyond its boundaries becomes either unthinkable and so non-existent, or the release of allegiance to such thinking to awakening through the un-caging from fears. This is always a relational being. The cage is the disconnecting and isolating or blocking thought given full investment.
    If we seek to escape from the intolerable, the mind attempts to block and withdraw or withhold from conscious acceptance. The fear that something is true, can become the belief that it IS true and deny a true relational presence.

  • Broad spectrum dominance is an intergenerational objective.
    Whether this is assigned to a mind-set in the drive for ‘control’ (IE: driven by fear of loss of self) or to people, and legal, corporate or institutional systems is whether looking to cause or to effects that in the world seem causal.
    Narrative identity is narrative continuity and therefore control. All beliefs or accepted self definitions are self-reinforcing experience until they are recognised or known again AS beliefs that can then be observed, evaluated and released, transformed or replaced with more truly aligned consciousness of being.

    The opportunism of self interest is not wrong when the self is aligned truly, (take this opportunity to align with joy), but will work against the true when aligned under false or incomplete sense of self. So the emergence of anything – to the sense of self that is driven to defend such a self – will be scanned for threat, and for any potential usage in terms of weaponising or marketising itself. A false sense of possession and fear of dispossession operate a desperate sense of self. The grouping and consolidation of ‘alliances’ struck to protect investments against attack or threat of loss operates ‘separate self interest’ or private agenda.
    This ‘defence’ takes the form of attack ‘justified’ or compelled by narrative definition out of a sense of being denied or deprived of a rightful power, love or connection and thus of the drive to regain it in EXTERNAL terms.

    TED may have started out in naive ignorance of the underlying power structures of a world of power struggle (reflecting the mind in conflict with itself and denial or ignorance of Self). Under the illusion that ‘we all want solutions -right?’ – or to expand the field of human knowledge, or create a better world – right?
    Well up to a point but the other side is no one wants to lose, and no one likes being subjected to coercion.

    A lot of influence is wielded behind the scenes by extremely active and loud minority lobbies. Perhaps these lobbies project themselves as Protectors of the Faith or ‘Science’ on surface but beneath the surface is the identification under a coercive sense of self masked in self-vindicating narratives of self gained at another’s expense or maintained upon another’s denial or demonisation.

    While there are instances of conspiracy to use behind the scenes methods of ‘persuasion’ instead of an open dialog, that description IS an example of a mind-set in refusal or unwillingness to introspect or look within.
    It is thus blind to not only its own false misidentification, but also to true Cause – because mind or thought does not create itself except within the wish to do so as a private sense of self set apart – and therefore not at one with the true nature of being, but seeming to exist by the experiencing of its own thought as a separate and split off reality.

    Because a sense of disconnection leads to loss of communication, trust and recognition of true, the substitution for true becomes effectively toxic or destructive and depletive. Life choices rooted in ancient habit-conditioned learning include attempts to limit or deny consciousness, suppress feelings by enforced rules of open acceptance. What is not accepted is pushed to the back and if it tries to move forward for acceptance it is pushed down. The denied then ‘learns’ by hate and frames its own right to existence in terms of who it was taught – and learned – to be. Rage is thus an expression of a deeper movement of being that lacks any other articulation until it meets the light of acceptance instead of rejection.
    In rage (which can mask under the slightest irritation), we are triggered by a past that is invoked upon our present and which then blinds us to what is present, while we only ‘see’ what its separation script dictates.

    Opening an acceptance in place of a rejection is the willingness to look, listen and be with what is so as to align in a presence rather than enact a past made in anger. Finding such willingness amidst the call to hate or withhold is a grace of our true being.

    The weaponising and marketising of TED, or any other Net Portal, is part of the context of our collective thinking. To protect truth is meaningless because its own laws protect it perfectly. But to protect against deceit is both meaningful and necessary for the protection and valuing of our awareness of true. The mind’s capacity to be out of accord with true is a state of mental conflict. This conflict covers over the awareness of an indivisibility of being of which we are each and together an individual expression.

    TED are not open or accountable as to who pressures them to censor, or the true reasons for such acts. The fear of penalty can induce a climate of self-censor, that pre-empts being told to comply.
    That last sentence is the limitation that the human mind takes on and bounds itself within as an attempt to be what it is not – and to be so much less than we are. However the healing of our mind is the reintegrative alignment in a different purpose that that which defined its development.

    Aligning in joy, such as we can in any way alight in, is the valuing and growing in what we truly have and are – rather than focusing in a sense of lack and its need for defence against greater or total loss.

    Of course toxic exposure and malnutrition can render the mind of the body dysfunctional.
    Of course all kinds of ways can be found to support a toxic and nutrient deficient ‘system’ as an individual and as a collective. Fear-denial, as projection, makes a world of division and depletion while becoming toxic to itself. The decision to heal is the willing release of an attempted self-help that protects the hurt by encapsulating it within ourself as denied expression, while its un-witting projections frame a sense of a world in which our struggle to escape, regain, fix, or overcome finds reinforcement as if a war that can be won.

    Nutrition is not for illness, but in support and alignment of health and wholeness.
    Health cannot be imposed or added to sickness. That is where we have already identified (aligned) IN sickness and seek to protect it from wholeness.
    In this sense health or wholeness of being is not out there – but in the reintegration to our true being, we will experience synchronicities of inner and outer experience that are like a coming back into focus.
    Identity in sickness, conflict or limitation is like being phished or ‘taken in’ by our own reactions to what we think we know. This is not to say we do not suffer and even die in the experience of sickness, conflict and limitation, but that we rarely turnabout to question our own judgement of ourselves, our reality experience and our life or being.

  • Its a complex web we weave…

    If you saw that the Sun is falsely demonised – as vitamins are falsely invalidated or smeared as is so much else that supports balance and communication in wholeness of being the you that you are either aligned in or mis-aligned and mis-identified in – then you might be curious as to why.

    The asserting and maintaining of the false MUST deny and misperceive the true in order to ‘survive’ in its own terms.

    The act of denying IS the experience of being denied – but the association of denial with a sense of power and protection (law and order over feared chaos) projects or assigns the denying ’cause’ away from self and onto ‘others’ and to external conditions or subjections.

    Pharma (Big Oil to transnational cartel power) captured medical practice such as it was and the regulatory bodies that protect it instead of us. There are many levels and facets to this and I sense we will have to undo error from the ground up rather than from the top down.

    Vitamins and other essential nutrients are part of the functional vehicle of an expression of consciousness as the physical experience. Deprivation and lack are the conditions in which toxicity and a sense of loss of support, loss of connection, loss of function all generate ‘crisis’ of opportunity to re-evaluate or persist in the patterns of self-deprivations that may seem to be an attempt to get power, get support, get rid of toxic situations – in purely externalised terms.

    Most rec daily allowances of vits are ignorantly or arrogantly set too low BY A CAPTURED MEDICAL INSTITUTION to do more than prevent rickets, scurvy, pellagra etc as the obvious signs of life threatening malnutrition. Much malnutrition and toxicity has and is being masked by ‘medical diagnosis’ of the pharming-model of sickness management.

    A principle of health is a balance of diversity within wholeness or unified purpose – aka joy in life – in being the embrace and engagement in living this day well – rather than the sacrifice of life to the fear and evasion of sickness given power over the true relational being – of being now.

    There may be ways of aligning in health at a deeper level or a higher order that effect spontaneous remissions – and there are many witnesses for such ‘anomalies’. But there is also the willingness to recognize and align in the helpful that is available now rather than set terms that effectively keep life out.

    Looking at vit D,
    re-evaluating our relationship with sunlight – and artificial lighting, nature and participation in its ‘field’ may be a valid step in a self-education that then opens other perspectives and channels of communication.

    However anyone else frames their reality is not a dictate upon your unless you give it power to do so. But emotionally reactive invalidations of other ways of seeing and being give power to being subjected while seeming to be getting free of it.

    Vit D – the units were changed to IUs as a way of making a micro-dose seem astronomical.

    The belief that other people (ie psychiatrists) make us mad is an incomplete perception. The way of a world of free will ‘gone mad’ is the inducement by deceit to do unto ourselves and yet suffer at the hand of another. This is not obvious or superficially available because a surface mind or ‘reality’ is made to hide it.
    So I am not assigning BLAME to the already afflicted – but inviting curiosity to awakening self-responsibility where ye thinketh not!

  • Surely to NOT see or know requires the maintaining of constant struggle – hence the projection and acting out of ‘conflicts’ as a means of blocking the channel of communication – and the whole edifice of a victim self set over and against others and world that calls upon power to self-vindicate over a sense of self-invalidity or indeed guilt/unworthiness.

    The struggle to stay awake – vigilant – present is more like the disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane – which I read as Jesus recognizing his own projected self-judgement on them rather than acting as if it was true, and so returning to a willingness of self release until his loving acceptance of them as they are, established the basis to go forth to meet the world in that quality and discernment of being.

    So to not take the bait of reaction by which to become embroiled in a ‘battle of wills’ as I see it – is the result of growing in awareness and acceptance of a true sense of worth by willingness to live from it – that is – extending it in thought, word and deed to others and our world. This ‘projection’ is shared to the willingness to receive in others even as it rises from willingness to receive. That is – it is not coercive upon us.

    So while I understand the use of the word ‘struggle’ in terms of loving freedom and resisting tyranny (within ourselves and without), I prefer to frame it in terms of active willingness and not any kind of wilfulness.

    Orwell depicted a modern day crucifixion – but left us with the boot in our face.
    Your living choice to not resist evil in the patient who sought to terrorise you revealed you to him as someone real enough to open relationship with.

    We all acquire strategies in our formative years that become our masking persona. The mask not only hides us from feared or hated outcomes, but becomes a way to manipulate outcomes through masked intent.

    No one can release or change what they are not the owner of, and so noticing ‘in act’ is the moment of recognition where a habit can be replaced by a choice – and the active willingness of aligning in such choices becomes a new ‘habit’.

    The habit of the attempt to gain a personal sense of salvation by getting rid of self-rejection onto others and attacking or manipulating it there is the ‘world’ I grow willingness to wake from – as a result of recognizing myself (shared worth) in others in place of ‘seeing’ a lack of love-worthiness to be corrected, fixed, escaped, airbrushed out or confirmed in the other as a sense of relative superiority of personal or social status.

    I met the term pharmakoi for the first time recently and had to look it up. The intensity of a collective desire for scapegoats and hate objects is proportional to the desire NOT to see and know. It does not SEEM to be a struggle because the habit has become ‘second nature’ over the last few thousand years and in some ways has become a systemic and tyrannous expression of doublethink that is set against the truly human Will – or rather set to cover over it. Willingness to align in true desire must face or own our fears (and their strategies of denial, escape or evasion) but not in terms of room 101 torture. The difference I see between insanity and sanity is the sense of a separated sense of self attempt to a private reality assertion, contrasted with being, shared.
    If the nature of Mind is extension or creation through Idea, then ideas never leave the mind that holds them and the attempt to excommunicate or get rid of any idea that ‘pushes y/our buttons’ is a split minded version, given precedence. It is also giving or teaching the idea of rejection and conflict and thus learning and receiving it as real, because we want it real as a prior sense of self imaged and judged.

    Holding a clear intent to calm as the desire for true communication – rather than as a limiting of consciousness in dissociative escape – is counter to all the force that emotional reaction SHOUTS! But the small still voice is rooted in the Timeless – where the SHOUTING of an Ancient Choice has only the power we give it BY reaction – and so passing through the ‘storm’ may seem a horrendous struggle or drama according to our identification and investment in it. But at some point we notice that the way we frame our experience is determining how we experience and then we become vigilant against ways of thinking that are blocks to true seeing, appreciation and gratitude for being.

  • I couldn’t reply to your response i place so here I say it isn’t that the ‘separate-self’ fear does not evidence itself – but that the way we choose to define and focus our awareness can feed that or free us from struggling within it. In some sense the capacity to choose against our wholeness remains potential whenever we are phished, baited or triggered to react from a sense of a mistaken identity – which can be a partial sense of ourselves taken as if the whole. But these events ARE our re-educative opportunity to pause, notice and release or nip reaction in the bud. While we see ourselves in or as a form rather than being through form, we need be vigilant against deceit. I see this as being aware of positive and negative choices, but learning to align in the true because it is true – which is the pausing to feel for truth rather than running on the mind of the presumption we already know. The true will is a true gift! Known only by the sharing.

  • Pharma was considered REAL medicine – bolstered by its ‘sacred history’ as the bedrock of a rational cure for all illness given time. Evil had been replaced by germs and superstitious psychism disowned and distanced by the rituals and robes of intervention by technologist.
    Psychiatry was not REAL science until it sought and ‘found’ theories of a physical or biological causation for mental-emotional states, or patterns of behaviour and experience that were either problematic for the ‘patient’ or to the ‘patient’s society’.
    The urge to shut down and block out psychic-emotional difficulty or conflicts is the unwillingness or unreadiness to own them or face them, this is as evident in society as in individuals who become ‘patients’ to a system or belief that posits causation ‘out there’ and away from the self. That is, there is a very strong desire to see something else as cause so as not to see what is really here to be healed or undone and the personal and collective agreement as the the ‘REAL’ world as an assertive and defended narrative identity is that which keeps the lid on all that persons and society are as yet unwilling to accept or see, recognize or release.
    The desire to ‘get’ one’s own salvation, freedom or escape from feared unowned fear, operates a ‘selfish’ mindset that can no longer recognize wholeness – but fears it as a sense of total loss of what is now taken as self -and is driven by its self-evasion to re-enact the thing it thinks to have escaped. That is a blindness and even unkindness towards others set by the beliefs that seem to hold its sense of control within its ‘reality’ stable.

    Every belief acted from is reinforced in its experience in the mind of its believer. We are not often conscious of our beliefs because we live them as our presumed reality. I hold that healing results from letting go of beliefs that are not true of you but which run largely as habit of acquired and inherited learning or conditioning.

    It is easy to believe in evil people if we have such a belief of ourself – and are wanting to get rid of it or at least offset it by seeing in others what we do NOT accept in ourselves and in one way of another attacking it there. This seems to bring MORE guilt onto self and if that were be-lived true it would be destructive and not healing. The belief in guilt is the belief in self-judgement. But if the case were brought to a higher court, it would be thrown out.

    Hindsight can interject guilt the moment after an act that was expressing who you were being at that moment – and frame it as more than or less than, worthy or unworthy. But you are not outside your being now and can choose to be and see within who you truly are now in cooperation with a desire for peace of wholeness. Judgement cuts reality into pieces and all the kings men can never put Humpty together again – because a partial selection rejects and coercing ‘pieces’ to fit a rejecting mind can never be whole or know peace.
    Noticing judgements without adding judgement is like feeling fear without fearing fear. It is a growing of self awareness that is inversely proportional to the use of blame and penalty.
    What if ‘The Last Judgement” is a Living Communication through you to all of the meaning; “This is my beloved in whom is my Joy”?
    What is the call to joy but the re-call to be who you are? The ‘world’ seems to be the mass and entanglement of blocks or denials to the movement of our true being as a felt and flowing communication within being. And so we live as ‘when these conditions change, I will be free or able to change’ – which is believing the conditions as CAUSE to our state of being rather than a reflection of reinforcement to beliefs that can be uncovered and re-evaluated from a more relational willingness and capacity than was available in the setting of them.

  • Laren – no reply box on your question to me. So answer here.

    It isn’t really a death (though it may be feared as such) but a recognition of our true will as a result of a willingness to pause the mind-reaction (of a mis-identification) and -yes- extend and recognize something not only greater but recognisably whole.
    Only giving love holds it in awareness and love here as a true recognition and not a romantic, sentimental or manipulative substitute.

  • Yes to the the well of being – and yes to the recognition of the power of the word in spelling the mind of its experience.
    The willingness to ‘scribe’ for the wordless and formless is not to be the thing in itself but to serve the recognition that dis-spells false thinking and all of its effects. As an alloy of love and fear, the intent to uncover true can fear it but covers over in shifted forms.
    Have you a link or more context to Plato saying this.

    I feel that seeing oneself as nothing but false thinking arrives at the inability to persist AS that – and therefore opens re-cognition of life as the undoing and reintegration of what that denied in oneself and others both as one.

    So if my sense of such self was recognizing a self-evasion that effectively shouted NO! in very clever ways of seeming to become a someone-in-his-own-right. The seeing of that as lack of substance without any resort to further tricks was the ‘shift’ to a true foundation that is not of my making (by word or definition) nor from ANY sense of deserving in the old terms.
    So this ‘quality’ abides as that which notices or recognizes the ‘habit-reaction of No!’ as a choice being made instead of the true of who I am, and is the pause in which to listen or stay open for another way of seeing and being that is then given through me as a ‘Yes!’ that I could not have manufactured or made up – nor take credit for.

    Yes to the Light outside Plato’s camera obscura and its freedom to be itself.

    This repurposes the self and world made of static images imposed upon the living – to serve Living purpose.

  • The idea of God as ‘lording it’ over an unworthy creation is a coercive and divisive idea. But the idea of God as Source Nature and Expression is a reintegrative idea.
    The nature of true giving is the natural extending embodiment of truly receiving. The Gift of (awareness of) Existence is a pure or perfect Creation in which we (as giver and receiver in like kind) can be the extension, reflection and sharing or expansion of – for such a ‘cup runneth over’. Any moment of true joy reveals this.
    The idea of ‘in myself alone’ is ‘backwards’ to life and has a backwards result or experience – from which of course we may wake to recognize it is backwards thinking that spells out such experience.
    My sense is that true cause is first and that putting what is first first restores true relational being with.
    If an ‘expression’ (or son) seeks to become its own cause (or source), then it usurps true nature for the belief-reinforcement in a false or conflicting intent, and seeks to hide this by seeking and seeing symptoms (external effects) as displacements or diversions from what it fears in itself because it brought a fearful result. That this ‘paints us into a corner’ is not vindictive but the logical outcome of a self-limiting thought.

    Maybe this is too ‘abstract’ for this forum – but the story I rejoice in is of awakened responsibility from a progressive state of confusion. the forms can be different or find common threads because we share many cultural elements. The fear of awakening responsibility in the ‘collective’ sense of established order operates across a broad spectrum – but does it at some level that is does not itself know, serve the awakening it seeks to deny? perhaps only by bringing an individual to choose one and let the other go – rather than a house divided against itself?

  • I like this quote
    “No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.”
    ~ Alan Bullock, in Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives

    While calling out false witness by affirming the true includes ‘debunking’ (a term readily thrown around by those in positions of ‘power’ but lacking substance) – the core reeducation that I see a need of is identifying the devices of deceit that can run as unconscious habit – as in a believer in a cause – or by design, as in the intent to deceive.

    The willingness to be deceived is inversely proportional to awakened self responsibility; ie the wish to escape our issues looks for ways to not have to face them and displace or hide them in someone or somewhere else.
    Thus responsibility becomes associated with blame, guilt and punishment making the block against owning what is ours. No one can change what are unwilling as yet to own and know – though of course we can hurt ourselves trying.
    So I write more to the undoing of the fears that lock us in guilt, shame, inadequacy or powerlessness – rather than reinforcing the guilt of those driven by such fear to take positions of power in a society that itself is ‘captured’ by a sense of power to reframe and redistribute guilt, invalidity and the power to ‘outsource it’ to others and to our world.
    The rising to public knowledge of the methods of manipulative deceit in place or beneath of true communication is also a recognition of just how powerful belief ARE. Because the ability to shape them is the management of mind-capture to which all else is a supporting side show.
    Reclaiming our mind – as I see it – is retraining ourselves to pause and look and check in instead of automatically reacting in thought and behaviour.
    Phishing is associated with identity theft as a result of passing off the false as true.
    But it is our acting from the acceptance of false that is our part in becoming subject to its framing – and so the willingness to pause and look and check in is the opportunity for a wider communication to occur than what would otherwise be effectively reinforced by acting as if it is true.

    The idea that people are in a sense robotically programmed is itself a self-reflection but the instigators of theories do not regard themselves as subject to their own judgements. What we see and meet in others is not just ‘OUT THERE’ so much as what we accept and believe by acting as if true and so we tend to draw responses that reinforce our beliefs of each other when seen through the filters of reactive fears running as survival.

    It may be wise to separate from what separates as part of a growing of self-integrity – away from the framing influence of a false sense of not having any. But from a fresh sense of shared worth, we re-engage from a true willingness in place of struggle within conflicted purpose. But we can only live from where we are currently at – and if we do not own our fears and find ways to move with them to move through them, then we are still in the wish these parts of us didn’t exist and liable to be ‘sabotaged’ by our own denials – reflected in our world, perhaps as prison guards, deceivers and ill intent. Not that our world hasn’t such things – but that our loss of freedom in a misidentified reaction to something we hate in ourself is perhaps the opening to a possibility of something within our capacity to learn NOT to do. One step being the beginning of any journey of steps taken in some willingness of true desire – which of course can be covered over, but never truly lost because it is the movement of our being regardless our current fixation of attention.

