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  • ADHD the only “disease” shown to make you live LONGER.

    The study was conducted among 1,000 seniors aged 90 to 109 years old who lived in the Leisure World retirement community in Laguna Woods, California. Sedentary otherwise know as sitting still all kinds of detriments to health .

    So that’s it, a condition that increases lifespan cannot be classified as a defect or a disease. There is nothing more to talk about.

  • “No longer are you possessed by demons, able to be cured by trepanning holes into your skull. No, now you have a brain disorder, another invisible force inside you acting on you to cause you to feel and behave in ways that are separate from who you are as a person, and we call this method of recording unobservable phenomenonfaith-based science. We cant see it, but we just know it has to be there somewhere, because well, what the fuck else could it be? Unfortunately, the unseen, undetectable, psychiatric brain disorder is incurable. Thats right. You were better off when they were blaming the demons and boring holes in your cranium. Even back then, there is evidence that people survived the treatments and tried them again and again.”

    This is so awesome read more here http://web.archive.org/web/20120607010903/http://bipolarbabbling.wordpress.com/

    Shame this is only on the web archive now.

  • Homelessness and anti-psychiatry.

    I wrote this paper already.

    I simply compared the cost of a one month psych inpatient lockup and the cost of the prescription drugs that follows and saw it is the same as purchasing a new home.

    The hospital bill is your down payment and the cost of the shut U up make U a zombie drugs will cover the monthly payments.

    Latuda. LURASIDONE is an antipsychotic. It is prescribed all the time. The lowest GoodRx price for the most common version of Latuda is around $1,055.00, 14% off the average retail price of $1,227.66.

    Generic aripiprazole is covered by most Medicare and insurance plans, but some pharmacy coupons or cash prices may be lower. The average retail price of $842.26. Per month.

    The psych industry loves the homeless revolving door patient who gets nothing but an abusive lockup and lobotomy pills and thrown back on the street wile they drive luxury cars and buy houses in the best neighborhoods using their license to lock doors and rip off everyone’s health insurance.

    Housing First is an approach to quickly and successfully connect individuals and families experiencing homelessness to permanent housing without preconditions and barriers to entry, such as sobriety, psychiatric treatment or service participation requirements.

    Profits First is an approach used by the psychiatric industry to make billions even though they can show little positive results for those billions given to them by the government every year. Governments, groups, families, and individuals that continue to accept their faulse information and techniques, do so at their own peril. The odds overwhelmingly predict that they will continue fail in every respect like they have been. Problem should have been solved by now.


    I did it, I cost the system the down payment on a new home once simply cause I did not have a home to go to and drank to deal with my situation then landed in the hospital.

    I have a buddy who did that at least 20 times, Treatment > relapse > Kicked out homeless > Hospital > Treatment > relapse > Kicked out homeless

    He must have cost the health insurance system a million dollars by now and all he needs is a ****ing place to go where if he does get fed up frustrated and drink it does not result in another cycle of kicked out homeless > Hospital > Treatment > Sober living> relapse > kicked out homeless

    He would be just fine with his EBT and a place that was his and no one could kick him out of. I have know him for 6 years he has been doing this I think at least 10. A million dollars in treatment is no exaggeration.

    There is another guy in town who is similar with the so called mental illness but he inherited a house, decades ago I think, the place is a complete disaster like an episode of hoarders but he does not do the revolving door mental patient thing. He just lives his life, shows up at AA sometimes drunk that’s how I know him.

  • If they were generous probably the days when they used opiates to treat mental illness were the kindest.

    “In the Victorian era, the drug of choice was laudanum, a high-octane mix of ethanol and opium that packed just the chemical wallop it sounds it would. The drug was used as a painkiller, an antidepressant, and an antihysteric, and it often worked quite well” http://aycnp.org/opium_psychiatric_drugs_history.php

    People all over are breaking the modern drug laws trying to self medicate themselves with opiates these days so I would imagine the time when they just gave you what people today often seek at great expense where possibly the times when the mentally ill were treated best. I don’t know I wasn’t there but I am sure psychiatry never needed much coercion or force to get patients to take their opiates.

    Drug dependency itself is not that bad with many of them, its the maintaining the supply part in that turns it into hell.

  • “Silicon Valley is engineering your phone, apps and social media to get you hooked. He is one of the few tech insiders to publicly acknowledge that the companies responsible for programming your phones are working hard to get you and your family to feel the need to check in constantly. Some programmers call it “brain hacking” and the tech world would probably prefer you didn’t hear about it. But Tristan Harris openly questions the long-term consequences of it all and we think it’s worth putting down your phone to listen.

    Tristan Harris: Well every time I check my phone, I’m playing the slot machine to see, “What did I get?” This is one way to hijack people’s minds and create a habit, to form a habit. What you do is you make it so when someone pulls a lever, sometimes they get a reward, an exciting reward. And it turns out that this design technique can be embedded inside of all these products.” http://www.cbsnews.com/news/brain-hacking-tech-insiders-60-minutes/

    Knowing how it works is how to stop it from working on you.

  • “refused to schedule the trial for almost a month after she refused to acknowledge the abandonment of two statutes. These statutes mandate that I must be presented with my petition and two physician certs within 48 hours, and that I must appear before a judge for a hearing within one week of involuntary inpatient admission.”

    The Due Process Clause was meant to act as safeguard from arbitrary denial of life, liberty, or property. Whats the point of having laws if they are not followed ?

    I think below is the remedy.

    42 U.S. Code § 1983 – Civil action for deprivation of rights

    Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom or usage, of any State or Territory, or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress http://www.google.com/search?q=+42+U.S.+Code+§+1983+-+Civil+action+for+deprivation+of+rights

    I have written on this site before that I believe someone good at law could create a do it yourself lawsuit kit for this situation of hospitals depriving people of their liberty without due process. A simple fill in the blanks for people who do not get a their hearing on time and filing instructions. Win or loose it still would cause a hassle and expenses for the opposing side.

    I was in a “hospital” and the most common thing I heard was people stating “I am going to sue this place”. Staff did not care and likely laughed about that threat they know what a difficult task that is and very rarely happens no matter what they do to people. Maybe if a do it yourself lawsuit kit existed and was easily found online it would become too expensive for these hellholes to routinely violate peoples rights.

    Anyone in the United States has the right to represent themselves in court and file a lawsuit without an attorney. https://www.i-lawsuit.com/how-to-file-a-lawsuit-without-an-attorney/

    Arbitrary arrest and arbitrary detention, that’s tyranny and lawlessness, and scary. These hospitals already have rubber stamp hearings now they are just skipping them without consequence ? Scary.

  • “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” said Vladimir Lenin.

    Thats the NAMI method.

    Where was NAMI when boys were growing breasts from Risperdal ?
    Where was NAMI when Eli Lilly was busted in the Zyprexa scandal ?
    What does NAMI have to say about the abusive psychiatric inpatient hellholes run by Universal Health Services ?

    No matter how outrageous the crimes against people accused of mental illness perpetrated by the psychiatric or pharmacuitical industry NAMI is SILENT every single time. Total silence.

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” and who leads in NAMI funding ?

    Love it, hate it or even not care about it but Alcoholics Anonymous has been around much longer then NAMI its funded by dollars in the basket. Go to a business meeting unlike NAMI there are no secrets. X amount of money comes in from the basket and coffee and X goes out for expenses.

    Imagine if AA decided it was against the human rights of people suffering from alcoholism and went to Washington to get laws removing the rights of people suffering from alcoholism. How many dollars would go in the basket following that ? Zero real quick.

    NAMI needs to go so something real can maybe take its place but that pharma and hospital franchise money keeps it going.

  • I am just checking in and sorry commenting before reading the entire article but I have been on the NAMI website forums and its just a horror show.

    It was even worse before the new site where they seem to have erased the years and years of posts.

    Its always the same thing “Psychiatric drugging has done nothing but make my child worse but YOU should keep trying it on yours”

    Another group seems to be taking up the child drugging market https://www.understood.org/en

    NAMI seems to be in charge of human rights removal in adults accused of mental illness but this “Understood” website is doing the same crap and the ADHD forum its the same horror show with “psychiatric drugging has done nothing but make my kid worse but YOU should keep trying it on yours”.

    WTF if 9 in 10 testimonials on child drugging are nightmare wake up, it is a sucker bet !! They cant see that.

    I am an adult who survived psychiatric hell and when I read those forums the drugs and dosages they are inflicting on these kids I just cringe. And its so obvious they don’t know WTF they are doing the drug combos inflicted on some of these kids its like they rolled dice to pick them out cause they make no sense.

    This website Understood is flying under the radar and I think MIA should start calling it out. Its the same sneaky approach to pushing drugs on kids but the website designers I have to say did an very nice job making it look pretty and inviting and helpful and caring.

    I will go further and say they did an awesome job at making it look pretty and inviting and helpful and caring but they are same snakes and regulars around here will easily see the same old sneaky marketing methods used get as many kids labelled and drugged as possible.

