Thursday, October 21, 2021

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  • Thanks for sharing that story. When I end up having kids, drugs will not be an option. I can at least say that I went through the trials and tribulations as a protection against such nonsense. I too didn’t know how to express myself even though I was articulate. The dexedrine made me quite reticent and intoverted–result being hostile and often depressed for being so bottled up. When I stopped, a my “Self” completely spread wings…was much happier, spontaneous, and free-spirited. Had to deal some impulse control, which is really just self managment…but it took a while of getting to know what was correct behavior or not. That was trial and error that everyone goes through though. Definitely worth it. I also grew a couple of inches, stopped getting acne, and was more interested in exploring new things–that was at 21. I am 32 now, with 2 bachelors degrees, a master’s in progress, and several other certs and skill sets that cater to my interests.

    Drugs, ha, well, perhaps as an adult using them with discretion, but a child or adolescent that is rapidly growing and learning about the world…that is hell. As a kid who was also drugged at 6 with Ritalin, and who made the decision on my own to stop…I am grateful to know there are parents like you who would have the intuition to protect your son even if it opposed “doctors orders” and diagnosis of a “disorder”.


  • Question: Does anyone know if there is enough of a plasticity mechanism in the brain to recover or rehabilitate the effects of these kind of drugs?

    I was put on Ritalin when I was 6 (I never actually took a whole dose–they had to break it into pieces or I wouldnt swallow it, and I even spit that out often without them knowing :P) until I was around 11, and then Dexedrine from 15 to 21. I basically said “f*** you to taking it after an allergic reaction from the antidepressant i needed to take because the Dex made me depressed. It landed me in the ER with my throat closing and swollen face…awesome, I know…why would I want to stop that routine, huh. Turns out I was misdiagnosed with ADHD being one of the guinea pigs in the height of the knee-jerk ADD diagnostic phase of psychiatry.

    Anyway, I am 32 and have not taken anything since, but have really wondered “what would I have been like as a kid, and what would be different now?” Dont get me wrong, Im doing just fine, graduated on the Dean’s list with 2 Bachelor’s degrees, and am in graduate school now. But I have still been thinking what it would be like to try these new and improved versions of Dex, like Vyvanse, right now. I hate Dex by the way…it made me over think and over analyze everything under the sun, and my free association thinking was almost non-existent. I suppose I just felt good about even the most boring of tasks, and felt “smarter” about what I was doing…even though I guess I have no real proof that I actually was. Since I’ve technically “deteoxed” and have been all natural me for the past 11-12 years, I wonder if the effects were undone.

    Does anyone know if the downregulation of dopamine receptors is repairable?

    Thanks for your time.