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  • Re “At my first appointment, the neurologist prescribed Abilify off-label to help manage my tics.”

    I survived years of psych med hell, I guess the Xanax and Amphetamines were “fun” for a wile till the decent all the way to what happens when a reckless quack SSRIs and the most diabolical chemicals every created “olanzapine” or Zyprexa to the mix anhedonia or trip to withdrawal hell. Psych survivor been to hell was in it for years so back to Re Abilify.

    At the very end of my story, the last treatment for “my” addiction they created I am shuffled off to the doctor and mentioned it was difficult to sit still in group for an hour, I described Akathisia. I already learned about how psychiatry really works by reading Anatomy of an Epidemic ( finding ‘anti psych’ saved my life) or was starting to but this nurse practitioner playing doctor did not know I read stuff like that and I was playing dumb.

    After I complained of Akathisia without using the word she offers me Abilify #1 ‘side’ effect is Akathisia !!!!

    So then I ask this total incompetent if she thinks I have a chemical imbalance, yes she says. Now I am playing with this mental midget, can I get a test for this Chemical imbalance ? They are very expensive. I have great insurance how expensive ??

    Then I stopped playing dumb and called her out on the test and don’t remember the rest but I was not very nice I don’t want your Zoloft and Abilify you rubber stamp on everyone you people are the ones that made me sick in the first place.

    Great job getting your story on MIA, parents patients doctors nurses councelors everfyone need to read this and recognize whats going on.

    I can do it, I can usually recognize treatment induced “mental illness” from the ‘real thing’ talking to someone for 10 minutes about their history, but these “professionals” !!!

    Edit, more.

    The question you ask people in the middle of the psych med nightmare is “What were you like BEFORE you went to all these doctors?”

    Thats the only way I know to wake them up when I meet them around the addiction recovery scene.

    “medication spellbinding” snap out of it.

  • Lets sell anti psychiatry bumper stickers on MIA.

    “Have you drugged your kids today?”

    Teacher fired for refusing to remove ‘have you drugged your kids today’ bumper sticker.

    Tarah Ausburn put the ‘Have you drugged your kid today?’ sticker on her Toyota Prius in protest at what she claims is the overmedication of today’s children.

    Read more:

  • “There is a need for longitudinal studies of the impact of receiving antipsychotic treatment to build our understanding of the existing treatment recommendations.”

    This website has forums and there are a dozens of others where people have been writing whats happened to them after taking psychiatric drugs for years for “building understanding”. I like this one

    Billions and billions of dollars given to the psychiatric industry by countless governments but the psychiatric industry now needs MORE for “longitudinal studies” give me a big fat break those soulless psycho cockroaches like the ones with the Risperdal legos who had boys growing breasts know what exactly what they are doing to people. Your a mental health person, you know what a psychopath really is and how they operate, is there any other explanation for how the psychiatric industry behaves ?

    “Longitudinal studies” public hangings of these people would be more effective.

  • It wasn’t still people started writing on the internet about neuroleptic withdrawal syndrome that the criminals behind the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries were forced to admit that it was happening to people.

    “The participants expressed that their decision to terminate treatment did not come without understanding the process of tapering and potential side effects of discontinuing treatment.”

    I don’t believe that. 10 years ago and even today its still take these pills and NOT A WORD about how sick you get trying to get off them. Here is some “Olanzapine” its is “non addictive” we are not going to tell you that when you try and quit this poison you get sicker then a person kicking heroin vomit nausea insomnia from hell and when you go to the hospital those quacks just call it your “illness” coming back and push more.

    The researchers absolutely did NOT find people “understanding the process of tapering” 10 years ago, I would be surprised if they did a survey and found out they warned even 1 in 100 people today about withdrawal reactions when they start them on drugs like Zyprexa.

  • Another game they play in the forums of those the pharma front child drugging websites is if you read some of the horror stories and suggest that maybe after years of bad results and the child suffering maybe the parent should quit doing the same thing expecting different results, that’s when they come at you with “We don’t judge here” Little phony shame game they invented in case a parent starts to figure it out to make them keep their mouths shut.

    Oh I am so sorry, I meant to say you should keep drugging your child with the same mixes of crap that has done nothing but make them suffer awful side effects for the last 3 years and expect different results THIS time. Sorry for judging, is that better ?

    But again the sneakiest trick they play on parents is convincing them that their child is the anomaly and the drugs work ‘great’ on everyone else’s.

    And how they make it all seem so normal, like its catsup on hamburger, mustard on hot dogs and lots of drugs on kids who don’t feel like sitting still all day in an institutional setting with a boring ass teacher ‘learning’ how to take the latest government test.

  • The very best resource may be telling parents where NOT to go.

    The latest ‘put your kid on drugs’ dragnet I saw was those TV ads for

    Usual tangled web, is partners with the Child Mind Institute and the founder of that is a guy named Koplewicz who is perhaps best known for his public advocacy of increased usage of psychotropic medications for children diagnosed with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and In 2001 Koplewicz co-authored study 329, a drug trial sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), that looked at the safety of the use of psychotropic antidepressant drug Paxil (Paroxetine) and concluded that Paxil “is generally well-tolerated and effective for major depression in adolescents” (p. 762). The report and conclusions were then used by GSK to market the drug to children. In October 2011 the company was sued by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) for false claims and for a fraudulent scheme to deceive and defraud, and charged that the company for touted the study 329 and journal article “that it paid to have drafted and that exaggerated Paxil’s efficacy while downplaying risks identified in one of the trials.” In the summer of 2012 GSK settled the lawsuit with the DOJ for a record $3 billion (and more recently the State of North Carolina for $32 million).

    Took me all of 5 minutes from seeing the TV ad luring parents to visit to view the page, research and connect a few dots and figure out its goal, get as many kids labeled and drugged as possible.

    Parents have no idea its part of the pharma criminal mafia network. Go parents get advice from partners of the criminals who paid 3 billion dollars in fines and that whole Paxil teen suicide thing. Go do that. even has a parents forum where the parents parrot back and forth the same advice – “For years the drugs never helped or hurt my child but YOU should keep trying them on yours.” Don’t give up. Never give up.

    Its the same game all these child drugging websites play, they want parents to think their kids are an anomaly when the drugs don’t work , keep looking ‘find the right meds’ most parents don’t bother to notice that in the 1000s of posts by other parents there are basically zero “found the right meds” success stories.

  • “Officer if I committed a crime take me to jail”

    I had them ask me if I wanted to go to the hospital or jail when I broke something when I was drinking and slept it off in the drunk tank and the next day I was out no charges instead of a hospital nightmare.

    I am not a lawyer but you may want to ask one about charging the school with “swatting”

    “The moment you acquire a mental illness is when someone who doesn’t like you decides that you have one.”

    From what you described in the story “As you may have guessed, the so-called “vandalism” of a bulletin board was merely an excuse used by people who already wanted to get rid of me for other reasons.”

    Sounds like you were “swatted”

    Swatting is the act of deceiving an emergency service into sending a police and 9-1-1 response team based on the false reporting of a serious emergency. “threat to self or others” did they say anything like that in the 911 call ?

    Swatting has been associated with online harassment campaigns, and episodes ranging from small events to large incidents, from a single fabricated police report meant to discredit an individual as a prank or personal vendetta.

    Swatting suspects face a wide range of penalties for creating a false public alarm, depending on the situation: anywhere from 18 months in prison and a $10,000 fine for a fourth-degree charge, to three to five years in prison and a $15,000 fine for a third-degree charge, to five to 10 years in prison and a $150,000 fine for a second-degree charge.

    Its about time that ‘game’ people play of falsely accusing their victim of being suicidal and ‘mentally ill’ to use the police and hospital as a weapon to start paying the price, swatting is a serous crime.

