Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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  • That was exceptional, and I agree with what you say 1000%! Thank you very much.

    I was put on SEROQUEL and I felt like someone had imprisoned my brain. From 5/15/2016 until 12/6/2016. My psychiatrist, after I told her the stuff was EVIL regarding what it was doing to me and my life, as all I wanted to do was sleep and escape more and more, plus I was suffering from PTSD after being in two state hospitals (NH)….the first one 5/15 – 5/25, and transported “in handcuffs for no reason in a police car”! to the next hospital because the first one told my family I had had a psychotic break, which I did not and they never discussed any of my experience with me….. (I had carefully weaned myself down and off Lexapro (20 mgs./day since 2004) which took me 7 months….well…I thought I was free and clear and felt great…..I also decreased my Armour Thyroid and added Kelp and Himalayan Fine Pink Salt to my diet for the iodine….BIG MISTAKE and stupid…..after 4 weeks of being free and clear of Lexapro and decreasing my thyroid med from 60 mgs/day to about 40 for a few wks I am not clear about time-wise….I began to nose dive and ended up suicidally depressed and getting worse and worse until I wanted to suicide….the police 911 was called for an ambulance….big mistake…..and instead of being placed into a private hospital like I have been in years past when something would go awry, I was placed in the hands of state psychiatric hospital laws and workers. The last hospital forced me to stay a total of 37 days. I’ve never had to stay more than 7-10 days no matter how severe, and I was helped and almost good as new after that short period with compassion and well trained psychiatric assistance and peer support from fellow patients and in group sessions. The state hospitial was so unbelievable in their indifference to the patient, their ability to get your peers to rally AGAINST you, and their preference to the Pharmaceutical Companies’ research needs/goals/agendas and their own, that I was asked questions like I was an animal under a microscope being analyzed for their betterment, all the while being under the influence of Seroquel which was given to me by an RN in pill form, and then stealthily added to my food and drink! How the heck does one measure that cumulative amount? Seroquel’s taste when put into food is so strong and distasteful, I knew something was terribly wrong. The next thing to tell me something was wrong was when my throat began to not be able to swallow. When I attempted to ask about ANY detail regarding medication, which I have always read the drug insert sheets and been encouraged to ask questions of a PRIVATE HOSPITAL’s psychiatrist and RN’s and staff, at the state hospitals, I was told in no uncertain terms that I would be written up as NON-COMPLIANT if I did not take the medications I was given immediately when they were given, no questions, no feedback. I thought they were trying to kill me. I advise anyone needing hospital care to make sure you research where the private hospitals are for your state, and find out who owns them. Pls. be aware that if it is state run, they may lie to you and/or your family and tell you and them that they have no affiliation with the state or another state hospital. This is what the first state hospital I was sent to from an ER told my family. Then they shipped me off to another state hospital that they are responsible to staff for the psychiatric facility. It is getting very dangerous out there people. Know your action plan and where you prefer to go, and tell your loved ones so if you have a depressive episode, or physical problem where you are not able to communicate clearly, it won’t interfere with obtaining the best care you can locate and prepare to receive. This state hospital will not give me a bill regarding the 37 days they forced me to stay, because I am on Medicare which they are not accepted by for billing any services they rendered to me (if you can call them that….it was a complete travesty) and I was told they are working toward putting a lean on my home and searching for anything I have that they can attach and convert into monies. They hauled me into a mental health court when I was totally out of it on Seroquel, and tried to get me to sign a blank judgement form with a real judge at the helm, two NH state attnys (one assigned to me and absolutely unhelpful), and a variety of other state people who I had no idea who they were or who they represented. A nightmare. I’m having to secure an attorney to straighten this mess out. The last state hospital wants me taken off Medicare and put on Medicaid so they can bill them, and also control my life and monies and haul me back there within the year of the ridiculous judgement that was given which was handed down specifically to control me as a future and perpetual source of money through being pulled back into their clutches at their whim. I should have never been brought into a mental health court, as I did not harm or attempt to harm myself or anyone else. I had a plan, but I did not implement it! All those days, wasted and instead yielding me terrible side effects and paranoia and PTSD, which I recently left behind on 12/26/2016 after being released on 6/30/2016. Praying to God helped me immensely, along with watching ministry via wifi which saved my mind and life. God bless everybody out there.

  • Dear Fred,

    Thank you so very much for imparting some of what you have learned during and after suffering the application of a horrific psychiatric/pharmaceutical science. More and more people are waking up to the realization that it is truly criminal behavior. This false science thrust upon you and being perpetrated on millions of us, and which has proven itself the opposite of safe and effective, has done nothing to deter your wonderful spirit and desire to help others to avoid such scurrilous medical behavior.

    I, for one , plan to cut and paste this masterpiece of helpful information onto an e-mail to myself so I can refer to it easily. Again Fred, many thanks. It is also with great appreciation I thank everyone else who took the time to enlighten all of us through utilizing the MADINAMERICA forum.

  • AMEN Ragnarok! I was waiting to see if anyone in honest reality, unaffected by vocation or profit and preconceived incorrect notions from false clinical date, would hit the nail on the head.

    The Psychiatric drugging of America and the subsequent side effects and withdrawal effects real people suffer, whether while switching people indiscriminately from one non-working drug to another, or maintaining the non-solution of toxic medication to begin with. This only serves to perpetuate the non-answer of a psychiatric disease label which fails to pinpoint the actual REAL physiological imbalance, but instead, further muddies the waters. Medication will NEVER take the place of appropriate human counseling which provides for understanding, positive brain growth with learning how to cope, and the compassion and knowledge to know how to affect this positive change. Huge numbers of infants, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, elderly are being medicated indiscriminately and without any caution, with one or more drugs at a time. Why is American society ignoring the dismal outcomes of this practice?

    Also, has anyone noticed that psychotropic medication drugging is not allowed to be suspect, and anyone who wins a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company due to death or unintended consequences must sign a gag order in order to collect the reparations due them while the rest of the public are prevented from learning vital negatives the specific drug is demonstrating in real life?

    Don’t blame the medication’s HOST, blame those responsible for creation and heavy placement throughout our society. It is not the mentally ill who are violent. Perpetuating this lie is equal to placing a ridiculous diagnosis without knowing anything about the individual’s health and life as they live it within their family dynamic. It is lazy and easy and profitable to do this, but it isn’t right. Just like the easy answer to gun violence Murphy and others before him continue to identify instead of the real, thorough, fact-finding hard work that yields the real answers, letting the blame fall in the inconvenient places where huge profits, big business/big pharma and politics lie.