Wednesday, February 26, 2020

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  • Just out of curiosity. of the deaths that were in fact a result of antidepressants or other medications, like the Yvonne lady you spoke about) how many of them left any kind of note? It is my understanding that the large string of teenage suicides in Bridgend did not leave any notes. (not really sure about all of the suicides).
    And yes, antidepressants are not as wonderful as advertised. I was on Cymbalta for a few years, I was worse on it. When I took myself off it though I went through a strange period for about a month where my vision is weird. It was almost as if I could see sound. I had to walk staring at my feet or I’d get light headed sometimes. awful awful stuff. I basically cut my doctor off and prescribed myself yoga and hula hooping. I am sooooooooooo much better than I was.