    MIA should do a whole story on this subject.

  • Yes its on the rise. There are large number of people who get ‘addicted’ to treatment, more and more every day. Rehab and group therapy becomes a lifestyle, a way of life. It becomes like the bar scene without the alcohol and the usual phony ass bar scene way of fulfilling the need to socialize and be around people, a substitute. Nothing wrong with support groups its just a shame how the psychiatric, pharmaceutical and insurance industries control most of it outside AA and NA and taking part in the psychiatric pharma and insurance company ‘care’ model includes a label and almost always a constant ingestion of pills by default to go with that label the diagnosis billing code.

    And of course the way they keep you coming back the profit motive.

  • I remember in school in the 80s that being accused of being gay was about the worst thing that could happen to a person especially if people found out it really was true. Must have really been bad for the LGBT community back then. I can only guess what it was like.

    My neighbors down the street are gay and they are total supporters of the constitution, the second amendment, self sufficiency and love our awesome new president. They totally don’t fit the mold the public is sold about gay people, not at all. Even the stigma of automatically being a democrat if your gay is finally getting busted.

  • Well of course drugs give you an advantage in the short run, Dexedrine the air force go pills, I took that for my so called ADD, it makes you better at things like driving down the road you see everything cars behind and in front that speed trap… Your on point for sure. Totally 110%+

    I never did meth, from what I am told its the same thing as ADHD drugs just lasts longer more intense.

    Wile speed may allow you to beat fatigue It seems to me if the war mongers wanted to create a truly evil and get the war job done drug they would need to create a real make you a psycho ‘I don’t give a shit’ pill so the troops would not need to hate the opposing force to get or be evil.

    I feel bad when I am fishing and a fish that’s not good for eating swallows the hook real deep, high on speed or not it feels bad when that happens, I hurt that creature for nothing that sucks, how the hell would I aim a weapon at an opposing force effectively if I did not hate them with good reason if I was just sent to fight by some political figure for a cause I don’t care about. Of course kill or be killed is one hell of a motivator but still that the killing is wrong thing would get in the way, collateral damage will that military thing I helped launch lands on kids for example.

    I am sure the war mongers have worked on an I don’t care make you a psycho pill but as badly as drugs and alcohol can cause or allow you to do things you regret I don’t think a make U a psycho pill is possible, we have souls and a drug can’t truly override the right vs wrong instinct.

  • Walking while texting can be deadly, study shows

    Texting While Walking Accidents: Video

    The video talks about “inattention blindness” at the 1:30 mark but I don’t think people with ADHD have this problem cause from what I just heard the description of “inattention blindness” is the complete opposite of so called attention deficit disorder.

  • How about when people go for treatment for alcohol dependency and get put on SSRIs, its usually the first thing they do after detox.

    Hi, we are the psychiatric industry, we know from statistics about 80% of you are going to drink heavily again so here is a prescription for pills that are dangerous to mix with lots of alcohol.

  • Still thinking about this, feeling good remembering good past memories, the last time with the LSD was New Years 96-97 I spent quite a wile tasting every spice in this pretty well stocked spice rack. What fantastic flavors these are ! That salad bowl was good too.

    If it did anything therapeutic it made you appreciate the world and it would stick for a wile.

    The mystical experience I remember most was from doing mushrooms with my girlfriend from the 90s offshore here In the open water behind that dune. The spinning flywheel on the outboard was attracting the gods attention with Gravity waves, then thinking I was remembering a past life from 700 years ago when I was on boats in the Mediterranean. I have always been of the sea. No idea where the number 700 came from. Then the bottle rockets hearing the pop and understanding the power to fend off evil spirits and ghosts that are frightened by the loud bangs fireworks.

    I certainly think these drugs could be used therapeutically to hit the reset button , appreciate the world again rethink it… I guess that’s enough of my trip stories except for the very first, let me remember on that. That thunderstorm pink lightning and brake lights with that same neon glow, raindrops on the windshield why are some things transparent ??

  • Bring up the subject of psychedelics and people that have done it will usually tell you a long animated story of a wild adventure.

    Bring up the subject of excessive alcohol or taking cocaine, or pills opiate benzo and its always a lame tragedy. Or weed, we smoked weed and went to the movies and it happened, our eyes got red and we saw some people we knew and then acted passive aggressive cause we felt paranoid and tried to make up for it.

  • I even find alcohol useful sometimes, if I get in sort of an OCD rut , how do I describe it, to much internet use loss of interest and all my stuff is a mess a find after a night of drinking I wake up ‘reset’ hung over but looking around and thinking of the previous week and asking what was I thinking ? Get to work achieve something.

    20 years since the last LSD experience, Gerry Garcia died and it stopped coming around. I remember being at a dead concert and the music sounded great but I wanted more then anything to hear the rock and roll and the metal I really liked. Amazing how on that stuff music coming from a cheap clock radio is more fantastic the the sound of the $40,000 stereos at Best Buy with silver wiring and vacuum tubes without it.

    Just for the heck of it I just listened to “slow ride, take it easy” I don’t even particularly like that tune but it came on the radio driving by the mill pond when a trip was just coming on and it was the most fantastic tune ever made.

    Blue Unicorns were the best, Flying Mothers, Fritz the cat, Bart Simpsons, those ones with the diagonal stripes OMG.

    Image >

    I was like the tour director with this stuff when doing it with my friends back then, we have to make a plan.

    6 Flags Great Adventure, the safari Andy’s truck, the ostrich comes to his window, open the window Andy ! He is scared we are laughing, then I am on the passenger side and it comes to my window and they suggest I open it. No way that thing is 1000 times faster then me and could peck my face off before my arm even moves to block it, suddenly I understood.

    We tripped at that place a few times, to this day I remember the entrance fee was $27.82 standing in this long line thousands of people fumbling with change doing math the line taking forever and I am trying to incite others to be outraged that were stuck in line 27.82 WTF just make it $28 this line is a mile long !

    Then another time in my car Andy telling me “chill out its not a hovercraft !” I don’t know if it was that trip or not but the car became the fixed place in space and when I stepped on the accelerator it ‘vacuumed’ the world in towards me.

    And OMG did my cheeks hurt from laughing after we learned to push shopping carts across this parking lot with the front bumper then hit the brakes and watch them crash after getting them going 60mph. 4th of July fire works shows, the carnival and the ‘Gravatron’ , how many times did we do that stuff ??? Oops.

    Then was time watching the TV upside down cause with the tube TVs of the 90s it changed the colors but that had an effect that took us too far, watching this show about what if lizards evolve, then the spider swarm on the steps to the second floor, all these spiders hatched and we are like does this need to be happening now ??

    I never had a scary time, one was crappy and lame, I think I smoked cannabis and ruined it.

    Would I ever do it again ? No, life has changed that fun could never be recreated and being all wide eyed like that now at this point I will pass.

    This article mentions marijuana, lame drug can’t stand it and could do a long rant against it. The ruling class has just figured out if they let people smoke they get too stoned and stupid to cause any trouble. It has no value what so ever.

  • “In light of this evidence, the challenges now facing patients and providers is identified by the authors: to discontinue long-term benzodiazepines and to supplement treatment with psychotherapy”

    I was dependent on 8Mg of Xanax a day at one time. I think if you tried to discontinue elderly people who have been taking them for years some would die from withdrawals.

    And people rarely talk about part 2 of the benzodiazepine nightmare after part 1 when they cut you off and send you to withdrawal hell. Part 2 is when they start with the prescriptions for the “non addictive” toxic atrocities like Paxil , Cymbalta , Abilify or what ever their favorite drug rep has been pushing lately.