  • How about the death of death – or isn’t that allowed?
    Put differently – the redeeming of what fear makes of transitions that are most fundamental.In a world of death (at various levels as well as Exit), the drive of survive is the wish to escape it and put it out anywhere else but here now.

    I say that because I observed that in myself in wanting to come back into life from a ‘place’ or Self-recognition that I was unable to fully accept and to get ‘my seeming lie of a life’ back, invoked denial and a crash landing in terror that on becoming somewhat ‘focused back in the realm of the body – and its gravity – wanted to put ALL OF IT as a sense of evil – OUT THERE on anyone else and anything else but me,

    But I had opened into something true even though it then terrified me and I did not want or in fact was not able to project it away in that way – and so I have accepted a life of reintegrating my ‘born existence’ with what the world is mostly used to cover over and hide.

    If this is inappropriate to write. Say so. I see that we all have our own unique paths and themes in life and perhaps many who suffer instability and dissonance in the world want to get their lid back on and be as once was – or at least know be in their own timing and readiness for moving through fearful territory. I also needed that and for some time after – ‘reality’ would disappear to a directness of knowing that unmanned me regardless anything I tried or did.
    If I had sought outer help my belief was that no one would understand, and they would actively misunderstand, and they would try to force me back int a lie of a life or undermine my initial steps in accepting that that was where I was at and learning to live this step now with more awareness and of course willingness for healing in a sense I could accept. I felt that fear IS the way I am uncovered as a call for healing rather than fear being the shutting down of a capacity to stay with it – with whatever is here.
    That was now a long while back but the core pattern is the same, but I have in a sense grown the capacity to be with what would have once freaked me out or triggered extreme reactions or withdrawals.

    I used to yoga a long way back for a few years and I kept the idea of feeling and breathing into the tension of just a bit past the limit before relaxing back rather than forcing past as if getting the posture or asana was the ‘should’. In my early years with fear I was often down on myself for recoiling, retreating or being unable to abide ‘expanded awareness’ – but of course all that is needed is to challenge the ‘line’ by stepping a little over and then moving back to a more balanced sense of capacity to cope. How much ‘failure’ is the result of trying to override parts of ourself that are not ready which of course effectively ‘sabotage’ our sense of succeeding under some sense of ‘should’, ought to that pushes instead of feels its way.

    I feel for living from a desire to live rather than from a fear of dying. But living is not what I thought and of course it is challenging to what I think. So I choose feeling my way rather than thinking life has to fit my way and in that sense life is more of art than a science. If thinking can follow the heart rather than try to lead it or rationalize and dissociate AS IF it is following the heart – then of course the science of principle and logic serves the uncovering of true as reflections of a truly felt and shared sense of being – and when I talk in universal terms – it extends exactly to the specifics of any moment of appreciation, gratitude or recognition of a genuine exchange – because true help flows both ways albeit in different forms.

  • I am listening as I reply. Thankyou out. I appreciate singers who embody feeling without inhibition – that is to say nakedly. The fantasy of ‘my life’ isn’t revealed to me until it is broken – and even then it can and often does become ‘my nightmare of a life’ – as a something gone wrong, wronged and or inadequate or lacking & etc. Rather than shifting out of that to just being.
    I started writing more but paused because you didn’t ask it.
    This writing reminded me of a line in Broken Telephone by the Be Good tanya’s”
    “There’s nothing wrong with you”
    When we accept what we feel it moves and shifts. But if I use a feeling to get something – it gets locked into who I make myself. Is that true? I feel so.

  • Out. You are welcome.
    For me, the broken heart (a sense of a broken life) had to be brought to the light because I was unwilling to deny or cut off from the love that seemed to have been killed. So I felt the cut – and I felt the cut without then using it to become broken in Spirit – in self pity, bitterness or self-hate – all of which would of course be triggered in various ways.
    Without connection to Spirit – I have no life. This was not me thinking about it but the certainty that my life was on the line and I had to give everything to keeping that connection open for myself first. Or I would have nothing to be for anyone else.
    The unthinkable obliterated my capacity to think. My sense of foundation in the world was undone beneath me and so was any sense of a future – regardless any other relationships. So living from a different foundation ‘grew in me’ through a core willingness to be with the moment at hand, one day at a time. To many I had become damaged goods or marked by an evil fate – but my own sense is of a willingness to more deeply open and embrace the human experience that underlies the surface world of a surface life.
    There is a song called Crazy Man Michael by Fairport Convention that ends with the line – “For his true love has flown, into every flower grown – and he must be keeper of the garden’.
    There is a wholeness in stillness that cannot be personally claimed and which I cannot describe or define.
    A moment of a recognition ‘across distance’ or through strange apparatus 😉 is a witness to a still point in a turning world.
    Thanks for the touch.

  • Thankyou LavenderSage,
    The heart knows and the mind so often gets in the way. But when the heart knows it is heard or met – there is love.

    True need is a call of love to love.
    I also see that life-pain can call out for help and be answered in the call to get away from demands and needy (rather than need calling) people – and of course our triggered reactions to all that.

    You were there for your mother as I was for mine when my dad died. It is a Soul thing bigger than the person. So regardless of any discomforts there is a bond consciously lived and held true.

    Neediness don’t have much awareness of what it does or it would ‘see and do differently’ – but it is an attempt to use other people to get something for themselves – acting out as if a sympathy or a kindness of concern. Back when I was grieving my daughter it had the potential to trigger rage. And no I didn’t want to actually be violent – but in one way of another say “NO!” forcefully.
    A group of friends wanted to ‘heal’ me, but I felt unseen and unmet and wanted none of it – not least because I felt objectified, blanked and serving as a proxy for their own unhealed issues that were not owned and brought into relationship, but dumped on the ‘broken one’ to be magically or tragically ‘treated’. (Of course I recognize in others what I have owned in myself so I don’t invoke blame here – so much as an observation of social behaviours that mask over, withhold and impose while wishing to present as caring, concerned and ‘doing something’ rather than being what is.
    It’s always about fears. When I can own and in a sense be undone of fear as dictating or framing my experience, I can be with others as a quality of receptive attention – being with. Otherwise of course my own ‘needinesses’ entangle me in personal or social struggle that may seem normal but is always an atmospheric or psychic state of what is NOT being said – amidst a pattern of tacit mutually reinforcing agreement not to ‘go there’. Hidden conflicts ‘smoothed over’ or walled against and denied, then breaking out and setting grievance, distrust, separation.

    Stillness and the Call to extend and share in the qualities of being must be one thing – like breathing. Willingness to live from an unconflicted gift of being is a ‘now ing’ through which something larger than the person moves through us and illuminates an already connection – rather than attempt to ‘get it’ from a sense of lack or broken ness. Going into the skid for long enough to feel the traction of wheels on the road is a connect in real time from a sense of no control. But I feel a true control restores a flowing balance within wholeness and not the result of an attempt to put Humpty together again. So much of what passes as order, is lidded and managed chaos – as if the interventions holds the balance. For a while that may be so – but only so as to reconnect from a fresh perspective.

  • You are welcome LavenderSage.
    Ellie left back in 1995 – so this is not recent – but I rarely refer to it because it is intimate and probably ununderstandable to anyone who hasn’t a similar breaking of their self and world. It is part of who I am. Its effects in my family will likely pass down the generations – and the event may itself be part of family ‘stuff’ that goes back to generations before. But I am here now.

    Perhaps choosing to live the life that did not deny itself to fit a loveless world has put me out in the wilderness inasmuch as I live my own connection without the support of social networks, or social consensus reality. And part of that is a very conscious sense of words and meanings that simply don’t run in the fast food lane or support an identity in grievance so much as look within.
    I also feel it right that people alight in what resonates withe where they are now and don’t struggle. I am simply being me and meeting whatever meets me.

    Your recognition is truly your own and my serving a role for your in this way is a blessing shared. Thankyou for holding me in your heart. After Ellie’s death the wave of love that came in was deep and tangible – even while there were also those who blanked or avoided us or used ‘sympathy’ as an attempt to get me to hold them so that they could feel better. The best response was a naked honesty – such as “I don’t know what to say”. Being with. But the real work came after the world moved on. I was not ready to move with it for some time. I can only move in what moves me. But that is a blessing though if I fought against it, I would make a negative sense of self from it.
    So I wonder if the struggle to be who we are not really the movement of, is what generates the self-negative of a sense of inadequacy or failure to cope that is actually a sign of health. What isn’t obvious here is that being moved is my term for a movement of real communication. The inhibition of love leads to shallow or hollow relationships. And love is not giving to get, or manipulative so much as naked truth – just being with and maybe not knowing what to say – and that’s ok.

  • What if will equals true desire and a false sense of self operates as a distortion matrix for natural spiritual impulse – (such as the extension of recognition of the qualities of being to all that is). The beliefs and definitions that we inherit, by induction or acquisition are mostly preverbal or prior to a sense of an integrated responsibility for consciousness (which is conscious of what is being accepted and embodied by acting from it as true of you).

    No one can live another’s life… and yet perhaps in a way we often do take on who we are not at expense of who we are in many ways and for various reasons. My recent experience of family constellation work illuminates this.
    Choice at the level of the body or behaviour is framed and determined by the self-definition and belief in the mind. Choice at the level is also determined by our active definitional belief of what our mind is. Many confuse mind and body to then assign motives and intention to the behavioural level. This can be a shorthand such as ‘I know it in my gut’. Or it can be a powerlessness as in ‘my gut feeling made me do it’.
    Reclaiming freedom by living it – is in my view more of an active willingness to be present and be with – whatever is happening rather than freedom to control it – which in the sense I am using it – the fear of being out of control seeking power over the symptoms without awareness of true cause.
    Freedom to be is not adding or taking anything from the moment at hand – for regardless what drama plays out – existence is. While thinking about being is … more thinking, the qualities of being are natural to its acceptance. Investment in thinking resist silence but the resting of thinking allows a movement of being to rise as awareness of an unconflicted moment. perhaps the mind kicks in – but that isn’t the point. The point is uncovering qualities of being that were believed lost, forfeit or denied or taken from us.
    I cannot live anyone else’s life, but I can honour it and find honour in my own.
    My daughter hung herself at 16 without any presentiments or obvious signs (of course hindsight is something else) and without any note or indications from anyone who knew her.
    I felt an extreme intensity of rage through it – that I allowed myself to simply receive because I love her anyway. And because my love for her was so deeply part of me I didn’t think I could deny it and want to live. In any case I didn’t know how to live in what this left me – but I opened to the feelings that cut right through me but did not persist or join with the feelings and thoughts that were all about me – though of course they screamed through the days and months after – but I didn’t choose to accept them
    Chain smoking was my inhibiting drug of choice along with the rituals of rolling it. I simply do not choose pharma. But I said choice to indicate that I felt so skinlessly raw and sensitive that I felt I had to have some sort of ‘backing off’ or insulation. I did not seek counselling. I engaged in feeling all that I felt while I felt it and left no stone unturned in a seeking that wore itself out in well worn grooves while moments of simply being let in something in the light and presence of the natural world that communed me in ways that centred and restored a capacity to live the moment anew in embrace that honours the gift and allows what is not known to be as it is.
    The timeline is different than the timeless. True Cause I hold to be the timeless – but the unfolding of life to itself in this particular man is the shifts that occur when I release who I thought I was or what I thought I wanted or imagined or expected my life to be.
    I recognized that ‘my daughter’ is a possessive but the daughter to me is not. ‘My life’ is also likewise a possessive assumption, but son of my true father and brother to you in being is not.
    Uncovering the life we have come to live may be via the experiencing and releasing of who we are NOT until the only thing left is our self with nothing added or taken away.
    Pain can take different forms. The desire to escape intolerable pain is understandable. Suicide is a gift of pain to those who remain. Different people have different strategies. What is the desire to live? Is it the fear of pain loss and death or the desire to truly be and share life? Are we defined by a sense of lack seeking filling or a sense of self-fulness overflowing?
    What we give attention to is ultimately our own choice. But free of coercion we naturally alight in what we appreciate or enjoy. Leaning away from unwanted habit is leaning toward conscious choice – even if we cannot see any choices in the habitual thinking and behaviour. I like the sense of a little willingness rather than any kind of coercive setting up to fail.

  • To that point I have already responded in BOTH/AND where you are seeing in terms of either/or.
    The exclusive sense of self in victimhood IS ‘separation trauma. It is a result of exclusion, denial or rejection. That we experience the result of this as done to us without or against our will is part of the human condition which is the conditioning that splits our will as the basis of ‘power struggle’.
    The inner is hidden or covered over by an exclusive focus in the outer. Our personality construct is formed by experiences that at a deeper level are ‘attracted’ – one might say as a Soul theme that that particular life focus is the exploration and experience of.

    The denial and suppression of the inner is the nature of such a focus and it is blind and heartless excepting for conditional ‘love’ or conditions in which it will offset hate with social reinforcement of a love – that turns to hate if those conditions are not kept.

    What you call ‘my philosophy’ is a fruit of choosing NOT to use victimhood. This opens a capacity of compassion instead of the destructive reinforcement of the victim in those who have pain, fear and confusion. I relate to others in terms of being with them and NOT in terms of confirming them in sickness. If someone needs their diagnosis to keep out greater fears I do not question it openly but look for where there IS willingness and join with them there.

    The identity in sickness is a self reinforcing loop. That is not to say it isn’t pervasive to the human condition. One can refuse the term sickness – but I am pointing not to ‘diagnosis’ but to conflict, pain, fear, guilt or shame, resentment, anger, rage, powerlessness, impotence and inability to feel anything, loss of control, loss of will, all the way down. You can make this ‘normal’ if you want but it is not our natural being.

    So of course we experience the outer in terms of our world – as if our cause is eg an abusive parent. But you know that they are a symptom just like you, and so it is with all causes in the world.
    You don’t have to look within and I do not say that anyone should. But the first attack on love is our own. In fact I do not think you could enter the human condition without passing through the ‘self-attack’ and its denial. Welcome to the human condition.

    I also join with calling false or corrupted power to account and stand in freedom. To consider bad behaviours as normal or justified or best kept hidden is itself joining not just in the behaviour but in the thinking that such actions embody – which is where a true healing is to be found and not in vengeance of ‘self-vindication’.

    Victim and vengeance lie together. It takes many forms as the world shows, but the uncovering of a wholeness of being is the release of investment in victimhood and vengeance. You are created whole – regardless the circumstance of birth. But that is to say Creation is creator-hood – that is a Gift that shares on. Hatred of life operates as the denial and suppression of love under guise of power and protection.

  • The human conditioning – yes that is what I mean by an identity in sickness.
    The reactive conditioning is effectively programmed. But I hold you to be a living one and so I extend the quality of active choice to where it belongs. I have it by giving it. Or rather I have awareness of who I am by extending it to others.
    Everyone who perceives, interprets their perception through the lens of their filtering thought of self definition and belief. Although others may teach you untruth, it is still your choice to accept and protect it as if true. That does not mean you are to blame for choices made under a sense of necessity, but it does mean that you can recognize consequences and open new choices.
    I don’t require you to be interested in what I write of.

    Active choice is the current choice. Preoccupation with a personal sense of story in past and future is also a choice in which to lose awareness of choice.

  • Hi ‘out’
    I do not regard the ‘thinking’ as anything but a distortion of true communication made by fear. I invite the stirring of what you do not accept or understand, as a quality or part of yourself that is not framed in the divide and rule ‘thinking’ and is therefore a point from which you can observe and evaluate what otherwise seeks its survival at your (and others) expense.

    Standing under reality is different from the presumprion to judge and determine it. The latter is an arrogance and ignorance of personal self specialness but the former is the active willingness to align in truth and recognize it in another.

    I have already said that I see an active willingness in many readers in their own healing. I speak to an active willingness. We are having a discussion because you have engaged with me. If you understood the nature of true knowledge you would not identify it with specialness. The nature of love – that knows itself perfectly in the act of its own extension, is equally yours. Awareness of this fact may temporarily not be.

    In simple terms, I see that our meaningless thoughts make a perception and experience of a meaningless world. Perhaps it seems meaningful to struggle in fear, pain, hate and die. But seeming is not the same us reality. Confusion about who we are is fundamental to all that then follows.
    Persisting in confusion is not looking upon it. While my ability to articulate is something grown through my life, the core principle is simply true willingness and not any kind of thinking. Willingness and desire to heal and be healed is not founded in confusion and the attempt to do so as if to force a false sense of unity is simply more confusion.
    It is the framing of false thinking that denies awareness of the choice to put it down or give it disregard.
    Such thinking is always tyrannous or coercive.
    I believe that the mind of which I am willing to speak is the mind of your ability to receive, understand and appreciate. But that is your freedom. I speak not to your thinking, but to your freedom. perhaps this offends you because it implies you are to blame for your condition, rather than you HAVE choice now! I cannot change how your mind interprets – but I can perhaps illuminate that that too is a choice you are making in the form of learned habit and that once you recognize a habit, you have changed it to a choice. How you then choose is a matter of what you want most. It may seem easier to die in our habits than live in our choices – because habit is an unconsciousness of what is really going on under the belief it is the same as the past that formed the habit.
    Breaking habits is making new choices and persisting in them – because you are worth it – and also because the only way to honour others – and life itself is through honouring yourself. This is not the same as defending your current thinking. That does not extend an appreciation. Nor does it heal.

    Self honesty is something our thinking minds are made to hide. Extreme challenge in life can awaken the awareness of the NEED for healing and therefore the willingness to open a greater self-honesty than ever before. So there is MUCH that is ‘hidden’ that creates of generates our experience of our physical, social and personal world. I only invite the stirring of an innocent curiosity – perhaps made possible by a release of persisting in futility. The child who sees the Emperor has no clothes is innocent of the trick by which NOT SEEING THEM called down illegitimacy and loss of self.

  • One of my nicknames for the ‘ego’ is “I hate myself and want to die!”. This face is usually hidden and a face looks out into the world in the wish to cover over and escape. But various conditions can trigger its exposure which in turn invoke the attempt to escape the pain. For it isn’t really hate so much as intolerable pain.
    Conflicted self is not a theory when the pain of it shuts out all else.
    My ‘faith’ or conviction is that Soul awareness can be covered over and blocked from our awareness but never truly lost for it is our true Home no matter what the mind creates as experience. I also hold it is not IN the world and so look in all the wrong places – and yet when we accept open where it is – we see it in the world because we give it to the world. This is a total reversal of the ‘getting mind of a sense of disconnection, deprivation and lack. It is the extension of worth that opens and strengthens our own. But the attempt to get it from contrast with the judged unworthy is like needing someone to look down on so as to be relatively ‘right’ or validated.
    People (us) believe all kinds of things and act as if they are true. People (us) are therefore often dissociated and seeking to get things from others that they have ‘lost’ in themselves. So yes ‘helpers can be destructive. Living is learning and to wake up in that is to embrace what is with some willingness and curiosity rather than die under the spell of self-negative thinking.
    Your experience reminds me of “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” – not that I promote shame but as an example of learning from our experience.

  • Hi Steve. I feel your point is a significant one.
    My sense is that the level of (unconscious) mind I am pointing to is embodied AS the archetypal experience of separation trauma ‘within which runs a dissociated and conflicted sense of self in search of security, support, connection because it is a profound sense of disconnection, insecurity and rejection or lack of support.

    I do not expect anyone to ‘get this’ at the level of their thinking. Nor can changing ‘attitudes’ do anything but add MORE layers of masking what is.

    We have to address our problems as we experience and perceive them until such time as we SEE more than the original definition or judgement allowed – and this means seeing the ideas that defined us from another level than acting from the presumption they are true.

    Feeling what you feel is not the truth of you so much as the faithful result of choices you are making. If someone offends you – are you choosing to be offended? or offended because they are reinforcing self-judgements you already hold about yourself? By all means give voice to your integrity as you see it and don’t be a doormat for others to dump on – but that is no call to self righteous indignation. It is simply asserting the communication of who you are to the attention of those who must then relate to you rather than persist their behaviours that you feel to be unacceptable and thus calling for correction. IE: NO! I am not ok with or supportive of what I see you doing or saying. Or you can simply give witness to what you DO support and leave the bait of personal reaction behind you.

    What IS within your control is what you are willing to accept responsibility for. But I use the word response-ability to mean the ability to choose and not a blame term AT ALL.

    I cannot get through to a world that is predicated on blame, guilt and punishment – along with the attempt to escape it, project it onto others or adapt other strategies of using it for personal power.

    In simple terms what you have is what you make of it. And what you make of it determines what you have. If you accept any self definition in lack – then what you make of a sense of denial and deprivation WILL MAKE YOU.