    I lightly researched them and the dirt is miles deep. I vote for Sera to make Understood.org her next article on MIA.

  • Jeff is correct and when politicians make these laws they are practicing medicine without a license. They kill people in drug court that way all the time. https://psmag.com/news/american-judges-are-playing-doctorand-doing-harm

    The odds overwhelmingly predict when you get the politicians involved they will only make things worse for people. Decades of the drug war confirms this.

    From Above “Written prescriptions for less than a 10-day supply will not be refilled.”

    That would have landed me in the ER or in a bad part of town looking for to buy them that way or the liqueur store cause alcohol is the only available anti anxiety drug available over the counter.

    What happens to all the people who get anxiety attacks and panic disorder when “Written prescriptions for less than a 10-day supply will not be refilled.” ??

    Alcohol , street drugs and I would imagine going to the Emergency Room will result in more psych lockups and off label prescribing of chemical nightmares like Olanzapine/Zyprexa, poisons that make a clonopin habit seem minor in comparison.

    You have to do the math on the whole thing, what happens when you make it a bitch for doctors to prescribe benzos ? The simple math says great less people live the Benzodiazepine dependency nightmare BUT how many more people are now subject to Paxil , Effexor, Cymbalta , Zyprexa ? Four of many nasty “non addictive” drugs that also produce dependency and wicked protracted withdrawal syndromes. Zyprexa withdrawal makes kicking Clonopin look easy.

    “A special commission of nine members will study safe discontinuation protocols to minimize withdrawal symptoms.” and the “addiction treatment community.”

    Thats me the addiction treatment community but I know how they operate Paxil , Effexor, Cymbalta , Zyprexa …. I do my best to confront it but that is what they do is look for psych labels for insurance purposes and push more pills.

    From addict to psych patient- Dual diagnosis is what we call them. https://www.madinamerica.com/2017/05/alcoholism-is-it-a-disease/

    I know damn well the safe discontinuation protocols and all this will lead to more psych lockups and Paxil , Effexor, Cymbalta , Zyprexa, Depakote, Lithuim , Trileptal…. How could a “special commission” of those nine members lead to anything else ?

    I bet “big pharma” would like a war on benzos too, who wants to sell generic Clonopin when the lowest GoodRx price for the most common version of Latuda is around $1,055.00, 14% off the average retail price of $1,227.66 ??

    I am all for Informed consent thats why I pasted the whole thing above instead of just a link that most people won’t click on but like Jeff said politicians playing doctor is evil, the odds overwhelmingly predict more harm then good.

  • Jeff Do you approve of this ?

    Typically, consent forms used in many helping interventions (medical or otherwise) serve to protect professionals, not inform and empower clients so they can make intelligent choices about their fate or well-being. If it seeks to achieve the latter goal, we believe that informed consent for psychiatric drug treatment should contain the following elements: a statement to the effect that the biomedical status of what is to be treated is uncertain, even speculative; unbiased, up-to-date information concerning treatment options, including of course strictly psychological forms of treatment; realistic and comprehensible information concerning somatic and psychological effects of drug use and drug withdrawal, both in the short run and in the long run.

    We are inclined to think that no one who was so informed would consent. Of course, this is an exceedingly complex question. It would be greatly simplified if clinical psychiatry and clinical psychopharmacology rested on rigorous research and valid findings, showed genuine concern for the patient’s or subject’s bests interests, and operated in a mental health system designed to meet patients’ or clients’ needs. We have argued elsewhere in detail that this is not the case (Cohen, 1997; Jacobs, 1995; McCubbin & Cohen, 1996). If our analysis has any validity, no consent form will do. Nevertheless, therapists, clinicians, or researchers must obviously make a sincere effort to convey the risks, the drawbacks, the unknowns of psychiatric drug treament (even if many prospective patients might understandably recoil).


    I, the undersigned, understand that I am about to be prescribed one or more drugs by Dr. __________________.

    The drug(s) I am to be prescribed is (are) the following:

    I understand that a DSM-IV diagnostic label has been assigned to me, based on my doctor’s (and perhaps also on other people’s) subjective judgment of my speech, manner, and behavior during our meeting, which lasted approximately _____ minutes. I am aware that I will never be able to remove this diagnosis, or any other that will be added in the future, from my medical record.

    I understand that although my doctor says that I am sick or that I have a treatable illness or disease, he or she is just using a figure of speech and cannot establish, with any test or procedure known to medical science that I in fact “have” the “illness” implied by the diagnostic label.

    Indeed, I am aware that although medical opinion may now hold that a “chemical imbalance,” a “brain abnormality,” or some physical problem “underlies” or “produces” my distress or suffering, no objective information (through lab tests, scans, etc.) concerning the state of my body has been obtained in order to arrive at a DSM-IV diagnosis. If, by chance, such information has been obtained for that purpose, I understand that this information plays no role whatsoever in fulfilling any criteria for any DSM-IV diagnosisor diagnoses that I have been given by my physician except perhaps for diagnoses related to drug-induced disorders such as tardive dyskinesia.

    I have been informed that the drug or drugs which my doctor is prescribing cannot cure whatever “illness” or “chemical imbalance” medical opinion might believe I have but can only affect symptoms of my distress or suffering.

    I understand that the drug I am about to take cannot restore any of my physical or psychological functions “back to normal.” Rather, the drug is expected to produce many new mental and physical symptoms, which might help make my original complaints seem less disturbing for a while.

    I understand that it is exceedingly difficult to determine what is brought about (both desired and unwanted) by a psychoactive drug which has wide and diverse effects on the brain and other organ systems. I further understand that the problem of how to accomplish this adequately is a controversial issue within psychiatry and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    I realize that FDA approval of the drug I am about to take is based upon very short-term studies (usually 6 to 8 weeks) which are designed, paid for, and supervised by the drug’s manufacturer. I further realize that the FDA does not require or expect that a drug’s full range of adverse effects will be known prior to marketing and prior to lengthy exposure of ordinary patients to that drug.

    I am also aware that the FDA’s knowledge about the drug’s adverse effects after marketing comes mostly from spontaneous physician reports, the FDA itself recognizes that these reports are just “the tip of the iceberg” of the probable true frequency of adverse effects. I know that wording in the package insert and in the Physician’s Desk Reference is the outcome of a complex negotiation between the manufacturer and the FDA. I also realize that it sometimes occurs that the FDA belatedly learns that the manufacturer has not fully disclosed to the FDA what it actually knows about a drugs’s adverse effects. Finally, I understand that despite FDA approval for psychiatric drugs being granted on the basis of short-term studies, the longer-range consequences of continuing druf use are not systematically studied by any responsible organization or government agency.

    If I am consenting to take the drug as part of a research study, I understand that the researcher’s primary interest and loyalty is not to me as a patient and not to my personal interests or welfare. I understand that the “needs of the research project” come before and have priority over my own personal needs.

    I understand that the drug will have a wide range of effects on my brain, body, consciousness, emotions, and actions. My sleep, my memory, my judgment, my coordination, my stamina, my sexuality are likely to be affected.

    I understand in particular that the effects of a psychoactive drug may undermine my ability to accurately monitor and report upon just how the drug has affected me, even impaired me, perhaps in a dangerous direction (judgment, social perception, impulse control, etc.). I further understand that what to do to protect me, as a patient or subject, against this possibility is a basically unanswered problem in psychiatric drug treatment and research.

    I understand that effects that have a 1 in a 100 chance of occurring are actually considered “frequent” effects that should be mentioned to an adult, competent, prospective patient like myself. My doctor (or the researcher) has specifically advised me that the following toxic or adverse reactions may occur, and has provided these estimates of the frequency of their occurrence in patients like me: __________________________________


    I understand that I may experience an adverse effect which might then disappear after a few days or weeks. This disappearance will usually mean that my body has developed a tolerance to the drug’s presence, not that the effect will never bother me again in the future.

    I understand that if I inform my doctor of the occurrence of adverse effects, he or she will have five basic options: (a) cease the drug, (b) decrease the dose, (c) increase the dose, (d) switch to another drug, or (e) add another drug. I understand that no rules exist to determine which option is best to follow in individual cases, and it is likely that several options will be followed simultaneously. I also understand that most doctors are not likely to report to the FDA any adverse effect they suspect or have observed, contributing to the generally inadequate picture of a drug’s true impact on patients like me.

    I have been informed, if I am prescribed a neuroleptic drug such as Haldol or Risperdal and if I take it regularly for a few years, that I have at least a 30% chance over the next 5 years of developing tardive dyskinesia, a possibly irreversible disorder characterized by abnormal involuntary movements of my face or other body parts. I have been informed that I may also suffer from other acute or chronic movement problems, such as parkinsonism, akathisia, and dystonia, and their associated unpleasant mental states.

    I have been informed, if I am prescribed a tranquillizer like Xanax or Klonopin and I take it regularly for more than three or four weeks, that I run the risk of becoming physically dependent on it. I will then have a good chance of experiencing “rebound” insomnia and anxiety, and many other unpleasant sensations, when I try stopping the drug, or even while I continue to take it. I understand that these drugs are not effective antianxiety or sleep-inducing agents after a few weeks of use. I realize that some people are unable to withdraw and must therefore permanently endure the consequences of daily use.

