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  • “Basically the medical profession has no place in dealing with emotional states, except to rule out neurological and other physical disturbances.” Yes! However, psychiatric consults are made WITHOUT ruling out neurological and other physical disturbances. A neurologist is rarely consulted and the patient is shuffled over to psychiatry, diagnosed and drugged. Psychiatric diagnosis ignore memory loss, cognitive decline and other obvious signs of neurological damage. The focus is not on etiology and the psychiatrist is not trained to diagnose or treat neurological damage. So, yes I agree wholeheartedly “psychiatry is a non-profession”.

  • The anti-psychiatry movement is the only way forward. Psychiatry needs to be exposed for what it is, public awareness must be raised and people must learn to protect their children and their elderly parents from victimization. “Mental health awareness campaigns” need to be stopped (and other means of targeting victims). Mental health programs need to be removed from schools, colleges and universities. Psychiatrists should not be considered legitimate authorities on mental health issues. Governments should be lobbied so funding is cut for in-house psychiatry. Psychiatrists should not be viewed as authorities on mental health nor consulted or given any legitimacy. Funds should be re-allocatied to other disciplines like neurology and psychology with a focus on unbiased research as psychiatry’s entire database is illegitimate.

  • I whole heartedly agree with you. First do no harm IS the main issue with psychiatry. No psychotropic drug is safe or effective and “treatment” without informed consent is a human rights violation. The use of electroshock therapy in 2017 is truly barbaric. Patient confidentiality is abused and used as a means of isolating a “patient” from their family, friends and social supports and as a cover for their abusive practices, literally to screen psychiatrists from malpractice suits. Committal and extended leave orders are also human rights violations that have no place in medicine. Psychiatry is really a plague on society that needs to be wiped from the face of the earth.

  • Psychiatry has been torturing, disabling and killing people for centuries. Perhaps the most barbaric practices have been abandonned (shoving icepicks through the eye socket into the brain, insulin shock therapy, pulling teeth and excising vital organs etc etc…) however more victims than ever are targeted, maimed and killed today than ever before in human history. At Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, BC there is now a psychiatric unit for 0-5 years olds and 1 in 4 nursing home residents is given a neuroleptic despite black box warnings (fondly called “the 5 o’clock OUT”). The chemical imbalance theory of mental illness has been repeatedly disproven by research but every day, neurotoxic “medications” are given by psychiatrists to their “patients” without informed consent. There is no hope for a reform of psychiatric practice because the number one agenda of psychiatry is to expand its turf and increase drug sales by any and all means. So the only way forward is through the anti-psychiatry movement, the goal of which should be the complete eradication of psychiatry from the face of the earth.

  • I would love to host a parent support group in my home..
    I am a perinatal nurse and lactation consultant with a 22 year old daughter who has had her life destroyed by a combination of lack of Eating Disorder services in the Lower Mainland /harmful mental health services and providers.
    I have come to understand first hand the harm that psychiatrizing / drugging young people
    can have and how powerless we (as parents) become to stop it once they become of legal age.
    Do clinicians have any idea of the harm they cause when they blindly recite “we cannot speak with you due to patient confidentiality”? (when no-one has requested that anything be kept confidential). Isn’t it a right as opposed to an obligation? And does patient confidentiality mean that agencies no longer have any transparency?
    I would love to meet with other parents and concerned individuals with the goal of empowering families with loved ones who have had their rights violated and been harmed by psychiatry and uneducated mental health clinicians in the Lower Mainland..

  • Dr. Epperson,
    Thank you for your insightful article.
    There is a new program for young people that is modelled a little bit after “Healing Homes” in Sweden..
    They teach young people with “mental illnesses” life skills, mindfulness training and have various groups to help them get back on their feet to go back to school/work. It’s a nice brand new home in East Van..called Renfrew House and the kids stay for 3-6 months. The mental health workers are really very nice and caring people.
    But unfortunately the entire program is undermined by the house psychiatrist who has all the kids on depot injections of Abilify…dommage! As they are so sedated they can’t fully participate in the program!

