Saturday, November 27, 2021

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  • There are several things that are alarming to me about this bill:

    1. It discriminates against people with a mental disorder, disregarding their rights by letting family members have access to some records. This isn’t happening for anything else like cancer, diabetes, etc. Really, I believe all this was just subterfuge to throw a small bone to family members just to garner their support for this draconian bill.

    2. It discriminates against peer specialist (who are also people diagnosed with a mental illness) by dictating their education requirements, scope of practice and code of ethics. The federal govt. doesn’t dictate the education, job duties and ethics for car salesmen, teachers, psychiatrists, movie stars, life coaches, home builders, etc.

    3. Murphy’s proposed bill is a like a GAG ORDER on Patient Rights and Advocacy. Any agency or organization that accepts federal funding WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to protect or advocate for patient rights to the clients themselves or to any other governmental body. It also restricts the govt. agency in charge of patient rights and advocacy. All this “take the money and keep your mouth shut” makes me wonder what is being planned later down the line.

    4. Transferring authority away from SAMSHA is another move to shift control, power and the flow of money away from evidence-based practices in recovery, peer support, person-directed planning, trauma-informed care, and others. Many of these have been proven to be just as or even more effective than psychiatry, medication and counseling alone.

    5. It is my belief they intend to channel the money into more behavioral science evidence-based practices that could include technological advances like the NIH’s and Brain Initiative’s remote-controlled brain implants developed by military defense DARPA. These brain implants have been used in veterans with PTSD and are currently being developed to treat seven psychiatric conditions for use among the general public. Some might welcome this with relief as a modern day miracle, but I remain skeptical and even fearful of it, especially because of the patient rights advocacy gag order.

    This bill SCARES me. The petition was no longer open for me to sign… but congressman can always be contacted through phone, fax and email.