    So be careful saving old people from the evil benzos, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • “But unfortunately, as I continued listening, it became gradually clear that none of the points I had raised earlier that week (about industry-backed diagnostic inflation and the lax regulation of medicines) were going to be aired as drivers of our prescribing epidemic.”

    I disagree.

    The driver of the prescribing epidemic is the chemical imbalance myth more then anything else. Most of the public still believes that bull manure that “low serotonin” causes depression ect. And then wants pills to ‘correct’ it.

    “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” – Henry David Thoreau

    Strike the root ! >

  • The news media and television could be saving countless lives every day if they were running non-stop headlines about the dangers of drug mixing, but they are not. They have been bewitched by the myth of the “demon drug” and prefer to run stories inaccurately labeling opioid-related deaths as heroin overdoses instead of accurately reporting them as polydrug poisonings due to drug mixing…

    And let me reiterate that whether heroin or a painkiller is involved, over 90% of these deaths involve drug mixing. Figure 1 shows the CDC data for drug poisoning deaths in the US in 2013.

    How the Media Is Fueling the So-Called Opioid Overdose Epidemic

    Alot of numbers and statistics. Check it out and don’t mix your chemicals. One party at a time please.

  • A Long Island father blames the judicial system for his son’s fatal heroin overdose, claiming a program that allowed his son to avoid jail time by requiring him to abstain from methadone, a synthetic opioid commonly used by recovering addicts, drove him back to the drug.

    Rudolf Lepolszki said his son, Robert, was just starting to seem like himself again. After years of heroin addiction, he was in a methadone treatment program and holding down a job as a salesman.

    But a drug arrest from before 28-year-old Robert Lepolszki got clean would come back to haunt him.

    The recovering addict landed in Nassau County’s Felony Treatment Court, a program that allows defendants to avoid jail and clear their criminal records if they stay out of trouble.

    To be eligible, Judge Frank Gulotta, Jr., said Robert Lepolszki would have to give up methadone, the drug he’d credited with curbing his cravings and helping him stay off heroin.

    Six months after entering the program, Lepolszki died from a heroin overdose.

  • This came up as a reply, its not but I can’t fix it.

    A courtroom suicide

    LOWELL — Debra Silvestri slipped into the women’s bathroom at the district courthouse, pulling a plastic bag full of sedatives and antidepressants from her purse. Her lawyer had just told her the judge was thinking of sending her to a women’s prison because a court-ordered test showed she had been drinking.

    For more than a year, the 55-year-old mother of three had come nearly every week to the Lowell Drug Court, a requirement of her probation following a 2012 drunken driving arrest. It was supposed to be a compassionate alternative for addicts such as Silvestri, a place that steered them away from jail and toward treatment.

    But Silvestri had other problems that made drug court painful for her. She had struggled for years with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, once cutting her wrists and wandering the streets of Tewksbury, knocking on neighbors’ doors in the middle of the night.

    Yet, court officials rarely asked Silvestri about her mental health. Instead, they focused on making sure she attended AA meetings, took random drug tests, and breathed into a machine that can detect alcohol use. Her life had turned into a succession of court-ordered deadlines that made her so anxious her hair had started falling out in clumps.

    “I can’t take it anymore,” Silvestri often told family members.

  • And with Dilaudid going for $30 + a pill of course low income people are going to hit up doctors.
    60x $30 = $1800
    Dilaudid is the king but even the lesser stuff, Roxies , one steady script is rent or payments on a nice new car.
    Results from the longitudinal data also points to individuals with lower levels of wealth and education as more likely to sell drugs.

    I could go get what ever I wanted before it even gets dark out today. Its easy.

  • “” even has a forum and like all forums for parents of ‘mentally ill’ children they parrot the exact same crap “Psychiatric drugging has done nothing but make MY child sick and worse for years but YOU should keep trying to ‘find the right meds’ … don’t give up ”

    Its disgusting.

  • Study 239

    Harold Samuel Koplewicz is perhaps best known for his public advocacy of increased usage of psychotropic medications for children. He has received a number of industry “awards” including the 1997 Exemplary Psychiatrist Award from the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, a store front funded by the drug companies.

    In 2001 Koplewicz co-authored study 329, a drug trial sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline …After leaving NYU in 2009 Koplewicz started the Child Mind Institute.

    2017, just last week, I am watching Fox news in USA and see commercials encouraging parents of young children to visit “” so I go to that website and… “Partners with the Child Mind Institute.”

    We have to keep fighting these “people” these subhuman predators targeting our children.

    Subhuman predators, too harsh ? What else do you call pushing that Paxil on kids when they KNEW how evil that stuff was.

    Kaili Butin, 31, took the antidepressant Paxil as a teenager. She says she experienced anger issues and attempted suicide multiple times while …

    So parents go to that website “” not knowing its partners with psychos who commit billion dollar crimes and have a trail of dead kids behind them.

  • Do what you do to get through it. The only fun I had in that hospital was finding a splinter of wood the right size to jam up the keyhole to that administration office then the next day watching those clowns one by one take turns with the key thinking they would be the one with some kind magic talent to get it open and then fail. It took the locksmiths a wile too when they arrived.

    Actually no, not just that, it was also funny as hell when another dude got a hold of their battery operated panic button that was stuck on the wall and kept pressing it to the point they had to place objects in front of the thing that makes noise behind the nursing desk, they thought it was just a malfunction.

    But a UHS Federal investigation! Been waiting years to hear news like that : ) And no doubt federal investigators are going to see the stuff I wrote online that prompted others to tell their stories. Screw U UHS !

    Alan B. Miller is a businessman who is the founder of Universal Health Services… Hope he gets federal prison even if its nicer then the hellholes he inflicts on people.

    Then there was that guy that was sitting on the floor in the dayroom back on the wall not bothering anyone, they gave him orders to get up and move and he ignored them the same way he ignored us when we talked to him. They dragged him to his room that was right across the hall put him on the bed pulled down his pants and injected him with something. His muscles kind of stiffened up with shaking for a bit then he was unconscious for a long time.

    With the threat of them sticking me hanging over at the time I can’t remember what ever happened with him. I was angry but also scared at the same time. Revenge later ain’t going to help if they attack now, that poison in my bloodstream.

    Been around institutional violence before but one friend I made, he was not doing well AT ALL in that environment and staff did not care AT ALL. They could have moved him or something dude was in full blown panic psychosis CAUSED by that place. I remember him on the phone like so many others, what a nightmare, the phones on the wall, UHS makes 1 billion dollars a year but patent prisoners in UHS hellholes can’t make ‘long distance’ phone calls and of course cell phones are confiscated and who has most numbers memorized? Those phones, “Family help get me out of here” No you have to stay and get help, “this is not help!” … Usually ending with FU family I hate you for letting these people treat me like this. Almost exactly the same back and forth over and over again one person after the next.

    All this for only $1200 a day.

    Then that lady with the memory problem going in the wrong rooms, I can’t find my room, they give her a hard time, they all look the same, all these mental health “experts” around and I am the only one that thinks to make a sign with her name and put it on her door!

  • “UHS chain. BuzzFeed”

    In the BuzzFeed News investigation — which was based on nearly 300 interviews, including 175 current and former employees of the company, as well as a cache of internal documents — employees of 10 hospitals said they were under pressure to fill beds by methods that included exaggerating people’s symptoms and distorting their words to make them sound suicidal.

    Thats what they did to me, my long testimonial above, that was a UHS place. F them hope the people involved loose everything go to prison. That place was just WRONG. No one was getting ‘better’ stuck there for weeks, they just held hostages till insurance was exhausted. I saw it over and over again, especially with young women, they would be all happy they were getting out then I would see them later or the next day crying as their unknown period of captivity in that UHS hell hole was extended.