  • Hi Bpdtransformation,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my daughter and for your suggestion. For sure I will email you about this..
    I’m hoping that my daughter’s psychiatrist will lower the dose of Abilify and the clonazapam he has her on so she can get out of bed and stay up long enough to attend something helpful like this. One thing he said today.. that we could have regular meetings so at least he’s open to talking to us (me and her Dad) which is something.
    I find the psychiatrists spend so little time with their patients and practically none with parents so we are hoping that this will give us further opportunity to discuss reducing the amount of medication she’s on..eventually.

    Thanks again!

  • I regret ever having asked that my bright well adjusted 16 year old daughter see a counsellor. . she (the counsellor0 was ok but there was also a psychiatrist
    on the team and she soon had my daughter on an SSRI..she made a very determined suicide attempt one month after being put on this drug and has never been the same since. Soon after she was diagnosed with Bi-Polar and given SSRI’s and mood stabilizers that made her very unwell. (once on the psych ward, the psychiatrist said she had no signs of this illness or any other mental health illness but continued to give her Seroquel…to help her sleep.
    She was an involuntary patient on this psych ward where they did successfully weight restore her (80 %)
    after she had lost 30 lbs due to an eating disorder but gave her Seroquel and other sedating drugs as well.
    Many other negative experiences with the mental health system finally led to her being sectioned under the BC Mental Health Act again and made an involuntary patient in Psychiatry where she was again drugged with anti-psychotics (this time a depot injection of Ability that she is supposed to continue for a year!!!) for having had a brief reactive psychosis that lasted 2 days. She is now out of the Psych ward on extended leave. Her Dad and I met with the psychiatrist and her mental health team to ask to have her weaned off the Abiflify as she is not schizophrenic and she has a family history of cardiovascular disease and diabetes on both my and her dad’s side of the family. She also has a hormone imbalance (increased prolactin levels, amenorrhea leading to infertility and osteoporosis…) that is exacerbated by Ability. (It also causes increased prolactin levels & amenorrhea leading to infertility and osteoporosis. Plus she lost bone mineral density during her years struggling with the eating disorder which will also contribute towards…osteoporosis. We tried to ask to have her weaned off the anti-psychotic Ability so she could take advantage of the wonderful program she is in but the psychiatrist was categorical about keeping her on these depot injections. It just isn’t right for someone who has only has a brief reactive psychosis that resolved on it’s own. Now she is so sedated and feels so unwell physically (covered in cystic acne since the injection started working) plus +++ sedated that she can’t participate in the program…there are groups and outings and re-training to get ready to go back to school / work. It’s really hard to see her like this:
    Her pupils dilated, the blank look, monotone voice, one word answers, and of course the cystic acne.
    Finally, we thought wow! here’s a great forward thinking, common sense program where they house 6 kids in a nice residential area and teach them life skills and get them back on their feet but psychiatry has to undermine it. I felt like saying to the psy “Don’t you have to be conscious though to participate in your group?” but hey when your daughter can be re-called at any time to the psych ward and drugged without her consent with whatever drugs they choose, you don’t talk like that…actually you keep your mouth shut and PRAY that your daughter won’t be the one who develops the EPS syndrome or other disfiguring and disabling side effects and that despite all her risk factors..that she’ll be lucky and not end up permanently disabled or with a fracture or diabetes.
    Shouldn’t every newly diagnosed psychosis have a chance to recover without the use of a neuroleptic? And why make her stay on it for a whole year? Doesn’t that just increase the chance of triggering a psychosis when they stop it? It’s so difficult these extended leave agreements..our representation agreement was totally ignored both while she was in hospital and now that she’s out. She has no rights and I have no right to advocate on her behalf. It’s sad for such a young woman (she’s just turning 22) to be in this kind of predicament…Niki in Vancouver, BC Canada