Monday, May 10, 2021

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  • Hi Sera,

    I am writing back here to your comment about going into classrooms.

    I understand your concerns however I am doing this for NAMI.

    I am not in the position to go in and just radically change there program and that’s not my aim.

    My aim is to take there pre-existing structure and utilize to show benefits of those diagnosis

    And to tell my story as well.

    I am not going to talk about the downfalls of the medical model that’s not my aim nor mission at this moment.

    Although I don’t agree with a large part of the medical model, I personal like the fact that I can show kid’s the upside to there ” conditions.”

    And on that end even if I didn’t use ADHD I would still have to use some label as it helps give some gudiance to different personalities.

    Even Jung Classified personaliaty types abiet not as exteme as the medical model may seem.

    My role and goal isn’t to turn NAMI upside down and fight NAMI isn’t the enemey in my opinon.

    And while I think it’s great to keep moving forward and breaking down walls of opression I also want to kids to have some hope RIGHT NOW.

    Changing a whole system won’t happen tomorrow or today and I would rather give a child a new perspective on a label or a word while things are slowly changing

    And on that note there and will always be some form of oppression it’s how are brains are programmed to work.

    We want to be above others, be cool. This occurs in highs cool to the work place to our personal groups of friends.

    It doesn’t mean we be aware of it and try and become more consistent of how were behaving but there will in some fashion or form be some cultural hierarchy which in some ways does have it’s place and benefit.

    So I would rather be fighting the real enemy at this moment which is people not having acess to care which in this NAMI wants to help people become aware of, helping kids be aware of celebs who have identified as having a mental health issues.

    I would love ulitmatley if people were just given more chose and freedom to choose how to deal with there suffering.

    That for me is the most important and I think overtime science does win out.

    Right now there are alot of emerging things coming out of the third way of CBT particularity DBT and ACT that is less beholden to labels and more focused on context, and meaning.

    I urge to look into people that I linked to below.

  • Thanks I understand you find no solace in those words and I get it.

    But if I am going to speak to class of kids I am going to have to use some label.

    Ned Hallowell a great psychiatrist says ADHD is a personality trait he has also ” has ADHD.”

    And there is a benefit too ADHD, as it’s a personality trait. Thomas Hartmann has discussed in his own work.

    And yes there no unified mindest on a condition, there is however the idea that what is labeld a disorder ” is when someone is unable to engage in the life they want.”

    For some people there complusions can become overwhelming and hold them back

    For some if it’s ” ADHD.” then it could be arguring and intersponal relationships

    I look at ADHD as the same as any thing else. A reaction to some stressor or trauma that brings out ones personality spectrums un healthy behaviors.

    Within that personality and person are great benefit.

    That gene evoled for a reson,

    the ADHD gene is the hunter gene, it used to be the top person always on the lookout for food, hunting and gathering however as things changed and became more sednetary that personality had to adapt to the ever changing world creating more difficulutes for them.

    But there were difficulties to begin with

    Saying ADHD doesn’t exist is like saying my OCD is made up. Let me tell you that’s not true either

    A good therapist will understand that those overwhelming compulsiuons or the need to act or not sit still is your brains way of reacting and trying to defend itself abiet an unhealthy one when you get caught up in it.

    I want to show kids there are benefits to there diagnosis because as this point in time your not gonna just get up and get rid of the DSM but if you can point kids to there true talents and they have many they won’t care about the label as much infact they may own it.

    I am sorry that you don’t like labels and i do respect your opnions that these aren’t real illness.

    I don’t beleive they are either neither does my psycholigst and my psychiatrst doesnt beleive in chemical imblances so theirs that

    While there are other factors such as creating more flexible and accommodating environments which would limit and reduce people suffering I am trying to help kids live and get by with the world the way it currently is so that maybe they can be apart of some change.

    And even if we crate more open less traumatic envrioments whose gonna benefit from that and who won’t

    Changing environment will be bound to cause a whole another group to have some reaction as well.

    We can fully get rid of mental health suffering

    BUT we can be more accepting of it and show kids and people there abilities

  • Hi Sera,

    Thanks for writing back.

    I think alot of the lack of orgainzation is tied two things. One, people feeling beaten down.

    Two people getting into a cycle of learned helplessness where they think nothing will change and therefor contribute to there suffering. Which sounds harsh but it is true.

    There has to be some responsibility on our behalf this isn’t all the ” oppressors fault.”

    I think things can organize if people were willing to integrate people who come various background business, marketing.

    By that I mean we may need people who are sympathetic to our issues who may not be dealing with our issues in the same extent and can come in help organize and fundraise.

    This is simliar to what ACT UP did in the 1980’s in the aids crisis.