    I have been informed that if I am prescribed lithium, I do not have a “lack” of lithium in my body, nor can such a “lack” be demonstrated by any existing test. I understand that the blood tests that I will undergo regularly will be for the sole purpose of determining just how much lithium has been introduced into my bloodstream and whether this could produce toxic symptoms, since, as a result of the mental dullness that lithium is expected to produce, I will be in no position to recognize some of these toxic symptoms.

    I understand that the drug is likely to provoke various unpleasant effects when I stop taking it, especially if I stop too suddenly. I understand that although withdrawal reactions are systematically ignored in psychiatric drug treatment or research, they might represent the worst part of my whole drug-taking episode. I further understand that these reactions will often closely resemble the original symptoms for which the drug was prescribed to me, and are likely to be taken for a return of these symptoms (a “relapse”), rather than for withdrawal effects. I realize that my doctor or the researcher is likely to interpret these reactions as a sign that my “illness” is chronic and that my drug is “effective.”

    I also understand that once I have been taking drugs for months or years, I will have much difficulty to find a health professional to assist me in withdrawing prudently and safely from the drugs, if I so wish.

    Having understood the above, I realize that the drug treatment may cause severe pain or discomfort, worsen my existing problem significantly, or even damage me permanently. However, most doctors or experts will never formally or informally acknowledge that the drug harmed to me in this manner. I will have practically no chance of proving that the drug caused my damage and obtaining compensation.

    I understand that no body of research clearly shows that the problems my diagnosis or diagnoses require or respond more favorably to drug treatment than to one or more forms of nondrug treatment. It is obvious to me that nondrug treatment would enable me to completely avoid whatever dangers or risks are associated with taking the drug or drugs I am agreeing to take. My doctor (or the researcher) has made it clear to me that existing evidence does not indicate that it is in my best interest to choose drug treatment as a first recourse.

    I am choosing to be treated with (write in the name of the drug or drugs) for the following reasons: (provide ample space; this section must be filled in by the patient or subject):




    Signed: __________________________________.

    The original is here http://laingsociety.org/colloquia/polofdiagnosis/modelconsent.htm

  • I have more respect for the Mexican drug cartels then the psychiatric medical mafia, at least those guys don’t sneak around playing corporate psycho games pushing their products as safe.

    Who is worse the dope dealer down town selling to adults who want to get high or the corporate- snakes who use crooked studies and put Legos stamped Risperdal in pediatricians offices ?

    Gangsters have much more honor then those corporate snakes and Washingtons crooks empty shells posing as humans who have zero.

  • I became the worst benzo ‘addict’ ever I was up to 14mg of Xanax a day at its worst.

    I did not know how addiction worked I always thought that drug addicts fell in love with the high and just said screw everything else in life. I was all wrong a benzo buzz is not that great what drives addiction is the withdrawal, the most nasty horrific nasty thing and the only way to make it stop is to take more. I did not know about that part.

    Like most of us that lived it as tolerance withdrawal took hold, that part where tolerance goes up faster then the prescribed dose leaving you in a constant state of withdrawals I took more then prescribed to get relief from this nasty predicament they of course then accused me of “abusing” it.

    Blame the victim is the name of the game, cause next came the hello my name is ______ and I am a addict part [my fault] in substance “abuse” treatment.

    I remember in group saying things like Hello my name is _____ and I was a victim of the crooked psychiatric pharmaceutical industry, I was not doing that “I am an addict” my fault thing.

    They are the masters of victim blaming and most people fall for it.

    What is interesting is after getting informed consent the hard way, learning myself how drug dependency really works I can take a few benzos once in a wile for a total day off from anxiety. Now I know don’t take it to the point of dependency and I will be fine.

    Don’t call the drug warriors on me but occasionally someone will divert a few pills my way. I would never take them every day again I know what happens now. Want to take one quickly turns to need to take one.

    Informed consent would save alot of people, just explain how the need to take more to avoid withdrawals part really works, I detail. Some people will still think “it won’t happen to me” but its better then now where people find out the hard way.

  • Lieberman says critics of the drugs “create mischief for their own nefarious purposes.”

    Really dude my own “nefarious purposes” ?

    Nefarious, wicked, evil, sinful, iniquitous, egregious, heinous, atrocious, vile, foul, abominable, odious, depraved, monstrous, fiendish, diabolical, unspeakable, despicable…

    All words that describe what you people did the Zyprexa scandal damn drug almost killed me you nefarious criminals called safe and effective and even pushed it on children wile knowing all along it was poison.

    What a bunch of complete psychopaths that can never own up to anything. You people are worse then the NAZI war criminals who at least somewhat owned up and tried the “just following orders” defense.

    Why don’t you address the countless major crimes by your industry before you even start playing all the games with the numbers graphs and statistics ?

    “a small price to pay for the molecule.”

    “torture the data”


  • Many assume that the advent of modern psychotropic medications was the catalyst for deinstitutionalization in the U.S. However, large numbers of patients began leaving state institutions only after new laws made unpaid patient labor illegal. In other words, when patients no longer worked for free, the economic viability of many state institutions ceased and this led to the closing of many state hospitals. MORE >> https://www.patdeegan.com/blog/posts/lead-shoes-and-institutional-peonage

  • “It should also be noted that the participants in this study were stabilized and on antipsychotic treatment.”

    “Stabilized” can’t we say zombified or lobotomized ? As a Zyprexa victim I find those words more accurate.

    We have an AA member who I guess would get the label schizophrenia but has not been “stabilized” or “sedentarytized” to the point of staring at a TV all day. He is always on the move going from place to place walks miles and miles every day. Newcomers to the meeting are often surprised by his extremely intelligent shares and insights that don’t match his appearance toting around bags of old newspapers and wearing gloves in the summer.

  • A gene linked to attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and addiction might also help you live to be 100.

    The study included over 1000 people aged 90 to 109 who lived in the Leisure World retirement community in Laguna Woods, California. They were part of a group of nearly 14,000 highly educated people of mostly European ancestry who were initially studied in 1981.

    People with ADHD, for example, are often unable to sit still, and the constant fidgeting and activity may end up having a net positive effect on their ability to avoid chronic diseases associated with being sedentary.


  • The Compliance Factories

    Public schools are the most important part of this project. Schools are structured to inculcate strict obedience and reverence for authority in children. As the author and veteran teacher John Taylor Gatto put it:

    “The truth is that schools don’t really teach anything except how to obey orders.”

    Every day of the schoolchild’s life is strictly regimented, with bells and assigned movements from one room/cell/pen to another, like in a prison or a factory farm. And with the advent of metal detectors, barred windows, isolation rooms, resource officers, security guards, and cops on campus, to add to their “institutional” architecture, public schools are looking more like prisons than ever.

    Such students who do not conform, and especially those who exhibit defiance, are liable to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), as well, nowadays, as ODD, and then made to take psychotropic drugs that lobotomize their youthful spirit, replacing it with a “school appropriate” tractable torpor. As George Will has written:

    “If 7-year-old Mozart tried composing his concertos today, he might be diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and medicated into barren normality.”

    Read more http://www.dansanchez.me/feed/the-virtue-of-defiance

  • How US Public Schools Have Come to Increasingly Resemble Prisons Instead of Learning Centers http://thefreethoughtproject.com/public-schools-increasingly-resemble-prisons-learning-centers/

    That might explain it.

    They look like prisons too, I was driving through a neighboring town and saw some new construction this building with these real high walls and little windows and said that is an odd place to build a prison but my buddy said that is going to be the new high-school.

  • Re: Why would parents fall for any of this bull manure?

    The sociopaths in the pharmaceutical marketing departments are good at what they do: Your child is ‘sick’ and needs medicine, if you are a good parent you will give your sick children the medicine they ‘need’.

    You don’t make billions poisoning kids with nerve toxins like Zyprexa without a marketing plan.

  • From addict to psych patient: Dual diagnosis is what we call them.

    I always say I went from the frying pan of excessive drinking to the raging fire of psychiatric drugs.

    How and where do I even start writing a comment about that insidious beast dual diagnosis ?

    The first thing they do in almost every treatment center is shuffle everyone off to the doctor to be labelled and drugged long before withdrawals are even over. PAWS.

    Anxiety and insomnia are the number one complaints of newly sober people but after that comes the complaint “nothing is fun sober” but that does not stop them from drugging people into zombie oblivion for so called bipolar disorder. Then when you get tired of being “sober” on the brain disabling drugs tired and dulled out all the time and decide to drink or get high just to feel something, to try and overcome the chemical lobotomy, they use it as proof your mentally ill and need more drugging. They never ask did you decide to drink or get high cause you felt dull and bored (anhedonia) from our drugs.

    And what are they thinking anyway “we know statistically 80% of you are going to start drinking again after treatment so lets fill you up with pills for you to drink on top of”, is that what they are thinking ?