    Jesus put it thus:
    To those who have more will be added. But to those who have not, more shall be taken – even the little that they have.
    Those who have, give and grow in what they have. Those who lack – seek to get and grow in their sense of using others only to get from.
    No matter where you are, you can find something to be grateful for, or take a moment of appreciation for IF YOU WILL.
    No one can make you accept and appreciate your life. And no one can take you from a negative appreciation of your life.
    Nor can I live anyone else’s life or judge their choices.
    But I can reflect where choices that bring poor results may be re-evaluated in the desire for a better result or experience. Until we wake to that we create our experience OF Life we are conditioned by such experience as our survival within its terms.
    I escaped school by being run over as an 11 year old at 50mph by a Mercedes – for a term… and shifted self/world somewhat from that experience to feel a ‘someone’ or find some place within it until I escaped a year early by being asked to leave. But in terms of a true education, I woke up to that Life is a school and joy is the true teacher.
    The experience of intense episodes can serve the shift of our self/world in ways that we simply would never casually accept or allow.
    As you sow so shall you reap is about what we hold true and live from Now. Always now. There is another guide in a freedom to feel and know that the mind of conflict blocks out – or at least tries to mask or cover over. When you bottom out on conflict, you become open and interested in other ways to think and see and be. Until then the war goes on regardless who or what is targeted.

    I appreciate your willingness to speak from where you are and I do not argue with or judge you for doing what you can with what you have. No one can do more. But in any willingness to align in a self-honesty we become open to life to move through us in ways we could not pre-figure or make up. This is what shifts and grows our perspective. Not thinking.

    When I feel forced to do what I do not WANT or to NOT do what I don’t want – I find anger and depression, anxiety or powerlessness. The key is looking at what I WANT (or want to avoid) and re-evaluation how much I want it in the light of my suffering.
    If my suffering is my coded rage at life, school parents or whoever – then It serves what I want even while persisting in what I say I don’t want. This reads a muddle but it means we can persist in what we hate to serve a deeper but hidden purpose.
    I hated my parents for ‘forcing me’ to a school I did not want by attracting injury and then behaving badly every time they visited. I had NO awareness of making choices at the time. It was grabbing whatever was at hand to survive in the terms of something I felt I couldn’t abide. Much that was unconscious is now conscious. Learned habits under duress are replaced with conscious choices of awakened responsibility – because if I do not stand for and stand in who I truly am – no one else can join me there.

  • The following comment does not show up – but arrived in my inbox as posted:

    Author: Steve McCrea
    I see that this kind of thinking can be really helpful for certain kinds of issues. However, there really ARE situations where people have limited control, whether economically, socially, physically or whatever. Children are a great example. A baby who isn’t being fed is genuinely in crisis and is a victim of poor parenting, regardless of how they think or what they believe. They NEED someone to feed them. They will die if they don’t.

    Other examples: a person has to take antipsychotic drugs or else they’ll be arrested and tossed back into the “hospital” and forcibly injected. More control than the baby has, but a lot there the person doesn’t control, and his/her options are limited.

    A black person can’t alter society and make it so that the person they’re applying to for a job or an apartment suddenly isn’t going to go against them because they have dark skin.

    The “victim identity” concept has applicability, but it can also be used to allow those with social power to abdicate their responsibility for doing harm. I would have LOVED to escape from school as a child, and yet I spent 13 years there. Was that because I had a victim mentality? Or because I had no practical option to survive?

    My response is that the perspective I sketch out is a basis for action and not somthing to put on anyone else. So of course the answer is not either / or – but both AND.
    If you are supporting someone who has little sense of choice in their predicament – then they do not need your pity in confirming their current sense of self but your willingness to BE WITH them in ways that join with their capacity to acknowledge and look at and see what their situation is – as they are ready to see it. There is always the opportunity to change our thinking once we recognize that it doesn’t help. But if one is not ready then thinking that confirms self-limitation may helpful as a sense of keeping a lid over a worse or more feared situation.

    If a reader here is the one who is blocked, trapped, denied, deprived in whatever form of suffering then they have to actively want the freedom from such conflict that true peace is, MORE than they want the conflict. It may not be at all apparent that you ‘want’ conflict, because the mind works from an identity made BY it.

    My experience is that true desire or willingness to learn is both active and attractive to align in steps that bring us from subjection to a more consciously aligned direction. The knowing that I NEED help is the basis for looking and listening with a much greater honesty than my ‘ego’ would otherwise allow. The belief or delusion that I can or should or must do it all by myself is also all on ‘my terms’ that effective deny, deprive, block or subject me to a conflicted sense of self and world.

  • ((( Author: out
    Comment: Binra, You have addressed this to me and you use the word ‘you’ throughout.

    It contains many assumptions so I’d like to clarify using just one example:
    “My living choice is not to support your identity in sickness”
    Are you saying you believe I have an identity in sickness? and if not me as the addressee who are you referring to? Thanks)))

    Hi Out, your post isn’t showing on the page so I include it in my answer.
    You may assign an identity in sickness to ‘most people’ but at the level I address, the perceiving others as lacking, unworthy, or victim to lack of love and denial of worth is pervasive and systemic to accepted or mainstream belief. So I am not singling you out.

    The identification in sickness is one of many forms of lack and limitation within which we find, acquire, make or adapt an identity.
    The exclusive identification in the personal that then interprets everyone and everything through its own conditioned adaptation, is itself a form of self limitation for the purpose of hiding. Hiding what we are unwilling to own or see in forms of others or of the world is a dissociation of which we are then unaware.
    We all have different facets of an entanglement in separation trauma. You are ‘reading me’ where I am not – in the terms you set. Insofar as you took me as ‘reading you’ in terms of an ‘identification in sickness’ – as if that is a smear, I apologize, because my intent it to bring to awareness an active choice that can as actively be released to a better one. Insofar as there is any willingness to notice choices we are making – perhaps as ‘habits’ that are now in the realm of choice – so there is the opportunity for aligning in healing rather than victimhood. One can only start from an honesty to where one is the belief, experience and identification of. But what we are in some willingness to accept and align in is already whole – even if that is beyond our current capacity to recognise. And so of course one has to work with the belief system in order to invite and support expansion of embrace and integration.
    One finds that speaking in terms of oneself to be somewhat impractical and so I allow the fluidity of I and you and we and even they. Verbal mental concept is the symptom of a broken mind in search of identity reinforcement, but as with swords to ploughshares, the purpose is the energetic communication between the lines.

    My responses are almost always to the idea being shared or asserted. I see the world as a symptom or effect of ideas being shared or asserted and not as an evil drama – though of course I can see the personae and the struggle to assert narrative control etcetera. It is not where I feel any freedom is to be found – excepting that wherever you go, there you are.

    I include myself here not least on my recognition and appreciation for the spirit (active willingness) of all who are reclaiming freedom from false ideas and destructive consequence. As one who did not take the phamakoi route, and instead accepted a path of progressively awakening self-responsibility from the trap of guilt and blame thinking, I witness another facet in the discussion. It is not the invalidation of any other equally valid facet. The invalidation of others is the key to mental dis-ease – and I hyphenate that to indicate I hold dis-ease to be primarily a psychic emotional conflict – while also allowing that the pattern of such conflicts can stretch down through generations of rejection, exclusion, denial and separate self-survival dictates. The persona is a facet within the whole script of rejected and excluded personae. I make a version of you in the interaction of our exchange – but I do not hold you to it or mistake it for you for you are no less of the Living than I and everyone else.

  • Hi Fred. Of course you are the uncovering and unfolding of your unique life focus – but in sharing the fruit of your learning you are the ‘outside’ observer to others. But in your desire and alignment in purpose you resonate a kindness to all of a like kind – and this shares a significance of communion-ication rather than using communication as a weapon.
    Why do we suffer so?
    For myself I can say it takes whatever it takes to come to the point of willingness to change. I cannot go back and change ‘the past’, but I can revisit the sins of the past even down the generations and reinterpret into terms of true presence – with a little help from my friends.

    I chose to be terrified, unmanned, isolated and helpless rather than risk the loss of an awakening of truly living to the world of denial that society at large and psychiatry in particular operate from and protect – unwitting. I do not want to be adapted to an insane world at cost of Soul awareness, and the conviction of a better way arose from the desire to find and be found in it.

    I now see that the fear of a greater terror frames the ‘choice’ to persist in seemingly lesser evils. Living from a fearfully defined self-sense is not living. To give a love, we have to accept it for ourselves. Self-hate runs the ‘Deep State’ of a dissociated fear of living. your #5 is in my eyes the context for your #1-4. Listening, being with, and no longer idly allowing the hurtful to run your mind and behaviour – however disguised.

    (PS I wanted to acknowledge Steve McCrea’s comment that is in my inbox but not on this page – even after refresh).

  • Indeed the reintegration and reconciliation within ourself and with one another is te undoing or the remedy for a process of disintegrity-disintegration – that gives rise to power struggle instead of alignment in the true nature of power. But religion is the willingness and desire of aligning in true rather than assertions, conformity and sacrifice to idols or ideals of truth that serve exclusion, self-specialness and ‘justification’ for power struggle (attack on the living in the name of a false self sense).
    Because the word ‘religion’ is associated with organised institutional belief systems – its deeper sense of uniting us with God (All That Is) is lost, forgot or covered over.
    That our true desire and fulfilment can be lost, forgot or covered over by the call to war (struggle) is easy to notice unless all of our attention is locked up in reaction with no free awareness to notice anything but the dictates of war (struggle of a sense of survival in defence of a separative self sense.
    The releasing of the attempt to ‘go it alone’ in the context of desire for peace, healing, and wholeness is the opening of the way through which the ‘Holy Spirit’ moves through you to uncover you to your own inherence – as you are willing to accept it.
    In this way I hold that we do not have to ‘believe in God’ so much as release attachment to the beliefs against God. Faith is a gift of our being, and not a self-generated effort, assertion or means to BECOME fit or worthy.
    The mind’s substitution for true relation is legion – that is it takes many forms. But only truth extended, recognized and shared is alive and knows itself alive – and truth is not determined or manufactured by the attempt to possess or claim it for ourself over or against our brother.

    Just as maggots are used to remove necrotic tissue from wounds, I see the ‘persecutions’ as conditions in which that which is only masking in religion or idols of truth and freedom, will not stand – and that which is true will in a sense have to come forth to shine or live by example of true witness in place of compliance and conformity to Caesar (power in the world).

    The ego of mind-substitution for Life is the attack on Life under the wish to remake it (conform it) to its own image. This is where we came in – or in the words of T.S Elliot, to arrive at our beginning and know t for the first time. We are created in the image and likeness of our Creator – howsoever we may judge and believe ourself lost, love forgot and covered over with an insane mind in an insane world.

    There is no way to communicate with the insane, and yet all who come to recognize their own insanity have opened a self honesty that is no longer wholly lost, and so there is a spark of awareness, willingness and curiosity through which a different voice can be heard.

    I allowed difficult to become delicate to become different.The ‘ego centric’ think different from God/Creation and learned this through very difficult experience of guilt, fear, pain, loss, struggle and sacrifice. We are so expert at this that a second nature masks as if our first, and a highly complex construct in consciousness runs as if a self evident and unchallengable reality. The willingness to unlearn what we thought to know and be is not the destruction of our thought system, but it reintegration as a process of purification and discernment. Recognizing the ‘anti Life’ mind in ourself is the key to its relinquishment. The projection of ‘sins’ away from ourself is a self-protective attempt to hide our Self-attack while persisting in the sense of self-specialness that it generates (both negatively and positively as victor or victim). The undoing of self-attack and its progeny is the gift of our true whole or Holy Spirit that will never force itself coercively or by suggestive appeal to fear’s protection. It speaks for the truth of you as the recognition of truth in all. The gift of any such moment of shared being is witness to love’s creation in which we are identified perfectly. Our own attempt to make an identity is the symptom of the loss, covering and forgetting of a love that is beyond belief, but not beyond acceptance, now.

  • I am finding – and sharing of what finds me.
    Our ‘story’ frames us in judgements.
    That is not the only way of seeing and in truth is a way of seeing what is not really there.
    The disintegrative effects of a fundamental dis-integrity are depressing.
    The attempt to make depression a cause is backwards.
    But… if we are subject to the effects of such belief, we have to undo it at the level of our belief.
    A mind trapped in its own thought is a lost cause!
    If you would uncover cause, you have to uncover the filters, distortions and blocks to true cause.
    Or else persist in a filtered distorted and blocked experience of your existence and interpret everyone and everything therefrom.
    The attraction of guilt lies in its apparent escape from ‘what fear has made of’ love.

    What is the pay off for beliefs and outcomes that you say you do not want?
    The meaningless falls way of itself – so what is the meaning you have given (or accepted as given) to your experience or relationship?

    Curiosity is a primary movement of the innocence of being. When the unthinkable breaks into ‘your reality’ – the still small voice may be heard regardless the noise of drama – but only to your willingness to hear it.
    The mind only ‘rules’ its kingdom, by the ruling out of wholeness.
    In truth it takes a moment to be still and know. In practice it may be a process over time of disinvestment from diversion so as to reconfigure as the simplicity of pausing to listen to the movement of the heart’s knowing – which is wordless in human terms – and yet the word or vibratory signature of who you are in truth.
    Alight in what resonates and is relevant to who you are currently accepting or choosing to be.
    That you asked a question is some sign of stirring. That you framed it in seeking is perhaps the presumption that seeking is the reason for communicating. As if relationships are something to get and get from.

    I am open to sharing in purpose. At a level that repurposes the mind to serve healing rather than interject rules and judgements that keep the mind employed and healing obscure.
    Truly shared purpose is one mind because purpose is the aligning context of all that is here to be lived and shared and appreciated.
    Self-honesty is the way in. If you are experiencing dis-ease, dissonance or discord – accept this but only as the basis from which to be curious, open and receptive to healing. Which is not what you think.
    Depression is a self-definition. Perhaps this protects from a greater sense of insecurity. Perhaps it persists as sense of self-judging rejection and powerlessness. Perhaps it intends to hurt those who you see as denying and depriving you. There are as many ways to be depressed as there are to be inspired.
    A cynical mask in scientism asserts there are no cures. But what if the disease itself is founded on a mistaken identity? What if you have been ‘phished’ by thinking, judgements and beliefs that protect the judgement – at your expense!
    What am I seeking?
    In the aftermath of a disaster one cannot attend the dead but must first seek for signs of life and attend them first. False thinking is a disaster and the dead know not what they do until they release their grip on it.
    What am I finding?
    Re-cognition, re-membering presence – the benefit of giving what I value in order to keep it.
    The world gives to get rid of. Hence the pharmakoi. But what we project onto others in this way is what we get to keep – unconscious of our own giving and receiving. This is growing a (perception of) world run by denials that seem to be an evil or cowardly unworthiness of love. here is the call to war. And here is the call to peace and healing. I am seeking to extend the recognition that we are beings of the Creator and are likewise Creative – but have lost trust and connection to our true nature through the attempt to ‘create’ in our own image or judgement. Would you rather be right or happy? So often the latter is a default to the saving of face or maintaining of the persona through which you are having your experience and which you may equate with your Self.
    True science dies not seek consensus – but seeks to challenge it by any and every means as a final conclusion of definitive ‘truth’. Because truth is Alive and not an object to your own sense of ‘private’ definition.
    To choose to embrace Life is not to set the terms of bargaining, but to stop killing it by the act of doing so.
    We are killing ourselves under the guise of ‘survival’.
    At what point do we wake from an evil dream rather than give consent and allegiance to it?
    I do not know when you will choose to accept and embrace Life – but I know it is your true Inherence to receive – even if you are currently ‘poor in spirit’ or depressed. All are called but few choose to listen… as yet.

  • We all have our ‘real world’ experiences.
    You presume the cart before the horse, because the inability to persist in the loveless (messy entanglement of conflicted relationships) is seen as the problem rather than the emergency of the answer.
    It may well be needed to separate from that which separates as part of establishing a consciousness of a different purpose – whatever that looks like, but the underlying purpose is a reintegrative or healing movement of being that the ‘mind’ may attempt to control or claim for itself but only as the persistence of old habits that call for persistence in new choices.
    The unhealed healer seeks to change others to resolve his or her own denied conflict. It is denied BY the projection onto, and attack or coercive manipulation of, ‘others’ unlike our self. This is as true in psychiatry as in politics.
    One of the symptoms I see is of believing our own evil intentions are in the mind of others and WANTING them there – as well as WANTING to attack them there (self righteous vindication).

    What I join with is the idea of giving true witness instead of false. ‘Speaking truth to power’ is really a matter of abiding in and trusting in the power of truth.

    Insofar as people act from false presumptions in which they have emotional investment in wanting to be true, merely accusing and attacking the evil that you assign to their intent and action and not your own offers them the justified defence against threat.

    The real ‘status quo’ is not the forms or arrangements of power so much as the framing of the mind in power struggle. That the call to war works the denial of truth ought to be well known. But to the separated ones, war is the very basis of maintaining a split off sense of power OVER life, OVER relationships and thus the basis for our subjection to what we WANTED true.

    I am not in ANY way advising what anyone should DO regarding the seeking of help or the providing of it.
    I am saying that what we DO will always embody and express the THOUGHT we are accepting as true BY such action. This is a true choice that currently runs as an unconscious habit. That is the ‘status quo’ that I challenge. Freedom is not what we do – and no more is our true responsibility for those who know not what they do are acting from a false sense of self and world.

    So the willingness to associate our world experience or outcome with the thoughts we hold and accept as currency is the opening of the capacity to evaluate them in terms of what they bring, and discern the basis from which to choose in alignment with our wholeness and peace of being – that cannot be manufactured in thinking and presentations seeking validation. Wholeness extends a sense of validity to others regardless whether they be currently acting ‘out-of-true’ with their own Good (wellbeing).
    Establishing a channel of communication is accepting and extending relationship in place of judging another in terms of power struggle. All ego relationships are seen in terms of getting from or getting away from.
    I like the term ‘health is inner peace; illness is external searching’. A moment of inner peace is a willingness away and not at the end of twenty years of meditation ‘training’.
    Nothing could ever be closer or more natural to us than our being. If you can simply feel this, then you have a basis to question the ‘status quo’ of an unnatural interjection of thinking. Not to break it or war with it but to recognize and release what does not belong to you while consciously accepting what does.
    If your being is the truth of your existence regardless how the mind frames it in experience, then yielding to truth is the willingness to let your mind be renewed. No one can come between you and your Self – but that you give it the power to do so. The faith that you give to the maintaining of your ego has developed abilities of allegiance that can just as easily serve a reintegrative purpose. There is never a moment of lack of faith – so much as vacillation between what you decide to give it to.
    The true individual ONLY has awareness of existence in relationship. Indivisibility is the nature of being one and at one with. The concept of an independent body based individual symbolising freedom to DO, is a corruption in thought and not true in being. The mind of such an embodied concept is a reversal of effect and cause.
    Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality”. Michael Ellner

  • Yes it is our defences we suffer. What is sadness but loss and an identity in lack?
    Beliefs are accepted by acting (or reacting) as if ideas are true (of us).
    The belief we are lacking – as a sense of loss of peace, love, power, connection, and support, generates a need-driven sense of self-seeking. The very act of trying to put Humpty together again is the reinforcement of victimhood – regardless the story of the Fall. Yet the struggle for wholeness or fulfilment in fragmented isolated terms is both a powerlessness and a power struggle – or rather the assertion of power rooted in fear of powerlessness as well as the presentation of powerlessness expressing the fear of power.

    This seemingly simple ‘splitting of self’ take any and every form in our personal and collective Self-Evasion of complex of psychic-emtional defences against pain of loss and indeed of total loss.

    The power of our belief creates our experience of reality and is evident in the mis-creation of a conflicted sense of self-separate struggle. But all the king’s horses and all the king’s men can never put Humpty together again. This is because the ‘Fall’ was a breakdown in communication and not a Fact.

    Release and be released is inescapable as an expression of the Law of Mind. But until we challenge our own thinking and the perception-reaction of its experience, we do not see our own emotionally driven demands and conditions upon others or ourself, but merely the failure of the world, others or ourself to fit or conform to what we WANT it to be or believe it SHOULD be.

    “I WANT IT THUS!” screams the sense of self deprived and denied. This is hardly a premise upon which to establish our life, yet this is the basis of a hatred or refusal of Life that then dissociates in search of self-vindication as a fantasy enactment upon the ‘otherness’ of self and life discarded and unrecognized.

    While the identity investment in a masking sense of self is strong, there is no need, desire or willingness to look within and every sense of necessity to look out and away. No one can teach anyone what they are unwilling to accept. But we always learn from what we teach, demonstrate or behave as if true and we may also learn from a recognition of qualities in others or indeed in nature.

    To a large extent, we suffer from thinking that our thinking is in fact thinking. In a world of the exposure of ‘fake’ news, fake science, fake history etc – I invite the recognition of fake thinking. Much of what we give attention to is serving as a way of not looking at what we have in a sense programmed ourself NOT to see as a matter of our own survival or self-reinforcement (power and protection).

    Madness itself works a defence against a greater terror. The burden of feeling trapped in conflicted limitation is depressing. We all have different patterns of strategy and defence that are also entanglements with each other. All attempts to escape only reinforce our sense of powerlessness.
    What if “I cant do it!” is a statement of release from the belief that we either could or should – rather than a sense of self-lack under a world of pain and confusion?

