Thursday, December 9, 2021

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  • “Psychiatry stole 14 and 10 years.” They were still lucky. It was the combination of lack of awareness about proper way of discontinuation of the toxic drugs AND close monitoring by my own father who immediately reported a “swing” “in my own best interest” for repeated commitment and more aggressive drugging at every next turn. At every turn I tried to run from the drugs – and kept being pushed back into forced treatment again and again on a tightening descending loop. That took – between 1984 and 1997 13 years away between over 10 commitments. Along the way I lost my profession and further on was forced into disability. All but obliterating my life prospects by the sheer fact of time and opportunities lost – combined with debilitation by sustained brain damage itself, forced ECT and aggressive drugging. What was still worse and even more traumatic was a relationship with a mental health professional who completely embraced – not me but the sickness model and ratified the debasement wrought by the institution also on the most personal level there is. I never truly recovered after that. Fortunately my other former fellow student from the medical school acknowleded me as a person I used to be. She dealt with akatizia and thus with the sharp edge of suicide ideation by allowing me a limited say regarding the “meds”. I could study. I left for another country but I never escaped. It was already too late to start anew.
    If only I knew back then the correct protocol – or was just aware of sheer existence of the withdrawal reaction (as opposed to “relapse” cover up and misdirection) the deadly descent could have been prevented right at the start. Drugging must stop. Deadly drugsters !!!
    The role of my own father and my ex gf – both “mental health” professionals, both indoctrinated in the deceptive creed of drugging and “mental illness”, only spiked the misery.