    The last doctor at my last treatment years ago tryed getting me to take Zoloft and Abilify but I finally learned the truth about psychiatry and told that incompetent to F off.

    Albert Einstein Quotes. We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

    WTF is was psychiatry itself that turned me into a raging alcoholic and pill addict, now after all I have been through you say Zoloft and Abilify ? Get the hell away from me with that zone you out dumb you down akathisia zombie trash. Something to sleep as needed then leave me alone.

    All that crap is years behind me now, I even drink once in a wile and nothing bad happens so much for my “disease” cause it never came back.

    This post is getting long, all I can say is Dual diagnosis is an atrocity.

  • Rat park “What this tells us is that, even in animals, community is the prevention and the treatment for self-abuse. Many argue this is why and how 12 Step programs enjoy the persistent success that they do. They offer community.”

    That is 100% spot on. I always said the reason AA helped me was it got me around people and a part of something.

  • I kept calling them and asking “Proven effective by who???” Just tell me who did the study and has the FDA approved this ??

    What could they say? They just write on the page Anti psychotics proven effective for ODD, OK then tell me by who.

  • Submissive Compliant Disorder

    It is amazing that these cops seem to be giving the society they prey upon an amateur diagnosis of mass Oppositional Defiant Disorder. If anything, thanks to all of the state’s ministrations listed above, what our society suffers from is a bad case of what might be called Submissive Compliant Disorder, SCD.


    Submissive Compliant Disorder !! LOL Good link above.

  • I posted this November 30, 2013 at 3:34 pm

    I think someone should sue NAMI “National Alliance On mental Illness” for promoting the use of neuroleptics in children and youth. See “Risperidone for Adolescent Aggression” Medical Focus, Winter 1996 http://web.archive.org/web/19961221104126/http://www.nami.org/

    They are still pushing/advertising the use of anti psychotics off label in children today 2013 ! “Antipsychotic medications and mood stabilizers have been proven to be effective in treating oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder.”


    I made that topic November 30, 2013 at 3:34 pm, https://www.madinamerica.com/forums/topic/nami-pushing-anti-psychotics-off-label-for-children-and-youth/

    I am the one that made them change that page, take out that line “Antipsychotic medications and mood stabilizers have been proven to be effective”, it took alot of phone calls and posting about it online till they finally removed it.

  • (Natural News) If you’re someone who ‘can’t live without’ social media or know someone like that, there is science behind the addiction, and while sinister, most people who can’t stop checking Facebook or Google have no idea how they became so hooked.

    It’s a mind technique the social media giants use to make us feel as though we can’t live without them, according to a former Google product manager…

    “This thing is a slot machine,” Harris told CBS News in an interview, adding that the tech world would prefer that everyone was kept in the dark about brain hacking.

    “Every time I check my phone, I’m playing the slot machine to see, ‘What did I get?’ This is one way to hijack people’s minds and create a habit, to form a habit. What you do is you make it so when someone pulls a lever, sometimes they get a reward, an exciting reward. And it turns out that this design technique can be embedded inside all of these products.”

    Read more http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-04-14-facebook-and-google-use-casino-style-brain-manipulation-tactics-to-addict-users-to-their-mobile-apps.html

    I was looking for an article explaining how social media is making the loneliness epidemic worse but the above is more interesting. I am tired of seeing people in the praying mantis position arms forward with phones stuck to their face everywhere but that phenomenon is not going away any time soon.

  • Driven Mad: Trucking Industry Collapsing Under Regulation

    We’re around 200,000 drivers short, and they’re making it to where you’ve got to be a jail house lawyer to get down the road. It’s turning a lot of guys off from being a driver. https://pjmedia.com/blog/driven-mad-trucking-industry-collapsing-under-regulation/

    Critics of the electronic driver logbook rules believe the new laws will cripple productivity. Truckers threaten to leave the transportation industry. http://www.truckingoffice.com/2017/heres-what-new-electronic-driver-logbook-rules-may-do-to-your-livelihood

    Indie Truckers: Keep Big Brother Out Of My Cab “When I’m away from home, this is my home,” Button says. “Does somebody come in your front door and decide, ‘I want to plug into your computer and see where you’ve been today’?” http://www.npr.org/2011/04/20/135507979/indie-truckers-keep-big-brother-out-of-my-cab

    The Government’s War on Long-Haul Truckers http://www.nationalreview.com/article/365403/governments-war-long-haul-truckers-lee-habeeb-and-mike-leven

    Like so many things they also turned trucking into a police state big brother bureaucratic nightmare, no one even wants to do it anymore.

  • The fight against Autism Speaks is going better then the fight against the pharma funded pharma front NAMI. Google search results for Autism Speaks exposes them. Look at the suggestions on the bottom of the page.

    Searches related to autism speaks: autism Speaks criticism, autism speaks controversy

    Now do a search for “national alliance on mental illness”, nothing about pharma funding and opposition to patient rights comes up.

  • “May be habit forming”

    I always thought addiction was falling in love with the high and saying screw everything else in life.

    Then I became addicted to benzos and found out the driving force is to keep taking more is all about avoiding the withdrawal reactions from hell and nothing to do with the buzz or little high. They rarely tell people about withdrawal reactions when prescribing psychiatric drugs.

  • This isn’t a revolution, it’s the same old divide and conquer technique used throughout history https://www.sott.net/article/289519-Ferguson-This-isnt-a-revolution-its-the-same-old-divide-and-conquer-technique-used-throughout-history

    “Race” – The Divide-And-Conquer Tool Of Tyrants https://dailyanarchist.com/2013/08/02/race-the-divide-and-conquer-tool-of-tyrants/

    Racism won’t stop until people realize where it is actually coming from, who really promotes it. I figured it out when I saw everyone upset about police brutality and protesting a few years ago. Look at the photos from the Eric Garner protests, people of all races then the controlled TV news quickly started non stop race baiting like the first link points out quickly turning Americas obvious police state problem into a racial problem. The psychos on top running things like race vs race much better then a scenario of the people against them. Divide and conquer works. They convinced a large number of people that Eric garner was killed for being black when in reality he was killed to enforce a tax making cigarettes $14 a pack in NYC, most people forgot that.


    White people have absolutely nothing to gain oppressing minorities, think about it, but the ruling elite gain alot of control promoting racism and infighting.

  • The great ethanol scam: putting food in our fuel tanks

    The Ethanol Scam

    Politicians are high on turning corn into fuel — but ethanol not only hurts the environment, it’s also one of America’s biggest political boondoggles

    The great danger of confronting peak oil and global warming isn’t that we will sit on our collective asses and do nothing while civilization collapses, but that we will plunge after “solutions” that will make our problems even worse. Like believing we can replace gasoline with ethanol, the much-hyped biofuel that we make from corn.

    This is not just hype — it’s dangerous, delusional bullshit. Ethanol doesn’t burn cleaner than gasoline, nor is it cheaper. Our current ethanol production represents only 3.5 percent of our gasoline consumption — yet it consumes twenty percent of the entire U.S. corn crop, causing the price of corn to double in the last two years and raising the threat of hunger in the Third World. And the increasing acreage devoted to corn for ethanol means less land for other staple crops, giving farmers in South America an incentive to carve fields out of tropical forests that help to cool the planet and stave off global warming. MORE >>> http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-ethanol-scam-20110323

    Another misconception is that ethanol is green. In fact, corn production depends on huge amounts of fossil fuel — not just the diesel needed to plow fields and transport crops, but also the vast quantities of natural gas used to produce fertilizers. Runoff from industrial-scale cornfields also silts up the Mississippi River and creates a vast dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico every summer. What’s more, when corn ethanol is burned in vehicles, it is as dirty as conventional gasoline and does little to solve global warming: E85 reduces carbon dioxide emissions by a modest fifteen percent at best, while fueling the destruction of tropical forests.

  • I see so many people who don’t even try to stay in shape waddling around in public its like come on just try a little, how can you stand being like that ?

    Its not fat shaming, its look at that beer bellly, look at that person that eats Mc Donalds and Seven Eleven big bites and big gulps every meal. You are not a naturally big person you just don’t give a crap and everyone’s health insurance cost more cause of you people that don’t care about yourselves.

    How about the people with the diet soda, if that was an effective strategy wouldn’t you see thin in shape people drinking that all day ? That crap is poison http://www.google.com/search?q=diet+soda+is+poison

    I go to gym like every day , I would rather go down the road of life in a sports car then with a dumpy old mini van as a body.

    Being in shape doesn’t mean getting that unattainable body those ruthless marketers promote on tv all day it means just do something you might like the results, feeling better. Do something 1 hour a day get moving not hard at all.

  • MartinMc “Have you ever sat and reflecting what it would be like for other people and society if Ativan was seen as a safe enough drug to be sold over the counter?”

    Lots of countries in the world that don’t require prescriptions and nothing bad happens, we have more addicts in the US as it is. The multi billion dollar drug war industry just wants the public to think all hell would break loose without them. It won’t.