    The framing of mind sets the experience. The mind set of internal contradictions cannot be the guide or teacher for the release of such contradiction. So releasing what does not work (bring peace or joy) by not acting from it or investing further attention in it, and holding in the willingness to be shown what does work without preconceiving the ‘how’ or the form it must take. Such willingness need only be a spark to allow life in, and grow the spark.

    Holding willingness by attending and acting in accord with its call is the capacity to move through what otherwise stands as an immovable and irrevocable block to your own release. Where we give attention is our choice and our decision or extension of value. In this we are the determiner of what we give power TO – according to beliefs we accept true – for whatever reason.

  • We imbibe, induct and acquire the masking, suppression or denial of feelings in our learning and adaptation to the world we are born into – which is a human construct through which life (self and world) is experienced.
    The way to teach that feeling is acceptable is to both own it and accept it as an outcome that offers genuine feedback to our current choice.
    The structure of our current consciousness generally tends to inhibit the action phase of emotional movement as well as the communication or acceptance of love as a true intimacy both within and between us. This is because both are seen as a threat to the sense of control over experience and by extension over others and our world (over life).
    The effect of a block to the expression of felt being – when translated into body terms – is in part necessary for society. The desire to possess, fuck, manipulate or kill is a distorted form of ‘self’ fulfilment that engenders guilt and penalty. It is also a dissociated or blind urge of a lack-driven identity seeking its completion in ways that do or perpetuate the very patterns of behaviour that are implicit in generating the sense of self-lack in the perpetrator.
    The dis-inhibiting of love – as a living quality of a higher willing conscious embrace – is the releasing of a falsely imprisoning self deprivation to a presence of appreciation in which body impulses are reintegrated to their true root as an expression and extending of love – rather than attempts to get it or do it privately or behind a masking separation.
    Inspiration is the nature of the disinhibiting of love – but this has to be a step by step process in willingness because to the identity in the mask of control, nothing is more terrifying or damning to its ‘self-survival’ than love, communication, intimacy, as the shared nature of being truly moved. Hence the feared and denied are associated with our fear so as to be demonized or guarded by terror symbols that serve to lock the mind in the ‘body’ as a limitation and separator.
    What we live, or demonstrate by example teaches. Children must induct much of what they are initiatlly exposed to as the ability to survive their world – and often take on parents burdens in a loyalty of love.
    However what we choose to learn from what anyone teaches is not forced on us – and even temporary accommodations to parents can be and are dropped later in life as a result of awakening self-responsibility.

    Acceptance of our feeling being is both a non-exclusion and a willing self-inclusion. Society is generally predicated upon exclusive conditional rules as to the permission to feel, know, share and appreciate, from a hidden fear of self-exclusion in terms of rejection, invalidation, vilification or ridicule as well as persecution and death.

    Depression is normal to those locked in a body in a world of loveless or coercive and blind intent and attempts to escape in dissociation or addiction to substitution for living only compound the belief in the reality of the greater fear that is then replaced by lesser evils.

    So the attempt to escape or overcome a part of our own denied relational-conflct IS the persistence of the energetic of that conflict in masking forms that seem or present themselves to be justified and acceptable.

    A lack of conditional support can lead to the withdrawal of willingness to relate except in terms of refusal to relate – ie passive aggression. This can be a form of “Look at what you have done / are doing to me. At your hand, I suffer! This can be interpersonal or in a sense directed at God or Life or some symbolic representation of our greater being.

    The willingness to learn of a different ‘teacher’ than our past thinking or conditioning is of a present willingness for healing that rises from truly evaluating the pain or isolation as the need and the call FOR healing – in recognition that the old way cannot work or support who you now accept and feel yourself to be.
    This is often a ‘breakdown’ of the sense of control amidst conflicted purpose and distressing experience, until a new direction is accepted and aligned in. This is the need for ongoing and persistent inspiration and a discernment of the non-indulgence of thinking that is inherently depressive.
    You may lead a horse to water but you cant make them drink is both intra-personally and interpersonally relevant. Much of our ‘helping’ is an attempt to solve our denied conflicts upon others. We do not want to feel helpless and so we get others to carry OUR burden for us by taking the role of victim, whilst presenting a ‘sympathetic concern’ that distances and ‘rationalises’ them into our framing.
    Seeking self-validation from others is the child to parent dependency.
    Many of us seek in the world for what we never had from our parents – who for the same reasons, used their children to seek self validation.
    No one can recognize they are love but that they extend it and this is the nature of our predicament in a world of seemingly fixed judgements. An untrustworthy, treacherous and fickle world where love seems to turn to hate in an instant. But is this not a true reflection of our own conflicted state?
    You belong because you exist. The attempt to deny or exclude parts of yourself (others) will always usurp your feeling awareness of Existence with struggle – including the attempt to evade, escape or withdraw from ‘conflict’.

  • Core patterns of personal identity operate the personal identity.
    The forms they take are different under different settings but they all share a common root.
    The nature of identity does not come up in such terms but more in terms of defined self-interest – or better – self interest operating through the filtering self-definitions of self and world.

    If our capacity to maintain our identity is threatened and our usual set of defences no longer work, then we might go mad even from the fear of being mad – and for that sense of chaos, the limiting nature of diagnosis and possible meds offers respite from such a raw skinless exposure to a sense of losing control or of believing we have control without the agreement or support of others.

    Everyone behaves ‘stupidly’ under a group identity. Identities set against exposure – ie a masking identity, seeks external reinforcement of mutually agreed self-protections.

    The key as I see it is that our true identity is what we give or extend to others – and know in the giving. In giving and receiving contradictory messages we have conflicted experience, lose trust communication and connection to fears that may manifest as any kind of withdrawal and withholding of love – or in practical terms the genuine honouring and appreciation of others as ourself.

    Of course groups can serve us in all kinds of ways too. It really is all about the active purpose and not about presumed wishful intentions.

    One of the thing that happens around anyone seen as powerful is the ‘yes man or pleaser, because we generally survive and thrive by not upsetting or drawing the critical attention of power. A good leader doesn’t want a bubble for their vanity but genuine feedback. But the inclination to believe your own spin when echoed back as reinforcement becomes addictive as the covering over of fear unfaced.

  • Why is mental health an absurd concept?
    Is it not physical sickness that is absurd?
    Or rather, once the physical is elevated to the status of Cause, and we are relegated to Effect – then a world arises in which “Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality”. (~ Michael Ellner)

    The backwards or reversal of our conscious foundation – which has been developed over millennia generates a world in which living under SHOCK is normalised and called sane.

    Mental wholeness or integration in all that we are is only insane or sick to those who seek to make insanity and sickness normal – so as to feed upon it for private or personal ‘survival’ in its terms.

    The ruling out or exclusion of the spiritual or psychic-emotional (Consciousness) by the intent of mapping and controlling life (self, other and world) is simply false and its underlying complex of denials communicate energetically regardless of the ingenuity of social masking.

    You give the situation all the meaning it has for you – and that can be in alignment with the true of your being or in seeming opposition – because you WANT something untrue to be validated or ‘made real’.

  • There is an answer in the problem.
    System is a mechanism, and given power over true relation, breaks our relation within ourself and between each other.
    Systemic defences arise from (and embody) the chaos of our particular version of ‘separation trauma’ – which is not IN the individual so much as in the filed of the collective to which the individual has to learn, adapt and survive in its terms – that is – without meeting rejection, abandonment, betrayal, denial as a powerless subjection in loss of face, loss of self – and loss of world. The making manifest of denied self operates through the denial consciousness that is predicated on lack and fear of loss to seek to evade and escape it’s reoccurrence. Yet this is how to give a positive focus to what we do NOT want and bring it along with us in what is NOT said, allowed, acknowledged or accepted.

    The intent and attempt to live out of true and ‘get away with it or make it believable or meaningful’ is largely invisible in an insane society. The forms this takes are becoming significantly less able to be-live in, (for many), and yet the tendency will be to try and smooth over the cracks of an out of true or mistaken identity rather than see the false as false and choose to align in true.

    When we open the ‘territory’ of an awakening self-responsibility by walking out of a blame and shame game, we will attract of find support to the degree we are open and willing. We are generally unaware of our own thinking while we are reacting as if it is true. Without a true desire, nothing can reach us. Self-honesty is something our thinking-self fears. Exposure is associated with fear and defended against as ‘selfprotection’ which is reinforced as necessary by (our reaction to) the judgements of others.

    Genuine relational communication within ourself as the basis from which to extend and recognize in others, is our step by step acceptance of a greater sanity than a fear-driven society.

    Living from a sense of self-lack is a need driven mechanism of conditioned reaction that self-organizes into systems of self-reinforcement and drives the d/evolution and dis-association of a subjective consciousness in social and technological extensions that reinforce the purpose that made them.

    The obsession with control drives the demand that systems be in place against our own feared insanity – and inhibition of harm is needful while the thoughts that generate the feeling are brought to light.

    But the key is in addressing and undoing the blocks to love’s awareness now – blocks that we are all already participating in. No one can release a habit of which they are neither aware or in ownership of and therefore know not what they do – regardless what the habit-thinking runs.

    Mental health is inner peace or lack of self-conflicted identity through which Life knows itself in all that it is.
    Mental sickness is always a form of external searching that not only cannot work, but works against the natural acceptance of a true awareness now.

  • The illusion of the scientist (or would be psychiatrist/psychologist) is in presuming to study, understand and intervene in the minds of others.
    Most of us are quicker to see, judge and ‘correct’ the wrongs in others rather than understand our own need and truly address it where it IS. (Now).
    The dissociation from feeling being is a fear of and judgement over (denial of) emotional expression.

    I prefer to see the Human un-sanity as a collective entanglement in guilted fears and hates rather than presume to judge and ‘correct’ others. The temporary acceptance of an unsanity as the call to immediately address it, rather than act from it.

    I cannot live another’s choices, nor their life experience. But I can become more aware of my own – and less easily phished by reaction. I find this means feeling MORE of what I do not like – but in a purpose or context that undoes it by withdrawing allegiance from it – BY living it without recoil into what I now see does not work and cannot work – except to persist the state i say I don’t want.

    The Feynman quote illuminates the truer willingness to be wrong.

  • Firstly, I suggest that what something is used FOR – or the purpose that it is serving, is what determines what it actually is.
    Psycho-emotional conflict within ourself as between each other CAN be dumped or hidden in the body – in fact the very idea of the body as the ’cause’ of life is the reversal of the natural order and a world in which Everything is BACKWARDS; (everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality”. ~ Michael Ellner).

    That physical situations can and do effect our consciousness has to also bear in mind that consciousness – at a deeper level – is the mapping of the model of the world we presume to be ‘in’ and that the ‘pre-conscious’ learning or conditioning includes much that is fearful, hateful and defensive to a conflicted mind in a conflicted world. I see that this operates as negative synchronicity rather than cause and effect in time.

    Fear of truth MUST substitute for it – and defend such substitution as its ‘self’ protection. Thus we have a ‘world’ or society that denies or rules out truth in order to ‘survive in mask’ and this is our personality investment or ‘face’ supported by narrative continuity and control.

    Human denial – used to protect error rather than denying error the power to ‘be true’ is the way our minds work until there is a fundamental awakening to the nature of the thinking we took to be true or necessary to survive lies we could not escape or wanted to be true, THEN.

    That the physical body-mind is one functional vehicle and not a brain controller, over its body parts, is a rich uncovering to the state and quality of intracellular communications that Nature/Biology/Cosmos IS – that our ‘control mentality’ seeks to purpose (marketise or weaponise) to support its ‘DOES’.
    Guilt is the result of ‘wrong doing’ that mistakenly presumes ‘wrong being’ and attacks itself – as the basis of its relations with others. In this you can notice the hateful AND the subjection or loss of power to tyrannous thinking.

    True power is a creative alignment in what truly moves us. Fear of letting such movement embody is synchronous to the filters of its own miscreative definitions. Hence the urge to wholeness in love, peace or power is our natural inherence – but pursued in external terms of possessing, controlling or denying others – is un sane. Sanity is inner peace by which a wholeness of being extends TO others – which is a sense of life moving through us rather than being possessed and controlled by a part of us given power over a part of us made powerless.

    Models of reality or self image are symbolic significance to those who make them. But the identifying in any thought, image or symbol structure AS REALITY is the en-trance-ment to self-illusion once protected AGAINST the true of being for private or personal sense of creation.

    Because self-inflation is gratifying or engaging to the act of indulging it, the separation is more associated with the breakdown of the bubble – and then with the demonising of scapegoats of negative association with their own inner ‘chaos’ – as if wholeness lies in vengeance or eradication of ‘symptoms’ assigned as causal. Or of diversion from exposure in lack of substance in all kinds of psuedo crusades that simply restate the original sense of lack (fear) in a fantasy framework of ‘war against whatever’.

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

    Wholeness never was a matter of forcing fragments of a separated sense of lack into any kind of ‘model’ world order – but is the already true waiting welcome beneath all the diversionary divisions of a fundamental Self-evasion.

    I write in true-with-ness – because I give what I know I need to have. But its true is only shared in a like willingness – and in the context or purpose of healing or the reintegrative movement of our being, holds for a communioned communication in place of the cognitive dissonance of ‘The world as I say – not as I do’.

    The determination to heal is the bringing of willingness forwards while ‘resting’ the control mentality – without demonising it. Fear can then become the true need uncovered and aligned in, rather than the re-triggering of our various ‘separation trauma’ entanglements.

  • The framing of your post is a specific take that you accept and identify in.

    The nature of trying to define or render Reality in fixed definitions is a judgement that both gives light specially to its focus but leaves dark or rejects all that does not fit or conform to its set of rules.

    So there is a baby in the bathwater, but there is also the reaction that hides the problem in the new answer, because the ‘problem’ is an unfolding of relational being through filters and distortions of denial that manifest as conflicting realities.

    Dislocation, dissociation and displacement of self/reality are also the nature of society. The underbelly of society runs a masked psychosis. The recognition of NEED for healing is a key without which some form of sacrifice is enacted or demanded. The set mind in its ‘problem’ sees in terms of the framing of the problem and so yes open the relational awareness to be open to a,b,c,d,e. Relational awareness is both the recognition of the need for healing and the channel or nature of its embodiment.

    Dissociated relationships are fixed in terms of a past that is not here and are a normalisation of lack of love.

    The nature of split mind as assertion OF a masking reality is to frame it as an expression of prediction and control within a perception of order and chaos, as struggle of powers or survival of the personal sense (as framed) and thus of the thought system that is operating beneath the personal sense.

    The complexity of defences in play against exposure to fear cannot be understated. Defences DO the thing they are designed to defend against.
    “The whole danger of defenses lies in their propensity to hold misperceptions rigidly in place. This is why rigidity is regarded AS stability by those who are off the mark”. ~(ACIM)

    Life does not arise as a multi choice format, nor fit the framework of your ‘what if?’.
    Your view may help break a rigidity for some and reinforce it in others.
    Discernment, rather than rulebound thinking is what is needed in whatever course of action proceeds from whatever framing of definition gives rise to.
    A set identification for or against a,b,c,d,e is likely to operate blindly – that is – without a true relational awareness of the need for healing of the situation for everyone involved.
    One can only work with the willingness present – and yet our own can draw forth willingness in others and alignments or synchronicities to the situation that simply cannot fit in the consensus reality.
    Negative synchronicities – such as you describe and associate with ‘psychosis’ are not recognized as such when ’cause’ is dissociated from and assigned to symptoms and denied or attacked there.

    Where there is harming of self and other, there is also a call for restraint as an extension of love. Not as an act of self-righteous moral or ‘scientific’ superiority.

    Our fears are not isolated personal problems in self or others – so much as an interlocking entanglement in conflict-thinking over millennia that has and does ‘physicalize’ or dump or displace unresolved conflict to the body (and world). This is of course a subjection to our own (personal and collective) denied or hidden conflict – but in forms we not only do not recognize – but which our minds are predicated NOT to see.

    No one can force another to see truly – nor does that make sense if seeing is the result of an undistorted and therefore un-coerced apprehension. But we can become aware or serve the awareness of choices we are making as conditioned or triggered habit – and so awaken to choices we did not know we had as a result of the framing of a past made in error – and perhaps in terror.

    The breakdown of the masking structures is the resurfacing of denied experience that re-enacts a past that is not here upon a living that is thus unseen and mis-identified. This is as much in our ‘body’ as in our ‘mind’ and if Mind is to fearful to open, then working through the physical symbol opens life at a level it can be accepted and shared and grown as the courage to move through fear rather than embody its dictate.

    I chose d, but e found me. If I had not had an inner quality of support for being – fear would have made the ‘choice’. Open dialogue is one of the most inspiring approaches I have come across. Retreat is no shame as a temporary move in a larger movement. My sense is that there are better ways to effect restoring boundary for retreat than neurotoxins.

    We cannot ‘afford’ any true solution to the reality of our needs under a negative economy of feeding upon and pharming them for profit that piles up debt in more ways than fiscal.

    The precondition to the ‘Fall’ or Separation to split mindedness is self-inflation of self-image.
    But the recognition of an unconflicted being is ruled out by “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    trying to put Humpty together again”.

    If something matters to you, it shows that you mind or operate upon decisions of focus in value. If what is found to be running is out of true with who you now know and feel yourself to be – then release what does not work/serve or belong to you now. Of course one can make conflict and drama out of this and sometimes that has such tragic or shocking consequence as to call forth a deeper humility/honesty of being or indeed ‘regress’ in attempt to resist feared change or loss of self as currently clung to.

  • While I don’t seek to deny your point – I believe that toxicity is very ofter masked by cover stories that include virological fears. So pesticides/herbicides and zika as a recent example. The stories that serve power will always dominate truths that dont.
    While working within a framework of belief – one has to honour its experience as valid to the current definitions. But all frameworks of belief are stories by which we ‘make sense’ of our world and if they do not truly serve who we NOW accept ourselves to be, we have to question our presumptions and beliefs that before were invisibly running as acquired or induced habit.
    Exposure to toxic influence links in with the undermining of the ability to heal and repair or regenerate. The synergy of co-factors in individuals may vary – not everyone accumulating aluminium via vaccines suffers arrested mental development of an ‘autistic diagnosis’ and incapacity.
    To what degree are ‘diseases’ the result of the breakdown of health as a wholeness of being – and this must include the psychic-emotional and spiritual being.
    Bringing in the realm of consciousness to the ‘physical’ condition is often associated with guilt, blame and punishment and part of the attempt to physicalize being is to ‘escape’ this. But we only reframe it in different forms of subjection that may mask over and protect the ‘disease’ from its cure.
    Curiosity for truth is not a witch hunt for sins.
    But the witch hunt of a blame culture does set the mind in wanting to believe what is not true so as to seem protected from feared outcomes or experience.
    The attempt to escape a fear is what makes it real for us in the terms we set.

    Many who have reclaimed a sense of their power to choose after having the experience of giving it away to ‘experts’ or beliefs that seemed authoritative, have lived through fears and shifted or grown by that willingness brought to adversity and conflict.

    I see a toxic thinking and its toxic world as a call to wholeness or true presence – not as a struggle of powers, but as an alignment within the power of health – now and now.

  • Rather than put a link I haven’t checked just put “Thud experiment” into a search.
    I think I first heard of it in Adam Curtis’s Century of the Self documentary series.

    “The Rosenhan experiment or Thud experiment was an experiment conducted to determine the validity of psychiatric diagnosis. The experimenters feigned hallucinations to enter psychiatric hospitals, and acted normally afterwards. They were diagnosed with psychiatric disorders and were given antipsychotic drugs. The study was conducted by psychologist David Rosenhan, a Stanford University professor, and published by the journal Science in 1973 under the title “On being sane in insane places”.

  • It is very rare that following ‘standard of care’ results in getting in trouble for sicking or killing patients. IE: Chemo/radiation – “well we lost the patient but we got the cancer!” (ie dying of the treatment, not the cancer).
    Following cooperative modes or approaches to health that are outside the captured monopoly of sickness management is very much more likely to attract penalty – as is challenging the power structure of such a rigged systemic replacement for human relational communication. (Health freedom).

    I suspect that the two causes above ‘doctoring’ – which are heart disease and cancer are also significantly increased by ‘doctoring’.
    IE: false models for causes of either that profit from intervening in ways that harm rather than help.

    Institutions don’t publicise their ‘dirty washing’ – or else people would lose confidence and become victims to fraudsters. But fraud is systemic – and in medical terms, protected against rival or exposure by regulatory capture and corporate cartel power ($$$$$$$$$$$).

    Self-education that learns and grows together is called for. Nothing is as we were led to believe – but that is the freedom for a genuine curiosity of discovery – once the initial disturbance integrates.

  • It isn’t so much what he thinks as that it is supported by power given by many to a set of ideas that allow him to use that power in support of a personal sense of superiority.

    Society isn’t really a single narrative ‘thinking’ entity and so it is the established and influential institutions that effect ‘power’ to change or maintain a core narrative AND in some sense enforce it.

    So in psychiatric realms you have laws drafted, and educational curriculums imposed, services employed and ‘medications’ manufactured – all seeking a tool through which to operate.

