Monday, May 10, 2021

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  • I’ve often viewed so-called “healthy functioning” members of society that dont suffer of depression (a term which I still find vague) as ppl who are just under a spell that has been secured and welded through years of systematic upbringing. Things such as schooling, beliefs, self-esteem, self and world views etc are all just layered subconscious aspects of a persons character that allow them to pursue life in a collective, somewhat optimistic manner. And society is a gradual morphing play that relies heavily on subconscious beliefs.

    But if these aspects arent foundationally rooted in ppls minds or if they are ruptured for some reason, the person naturally becomes more despondent and depressed.

    Psychiatrists are trying to tell us they can put us under some spell again with anti-depressants, it would seem. Seems absurd.