    The rarity of addiction to drugs should come as no surprise to the vast majority of Americans who have taken benzos and painkillers Maybe they enjoyed the buzz, but they did not continue taking the drugs every day after getting a script at the dentist. Medicine cabinets everywhere with forgotten drugs inside proves it.

  • https://allpoetry.com/column/7525245-Drugs-Are-Inanimate-Objects—A-Guide-to-Their-Culture-and-Effect-by-King-Bongmaster

    ” There is no such thing as a “good” drug. There is no such thing as a “bad” drug. Until an animate object comes along and does something with a drug, the drug will just sit there.

    Inanimate objects have no agenda. If your child is killed by a moron in a car, you can join a campaign to ban all cars, or you can join a campaign to stop morons from driving cars.

    If your spouse dies of alcoholism, you can send bombers to destroy the wine fields at Chateau Mouton Rothschild, or you can teach people to drink responsibly.”

    I will not give pharma any credit and its not about their drugs it is about their actions.

    Over the course of 20 years, Johnson & Johnson created a powerful drug, promoted it illegally to children and the elderly, covered up the side effects and made billions of dollars. This is the inside story. http://highline.huffingtonpost.com/miracleindustry/americas-most-admired-lawbreaker/

    The Zyprexa Papers Scandal – PsychRights http://psychrights.org/States/Alaska/CaseXX.htm

    The pharmaceutical companies are run by complete psychopaths with the inability to care if we live or die, check out the links I provided before even attempting to defend them. Only sub humans would hide horrific side effects of drugs and fraudulently market them to children.

  • I don’t think it is scientifically valid lumping all the drugs together under the description of “Anti psychotic”. Anti psychotic is not a chemistry word it replaced Neuroleptic for marketing purposes, Neuroleptic originates from the Greek word νεῦρον neuron “nerve” and λῆψις lepsis “seizure” in reference to its neurological effects.

    Beer wine and liqueur are all alcohol beverages containing ethanol but for example Seroquel and Zyprexa are two completely different chemicals that produce different effects both on them and during withdrawals.

    The fine print on all psychiatric drugs says “mechanism of action is unknown”.

    There are thousands of testimonials online from years of people writing in those forums about both those 2 drugs, negative testimonials about Seroquel are usually mild “Seroquel sucks, I did not like it” but Zyprexa stories are absolute hellish nightmares.

    I think we would all be doing a better service by taking on these so called anti psychotics one drug at a time.

  • Psychiatric living will http://www.google.com/search?q=Psychiatric+living+will A psychiatric advance directive is also a good search term. Staff in these places usually don’t know what akathisia is. I worked in nursing home years ago and I didn’t know what it was but now I know what I saw was drug induced akathisia not just bad nerves from being old. I was not a nurse but I don’t think they knew either.

    Akathisia remains one of the most prevalent and distressful antipsychotic-induced adverse events. http://www.google.com/search?q=akathisia

  • They don’t want to treat the episodes when they happen, what the system wants is people in a constant state of zombie to prevent them. Then when the victim gets sick of life as a zombie and attempts to quit the drugs the withdrawal reactions are used as proof you need them. I lived this shit.

    Sounds like you are looking to treat just the episodes wile the system is focused on prevention, you are going to run into conflict.

  • “they don’t have anything addictive in them”

    Olanzapine Withdrawal: Sally’s Story. … I had a couple of goes coming off too quickly, and suffered horrific withdrawal symptoms; headache, agitation, anxiety, insomnia, nausea and vomiting, and feeling appallingly ill. I am vomit phobic, so the sickness drove me back on to the drug, and the symptoms went away. https://rxisk.org/olanzapine-withdrawal-sallys-story/

    Drugs that have nothing addictive in them don’t make you sick when you quit. Thats what addiction is take the drug or get sick, getting high has nothing to do with it.

    Common symptoms of antipsychotic withdrawal include nausea, anorexia and vomiting. Headaches, insomnia, anxiety and agitation may also occur when a patient no longer takes the antipsychotics.

    No one told me about the sickness they just said take this Zyprexa for six months don’t worry it is “non addictive” so non addictive the withdrawals almost killed me so sick I went to ER then 2 weeks later went back when those pills ran out got locked in psych and those bastards blamed me not the drug.

    Psychiatry needs to tell the F ing truth. Informed consent. They are lying sacks of crap.

  • I maintain my right not to have any psychiatric evaluation or diagnosis based upon the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) as such diagnoses are unreliable. According to Allen Frances, who was chairman of the fourth edition of DSM, “There are no objective tests in psychiatry—no X-ray, laboratory, or exam finding that says definitely that someone does or does not have a mental disorder.” (“Psychiatric Fads and Overdiagnosis,” Psychology Today, 2 June 2010.) Additionally, the DSM system is not scientific. It’s own editors state that “there is no assumption that each category of mental disorder is a completely discrete entity with absolute boundaries dividing it from other mental disorders or from no mental disorder.” (DSM-IV, pg. xxii)
    Such codes and descriptions should not be entered into my medical records as this unreliable and unscientific information will remain in my records and may wrongly influence any future medical treatment I might receive.

    Also check out the Google search http://www.google.com/search?q=How+to+Cheat+a+Psychological+Assessment

  • They did that electroshock to a young woman I was in the hospital with. There was no reason for it. Her only “problem” was she was very rebellious and promiscuous. She came back from the brain shock like this smiling zombie couldn’t even talk with us anymore.

    All these articles make it sound like the person ‘needs’ a treatment even if they are against the ECT

  • Another crime against humanity by the psychiatric industry. I know how this story ends,

    10. When the lawsuits roll in from the families of sick and dead patients, simply use a small portion of your windfall profits to settle out of court, admitting no guilt.

    See 1-9 http://www.naturalnews.com/disease-mongering-engine.asp Click Generate

    Until number 10 changes to corporate psychopaths go to prison we will continue to see these stories over and over again.

  • I said “so called” for a reason. And I think it would be good if that neurodiversity idea gains traction, then when psych calls everything neurological even if its fake science they will still look bad.

    1 in 5 boys “has” ADHD, a DNA defect , whats next will dermatologists say that white people have defective skin when one in five people on earth fit this description ?

  • I was initially irritated and also thought the author might be gong through something drastically different then I did till later when I though back to what I went though before I came out of it. Maybe that was the point of publishing it. It was a psych survivor talking to me that initiated my coming out of it.

    Also I see alcohol and drugs in this picture, psych hospitals and homelessness just go with drinking or doing drugs.

  • Anyone who has “can’t sleep mania” should read this The myth of the eight-hour sleep http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-16964783

    Sleeping at the “right time” what a steaming pile of horse crap. If you read it now you know. Also below,

    Delayed sleep phase disorder- Attempting to force oneself onto daytime society’s schedule with DSPD has been compared to constantly living with jet lag; DSPD has, in fact, been referred to as “social jet lag”. It is responsible for many patient complaints of chronic insomnia. However, since many doctors are unfamiliar with the condition, it often goes untreated or is treated inappropriately; DSPD is often misdiagnosed as primary insomnia or as a psychiatric condition. A chief difficulty of treating DSPD is in maintaining an earlier schedule after it has been established, as the patient’s body has a strong tendency to reset the sleeping schedule to its intrinsic late times. People with DSPD WILL improve their quality of life by choosing careers that allow late sleeping times, rather than forcing themselves to follow a conventional 9-to-5 work schedule.

    “Just get up early so at night you are tired” Oh please STFU my whole life that never worked.

    We get lots of views someone who never heard of Delayed sleep phase disorder is going to read this and be like finally that explains it !

  • Medication Spellbinding… Why do so many individuals persist in taking psychoactive substances, including psychiatric drugs, after adverse mental and behavioral effects have become severe and even disabling?

    But give the guy a break, I have been there, I can’t sleep and those bastards won’t give me the good stuff to get me to sleep ! There is more to my story the that one hospital, the last, that lead me to writing here like every day. That very last psychiatric kidnapping was all different cause medication spellbinding was gone I knew the truth of psychiatry and I had no interest in going back to hell.

    Before that One time inpatient they started taking my mattress after blood pressure wake up bullshit I guess the thought being if early wake up would lead to early sleep if I could not go lie down, sleep deprivation the thing that really got me to the hospital was now going to cure me. I really should not even be thinking about this 15 year old memory but I already hate them. Back then I still thought the answer was good downers. Medication spellbinding, I could not even imagine my problem was the treatment itself. I never said to myself I was 100x better of before I ever went near those quacks and if I just walked away and got off all that crap I would return pretty much to the way I was before.

    Load me up with all the brain dead zombie shit that made me tired but not sleep, tell me to take it I guess forever. Well WTF give me the damn Xanax, what possible difference does it make if it is addictive if I need to pop pills every day anyway ?? Give me a logical answer. At least it made me sleep !

    They gave me Haldol , I was still up all night. The next hospital how much later I can’t remember but the same crap, That time Abilify and the can’t sleep nightmare. WTF I can’t sleep everyone else is sleeping.