    I was stuck there for almost a month, that doctor kept saying ‘inject able form’ making threats at me, as I stated above if they would have done it they would not like it when I saw them outside the place, I meant it too anyone uses violence against me watch the hell out when I see you on the street.

    F UHS

  • P.S.S

    “Three antipsychotic drugs, each at or above the manufacturer’s recommended dose!”

    How do I explain to people who never lived it what its like to be handed a pill overdose inpatient and ordered “swallow this” ?

    Got to your medicine cabinet and take double the max dose of Advil 1600mg , Tylenol, And Aleve all at once, sound scary ? Wondering what will happen, what will it feel like ? Will I get sick, vomit, shake, twitch, blurry vision, slow or faster heart, palpitations, seizures, pass out, die ? Thats what its like inpatient when you know what they ordered is too much.

    Once again after writing about what happened I am left with the feeling that some readers think I ‘needed’ the drugs or ‘acted out’ and brought it on myself or simply over reacted. Thats the reaction I got from all the lawyers who wouldn’t help. Hospitals know a persons credibility is trashed just cause they were in the place.

    That reminds me of the most common threat I heard from other patients they violated and abused “I am going to sue this place!” heard that one constantly. Good luck with that.

    When this is over I will speak out, I kept my promise to me, I write on MIA and online every day. That atrocity they call help needs to stop.

  • The Stanford prison experiment (SPE) was an attempt to investigate the psychological effects of perceived power, focusing on the struggle between prisoners and prison guards…

    A variation of that is what plays out every day in psych lockups.

    “Almost in passing, it is mentioned what to me is a shocking cocktail of drugs she was on at discharge: olanzapine 25 mg, aripiprazole 20 mg, haloperidol 10 mg.”

    I was ordered inpatient to take a dangerous cocktail like that and when I refused I was threatened with a forced injection, at that point I had no other real choice but to make my own threats basically saying that if anyone lays a hand on me I will assault them and vandalize their property some time in the future when I get out of the place. You guys think your so tough and in control in here what are you going to do when I catch you alone outside this place ?

    The drug cocktail they ordered was to much, no I am not going to just ingest that into my body causing my mind and body functions to be altered to that extent. I know how dangerous and horribly unpleasant that would be.

    What the hell, I go for help and it breaks down to the uncivilized level I have to threaten people to defend myself ?? Lay a hand on me, if your lucky you will see me coming when I see you outside this place and have a chance to run. THEN they threaten to call the police for my defensive threat. Go ahead, in jail no one is going to try and force drug me and I get bail and due process of law. Call ! Do it ! They did not.

    Of course readers want to know why was I in the hospital, my life was a mess back then, my mental crime was to have a nervous breakdown and turn to alcohol and drink for many days all day to the point I needed detoxification. When I went to the ER VOLUNTARILY instead of buying more alcohol (to feel ‘better’ just a little longer) From the ER I get transferred to a locked facility. I never even got Detox meds. I shook it out and paced it off, the anti psychotic pill overdose order and needle assault threats at me for refusing it came about 2 days in.

    Every day variations of that Stanford prison experiment plays out in those hellholes.

    P.S Its been many years since that happened and I have had no problems with alcohol or ‘mental illness’ If I listened to them I would still be in psychiatric pill zombie wasteland.

    Psychiatry: Got problems with alcohol ? We know damn well at leaste 80% of you are going to drink heavy again so hear is several psychiatric drugs that are dangerous to mix with booze.

  • “All I can think is they’re too lazy to do the research or even listen to the research I have compiled.”

    Send the research to there Emails. You can even be sneaky and make an e-mail like “LatestPsychiatricResearch@(any email provider goes here) so it seems like they just got on a mailing list.

  • I don’t want to tell the world or at least anyone who Googles my “official” name that I fell for the chemical imbalance lie, took psychiatric drugs, got sick and was abused in psychiatric hospitals.

    (The federal courts have ruled again and again that changing your name at will or, by “common law” is every citizen’s right under the U.S. Constitution. Using this “common law rule,” you can change your name without even going to court. Technically, you only need to begin using your chosen name to assume it – and can do so legally.

    My goal and what I do for the human rights and truth in psychiatry movement is just do my best to spread links get views and inform as many people as I can.

    I have a thread I started on this site that has to have 100,000 views by now because it appears first page second link Google results for a very popular psychiatric search term. I know this cause I tagged those keywords using another forum with a view counter and it got 400 views a week before it fell back to page 4 results. I would link to that thread but its good as is, and most importantly leads people to finding MIA and I don’t want anyone writing something stupid on it.

    Its kind of fun targeting psychiatric search terms, you make the thread topic, expose all the dirt and then in a few days search the terms and see if you scored a first page search results link. It feels like winning on a slot machine, first page result, WINNER !!!

  • CO2 is plant food. All that oil , coal and gas was in the atmosphere as CO2 before the plants used it, died and turned into oil , coal and gas. Without CO2 everything on earth would die.

    “If your going to develop energy resources, at least develop clean ones”

    When Trump gets government off businesses backs, especially the small ones the people building the futures technology will be able to get the job done !!!!

    Zero Motorcycles – Manufacturer of 100% electric motorcycles for the street and dirt. Designed to be powerful, efficient and thrilling to ride, proudly made in the USA.

    Elon Musk the dude building some of the best clean energy stuff is also a billionaire, I guess the left hates him too.

  • In the Gulf of Mexico, there are more than 600 natural oil seeps that leak between one and five million barrels of oil per year, equivalent to roughly 80,000 to 200,000 tonnes. When a petroleum seep forms underwater it may form a peculiar type of volcano known as an asphalt volcano.

    There is effectively an oil spill every day at Coal Oil Point (COP), the natural seeps off Santa Barbara where 20 to 25 tons of oil have leaked from the seafloor each day for the last several hundred thousand years.

    Also Click on Google images

    Tina your articles are my favorite cause they hit psychiatry hard, bam ! But I think fighting the DAPL is wasted rebellious energy that could be better spent on other things. I am thinking DAPL might be a ruse to divert the most effective activists and many people away from other things they don’t want protested.

  • Fascism has just been redefined to mean capitalism or anything else the left doesn’t like.

    We now live in a Wikipedia society — where anyone can change the meaning of a word to satisfy some misguided or politically correct social engineering goal. Progressives have become masters of vocabulary manipulation and are constantly changing the traditional meaning of words to fit their political agenda.

    They have co-opted the meaning of words to deceive the uninformed, uneducated and apathetic public. This is not a new concept and it has been in practice for decades. It has, however, been stepped up now that so many people have been purposely dumbed down. When was the last time you learned anything by watching “The Learning Channel” or saw anything intelligent on the Discovery channel ? They WANT the population stupid, its by design.

    Page after page explains this tactic of redefining of words.

    When one side of a political argument is allowed to change the definition of words to suit their political needs/objectives, the language is imperiled. When academia actually works on concert with those politicians, then the language is destroyed. When you destroy the language, you destroy society — it’s that simple.

  • If they cured depression it would mess up mankind cause everyone would just hang out.

    My roof is leaking, who cares that does not depress me.
    My car broke, who cares that does not depress me.
    Lost my job, who cares that does not depress me.

    Star Trek did an episode on this. “This Side of Paradise”
    Season 1, Episode 24 Original air date: March 2, 1967

  • Chinese Gov’t Announces Takeover of All Six Hollywood Studios
    Foreign propaganda coming to a theater near you!

    The Chinese government is planning to invest heavily in six Hollywood studios in hopes that this will allow them to freely propagandize the American people.

    Government-connected Chinese investors have recently bought AMC Entertainment, Legendary Entertainment studios, Carmike Cinemas, Dick Clark Productions, and have formed a partnership with SONY. The Chinese are also buying up movie theater chains in Australia and Europe.

