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  • Excuse you, jswood, but “psychosis” has the sense merely of a condition or result of a condition of being a soul, a psyche. There is absolutely nothing pejorative about this sense. You are a psyche, therefore you are psychotic–all the time. Everybody is–not has–a psyche. Everyone is hence psychotic. Tell us what in the world is so bad about “psychosis” as you spin the item, linguistically inconsistent with the words of Christ (Matthew 10:28, DC 88:15)? Oh, he speaks a language different from yours? Does chronic psychohypocrisy ever have need of language therapy?
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  • Mr Cledwyn, are you on target or are you on target! The core of the bull’s-eye or the core of the bull’s eye? I wish Whitaker would drown out all the liars. Oh God! May he do it! I, a seventy-year old experiencer of this filth, slander, and its bogus-makers plenty!!! Go back to Nazi Germany, Lehmann, Liebermann, etc.!
    Linguistics, a formal science with a realist basis in mathematics and logic, provides the semantics, the semantic pathology, and semiatry, to diagnose Torrey of chronic phrenohypocrisy. If hypocrisy just is, by definition, supposition of authority upon the soul to exercise unrighteous dominion upon the soul (DC 121:39. the Liberty Epistle), then supposition of authority upon the phren to exercise unrighteous dominion upon the phren just is phrenohypocrisy. Language illness is conceptual illness; it is disease, and its spread is pollution. We have an epidemic on our hands. Time to study linguistics day and night. I love having a doctorate in it. Please see my notes elsewhere on this website.
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  • I mistook Smith’s generalization. It actually reads: “It is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion upon the soul[/mind], in any degree of unrighteousness upon the soul[/mind].” (DC 121:39, the Liberty Epistle). Please forgive my error. [email protected]

  • The discussant language immediately descends to the scatological, thoughout the despair that the language of chronic mind-hypocrisy conduces. I do not disparage this descent. But as a linguistic pathologist, with a Columbia doctorate in applied linguistics, I believe that the linguistic inconsistency of mentalitis with the language of the Scriptures and Prophets, the words of Christ, etc., is more than amply substantiated. Smith predicated such predicates of the mind: It is coeternal with God, co-existent, co-eval with God, self-existent, eternal, immortal, unoriginated and uncreated (against Augustine’s false doctrine of creatio ex nihilo), refined, elastic, material, etc. All these predicates, if true, deny the “mental health professional”, the “mental health provider”, his subject. Further, Smith inductively generalized: “It is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority upon the soul [mind], they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion upon the soul [mind].” Given that supposition of authority upon the mind, to exercise unrighteous dominion upon the mind, is mind-hypocrisy, there can, therefore, not be so much as a sentence, couched in the language of mind-hypocrisy, that makes sense in any normal language anyone knows anything about. If “gilding the turd” “says it all”, all they say is gilding the turd. But it needs a pathology, and that pathology is linguistic, to be exact, semantic pathology. [email protected]

  • I am a postdoctoral linguistic researcher of Columbia University who is interested in MadinAmerica for any connection with other linguists of the College of Semiatry whose principal focus is the semantic pathology of “psychology”, “psychiatry”, etc. If any of you know any linguist connected with the College who may have published significantly on the language of these bogus sciences, especially the linguistic (both semantic and logical) inconsistency of this language and the language of any version of “Standard” text, such as Bible, Book of Mormon, Quran, etc., please give me an e-mail at [email protected]