    Taking on the power in the world because it is ‘wrong’ is almost certainly unwise, but that does not mean we give it worth-ship. When we judge another wrong we take a superior position. So the energetic underneath the forms of a false or distorted sense of relationship is in a sense ‘contagious’.

    I don’t mind what others think of me but I mind what I think about myself and them, because I find they go together. A degraded sense of self seeks ‘superiority’ or domination and control over its own projections. So I watch my own ‘projections’ because I love loving – and its a drag to get caught up in hating myself.

    Society is perhaps shaped by what we give worth and power to. Most are running on a sort of default autopilot of ‘presumed’ or given reality. I feel that responsibility (not blame) is regaining the freedom to give love and attention to what is truly worthy and let go of focussing in what isn’t – and what I don’t want to keep recycling in my own experience.

    I can believe others think all sorts of things, act as if they do and get reactions that seem to prove I was right. The mistaken idea of god is lording it over anyone or anything as a power trip. Power rests in its wholeness. So the word power as we use it is already corrupt – and that ‘power’ then corrupts – never mind absolutely.

    But anyway you can if you wish psycho analyse the shrink.
    No one IS their role. But when we are on a roll, we don’t want truth to get in the way of a good story. His story is then a denial of truth of himself others and a wholeness of being that is felt and shared in a living love.

    Did you ever read of the ‘Thud’ experiment that revealed psychiatry to be anything but a science? This may have been part of what shifted them to a behavioural and ‘medical’ (sic) model.

  • While I get your gist with regard to classifications of symptoms I felt to write into the idea. The belief that ‘there is nothing true’ is the rise of social engineering or mind control ‘systems’ in place of true communication.

    There are recognisable distortions of love (true) that may take any or many forms. In fact the attempt to deny, hide and coerce ‘negative’ or rejecting and conflicting thought and feeling into compliance or conformity is the presentation of or persona (masking/armouring) over love. So fear can and often does elicit fear, rejection can and often does induce rejection. That is – there is a vibrational or energetic undercurrent to the form of any reaction or communication that is both highly active and yet largely running unconscious to rules or conditional loves and hates that identify in manipulating or avoiding experience as associated with past conditioning.

    Is most everyone having the same ‘human experience’ of thought-defined division, conflict, limitation, suffering and the movement to overcome, evade or mitigate suffering? But of course all in patterns of mutual shadow play – because we are all in a sense triggering and being triggered by each other rather? The negative communication of judgements, rejections, denials masked over with personal or social codes of mutual agreements, mores and rules is the human ‘doing’ of a mind attempting to be what I/we/you are not. Is this not because love believes itself attacked, unseen, and unsafe to be?

    While we cannot have the same ‘experience’ we can be moved as one and in that sense the ‘separateness’ of a sense of control over a private reality is replaced by synchronicity in shared purpose – that is one mind and not many.

    This is more like tuning into the same wavelength and not a unifying in the same forms as if to repeat or persist and protect a sense of fulfilment from loss or change.

    When we are ‘out-of-true’ with ourselves we experience negative synchronicity. That is – synchronicity is the nature of the communication of a living Universe – but when we create or attract conflicting reality out from a sense of lack seeking to be filled, we do not recognize our own part and react as if it is all happening to us or being done to us which is a subjection or sense of victim.
    While mind at the persona level seeks to manipulate form, the mind beneath of above that is operating as symbols and meanings of the natural unconscious spontaneity of the impulse of life – which is pure communication or the nature of life to ‘know thyself’.
    In this view a true appreciation is uncover-able from mis-identified self-in-reaction, but in a sense the ‘treasure’ is guarded by perils or guardians – because the misplaced fear of and substitution for true cannot ‘do’ the uncovering of its own lack of true foundation in you.

    The fear of ‘chaos’ is associated with loss of self-identity or exposure (and penalty) under an imposition or accusation of a false and hateful or invalid identity. This state is vulnerable to promise of protection by the power to limit and designate a socially valid identity that does mitigate a deeper fear by removing it from the realm of choice. If we are not ready to enter the territory of such choice it is not wrong to retreat to grow in the capacities that we can accept some responsibility in. However if the suppression of life as conflict is fed and suckled as a new identity, it will protect itself against healing – whether as the ‘patient’ or the ‘institutional therapy’. And so if life is felt as a call to joy and not just survival under fear, such identity has to be recognized and released or ‘walked out of’ in alignment with a true sense of self-appreciation.
    When we let life or love in – we naturally find its extension to others. When we seek to possess or manipulate life, we meet the dissonance of a negative appreciation as a ‘chaos’ that drives an attempt to escape or overcome the effect or symptom – seen as ’cause’.
    WANTING the ’cause’ outside ourself is fear of blame/avoidance of guilt penalty. But if that ’cause’ is in truth a MISTAKE that can be simply corrected – then all the layers of defences piled upon it are effectively a great diversionary tactic – charged with intensity and projected ‘meanings’ rising from giving power (energy and attention) to fear.
    After writing this I shared a reading that included:
    “The whole danger of defenses lies in their propensity to hold misperceptions rigidly in place. This is why rigidity is regarded AS stability by those who are off the mark”. (ACIM)

  • A state of ease is not conflicted – but it may be unconflicted in dealing with something that presents itself as conflicted.
    An original sense of dis-ease is nothing to do with diagnosis as given worship today – but of a loss of peace, a conflicted sense that persists or disturbs such as to interfere with or undermine our sense of self and life.

    Nature is a term used for that which we live in and of. A divine nature or an original nature or a fallen or human or suppressed and denied nature – all invoke different facets of self-definition.
    Often natural is equated with normal, naturally following from certain precepts could mean logical or inevitable. Nature can be blamed for our unwillingness to grow and thus attacked, suppressed and replaced by rules that rule us out of nature. Guilt can assign a holiness to nature by casting human as the murderer or despoiler.

    Our development of consciousness is always relational and yet a sense of self is grown to some sense of independence within learned rules and roles by which to learn and participate in the human society – which is an inner modelling that augments a physical experience with meanings that support the world and the self that is its adaptation – for they are both grown together. When the learned self and world are interrupted and in some sense deconstructed to a sense of disconnected or conflicting reality, previously unconscious experience rises into consciousness or is triggered so as in a sense to replace it.
    As part of the awakening from exclusive identification in the personality to a direct connection , communication or awareness of being, some chaotic and conflicted experience is ‘natural’ – but the judging of it as a distantiating from and suppression of disturbance by those who seek to rule out and escape their own, will tend to compound or reinforce the fears and guilt feelings of those labelled ‘sick’ or ‘mental’ even or especially when operating a mask of kindness. The discovery of our true nature is from the recognition and release of the false. Not from suppressing or seeking to invalidate the false nor seeking to force presumed good outcomes upon an unreadiness or unwillingness.

    There are levels to our experience and within them we may accept certain premises for practical purposes.
    If enough people are stuck at a certain place they call it reality. the human conditioning is generally suffered and accepted as the human condition.

    Recognizing our true nature is not a thinking process nor an image or symbolic perception. Perhaps its singular feature is that it is not coercive upon you and in that sense not in or of the world that a love learned in fear at cost of simply loving.

    The acquired rules for forms of loving and against forms of hate are a coercion upon the freedom to know and move as part of opening ‘otherness’ or relational balance. A world of otherness is part of the physical experience of separated or segregated ‘self’ or thought and experience as a private sense. There is terror beneath the fear of the pain and loss of such a self. Its revealing may be overwhelming to the capacity to maintain a world made to hide it. A sense of broken self reality undermines the movement to open in relationship. The thinking of the self cannot reinstate a sense of solidity and control without denying itself, and attracting or aligning in self-denying experience. But from a sense of consciousness in which there is awareness of choice, and some sense of causes and consequences to guide choosing, habits of thought and behaviour can b brought into awareness and find more alignment in a conscious desire rather than embodying acquired and conditional learnings that were part of the strategy of adaptation and survival at a time of needs that were incapable of articulation or reflection in consciousness.
    I did not choose to accept psychosis as pertaining to me but I recognize that it would have been projected and assigned me. I hung in with the intuition of life and kept away from ‘authority structures’ that i did not have any sense of any capacity to understand – being predicated upon the self that rules out true knowing.
    I may add that the opening of such a knowing – while in itself simply ‘Is’ – generated a sense of loss of self that became a desire to ‘regain or reassert my life and born identity. This precipitated a ‘descent into terror’ – to a world that became ‘solid’ again by some sense of a lie or deceit that I could not blame or project away from myself – and yet nor could I accept revealed truth. In simplest terms I was terrified of true intimacy of being and all my life to that point had been ‘running away’ but presenting as being or becoming a ‘someone’.
    The quality of being that stirred could not be altogether lost – yet its prompt was always to look within at what I had run from. I look back at that period as a nine year phase of unlearning or growing willingness to both feel fear and abide through it to a willingness to move or act or relate in ways that grew a sense of self responsibility in place of self indulging thought and feeling. I could never ‘live up to’ targets that set me up to fail and I learned not to do that. Letting love in was the healing or shifting from a fear that opened the need to know to a supported and guided sense of being that of course is the true of me whatever experiences may come and go. I see it that the movement for healing and awakening from fear’s conflict and distorted filtering perceptions uses what is in our mind(world) to prompt and guide us to accept unified direction in place of ‘cancelling ourselves out’ in conflicting purposes. Feeling what we feel is a way to discern or open deeper understandings that are beneath the experience – but indulging feelings as self-reinforcement is a way to deny or block the influx of a greater or more integrated perspective. Perhaps we simply do not open to who we truly are until we know our own willingness, and whatever methods keep the borders, walls or lid in place are simply the means that was to hand in our own unfolding.
    I could have chosen to feel psychically raped or violated – but I preferred to accept it a natural but somewhat premature – hence a crash course in the nature of being because I was in no way prepared.

    Challenging the thought and beliefs of the world so as to reclaim responsibility for choice instead of giving power away may include psychiatry – but if you make an identity out of victimhood and grievance – you entangle yourself with what you hate. You cannot live anyone else’s life and projecting into them is really yours, not theirs anyway. To ‘not know is a condition open to receiving new light. To be certain in any negative or self-limting thought is to WANT it true. If you knew this was your choice, would you want it?
    Certainty of being is felt and known in the wordless heart. Listen there by finding whatever works to release of calm the thinking mind. It isn’t really somewhere else – but that the mind is the seeming power to focus outside yourself and forget to check in.
    I speak for an order that awakens within what seemed chaos rather than order set over feared or hated chaos. I may have grown in capacity to love (be with) but I am always a beginner – because those who think to know don’t listen. Without some stability we cannot focus – and so perhaps we go back to advance because to rush ahead of ourselves is to override parts of us that need a genuine acceptance in order to not seem to sabotage us in our desire or relationship. Not rushing – especially in an emergency is allowing a genuine connection to guide what otherwise is as likely to bark up the wrong tree.

  • No NOT ‘demand’ and NOT ‘blame’. Reclaiming the natural responsibility of our own consciousness is release from false demands, false responsibilities and the destructive and obstructive ‘blame’.

    So in this post I invite responsibility for truly knowing and owning the meaning of the word we accept and share by using it to communicate or as a basis from which to act.

    Much of what we run on as ‘meanings’ are inherited, acquired or induced prior to the development of the capacity to consciously choose.

    Fear of being denied, rejected, and considered false or mad can find comfort under diagnosis of social recognition. But this works throughout a society of masking over such fears and is not particular to those whose capacity to keep the ‘mask’ together has diminished or become so conflicted as to open into reality confusion.

    Our personality structure can be seen in many different ways and at different levels, and is both necessary for the participation in our life in the world, and yet it is not who we are so much as the consciousness through which we experience. Identifying in the self-image is part of our development – but to become exclusively locked in is the result of trying to coerce or escape it. Who you experience yourself to be is who you think you are – where much of such thought is hidden or runs as invisible habit. Along with this is a world of insecure people trying to get self-validation by using others – ie manipulative behaviours of the unhealed healers. Yet any moment shared willingness for healing is always a mutual and shared benefit.
    But as you all know, many ‘professional’ helpers want to make you fit their model, and many seeking help want to keep their identity unchanged and make the ‘bad stuff’ go away – or get away from it asap.
    Whatever you/we choose, it is wise to stand in that choice and learn or grow or open whatever it has to give us – even if it is the recognition of a ‘mistake’. No blame – but the basis for a more aligned choice.

    Blame is a habit to notice and nip in the bud – in desire and willingness to find a less self (and other) destructive way of seeing and being. And let the hatred and the hurts beneath become an arena in which to accept and embrace that we feel what we feel, without allowing it to trigger us to harmful reaction. All feelings are the results of underlying self-definitions and there is more hatred in our heart than ‘nice people’ are willing to own or grow responsibility for – and so it gets pushed down and targeted at the feared, the ‘different’ the ‘threatening’.

    It is within your capacity to accept responsibility for your own thought at the level you are currently aware and thereby grow in awareness that aligns naturally with choosing well in terms of who you are the unfolding or discovering of. This is what I would ‘live’ to people as a recognition of worth instead of a ‘sympathy’ of confirmation as a ‘case’ or victim any other separating device.
    Only if they show willingness is there the way to invite or prompt for the recognition of cause and effect at the level of their own choices and their power to choose differently – and find support in living it.

    The way we currently frame our reality may disempower us in the futility of trying to ‘overcome’ or ‘escape’ adversity or hated and feared outcomes. While a mind is in ‘survival’ or ‘war’ mode, there is very little free attention. Fear also switches the body-mind chemistry to the ‘sympathetic nervous response’ and persistent looping of fear-chemistry undermines the balancing and regenerating parasympathetic response. Functional breakdown that can be address by breaking the ‘loop’ and restoring conditions of nutient rather than toxin. This also applies to our thinking – and the only time we ever have to make a choice is now – with who and what we have at hand. Perhaps choosing to breathe in a way that is connected and simply present as a way of re-membering ourself in the present. I just came up with that – but you can come up with anything that works to take attention from conflicted thinking, and rest in willingness of simply being. A little thing persisted in may prove greater than a heroic thing that ‘almost gets there’ – but dumps you back in a confirmation that you ‘need to get somewhere else’ and fail, are invalid, inadequate, or lack power. Into this thinking believed or indulged come fantasy ‘answers’ that reinforce the ‘victim’ while promising to protect or empower it. This is the ‘negative economy’ that runs the world of insanity un-owned.
    Note that I found owning my own insane thinking was the instant of recognizing I had choice and not a blame shame of self denying judgement. Why? Because Life was in me and I was unwilling to deny it to ‘fit into an insane world’ – yet of course I had to find a way to live with and find balance as part of ‘waking up’. It isn’t really an insane world so much as ‘insane’ or self-conflicted thinking that operates a mis-interpretive layer of identification. Just as wounds heal naturally given the conditions for healing, so is there a re-integrative movement in being that we can tune into and align in, one step at a time – as willingness allows. Perhaps we WANT our grievance – and perhaps we thus undertake a ‘journey with that in which we may come to see that we hurt ourselves and lose the joy of living this day – as our everyday – if only in the growing of the willingness to reclaim moments of a directly felt connection as part of releasing a deep sense of disconnect that is necessarily associated with a sense of split off or conflicted struggle. I say direct connection because we are already habituated to seek a substitute in outer forms and conditions that can take us further from who we are while seeming to get what we need.

  • Jclaude If responsibility is always now, for your now experience, in recognition of choices made and freedom to make new ones then it has nothing to do with blame and shame.
    My sense is that in taking on responsibilities that are not ours, we set up to fail, and open the sense of inadequacy, self-doubt, guilt and unworthiness – etc.
    We also become trapped in a futility that effectively operates the NOT accepting of our primary responsibility – which is the accept the truth of our being – which is love – but of a different order to the manipulative substitutes for love that do not heal.
    So in a sense everyone in a world of fear and hiding is a cover story over ‘evading responsibility’ in the constructing and reinforcement of identity.
    I have seen in myself how the urge to escape a terrible sense of self-wrongness (understatement) felt need and compulsion to project it away from ‘self’ onto others and world, to life and to a past that was fixed in judgement. But because I was ware of it, I found I did not WANT to accept such a choice. That put me in a different place where victimhood came up – but I couldn’t really buy it, use it or believe it – but that doesn’t mean I did not have a lot of negative experience and conflict around it. It did mean I wanted to find some other way with it and Knew that I did Not want to be put back in the identity that has broken – and yet opened a true life even if I was too afraid to embrace and share it. I had to learn to not get in my own way.
    What else is there in life but to live what you have and grow it in a way that has a true appreciation. To give it is to have it. To believe you don’t have it is to believe you have nothing to give or a negative payload! I see most people have voices in the head called ‘thinking’ that they accept and follow as if it speaks their truth – when it speak an idea of protection for an idea of a self.
    There is of course bollox about self-worth – as if it can be added or applied. I say it is something to uncover by no longer accepting the victim-role that a negatively defined sense of self does. And leaving that open and abiding there. The attempt to make ourself in image blocks the recognition of who we know and accept ourself to be.
    True responsibility rises from freedom to be yourself and that is from no longer blaming and shaming or setting up to fail.
    The use of word-meanings is a kind of magic. So undoing the spell of a distortion redeems the true meaning beneath.
    I feel that there is a need to be with the true and integrate it before stepping out openly. False confidences play into self deceits. The need to know is not a head thing, but a heart thing that the head has to become the alignment within.
    To run ahead of ourself is to lose our support and protection. And then to be ‘taken in’ by substitutes. Nothing can substitute for your heart’s knowing or ever truly will.
    But while we listen and react to substitutes for true we see and react accordingly.
    To accept responsibility for your own choices is to restore freedom to make new choices. The blame and shame of personal and social manipulations works to block this and yet this need not be. If you truly want something, you will attract and uncover the steps to uncover it or attract it to you. But if you focus on what you do not want as if to evade or escape it, you attract it while believing you are covering it over. And so have the experience you do NOT want as if done to you.
    I see that as the jesus saying ‘resist ye not evil’. He doesn’t mean succumb to guilt and fear but rather to recognize a misalignment, withdraw support for it and seek realignment in our being – instead of our thinking or social identity.

  • Victimism is the use of pain, loss, wounds, grievance to get something. When we recognize this in ourself and choose not to use it, we become free of those who use it to manipulate us.
    I see sympathy as destructive in the confirming of error, sickness, or blame, but compassion as supportive in the acceptance and of what is as a basis from which to make new choices from a sense of being more truly aligned in conscious desire and a shared sense of worth. Getting ‘worth’ from sympathy is not who we innately are. You are not a role, nor a label. When confronted with experience that they cannot really BE WITH, others may seek to ‘help’ as a way to get you to play a role by which they feel better. If they really knew what they do they would be able to BE WITH as a simple honesty without masking over.
    Fear drives the mask and the defence of it at expense of recognizing the true need – for at root the need is for the love of an unconditional acceptance – and not for blame management.

  • That’s the story ‘we’ tell ourselves. the politician MAY be a human being with a genuine change of heart. But is also professionally employed in the art of presentation and persuasion. As he spent so much time in the mirror with oratory practice I sense he was attuned to image and effect as part of his strategy of effecting outcomes.
    I read that Brit Gov Corp – decided not to support the significant oppositions to Nazism within Germany leading up to war because the powerful German based Industrial lobby was more of a threat to Brit Gov Corp power in the longer term – and so the setting of Germany and Russia into mutual destruction was the objective.
    Another prime objective was to bring the USA into the war by any means possible.
    All of the ‘moral’ espousals are PR excepting the courage and integrity of those who actually embodied a solidarity of spirit in living through it – or dying. Germany and Europe was remodelled. As with WW1 Germany was assigned the maximal war guilt – and every and anything that could be presented and made more effective in doing this was brought to bear. This assigned the Eugenic intent specially to Hitler and nazism – while rebranding it internationally to seem to have stopped, and adopting a different tack. Where eugenics sought to cull or neuter the ‘unfit’ the new way worked the degradation of the population towards powerlessness, by engineering self-destructive habits and protective new medical discoveries. This is more the mind of management and control of sickness by degrees – like boiling a frog slowly.
    One way it works is to subvert any true service to operate instead as a form of control. All services thus become part of a network of influence that works against true relationship – while presented as a protective necessity to a growing dependence.

  • Under unfeeling and unjust power one does not have to be an ‘offender’ to be processed by its ‘justice’ system.
    However, if a large number were from the lower classes they would be free of a lot of the attitudes of upper class disdain and in their terms tell it like it is instead of hiding in sophistication, airs and graces – and a presumption of divine entitlement. I feel a sense of this generally in Ozzies and a corresponding inverted snobbery.
    Epigenics or indeed Family Constellation work may suggest inherited tendencies or for unhealed family conflicts to resurface in the river as it flows. Does not the child in an unselfconscious love often take on the intent and attempt to heal or make happy for sadness or loss of love to conflict? Whose issues are we ‘working out’ – and yet they are part of our fate – or if you prefer the material or pallet through which we unfold our life. I hold that what we accept and align in NOW is the key and not the past excepting it comes into our Now and calls for attention, acceptance or release. Children can be very insistent, persistent and demanding to find acceptance and attention when they feel uncertain, fearful or insecure. The WAY they do it often adds to a sense of either interrupting a joy or adding yet another demand to a sense of strain. jealousy or a reaction to the vibrational state of an unhappiness. regardless biology catching up, it is simply evident that we are energetically conditioned and yet we don’t all pick up all of whatever we are exposed to – and I feel this is because at a deeper level than the personality there is a vibrational fit that matches what we pick up and make our own or indeed make as part of our own masking armour for the ‘world’ that it brings with it.
    G’Day mate!