  • It seems that BPD women on average are more physically attractive then ‘normal’ women. Maybe we tolerate more bad behavior in attractive people and cut them more slack so then they never learn to behave better ? They can treat any guy like crap but so what, why should they care when there are always 10 more standing in line to get theirs.

    I don’t know but still It seems that BPD women on average are more physically attractive then ‘normal’ women and there is something to that. There has to be.

  • I dated one, I have nothing nice to say. I constantly was getting stuck in these no win situations, it was unreal. Like she had a computer program to help create these no win situations cause she did not seem smart enough to manipulate things with such precision so I couldn’t figure out why it kept happening.

    Want testimonials ? There are 968 comments on this article

    The article itself is mean though.

  • Don’t forget this: lawsuit says Prevagen doesn’t boost memory
    Jan 9, 2017 – The marketer of nationally-advertised memory supplement Prevagen was sued by the Federal Trade Commission and New York Attorney …
    The agencies are seeking refunds for consumers who bought the deceptively marketed product.

    Doesn’t matter, they say the secret to happiness is good health and a bad memory.

    Nothing is as irritating as those Liberty Mutual car insurance commercials but getting rid of those Prevagen ads will be nice.

  • And what good happens when the stock market crashes ??

    “What do we mean when we say someone has a mental illness? If we are to take the phrase literally, we mean that someone’s mind is ill. But can a mind be ill with disease? To believe so, one must make two serious assumptions: one, that the mind is a tangible object with discrete boundaries, and two, that the health of that object can be measured. Both of these assumptions are wrong. Since nothing called a mind exists that can be looked at under a microscope, the former assumption is wrong. The mind is not an object. It follows that the latter assumption is also wrong because only objects with discrete boundaries can be objectively measured. Thus, it is important to note that mental illness in itself – the idea that a mind is ill, is actually a categorical error, like saying the sky is ill or the color green is healthy. There is no such thing as mental illness except by metaphor. ”

    “We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism,”

    TRUMP 2016 !

    We have like the coolest President ever and people just need to chill out.

  • U.S. stock-market indexes registered fresh records Friday and posted a third straight weekly gain, as investors focused on President Donald Trump’s pledge to move quickly on changes to the tax code—which has the potential to deliver a jolt to corporate earnings.

    Friday’s record closes come a day after all three main indexes closed at all-time highs, after Trump promised to announce a “phenomenal” tax policy in a few weeks.

    Its only been 3 weeks and America is already starting to kick ass again.

  • I got accused of “abusing” them, I got that tolerance withdrawal thing where my tolerance went up higher then the prescribed dose so unless I “abused” them I would get that withdrawal anxiety from hell. In the end that bottle rarely made it to the end of the month. I took 5 today and I only have 15 left and I don’t get a refill for another 6 days, so if I take only three tomorrow… I turned into a real bad mathematician, I always messed up that math. The ER staff got to know me, I would just tell them ran out and am bugging and always hope NOT to get sent up to psych.

    Abuse is using them to party I guess. What fun is that? If you have fun you forget half of it anyway.

    Its a shame though cause I do have anxiety and benzodiazepines do work very well for it but I can’t be on them all the time, NOW I know what happens. You have to treat them like they cost $100 a pill, use them only for special situations you know are going to be a no fun anxiety bug out.

  • Everything was fine when I was taking a milligram of Xanax as needed to sleep until that next doctor I got refereed to 4 months later started my on that Clonopin all day long. Taking that all day long got me dependent cause it was in me all the time so I disagree with the idea that as needed is worse.

    I was never warned about withdrawal reactions, I did not understand that addictive and habit forming meant you get withdrawal and need more to make withdrawal go away, I just thought you got to liking the drugs effect to much.

    I had no idea what withdrawal was, the first time I missed a doctors appointment and ran out I started feeling really anxious and got my girlfriend back then to bring me a case of beer. I blamed my withdrawal wicked anxiety on my vehicle being in the shop, people wrenching on it and being stuck at home and depending on rides. I kind of figured I needed one of those pills but I really did not know what was going on and thought some beer would do the trick but alcohol doesn’t work so well on benzo withdrawal.

    I drank alot of beer and was all messed up, I got my RX early the next week and felt beter right away and sort of figured out I was feeling like that from the lack of the pills but at that point mostly still blamed it on my own anxiety and circumstances.

    I think a proper explanation of how taking benzos steady state leads to those withdraws, how dependency really works, should be the explanation people get as part of informed consent. The words habit forming and addictive just don’t explain it at all and people think “I won’t get addicted to this half ass buzz” it feels nice but I can just quit. Then they try and find out how addiction really works when that anxiety insomnia hell hits.

  • No problem, I was thinking about my time in the hospital for pancreatitis getting those stupid Demerol injections in my butt instead of that morphine IV that actually worked on that wicked pain when I first got there thanks to that patronizing save us from ourselves stuff with the pain meds.

    At the same time Ive know plenty of opiate addicts from recovery, you see that unless you have been around you might want to jump one the drug war wagon but that never works.

    Why hardly anyone dies from a drug overdose in Portugal

  • Stop The War On Chronic Pain Patients

    Sorry but if the time ever comes I don’t want a DEA agent in the room with me and my doctor.

    ‘Opioid Epidemic’ Myths
    Prescription painkillers are not as deadly or as addictive as commonly claimed. The risk of addiction also has been exaggerated. According to NSDUH, those 259 million painkiller prescriptions in 2012 resulted in about 2 million cases of “dependence or abuse,” or one for every 130 prescriptions. A recent study by Castlight Health estimated that 4.5 percent of people who have received opioid prescriptions qualify as “abusers,” and its definition, based on the amount prescribed and the number of prescribers, probably captures some legitimate patients as well.

    “By incorporating these findings into practice it will be possible to both adequately treat patients’ postoperative pain and decrease the amount of unused opioid pills available for misuse, abuse or diversion.”

    Who gets to define “adequate” ? But anyway great, hope I never need surgery cause they will be more worried about the drug war then how I feel.

    Why should I sit there in pain cause the next guy, or one for every 130, might abuse his pills ???

  • “I also see all the people who bend down and drop a coin into the worn paper cup”

    I was in Home Depo yesterday and like always I asked why with these new tools that make construction so incredibly easy compared to the not so distant past why do we still have homeless people ? Dozens of new really efficient cordless power tools, the new snap together plumbing systems, automatic screw guns and nailers to put in fasteners as fast as you can move it to the spots you want them and pull the trigger.

    Tools keep getting lighter and faster, you can build a little house in a week, maybe the days of seeing homeless people will come to an end soon. There is no excuse for it.

  • From the main story “he decided to start withdrawing from his medication, which he cannot tolerate and which is why he is so ill right now.”

    $500 says its Zyprexa withdrawal. I should really bet a thousand.

    People rarely ever quit opiates or benzos when they have a good supply, only that evil shit Zyprexa will people do the sickness instead of taking more to make the nausea vomiting anxiety insomnia withdrawal from hell insanity go away. This is usually after they recognize that the drug is the cause of their anhedoinia and want to come back. Anhedonia, unless you lived it you can read what it is and recite the definition but you don’t get it. When it happened to me I would almost rather have died of withdrawal then to go on taking that poison.

    It took 8mg a day of Ativan to treat the withdrawal, I was in the hospital and I was still hurting. They tried to give me Geodon, is that as “non addictive” as the crap I am in here for sick ? No thanks. Zyprexa withdrawal goes on for weeks, its not like kicking heroin, from what I have seen that’s comparatively easy, more like quitting a real bad Xanax habit.

    The most evil thing about Zyprexa , the #1 evil is that outside observers will look at the person taking it and say they look “better” and can’t understand if they are complaining. Thats how evil works, its insidious like that.