    Tons of people who were sympathetic helped out scientics, chemists and it really changed things and help create a structure

    We need to reach out and and find those people . I don’t think we can do it all alone as many of us are stuck in our mental health issues. Nothing wrong with that but i can create a lack of progress as many people are goign through crisis after crisis which is what our community attracts to a large degree and provideds much needed support.

    it’s hard when your in a crsis to help rally and organize a movement all at once.

    I think there are ways to do this however.

    On the other I do take issue the idea what I am doing is not creating change but the illusion of change. That does come off as be very demeaning.

    Choosing to tell your story and the abilites with in your diagnosis will and can help empower people

    It has for me.

    More importantly, you cans say it’s giving power to a big organization but changing language is very important. it’s something I have learned through therapy it;s very subtle but it creates change.

    Saying emotional difficult while seeming benign is not to many and open up young children deal with there emotions and find a good caring therapist.

    I have not seen any of this come from “our community,” regards to any of these programs

    And until they happen telling someone that there not really creating change is the antithesis of what I thought this community was about

    I am here today because that mindset helped me.

    I think it comes down to the following. Life can suck. It does. People can suck and they often. Most of life is boring or crappy. There are always obstacles.

    So we can sit here and rail against a system over and over and preach to the choir or do something about it which would mean ackonlweding everything and everyone that we may not be always right.

    I learned alot of that from Patch Adams. A man who was in psych ward three times and hates the medical model A LOT.

    His whole motto is stop whining and complaining and start living. If you don’t like something do something about it. The world owes you nothing.

    That may be harsh and in many ways it is. BUT it’s true.

  • on that note, I feel like the reason NAMI does so well is not just funds but organizing, I can’t tell you how many times i have posted in the icarus projects facebook page about organizing…. nothing has happened it needs too

    we also need to change our lanuage “alternative,” may not work but emering or new evidence based may be better anything that included evidence and science is the way to go

  • As someone who is volunteering for NAMI I can state the following.

    Yes they support the Murphy. I was very upfront that I do not, that did not stop me from volunteering or being allowed to volunteer in anyway.

    I also, feel like there are other ways to change these things we do not like. I found that in many ways we can mobilize but it may have to be done not by just creating alternative spaces but integrating into mainstream ones.

    It means choosing battles.

    Will I be asked to support the murphy bill again possibly could it become an issue maybe.

    Do I agree that I have a brain disorder no

    But the work I am getting to do with NAMI in many ways rivals what were doing as a community as well.

    I am getting to put together resource list for people in crisis or need help finding a warm line, therapists etc things I needed when I went to the hospital and never received.

    I am also putting together lists of celebs who are identified with certain mental health issues.

    and possibly going into classes rooms to talk to kids about the benefits of ADHD

    and that last part was all my idea.

    My feelings and ideas were well received by NAMI as I presnted in way that still allowed me to use there language and mine

    I kinda think is how things will get done being able to say ilness or emotional difficliues while not seeming big is very big for people hearing these optipons.

    The whole fighting the system i don’t think really works in this case. But rather small subtle changed due.

    While also acknowledging that some people do like labels and the medical model and we should strive to be more inclusive and just allow people to use whatever tools they need to get better and move forward

    Do I think there is systemic oppression sure I think it’s everywhere its a by product of how our brains are designed It’s not right but it exists, but I think fighting it in doesn’t seem to work. If work with it it seems to go to better

  • Thanks.

    For posting this. I think many people have different views of what Mental Health is.

    I know people who being able to use a label and think they have a brain disorder actually saved their life.

    I don’t think NAMI is a as bad either. I think the people are good it’s what’s behind it that may be more questionable. Big Pharma has it’s tentacles in many areas mental and physical health they clearly benefit from it.

    Why not take on big pharma instead seems more worthwhile?

  • Hi Sera,

    Can I ask what you think we as a community should do?

    We talk about big phrama funding and so forth. BUT I think there needs to be ackolwdment that big corpperations are always goign to exist.

    I have found great help from NAMI and so has my family

    Do I agree with everything they say of course not. BUt I think paining NAMi as the enemy isn’t working.

    Alot of the people who work for nami are families and just want whatever help they can get .

    I often find a lot of the posts on here to very anti med anti nami. I don’t all they do but they have some great things great support groups

    I wish we as a community in some ways would stop blaming others for our problems which is what it sometimes feels like.

    Why can’t we fight a better fight more informed doctors and more inclusive therapies ( they both do exist)

    I almost gave up on psychiatry but found a doc who doesn’t not believe in chemical imbalances has been open to alternative meds BUT is is pretty traditional.

    I think we need less fist raising and more community