  • “Jewish problem”

    Churchill was the last Western statesman that wrote or spoke publicly of the great dangers of the ‘international Jew’ – and he was speaking of organised power that drew on a broad spectrum of influence to achieve its goals by stealth.

    Soon afterwards he not only stopped saying anything like it but enacted or supported the Zionist cause – but he did – (I think it was him) insist on adding a clause to the Balfour agreement in which Palestinians were at least supposed to be give equal rights or protection – at which there was much anger.
    My sense is that he was compromised or scared off in some way.

    We live in times that love to take great offence at selected sins and then demand vengeance. The emergence of rational science proceeds apace to displace and undermine the traditional religious framework – that was of course corrupted by supporting and extending the power of the establishment. But it also held for a real relationship – both within as with our fellow beings. And despite the distortions around a core illumination, there is wisdom that rational thinking is defacto the blocking of. In part to escape and leave behind a horror – not just of what the Church became and did – but of the human condition – (I usually call this the human conditioning).
    Redefining reality in antipsychic terms makes the psych a denial shadow to be ridiculed, smeared, denied a voice, stamped out, or medically managed…

    In a sense shutting out the demons also shuts out the divine and sees both as the same threat – which teaches and is inducted as a profound distrust of psychic experience (there is no other – but concepts seem to be limiting life to a manageable trickle. But of course Life leaks through even the best defences and we can be undone from within in ways we do not expect. But we have little of a wisdom tradition or culture of support for the deeper unfolding and integration of what I simplify under ‘psychic’ emergence – or indeed psychic suppression. Instead we distantiate with terms like ‘psychological’. The language is used to separate from and protect the separation. Fear does not set out to be evil, so much as phishing an identity theft that brings on every kind of negative outcome.

  • Correction, change ‘look for Sanity to ‘uncover (innate) Sanity’, because looking FOR something reinforces a belief in not having it and generate a crusade (salvation promised but never delivered) to fill a sense of lack or wrong that is not true. However when I accepted that I, or at least me as I thought I was – was insane – that WAS the awakening of a true sanity rather than an adaptation to an insane world/society. But my sense of insanity was of the world, not of life itself. So I felt to have released the world’s reversal, even if the habit of it persisted in triggering me to reaction. Now I knew it was a matter of awareness and discernment as to what I gave faith to. Where we choose to give the focus of our attention IS up to us – even if we seem to give that power to special hate or love ojects.

    Insanity = not in my right mind (or thinking and belief-reaction)
    Human society has two facets; true relational communication, and masking over the true as a result of fearing truth. The masking must believe it is sane and that truth is a threat to sanity (insane). So insanity is forever warring against true communication, and Sanity wars with nothing – that’s what distinguishes Sanity from anything defined in terms of division/hate/war/struggle.
    If your heart is an altar of devotion, the ideas you accept there are given reality for you – because that is what our reality experience is – the witnessing to what we accept in our heart. Does this condemn us? No – it frees me to re-cognise choices that no longer serve me, and make a better one in terms of who I NOW accept myself to be.
    The idea of possessing ideas (identifying within them) is the opening to the experience of being possessed by – or subject to them. Experience is NOT something that is done to us or ‘just happens’ but something we set up in ways we mostly do not realize. Not least as the attempt to GET experience to fill a sense of lack (that is not the true of our being – whatever we think and perceive). Possession is also the setting up for dispossession. I invite curiosity – not blame reaction.

    #To Rachel777
    The idea of keeping what I want and getting rid of what I don’t want – as if to create some sort of perfection and escape from the mess that does not fit my ‘world’ is called judgement. To a large extent we don’t have the power or truly the will to actually act this out directly – though it leaks out all the time – but if we had the power, we may find we used it and behaved like most anyone else who is corrupted by their judgement-self being tempted with power.

    The scientific model of genetic inheritance was fitted to weaponise this sense of judgement in those who had power to influence thought and policy. ‘Get rid of undesirables’ (scapegoats) or ‘offences to one’s ideal (fantasy).

    The psyop of associating all guilt to Hitler (and Nazism) included the ‘moral outrage’ at eugenics. And so it rebranded, went underground and operates through a multitude of seemingly benign fronting organisations.
    Blind identification (worship) of system-control as rational cannot SEE or know what it does – because it only sees what its mind dictates and permits. It wont see genocide but a necessary duty to ‘save the future’ from the evils of overpopulation. And yet always to prefer ‘my genes or judgements” by denying rivals.

    I correct this in myself to seeing thoughts as generative and choose to attract, accept and act from thoughts that I feel whole (joy) in. For whatever we accept in our heart – goes forth and mutiplies. I cannot judge another but I judge myself – and who am I to presume what is or is not appropriate for another’s unfolding of their life in its timing. So I take responsibility for what is mine – and release the mad idea I can or should change ‘the world’ which is always in any case changing – even if certain core themes re-enact as if ‘the record is stuck’.

    Epigenetics is the correction of a lot of magical thinking about genes. Just as neuroplasticity corrects the notion of a hard wired brain (another version of uncorrectable sin masked in ‘science’). Fear tends to speak the first ‘definition’ as a weapon or market for a sense of lack – but love corrects to make a structure (world) through which to embrace life rather than protect a sense offalsely invested lack. Of course this is at times terrifying – but in a different CONTEXT than struggling to survive alone.

  • I read that Napoleon (and no doubt others of the same persuasion) took a small daily dose of mercury as a defence against being poisoned – in the belief the body’s defences have been prepared and raised.
    This adds another vector for the madness of the paranoid – and I say this in the knowing that people in positions of power are targets for murder.
    But the above quote applies to Pharma – for the fox huns the chicken coop.
    I also note that any crime – especially if freshly associated with outrage – becomes the false accusation by which to – for example stamp out the more feminine approaches to the healing arts and make the masculine ‘heroic’ intervention or ‘powerful’ purges official – and protected against ‘witchery’.

    The media operates another form of slow poison – it isn’t all ‘physical’

    Crappy (loveless) thinking is a slow poison.

    I prefer the idea of Sourcery as yielding to Source rather than hacking into the template with manipulative intent – regardless any good intention. A biodynamic cranial sacral approach is to approach the field of the one who seeks help, wait for permission/resonance of our fields and BE With – as a quality of connected presence that only moves to adjust or rebalance as truly moved – and in any case extends the full trust of the being to rebalance itself within the reconnected activation of its own direct communication with Source-Nature.

    Yielding illusions to truth is the last thing anyone would consider when – in one way or another – they can get identity from fighting or ‘managing’ the symptoms of a misidentification bearing ill fruit. And I don’t blame illness on the victim – but hold for the capacity of choice that is a freedom of being and not a victim.

    As for eugenics, it simply made sense to a starkly rational system-view of ‘stock health’. Those in power use it to back their version of who is ‘unworthy’ or ‘invalid’ but how many consider that they meet in others according to what they judge (label)? And where does this judgement come from but oneself. The attempt to hate others and kill them as a magical way to rid yourself of your ‘sins’ is very old and within our Template until we see it and stop doing it.

    quote//: The Greek pharmakoi, singular pharmakos, refers to victims who were ritually beaten, driven out of cities, and killed, for example, by being forced over the edge of a precipice. The word pharmakos, designating a person who is selected as a ritual victim, is related to pharmakon, which means both “remedy” and “poison,” depending on the context. In the story of the horrible miracle of Apollonius, the beggar is a pharmakos, a kind of ritual victim. Apollonius points to him as the demon causing the plague (he is the source of pollution or poison), but his lynching restores the well being of Ephesus (he becomes the remedy for the crisis). — Trans.”
    The Greek pharmakoi ~ René Girard, I See Satan Fall Like Lightning
    When I say magic, I mean that the guilt is not really got rid of, but hidden in the ‘dead’ or unconsciousness. It remains fully active as ‘shadow power’ working through ‘good intentions’ and other blind spots.
    If we temporarily need ‘magic solutions’ to allay fear, then to withhold or deny them may result in chaotic regression and an inability to learn, so in that sense – and in that living culture of realisation, shutting off symptoms can allow a period of reintegration at the level that CAN be accepted – so as to then take that ‘leading edge’ into the arena of what was previously overwhelming. But then one isn’t the same persona and doesn’t meet the same conditions.

    In a dream, all of the characters are drawn from our own mind. But none of them are ‘real’ in the sense of defining and confining who and what we are because we are also the casting manager. Recognising my ‘killer’ was within me in this way shifted everything, such that I learned (accepted) something I could not have learned otherwise. I say ‘killer’ because that was the effect I felt and an intent to push me off the planet – however in truth this an had his own perceptions, rationale and justifications. Releasing the personal investment in grievance made the actuality more obvious and a belonging (to life and planet) that simply is.

    So in that sense my intent to bring Spirit into a mad world was backwards – even if it brought a lot of joy – because I was still coming from a place of being denied and seeking validation. So what if the way I see the world is my thinking, and my thinking is a defence or attempt to vindicate itself at cost of true?

    So I can see a mad world but desist from reacting from those thoughts/perceptions and open or reach for another way to see. Because I want to see the witnesses for peace and sanity where love abides. This is not a condition in the future, but a willingness in the now. Looking straight at the ‘demons’ is the way to break the spell of hiding or running away. But once free, to look past them to what they were made to hide, is the giving of attention to what you truly recognize and resonate with in freedom. Grievance says you cant be happy until conditions are met – and seeks those conditions as IF happiness or fulfilment is thus gotten.
    That is normal for many – but it isn’t sane, no matter how many agree to engage it.

  • “he was largely responsible for saving the world from Nazism”.

    oh dear!
    I’d say there is as much to revise about Churchill as there is for the history of psychiatry.
    Nazism was ONE face of fascism – which is the nature of international corporate cartel. The mainstream narratives are a masking over, distorting or inventing of truths that serve power interests.
    Not the place to look for sanity…

  • At root – all conflict is an ‘identity crisis’ and the strategies for coping, managing or ‘escaping’ conflicted reality are all forms of dissociation, denial, via the narrative ‘identity’ held AGAINST ‘exposure’ or reliving the terror/trauma that the ‘mind’ is made to limit, check, and ‘control’.
    This is not so hard to write but very ‘deep’ in terms of acceptance. It makes no sense in the ‘world’ that our mind believes and experiences as physically real. No one can accept what they are unwilling or unready to accept, but some willingness and desire opens to a process over time of incremental shifts that I might call ‘awakening responsibility’ (NOT blame) for consciousness. It can also be seen as the recognition of choice where none had been (seen) before.
    The sense of (a wrong or unsupported) choice being associated with catastrophic outcomes is ‘escaped’ by denying and limiting consciousness so as to eradicate, cast out or separate off from the hated and feared.
    And so we redefine ‘reality’ to protect a sense of denied or hidden fear from exposure as the full belief it provides our sanity and survival (or acceptable conditions under which we will maintain some degree of bearable identity).
    Regardless the agencies apparently operating as persecutor, tempter or deceiver, the proclivity to listen, and take the bait, is something we can become aware of and thus bring into the realm of choice rather than being ‘victim’ to unconscious habits that are open to manipulative intent.
    I had a go at writing to illuminate the ‘human conditioning’ that we all tend to externalise and concretise as the human condition. I don’t expect it to ‘make sense in terms of an immediate situation requiring specific needs but to stir the recognition of a capacity in life for healing that the ‘mind’ cannot imagine because it is in a sense built on keeping separated from the feared and denied misidentification and thus unable to recognize a ‘choice’ made under confusion that can now be accepted and released for a truer alignment in your being.
    The nature of being is confused with the ‘story of me’ that I have identified within and am deeply attached to. If you feel you have to block or limit your consciousness at this time, take such steps as a blameless and honourable retreat within a desire to learn how to SEE better. This means accepting that the way I am seeing NOW is not reflecting the true of me and so can be enquired into, questioned or challenged (within myself).
    At some point an awareness of the pain or futility of persisting the old ways serves the determination to see in new ways. Meanings are not ‘built in’ or hardwired to your being but have served you in some way and may run on as a default until you change your mind about your mind. In that sense there is always some ‘payoff’ for our thoughts, beliefs and actions – but often ‘unconsciously held’.

    As I see it, the mind that is struggling alone under the belief it IS alone and must somehow cope, manage or control its reality-experience alone cannot OF ITSELF release its own error – and that healing always has a relational dimension that opens to a higher level of inclusion instead of a diminishment under exclusion. An example might be the decision to learn more of the nature of a ‘stuck’ predicament in the trust that one day you may be able to help others who also suffer it. If you look at that it is indeed already free – because it has released to fixation on me-my-problem and sees self in another (even though they are as yet unmet).
    Any moment of freedom shifts the personality structure in a reintegrative alignment – but this is by no means apparent to the mind that is still defaulting back into solving the problem as it defines it in the terms it demands or ‘fails’ to achieve.
    Your life is so much more than the framing of the ‘mind’ that seems to be your own. But the ‘More of who you are’ cannot fit into the framework (old wine bottles) of fear defined thinking – which includes much painted as positive in attempt to make real rather than share in the true.
    A true ‘control’ of the mind is in aligned purpose, not coercive manipulation. Of course fear can block the recognition and acceptance of true desire – and in a sense that is the role we cast it in while gaining power at some level from a sense of victimhood. I hold love as the true power and fear as a phishing ruse by which we suffer identity theft. Giving love and protection to the mind that escaped by ‘hiding’ and hiding that it is hiding (etc) is a mis-taken identity and a way by which to deny or sacrifice the true to false ‘gods’.
    Raging at false gods is still feeding them worthship. Refocussing in the true is always a realigning in a core integrity of being that then ‘tunes us’ more clearly present with what the need is and steps in the direction of it being truly met.
    All of us can only live from where we truly are. Anything else is some kind of mind-game that hasn’t really lived – so much as run in rehearsal mode. Accepting where we are now as a ‘working model’ rather than a fatalistic or fixed ‘diagnosis’ of self-judgement (with or without ‘external agencies involved) is the result of the release – at least momentarily – of the persistence of a self-rejection seeking vindication in ‘external’ terms.
    Is this true? Or meaningful? Or helpful to anyone? In any way?
    is there a true desire or accepted purpose of opening to honesty of being, coherency of being or appreciation and gratitude for being?
    Not that life has to fit my terminology or phrasing etc – but there has to be a matching resonance.
    A true helper is also a learner. The desire to serve or facilitate healing in others is a way to recognize and accept healing in ourselves. Now I am repeating myself 😉

  • Ill is a term for evil – which can mean adverse or unwanted outcomes.
    Dis-ease is a conflicted dissonance or unrest that persists as if under its own power. As if a think in itself.
    The idea that I (or we) is a ‘thing-in-itself’ IS the root of the disease state.
    The psychic-emotional distortions of supporting such a narrative identity result in every manner of evil outcome – because the ‘thing-in-itself’ identifies against its relational context while seeking to gain power for itself at expense of others.

    The corruption of cardio vascular medical approaches is identical in its profile to the psycho-pharma distortion. The cholesterol fallacy works a destructive lie. Stents have no influence on recurrence of cvd ‘attack’ events or all cause life expectancy – but a huge influence of doctor salaries and hospital profits.

    The nocebo of life-denying ‘diagnosis’ works in many fields as a blitzkrieg of terror through which the ‘medical intervention overrides and then frames all else. The psychic-emotional context is THE core health issue – including paramedic assistance – where pause and focus are known to be essential to enable true help where it is truly needed.

    The cancer racket is like any ‘War on in that it protects and persists its employ, budget and the power of its ability to generate and protect its revenue stream – and suppresss, shut down or crush any rival to the ‘officially protected chemo-radiation ‘treatments’ – which are treatments that kill.

    Physicalised symptoms of psychic emotional conflicts are also ways to seek to hide or escape, mask or protect. Terror induces the employ of anything to avoid, escape, hide, or dump onto others (or even our body) so as to compartmentalise or split off into some degree of mental capacity/managed reality.

    The gullibility for false causes is the intensity of the psychic-emotional charge (wishing given power), that is seeking resolution in terms of escape. Hence the willingness of so many to presume that ‘drugs’ have ability to resolve or answer psychic-emotional (which is relational) conflict – in terms of shutting it off, shutting down the mind or shutting out or getting rid of the ‘symptoms”. They CAN serve such a purpose and any suppression of conflict CAN be used to regroup in alignment with a more conscious focus of what truly helps where it is truly needed – and can be accepted.
    The other side of this coin is that psychiatry is generally the same disease it seeks to treat in ‘others’ – in terms of evaded and escaped self-conflicts that are ‘medicated’ by roles of power, prestige and privilege that is knitted in with the pharma paradigm that intervenes and overrides and negates or undermines (sickens) to cure – while reserving the term ‘cure’ only for marketing press releases (PR) for pipeline ‘discoveries’. For the management of sickness is founded on worship of sickness, evil and death as the power by which to get energy for ‘thing-in-itself’ from the living in trade for sickness (toxic debt) packaged in falsely contrived instruments under belief they hold promise of protection against future loss.

    The worship of evil always frames everything in terms of division, sides and conflict in which someone pays or loses. For all its failings, the framework of this page’s main article holds willingness to open PERSPECTIVE, as a quality of being and relating within being, that opens to embrace and integrate, rather than defines to rule out and reject. The latter is the ‘old mind’ of a segregative movement by power over perceived and believed chaos – deemed ‘other’ – and subjugated as the (false) idea of power or necessity.
    The pattern of insanity that characterises human personality construct is insane by virtue of an arrested development. That is to say of becoming ‘stuck’ in a self-reinforcing conditioning loop – instead of unfolding our natural Inherence.
    It is easy to philosophise or criticise from the armchair of non-involment, but terror operates the mind of ‘thing-in-itself’ because the inherent meaning of ‘thing-in-itself’ is terror-inducing. Truly seeing this is a meaning-LESS identifiction, releases attempt to ‘survive’ and allows the relational embrace of a ‘field knowing’. Not a control-manipulating. It is an Inherence of being that aligns us as magnetic desire. IE: not as the need or result of ‘self’ efforting. But resisting the ‘tempt’ of the fear-minded thinking, will call for total commitment – because love cannot force itself into an unwillingness to receive. Loving to hate, seems like safety to a split off mind – as does hating to love. The simple truth and safety is in accepting that ‘of our self’ we do not know – and so we listen or feel for the ‘connecting movement’ of a knowing that is NOT wish-manufacture. This is a matter of honest desire and not clever thinking. Releasing the false ‘power’ opens to recognition of true. Hence the ‘arrested development’ within the identity of the fear of loss – and the Call to attend for what is true, beneath the corrupted currencies of appearances (thinking and perception).

  • to oldhead: What is seen as repression by one side is a power of control to the other side. Likewise the cost of ‘health services’ is a revenue stream or profit to those who are paid or make charge.

    Psychiatry seems to operate a form of ‘mind’ or ‘reality’ control that embodies the power of the state under the aegis of the power to determine what is deemed ‘sick’ or unacceptable and the power to enforce the suppression of ‘sickness’ for a conformity of behaviours.

    Mind-control is the prevalent or pervasive consensual ‘reality’ under a pervasive and largely invisible “power-threat meaning.

    In order to not ‘need’ or invoke repressive or suppressive reactions from others in positions of power, we need to integrate at a deeper level than an identity in reaction – that others feel threatened by.
    The primary field for healing or wholing (reintegration) is the awakening of compassion. Emotional sympathies can play into ‘self-righteous’ power trips – because they are not rooted in an integrity of being, but are themselves the expression of a repressive and controlling exclusion.

    There is need for suppressing behaviours that are harmful to self and other, so as to heal the underlying pattern of thought, feeling and perception-reaction.

    The sickness of ‘mind-control’ is of a mind-framing in expression or suppression of natural impulses filtered through unnatural thinking.
    You have every right to the power of your being – but not at expense of others.

    The Fall – is a symbol for the taking of power in self-image at expense of wholeness and of the recognition of wholeness in others and all. It is told as an actual accomplishment, resulting in guilt and punishment, struggle, war, sickness and death… and yet all arising from a deceit! A deceit wished for and given power, meaning and identity TO – by reacting to its experience as personal attack – and generating a personal ‘identity’ by attack.

    The wish to enslave life is the mind of fantasy given power. If you KNOW your wishes are idle fancies, you can play in them and engage in ‘as if’ as a private experience. Two or more may play under rules that are shared or generated by the sharing of the role play. The rules of such a joining in private agenda, rule out wholeness of being – in order to ‘survive’ the game and the identity of the players.