    When do we get to know more about this story ?

  • “the drug Olanzapine” , figures evil story includes evil Zyprexa.

    Been doing this for a long time, people write online how this drug sucks and that drug sucks unless they are talking about Zyprexa and the words evil hell and Devil are usually used. The stuff was cooked up in hell.

  • I also agree, its kind of a bad gamble considering ‘side’ effects are more common then the desired effect.

    How about we just let passengers know and let them decide? We can print the name of the drug on the ticket or maybe on websites like Priceline when you click on the flight a little pop up window tells you what drugs your pilot is on that day.

    The U.S. Air Force uses dextroamphetamine as one of its “go pills”, given to pilots on long missions to help them remain focused and alert.

    OK good won’t be nodding off at the helm.

  • The four-page ruling slammed the family for verbally abusing hospital caregivers by calling them “Nazis” and accusing them of “kidnapping” and “killing” their daughter, according to a copy obtained by

    The judge also alleged that the social worker assigned to Justina’s case had to be reassigned because Lou Pelletier threatened her. He said the family has stood in the way of every attempt to get Justina treatment.

    I bet they treated her better just knowing they had to walk to their cars every day after work.

    Enough of this awful story !

  • “No, I am sorry, you cannot see your child,” says the psychiatrist over the phone.”

    Natural law says parents can use any means necessary to defend a child, Natural law (lat. ius naturale, lex naturalis) is a philosophy that certain rights or values are inherent by virtue of human nature and can be universally understood through human reason. Historically, natural law refers to the use of reason to analyze both social and personal human nature to deduce binding rules of moral behavior. The law of nature, as it is determined by nature, is universal.

    For example if I was to look out the window and see someone kicking my dog I am coming out with a baseball bat or worse and its going to stop. Get away from my dog right now, run. If I was to look out the window and see someone assaulting my child it will likely stop shortly after I return to the window from my closet or just jump out the window as is. Its just natural law.

    It HAS to be a real bitch suppressing natural instincts to defend a child, I remember seeing Justina Pelletier’s father in a video in court, that is MY child you are holding hostage up there. It looked like Every fiber of his being was screaming go across the room and beat on that “doctor” till he don’t move no more wile his logical side, that won, said I can’t help her from jail.

    What a horrific story this is. How would I handle it ? I guess I would call my lawyer and inform him that I might be arrested for making threats in the near future. “If my child is harmed or killed by your ‘treatments’ expect the same to happen to you… I just found your address online…” Would I have the strength not to do that ? What awful situation these people are in.

  • On the bright side this bill will produce more survivor activists if the number of people subjected to psychiatric kidnapping and inpatient assault goes up.

    I predict they are going to fail what I am going to name the “Living Holocaust”. The original Holocaust of course used death to rid society of deemed undesirables but the Living Holocaust is an attempt to use drugs to disable and control those they deem to be undesirable and a burden. The common slang used by people subjected to the drugging is “they turned me into a zombie” – a person whose behavior or responses are wooden, listless, or seemingly rote; automaton. The walking dead.

    “If they do not follow the rules, they may face forced hospitalization as a violation of their court order.”

    Lets have a look at how that goes down all to often.

    Mental patient Jason Harrison shot by Dallas police. Complete 18 minute video.

    Great idea guys, make a bill that increases the interactions between police and upset people you very likely abused before who don’t want to be kidnapped into a psychiatric prison and see how that works out. You have court order come along now, strip searches, locked doors and needles full of scary drugs are waiting. Oh OK, a ‘legal’ home invasion and kidnapping, let me just ignore the massive surge of adrenalin and my natural instinct to defend myself and go quietly. I am ‘sure’ everyone will. Lol.

    It would take me all day to point out the all the different ways the The 21st Century Living Holocaust will fail due to untended and unforeseen consequences but this is going to be a disaster before it finally does fail for the same reasons they have failed so far but keep doing the same thing over and over stupid psych industry wile calling your targets the crazy ones.

  • “I couldn’t sleep. That’s all I wanted. To sleep through the night.”

    Thats all I wanted too, to just get tired at night and fall asleep like everyone else.

    I was given a drug called Zyprexa after my benzo detox and the withdrawal from that was a WORSE nightmare they also call that drug olanzapine. I think its manufacture and sale should be banned. Its evil.

    Seroquel works for sleep, a small dose, 25mg the smallest pill or less. Less is more with that drug its weird like that. This explains it very well

    You get hungry, eat, and then feel like sleeping and actually can. You need sleep to heal. Trazadone IMO is total useless garbage. SSRI pills never helped me with anxiety at all but rehabs rehabs dish them out to like everyone. Seroquel is the only thing helped acute and post acute withdrawal insomnia. The doctors prescribe it but they usually prescribe way to much. Yes its ‘anti psychotic’ but that is just a classification, it is a unique drug and they just classified it. Maybe some other readers who have used it will post what they think of it.

    It does “get better” I needed at least 8mg of Xanax, Clonopin or Ativan A day just to function at one time and was taking like 10-12mg all the time and I am off it and fine now. It was a long ride but its possible.

  • I lived it too. I always thought the word addictive meant a drug had such wonderful effects that they caused some people to say screw everything else and just do the drug. Then I was prescribed benzodiazepines and discovered how addiction really works the first time I missed a doctors appointment and let the prescription run out. Withdrawal reactions drive addiction, not love of the drug effects besides the effect of making the horrible withdrawal sickness go away.

    Like most people after I became dependent addicted what ever you want to call it the psychiatric industry did the usual blame the victim routine , you are an addict, you got a bad brain and DNA, it’s not our fault.

    Why in detox do they always give the last taper pill in the morning so at night you rebound and can’t sleep ? The best way to detox is to endure the hell you must pay all day, then have a dose to sleep then when you can handle daytime without it work on the go to sleep without it part. There is no band-aid for benzo withdrawal hell but the way they do it to people is horrible.

  • “return of the illness” by ED doctors.”

    I will never forget it, I was given Zyprexa for insomnia and anxiety about 10 years ago and took it at night for several months but it caused this anhedionia, it was like being dead but still alive. When I quit taking it I got sicker then a Heroin addict kicking dope, Nausia, insomnia from hell and panic attacks that made me vomit, this feeling of fear to the point of psychosis… Evil ride to hell.

    “return of the illness” by ED doctors.” , that’s what they said, and the nurse in the ER says the doctor can write some more Zyprexa “If we ask him nicely” … Can I please have more of the “non addictive” poison that made me so sick I am here in the ER please ? Please sit can I have some more of the poison that made me this sick ?

    “Return of the illness” They say that even if you did not have the “illness” to start with !

  • I know for FDA approval of a drug they do all kinds of studies but do official studies on the effects of drug combinations like for “adding Abilify” to all the other drugs that don’t help ?

    “2 were medications typically indicated for ADHD.”

    Likely Vyvanse, that drug shire cooked up when the patent on Adderal expired with that flawed “long acting” delivery system where your Dexedrine level spikes and you feel like you just smoked a fat piece of crack for a wile then the part that actually is long acting compared to Adderal the depressing anxiety ridden crash that goes on and on.

    Little kids must come into ERs all the time with anxiety attacks and heart palpitations all that ‘fun’ stuff.

  • Donald Trump: “Nobody’s going to be dying on the street if I’m President.”

    At the Republican debate, Donald Trump: “Nobody’s going to be dying on the street if I’m President.”

    2nd video is better.

    “Imagine the lines at emergency rooms and free clinics if 5 million people suddenly needed to get emergency meds because they no longer had health insurance.”

    National Emergency Department Inventory – USA The 2013 National ED Inventory-USA (NEDI-USA) contains data on all 5,025 US EDs for the year 2013, including facility location and annual visit volume.