    I was at the point of hating psychiatry over the locked abusive part of inpatient, they could go to hell but the medication spellbinding still had me. Maybe the author is still at that point.

    I am not an anti drug warrior and anti psychiatry what does that even mean? Take what ever damn pills you want but force is a human rights violation and I always call forced drugging rape cause they violate your insides as opposed to assault that violates just your outsides.

    Thinking about the mania, heavy drugging is just like ice on a burn, take the ice away pain comes back or like on the drugs your still in the mania but zombie at the same time that makes it more frustrating. I hate to even use the word mania, its insomnia anxiety and anger all mixed up.

    I know what I have to do to stay out of it or not do, the party drink and get high lifestyle can’t do it, I would like too but I end up a mess. The fun to hell ratio sucks. I also know to plan my life to not include the necessity to wake up early, that’s worse then an occasional drinking party. I have said no to good jobs, I know what happens with that early wakeup requirement with me. I can’t sleep till real late then get just a few hours day after day till I get so tired out eventually I bug out.

    “Just get up early so at night you are tired” Oh please STFU my whole life that never worked.

  • “The lesson is to not fight with doctors but to ask for the highest dose they’re willing to prescribe of a combination of antipsychotics. When order is restored, the choice is entirely ours whether to continue taking medication or not.”

    Not really at least not with me, I got the mania as part of alcohol withdrawals. I went to an ER for detox instead of buying more alcohol and got transported to a UHS psychiatric hellhole, UHS is infamous for kidnapping people till insurance runs out > https://www.buzzfeed.com/rosalindadams/intake

    Long story short they tried zombifying me with a massive 3 drug cocktail including Haldol and I refused and then they threatened me with an injection. I got to keep this short but I threatened them back stick a needle in me I may see you outside this hellhole someday and stick a needle in you so they threatened to call police and I said go ahead all did was make the exact same threat of stabbing people with needles that you just did at me. Police were not called but I was just going to make the exact same complaint of people making threats that they were. How is it OK for them to make threats and not me ? Eye for an eye bitch.

    What would have happened if I took the massive dose for a month ? When I got out I would have had the same problem but instead of not being able to sleep without alcohol I would not be able to sleep without lots of pills after being saturated for a month. Of course I put up a fight, I lived Zyprexa withdrawal years before after just taking what they gave, something worse than kicking benzos and 100 times worse then kicking alcohol. Not doing nueroleptic withdrawal again.

    I have a stash of Seroquel in case of run away insomnia to knock it down but screw that take massive amounts of drugs for “prevention” they tried pushing on me again.

    That hospital nightmare will never happen to me again, if some tragedy gets me so upset and ‘manic’ that I start drinking again and get to that point, that horrible point of dysfunction hell, I won’t go within 100 miles of a hospital instead its a high end rehab for Ativan Seroquel to come down. A place with a gym, yoga classes nice food and of course by the beach. Been many years since I had problems but if it happens that’s the plan.

    I was so upset by what happened in that ‘hospital’ , kidnapping and threats at me, the first thing I did was get alcohol when it was over, the nearest store, then when I was thoroughly sick from drinking for about another week I made it to a nice rehab.

    Even for someone that does not have addiction issues like I had the ticket might be to claim them, get drunk and claim alcoholism, and MI if you think it would be helpful, cause it is very difficult to find anything besides a locked hellhole for straight up mental illness but drug and alcohol rehabs are all over the place and they compete for customers by offering nice amenities.

  • Like many people who go to treatment I counted the number of people there and multiplied it by the cost and concluded this place makes a fortune and that I should open a treatment center. I always thought a great marketing idea, possibly the best, for a treatment center would be not allowing court ordered clients centered around the theme that if you go to my center everyone you are with actually WANTS to get sober.

    People shop online for the ‘best’ center but what they can’t do is pick out the group they will be with during there stay and anyone who has been to the same center twice or even just more then one knows that can make the difference between a positive and negative experience. The absence of court ordered people would vastly improve the chances of a positive group of co clients when you got there.

    There would be so many benefits, I would not have to run the place like a probation dept and clients would be happier like the article says the therapeutic alliance would not be compromised. Staff would not have to deal with courts and probation people and be prison industrial complex workers by proxy.

    I really think the idea would work and of course I could boast a higher success rate and I think my success rate would be higher with the non court ordered with the absence of those who did not want to be there who are constantly negative and drag other people down with them with the nit picking and complaining ‘this place sucks’ this is wrong and that’s wrong and that’s not fair… that stuff the court ordered people as a whole do much much more.

  • Good point add neuroleptics, start with Zyprexa.

    “Olanzapine Withdrawal: Sally’s Story. … I had a couple of goes coming off too quickly, and suffered horrific withdrawal symptoms; headache, agitation, anxiety, insomnia, nausea and vomiting, and feeling appallingly ill. I am vomit phobic, so the sickness drove me back on to the drug, and the symptoms went away.” https://rxisk.org/olanzapine-withdrawal-sallys-story/

    I lived the Zyprexa/Olanzapine withdrawal nighmare too. Not typing it all out right now and getting angry that they still get away with it. I should add they gave me that poison because of Xanax Remeron withdrawal then when I got the Zyprexa withdrawal sickness getting off that rob your ability to feel pleasure from anything zombie poison those withdrawals forced me back on benzos that are at least somewhat pleasant to take till tolerance gets larger then your prescription and that whole nightmare.

  • I know how this works I lived it. In the US what they do is after they get you hooked on benzos they pull a blame the victim. They send you off to treatment and have you learn to say “Hi my name is _____ and I am an addict” my fault but I knew better I think “Hi my name is ______ and I was screwed up by the psychiatric mafia” would be more accurate.

    Treatment of course always includes shuffling everyone off to the doctor to be labelled and drugged “dual diagnosis” and are put on the so called “non addictive” anti depressants and mood remover pills if they were not already wrapped up in that, if they were it obviously continues.

    I was lucky enough to have learned the truth about psychiatry and just walk off the battlefield and get better. They tried to fill me with pills at treatment.

    I think the entire psychiatric mafia has some sort of cluster B personality disorder because that capacity they have to dodge any responsibility for harming people is truly astounding.

  • I really thought Trump knew the truth about psychiatry after he made those comments about Vaccines causing autism. He must know about the anatomy of the epidemic how psychiatry’s mass drugging is creating more disability and chronic so called MI , it is proven and not nearly as controversial as the vaccine autism thing or controversial at all really.

    We just have to keep at it wrecking psychiatry’s credibility with the public, psycho-pharma may have billions for marketing lobbying but truth is on our side.

  • “Tasha Tracey at Bipolarburble” is that thing still around !?

    What an A-hole that one is. Defending Eli Lilly after the Zypexa crimes.

    Eli Lilly – A Drug Company Without Horns and a Tail – HealthyPlace http://www.healthyplace.com/blogs/breakingbipolar/2013/04/eli-lilly-drug-company-without-horns-tail/

    More on Zyprexa and Eli Lilly http://psychrights.org/States/Alaska/CaseXX.htm

    I went to that Tasha Tracey website and
    “Your comment is awaiting moderation”
    That figures.

  • Contraband and criminal intent. Even if these scans miraculously could read minds what if you did not believe what you were doing was “criminal” ?

    I believe in order to commit a crime you need a victim therefor possession of contraband is not a crime so if they used their mind reading machine on me and I was in possession of a big bag of dope it would not find ‘criminal’ intent cause I know what criminal really is, its harming other people.

    I also find some humor in the fact that those who engage in victimless so called ‘crime’ don’t create any real victims until they are put behind bars, at which point they cause the State to steal $50,000 a year from the tax paying public.

  • Neurodiversity is an approach to learning and disability that argues diverse neurological conditions are result of normal variations in the human genome.

    Allow those who are “non-neurotypical” to live their lives as they are, rather than being coerced or forced to conform to a clinical ideal.

    ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, bipolarity and other neurotypes are natural human variation not pathology or disorder, reject the idea that neurological differences need to be (or can be) cured, as they are authentic forms of human diversity, self-expression, and being.

    I am like the poster kid for so called ADHD, I don’t even think it is “neurological” its just the way I think almost like my computer has windows instead of Apple. Its my software not hardware, its just who I am.

    I am just old enough to have finished school before the mass drugging of children that really started ramping up in the mid 1990s. They would have targeted me for sure. What difference would it have made if they drugged the hell out of me in school, if I was high on amphetamines for my entire childhood and got better grades ? My high-school GPA means nothing now, the school isn’t even there anymore, I don’t think its even possible to get a copy of my grades.

    Amphetamines do “work” I have taken the ADHD drugs, you can study and do better on a test that day but take the same test a year later without preparation and you will find out its a real short term effect.

  • ESSEX, Vt. — A mother who has been hospitalized against her will for five weeks following a murder-suicide involving her teenage son and her estranged husband says she and her insurance company are being billed for her unwanted treatment.

    “I am not ill; I am simply a mother who is grieving the tragic loss of her young son,” Christina Schumacher told the Burlington Free Press this week. “No mother should ever have to experience this loss.”

