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  • I really appreciate this article. What goes hand in hand with this topic is the fact that psychiatrists have breakdowns, M.D.s have breakdowns, etc., frequently. But they have their own private and highly confidential treatment programs that will never be discussed openly. This furthers the old myth that only people with feeble minds enter into extreme states. And these private groups are defined largely by economic status. There are private AA, NA & ADD groups, etc. that most people never know exist because they are held only for a select group. We are all capable of psychosis, and we are all capable of strong egos just as well. Additionally, it appears that one path to psychosis is the strong ego itself, untethered and flying high!

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  • Hi Kim,
    Thanks so much for writing. Your response seems to connect with this quote I found from the Center for Applied Jungian Studies:

    “Just as the love experience is the real experience of a real fact, so is the vision. Whether its object be of a physical, a psychic, or a metaphysical nature does not concern us. It is psychic reality, having the same dignity as the physical. The experience of human passion stands within the frontiers of consciousness; the object of the vision, however, lies beyond. In the emotion we experience known things, but intuition leads us to unknown and hidden things, to things that are secret by nature, and which, if they are ever conscious, are intentionally hidden and secreted away; for this reason there clings to them, from time immemorial, mystery, strangeness, and illusion. They are hidden from man, and he hides from them with Deisidaimonia, seeking shelter behind the shield of science and the armour of reason. The cosmos is his day-faith which shall protect him from the night-fear of chaos.”

    C.G Jung.

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  • I look forward to reading your work, Eric, and you will have much more to offer as your story progresses (certainly more than I can hope to add to the discussion). As hard as it may sound, you could write about what happens when we offer a hand of friendship to those who make our lives difficult. You’re in a great position to make it happen! At some level we are all participating in “the system,” and we will only change it one heart at a time.

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