    I imagine about 995.024875622 people at each ER
    Welcome to National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics …

    Approximately 1,200 Free and Charitable Clinics are located across the U.S. providing health care to the medically underserved in their community.

    1,200+ 5025=6225
    5000000/6225= 803.212851406=long ass line

  • “In other words, how can you reshape the public mind, and have it organize its care around a different, humanistic narrative?”

    They say some people are sick cause they cant function in society, maybe society is sick cause so many people can’t function in it ?

    Guaranteed-income experiment …
    “Abilify” 2mg 30 tablets $717.30 10m 30 tablets $717.30 20mg 30 tablets $1,011.76 from the website “True Med Cost”

    I guess the pharmaceutical companies have their own Guaranteed-income experiment going on but I see it all the time, people go through treatment that costs the same as a down payment on a home and the zip lock bag full of prescriptions they leave with costs the same as an average mortgage payment, but the original problem they had of homelessness and joblessness remains.

    Now imagine if the doctor had the ability to write an Rx for an apartment or a house when the person leaves treatment instead of “Abilify”. I think far fewer of them would stress out, relapse and return.

  • Thank you, I just ran out of edit time, I wanted to do a better job of describing whats going on. I have friends in their 20s who live by the police state/debt slave/consumerism model, work work work hand over your money to the DMV/car insurance/rent/car payments and they are miserable but more importantly they don’t see the police state/debt slave/consumerism model for what it is. Could they have created a system any MORE disempowering ?

    I do my best to explain it to them, for example you just bought a used car, your next move is to buy the repair manual and read it. The alternator on my car went out, they wanted $700 to do the repair, I pulled it and got it rebuilt for $128 and stuck it back in. That felt GOOD, the other option the $700 option I would have felt like crap, that sucks my car broke and I had to pay $700 for people “smarter” then me to fix it.

    Don’t even get me started on those TV ads for “Home Advisor” the new racket for extorting your local handyman, just remember American men you are to stupid and helpless, you need a “professional” for that leaky faucet. Put it on your credit card.

    So much for a better description, kind of a rant, but I know the feminization of American men is being done by design to empower a system that wants us all in debt and dependent on it.

  • Consider what happens to little boys in public schools these days. If they act out their natural inclinations as boys, they are immediately taken to task by teachers who want them to behave like little girls. If that doesn’t work, they are drugged with Ritalin until they become compliant little zombies. A boy bites his pop tart into the shape of a pistol and is expelled from school for displaying violent tendencies.

    The Left has done many destructive things to America. It is quite possible that none will prove to be more destructive than its attempt to obliterate gender distinctions.

    Have you watched the Disney Channel lately? I can’t find a single male character on that network that has an ounce of masculinity left. Most of the male characters I’ve seen there (what little I’m able to stomach) are quite effeminate in their behavior. Why do some in our society seem so hell-bent on drumming out anything that resembles traditional male roles?

    The male figures on TV are no longer strong and in charge they are the clowns and the stupid ones like Homer Simpson.

    What’s wrong with having gender roles? What’s wrong with mom being the nurturer and dad the provider? How is it offensive for mom to be the one who cooks the dinner and dad the one who mows the lawn? What’s wrong with letting boys be boys and girls be girls? The short answer: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s actually human nature. But our society has seen fit to allow a very tiny minority tell the rest of us that we are wrong and hateful if we continue to live within those natural gender roles.

    Of course men are suffering, they don’t want us to learn self sufficiency, don’t buy a tool box and learn how to take care of things, no no get a home warranty make payments, be dependent, be a debt slave.

    Message to American men: You are too stupid to do anything you need a “licensed professional”. You are weak… It never stops.

    If you wonder why we are being overrun with bureaucracy, government freely marching into our homes with intrusive draconian policy, look no further. It’s largely down to the feminization of the men, that has been promoted by the NWO for decades now. The gender the politicians, Hollywood, and the media use as the ideal person has changed from someone who is a strong moral male to a submissive female personality. They portray strong men as ignorant brutish bullies..

    Its all by design.

  • Did you try taking deep breaths ??? There was a time where if you said that to me during an anxiety attack I might have punched you in the face. Deep breaths , wow never heard of that one before, thanks !! but I put on the gown and peed in the cup can I have the ____ing Ativan now ?

    Those days are long behind me but the did you try taking some deep breaths thing !! Breathing techniques and or Pranayama have their place but if your dealing with someone in the middle of anxiety attack hell just leave that one alone.

    Anyway I agree with all of this, exercise is the best thing ever for anxiety and depression, I know cause I am in the gym all the time doing it, but most people I guess want or are told to want by advertising ask your doctor pills to fix it.

  • Muslim is not a race it is a religion. And when did liberty and justice for all turn into birds of different feathers MUST flock together ?

    This whole diversity thing is a sham anyway, the goal is not diversity, it never was, the goal is to mix everyone up till its gone and have a whole nation of tax and debt slave automatons.

    Where are all the nativity scenes and Menorahs this holiday season ?? Those “offensive” things. The USSR was the first state to have, as an ideological objective, the elimination of religion and its replacement with universal atheism.

    They want “diversity”, give me a break, I see right through it.

  • All I know is I was enjoying watching the police state, the prison industrial complex, the tyrants, what ever you want to call them, getting their butts kicked until they opened up a can of divide and conquer.

    Racism was dying if not dead, a whole generation of whites and their favorite music artists and sports players are mostly black, you just don’t or didn’t have a racism problem in the hip hop generation or “millennials”, it was over and they brought it back for divide and conquer.

    But yes “we” should listen to “them”.

    Also when ever I get stuck filling out a form and it has check boxes for ethnicity I leave it blank or write NOYB (none of your business), screw check the box to get put in one. I am human, that they should be able to figure out. Social engineers, sick of them.

  • Divide and Conquer
    Never in human history has there been a more effective way for tyrants to rule over large groups of people who, should they ever learn to cooperate, would easily throw off such tyranny.

    The ruling class, the elites, what ever you want to call them, have been stirring up racism for the last few years for reason. If you look at Google images for “Eric Garner Protests” EVERYBODY was sick of the police state. What do you do when you are running a police state and the people are starting to rebel ? Divide and Conquer ! Make them hate on each other, keep the busy with that and you stay in control.

  • We want change OK how about going after the worst of the worst, think that is UHS at least in terns of size.

    This site is dedicated to all the people who were harmed or killed in UHS facilities. They speak for those who have no voice, to protect others from experiencing the pain they endured.

    And in Austin, male nurses stripped a teenage sex-abuse victim and shut her in solitary confinement, naked.

    I don’t know what to do but this is a good tool, all the consumer complaint sites are, before the internet maybe you could stand outside with a sign or hope the local paper published something to have a voice, today you can write on the internet and when people search the name of the facility a link comes up leading to your story and alot of people see it. Then when others see it many add their own story and show how its not just an “isolated incident” or just the ranting of an ex mental patient.

    Enough of our stories online tagged with hospital names and they would be forced to change.

    You can even go in the forums right here on MIA and start a topic with name of an abusive hospital in the title and describe what goes on and a link to the testimonial will almost always show up when people search the name of the hospital AND then people would find this website at the same time who otherwise wouldn’t.

    I want change too.

  • “still hearing derogatory voices” My roommate during one of my hospital stays was dealing with this, he was voluntary and tried what they gave him it and did not work. I know he said Risperdal was one of the things. He liked his beer and said he is just going back to that and how he does his best not to over do it and live to much like a homeless alcoholic. This was in the Hellhole UHS hospital I write about sometimes.