    Schumacher’s situation is an example of a broader concern, said state Rep. Anne Donahue, a longtime advocate for improving treatment in Vermont for the mentally ill.

    “People are billed as if they are there voluntarily,” Donahue said in a phone interview Tuesday. “It’s a bill you didn’t ask for and you didn’t want.”

    Read more https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/01/22/grieving-mom-involuntary-hospitalization-medical-bill/4778897/

    Its just legalized kidnapping followed by extortion.

  • I know, so far this article has 850 views, but how do you explain to readers what its like to be kidnapped by these people and be put in an environment without any of the usual checks and balances that make a civilized society? They think they own you inside an out, violate your body like rapists at will.

    I don’t have the writing skills to describe it. The skin test is an example of how patient prisoners have no credibility or right to what happends to there own bodies in those hellholes just like I knew damn well that pile of pills they expected me to ingest was too much.

    It was awful just standing by and watching other people get assaulted by staff and not be able to do anything, I could have but taking a beating is one thing that Haldol poisoning is quite another. Call me selfish but I was not exposing myself to that.

    Amazing how they still have the pubic thinking these hellholes are “help”.

  • The Ethics of Revenge by The Last Viking http://www.ekran.no/revenge/Scripts/Ethics.html

    They would have called me a criminal if I counter assaulted anyone who assaulted me in retaliation as I would have known what I did was “wrong”.

    I am talking all tough guy now but the truth is I was scared and making threats at them was all I had left at my disposal to fight with in the interest of self preservation. I know how I react to drugs and they were attempting to coerce me to take an overdose. I took that needle threat seriously, I saw staff assaulting people several times a day.

    Nightmare, I don’t feel like writing about it anymore today.

  • When they told me inpatient take these drugs or we will have you injected I reminded them that some day in the future it is very possible I will see one of them outside that ‘hospital’ alone and I could stick them with a needle.

    Is that a threat, do we need to call the police ? Ya go a ahead and call the police all I did was make the exact same threat you just did and you made your threat first. Go ahead and call, they did not.

    Before I paint a picture of me being an aggressor, I was scared. No place to run, backed into a corner, threats coming at me and no way was I swallowing that handful of pills, I knew it was too much and dangerous turn my mind to mush and make my muscles spasm and twitch. Haldol shuffle and drool. Its my body, I kind of need it to exist and them sons of bitches think they can force pills or just stick a needle in me, invade the inside of me, violate my body like rapists endangering my health and life. Psychiatric drugs have no medical value what so ever all they can do is damage your health.

    They never touched me but I had made up my mind if they did I was going to assault who ever did the needle stick in me outside the ‘hospital’ and so what I get what 6 months in jail, no one gets away with assaulting and raping me. Run up or sneak up and break a leg with a baseball bat then run away.

    WTF did I do to be treated like the way I was in that place? I got kidnapped for $20,000 in insurance money.

    I swore when that nightmare was over I was going to speak out and here I am.

  • His mother said the boy had merely thrown a tantrum. But a hospital owned by America’s largest psychiatric chain, UHS, held him…

    “It felt like my child had been kidnapped.”


    I was a victim of UHS, its embarrassing but I needed alcohol detox and 100% voluntarily went to the ER instead of buying more alcohol and got transported to a UHS hellhole where after the nightmare was over I got my medical records and I saw they lied and wrote that I was suicidal. The idea of what happens when you die has always scared the crap out of me, I don’t do ‘suicidal’ I never have.

    Now I have that slander on a medical record along with ‘bipolar’ another lie. Self medicating anxiety with alcohol, ( the thing that was making anxiety worse) and alcohol dependency would have been accurate but not profitable enough for UHS so my medical record said suicidal bipolar. UHS is scum.

    Alcohol detox would have only taken a few days but as the links to other stories in the article I posted point out UHS fraudulently holds people for as long as insurance will pay. This happened to me years ago but UHS is still doing it.

    The same people who want to keep the beds full for profit decide who is ‘sick’ and who is well, that is about as a bad as a conflict of interest can get.

  • “So it’s not about left or right. It’s about authoritarian vs. individual freedom”

    I know that but it is still fun to mess with people that believe in the false left–right paradigm.

    But ! If we are going to talk schools and politics The Dumbing Down of America — John Dewey viewed the educational system as the key to dumbing down the entire nation, thus paving the way for a socialist “utopia”.

    “The key element of his strategy was to reduce the literacy of the American people, and he did that by replacing the study of phonics – systematic, intensive phonics – with this whole-word quackery, where they teach the kids to read English as if it were Chinese, so they look at the word as a picture, as a symbol, and then they’re supposed to associate that with the word,”

    Thats ‘Common core’

    If anyone is interested here is the search http://www.google.com/search?q=john+dewey+dumbing+down

  • “There is no blood or other biological test to ascertain the presence or absence of a mental illness, as there is for most bodily diseases. If such a test were developed…then the condition would cease to be a mental illness and would be classified, instead, as a symptom of a bodily disease.” —Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry, New York University Medical School, Syracuse

    If such a test were developed…then the condition would cease to be a mental illness and would be classified, instead, as a symptom of a bodily disease !

  • “Women tend to be more compliant when it comes to treatment and psych-drugs, and they also have the suicide rates that have risen much more dramatically”

    It makes no sense, you have been suicidal so we are going to send you home with big bottle of pills that if you swallow all of them you could die.

    Antidepressants, most commonly the cyclic antidepressants, are the second leading cause of death from drug overdose in the United States, … http://www.livestrong.com/article/78083-antidepressant-overdose-symptoms/

    Self-poisoning is a common method of suicide, especially in women.1 Antidepressants are frequently used for self-poisoning, being involved in around 20% of all poisoning suicides in the UK1 and in 20–30% of non-fatal overdoses. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2862059/

    Women were 2.5 times more likely to use antidepressants to suicide than men… http://www.google.com/search?q=anti+depressants+overdose+statistics

    Searches related to antidepressants overdose statistics

    how much does it take to overdose on antidepressants

    can you overdose on antidepressants and die

    Thats scary, Google shows people searched those things enough times to become suggested search phrases.

  • Meanwhile at AA and NA anyone can play substance abuse counselor or peer support specialist with no certification at all. I do it especially when I see someone is hurting and one of the evangelical AA types was big booking them totally oblivious to the fact that preaching AA mantras was not what the person needed at the time. Person is all bugged out with anxiety and withdrawals please STFU with the honesty and step thing right now. Thats lived experience being bugged out with anxiety and withdrawals myself just dying and having someone from AA do that honesty and step thing to me in that state. Thats how I know.

    I talk to them get their story and be like listen I was where your at and the shitty way you feel, it will go away, do not mistake the beginning of sobriety for a permanent condition, that is the mistake I always made and said F it before I got better. I don’t say the same thing to everyone but I often say its takes balls to get sober and beat this thing. No pain no gain, tough out the shitty part you are in now.

    I took all the classes for mental health tech, the one class on the brain pushing all that serotonin crap just pissed me off and I argued about it.

    I never took the test, I can’t work for the system knowing what I know expected to go along with treatment stuff I disagree with like all the keep you sick pills they dish out and also I don’t believe total absence from drinking is right for everyone including myself. I drink sometimes, the sky does not fall, I do not pick up where I left off, I do drink more then I expected to sometimes and get a whopper of a headache. Some people should never drink or use again, I can’t argue with that but for others the whole thing becomes a self for-filling prophecy when they are told if the pick up everything falls apart. Fall off the wagon ? STFU and jump back on.

    I usually keep that moderation thing to myself not cool around these parts but they need to teach harm reduction.

    “Individuals must qualify for the test in a number of ways, including having logged 3,000 hours of work experience…” Oh give me a break. The mental health mafia wants you to work 3,000 hours BEFORE taking the test !!

    “Applicant attests to lived experience as an adult who has been in recovery for a minimum of 2 years from a substance use or mental health condition.” http://flcertificationboard.org/certifications/certified-recovery-peer-specialist-adult-family-or-veteran/

    I have been in recovery alot longer then 2 years, whats the definition of recovery ? Never went 2 years without a drink but my recovery date is when I got better, kicked daily heavy drinking and got off all psych pills except maybe something to sleep sometimes.

    Do I qualify if I was honest ? I should qualify, I went from hopeless disaster ‘revolving door’ patient to successful moderation, drinking maybe once every two weeks, when they said that moderation is impossible AND I that I needed to be medicated or I would never make it. Maybe they could learn from me !

    I don’t know what else to say about the The Florida Certification Board, The Mental Health Mafia and all this. They have their own agenda.

  • The Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy NAMI parents are the WORST , Pete Early, Rick Warren, Michael and Barbara Biasotti and I now I hear of this Paul Gionfriddo. All cut from the same Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy mold. Same behaviors poor me and buy my books… For those that might read this and don’t know MSBP is characterized by feigning, exaggerating or intentionally producing physical or emotional symptoms in another person in order to place that person in the sick role with the primary motive of gaining attention for themselves and or sympathy from others.