    When the engagement in the private personal sense is as if locked into the mask, the sense of separateness is reinforced by all attempts to restore love, power, peace or joy – for they all build from the belief in self lack (of love, power, peace or joy). The capacity to live from a different foundation than self lack is the gift of a shift of perspective.

    The gift is never withheld – excepting by our attempts to ‘get for ourself’ or manage all by ourself. Relationship is key – but as a contextual honesty and acceptance of being – not when used to get from. However, the latter is the result of our societal conditioning in large respect – and of the training for any therapy that seeks to change others rather than facilitate a willingness for change as a result of honesty of being and communication.

  • That we feel what we feel is our experience – which is our freedom and right to have. But why or what causes us to have the resulting feeling or experience is our interpretation. We all have different versions of ‘separation scripts’ and they also trigger or reinforce each other as a kind of entanglement in grievance.
    I support the true in everything I meet – insofar as I have the wits to notice it – and so I join with the true willingness in the Phillip Hickey’s desire to abandon and extricate his profession from the drugging approach to presumed or believed ‘biological’ causes as THE basis of ‘mental illness’. (Noting that it generally DOES cause biological imbalance to take such substances – that are then self-reinforcement to persist in the error – and THIS pattern is common to all defences that DO the very thing they purport to be defence AGAINST. IE: war on cancer, war on terror in larger terms – but no less to our own psychological defences.)

    While Szatz may be considered an ‘extremist’, he was very specific as to the prices use of words to mean consciously and clearly defined meanings. THAT makes him an ‘extremist’ in the ambivalence and compromise of a masking persona intent on survival and self-advancement within a mentally ill society.

    I tend to see spiritual cause as the basis of all ‘dis-ease’ even though the patterns of that may be ‘physicalized’ to our experience as fixed or set realities within which we have learned to address, mitigate or suppress and mask over. But then my first recourse is not my ‘thinking’ but awareness of existence – which I do not experience EXCEPTING as I give and accept definition of. To talk of this will seem philosophical – but you can only have an experience of ‘something’ through the giving of meaning to it – and while society or personal adaptation learns models and patterns of a world in which we interact and share meaning, nothing comes with built in meanings.

    This co-creative interaction is lost under the subjection to a separate physical ‘world’ assigned as ‘Causal’ – such as will posit your thought is only neurons firing, or chemicals bonding or signalling currents within an electrical complex that is devoid of an actual ‘self’. Thus the ‘pinnacle of human achievement’ (sic) is to assert we don’t exist, and replace our self with robot-management systems, pharma or technocracy of inhuman ‘control’ running rules of targets and checkboxes instead of a creative adventure (though of course it remains a created set of rulebound limitations reacted to as ‘real’). Invested identity is played for keeps – unless it opens to new perspective.

  • The conditions that trigger patterns of distress may change, but the pattern remains triggerable until it is brought into the responsibility of choice. The attempt to control ‘conditions’ (which includes the intent and attempt to control others), is a refusal or unconscious evasion to face one’s ‘issue’ – kept unconscious by seeking to change symptoms.

    Worshipping the false god of pharma is a variation upon the belief that self must be escaped, purged or denied. This ‘pattern’ of fear and guilt can take many forms. The fearful and the hated can be placed outside, the guilt packaged in complex derivatives – but the result is misery that pays the cost to keep a little back for oneself in which to protect the mind of judgement by which some sense of power is maintained over or against a mad world – a power that yet turns against its maker to condemn them.

    Patience (note the shift of meaning) for life could invite a curiosity of re-evaluating what matters and why, and then being consistent in noticing and choosing to value life, rather than be victim to the ‘patterns’ that trick us into valuing ‘escape’ from misidentifications.

    Negatively defined self is directed by what one does NOT want – and though this can seem positive – ie protective to our feelings and emotional beliefs – it always works the fear-fulfilling prophecy of persisting in the focus of what we do NOT want – even if as an attempt to avoid or escape it.

    Identifying and focussing in what we truly want – can be extremely simple and apparently inconsequential relative to the ‘Big Drama’ – but it is powerful and true. Consider how many moments for happiness you refuse – perhaps because your focus in the ‘drama’ disallows or discards them. Your own part in your imprisonment is hidden by the rules and conditions that filter the meanings you accept as real for you. Curiosity for what is real comes from relaxing and releasing fearful ‘rules’ in true moments of willingness, felt and acted upon. A sick mind is a fixation in worthlessness – regardless if that sense is packaged in compensatory self-inflations. The wonderful event of noticing a sick mind is that your health has stirred you to notice rather than merely persist in it. No blame. let insanity simply point to a meaninglessness that requires no further investment, so as to live your willingness and let yourself into health and wholeness.
    Of course old habits persist – but the mistake is in believing in regression and loss and investing in the belief. Noticing the pattern is awakening the choice – the freedom of the choice that is not fear-framed. Living without the fear-framed illusion of protection is very different. It may also feel insulting to our presumed abilities and powers to organise and manage our world – whether we be in the role of therapist or client. The urge to ‘do it all by ourself’ is an easy pattern to notice and a source of self-pride and failure in pain of loss or inadequacy. The ‘all by myself’ is a miser-y. The miser withholds their presence as if to keep it – and but a trickle induces a sense of poverty. When we alight in a joy – we are not merely ‘getting’ from – but giving or extending (the meaning of our presence) to. It is this that we forget in a weird world of strange and shifting ‘meanings’.
    A world that seems to define us – without recognizing we ‘made’ these meanings by fears, doubts and pains of conflict – from a time of terror that is passed and yet seems to repeat or re-enact through the generations.

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

    What if Humpty’s Fall was a false flag?

  • Distress may result from unwitting beliefs about self and world that guarantee frustration, failure or futility – but I don’t like the use of ‘philosophical’ as a term for what are inducted and acquired unconscious beliefs from preverbal levels of development.

    Very few engage philosophical reflection on the beliefs they are aware of holding – and not at all upon those they react from as if true without awareness that the reactions embody beliefs or self-definitions that are neither fixed or true. But for whatever personal reasons they served some purpose or payoff that still runs until recognized and released – even at cost of great distress.

    Insofar as philosophy is love of truth, it brings awareness the uncovering of our current beliefs and accepted currencies of belief. This can illuminate poor or insane choices to open new perspectives from no longer choosing them. ‘Medicalising’ human beings in order to disempower and ‘capture’ them is an insane choice with insane consequence.

    My feeling about ‘patterns of distress’ is to seek their commonality (within our own heart) whilst recognizing their unique personal expression. I never could feel another’s pain and no one can share mine – but resonance of compassion joins in love’s honesty, where separating while sympathising seems to join while labelling to patronise or take a superior position in ‘forms of caring’.

    Separation trauma is a commonality though it can take all kinds of forms according to the personal situation within the family constellation and social context.

    Focusing on forms to the exclusion of underlying psychic emotional conflicts is a psychological defence against feeling the conflict. Society can and does assign ‘form-meanings’ of invalidity and exclusion to collectively feared psychic emotional experience. That is how the ‘mind’ operates an exclusive or segregative identity. It is the underlying sickness of thinking from which a world where everything is backwards is given power over true cause and purpose.

    The shift to an inclusive reintegrative identity is the recognition of self in another and of other in our self. Everyone you meet offers you a part of your self. Abiding with, rather than recoiling from, is part of the process of welcoming presence instead of identifying in ‘conditional demands’.
    Any ‘system’ or tool is serving only the purpose it is actually being used for. A system of control is necessarily manipulation via incentives and penalties.

    The paradigm of ‘control of chaos’ calls forth the law of Man – in terms of holding order within what cannot be faced or recognized and reintegrated. As I see it ‘Jesus’ represents the law of love – not wishful masking in niceness – but a true recognition of presence and discernment of will to wholeness. Fear of love (healing) is the association of love with loss of control, sacrifice and loss of self. But this is fear’s assertion and not love’s freedom. Challenging fear formed beliefs is merely opening them to awareness. This is not a mentally framed action, but a willingness to see what is here, or a willingness to be seen and known so as to regain connection, integrate and move through rather than be fixed in.

    I am not a recovery from psychic abuse so much as one who chose NOT to engage with ‘helpers’ who – as I intuited – could only help me get back into a fake life, when whatever had opened me – held the quality and presence of being – albeit terrifying, overwhelming and beyond ‘control’. Over time I came to learned that fear was my (thought and intention) responsibility and that presence is a gift that is not my ‘doing’ nor under my ‘control’ – but holds within itself, all that it needs by being itself. So it is that when therapist and patient open awareness in shared purpose, the situation itself will guide them to a helpful step from a willingness rather than under coercion.

    Coercive mental frameworks can operate extremely subtly in terms of seeming to be kind. But true kindness is OF a kind, in that at some level we recognize we are of the same life – and that what we give is to ourself.
    The practice of giving as we would in truth receive depends upon self-honesty and worthiness of being. Without these foundations, nothing can grow or develop as consciousness of integrated and unified purpose.

    Distress is not something to deny, gloss over, protect from – excepting temporarily so as to regroup with a more practical approach. Distress is where the underlying honesty of true need breaks through the emotionally manipulative demand. This rising of perspective is of a different order than problem solving within problem framing.

    There is nothing wrong with your being, but your belief that there is can operate the experience of dissonance and discord within self and with other selves and world. One cannot pretend an active belief is powerless just because it operates subconsciously. But that still does not make you ‘wrong’ so much as choosing against your own good under mistaken belief it protects or serves who you think you are. The key is then to identify the habit-reaction so as to bring it to conscious choice, and then support a better choice. Because you’re worth it! Why? Because if you don’t start with where you are you will never uncover and share in the worthy. This is always a current choice – never a rehearsal. A life in rehearsal ‘seems’ safe while making Life seem dangerous!

    Relationship is challenging, and ‘chaotic’ when we lose the movement of our own being to fears made real.

  • Quote// “Its starting point is that we need to completely abandon diagnosis and the whole biomedical model it supports, along with all the subsequent consequences and assumptions, and to develop a new perspective by unpicking the philosophical roots of the current system. These are deeply embedded in rationalism, positivism, and Western worldviews encompassing, but not limited to, the separation of mind from body, individual from social group, and humans from the natural world.”//

    I have written to this in significant measure. But not in terms that readily translate to the philosophical roots of the current biomedical system of assumptions, separations, and rational justifications.

    The point is that an identity imaged and maintained by ‘thinking’ is not going to let go of the judging/diagnosing and projection-displacement by which it presumes to be in charge of or in power over relational dissonance within others who seek help – or in social situations that induce or oblige another to accept or submit to help.

    What I can see in the quoted statement – beneath the presentation is more like this.

    “The presumptions upon which psychiatry is practiced are found to be untrue, unhelpful and to do harm or hinder rather than help”, but the willingness to be truly helpful remains, and seeks renewal by the facing or owning of the habits and choices that constitute the old model as the basis for replacement by a better (more sanely aligned) choices arising from opening and holding value for a truly relational field of being – in which Meaning reveals itself AS new perspective accepted instead of subjugating to or exacting sacrifice of, the meaningful to models or targets of coercive expectation or demand.

    The undoing of fears in therapist and patient alike, is a matter of the readiness and willingness to face or own them within a relational support for embracing them – and the power of the mind that made them.
    Fear divides to ‘rule out’.
    But to the fearfully fragmented or split thinking, fear seems to be the basis of power to defend against, shut down, cover over or evade. The split thinking serves to protect the fear from healing or reintegrating under the guise of displacement in which power is enacted in fantasy of external resolutions as self-inflation, or lost to the limitation in pain loss and failure of such wishing.

    The true willing is only restored to the mind of the release of the false. This may come in a moment of recognition from the ‘patient’ or from the ‘therapist’. In either event, both are helped.

  • No – I generally sketch out meanings that are universally applicable. But they are consciously felt and shared without strings attached. Agreement may constitute a sense of self-reinforcement , or it may be a recognition of resonance at a deeper level of awareness than ‘thinking’. The latter opens new perspective on ‘old thinking’.

    Thinking is the means by which we maintain our personal sense of control, yet it is also the means by which we lose connection or genuine relationship and communication to a dissociated self-sense.
    This could be a therapist succumbing to the temptation to ‘play god’ over their patients. This could be the patient seeking magical answers by which to evade self-responsibility.

    Power-threat meanings are the pervasive nature of the world we experience and react to as if true – not just in the domain of psychiatry. They can operate in forms of ‘kindness, help and protection, as they can in seeking sympathy or rescue. This is to say that what is presented is not what is actually communicating. Listening to another is also listening within – because if we are not listening within, we are blind to our own reactive judgements as OUR reflective feedback to our OWN issues.
    Whether serving the call to help another or of aligning in our true desire, much of our part is to “get out of the way’. While remaining actively present with and within the situation.
    Much of my own ‘self-learned’ equilibrium and capacity for intimacy of being has been the noticing of what I am already doing that gets in the way. On one level this is like a tension that – once noticed – can be relaxed and released.
    Un noticed – it can seem that the world is sharp, hostile, treacherous, unworthy over the underlying fear that I am in some way inadequate or unable to abide it (and so dissociate).
    I could fill pages with examples – but we are all already living them out and a simple self honesty recognizes that ‘getting in our own way’ in our own particular patterns of learned, conditioned or acquired thought and behaviour.

    I speak for the ability to notice our active presumptions, beliefs and self-definitions, as the freedom to change them. Our experience of ourself, others and world can only change with a change at such fundamental level.
    Nothing is what it seems – in terms of having fixed built in meaning. Power threat can split the mind to conform to meanings associated with evading deeply feared conflicts or patterns of traumatic association. Thus an insane humanity can and does ‘lock itself’ into insane or split ‘meanings’.
    All of us are both therapist and patient – in the sense of being helper and helped in the course of our day, and our lives. But in the true of help is no separation – but rather a recognition of self in the other. This is not a thinking thing. Thinking is generally the self-differentiation and justification for withholding of presence – as a masking dissociation of ‘narrative identity’.
    I see power-threat meanings as getting in the way of a true appreciation and gratitude for power of truth. This is because the a-tempt to personal power will inherently conflict with the movement of being, and at odds with our being, is dissonant to our self-image – which is then defended against the true relational field of communication, so as to operate a reversal in consciousness in which fear overrides or overlays the mind of split meanings at cost or awareness of the truly sane or meaningful. Once fear is accepted as the power to protect, the fear is protected at expense of the truth. This ‘abstract’ sketch has very wide applicability.
    Uncovering the nature of fear necessarily a relational willingness. Fear cannot be forced out of our mind – when it is the result of split thinking of the mind.
    The wish to do so invites the denial of our own freedom. However, It remains fact that we do not create ourselves even if we use our creative capacity to generate self-imaged concept of self. life and world. Freedom is our Inherency of being – thus to stop thinking and get out of the way, is to be the receptive to the gifts of being, that are part of the very moment we are the being of – but filtered out by what thinking dictates or keeps hidden.

  • The placebo effect is a positive expectation.
    The nocebo effect is more of a voodoo curse.
    Diagnosis operates belief induction on the unwary.
    However my sense of sanity is of being conscious of the thoughts I accept true – such that – for example a cancer diagnosis would not automatically mean a death threat.
    Once shocked into reaction, the mind is in a sense captured to seek in the terms or framework of threat to power or indeed a threat by power.
    Because of this simple fact, all attempts to mitigate the power threat STILL operate the equation of power with threat; attack; defence; protection.
    It isn’t only psychiatry that assigns false causes by which to generate self-righteous crusades ‘against evils’ that operate a negative economy that feeds upon sickness, and so pharms sickness or indeed war and division.
    The mind that ‘gets’ a sense of security, power or protection from fear, war, sickness, operates self-interest.
    But the ‘self’ of such interest is defined negatively in terms of escaping, masking or mitigating power-threat or outcomes we fear and don’t want- instead of aligning in purpose of what we DO want.
    Under the power-threat meaning, what you do want is denied, blocked or made ‘impossible’ and so a layer of substitution operates as the temporary escape of pain of lack of life as flow and connection. This is the mind adapting to insane premises that reflect an insane world as its only way to survive.

    Relationship is not fixed, but where another’s mind is negatively fixated you cannot change it by force – but you can extend the conditions in which whatever willingness there is for relationship and communication to naturally arise – for the blocking of our channel of communication is an unnatural condition – regardless how many align in protecting and reinforcing the block as if separation is salvation.

    An extension of positive regard, acknowledgement for being and sense of worth – is the natural disposition of health. We see ourself in others whether we know this or not. Denied fears project as if to disown and get rid of. But that is how to keep them while believing they are ‘outside us’. It would seem MORE fearful to own them because they are negatively charged and seem to be attacking or denying us. But that is the nature of the trick of judging the negative through the filter of its own framing.

    The purpose we are embodying (in any moment) is the determiner of our experience.
    Power-threat frameworks of ‘meaning’ generate purpose of self-survival at cost of sacrifice to such ‘meanings’. Questioning the reality of such ‘meanings’ rather than reacting in equal and opposite reinforcement of the very thing one is set against.

    The mind is like a trickster while it serves the purpose you gave it to keep hidden by always looking away.
    The internal bully is the self negating voice believed and reinforced as ‘right and true’ within any outer experience of being bullied. Putting the problem OUT THERE is not facing what lies beneath – and that is a choice that can be revised or changed in willingness and curiosity for both truth and healing – for of course they are the same at heart – but not to the power-threat meanings of the split mind.

  • Unresolved and denied psychic emotional conflicts are the insanity of humanity – period.
    The article above illuminates some of the psychic emotional conflicts of ‘psychiatry’.
    “Psychiatry in search of an identity”.
    Psychiatry never was science. But nor is much else that might be science allowed to operate AS science under corporate technocracy – in any field. I include pharmaceutical ‘medicine’.

    But insofar as science seeks to manipulate or control outcomes rather than uncover them, it operates the subordination of the means to achieve its goal, in reversal of the laws of cause and effect – as a result of seeking identity in effects instead of being naturally identified in shared worth.

    Power as threat operates to prevent true shared meaning.
    This sense of blocked, denied, deprived or conflicted power in powerlessness operates intra-personally and inter-personally. A coercive social order tends to operate upon naming and blaming as the basis for shaming. This is no less so under ‘scientific jargon’ of a personal ‘diagnosis’, treatment plan, and assigned status of invalidity-dependency – all ‘normalised’ to mask the agenda behind presentations of presumed knowledge of the world, life, its purpose and meaning.
    Unhealed healers cannot BUT seek to use others to ‘resolve’ or play out their own psychic emotional conflicts – and the the group-think of self-interest operates a collective reinforcement against the exposure of needs – seen as weakness.

    Experiential education is needed to move us (including ‘therapists) out of mental schemes and systems of judgement, to exploration of our own lives – in the uncovering and working through of our own blind spots, fears and false self presumptions – so as to grow in compassionate presence in ourselves and thus with others. The Corporately captured State will not allow such freedom to be developed and grown. The Economy will pull out support from it, and the Law will be interpreted or changed to make it criminal to operate outside ‘standard practice’ as set by power, threat and imposed meaning. However, this is just such a situation in which to expose our ‘power issues’ of fear defined belief and reaction. The threat-meaning framework of society is the carrot and stick of ‘acceptance or rejection’; worth or invalidity, power or powerlessness – as externally defined and assigned – and self-subjected.

    A truly compassionate presence is discerning of the felt truth in the qualities and nature of any situation or communication, and remains vigilant against false sympathies that operate destructively in teaching weakness and dependency under the seeming ‘help and protection’ of expertise that may in effect be a blind template of technical specifications.

    The honouring of the will of the other or ‘patient’ is not the protection of their ‘feelings’ but of their capacity to make choices and learn, grow and recognize and align in more truly aligned choices for who they are the exploration and uncovering of. Serving the true needs of another is the only way to find our own are met.

    The head of thinking is never going to define and control life – nor direct the resolving of life conflicts. But insofar as we try to do this, we consign true causes to the dark by invoking magical appeals to their ‘diagnosis and ‘treatment’. Magical because the problems are not addressed at Cause – but as the manipulation and redistribution of effects.

    There are already many facets of wisdom approach to serving the need for healing in those who are no longer able to mask, manage or normalise their suffering and so it becomes more obviously a call for help.

    The ability to attend and abide with the apparently chaotic is the non reactivity of preset (subjective) judgements. The attempt to subordinate or indeed sacrifice a relational intimacy of ‘listening’ and response to proscribed technical procedures, is fear-driven control. But of course the tendency to ‘play god’ over others is where such fears originate. But that which is masked over or suppressed is no less active in its underlying distortion of communication – as embodying a framework of power-threat defence-meanings instead of truly meaningful relationship and communication.

    Every instance of relationship is a unique event. Running on templates of the past as in ‘auto-pilot’ is holding the quality of being to the past and inducing conflict within presence. Yet it is recognising this that enables its release – in therapist and patient alike. Naming to blame, as an act of power over – is making Presence powerless in our lives. And so our development of power masks a blind powerlessness under guilt-driven threat – BELIEVED and lived as if true.