  • “My son was no longer Dan Kelson. He was “ADHD” at 7, “bipolar” at 13 and “schizoaffective” at 20”

    It happened to me as an adult, those stimulants and all the crap they pile on would make almost anyone “bipolar” then the bipolar drugs, the one I was given ‘for insomnia’ Zyprexa (Olanzapine) that zombie poison cooked up in hell that created those withdrawal reactions they labeled “schizoaffective” disorder. Not just angry words coming off that was a trip to psychosis hell, a hell I never saw before. Hell, the real thing, is feeling of impending doom amplified farther then you can possibly imagine unless you have been there.

  • “With the political tide shifting across the United States and reports of hate crimes increasing daily…”
    Of course the media is reporting it more they want us fighting. DIVIDE AND CONQUER WORKS.
    I don’t need a long post. We all saw the lead up to election 2016. The media took racism off its death bed and gave it steroids.

    Hey look EVERYONE is protesting the government and its killer cops (Eric Garner) quick give racism a shot of steroids, make it grow, say racism on TV all day every day so the stupid people fight each other instead of us tyrants. It worked, its happening.

    As soon as they saw people of all colors in those protests they started the bring back racism campaign, right after Eric Garner.

  • In the US they bombard us with these advertisements for Prevagen, and when I say bombard with advertising I mean it its like WWII carpet bombing. Prevagen Healthy Brain Function, Extra Strength, Capsules (30 ea) $59.99

    Look what I found,
    “This is not our original Prevagen review.
    The company behind Prevagen — Quincy Bioscience — demanded we take down our unfavorable review of this brain supplement.
    According to the National Council Against Health Fraud, here are the complaints charged against Quincy BioScience:
    The product cannot work as advertised because its only purported active ingredient, apoaequorin (a protein), is completely destroyed by the digestive system and transformed into common amino acids no different than those derived from other common food products.
    The amount of amino acids Prevagen adds to the user’s intake are trivial in comparison to normal dietary intake.
    Claims that clinical tests demonstrate that Prevagen will improve memory and support healthy brain function, sharper mind, and clearer thinking are false.
    Studies touted in Prevagen’s marketing campaign “if they exist at all, are, on their face, so seriously flawed that they demonstrate nothing regarding Prevagen.”

    If you wish to see the original complaint, you can download it as a PDF here”

    I guess what this all means that with enough money and lawyers you can sell all the snake oil you want and use lawyers to silence your critics. I blame attacks on the supplement industry on the big time abusers like the makers of Prevogen. I would be angry if someone I cared about was wasting over $60 a month, $720 a year on this stuff after seeing that stupid repetitive ad with trickery showing brain cells lighting up and the tiny little disclaimer that says the brain cell show is only a “dramatization”

    Here is the Prevogen ad on YouTube for people outside the United States who may have not been subjected to the carpet bombing ad campaign like us who see it 5000 times a year.

    3,944 views, comments all deleted. I wonder why that is, lol. Did 3,944 people forgot to comment ? Double lol.

  • Childhood PTSD caused my alcoholism. Drank at 9 Yo before the crap and all it did was make me feel dizzy and then sick. At 13 after the crap I went though when I took a few drinks one day and I felt better, I felt ALOT better, alcohol is the best thing ever, awesome… and it began.

    At 9 there were no real crappy feelings for the alcohol to negate so I did not think much of it, at 13 there was.

  • “I am sorry that happened to you” and its variations.

    I never liked it when people said that after telling my story, a better response is “those bastards should have treated you better” or some variation of that.

    I am not singling you out it seems like “I am sorry that happened to you” is the standard response for some reason by most people to our stories and I can’t be the only one that hears it and does not like it.

    January 24, 2016

    On this forum too

  • No problem, besides cameras to stress the crap out of some people another stupid nasty thing they do in those ‘hospitals’ is use blood pressure checks as a way to ‘legally’ violate a patients right to undisturbed rest and wake everyone up like a military style punishment camp. Anyone who ever lived inpatient knows half the people there lost it from major lack of sleep before coming in.

    Hey look the ‘manic’ patient is FINALLY sleeping, lets wake him up at 6am and piss him off and then we can write “agitated” and “rapid speech” on the chart so we can hold him longer and collect even more money from the insurance.

  • I get stuck on this computer all the time, let me just check my favorite websites and make a few comments… Then what I planned to be 20 minutes turns into 4 hours. Maybe its too comfortable , I have the laptop connected to a big flat screen and use a wireless keyboard and mouse. I don’t have cable channels only WIFI but that’s all you need to stream most of them.

    I Have a flip phone and don’t do the phone thing but when I see the cell phone addicts I see similar behavior as with trichotillomania. People who have trichotillomania have an irresistible urge to pull or twist on their hair. It includes the criterion of an increasing sense of tension before pulling the hair and gratification or relief when pulling the hair. The same with people who bite fingernails, increasing sense of tension then relief.

    There was this girl at the AA meeting, always messing with the phone, always, and I jokingly said try putting it away and she did then I said to try to resist that rising anxiety your going to get telling you take take the phone back out again for relief. We were friendly enough the first part, put it away was funny but she did not find that second part about the rising anxiety funny at all cause I was right.

    Hey check this out , cell phone jammers LOL

  • “I felt as though I was being watched through cameras…”

    And the treatment for that is getting locked in a ‘hospital’ with big ugly surveillance cameras covering every square inch of the place.

    I wonder if they are planing any hospitals for the treatment of arachnophobia so they can put big hairy fanged spiders on every wall and maybe they can have a ward for Ophidiophobia, fear of snakes but they wouldn’t need to stop off at the pet shop to decorate the place they could just have some people from the NAMI pharma funded front group come down, those snakes will do anything to push more pills and remove patient rights.

    I just remember a buddy from my time in the UHS hellhole that was so stressed out by being on camera 24/7 with no place to hide and no one cared. I cared, I took a crayon and fouled the lens of the one in the TV room and no one came to clean it for days.

    The worse was him on the phone with family, please help get me out of here…, no you have to stay and get ‘help’. Then the inevitable I hate you go to hell part that is a common theme around those phones when people call family upset and then family calls the hellhole help. They traumatized the hell out of that dude sticking in that violent chaotic nightmare.

    Cameras everywhere, doors locked, people walking around with clipboards looking at you then writing stuff down. Its almost like they sat down and said how can we create the ultimate hellish nightmare for people suffering from paranoia.

  • As the second poster to Mention Dr Peter Breggin that Medication Spellbinding effect causes people to keep taking the drugs, keep asking for them instead of looking back and remembering they were much better off before they began.

    In the drug and alcohol treatment field I have met so many people in the grips of the iatrogenic effects of psychiatric drugs and having lived it myself and knowing what its like I ask them what they were like, what life was like before contact with psychiatry cause I know that that Medication Spellbinding effect made them forget and they are all focused on how they feel at the moment.

    Life was OK before psychiatry you only had some minor anxiety and insomnia, then you took all these pills that created a nightmare and you want more pills to fix the nightmare ?

    The best I can do is to get them to at least start questioning.

  • There was an old lady who swallowed a fly.
    I don’t know why she swallowed that fly,
    Perhaps she’ll die.

    There was an old lady who swallowed a spider.
    That wriggled and jiggled and wiggled inside her.
    She swallowed the spider to catch the fly.
    But I don’t know why she swallowed that fly
    Perhaps she’ll die.

    There was an old lady who swallowed a bird.
    How absurd, to swallow a bird!

    There was a small child who swallowed some Vyvance…
    I don’t know why they put healthy children on drugs…

    But it gave him some anxiety so they gave him some Clonodine to catch the anxiety…
    I don’t know why they put healthy children on drugs…

    The Vyvance and Clonodine wriggled and jiggled inside of his brains…. So they called it bipolar and gave him more more drugs…
    How absurd creative energetic children on drugs.