    Here is the polar opposite of a MSBP NAMI parent, Maryanne Godboldo, The true story of how Maryanne Godboldo took on the state of Michigan and a Detroit SWAT team to protect her daughter from being given dangerous psychotropic drugs, Risperdal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmEdjwqNbBs

  • How the Media Is Fueling the So-Called Opioid Overdose Epidemic

    The evidence shows that over 90% of so-called opioid overdose deaths are the result of polydrug poisoning. It is relatively difficult to overdose on heroin alone or painkillers alone, although it can be done if you are determined enough. However, mixing heroin with another drug such as alcohol, benzodiazepines, cocaine, or opioid painkillers is extremely deadly.

    The mix of opioids with benzodiazepines or alcohol is not simply additive; it is synergistic. The respiratory center in the brain contains both opioid and GABA receptors, and when the opioid receptors are shut down by heroin and the GABA receptors are shut down by alcohol or a benzodiazepine, the result is death.

    The news media and television could be saving countless lives every day if they were running non-stop headlines about the dangers of drug mixing, but they are not. They have been bewitched by the myth of the “demon drug” and prefer to run stories inaccurately labeling opioid-related deaths as heroin overdoses instead of accurately reporting them as polydrug poisonings due to drug mixing.


  • Believe me I know. They refuse to modify the schools to fit the children and instead try and use drugs to modify the children to fit the schools but its deeper then that.

    Common Core’s real goal? ‘Dumbing down people’

    “That is primarily because the phony remedies, which will extort taxpayers for more billions, only purport to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause – the fact that the system was literally designed to dumb down American children as a crucial element of replacing liberty and self-government with collectivism and tyranny.”

    In “Crimes of the Educators” Newman and coauthor Samuel Blumenfeld expose many of the false solutions to America’s education woes. They write about the increased use of psychotropic drugs to try and treat ADD and ADHD in children. http://www.wnd.com/2015/04/common-cores-real-goal-dumbing-down-people/

  • I ran out of edit time, oh forget it, what I put already should be enough to explain it.

    Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology… Now they want to eradicate masculinity and self-reliance in an effort make us all basically wards of the state.

    Much more difficult for them to take half your paycheck and tax the crap out of your house ect in a nation where masculinity and self-reliance are core values then in a nation of feminized men. Its all by design don’t let them fool you.

    This explains why masculinity and self-reliance may cause problems > Why Anti-Authoritarians are Diagnosed as Mentally Ill https://www.madinamerica.com/2012/02/why-anti-authoritarians-are-diagnosed-as-mentally-ill/

  • Consider what happens to little boys in public schools these days. If they act out their natural inclinations as boys, they are immediately taken to task by teachers who want them to behave like little girls. If that doesn’t work, they are drugged with Ritalin until they become compliant little zombies. A boy bites his pop tart into the shape of a pistol and is expelled from school for displaying violent tendencies.

    The Left has done many destructive things to America. It is quite possible that none will prove to be more destructive than its attempt to obliterate gender distinctions.

    Have you watched the Disney Channel lately? I can’t find a single male character on that network that has an ounce of masculinity left. Most of the male characters I’ve seen there (what little I’m able to stomach) are quite effeminate in their behavior. Why do some in our society seem so hell-bent on drumming out anything that resembles traditional male roles?

    The male figures on TV are no longer strong and in charge they are the clowns and the stupid ones like Homer Simpson.

    What’s wrong with having gender roles? What’s wrong with mom being the nurturer and dad the provider? How is it offensive for mom to be the one who cooks the dinner and dad the one who mows the lawn? What’s wrong with letting boys be boys and girls be girls? The short answer: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s actually human nature. But our society has seen fit to allow a very tiny minority tell the rest of us that we are wrong and hateful if we continue to live within those natural gender roles.

    Of course men are suffering, they don’t want us to learn self sufficiency, don’t buy a tool box and learn how to take care of things, no no get a home warranty make payments, be dependent, be a debt slave. Be powerless… they want you that way.

    Message to American men: You are too stupid to do anything you need a “licensed professional”. You are weak… Thats the message, It never stops.

    If you wonder why we are being overrun with bureaucracy, government freely marching into our homes with intrusive draconian policy, look no further. It’s largely down to the feminization of the men, that has been promoted by the NWO for decades now. The gender the politicians, Hollywood, and the media use as the ideal person has changed from someone who is a strong moral male to a submissive female personality. They portray strong men as ignorant brutish bullies..

    Its all by design.


    “This massive value shift in our culture — away from marriage and family life towards a life of self-serving debauchery — resulted, among other things, in the emasculation of the American male.

    He’s been conditioned to believe that traditional masculinity is abhorrent. That it represents a time when women were oppressed; that the only way to move forward is to eradicate any semblance of Tarzan and Jane. Not only does Jane know better than Tarzan, she doesn’t need him. She can do everything herself, thank you very much.

    Men heard this and responded accordingly, because men are like that: they follow women’s and society’s lead, often to their own detriment. As women began to reject marriage and family life as a viable and noble goal and make education and career their raison d’être, men had no choice but to step back.

    Today they have nowhere to go, as I wrote in 2012. So they live in their parents’ basements.”

    This study has it all wrong.

  • Correction: I said one in six boys the NYT says one in five. This is absurd the idea one in five boys has a broken brain.

    “Nearly one in five high school age boys in the United States and 11 percent of school-age children over all have received a medical diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, according to new data from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/01/health/more-diagnoses-of-hyperactivity-causing-concern.html

  • If they ever find real proof it doesnt matter. Saying that people with ADHD traits have something wrong with their brains kind of like saying white people have something wrong with their skin. Maybe all white folks should take tanning pills that contain canthaxanthin, a naturally occurring chemical found in several plants and animals. Because canthaxanthin dissolves in lipids, which make up the tissue directly below the epidermis, the color attaches the cells under your skin, and gives it a darker tint.

    Neurodiversity is the fact that neurological differences like so called ADHD are the result of normal, natural variation in the human genome, we don’t need to drug one in six boys, that is as insane as the tanning pills for white people.

    Right now, the most typical person in the world is a 28 yo male, right handed person of Chinese descent. That will change in a few years, as the Indian population is poised to pass China, though. There are nine million people who match that description, more than any other on the planet.

  • In the US physical activity by children in schools is risky it could be labelled “hyper activity” and lead to a childhood on drugs.

    The children are a captive population in the public schools of the country, and the diagnosing being done by public school personnel – most importantly by teachers – is the name of the game.

    One of the biggest risks in sending your children to public school and preschool is that the personnel of theses schools – teachers (especially), principles, school nurses, school psychiatrists/councilors, etc. – may decide that your child has a “mental disorder” (ADD, ADHD, depression, etc.). Their natural conclusion is likely to be that he/she needs to be drugged. There are many who are not above demanding that you comply with this, resorting to threats and even to removing the child from the home when “necessary”.

    We live in a time when more children are drugged than ever before. The pharmaceutical companies like nothing better than to sell more pills and to invent new “illnesses”. They are happy if they can deceive you (through schools and doctors) to drug your child because they gain a lifelong “customer”.

  • Re: Corporate psychopaths

    In his e-mail message, Mr. Lechleiter discusses the use of Zyprexa by children and teenagers.

    Mr. Lechleiter, who was then the company’s executive vice president for pharmaceutical products, noted to other Lilly officials that company representatives were already promoting Strattera, a second Lilly psychiatric drug, to pediatricians and child psychiatrists. The representatives could also discuss Zyprexa with such doctors, he said.

    “The fact we are now talking to child psychs and peds and others about Strattera means that we must seize the opportunity to expand our work with Zyprexa in this same child-adolescent population,” Mr. Lechleiter wrote in the message.

    In the e-mail message, Mr. Lechleiter made several other references to off-label use of Zyprexa. He wrote, “We are losing scripts to Risperdal for treatment of disruptive kids, because Johnson & Johnson has the data and we don’t.”


    It would probably take weeks to post all the crimes committed by these cockroaches but that ones a beauty.

  • Prozac, they were so clever putting Tony Soprano from that TV show on Prozac , the corporate psychopaths in the pharma marketing dept are brilliant, after the pilot was ordered in 1997, the show premiered on the premium cable network HBO in the United States on January 10, 1999, and ran its six seasons with 86 episodes to June 10, 2007…. I just Googled it. Paste paste.

    Anthony John “Tony” Soprano is a fictional character and the protagonist in the HBO television ….. Melfi prescribes Prozac as an anti-depressant, telling him that no one needs to suffer from depression with the wonders of modern pharmacology. The series then went through syndication and has been broadcast on A&E in the United States and internationally.

    Everyone wants to be just a little gangsta and Tony on TV takes it ! Hey guys I am Prozac like big bad Tony in TV fiction land, taking Prozac is cool !

  • Your right, good point but don’t forget divide and conquer when that is convenient for them too. The people vs police brutality and government abuse was really heating up not long ago everyone had enough right left black and white so what did they do ? Race race race don’t think about how dirty abusive and corrupt we are instead go fight with each other.