  • The difference is whether sovereign will is respected.
    A technocratic system of control does not allow for will excepting as quantifiable delusions of conditioned response. It is the insanity when we sacrifice life and lives to it instead of using it (system) only in service to life recognised and professed or witnessed.

    The very attempt to ‘officially’ define a fresh perspective can indeed work against healing while seeming to be a new crusade on its behalf.

  • Thankyou. I feel that like with making music together, a ‘chemistry’ of relational ease (freedom to be ourselves) provides a context in which ‘life happens’.
    I can only live this freedom by extending it (to you and others), and if (as) you feel this you (may) release me of what I am not fulfilling for your expectation, while in some sense appreciating that I am extending something I at least value to a sense of valued and accepted company.
    You are correct that my growing an articulation for what I might call ‘heart-nowing’ is like a foreign language – but anyone who is socially assigned ‘madness’ or ’not one of us’, is ‘misunderstood’ or held apart from and judged. It goes with the territory.
    Of course I appreciate any moment in a shared understanding and look to grow in the joy of that rather than be driven by a sense of needing to overcome what is “wrong with me”. If I have MY OWN acceptance for myself in lack of self-judgement and conflict – then I have a sense of this in others even where they may not yet. A healer who abides with – and lets healing be – is not a ‘heroic intervention’ so much as a temporary sharing of light into the mind of the belief in lack and separation. The gift shares on.

    That is perhaps a simple summary: the appreciation of the gift of life naturally extends or shares or shines into others unless blocked by refusal to accept or inhibition and suppression of extending as the natural and true presence that (beneath all else) we are. The nature of the blocks to love’s awareness begins perhaps with that they are hidden, denied, kept secret, operating undercover as self-protective defences to past experience of changes or ‘separation trauma’.

    It seems to me that waking to life rather than running a programmed set of strategies and responses – means using the pallet of such abilities or li-abilities as the material through which to re-cognize and align in true desire. This is easy to say – but of course perhaps the most fearful to approach – because it re-opens all the beliefs that we cant have, are deprived, denied, rejected and blah blah. But working consciously and cooperatively with life rather than asserting demand or reacting from the place of fear of failure – is like ‘feeling my way’ in the flow of the moment, rather than setting myself up to fail – perhaps unwitting – and perhaps because ‘failure’ is safer at this moment in time than exposure in self-pain. Whatever ‘society does’ to us, it is what we ‘do’ to ourself that has the power to most hurt and deny. And for me that was the realisation that set me on a course of growing in responsibility AS myself – rather than blame for an impossible situation.
    An impossible situation MAY turn out to be a faulty interpretation. In which case trying to escape or overcome it is in fact compounding the error.
    So as you say, the willingness to think around and feel into what SEEMS real opens to new perspective – freely and naturally and not under coercion, though when I cannot afford to engage old thought habits, it might seem that a sword is over my head – but I see this is because what I need is finding a way to align me on purpose, and as I align in purpose, the drama-conflict falls away. Innate teaching-learning in life can be supported by relationships as it can also attract and align them in new purpose. Healing is a decision.

  • Split meanings operate power struggle in which victim/follower and victimiser/leader play out shifting roles.

    Meaning – with a capital M – is pre-split or indeed wholeness of being. The ‘broke and fixit’ or ‘Humpty and all the king’s men’ model engages attention under the ‘divide and rule out’ device. Otherwise the pain of the split mind constitutes a breaking of the rules, and is assigned to be ‘fixed’ or walled out (denied voice).

    The meaning of a power as threat is generally the trigger to fight or flight, and even at biology level this ‘sympathetic’ nervous response is known to suppress all else to focus in heightened perceptions of associated (past) dangers, involving extreme suppression (hiding or playing dead) and extreme release (fight or flight).

    But the subjection of the mind under a power that it is unconscious or unaware of is the nature of the human conditioning or human condition of masked self under split thinking. The persona or ‘masking self’ is necessary to a human experience – but the patterns of defences and strategies that are developed varies greatly – and yet operate a collective entanglement of invested meanings given identity.

    Our true responsibility for the accepting and sharing of meaning, is personal cultural significance as coherency of being. But a fear-protective denial of responsibility operates masking in forms of a hidden or private agenda. This split thinking is amplified in Orwell’s doublespeak – but is pervasive to ‘accepted reality under narrative control’ – where people are fear-trained to conform and comply without conscious awareness that what they take to be their freedom is slavery and so freedom is rejected and recoiled from as if it is slavery.

    While these reflections on ‘power threat meaning’ may seem off topic, I hold that the true meaning of power is corrupted – and I live towards correcting it. Power does not corrupt and limitless power is incorruptible – but in my usage here is power perfectly shared – and not split into victim and victimiser.

    This is a shift in perspective and not a strugge within or under fear.

  • Yes – I write to an intuitive feeling and not to the defined, predictive control mind. I write to spark NOT KNOWING within a movement that I call innocent curiosity. There are many who deal in the ‘known’ but which is really ‘thinking’ that is invested in. Steffen’s ‘thinking about thinking’ is interesting IF it translates to awareness of patterns of thought – and their corresponding outcomes in personal and relational experience.
    I hold that the linked booklet I included above is extremely simple in its message but embodies a different foundation as to who you are are and what the world – or anything – is. It is the different foundation that holds a different purpose and so – in a sense – is like a different operating system. The ‘world’ in human terms operates an insane ‘operating system’ that is held together by narrative continuity and control – we can call this social conditioning and it is a vital aspect to our adaptation and participation in the shared human construct of self and world – yet this construct is generally taken as Reality at expense of the realty of our feeling being – which is not at all the same as emotional fragmentation and reactivity.

    My point – if there is A point is the foundation from which all else follows. A false or distorted sense of self/reality can only propagate error – and does – with tragic consequence. The protection of such ‘self’ becomes the protection of the error, and this pattern is pervasive to a world that hides its ‘sins’ in fake narratives that mask in moral justifications. And I don’t say that to judge against anyone but rather to point to the pattern that we think from.

    In Steffen’s work – what i most notice is a relationship of mutual respect and willingness to learn from and work with the ‘patient’ in discovering help that is sought and accepted. Therapists are subject to all manner of errors – particularly if they are an ‘unhealed healer’.
    I feel that that is the nature of those who try to resolve their own psychic-emotional conflicts by using others to play out their unconscious scripts. Of course we all do this apart from noticing we do it and changing our mind about our mind. But we tend to believe it is reality rather than something we made up.
    We may say that we can ONLY experience an interpreted ‘reality’ – but I hold that that applies to the mind as judgemental filtering and not to cognition or knowing itself. Of course to ‘talk about’ or make definition of reality is to separate from it to do so – in subjective sense – because we never ‘really separate’ from what Is – and that is a key realisation from which an innocent curiosity can stir in place of conditioned reaction. In simple terms this was called ‘ask and your shall be answered’. Current science posits a thing-world of determined ‘relationships’ because it is an evasion OF Relationship.
    Intimacy – in true sense – is knowing or one with. The loss of Self to ‘fragmented mind of personality conflict’ is a traumatic experience upon which we ‘think’. Or more accurately, we think we think!
    The ability to notice, question and challenge our ‘thinking’ is effectively awakening as a quality of life that our mind was blind to until something stirred or moved within us beneath the surface thinking. While I am making sense in terms of what I hold worthy – the underlying ‘point’ is more like someone calling “Over here!” to those who take their dreams to be real – and of course seek to ‘make sense’ of this in terms of their narrative continuity.
    I don’t mind at all that you or anyone else does or doesn’t ‘get’ it. For that is your freedom. I am mindful of sharing from a sense of worthiness to the worthiness in others – as a fundamental of mental health. What you give our DOES set the measure of what you receive. You extension of ‘best wishes’ to me regardless of not finding concept-resonance, is also a similar shared blessing – and I hold that point of shared resonance as a generosity of spirit.
    To those who have, more shall be given.
    “To those who have not, more shall be taken – even the little that they have”. This is not about ‘stuff’ – or about anyone ELSE doing anything to us – but addressing our self. If we live from a sense of lack – we go forth and multiply it. And so we have co-created a world of abundance of debt – and that term also applies to unpaid debts to ourselves and each other.
    May here have woken from accepting labels, identities and diagnosis that deny them wholeness and true individuality. But identity politic works through oppositional polarities as a way to bolster a sense of self-lack rather than truly move from wholeness of being – because of course that is more fearful to our sense of needing to control life.
    Those who seek to control life are subject to their own judgement as a sense of being ‘controlled’. While that is simple – the way it is set up may be insanely complex. However one does not need to understand HOW extending a blessing or alighting in a true appreciation WORKS – to experience gratitude and affection in place of addictive affliction. Finding the willingness for a changed perception begins with honest owning of the thinking that makes them. Now that a habit is brought to awareness, you are in the realm of choice. But no one can change a choice they disown by projecting it to the fault and power of ‘others’.

  • All true communication is a ‘synchronicity’ – otherwise robots-programs interact as codes to merely code for ‘meaning’.Nothing is then shared – except the nothing is coded to SEEM real.

    I see communication in terms of resonance – for a shared resonance is like a shared ‘wave’ within felt presence.
    Any version of un-sanity can be seen as dissonance within ourself that reflects (tunes into and receives) conflicted reality-experience.
    Any true relationship serves to tune us to coherent giving and receiving. Likewise the sense of the loss or violation of connectedness and belonging, can split or fragment a sense of struggling to survive under a sense of denial, deprivation and inadequacy – all of which apply intelligence to defences that may not be socially or culturally recognized as an attempt of self-protection – but as carrying a version of the dissonance that carries on unaddressed and unhealed – not least because it is demonised in blame or shame, weaponised by social manipulators, and marketised by corporate mind and revenue capture.

    I look to uncover my own part in such patterns of victim/victimizing so as to starve them of support, and release them for a better way of being. That this often makes me out of range to ‘normal thinking’ is a measure of just how guilt-manipulative ‘normal thinking’ is. So much so that I see ‘society’ is built upon blame and shame excepting where the love leaks through or is held true – despite persecution.

  • Science for me is a facet of love of truth.
    If insanity – under any name is split or conflicting ‘truths’ then science in my terms is a unified uncovering of the truth – which is recognized by its fruits – ie you Know by them. But science in the world has very strong identifications (ie: insanity) in definition, prediction and control.
    How we define ourselves in relation to our world IS our experience of it. If ‘therapists’ define themselves as the fixing or managing of broken or inadequate people then that IS how they experience AND what they ‘teach’ by demonstration. However, what anyone chooses to ‘learn’ or accept true for them is their own core freedom – subject ONLY to being awake and aware of such freedom. This is the nature of spiritual awareness and not the lure of gaining power or possessions in the ‘world’.
    The well adjusted insane have NO idea that there is a transcendent perspective that their own thinking excludes, and those whose mask or armour breaks down have glimpses that often lead to ego-inflation and ego-alien encounters in terror – because we (generally) lack a culture of initiation and support for what would only be natural ongoing human flowering or development – if not for the normalising of insanity in forms of dissociation and denials as our ‘social masking’.

    Physics has application in consciousness in terms of what you put in is what you get out. Because we are ingenious in the way we structure our minds, we have subconscious levels of active choice operating beneath a waking surface of narrative continuity – as the story of ‘me’.

    I appreciate and enjoy a sense of willingness to dialog without locking each other into rigid definitions. This is a willingness to honour relationship without a frame of only using each other to get from.

    Talking about spiritual knowing is only useful if it enables releasing talk or thinking about reality so as to be it. The essence of knowing, is that it cannot be defined – and put into predictive control thinking. In scientific terms this is always being the willingness to challenge the thinking by which we believe we know. Believing we know generally means we are blind and therefore treat others and ourselves in terms of beliefs instead of looking, listening and receiving of them.

    A central facet of A Course in Miracles is that it regards Creation or indeed our filtered distortion of Creation, as Mental or within Mind. I could list many other approaches that say the same in other facets and slices – but to A Course in Miracles (as opposed to the normalised learning of a course in grievances), all sickness stems from unforgiveness that may manifest in many forms – or over many generations – and serve many purposes. The only meaning I see in the word ‘spiritual’ is self-honesty. Without that, nothing else can align true – and with it all else can follow. People can and will use anything and everything to deceive themselves with, while other goals are more compelling or attractive to them than self-honesty. That is also their right and their freedom as an unfolding experience of self-recognition.
    Self-honesty is not framing oneself in a diagnosis or negative definition – even if there are negative results as a result of conflicts that have come up to be addressed in forms of deeply challenging experience or relations.
    (I am not anti science – but all of what folks here have understood regarding corruption in ‘psycho medical’ applies across the board. Corporate science is part of a system management replacing human relationships.
    Science needs to be significance within Meaning – and splitting life apart to get different meanings is a split mind and an insane world – in which “everything is backwards”. Science has to be a willingness and curiosity for truth – not a determiner or tool for the narrative dictate of corporate (social) engineering.
    Whatever “THEY” are seeking to achieve by ‘control’ is at expense of true relational communication. So I don’t step into or invest in ‘THEIR’ framework but grow in true appreciation. (They only have access to who I am through my own thinking and so my sense of active ‘spritual’ practice is to become aware of my own thinking – which mean awake to it rather than simply run by it. Doesn’t matter that I ‘forget’ because when I notice I forgot I am back in willingness. Everything has to shift to support the desire for a sanity of a peace of being instead of running from fear or being consumed by grievance. It is always a step at a time and only this step now. Not a load of ‘spiritual concept baggage’.

  • If synchronicity has any relevance, and resonance – then
    this short (channelled) treatise ‘Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice’ (ACIM) may be interesting – as a perspective neither of the ‘patient’ or the ‘therapist’ – yet addressing both.
    The terms may be offputting or trigger old reaction – but they are used in very specific meanings, quite distinct from their usual context.

    But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
    “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
    “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
    “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.
    ~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

    The recognition of insanity – including my own – rather than projecting or out-sourcing it onto Life or Being Itself, was part of a basis for choices that grew my capacity to make choices. For paradoxically that which opens as a simple honesty to a present state is an ‘upstream’ awakening from a prior perspective.

    Psychiatry – in my mind – is associated more with the power and mandate of the State and less with a true therapeutic relationship. Psychotherapy may be sometimes available under State services but is associated more – in my mind – with voluntary seeking out of help or support.

    As the link explains, the therapist and patient have conflicting goals – and yet the true nature of a relationship – or indeed the nature of true relationship is the key or context for all or any modalities or approaches of exploring issues.

    Family Constellation work and approaches such as Open Dialog hold an honouring of the individual within a larger relational being.

    I personally managed to avoid collapsing or crashing into the realm of psychiatrists, psycho-pharma and etc – perhaps because when opening into Life from a mere dream of a life, I was more terrified of being regressed than of the the visceral terrors of an unskinned mind – and an un-manned sense of self-capacity.
    Later in my development I was also shocked to discover that fear of love was being kept hidden by fears of evil intents, conflict and terror symbols. Once I started to be able to read my own mind of conditioned reaction, rather than live the world it dictated, I was significantly unburdened of inner conflict (fear).

    I appreciate feeling the inputs in such a forum as this though I always feel for a reintegrative rather than combative outcome. However, voices that need to be heard, have to assert across the niceties of social conventions that otherwise implicitly deny them – or indeed deny us all wholeness.

    Words have been used to weave spells of a mind entranced to its own image. I feel to redeem words by using them to release rather than possess or dominate. Release and be released is a conscious use of the law of mind. However, no one can release a choice of which they are unaware of making, and no one challenges the basis of where they believe their safety lies.

    One of the things I liked in the A Course in Miracles work – is that it is natural to be the ‘Son of God’ albeit under the beliefs and experience of unnatural thinking – that is the thinking of the ‘world’ by and large.
    Transition from fear or lack-defined search to love-embodying extension of wholeness is all about getting out of our own way – but at a deeper level than the world we think or thought we know.

    Regardless whether this finds anyone, it embodies and extension of worth in which I am restored to Sanity.
    Even a trace of anxiety – alerts me to not being in my ‘right mind’ – NOT for feeding the blame identity – but to orient towards finding and living a willingness for fresh perspective rather than attempts to change others – or collapse into a changed (denied and split) sense of self.

  • The difference between compulsive and free, is the difference between trust and anxiety.
    Symbolic recognitions of a ‘world in denial’ are the loss of freedom to a linguistic structure of consciousness we call the world. Creative is freely given and received, but a miscreative coercion of mind over felt being (heart-knowing) is a kind of ‘murder’ of true for the feeding off of the forms of reality in distorted meanings for self gratification. But it doesn’t feel like that when we want things to stay a certain way and cling onto them and in a sense worship or get identity there. It does feel like a violation of loss, betrayal in rejection or abandonment when our identity does not find support and reinforcement – particularly where we persist in the sense of rightness that is given to who we think we are – and who the grievance now reinforces as a drive to vindicate, defend or survive.
    I listen and feel for what to right. Thinking hardly comes in – excepting as an intuitive sets of clothes in phrasing forms and conveyance of meanings. But I have no sense of compulsion but love’s free willingness in being. If I mistake myself for someone else, I can experience compulsive thinking of triggered defence. I find that such defences always ‘do’ the thing they purport to defend against.
    Unselfconscious joy in life is essentially thoughtless – and the inhibiting of awareness of the flow of being is the development of ‘self-consciousness’ as a sense of ‘control’ in reaction to overflowing or loss of movement. This overlay of management over feared chaos of imbalance is the sense of segregative self. This is the ‘mind’ of ‘outside forces’. In a sense it is the alien ‘voices’ – because it is the filter of a self-denial.
    The sense of control and the sense of subjection are the same force. The ‘self-justified’ sense of ‘right’ is blind to its own making – because it is engaged in its own taking. But if ‘right’ exists only in contrast with ‘wrong’ then again it is the same force in split view. The release from the split-view is seeing it operating in act – and that means freeing up attention from the compulsions of drama – that becomes possible when it is no longer compelling – as if it goes somewhere you need to follow.
    I feel all experience is about relationships and all relationships first are within ourself. The use of relationships as fantasy gratifications is the making of a fantasy self in place of true honouring. Of course everything falls apart – and of course ‘all the king’s men cant put Humpty together again’ but that is the nature of the split view, given identity and investment. If we start to recognize when we hurt ourself in forms that were old habits, we also release investment and grow new habits by living new choices.
    The old habit may be associated with patterns of security. But breaking ‘free’ from what still supports us, without first growing a new sense of support is to reach beyond our capacity to recognize, integrate and appreciate. To hold the balance points calls for being in touch with more of who we are and this means honouring where we are – and therefore all the stepping stones that have brought us here.
    What we deny will come back to ‘sabotage’ us – unless freely released.
    In struggling with self I got nowhere, but in the moment of yielding to learn from the experience of struggle so as to one day be of help or service to others I had not even met – instantly shifted perspective to a miraculous state of being – in which unity of purpose released all sense of conflicted self-struggle.
    This is the true choice that false framing obscures and yet it becomes a choiceless choice, when the futility of self struggle loses appeal. In the ‘mean’ while all sorts of choices appear to push or pull and the lure of the carrot or the avoidance of the stick, operate some sort of reflection or embodiment to what we are currently believing or reacting as true.
    If anything tells me what to do without being in response to my asking, I regard it as worthy of pausing from reaction so as to check in at Heart. ESPECIALLY if masking as a trojan horse – that is in forms designed to pass off as accepted power or protection of self. A true guide never compels – though of course firmness can be an appropriate intonation to the need to pay attention!
    Pretending that the separation never happened is belied by our behaviours and experience. But pausing to bring it to question in the Heart, is a yielding of the separating mind to align in the purpose of the Heart. No one questions their reality. Something has to stir or wake a perspective upon it – and this may be initially experienced fearfully as demonic or threatening.
    I had a choice; either life (God and Everything) is insane, or I am. But in accepting something out of true in myself (rather than insanity as a guilt-invalidation of self) I opened a willingness of curiosity – despite the fear that at that time seemed overpowering to anything I might think, feel or do. Willingness is guided – albeit within a sense of drama – but the core quality of being is a quality of unconflictedness – regardless the ‘symptoms’ or apparent drama.

    The collective denials of consciousness operate archetypal patterns of a broken family constellation running as a mask over the true desire of being. While it ‘runs our sense of self and world’ we only ‘see’ it in ‘others’ ‘aliens’ and estranged realities as a way of not seeing ourself. It is the fear that feels threatened, not the being. Fear of life and fear of love hides behind dramatic diversion and displacement – but who is the stranger when love recognizes itself in another? Fear may seek to interject to who you are – and you may choose to NOT choose it. This as I see it is my part. To not choose what gets in my own way. Willingness for true of being allows life to ‘do’ through me what I know of myself I cannot do. And so I learn I am not ‘of myself the doer’ – of the movement of being and its recognition or fulfilment. This is a great unburdening release in which a more open channel of learning develops – or perhaps un-learning in the conventional sense – because we open to more by (of what is and who we are) releasing filters of belief that no longer serve us. The attempt to force life into limiting thought is insane and of course wholly incapable of being done.